We Can Work It Out: A MORFS Universe Story

By Terry Volkirch  



Epilogue: Spring, 2037

Inside a small one story house on the outskirts of Copely, a group of seven people held a secret meeting. One of them was a nurse named Sandy who worked at the hospital. Another one was named Frank. He scanned MORFS survivors for powers at the MORFS clinics in town but most of his salary was paid by a large government lab. Sandy and Frank were the eyes and the ears of the group. The rest of the members preferred to work in isolation. They'd only help out in the field when absolutely necessary.

The group met periodically but wasn't especially big on formalities, and so far, no one outside the group knew of its existence. It had no affiliations with the government or industry. The only clue to its purpose was a small banner hanging on a wall. The banner was white with two black rings. The two rings were aligned horizontally and overlapped slightly. Above the rings was the word, "LOOPS".

After making sure the house was properly shielded, Frank started the meeting as he usually did when he wasn't out of town on assignment. He stood at the edge of the hallway to face the other six members who were all seated around the living room.

"This meeting of the Loyal Order of Precognitives will now come to order," he announced. "Any old business to discuss?"

"Just one item," said Sandy. "Adrian Miller."

"Yeah," Frank said. "Ever since we adjusted the results of her IQ test, the govs have left her alone. Anyone scan any trouble for her?"

No one said anything so he continued.

"Good. New items?"

"Bobbi Sandstrom," said Sandy.

"Right. Anyone see any problems for her?" Frank asked the group.

A petite young blond woman spoke up.

"She's mostly safe but there's a significant chance she'll get pregnant. If that happens, she'll need more frequent monitoring. There are too many probabilities to follow."

"How on earth does she get pregnant?" asked a tall, thin dark-haired man in his early thirties. He was a medium strength telepath with a very accurate ability to see only a few minutes into the future. He joined the group to help avoid unwanted encounters on important missions and provide secret, long distance communication.

"I'll show you later," said the blond woman with a wink, causing the man to blush.

Frank rolled his eyes but let the members have their fun. They needed a little levity to offset the seriousness of their work.

"Next item?" their leader asked.

"Dr. Michael Johnson," Sandy replied.

"Yeah," Frank said as he nervously ran his fingers through his hair. "Doc is being cared for. Bobbi zapped his brain good but he's making good progress. He's up to an 8th grade reading level."

"What about his superiors?" Sandy asked.

"Yeah, them." The leader of the group briefly scowled and shuddered. He had to take a deep breath to calm himself. "We got Doc off on a leave of absence for now. Our best long-term chance is to figure out how to make them think he had a nervous breakdown. Myra's working on it now."

A 40ish Japanese woman with long black hair sat next to the young blond woman on one end of a large gray couch. She acknowledged the mention of her name with a slight nod. She was working hard to ascertain the best way to handle the doctor so the others left her to it.

"Any more items?"

"Just one," said Sandy. "Jill Patterson."

"Right. The govs got lucky again with her, thanks to Bobbi. They just couldn't resist infecting her."

"With the chloroplasts in Jill's skin, there was too high a chance she'd become a plant hybrid," said the young blond woman. "With her and Bobbi together, both of them will be watched closely for the next several years."

"Damn," muttered Frank. "Any idea what'll happen?"

"Jill has the same potential for trouble as Bobbi," answered the blond woman. "Agents will be watching for either one of them to get pregnant."

"Yeah," said Frank. "I'm sure the govs would love to experiment on children of a shapeshifter and plant hybrid. We'll have to keep a close eye on those two girls."

"So either one of them could get pregnant?" the telepath asked, setting himself up for another joke. Thankfully, everyone resisted temptation and ignored him. He really didn't mean to set himself up like that. He was just very inexperienced in social matters. He had trouble filtering out the thoughts of people around him so he led a very sheltered life of self-imposed exile. It was the only way he could keep his sanity.

That was it then. After a bit of planning, the meeting was adjourned. The group would continue to monitor and influence important cases as necessary, and they'd organize a new project called "Pregnancy Race" to keep an eye on Bobbi and Jill. It promised to be an interesting race.

* The End  *



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