We Can Work It Out: A MORFS Universe Story

By Terry Volkirch  



Chapter 18: Fall, 2036 to Spring, 2037

I'd never felt so excited and sick at the same time. I think being excited made me throw up more and I didn't care one bit. It was too early to tell whether I'd shapeshift back into Bobbi but it was clear I was rapidly losing weight. I was getting shorter and more petite by the hour. My changes were definitely going in the right direction. I was becoming a girl again.

My mom helped as best she could but she couldn't stay in the bathroom for long without getting sick along with me. I'd made a pretty good mess of it and the stench was pretty strong. She'd fetch me things like filtered water and a plastic bucket to throw up in when I had to sit on the toilet for a long time. Then she'd sit outside the closed bathroom door and give me what encouragement she could, like telling me my voice was rising in pitch.

Even though the change was mostly unpleasant, I wouldn't trade it for anything. My favorite part of the experience was when I discovered my budding breasts.

"They're coming back!" I shrieked. Then I threw up all over myself.

"Rob? Bobbi?" my mom called through the door. "Are you alright? What's coming back? What are you talking about?"

I laughed and heaved in response, but I eventually got the message across. My mom laughed with me then.

"I wish I could hug you!" she shouted. "But I don't dare. Not yet. Sorry!"

"It's okay, mom. I wouldn't hug me right now either. Yuck!"

The process continued pretty much the same way for several hours and I was exhausted. When I'd finally gone about 30 minutes without throwing up, I wiped up what I could with wet towels and thought about crawling into the bathtub. First though, I needed to rehydrate myself and see if I could retain some fluid.

Drinking water helped. I felt better and my body seemed to be stabilizing, but now I was oozing grime and gunk through the pores of my skin. I quickly stripped and stepped into the bathtub to contain the filth. Then I pulled the shower curtain closed and started the shower.

I think I must have showered for about 45 minutes before my skin looked normal. The water I drank and the hot water running down my body seemed to help. I felt much better and actually had a little energy. I managed to navigate my way out of the bathtub without ripping down the shower curtain at least. That was a minor victory.

I cautiously patted my newly sensitive skin dry and tried to decide whether I wanted to look in the mirror. I was about the same height that I was when I was Bobbi, and my boobs were already up to about a B cup, but I still had small male equipment between my legs. Was I girl enough to look in the mirror? Could I handle it?

I stalled while I absently plucked at the small, fine hairs on my arms. It took me awhile to notice those hairs were lavender colored but when I did, my heart started beating wildly. I pulled a shock of hair around to the corner of my eye and could definitely see a lavender color there too. My beautiful hair was back!

That did it. I had to see myself. I draped my towel around my body in feminine fashion and stepped in front of the mirror - and there she was. Bobbi's reflection stared back at me.

"I'm back! I'm back!" I shouted. "Bobbi is back!!"

I laughed till I cried and then my mother burst through the door
and hugged me to cap off a perfect moment.

When my adrenaline level returned to normal, I was more exhausted than ever. My mom helped me to my bed and I literally fell asleep before my head hit the pillow. I was in a hurry to get sleep out of the way and return to consciousness as the girl I was meant to be.

* * *

My dreams were quite odd that night. They all took place at the hospital with me as a patient. My parents were there. That was normal enough. So was having Dr. Johnson show up, though he had a manic look about him I didn't like. The look on his face was an extreme exaggeration of the last time I saw him, when he showed so much interest in my shapeshifting power. That was just the beginning though.

Next to come into my room was Frank, the precog who scanned me for powers. He wore an old Wild West gunslinger outfit, complete with a white cowboy hat and two Colt pistols tucked into his belt. As soon as he stepped foot into my room, he challenged "Doc" to a duel.

I looked back at my doctor and was surprised to see him suddenly wearing a black cowboy hat. He didn't have any pistols but he had a syringe with a hypodermic needle in each hand. The syringes were labeled with a skull and crossbones and I got the impression he was planning on throwing them at Frank.

There never were any formal rules to the duel. It was nothing like I remember seeing in most old Western movies, with the two gunslingers facing each other in the street, waiting to draw their guns and shoot. This was more like a bar room brawl.

Doc didn't wait for Frank to shout, "Draw!" He started throwing his syringes with reckless abandon. After he'd thrown the two I saw, two more soon popped into his hands and he threw them. Every time he threw his weapons, two more would appear in his hands to continue the cycle.

In the meantime, Frank was a gun shooting maniac. He moved so fast, all I saw was a blur, and as he moved I could see, hear and smell the gun shots. It was a spectacular display but it had no effect on Doc.

I don't know if Dr. Johnson was wearing a bullet proof vest but I didn't see any blood and he wasn't slowing down at all. The syringes continued to fly fast and furiously all throughout the room.

As it usually happens in a long, drawn-out battle, innocent bystanders get hurt. Luckily my parents had run out of my room long ago, but I was still there, watching in disbelief as my doctor got careless and launched several syringes in my direction. There was no way I could move quickly enough to avoid them so I stood like a deer in the headlights and waited to be stuck full of needles. That was when things got really odd.

Instead of being stuck, the needles bounced off. It was amazing! At least it was until I realized I couldn't move. I'd turned into a stone statue. No wonder the needles couldn't penetrate my skin.

The shock of being a statue was too much. I woke up gasping for breath, like I'd truly been made of stone and couldn't breath until waking up.

I don't know if that was a type of precognitive dream but I hoped it wasn't. Having a choice between becoming a statue or being stuck with poison wasn't a very good choice. If either came true, I wouldn't have much of a future.

I slowly got out of bed and managed to shrug off the dream as being a figment of my wild imagination. It was easy to do considering how ridiculous it all seemed. I grabbed a clean tee shirt and my old boy bathrobe and chuckled all the way to the bathroom.

I soon forgot all about my dream as I inspected myself in the mirror. I truly was Bobbi now. I shed the dirty tee shirt I was wearing and saw Bobbi exactly as I remembered her. I plopped down on the toilet seat and cried with joy.

After collecting myself, I showered to wash off the grime from the last of my shapeshifting last night, and donned the clean tee shirt and robe. Then I glided down the stairs to minimize the bouncing of my boobs. I'd forgotten nothing of being a girl. I sashayed into the kitchen, poured a small amount of cereal and then started wolfing it down and pouring more like I was starving. I expected to be back to eating small, girlish portions but I hadn't counted on having to eat so much to get my strength back. My shapeshift took a lot out of me.

When I was done with breakfast, I wiped up the splattered milk and spare bits of cereal and then sat at the table with a contented smile. Luckily, I was alone, so my embarrassment was minimized. My father had already gone off to work and my mother was sleeping in. She must have been up late last night cleaning up after me. I noticed the bathroom fixtures sparkled and the room had a slight lemon scent.

It was Monday but I wasn't ready for school. I still had a lot to do before I'd be ready, like unpack my clothes. That would be my first major goal of the day, and a great way to celebrate being a girl again. First though, I wanted to wait for my mom. I wanted her to see how I turned out and thank her for cleaning up my mess from last night.

It was a wonderfully quiet time, sitting there in the kitchen in the early morning hours. It gave me time to think about my two shapeshifts. Dr. Johnson gave me a dry, clinical way to describe my last one. He said that emotional trauma triggered it. That wasn't a very satisfying answer though, and it wasn't very specific or helpful. This time, I had a second episode to compare to. In both cases, my mood started low, elevated to a high level, and plummeted just before I changed. I'd had an extreme mood swing and I ended up being so depressed it was like I was trying to escape from myself. It was definitely a pattern so I thought I might be able to change again if I tried. I wouldn't want to but I'd try if Jill made a special request.

I'd change back into Rob if I had to for a legal marriage. I'd heard of many places that accepted same sex marriages but I wouldn't want to move just to get married. I'd also change myself so Jill and I could have children. With my XX sex chromosomes, we'd be able to have girls at least. I think I'd rather have a couple baby girls anyway. I hoped the love of my life felt the same way.

Thinking of Jill brought me back to earth in a hurry. Here I was, back to having the body of my dreams when my hybrid girlfriend was getting ready for another day of abuse at school. That soured my mood, and there was only one thing to do. I had to call her and see if I could cheer her up with my good news.

I hadn't talked to my girl since before I changed, and now that I checked the messages on my eCom, I saw I had several from her. I imagined she was worried about me. In spite of her own troubles with MORFS, she still seemed to think more about me. She was so selfless and loving.

She answered on the first ring and started asking questions right away.

"Rob? Is that you? Are you okay?"

"Rob isn't here right now," I teased. "Would you like to leave a message?"

"What? You called me! Who is this?!" She shouted.

"Don't you recognize me, Jill?"

I heard a gasp and a squeak but the words were stuck in my girlfriend's throat.

"That's right," I said. I took her silence to mean she did finally recognize me. "I'm back. It's me, Bobbi."

"Bobbi!" She squealed, and then sputtered several more words in rapid succession. I couldn't understand half of what she said but it was rather obvious she was happy.

She wanted to come over before school to see me but I'd have none of that. There's no way I could find anything to wear in time and I wanted to look my best when I saw her. I made a promise that I'd be waiting for her after school. We could walk through the woods and get properly acquainted this time. That would have to suffice. It might seem cruel but I liked to think that the anticipation would more than make up for it.

I hung up and started missing Jill immediately. I just hoped she'd be okay at school. I didn't want anything to ruin our reunion in the woods. First though, I had to worry about keeping my promise. I had a lot left to do, and if I started very soon, I thought I just might have enough time.

When I finally thought to check the time, the digital clock on the stove told me my mother was long overdue to get up. I figured she could always take a nap later if she needed one so I decided to thank her with more than just words and a hug. It was time for breakfast in bed.

I carried a tray with orange juice, freshly cooked scrambled eggs and bacon upstairs and stopped outside my parents' bedroom door. I listened for signs that my mother was awake but didn't hear a thing. I knocked and went in anyway.

Thankfully, mom was already awake. She was just taking her time getting up. When she saw me bring in breakfast, her eyes went wide and she quickly sat up in bed to receive her gift.

"Wakey wakey, mother dear," I said with a smile. "Time for breakfast."

I set the tray down on her lap and kissed her forehead, just like she usually did to me when I was younger.

"Wow!" mom said. "Is this your way of celebrating turning back into Bobbi? If so, you should do it more often."

"Ha ha," I said sarcastically. "This is to thank you for taking care of me and cleaning up the bathroom last night. Thanks mom."

Then I sat on the bed and got a bit teary eyed. I was back to being my good old emotional self again and I couldn't be happier.

As I'd hoped, my mother didn't suddenly turn cruel and march me off to school. She wanted me to make sure I got all of my strength back and got settled in again. I had a lot of clothes shuffling to do. She offered to help me get my stuff out of the attic but I turned her down flat. I wanted to savor every minute of it, and savor it I did.

I carried down a few boxes of clothes first, starting with my lingerie, which I'd need first anyway. I wouldn't dream of wearing my ratty old boy's robe one minute longer than I had to.

I emptied the contents of the box on my bed and started sorting through the plastic wrapped bras and panties. I'd added some cedar blocks and scented wafers to make sure everything was fresh and ready to wear, and I was extremely pleased to find that my extra work paid off.

After an hour, I had it down to a choice between two bra and panty sets. I wanted my first outfit to be perfect, even down to my underwear. I was going to dress up tonight and insist on being taken out to dinner to celebrate. I'd invite Jill too of course. I'd understand if she was reluctant to be seen in a public place but I hoped she'd come anyway.

One matching bra and panty set was my favorite color - bright blue - but it was a bit plain. The other set was stretchy and sheer in a lavender color. The lavender set was much sexier, and after I imagined what Jill's reaction would be if she saw me in it, I ended up wearing it.

The rest of the unpacking went quickly. My lingerie set the tone for the rest of my outfit so I knew exactly what I wanted. It was too cold for a dress or skirt so I went for my violet jeans and lavender blouse - one of my favorite outfits. Everything was falling into place for a perfect afternoon with my girl.

I somehow forced myself to pack my boy clothes nicely. I figured I'd keep them just in case I switched back to Rob again. Clothes were too expensive to buy a whole new wardrobe after each of my changes. I didn't want to keep asking my parents to buy them for me, and I couldn't afford them with what I made at the bookstore.

That reminded me too. I had to call my boss and explain she had a new employee - sort of. I also hoped to get the day off, especially since I forgot and made a date with Jill around the same time I had to be at work. Mrs. Lange was always nice about letting me have time off for special occasions and I couldn't think of an occasion more special than my rendezvous in the woods with Jill.

I'd already told my boss about morphing into a girl and then shapeshifting back into a boy so it wasn't hard to get her to believe I was a girl again. She also gave me the day off. I explained that I still had a lot of clothes and accessory sorting to do, which was mostly true. I had to carry my boxes of boy clothes back to the attic and I still had my accessories to bring down and sort through. I was also afraid I'd be a little out of practice putting on makeup so I wanted to do that in the hour or two before I met Jill. There never seemed to be enough time, even under perfect conditions.

I ended up falling asleep after lunch. That made for much less than perfect conditions, but my mom was nice enough to wake me up so I wouldn't miss my date. She let me sleep for two hours and I needed every minute. Packing and unpacking clothes wasn't very strenuous so I must have needed more time to recover from turning back into a girl. Now I just had to do my hair and practice with my makeup.

I started doing my eyes and was horrified to find that I needed new mascara. It had gotten old and was full of clumps. I almost panicked. Then I thought of my mother and she saved me yet again by lending me hers. I was back on track.

I was happy after my second attempt to do my face. It was like riding a bike - you never forget. Then I brushed my hair and tied it back as best I could. It wasn't in the best of shape after my change last night but I didn't have time for a hair salon. It would have to do. I had to meet my girl in less than an hour.

I threw on my purple leather jacket but left my matching gloves behind. It was still unseasonably warm for late fall. I didn't really a need a hat either but I wore my blue rolled brim hat anyway. My hair wasn't in any shape to argue.

* * *

I beat Jill by only a few minutes. I paced back and forth like a caged leopard until I saw her emerge from the school. Then I pounced. We hugged for several minutes before we reluctantly separated and began our walk.

"So how was your day?" I asked with a hint of concern. I could tell from her body language that she didn't have a good one.

"Same old thing," she replied.

"Oh. I'm sorry."

"It's okay. I'm with you now."

My girl tried to smile but it wasn't her best. I hoped I could make it up to her when we finally got into the woods.

We strolled along quietly the rest of the way to the trails. Then, when we got what I considered to be far enough away from civilization, I made my move. I stopped and edged off the path near a large rock to sit down, hoping Jill would follow my lead. Unfortunately, she had other things on her mind.

Jill didn't say anything. She just sighed and looked up at the trees. We were in a small, circular clearing surrounded by thick Ponderosa Pines. It was still warm enough that they gave off a slight scent and their branches waved gently in the breeze. It was a lovely setting, made even lovelier by my girlfriend standing among them. That's when she started to scare me.

First, she took off her shoes. I considered telling her it was too cold but it really wasn't. She dug her feet into the soft humus and sighed again. Then she began to change. Her toes and feet stretched out and soon looked like the roots of a shrub. Then she quickly pulled off her jacket and shirt and I saw the most amazing thing. Her joints and fingers sprouted twigs and leaves. She was turning into a shrub before my eyes!

"No!" I shouted, after I realized I was losing my girlfriend. At the rate she was going, I was afraid she'd turn completely into a bush and never be human again.

I sprang up off the rock and ever so gently caressed her face.

"Jill," I said, talking in a quiet voice now. "Please don't leave me."

My plea seemed to go unheard. She closed her eyes and continued to change. Her skin thickened and turned brown, becoming more like bark. I had to cling to my wooden girlfriend to keep from slumping to the ground in despair. My legs were shaking and I was close to giving up - on Jill and my sanity. Somehow, I hung on.

Still hugging what was left of my girlfriend, I did the only thing I could think of. I kissed her, and in that kiss, I could feel my shapeshifting power kick in to fight her transition. I was changing her back into a human, and my love was giving her a reason to stay human.

It was a fierce battle that must have lasted over an hour because it was getting dark by the time I literally collapsed from exhaustion. When it was over, Jill looked down at me and began to cry, softly at first before the heavy sobbing took over. She knelt down and hugged me, her tears dripping on my neck. She was human again, and I was very tired but happy.

I think she gave up on becoming a shrub for a number of reasons. It was getting dark so she probably had less energy. I also think she must have truly wanted to stay human. She didn't want to give up on staying in school as a hybrid, but she was tired of the constant abuse. It took its toll. I'm just glad I was able to stop her. I like to think my love was the deciding factor in bringing her back to stay.

Jill had to help me up after she dressed. I was that tired. She got her left arm around my waist and I hung my right arm around her neck so she could help support my weight. That's when I noticed something different. She was more than mostly human. She no longer looked like a plant hybrid. Wow! Evidently, my shapeshifting power went a little farther than I thought.

"Uh, Jill?" I said.


"I think everything is going to be okay now."

"Why do you say that?" She said with her cute little frown.

"Look at your right hand," I suggested.

"What about it?" She said as she lifted her hand to look at it. It was getting a bit dark but she couldn't help notice the change.

"It's not green," I said with a tired smile, just before she shrieked with joy and we collapsed on the ground together in a heap of happiness.

We managed to get home easily enough. I'd recovered a little by the time we finished crying and laughing, enough that Jill was able to see me get home safely. Then, after explaining everything, my mom took her home, leaving me to rest - or at least try to rest.

I'd been lounging on the couch for less than 30 minutes when my father came home. He was used to being greeted by my mother but she was still gone. That left it up to me. I dragged myself up and stood in the entry way on shaky legs, waiting until my father finished putting his coat away and noticed me.

"Daddy!" I squealed with my arms out to invite a hug.

My father was a little shaken at first but he got over it quickly enough and swept me up in his arms.

"Bobbi! You're back!" he said, laughing.

"Welcome home," I whispered, just before I hung limp.

"What's wrong?!" my emotional father shouted. Now he was really scared.

"Nothing. I've just had a very tiring day. Mom will tell you all about it when she gets home. Right now, I need to sleep."

Daddy carried me toward the couch but I was asleep before I got there.

I woke up briefly for dinner. My body decided it needed food more than sleep. I was low on energy after my long shapeshifting battle with Jill.

My dad was fully briefed by the time I woke up, and he was waiting to greet me. He was sitting on the edge of his recliner. I think he was actually worried about me and wanted to watch over me but I didn't say anything. I just hugged him and cried a little. We both cried.

My father apologized for being a bit distant over the past several months. He really didn't know how to talk to me after I became a boy. He still saw me as a girl and wanted to treat me like one. It was a very confusing time for him and me, and everyone else in my life.

I forgave him of course, and then had to apologize myself. I'd been more than a little difficult to handle. I know my behavior was understandable but that didn't excuse it. I vowed to try to handle it better the next time I changed into a boy, if there was a next time.

* * *

I woke up slowly and very grudgingly the next morning. I was still low on energy but luckily my mother guessed as much. I could smell bacon and eggs and that was enough to motivate me to get up. I was also helped along by my noisy stomach gurgling its displeasure.

I threw on my pink satin robe and dragged myself downstairs to the kitchen, and there, on the table was a feast, waiting for me. I think I thanked my mom before I sat down to stuff food in my mouth. I hope I did. My memory is a little hazy.

After sating myself, I sat back and relaxed - just before yet another disturbing development. I thought I'd made it through the worst but it was not to be. My mother informed me that she was taking me to the hospital for a checkup.

There was really no reason not to go. I could probably use a checkup, just to be on the safe side. That still didn't help take the edge off my nerves though. After my recent crazy dream about my doctor throwing syringes with hypodermic needles at me, I was reluctant to see him. I'd had too many visions of the future not to be wary. I didn't want to give my dream a chance to come true.

It turned out my slight case of nerves didn't have a chance against a mother's concern for her child. I wasn't given a choice. I might have still protested but then I found out my girlfriend was going too. Jill and her mother would be riding with us. I had to admit I wanted to find out more about Jill's condition after yesterday so I didn't put up a fuss.

The ride to the hospital was strange. We all radiated happiness and hope, but no one said a word. Maybe Jill's normal appearance seemed too good to be true. There might be harmful side effects or it might be temporary and I might not be able to change her again without hurting myself. Who knows. All I knew was that we'd soon find out, and there'd be plenty of conversation if the results turned out well.

We all remained silent until we got to the reception area, and there we found Dr. Johnson. It was almost like he was waiting for us. It gave me the creeps but I shrugged it off. We were there to get a physical, and we were in a very public place so we should be safe enough.

Jill was checked first. She had the most obvious changes so that was fine by me. I was anxious to hear her results anyway. The doctor led her down the hall while I waited with two concerned mothers. Mary wasn't allowed to be with her daughter during the examination. The doctor told us it was because he wanted to take x-rays and he didn't want to risk radiation exposure to anyone else. It made sense.

The physical took just a little over an hour but it seemed much longer. The anticipation was killing me, and evidently, it was hard on all of us. We were all on our feet immediately when we saw Jill being escorted back to the waiting area.

As before with the chroloplasts in the skin, it turned out that the effects of my shapeshifting power weren't permanent. I couldn't change Jill's DNA so she would slowly change back to her now normal green self unless I could keep shapeshifting her. I was certainly willing to try and so was Jill. I was sure that if things got too bad at school, I'd be able to change her again. We'd work things out. We always did.

The only effect I'd managed so far that was long-lasting was Jill's increase in bust size. That was probably because her breast tissue would've developed on its own without my help. I say probably because her breasts shrank back to her original, smaller size after MORFS. I planned on asking to remedy that situation. I could always claim I needed the practice to make it easier to keep her from looking like a plant hybrid. It couldn't hurt to ask anyway.

So now that Jill was finished, it was my turn, and like Jill, my mother couldn't come with me. I was to get the full treatment too, and that meant x-rays. It wasn't a good idea to expose anyone to radiation more than necessary so I innocently followed along behind Dr. Johnson.

Prior to yesterday, I'd been a boy for about 9 months, and I'd only been a girl for about a day so my intuition had to be a little rusty. That's the only reason I could think of why I didn't see that my doctor was up to no good. He led me on a long walk through the hospital before I even thought to worry.

We ended up going down two flights of stairs and entered a small white room with a heavy metal door. I could tell it was heavy because of the sound it made when it shut. We went inside and Dr. Johnson locked it behind him. That finally got my warning bells ringing inside my head, but by then it was too late. I was trapped.

My captor wasted no time wrestling me into the small hospital bed and strapping me to it. I really wished I continued my jujitsu classes. I could've used the help. As it was, I was far too weak and unskilled to put up a fight. I didn't even bother screaming. My capture had obviously been planned and I'm sure no one would hear me.

In spite of his abrupt change in bedside manner, my doctor still insisted on pretending to give me an examination. He came at me with a needle, claiming he just wanted to draw some blood, but I knew better. I could see fluid in the syringe. It was obvious he was going to inject me with something and I wasn't going to cooperate.

"Stay away from me," I growled.

I was actually scared to death but I tried to be menacing. Dr. Johnson just smiled at me.

"Now Bobbi, I told you. I just want a little blood. Please relax and it'll all be over soon."

"I'm not stupid," I said with my best glare. "I see something in the syringe. So what is it? What are you gonna inject me with?"

"Fine," he humphed as he pulled my sleeve up my arm. "I tried to be nice. Just shut up and hold still. It'll go easier for you if you do."

Nice? I don't know who he was trying to kid. He kidnapped me and was trying to inject me with a drug against my will. There was no way I was going to hold still for him.

I struggled and squirmed with all my might. It wasn't enough to break the straps by any means but it slowed him down. Finally, he pinned my upper arm down with his knee and it looked like he'd get his way. That's when I got lucky.

My skin actually shapeshifted into bony plates. It hardened enough that he couldn't puncture it with the needle. He pushed hard and the needle bent. I was very upset by this time so it shouldn't have come as a surprise - to me at least. The doctor was another matter.

Besides my father, I'd never seen a man change moods so quickly and drastically. He started out as a seemingly nice and mild mannered doctor and changed into a raging madman. He swore at me and threw the syringe across the room.

"I knew it! I knew you could shapeshift! You had them all fooled but not me. Not me!"

He was raving now and I didn't have a clue what he was talking about. If he thought I could control my power, he was sadly mistaken. I just got lucky, that's all. He took too long and had to subdue me and scare me into shapeshifting. Thank goodness for that. He probably would've succeeded with whatever he planned if he'd been more subtle.

"I'll be back," he said as he unlocked the door to leave. "Then we'll try some chloroform. There's no way you can stop breathing."

"Let me go!!" I screamed several times while the door was open, hoping someone would hear me. I could see Dr. Johnson look both ways down the hall through the small window in the door. He seemed a bit nervous at first but soon relaxed and locked the door behind him. It was clear there was no one to hear me.

While I was alone, I tried desperately to shapeshift my fingernails into sharp claws so I could cut the straps holding me down. Unfortunately, it was to no avail. I'd lost my emotional edge. All I could do was wait and try not to slip down into that pit of despair that seemed to haunt my life.

It wasn't long before my kidnapper returned, and as before, I screamed while the door was open. Dr. Johnson had a smug look on his face too, until a foot suddenly wedged its way in to keep the door from closing.

"What the...," my very surprised doctor said. "Impossible! There was no one in the hall with me!"

"Funny what some MORFS survivors can do, isn't it?" a familiar voice said.

The owner of the voice forced his way into the room and there was Frank, the precog who'd scanned me so many months ago.

"Hello Doc. It looks like you've gone too far. I'm going to have to ask you to stop."

Dr. Johnson's face was purple with rage, but somehow he managed to control himself. He set the bottle of chloroform down on a little tray and addressed my rescuer in a strangely calm voice, his face returning to its natural color.

"This is none of your concern, Frank. Just leave and forget you saw anything."

"I'm afraid I can't do that. This isn't right and you know it."

"Fuck you," spat my doctor. He started to lose it once more, and I was getting scared again. He backed away from Frank and grabbed my arm, like he was trying to show I was his to do with as he pleased. I was just a possession to him.

"This girl can shapeshift, and she can shapeshift others. My experiment was a success and no one is going to take that away from me."

Okay. That was new, and very strange. I didn't know what to think now. All I knew was that I was getting more scared by the minute.

"You're wrong," Frank said. "She can't control it. Don't you think she would've cut herself free by now if she could?"

Dr. Johnson hesitated then, but his smug look soon returned. He wouldn't give up. He was obviously obsessed.

"She's just too upset to think straight right now. She's just a girl. She can control her power. I know she can."

That did it. Now I could add anger to my mix of emotions. My doctor really did go too far when he insulted my girlhood. I was seething with anger, as well as scared and confused.

"I think you have it backwards," said Frank. "Look, you got close, and you got lucky," Frank said. "It was bound to happen with all those test subjects. She can shapeshift, but she can't control it."

"Luck had nothing to do with it. I know what I'm doing."

"Don't flatter yourself, Doc. You're brain damaged if you think you can control MORFS. No one can."

"How dare you," sputtered Dr. Johnson.

"You'd have to be brain damaged to think otherwise," continued Frank. "How do you explain all the failures?"

The doctor's face went back to it's purple color but he didn't speak. He was too upset to say anything so Frank ended the silence with a last pointed attack.

"These experiments are pure lunacy. They should be stopped and forgotten."

During his exchange with Dr. Johnson, Frank had been emphasizing certain words as he spoke. I didn't realize it at the time but he had a good reason for it - one he explained to me later. For now, I focused on the present. I listened to the conversation and let it darken my mood. When the last word was uttered, I felt like I was upset enough to chew nails and spit fire. That's when the tingling started.

Dr. Johnson got a funny look on his face but he kept his grip on my arm, and that was his undoing. As the seconds ticked by, his face returned to its normal color once again, and his odd look was replaced by a blank one. My power was affecting his mental state. I was changing his brain - into what, I didn't want to know.

After several minutes, Frank carefully grabbed the sleeve of the doctor's lab coat and pulled his arm away from me. I looked at my former kidnapper's face now and saw a silly smile, like that of a small child. He wouldn't be trying to sedate me now. He wouldn't be able to practice medicine at all if he stayed like he was.
My rescuer released me and I flew into his arms, crying my eyes out. I know I didn't deserve what had been done to me but that didn't make me feel any better about what I'd done to Dr. Johnson.

Frank explained that I acted purely in self-defense. He also had to point out that my doctor hadn't behaved like a proper doctor. He'd been extremely unethical and needed to be stopped. Well I stopped him alright.

I was still upset but I felt a little better then. I was also reminded that I didn't consciously damage the doctor's brain. That was actually more Frank's doing than mine. He manipulated me by emphasizing words having to do with the brain. The words, along with my extreme duress, triggered my power to create the result.

Frank didn't think the results were permanent at least. The memory pathways in the brain would definitely be lost but Dr. Johnson should recover his wits eventually. I was happy to hear he'd recover, and even happier about him losing his memory. No memories meant I'd be safe. That was a relief. In the meantime, Frank would watch over him - Frank and whichever group he truly worked with that is. I had no doubt he wasn't working alone.

Frank locked the doctor in the room, and as I was slowly escorted upstairs, he discussed one more thing before he left me. He asked me to not say anything about what had happened. I could tell from the serious look on his face that he'd only accept one answer, so I agreed to keep quiet. No one would believe me anyway. He studied my face intently after my answer and graced me with a small, satisfied smile before he went back to collect the doctor.

I briefly stopped in the ladies rest room and splashed cold water on my face. Then I collected myself and walked out into the waiting area. It was a good thing I didn't put on makeup that morning. I'd have a hard time explaining smeared mascara from all the crying.

"Where's Dr. Johnson?" my mother asked.

"Oh, he's around," I said. I wasn't ready for that question. I hadn't thought about what I'd tell everyone.

"What about the results of your exam?" Jill asked.

"I'm okay. I still can't control my power but I'm feeling good."

That wasn't exactly the truth but it was close enough. I was emotionally drained after my recent encounter, and I was quite hungry from the use of my power. I needed something to eat very soon so I distracted everyone by asking to go out to lunch. It worked too, except I did have to explain Dr. Johnson's extended absence. I told everyone he was very disappointed that I couldn't control my power.

"Why would that upset him so much?" my curious girlfriend asked.

"I dunno. I suppose he wanted to write a research paper about me or something. He took it pretty hard and now he's on an indefinite leave of absence."

"That's odd," Jill mused.

"Yeah," I agreed. "I think he's an odd man. I can't say I'll miss him though. I'm looking forward to getting a new doctor... say... a woman this time."

That got some nods of agreement so the subject was closed. We'd all forget about Dr. Johnson and he'd already forgotten about us. He wouldn't be bothering anyone any time soon.

* * *

Over the next couple days, my girlfriend and I got settled back into school. I was introduced yet again in all my classes and got many kind welcomes. Most of my girl classmates were especially nice. It was like I'd never been gone.

Jill was welcomed back too - other than by Adrian and Michelle that is. There were even some apologies. I doubted the sincerity of most of them though. We'd see who was genuinely sorry when my girl started turning green again.

There'd been one oversight in all the chaos of the past week that was finally addressed. Jill was examined for powers. We already knew about one of her powers but there could always be more. This time, nothing was left to chance. Jill's parents took her to see a telepathic specialist outside of town.

The telepathic scanning was thorough and very accurate, and it found two main powers. One was being able to make herself more plant-like. That was the one we knew about, but there was a little more information that made me feel better. She couldn't change herself completely into a plant. She'd still have a brain, along with blood and other internal organs to keep her brain alive. She needed her brain to control her power, and as long as she had her brain, I'd always be able to bring her back. That was a big relief.

The other power was related to the first one. She could accelerate the growth of plants and control how they grow. She could create wonderful bonsai trees and topiaries if she wanted. She could also make flowers bloom and create some wonderful floral arrangements. She could even make flowers bloom in her hair after the vines started growing back. She couldn't do it now of course because I got rid of the vines when I shapeshifted her.

The best part about her powers was that she could control them somewhat. She couldn't stop her skin from being green, or stop the vines growing in her hair but she could add other plant features to her normal appearance and take them away again, and she could totally control her plant growth power. I was a bit envious but I was also happy for her. It helped make up for all the abuse she'd gotten, and was yet to receive.

Once everything calmed down, and before Jill started turning green again, life was pleasant. My two best friends got together with my sneaky girlfriend to cap off an exciting week. They threw a surprise welcome back party for me. The gang of four was back and we soon made up for lost time with plenty of shopping, photo shoots and double dates. Life was good.

By the time Thanksgiving rolled around, things were were still mostly pleasant in spite of Jill's condition. She started turning green and her head was sprouting vines. The verbal abuse hadn't started yet but it would. Her situation was upsetting to me so I made sure I tried to change her back as often as I could. My girlfriend and I snuck away to kiss virtually every day. Too bad it didn't help. I just couldn't control my power.

Thanksgiving was great at least. I had a lot to be thankful for. I was a girl with two loving parents, I had two very good friends in Adrian and Michelle, and best of all, I had Jill. She came over to my house since her place was much more crowded. We had a nice, quiet dinner and saved room for dessert, which we had back over at her house. It was a day to savor.

The rest of the year had its ups and downs, with Jill's condition being a definite downer. As her skin and hair got closer to their natural state, the verbal abuse ramped up, and my girlfriend started coming with me to the bookstore after school to hide out. The store made a good refuge and a good source of information.

Jill spent the time looking through the MORFS section of books for anything that could help me control my power. She'd stay with me until closing and we'd spend some time experimenting with the techniques she'd read about. We'd also end up kissing too of course. Kissing wasn't a reliable way of changing her but it'd worked in the past and it was pleasurable so neither one of us complained.

In the week before Christmas, I got two nice surprises. The first was from my boss, Mrs. Lange. She gave me a bonus. Since I'd become a girl, business had definitely picked up and she guessed I had something to do with it. I did seem to notice there were a lot more male customers than usual. I didn't like the idea of selling books with sex appeal but I couldn't help the way I looked. I'd just have to get over it. The extra money helped with that.

The second surprise came from an unusual source - me. I was finally able to make Jill look normal again after a particularly hot and heavy making out session in the store. I really had no idea what triggered my power but I like to think the extra skin-to-skin contact helped. I also thought her current appearance had something to do with it. She was about half way back to her plant hybrid self so any change would be much more obvious. Any change I made would probably have to be significant because I couldn't seem to handle being subtle.

Changing Jill was a very nice early Christmas present for her. I gave her more things of course, and she gave me a few early gifts, but there was some sadness around that time too. I was to make my family's annual trip to see grandma and grandpa Sandstrom so I wouldn't get to see her for a week.

After I shared a tearful farewell with my girl, I flew with my parents to my grandparents' estate in snowy Massachusetts. I was spoiled rotten by my loving grandmother but I was still a little sad. Talking to Jill every night on my eCom helped at least. I was able to keep a happy face for Christmas.

I returned to Copely to usher in the new year in style. I had some wonderful new clothes from my grandparents - both sets actually since my mother's parents were just as adept at spoiling me, even from afar. I couldn't wait to model one particular outfit for Jill. I planned on going for the sexy librarian look because I knew she loved it. I even got some reading glasses with small lenses to finish off the look. I couldn't see a thing through the glasses but if I pushed them down my nose and looked over them, I could see well enough to find my girlfriend and kiss her silly at midnight on New Year's Eve.

It was difficult but we waited two days before getting together to celebrate the new year at her house. I wanted to make sure she couldn't resist kissing me, even if it was in front of her family. We'd been separated for far too long and I wouldn't be denied.

When the clock struck midnight, Jill and I did kiss, and all of her family saw us. I had a very brief moment of embarrassment but it was overwhelmed by my feelings for Jill. When we finished, there were a couple raised eyebrows but no one said anything. Instead, after a brief awkward silence, everyone surprised me by clapping. That really made me blush.

The next morning, I had a talk with my girlfriend about the midnight kiss and found out she'd told her family about us weeks ago. She said she couldn't stop loving me no matter which gender I was, and they respected that. All I could think of was how lucky she was to have such a supportive family.

I confessed that I never discussed my sexual preference with my parents the first time I became a girl. I was too afraid so I waited until I changed back into a boy. That was when I finally told my mother I'd never been attracted to boys. After that talk, I'm sure she knew I still only liked girls, but now I was back to being afraid to talk about it. Lucky for me, Jill insisted I get everything out in the open. She didn't want to hide her love for me when she was at my house and I had to agree with her.

So it was on New Year's Day. My wise and wonderful girlfriend came over to my house and helped me tell my parents about being a couple. I called a family meeting, and after promising to explain Jill's presence, we all made ourselves comfortable in the living room.

"There's a good reason why she's here," I told my parents. "You'll find out soon enough so please sit down."

Mother smiled then, and I was sure she already knew exactly what I was about to say. Her intuition was in good working order. Too bad I couldn't say the same for my father. Poor daddy was like a deer in the headlights.

My parents sat together on the couch and I had Jill sit in my father's recliner. I seated her there purely for my father's benefit. I figured he'd be amused by it and I was desperate to soften him up before I started the meeting. Of course I stayed standing next to the recliner so I could be close to Jill. I had everything worked out.

"Now then," I began, as I reached over to hold my girlfriend's hand. "Jill and I are in love, and we plan on spending the rest of our lives together. Any questions?" My speech was quite short and direct. I thought it'd be best that way, and my instincts paid off.

My mom wasn't phased at all of course. She sprang up off the couch and smothered me with a hug, whispering congratulations in my ear. I was so happy. It was exactly how I imagined her reaction would be.

During the long hug with my mother, I snuck a peak at my father and noticed he got up much more slowly. I think he was in shock. Then I saw Jill get up out of the corner of my eye. I watched with satisfaction as she carefully approached my father and slipped her arms under his to hug him. It only took a few seconds before his arms came up and I saw him hug her back. We were both very lucky girls to have such loving and understanding families.

* * *

The new year started out very well. Jill looked human again so school wasn't a problem at first. As she started to change again though, the abuse came back. Old habits died hard.

My girl resumed one of her habits too. She came with me to the bookstore after school and started her research to help me control my power. She used the store computer to search online too. All the insults hurled at her for having green skin really motivated her. She just wanted to finish out high school as a normal looking girl here in Copely. After that, we could find a place that accepted us as we were.

Mrs. Lange reminded us about MORFS support groups in town, and Jill got desperate enough to try a couple. They didn't help much. Most of the members were so timid they'd literally jump at their own shadow. My girlfriend was by far the strongest one of the bunch and she ended up helping the rest feel better about themselves.

Jill thought about quitting the groups and probably would've if the members hadn't become so dependent on her. She didn't want to leave them at the cruel mercy of the town. I had to admire that. I also pointed out that the other members helped her too. They gave her confidence in herself to be a leader and be more assertive. She hadn't realized it but agreed it was a nice symbiotic relationship.

As the weeks wore on, I was able to keep Jill from turning too bright a shade of green - probably through a combination of research and practice. I got to where I could change her about every three weeks. She was still attacked quite frequently but her tormentors weren't nearly as bad as they were during her first couple weeks as a full plant hybrid.

The only problem with my shapeshifting practice was that Jill ended up with more changes than we planned. It wasn't long before her breasts were back to their larger size - the size I made them the first time I shapeshifted her during the meteor shower. It was a good thing she saved all of her bras. She saved the small ones after the first time I increased her bust size and saved the large ones after her case of MORFS. Bras were too expensive and too precious to part with so she was well prepared. All the shopping we ended up doing was purely incidental or related to some other changes I'd made. Yes, I'd made other changes too but I don't think my girlfriend would appreciate it if I described them all. They weren't permanent anyway.

The last major issue of my senior year concerned the hybrid protests. We all should've predicted them but I didn't like to think they would happen. In spite of all I'd seen, I still hopelessly thought the best of people. Too bad I had to be disappointed as much as I was.

The protests against hybrid MORFS survivors began in February. Parents were up in arms about having Jill in school. They wanted her out. They were afraid she'd infect their children and there was no reasoning with them. Their ignorance fueled their fear and they wouldn't listen to anyone. So there was only one recourse. We fought back.

The counter protests were Jill's idea. She thought of it on her birthday after we presented her with her friendship necklace. She was the last in our group to receive the necklace but we made sure she didn't feel slighted by being last. She was touched by our presentation as we declared our undying loyalty to her, her family and her fight to say in Copely. That's when I saw the sparkle in her eyes and knew something was going to happen.

Our protests were feeble at first, populated only by our gang of four and our immediate family. Our only goal was to educate everyone so they could see that Jill wasn't a threat and it didn't go over well. There were several minor skirmishes and we had to be protected by the police at one point. Luckily, the truth eventually began to win out. Our numbers slowly increased as more people refused to ignore the ignorance and injustice of the situation.

The thing that really turned the tide was when my rich grandparents got into the act. That was a nice surprise. They paid for ads that were aired on television and radio to help educate the public. It was truth versus fiction and only the strongest would survive.

The hybrid protests died down after that. Jill could stay. Thanks to my grandparents, the right side prevailed. We would've celebrated but I think everyone was too emotionally exhausted. I, for one, was content to simply enjoy the relief I felt that the battle was over.

Emboldened by our success, Michelle and Adrian wanted to continue protesting. They were tired of hiding their relationship so they were more than eager to carry on the fight against discrimination. It wasn't a good idea.

People could only be pushed infrequently and in small steps so Jill and I patiently explained to them the concept of choosing your battles. Jill still had another year before she could graduate from high school. She had a lot to fight for, but our two friends would be graduating high school and would soon be off to college together. They should be able to find a much more tolerant place and continue the fight elsewhere if they had to. Our friends were disappointed but they agreed to drop it after I asked them one final question. Haven't we all had enough for now?

The rest of the school year was a breeze after that. I had a great 18th birthday and graduated high school as a girl. I decided to stay in Copely during Jill's senior year and work at the bookstore to earn money for college. After that, Jill and I would go off to college and spend the rest of our lives together. I had someone to love who loved me back. What could be better than that?

To Be Continued...  



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