We Can Work It Out: A MORFS Universe Story

By Terry Volkirch  



Chapter 17: Summer and Fall, 2036

"Change it back!" Jill shouted at me. "Change my boob back now! I can't go back like this! What am I gonna do?!"

I just grinned sheepishly and let her get it out of her system. I already reminded her that I couldn't control my shapeshifting power. She just had to vent.

When she calmed down enough, we discussed the situation. There were two options but only one of them had any chance of working. I only mentioned both to make Jill feel better.

"I could try to shrink your breast, but since I can't control my power, I might end up making it even bigger. Are you sure you want to chance it?"

She hesitated to answer that. I made it clear I liked big boobs so my subconscious wasn't likely to cooperate in shrinking hers.

"What's the other option?" she finally said.

"Isn't it obvious?" I grinned wolfishly. "I try to make the other one larger to match."


"Haven't you ever wondered what it was like to have bigger boobs?"

"Umm... yeah," she said shyly. I could almost see her blush in the darkness.

"Well, now's your chance."

This was a win-win situation as far as I was concerned. Even if I couldn't make any changes tonight, I'd get to touch Jill's breast. I didn't know which I liked better, making her left breast bigger or getting more chances to touch it later on if I couldn't make it bigger tonight.

"But how will I explain it? My parents are gonna freak," Jill moaned.

"Awwww... I'm sorry. But we can worry about that later. You don't want to be lopsided, do you?"

"No, this is weird, really weird."

So that was it. She chose option number two, and I was very, very happy.

We started out by having me touch her smaller breast through her clothes. When that had no effect, I was able to talk her into letting me touch her skin. She'd long since unhooked her bra since it was far too small for her larger right breast, making it easy for my right hand to slide up under her sweatshirt and cup her left one.

After about 5 awkward minutes, there was still no change - in Jill's breast anyway. I was naturally getting a little hot and bothered.

I insisted a change would take longer but Jill was impatient for results so I suggested moving to the next level. We would try kissing while I kept my hand where it was.

Jill was all for my suggestion. I think she was getting a little hot and bothered too. So we kissed, and while we kissed, I imagined her with a matching pair of large, full breasts.

This time, I felt a tingle in my hand. Something was happening. My girlfriend felt something too, and she tried to say something but I kept my lips on hers and continued to kiss her silly. After my shapeshifting experience with Sasha, I knew the change would take awhile to finish. I was in no hurry anyway.

When we finally separated, I pulled my hand out from under her sweatshirt. I could tell her breast was larger but without doing a side-by-side comparison, I couldn't tell if it matched her other one. I'd have to leave that to her. I was afraid I'd lose control if I tried.

Even without touching her again, I was desperate to cool off. The chill in the night air wasn't nearly enough so I took a bottle of water from our stash of goodies and poured it over my head. That did the trick. It also got a cute little laugh out of Jill. I stuck my tongue out at her but I smiled and added a little chuckle of my own. I hoped to never take myself so seriously that I couldn't laugh at myself.

The laughter soon died out, leaving an anxious silence as my girlfriend checked herself out. I still wished I could help but I stayed well back and waited until she was done.

"They feel the same size now," she said. "I think you did it!"

That was a relief, for both of us. It also got me wondering if I could do the same for myself. I'd look funny as I boy with breasts but it was so tempting.

I shook my head to stop that line of thinking, but I would definitely fantasize later. Here was evidence that I had some amount of control over my power and it gave me even more hope that I could eventually change back into a girl.

We quickly packed everything up and sat in the car with the dome light on. I wanted to give my girlfriend a quick visual inspection before I took her home.

"They look evenly sized to me," I said with a leer that went unnoticed.

I looked up at her face and saw her looking down at her chest. She had the same exact puzzled look on her face that I'd seen in one of my visions. The light from above and the clothes she was wearing were also the same. Up till now, my visions surprised me when they came true, but I wasn't surprised in the least this time. I almost came to expect it.

"I can't believe this," she whispered.

"Shall I prove it to you?" I said with a playful gleam in my eye.

"Just get us home before we're late," she replied, followed by something else I almost missed as I started driving.

"Maybe later," she added with a coy smile.

We got back well before 2 AM and saw that Jill's parents were still awake when we got to the house. That was good because we really wanted to talk with them as soon as possible. Jill and I decided that it was best to be completely honest about the whole thing. Her parents knew about my shapeshifting so it shouldn't be too difficult to convince them what happened. Jill's larger boobs made pretty convincing evidence, and I had to point out my wet hair to show my self-restraint. I definitely wanted credit for that.

When our story was finished, all was forgiven, and we breathed another sigh of relief. Then Jill's mother, Mary, mentioned something about shopping for new bras and I had to bite my tongue. I'd love to go along but I didn't think it'd be appropriate for me to go as a boy. Dang.

* * *

The rest of the summer quickly passed by without too much fuss. The only awkward moments were at the lake. Our original gang of four made frequent visits to the lake to cool off but I couldn't handle being topless. I wore a tank top, even while I swam. My friends didn't say anything but I could tell by the looks on their faces what they thought. I often swam alone to hide my tears.

Jill was stunning in her new green bikini. Her large breasts filled it out very nicely. It was very difficult for me not to look at them but I had to control myself to save my sanity. It was extremely frustrating because I envied them and lusted after them at the same time.

Michelle and Adrian were a pleasant distraction. They were quite determined and clever. I had to admire them. They didn't dare kiss on the beach but they spent plenty of time sneaking kisses underwater. By the end of August, they'd perfected their technique and could easily spend a minute on one kiss.

Jill and I didn't have to worry so much about kissing in public. That was good, but we didn't do it that often. We didn't want to make our two friends envious. We were also afraid of going a little too far. It was best to keep such activities private, like in a car at night. My girlfriend and I got lots of practice in the car.

* * *

Fall returned, bringing school with it. It also brought mixed feelings. It was my senior year in high school. That should be a special time, but I kept thinking about graduating and moving on to college. What would happen to Jill? She was a year behind me and I couldn't bear the thought of her being alone in high school during her senior year. I shouldn't be insecure about our relationship but with her curves, I was sure she'd have a lot of male attention.

I didn't really want to stay in Copely for college. I thought it was important to get away from home. However, I realized I could always take my first year in town, and I could save money by living at home. That made me feel better.

I continued studying hard, and I took a full course load. I knew college would be a lot more difficult and I wanted to be ready. Most of my classmates thought I was crazy but not Jill or Adrian at least. Michelle was the only one in our little group who took a break. She liked to joke that Adrian was smart enough for the two of them so why torture her brain. She had a point.

One of my favorite classes was advanced biology. I would've liked to study MORFS but it was beyond a high school class curriculum. I had to settle for the anatomy, botany and microbiology sections of the class.

My favorite part of biology class was botany, which was taught first. It had to be early in the school year so there would still be plenty of plant life to collect. During the class, we'd get to go out on field trips and collect plant specimens. I loved getting outside and I loved the challenge of finding and identifying the various plant species.

Our first botany field trip took us to search around the school grounds for the more common plants. I had a little bit of a head start since I liked to identify some trees and shrubs during my nature walks. I finished quickly and took my time getting back to the class room.

Over the next several weeks, my pattern of quickly finding everything I needed would be repeated and I'd spend my spare time enjoying the scenery. Then it happened. I couldn't find any liverworts. That type of plant eluded me, and the name didn't help. It kept making me think of warts on a liver and I got queasy. I know it sounds silly but I honestly couldn't help it.

In spite of the name, liverworts became my obsession, and that obsession started a chain of events that led to something strange and terrible yet beautiful. My life continued its craziness.

Liverworts weren't my only obsession. They triggered a broader interest and I began to study all plants in earnest. The variety of plants and plant parts fascinated me, right down to the cellular level, but what really got my attention was the chloroplast. It was the sugar factory for the leaf and contained chlorophyll which gave leaves their green color. It used sunlight, water and carbon dioxide to produce glucose and oxygen, and I found that truly amazing.

Even after the weather started turning cold, I continued searching for leaves to look at under the microscope at school, and my interest slowly changed to try figuring out why leaves changed color in the fall. I kept observations of cloud cover, temperature and hours of daylight for several different areas. I wanted to see if I could use my observations to predict when certain tree leaves would start changing color.

I didn't give it much thought at first but my strong new interest in leaves began to bother me. I couldn't understand why it was happening. It didn't make sense. Then I had a vision.

From the party decorations I saw in my mind during my vision, I could tell it was Halloween. Then I saw Jill and I was in shock. She had green skin! She was pretending to be a wild slave girl from some old science fiction television program. I wasn't very interested in the program but I knew about the dancing green-skinned slave girl. Jill loved the episode that featured her and loved talking about it. I just loved dreaming about having my very own green slave girl.

The vision ended but I was still just as confused about my obsession with leaves as ever. What did leaves have to do with the slave girl? The only thing they had in common was the color green. I had to let that one stew for awhile before I figured it out.

* * *

Time rolled on into October and it wasn't long before Michelle's birthday. That provided a nice distraction from my crazy leaf obsession. Her birthday was on a Sunday but there was no way I was going to wait until the weekend of her birthday to shop.

Jill, Adrian and I hit the stores with a vengeance. We'd all been keeping an eye out for things that Michelle lingered over but didn't buy when we were at the mall. Now it was time to pounce.

Since Adrian saw her girl so much, she had some additional gift ideas and fortunately for me, they involved gadgets. I didn't especially like gadget shopping but it meant that Adrian and I would be a team while Jill would be alone getting most of the girly stuff. I just shrugged and mouthed the word "sorry" to my girl before we separated to hit the shops.

We met up later and I had to remind everyone about the friendship necklace. It was Michelle's turn for one. Adrian loved that because she already had hers. Now the two love birds would have matching necklaces.

The party was a great success, and it was almost as loud as Adrian's party. We all joined in with squealing and giggling and got the noise level high enough to be heard on the street. We did our duty.

Michelle loved all of her gifts and then had us help her carry them upstairs to her bedroom. I was a bit nervous but no one said anything so I followed along.

Her room was mostly as I remembered it. It was outrageously pink - no surprise there. What was a nice surprise were the photos of Michelle on her walls. Adrian had obviously been busy and Michelle loved it. The hands down favorite photo was one of Michelle at the mall. She carried several shopping bags and had the most contented smile on her face I'd ever seen. She was a shopping angel if ever there was one.

The new photos weren't the only surprise. The girls had obviously been planning something because they all turned to me and presented me with a friendship necklace. Then they made me an honorary girl and I couldn't help myself. I started crying with joy and lost myself in an illusion of femininity.

The girls all took turns hugging me and that made the tears keep coming. I desperately wanted the hugging practice and it allowed me to forget about being a boy. It was just what I needed.

* * *

It was just after school on Thursday, October 30th, and Jill and I were walking through the woods. We were taking the scenic route home. The days were getting shorter and it was the only time during the week we could fit in our nature walks that we liked so much.

I felt so lucky. It was a beautiful day and I was spending it with my girl. I was also lucky because I got that Thursday and Friday off from my job at the bookstore. There was a school Halloween party tomorrow so Mrs. Lange let me off to help prepare for it. She also let me have Saturday off. She figured I might be out late Friday night for the party. She was such a nice woman.

While we walked, Jill fussed about a costume. The party would be a combination costume party and dance and she wanted the perfect costume. As soon as she mentioned the party, I was suddenly reminded of my vision a few weeks ago and had to suppress a giggle. I wanted to suggest that she go as a green slave girl but I thought it would be fun to see if she came up with the idea herself. I already knew what my costume would be. It was an easy choice. I'd be going as a slave girl trader.

My head was in the clouds as I fantasized about my slave girl. I didn't hear Jill at first.

"Hello?" she said. "Where's my Robbie?"

Only she could get away with calling me that name, and only when we were alone. It was her way of reminding me that Bobbi was still with me and I loved her for it.

"I'm here. I was just daydreaming about you wearing a certain costume. Can you guess which one?" I smirked.

That got a cute little frown out of her.

"You have a costume idea and you didn't share it?" she said with mock anger.

"Yep," I replied. Then I waited. I still wasn't ready to tell her.

"Well?" she said with her hands on her hips.

"Well...," I stalled. "Hey! What's that?!" I pointed behind Jill, pretending to see something. Then I took off running when she turned to look.

I didn't get far. I was laughing too much. Jill shouted after me and was hot on my heels so I ducked into a thimbleberry thicket. The thimbleberry bushes were still full of leaves but of course she saw me go in. She was too close behind.

As my tolerant girlfriend approached the bush to pounce on me, I looked around and noted how strange it was to see so many green leaves this late in the year. Scientists have been warning us about global warming for years and I had to admit the evidence was mounting, including my own research. I've read that the snows used to start here in late November but that rarely happens now, and this fall was the warmest I ever remembered.

"I know you're in there," Jill sang, reminding me I had other things to think about.

Her singsong speech reminded me of the green slave girl dance music and I started humming it. That got a squeal of joy out of her. She obviously recognized the tune and jumped into the bushes to thank me for the costume idea. Then we got down to some serious kissing.

As we kissed, I felt soft, fuzzy thimbleberry leaves all around us, brushing our cheeks. Jill didn't seem to mind but it distracted me a little. My thoughts switched back and forth between the green chloroplasts in the leaves and Jill as a green-skinned slave girl, and the switching got faster and faster until my thoughts were a blur. I was also greatly enjoying the kiss of course, but then an all too familiar tingle was added to the experience. I managed to tune it out, but after several minutes, Jill eventually felt something and quickly pulled back.

"What was that?!" she cried with a little fear in her eyes.

"Hmmm?" I forgot all about the tingling. I just wanted to continue kissing.

"My skin felt funny. It felt kind of like when you made my boobs grow."


That got my attention.

"What did you do?" Jill demanded.

"I don't know, but I have a feeling we'll find out."

We emerged from the bushes and I gave Jill a quick scan. I didn't notice anything different so we continued walking home, both of us trying not to think about what might happen next. We just walked side-by-side and talked.

I hadn't really been looking at Jill much as we talked. We were both too busy watching where we were stepping. After we left the woods though, the sidewalks gave us secure footing so we could spare more glances at each other. It was also brighter without all the trees blocking the light, and I soon noticed something odd.

"Are you feeling alright?" I asked Jill.

"Yeah." She hesitated a moment and then frowned. "Why do you ask?"

Jill looked a little green to me, and normally, when someone looks a little off color, it means they aren't feeling well. Not this time however. It finally hit me. My vision, the fuzzy thimbleberry leaves brushing our faces while we kissed and the tingling feeling all pointed to only one conclusion.

"I'm afraid I know what I did when we were kissing," I told her.

Jill didn't say anything. She just lifted one eyebrow, prompting me to continue.

"I made your skin turn green."

"What?!" Jill shrieked.

I shushed her and tried to calm her down. I didn't want to attract any attention, especially with Jill's face turning a brighter shade of green. Then I saw her start to tremble and I hugged her.

"I'm sorry," I whispered in her ear. "I didn't mean to do it. Honest."

"I know," she said in a quiet voice.

We weren't wearing hats and gloves. It was too warm for that. All I could think of was to have Jill stuff her greenish hands in her coat pockets and pretend to be very shy the rest of the way home. She looked down at her feet so people would be less likely to notice her green skin. Her hair hung forward and helped to hide her face somewhat so it worked fairly well. I just had to help guide her so she wouldn't run into anything.

I got Jill home without incident, but the trouble was just beginning. Jill's younger sister saw us almost right away after we got in the door while Jill was taking off her coat.

"What did you do?!" Kayla screamed.

That brought Jill's mother and brother running. At least her father was still at work. Hopefully everything would be all settled by the time he got home. Then we could start all over again.

I let out a heavy sigh and explained what happened. Kayla took it well. She actually thought it was cool and started babbling about new makeup colors before we chased her away. Brad laughed and went back to his bedroom to resume whatever it was he was doing. That just left Jill's mother.

Mary didn't take it well at all. She was looking ahead to what this latest change would mean for her daughter and she didn't like it. Worry lines were deeply etched in her face and she slumped to look several inches shorter than normal. Even her long brown hair looked flat and unhappy. It upset me to see her like that. She normally had very good posture. She always looked so tall, slender and full of life.

It was obvious that Jill would have to go to school tomorrow in costume. That wouldn't be a problem because many others would be dressed up too. Halloween was the one day the school made an exception for the dress code so a lot of the students took advantage of it. The problem was what to do next week and beyond, assuming Jill still had green skin.

Mary, Jill and I were still sitting at the kitchen table discussing options when Jill's father, Dean, got home. His reaction was similar to his wife's, and he began discussing plans to move. Copely wasn't known for tolerating teenage girls with green skin.

The idea of Jill moving away horrified me, but it also somehow helped me think more clearly. I was determined to never be separated from my true love. I suggested we take Jill to the hospital and have her checked. The doctors or bioelementals might even find a way to reverse what I'd done.

Of all the MORFS survivors with powers, bioelementals were by far the most accepted in Copely. I think there were one or two living in town but more would be flown in for local emergencies. Either that or a patient could be flown to a city with a bioelemental specialist. With the addition of bioelementals, there weren't many conditions that couldn't be treated or cured, and even zealous bigots had an appreciation for life. They'd rather be treated by a bioelemental than be crippled or die. The only problem was the cost. Bioelemental services didn't come cheap, at least not in our town.

My idea of having Jill checked out was well received. So after a quick eCom call to my mom, Jill's parents took Jill and me to the hospital. They wanted me along in case the doctors could find a way to help me control my shapeshifting power and change Jill back to normal.

* * *

I was pleasantly surprised to find Dr. Johnson waiting for us when we arrived. He wasn't the Patterson's family doctor but he just happened to be at the hospital and he specialized in odd cases. It also was a nice coincidence because Jill's regular doctor couldn't be reached.

Dr. Johnson was about to take Jill away for some tests but he stopped when I suddenly blurted out that she should be checked for chloroplasts in her skin. He gave me an appraising look and then led my girlfriend down a hallway. Mary went with and I stayed behind with Mr. Patterson.

I thought it might be good if I tried to bond with my future father-in-law but I didn't know where to begin. I really couldn't relate well to men. Still, I had to try. The silence was driving me crazy.

"I'm sure she'll be okay Mr. Patterson," I ventured.

Jill's father did look kind of worried. I hoped he wasn't angry with me. I suppose that's another reason I had to talk things out with him. I couldn't stand to leave things unresolved.

"She's felt fine up to now so it couldn't be serious," I continued.

Mr. Patterson spoke while he looked down the hall, in the direction his wife and daughter went.

"Yeah, she's going to have some trouble in school though. I know how cruel kids can be to someone who's different."

Then he turned to look at me.

"No offense," he said, meaning that he didn't consider me to be a cruel kid. I was still a kid to him, even though I was 17.

"None taken," I said with a smile. I hoped to get a smile in return but he turned back to look down the hall again. He was obviously very worried.

I got tired of standing and suggested that we sit down. We were standing in a small waiting area, complete with potted plants, vending machines and lots of chairs. There was no excuse not to sit.

Mr. Patterson sat where he could easily watch the hallway and I sat in the chair next to him.

"You're not angry with me, are you?" I had to ask.

"Hmmm? No, not at all."

"That's a relief. It was an accident. I mean, who'd ever think I could make someone's skin turn green?"

I hoped for a response but I didn't get one. I didn't get any more conversation out of Jill's father. He wasn't in the mood for talking. I had to content myself with knowing he didn't hate me and hope his daughter's skin condition wasn't permanent.

It didn't take long before we were all reunited. Jill was still just as green as ever though. She kept getting some funny looks from the hospital staff but so far no one said anything.

Dr. Johnson let the parents discuss the test results and motioned me aside to talk privately.

"You were right about the chloroplasts, Rob. Jill's skin now produces sugar and oxygen, just like a leaf. How did you do it?"

Jill had explained her perspective of what happened while she was getting tested. Now it was my turn. I told him about kissing her in the leaves and getting a tingly feeling, but that's all I told him. I didn't want anyone to know about my vision or my related thoughts during the kiss. I hadn't told anyone about that part, not even Jill. I'd tell her later but right now, my intuition was screaming at me to keep quiet about it so I couldn't help but listen to it.

"So you really don't have any control of your shapeshifting power then?" Dr. Johnson asked.

I shook my head no.

"It's just as well. I don't know how you'd remove the chloroplasts anyway. They're not a normal part of the human body so they might be difficult to control with your power."

I didn't know what else to say so I wisely kept quiet. My doctor's demeanor seemed a little strange to me. He seemed much more interested in me than Jill. It made me uncomfortable.

The doctor and I rejoined the others and I was happy to learn that Jill's condition was most likely temporary. The chloroplasts didn't have any way to sustain themselves so they should slowly dissolve. Her skin should return to its normal color eventually, as long as we didn't keep kissing in the bushes and add more chloroplasts. A bioelemental would probably be able to help the color fade faster but it was harmless, and besides, Jill wanted to be green for the party tomorrow. In the meantime, if she got enough exposure to sun, she might find herself more energetic. The sugar from the chloroplasts fed directly into her bloodstream.

That made me think of an interesting experiment. I could imagine her wearing a purple bikini, lying on her living room couch with the sun shining on her through the front window. She'd be lying there with her skin churning out sugar, waiting for me to come over and help her burn off the excess energy. That little mental image brought a smile to my face.

As I left the hospital with the Pattersons, we all wondered what Jill would do if she was still green next week. People would most likely say something so we came up with a cover story. If anyone asked, we decided to say that she used a strong dye to color her skin for her costume and that it would take awhile to fade. That should get her through school and it wasn't too far from the truth at least.

Jill's father offered me a ride home but I declined. My house was a little out of their way and I wanted some time alone to think about things. So many things were happening in my life and it was becoming a little overwhelming. After a quick explanation, I gave my girl a modest kiss and we went our separate ways.

I wandered to the train station and caught the next train. Then I lost myself in thought as I rode home. I had to be more careful with my shapeshifting power, especially around Jill. Being together with her so much meant there was a good chance there'd be more changes in her future. I didn't want to have to wear a full rubber body suit to prevent skin-to-skin contact but I didn't know what else to do. My only other option was to try to find someone to help train me to use my powers - if that was even possible. I didn't know of any MORFS training centers in Copely so it looked like I'd be doing more research on the Internet tonight.

* * *

The subject of my costume didn't come up earlier that day but Jill called me later that evening to discuss it. We agreed I should go as a slave girl trader. We weren't sure what a slave trader looked like so I ended up doing more research on that than anything else.

After spending far too much time, I selected an outfit that I felt I could handle. It was more like a pirate costume but it was good enough for me. I didn't think anyone would be watching me anyway. All eyes would most certainly be on Jill.

The costume was fairly simple. It had to be since I didn't have a lot of time or aptitude for sewing. My mom helped me too. I ended up with one of her wide belts that had a large gold buckle and a gold clip on earring. We also found a large red linen table napkin that I used as a head scarf. After digging through my parents' closet, we finished off my outfit with one of my father's long-sleeved white dress shirts and a black vest. The shirt was large enough that the sleeves billowed out nicely. There wasn't much choice for pants or footwear. I just wore black jeans and black tennis shoes. Hopefully no one would notice.

By the time the costume was figured out, it was time for bed. My mom wanted to stay up to work on an idea she had to make me look a little more like a slave trader so I left her to it. She wouldn't tell me what it was. She wanted it to be a surprise. I humored her and went to dream about my gorgeous green slave girl.

The next morning, my mother had her surprise waiting for me on the kitchen table. It was a studded black leather collar with a short black leash attached to it. The collar had a little buckle and everything. It looked like a dog collar but no one I knew owned a dog.

"This is great, mom!" I gushed as I poured a bowl of cereal. "Did you really make it?"

I didn't mean it to be an insult but my mother feigned a look of indignation.

"Of course I made it," she said.

"I'm sorry. It looks like a real dog collar."

"Thanks," she said with a smile. "But you know no one around here owns a dog, and there are no pet stores in town."

"I guess. It's too bad there are so few dogs around. I've seen one or two in backyards but that's it."

"Yeah," my mom sighed. "I wanted to get you a dog but your father wouldn't allow it."

"Really? Dang. I'd love to have a dog. Jill wants a dog but she's going to wait until she's either had MORFS or she's too old to get it. She doesn't want to take chances becoming a dog hybrid."

My mother snorted at that. She and I both thought people were too paranoid about morphing into hybrids, but I respected Jill's fear. My girlfriend couldn't help the way she felt. At least she wasn't a bigot. Hybrids couldn't help catching MORFS any more than she could help being afraid of following in their footsteps. What a crazy world we live in, I thought.

It's too bad I didn't have more time. I would've liked to talk more but I had to get to school. I wolfed down my breakfast, took the collar upstairs and finished getting ready to leave.

School was more interesting than I thought possible. Jill was in full costume of course and I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She wore a green tunic with a black belt, green leggings and little black boots. Her outfit was different enough that it caught my attention but what really caught my eye was her hair. She wore a black wig that seemed to make her green face stand out even more than it already did. I also noticed she was wearing green contact lenses. She was stunning. I'm sure at least some of the other boys were staring at my girl but I didn't care because I didn't notice. All I noticed was my cute little slave girl.

At first she was disappointed that I didn't dress up in my slave trader costume, but I explained that I couldn't go in full costume. I didn't tell her it was because of the collar and leash. I just told her that I had a surprise for her. She gave me that cute frown of hers but I held firm. I had to. I couldn't keep her on a short leash all day.

The Halloween party was to be held in the gymnasium. Volunteers had two hours to decorate it, set it up for music and fill it with refreshments before a horde of teenage monsters and crazy characters showed up to invade. In the meantime, the invading horde had time to eat an early dinner and get dressed up in their costumes.

Jill came over to eat with me. Her family had already seen her outfit and now it was my mother's turn. My father always worked late so he'd have to settle for seeing my eCom pictures after I got home from the party.

I'd told my mother all about the green skin the night before while she helped me put together my costume, but seeing a green-skinned girl in person was another matter. My mom couldn't believe her eyes. Jill was a little shy at the attention but my mom caught herself and stopped staring. After the two of them hugged, the dinner went smoothly.

Jill and I didn't eat much. There'd be plenty of snacks and drinks at the party so we didn't want to fill up. We used the extra time to take some pictures instead - after I put on my costume. I took some shots with Jill by herself and then it was time to get out the collar to finish my costume. I wanted my mother to take some photos of us together as master and slave. I knew I'd cherish those pictures forever.

When my girl saw what I had in store for her, she gasped and blushed. It was interesting seeing a reddish tint added to her green face, and very cute I might add. I was tempted to take a picture of her at that moment but I resisted.

"What do you think?" I beamed. "My mom made it. Pretty good, huh?"

"You made it?!" Jill squeaked at my mother.

My mom's eyes twinkled as she nodded yes.

"Sorry," my mom said. "But I couldn't help myself. It seemed like the perfect accessory for your costumes."

"Don't worry, my Love," I quickly added. "I'll let you off the leash once in awhile... if you're good."

I laughed and was rewarded with a playful swat on the arm from both Jill and my mom.

* * *

The party was great. Everything was nearly perfect. The music, the dancing, the costumes, the food and drink all combined to make for a great evening. It also helped having the best costume.

My girl was the center of attention as well as the center of my universe. When I walked her in on her leash, every eye in the gymnasium was on us, causing Jill to blush a brilliant red-green. Seeing her so humble and vulnerable and yet so beautiful made my heart beat out a crazy rhythm of love. If there were any secret telepaths in the crowd, they'd know who was really the master and who was the slave.

We settled in quickly and soon found Michelle and Adrian. They'd gone as fairies with Michelle dressed in pink and Adrian in lavender. It was a good choice of costume since they were both so tiny. They wore light, gauzy dresses and sported dragonfly wings and cute little antennae that curved forward. I had to admit they were both very cute and they made such a cute couple.

Seeing Adrian that night gave me a strong pang of regret. It was the only flaw in an otherwise perfect night. She made me think about what I'd lost. She might have still been my girlfriend if I didn't mess things up with the kiss on the train. That and her lavender dress reminded me of Bobbi's hair color. I lost a girlfriend and my girlhood all in one fell swoop. It was certainly depressing.

I didn't like where my thoughts were taking me so I turned to look at Jill. I insisted on having a good time with my girl and nothing was going to stop me. I just had one more mental obstacle to overcome. Seeing Jill and all the costumes around us triggered another observation.

It was ironic that so many people dress up in hybrid costumes for Halloween parties yet they hold such hatred in their hearts for those with similar appearances in the real world. MORFS can drastically change our appearance to create hybrids but it can't change human nature. It made me sad and a little nervous to think we'd come so far technologically and yet human nature had changed so little. I still had hope that we'd survive to outgrow the immaturity of our species but I was sure it'd be a rough journey.

As promised, I let Jill off her leash several times. She had it off for most of the dances, though I'll always remember the sensuous way she moved during the few slow dances when I kept her leashed. I also had to let her go to the girls rest room of course. I leaned back against the wall by the rest room door and twirled the leash around my finger while I whistled. That always provoked some interesting expressions on the faces of passersby as well as Jill when she came back out.

The party lasted well into the night but finally it was time to end the fun. Most of the costumes didn't hold up well but Jill looked fresh. I caught several boys stealing glances at her as we left. I was one lucky guy.

* * *

I spent the weekend enjoying my green girlfriend's increased energy level during the day. Sunlight for her was like caffeine for most people. Sometimes it was quite amusing watching her trying to adjust. At night, I was on the Internet, looking for someone to help me control my shapeshifting power. It was hopeless. There were many places the offered power training but they were generally too far away and too expensive.

I sighed and came close to giving up when I had a final thought before I went to sleep Sunday night. Perhaps the bookstore where I worked had a self-help book on MORFS powers. The store had a MORFS section full of books. I didn't remember all the titles but there had to be at least a few books that could help me. That made me sleep easier.

* * *

Monday was not a good day at school. Jill's skin had only just started to fade. It was clear she'd be very green for quite awhile longer and that meant plenty of teasing, for both her and me. She was called the alien girl and I was her human sex slave. How quickly things change. Last Friday night, we were the darlings of the Halloween party, and now we're the object of ridicule. People continued to disappoint me.

Jill never did use her cover story of having used a strong green dye, and I didn't blame her. I didn't say anything either. We didn't want to lie. We just wanted to be accepted for who we were or be left alone. Was that too much to ask? Apparently it was.

Jill and I survived school but she was quite upset. She didn't want to go home alone - she didn't want to be alone - so I invited her to the bookstore with me. She happily accepted. We took a Spoke train into town and soon found our way to the store.

The cute little bell tinkled our arrival and Mrs. Lange looked up to see I wasn't alone. I could tell she was a little surprised to see Jill at first but she recovered well and welcomed us both. That was a relief.

I gave my boss a brief explanation and told her my plan to look for some books to help me control my power. She thought that was a good idea and she immediately led Jill to the MORFS book section, leaving me to tend to customers. It worked out nicely.

After about 15 minutes, my two helpers came back to the front of the store. Jill had three books she'd skim for me while I worked. She plopped down in one of the worn but comfortable reading chairs and immediately lost herself in a book. I knew she was fascinated with MORFS anyway but I'm sure reading the book helped take her mind off her bad day at school.

Mrs. Lange had errands to run so she had to go. She'd leave me to close up shop at 7 o'clock as usual, but first she had a suggestion for me. She told me to consider joining a MORFS support group. There were a few in town. They put up flyers on bulletin boards at the hospital and public library. I hadn't noticed before but I'd take a look. It wasn't likely there were any other shapeshifters like me but there might be some general techniques I could use to control my power. I thanked my boss and she left the store in my capable hands.

* * *

Slogging through the MORFS books was slow. Jill continued to help me but we were both swamped with homework. We were also a bit stressed from our hostile classmates. The rest of the week went pretty much the same at school. Jill's skin had lost a significant amount of green color but she was still teased incessantly. Unfortunately, that was just the beginning.

By the end of the week, my greenish girlfriend felt a bit under the weather. I thought it might be the stress of all the teasing, or the fact that she had a lot fewer chloroplasts in her skin to keep her energy level high. She might have gotten too used to having the extra energy. I soon found out I was wrong on both counts though. She had MORFS.

I don't know who was more upset, Jill or me. I think we both had a bad feeling about the timing. We were sure the chloroplasts would influence the outcome, and we were right about that much.

When MORFS had finished with her, she was greener than ever. Her skin was full of chloroplasts and this time it was permanent. She was a plant hybrid. In addition to her green skin, she had green hair with leafy vines growing in it. Her eyes had also turned a bright shade of green and she had woody fingernails and toenails. She looked a lot like how I imagined a dryad would look if they were real.

I thought she was beautiful. In my eyes, she was even more beautiful than before she morphed, but I knew better than to think most others around town would agree with me. Her worst fears had come true, and in a very strange way. She'd become a hybrid and her life would never be the same, in spite of having me and her loving family to support her. Adrian and Michelle added their support too but we were still greatly outnumbered.

I figured it wouldn't be long before the Patterson family packed up and moved far away from Copely. Hybrids simply weren't tolerated in our town. It was an unwritten law. I was sure there'd be a "for sale" sign in Jill's front yard before the end of the week but I was glad when I found out I was wrong yet again. Being wrong was becoming a habit, just like another habit I was soon to resume.

Jill didn't want to leave. She didn't want to leave me and she didn't want to let the bigots win. She started high school in Copely and she was determined to graduate there.

Her parents weren't pleased about staying but they agreed to at least let her try. Their daughter had already been teased for having green skin. Perhaps the novelty would wear off and everyone at school would give up. No such luck.

The teasing was bad before but it escalated to a new level when Jill showed up at school again. The dark side of human nature reared its ugly head and was in perfect form. She wasn't just "alien girl" now. She was also every curse and swear word you could imagine, and there was even some physical abuse, usually in the form of pushing - from the other girls anyway. At least the boys wouldn't dare touch her.

Outwardly, my girlfriend took it very well at school but I knew she was upset. She'd come with me to the bookstore and cried in my arms on the train more often than not. It was killing me to see her so upset but what could I do. Her mind was made up.

The bookstore made a nice refuge at least. Most of the customers were either tolerant or ignored her. A couple were actually friendly. That helped. The only problem was that we couldn't stay long enough. Eventually, we had to go back to school and start all over again.

By the end of her first week as a hybrid, it seemed as though Jill was coping nicely, but I was close to snapping. Things hadn't gotten worse but the abuse was relentless. I'd been upset thinking that Jill would leave, and happy when I found out she was staying. Then I was upset to see the abuse and now I was feeling severe guilt. It was my fault she became a plant hybrid, and it was my fault she wanted to stay. How could I not feel guilty?

Thanksgiving would be here in less than two weeks. Normally, I loved that holiday, but this year I felt like I had almost nothing to be thankful for. I tried to think of all the wonderful food and even that didn't help improve my mood. Actually, it seemed to sour my stomach. I'd gotten so upset, my appetite had deserted me.

It was Sunday, and as the day wore on, I began to get a little alarmed. My stomach felt worse and worse until it finally happened. I threw up. It was the first of several times I threw up that evening. I also had problems with diarrhea. I was quite sick, or so it seemed until I noticed my hair falling out and my arms getting thinner. It looked like I was going to shapeshift again.

* * *


Security Level: 7
    Subject ID: A73DEFG1373D3AF04237
          Date: November 5, 2036
   Name: Robert Anthony Sandstrom
    DOB: May 28, 2019
   Hair: Brown, wavy
   Eyes: Green
 Height: 5' 10"/ 178 cm

Power Rating: 1
Threat Level: Blue

Physical Enhancements: None
      Specialty Class: Extremely limited shapeshifting of others and of self

Additional Notes:

The subject continues to have no conscious control of abilities. There have been some limited shapeshifting incidents but considering the undesired results and the inability to reverse those results, it is highly doubtful that this subject will ever be able to shapeshift on demand.

This subject is nearing the end of the recommended study period and the current projected outcome is below the minimum acceptable level. Therefore, it is our decision that we move on to the next test subject.

Dr. Johnson believes the computer projections are in error. He insists that the subject can learn to shapeshift on demand but we disagree. The doctor will be reassigned as soon as the next subject is ready.

Projected Outcome: 12% probability of success

To Be Continued...  



The entire MORFS  Universe can be found at http://morfs.nowhere2go.org/