We Can Work It Out: A MORFS Universe Story

By Terry Volkirch  




Chapter 14: Late Winter and Early Spring, 2036

Winter was stubborn and capricious that year. It teased us by incrementally relaxing
its icy grip one day and then hitting us with a heavy snow storm the next. It took
another few weeks before Adrian and I could finish our mission to uncover my
father's secret. I'll never forget the day we finally did it.

It was unseasonably warm for a brief period in early March. The sun beat down
mercilessly on large mounds of snow, creating little streams all around them. The
air smelled fresh and clean, lightly scented with new plant life. Pussy willows
poked out on the abundant willow branches and crocuses and daffodils pushed up
through mushy soil. It would've been perfect except for one thing: Memories of

I was still distracted by my strange encounter with Sasha. I was sure I gave her
that new physique of hers. I just wished I knew exactly how I did it.

I did some more research and found a rather interesting unproven theory. A few
scientists thought it might be possible to customize a virus to induce MORFS and
create specific changes. They were ridiculed by mainstream scientists but what if
they were right? I knew I had a power. Could I be a type of bioelemental with the
power to create a virus to induce MORFS in others, even if they've already had it
once before? A lot of impossible things had become possible since MORFS first
appeared and that theory might just be the answer. I vowed to keep watching for more
evidence. In the meantime, I had a mission to accomplish.

I followed along behind Adrian carrying some of the gear we'd need to listen in on
Fred's Fortress. I was lost in a fog of thoughts but I managed to follow my shapely
girlfriend. Actually, it was easy. I could follow her anywhere.

We got into position and Adrian sent up her helicopter with me holding the detector
device. None of the security had changed since our last visit so we continued with
the plan.

The helicopter dangled a sensitive microphone that would be lowered down a
cylindrical vent on the roof. Hopefully, the microphone could be lowered enough to
pick up sounds from inside. The helicopter would then be able to relay the signal to
us. Adrian had already tested it to make sure there was no interference from the
helicopter. It took a bit of fine tuning but it worked well when she was done with

After several anxious minutes, the microphone was down the vent and muffled sounds
were soon being picked up. The receiver was adjusted and I finally heard my father's
voice. It was unmistakable. We were in! I couldn't help it. I actually cheered and
Adrian had to shush me so we could get on with our spying.

My father sounded excited and from what he was saying, it was plain that the project
was nearly finished. Another few minutes later and we heard one word that said it
all: android. They hoped to make their fortune by selling android servants.

So that's what it was all about. No wonder it was taking so long. Fred and my father
had worked for well over two years on their project. Now they were about to unveil
it. They mentioned something about feeding a live demonstration video to the
Internet. They wanted to test the market and generate interest without revealing too
many details right away. That's when I lost interest. I'd found out my father's
secret. That's all I really wanted. Too bad I couldn't say the same for Adrian.

When Adrian heard what the project was about, her eyes lit up. I should've known. An
android was like a super gadget and she loved gadgets. I couldn't help smiling as I
watched her growing excitement. She was so cute when she was excited. Watching her
made up for losing interest in the project.

We got the time and date of the android video so Adrian brought the helicopter back
and we went back to her house. She wanted to analyze the recording she'd made from
our spying mission. She wanted to see if she could get any more details from the
parts we couldn't make out. I thought that was a bit dull but again I enjoyed
watching her work. I was sure I could eventually distract her with a kiss. I just
had to wait for an opening.

* * *

By now it was only two days before Jill's birthday on the 6th of March and I was
still making plans. I didn't like having to celebrate a day later on Friday but we
needed more time. It would be her sweet 16 birthday so it had to be special.

Another pajama party was out. The girls all felt like they were too old for one.
That was too bad because I'd still like one. We'd have a photo shoot with Jill as
the star model this time. That was a must - along with presents, cake and ice cream
of course. The rest of the party would have to have a more adult theme.

I immediately thought of shopping but dismissed it. Jill didn't appreciate shopping
nearly as much as Michelle and me. Adrian liked it even less than Jill, unless it
involved gadgets. That only left a movie. We were all wanting to see several new
movies so all I had to do was get everyone to agree which one. It was a good thing I
was so creative because choosing a film was always difficult for our little group.

My first impulse was to ask Jill which one she most wanted to see. Unfortunately,
she was extremely selfless. She'd want to make sure everyone was happy or she
wouldn't let herself enjoy the movie. Rolling dice to randomly select one wouldn't
work either. If someone complained, Jill would be unhappy. Several other
possibilities using statistics occurred to me but they were too technical. Jill
couldn't appreciate them as much as I could.

I eventually settled on a strange idea for selecting the movie. It was something I
thought Jill would like because it involved her favorite color: green. I'd get all
of us to wear a green outfit and then I'd select a movie based on how well it went
with our outfits. I took the list of movies we wanted to see and did some research
on the Internet. After that, it didn't take long to realize that the only movie that
made sense was a fantasy movie that took place in a vast forest. We'd blend in
perfectly. I figured it also wouldn't hurt to have a private talk with Adrian and
Michelle to make sure they wouldn't complain if they didn't like my idea. Jill's
happiness was paramount.

* * *

We all met at Jill's house for the formal birthday party and it was a grand event.
Even Jill's brother and sister were on their best behavior, though I could tell
Kayla was a bit envious of all the attention her sister was getting. Nothing was
more important than a girl's 16th birthday so thankfully Kayla masked her feelings
pretty well. Jill didn't seem to notice anyway.

I went a bit overboard with presents but I felt I had to make up for not spending a
lot of time with the birthday girl over the past several months. Adrian got most of
my quality time of course, in spite of her recent obsession with gadgets.

Actually, the gadget obsession was really starting to bother me. It was affecting
our relationship. Adrian didn't seem as passionate as she was when we first got
together. She seemed more interested in my eCom, androids and her surveillance
devices. I planned on having a talk with her about it soon - after Jill's birthday
of course. We still had a lot more celebrating to do.

When Jill opened my green tights present, her eyes lit up. It was obvious she'd be
wearing them for the movie tonight. My idea to wear green outfits to the movie was a
hit with everyone. I couldn't wait, but first we had one more thing to do before the

We had plenty of time before the movie started so we all filed upstairs to Jill's
bedroom to start the birthday photo shoot. The small room was a bit crowded for four
girls so I stood in the doorway with Adrian while Michelle took pictures of Jill.

I had to distract myself from watching Jill applying makeup and changing outfits. I
didn't want to make Adrian jealous. So I looked around at the bedroom. I didn't get
to see it very often.

The predominant color was green. The drapes, comforter and walls were all various
shades of green. That made sense since green was Jill's favorite color. My room was
mostly blue and Michelle's room was overflowing with pink. Only Adrian bucked the
trend. Adrian had colorful clothes but her room was actually quite bland. It could
use a more feminine touch. I toyed with the idea of having a bedroom decorating
party for my girlfriend's birthday in June. That would be fun.

As I continued to scan the room, I finally noticed the brown rug. I thought that was
interesting. It made me think of dirt. The floor was like ground and the greenery
was like plants. Jill loved green and she loved forests, and her bedroom reflected
it. I thought that made my green movie outfit idea all the more fitting.

Sometime during the course of my room inspection, I reached down to hold Adrian's
hand without thinking. It was the natural thing to do since we stood closely
together. Adrian evidently didn't think about it either because she let me do it. I
would've thought she'd be embarrassed but I think she was too absorbed in the photo

It wasn't long after the hand holding started when Jill lifted an eyebrow. She
noticed. Michelle ordered Jill to hold that pose while she got a picture. Then they
both turned on Adrian and me. It was confession time. I thought our relationship
would be old news by now but the subject hadn't come up. This was going to be

"Oh," I said stupidly. "You're probably wondering why Adrian and I are holding
hands." That was followed by silence. The room was so quiet you could hear a pin
drop, even on the carpeted floor.

Adrian suddenly tried to jerk her hand free but I held it in an iron grip. We were
caught so I was going to get as much contact as I could get. My girlfriend soon
relaxed and sighed when she realized I wasn't going to release her. Then I

"Adrian and I got together right after John left her. I know what they say about
catching someone on the rebound but it was the right thing to do. We've been very

I turned to look into Adrian's eyes and saw an interesting mix of emotions. There
was some embarrassment, a little fear and something else that surprised me. I saw
admiration in her cute green eyes. I think she admired my courage. I decided I liked
the look I was getting so I quickly rewarded her with a good long kiss.

Jill and Michelle sighed dreamily as I ended the kiss. Adrian was blushing but I
didn't care. I wasn't going to hide anything from my friends.

"Thanks for finally telling us," Jill said.

"You knew?!" Adrian and I said together.

"Of course!" chimed in Michelle. "Duh. It was obvious."

"Well why didn't you say something?!" I demanded to know.

"Michelle and I talked about it," Jill replied. "We decided it was better if you two
told us when you were ready."

Ah yes. The wise one in our group continued to reinforce her reputation.

"Well I'm ready now," I said with a smile. "What about you, Adrian?"

My girlfriend thought for a moment and finally said in a small voice, "I'm ready."
It was apparent that she wasn't really ready but I didn't call her on it. I was a
little upset that she took so long to reply though.

So with the relationship revelation out of the way, it was time to resume the photo
shoot. We still had another 45 minutes or so before we had to catch the train to the
theater. There was plenty of time for more photos.

Adrian soon got into the act and borrowed the camera to take some pictures. Ever
since Michelle's birthday photo shoot, she'd developed a growing interest in
cameras. She even told me she planned on joining the school photography club with
Michelle. It was natural given her interest in gadgets.

There was only one problem with the photo shoot. My gadget-crazy girlfriend didn't
want to stop. It was too bad we didn't have more time. Michelle pried her camera
from Adrian's hands and we looked over the photos, selecting several to print later.
For now, it was time to see the movie.

* * *

As we stood in line for the late showing of the movie, we didn't attract much
attention. It was too cold outside to display our green attire. We had to wear heavy
coats. It was a different story once we got in and shed our coats. All heads turned
to check out the girls in green. Jill loved the attention. We all did. Then we hid
away in the dark theater to enjoy the movie.

Two hours of wonderful entertainment flew by, and when it got near the end, we all
had a good cry. The main character went on a quest to recover a magic crystal that
saved the forest and then found a cure in the forest to save her village from a
plague, but in the end, she couldn't save herself. She sacrificed herself for
everyone else in her life. It was a very bittersweet ending, one that seemed to be
in vogue lately. I found it refreshing after the long string of movies with happy
endings I was spoon fed as a young child.

The four of us were still very emotional as we rode the train home but no one seemed
to want to discuss the movie. I didn't feel like wallowing in sadness and I
certainly didn't want to end Jill's birthday this way so I decided to take a chance.
I felt the time was right. First though, I had to start off my plan with a little

"So," I said to Jill who sat directly behind me next to Michelle. "That was a good
movie, if a bit sad. I don't know about the rest of you, but I don't want to end the
day on a sad note. Who wants to talk about boys?"

Michelle was all for it and Jill had a lukewarm response. Adrian just squirmed on
the seat next to me. I thought that was appropriate considering I was still a little
upset about how our relationship was progressing - or I should say regressing.

"How's the dating going, Jill?" I asked suddenly. I'm sure I caught her off guard
but she recovered nicely.

"Not well," she confessed. "I can't seem to find the right guy. I haven't dated
anyone more than once for as long as I can remember."

I suspected as much since Jill hadn't mentioned anyone special over the past several

"What about you Michelle?" I probed. "How's Jamie treating you?"

"He's nice," my pink haired friend said, sounding a little defensive.

"But are you happy?" I continued to push. Michelle and Jamie had been together for a
long time but Michelle hadn't said much about him lately. I suspected things weren't
going well.

"No," she admitted. "I think we're in a rut or something."

"Wouldn't it be nice if all boys could be a girl for day? Then maybe they'd
understand us and treat us better."

I got a murmur of agreement but none of it was very enthusiastic. My plan was moving
along nicely so I flashed a wicked grin and moved to the next phase.

"How about trying something new?" I asked Jill and Michelle. "If you're brave
enough," I added.

That got everyone's attention.

"Have either of you two ever kissed a girl?"

That produced a couple gasps.

"I'll take that as a no. How about trying it now? It's late, there's no one else on
the train and we're underground where no one can see us. I dare you."

"I don't think so, Bobbi," said Jill.

"How do you know unless you try it?" I directed my question at Jill. "If you and
Michelle are uncomfortable about kissing each other, how about I kiss you and Adrian
kiss Michelle? It'll be completely innocent. Just give it a try."

Adrian stifled a squeak when I included her in my dare but she didn't say anything.
She just kept looking down at her feet, trying to turn invisible.

"Are you in, Adrian?" I asked her.

She responded with a reluctant nod. Good.

I don't know what I was thinking really. I was treading on dangerous ground but I
couldn't seem to help myself. Part of me still wanted to know if Jill might be
bisexual. Another part of me liked the idea of trying to make Adrian jealous, to
help rekindle the passion in our relationship. What could I say. I could be very
impulsive sometimes.

"Come on now," I challenged. "We don't have long before our stop. Do we kiss or
don't we?"

"Okay. I'll do it," said Michelle. I knew I could count on her. She didn't back down
from a challenge. Now hopefully there was enough peer pressure to get what I really

"Fine," Jill said with a resigned frown. "Let's do it."

With that, I turned completely around and kneeled on my chair and Jill leaned
forward to meet me. I spared a quick glance out of the corner of my eye at Adrian
and cleared my throat to get her to follow my lead. Then we all kissed.

Kissing Adrian had always been wonderful, but I never saw fireworks until now. I'm
not kidding! My eyes were closed but I saw fireworks. I used my best kissing skills
and it was awesome.

Jill seemed to agree. From the little moans she was making, she obviously enjoyed
the experience too. What a pleasant surprise.

After what must have been at least a minute, Jill and I broke the kiss. We both
pulled back and opened our eyes. I wore a silly grin on my face but Jill appeared to
be very upset. She didn't say a word. With impeccable timing, the train stopped, the
doors opened and Jill ran out into the night.

"How could you?!" I heard Adrian somewhere to my left.

When I slowly turned, she was gone too. That only left Michelle.

"That wasn't an innocent kiss," she told me as we left the train together. Then she
got in the car and her mother took her home, leaving me alone in an emotional fog I
wouldn't soon escape.

I don't remember getting home. I was suddenly in my room and going through the
motions of getting ready for bed. That's when everything finally hit me. I put on my
pajamas, got into bed and curled up in a fetal position. Then I cried myself to
sleep. How could one kiss create such a mess?

* * *

I had some very strange dreams that night. I was sitting with Sasha at our kitchen
table and we were having an eating contest to see who could eat the most of
everything. It was crazy, and the craziest part was that I was winning. Then I woke
up and I truly was hungry - ravenous even.

I flew downstairs to the kitchen and raided the fridge of everything I could find. I
didn't stop to think what it might do to my figure. It wouldn't matter anyway. I
couldn't stop stuffing my face. I felt like I was starving. It was terrible.

After what must have been a good hour of eating, I finally felt full. I looked up at
the clock and saw that it was still very early. Dad wouldn't get up to work on his
project with Fred for another 30 minutes or so. That's when I started getting
sleepy. I wanted to get a little more sleep so I slowly hauled myself back up to bed
and collapsed on my bed. I was asleep in seconds, but my slumber was to last much
longer than I expected.

* * *

Deja vu, I thought as I stared up at the ceiling. I've seen those tiles before. Oh.
That's right. I'm in the hospital again. Why am I not surprised?

I pressed the call button and a nurse appeared in seconds. She eventually called Dr.
Johnson to my room a couple minutes later. I started to say hello but my stomach
rumbled loudly to interrupt our reunion. That got a brief laugh out of me. Then I
sat up and listened as Dr. Johnson started explaining what happened to me. It wasn't
long before I no longer felt like laughing.

An orderly brought in a large tray of food that I dug into while I listened to my
doctor tell me that I didn't have MORFS. That was a relief. I was afraid I'd caught
it a second time. Instead, I seemed to have some limited form of shapeshifting
power. That was interesting, and it explained how I changed Sasha. I shapeshifted
her. I would've told my doctor all of this but I couldn't seem to stop stuffing food
in my mouth.

I continued to eat at a fairly fast rate until I was told that it appeared I was
changing form and no one could tell what new form I'd have when I was done.
Apparently, I hadn't eaten enough and I was still far from finished. The only
changes I'd had so far was that I was taller and heavier. That was disturbing, and
even worse, I wasn't sure what triggered the process and I had no idea how to stop
it. I couldn't control it! I started to slack off on my feeding frenzy in spite of
my strong hunger pangs but I couldn't stop. I started getting queasy if I didn't eat
fast enough. It really was horrible.

Dr. Johnson encouraged me to at least eat enough so he could get a better idea of
how I was changing. There was really nothing else that could be done. I had an IV
energy pack but I seemed to respond better to solid food. At least it wouldn't take
long to finish changing at the rate I was going. Between the IV and solid food, I
should be done in a matter of hours as opposed to days.

This time, I was able to eat continuously for nearly two hours, and in that time, I
had a sinking feeling. I knew what form I was getting. I watched in horror as my
chest broadened and my waist thickened. At the same time, my beautiful full breasts
slowly shrank, molding into a flat, squared chest, and soon after that, my lovely
lavender hair started falling out, leaving short brown stubble. I was turning back
into a boy.

I was living a nightmare, but I resigned myself to it. I figured it was only fair
considering what I did to my friends. I lost them all over a kiss and now I was
paying the price. The tears rolled down my face as I stuffed it full. Then I fell
asleep to digest my just reward.

* * *

I awoke to the presence of a familiar figure. She was sitting in a chair by my bed,
reading a book.

"Hello Gwen," I said, wincing at my deep male voice.

"Hello Bobbi," she said with a hopeful smile. "Still keeping that mature outlook
you're so famous for?"

"Hardly," I said just before the tears returned.

Gwen rushed over to hug me. It was awkward and not very comforting with me lying in
bed but she tried.

"I lost everything," I whispered in her ear. "I lost all my friends and I'm no
longer a girl. I just want to die." Then I sobbed.

I could feel Gwen sobbing along with me and we cried together for several minutes
before my stomach interrupted. At least this time it felt more like normal hunger. I
didn't really feel like eating but I couldn't hide my hunger from Gwen. She heard my
stomach rumble and had some food brought in. Then she watched over me carefully to
make sure I ate every bite. She took my suicide threat very seriously - and for good
reason. I really felt like I had nothing left to live for.

Gwen talked to me while I ate. She tried hard to help me adjust but I only half
listened to her. I wasn't interested in adjusting. I imagined myself living the rest
of my life in my room. I didn't want anyone to see me as a boy, and I didn't really
want to see anyone else. I didn't expect to see any of my friends anyway.

As my psychologist continued to chatter away, there was one thing I noticed that was
beginning to annoy me, and I had to correct it.

"My name isn't Bobbi," I said to her after she called me by that name for the
millionth time. "It's Rob now. Please don't call me Bobbi any more."

I went back to eating and staring out the window, with tears slowly trickling down
my cheeks.

* * *

I spent most of Saturday in the hospital eating and sleeping and got home in the
early evening. By the time I'd finished, I was four inches taller and much more
muscular than I'd ever been as Rob. I'd grown into a healthy young man, and I hated

I don't remember being driven home. I only remember running up to my room like I
intended, vowing never to see the light of day again if I could help it. It was
childish I know but I was in serious emotional pain. I knew deep down that the pain
wouldn't last. Life would go on. I could never stay depressed for long. My stupid
brain wouldn't let me. I knew I should be grateful but for now, all I wanted to do
was wallow in self-pity.

My doctor said he was sure I had a shapeshifting episode, triggered by emotional
trauma. The only problem was that I had no conscious control over it, and that was a
major problem.

To be fair, Dr. Johnson did give me some hope. He told me it might happen again
under the same kind of conditions, after I fully recuperate from the strain of my
latest change. I might shapeshift back into Bobbi or even get a completely new look.
All I had do was cling to that thought and never let go.

My mother tried her best to hide her confusion and sorrow. We hugged and cried
together, but our relationship wasn't the same. It was awkward and forced, and she
mostly left me alone. It was hard on her to lose a daughter she'd grown very
accustomed to having. I'm sure she didn't want to go back to the way things were
before I became Bobbi but that's where we were all heading.

Our family was falling apart. My mother left me alone except to bring meals to me in
my bedroom and thereby enabling my self-imposed exile. My father avoided me
completely. My intuition was just a whisper now but it was still good enough for me
to guess he probably didn't want to see his son crying all the time. Young men
weren't supposed to cry and that's all I did. Anything and everything set me off. It
was a good thing I no longer wore makeup.

My clothes would be a problem. I don't know where my mother got the sweat clothes I
was wearing but they didn't fit me very well. They were a little loose. I suspected
they were my father's. I guess my mother didn't have time to measure me and shop for
some clothes that would fit - or maybe she didn't have the heart.

I know it sounds impossible but I didn't feel like going shopping. That would mean
having to go out of my room and being seen by people. It would also mean shopping
for boys clothes. That was unacceptable. Luckily, I remembered that I still had some
appropriate clothing stored in the back of my closet.

I'd kept a small set of my favorite boy clothes after I morfed into Bobbi. I dug out
that small collection of favorite shirts and one pair of pants, turning up my nose
as I did so. They had a strong musty smell. I didn't store them very well and I
neglected them for far too long. They could use some washing.

I got a bad feeling as I held up one of my tee shirts. It looked very small in my
large hands. I doubted whether they'd fit my new larger body. Still, I had to try. I
pulled the shirt over my head and left it around my neck for a minute while I worked
up some courage. Then I slowly tried to pull it down my torso. It didn't fit. It was
uncomfortably tight and I could hear seams rip slightly when I flexed my back or
chest muscles. I didn't even try to remove it carefully. I ripped it off and
desperately tried the pants with the same result. It was hopeless.

I gave up on my old boy clothes and stuffed them all back in the box in disgust.
Then I opened my door, pushed the box into the hall and slammed my door, never to
see those clothes again.

Against my better judgment, I walked over to my dresser and absently rummaged
through it. I stared longingly at all the feminine attire that had taken so long to
accumulate. They brought back some fond memories of a girl I once knew. She was gone
now, and I missed her terribly.

I slammed my lingerie drawer shut and fell back on my bed to have another good cry.
I was crying more now than I did as a girl. If I kept it up, I'd never be accepted
anywhere because boys didn't cry - not like I did. I wouldn't have much of a life.
That's for sure.

After another long pity party, I sat up on my bed and had the misfortune to see
myself in my dressing table mirror. I saw a young man with red rimmed eyes, beard
stubble and a tangled mop of short brown hair on his head. It was the most pathetic
and horrible sight I'd ever seen and I swore I was very close to completely losing
my sanity. Only the small crystal sphere on the night stand by my bed saved me.

The crystal sphere was one of many pretty knickknacks I kept by my bed to brighten
up my room. They normally inspired calm, happy thoughts when I looked at them or
held them. This time it was different. I was moved in a completely different
direction. I reached over, grabbed the sphere and threw it with all my might,
shattering the mirror in a million pieces. It was very satisfying as I didn't care
if I ever saw my reflection again.

The only bad part about the mirror was that my mother certainly heard the glass
breaking. She ran upstairs and knocked on my door.

"Bobbi? Are you okay?" she asked through the closed door.

"I'm fine," I growled, forgetting for the moment that she used the wrong name. She
was doing that a lot.

I left no doubt that I wasn't in the mood to talk but my concerned parent still
remained outside my door. I could hear her softly crying and I almost got up to let
her in, but then the doorbell rang and I heard her go downstairs to answer the door.
That made me wonder.

I got up to open my door a crack to better hear who it was and got a surprise. It
was Michelle. My mother had let her in and I could clearly hear the two of them

What was mom thinking? Didn't she know that I no longer had any friends? I guess
that wasn't fair though. I hadn't said much to her since my change. How could she

I crept out of my room and snuck down the hall to hear my mother tell Michelle what
happened to me. Then I heard a gasp. Yes, I thought. Go ahead and gasp. It was that

The two of them talked for awhile and again, I slowly became annoyed as I heard them
repeatedly refer to me as Bobbi. When I heard Michelle ask if she could come up to
talk to me, I lost my temper again. She slipped and referred to me with a feminine
pronoun. That was all it took.

"My name is Rob!" I screamed from the top of the stairs. "Bobbi is dead! Go away!!"
Then I ran back to my room and slammed the door. I fell on my bed like a sack of wet
cement and sobbed violently into my pillow.

Evidently, I got my message through this time. No one knocked on my door. No one
tried to reach me, though I desperately needed someone to talk to. I truly needed

Another hour crawled by and I hadn't moved from my bed. Severe depression had me in
a death grip in spite of my normally happy brain, and my only chance to stave it off
was with a trip to see Gwen. I couldn't bear to face my mother so I grabbed my eCom
out of my purse and called her. All I did was say I was sorry and ask her to make an
appointment for me to see Gwen. Then I hung up before my mom could respond.

Around dinner time, I heard three light taps on my door and footsteps walking away.
That was odd. I got up and peeked out to find a tray of food on the floor. I
gratefully scooped up my dinner and wolfed it down in short order. Later I used the
bathroom once and then went to bed early, still wearing the baggy sweat clothes.

Let the nightmares begin.

* * *

I only had one nightmare that I remembered that night but it dragged on forever. I
dreamed that I was at school, and I was a boy dressed in girls clothes. Everyone
pointed and laughed, even the teachers. It was vivid and covered all my classes. I'd
never felt more humiliated in my life.

I awoke in a sweat but at least I didn't cry. Instead I got up to relieve myself and
headed downstairs for breakfast. I was on auto pilot so I didn't think to run back
to my room. Besides that I was hungry and the smell of bacon and eggs probably
would've gotten me downstairs eventually anyway.

Dad had long since left for work. Only my mother remained, and she was in the
kitchen, waiting for me. She'd kept the food warm and served it to me without a
word. Neither of us spoke for fear of saying the wrong thing. I'm sure she had
plenty of things to talk about but the silence was strangely comforting. I didn't
like the sound of my male voice so I could almost imagine still being Bobbi as I sat
there, slowly eating my breakfast.

The subject of school didn't have to be discussed. It was plain I wasn't in any
shape to go. There was only one place I was going - to see Gwen.

I thought I was lucky to get an appointment so soon but it wasn't luck. My
psychologist canceled a couple of her other appointments to see me.

I must have been quite a sight as I dragged my feet into her office, still wearing
the ill-fitting sweat clothes I'd worn since Saturday.

"Hello Rob," Gwen said. "How did you sleep?"

"Not well," I groused. "I had a nightmare. I'm sure you could guess what it was
about but I'll give you a clue. I was at school wearing a skirt and blouse that
didn't fit very well."

Gwen gave me a hurt look that softened me somewhat. I wasn't being very nice.

"I'm sorry," I finally said after an awkward silence. "I'm not adjusting very well."

"It's understandable, Rob. You're not exactly yourself."

"That's an understatement," I chuckled. Then I held my hand over my mouth in a
feminine way. I couldn't believe I almost laughed. Was there still hope for me?

"I know this may be hard but you were a boy not so long ago. There must have been
something about being a boy that you liked. There must be something good that comes
from all of this."

That was an interesting thought. I felt Gwen steering me towards something
important, something that I was sure she knew but wanted me to think of on my own.
I'd have to work for answers. It was good therapy to work hard, and it was important
for me to discover what was good about being a boy.

My first thought was to go back to my life just before I came down with MORFS. I was
upset about my lack of a love life and wishing I could find that special someone. I
was miserable during that time but I continued thinking. Thinking about love
reminded me of my dream girl. I fast forwarded to my last kiss with Jill and smiled.
There it was. It was so obvious but I didn't see it. Being a boy meant I had a
chance with Jill!

I was excited at first, and my excitement was mirrored on Gwen's face. It wasn't
that easy though and my good mood soon soured.

"What's wrong?" Gwen asked when she saw me suddenly frown.

"I thought I had the answer," I told her. "Now that I'm a boy, I can date Jill. But
we didn't end our last meeting on good terms. I stupidly dared her to kiss me and I
got carried away. She ended up running away."

"Oh," was all Gwen said.

I explained everything leading up to the kiss, including my relationship with Adrian
and how she complicated matters. Adrian hadn't needed therapy for months so our
psychologist was out of the loop.

"Wow," Gwen said when I'd finished. "You've been busy."

That got a smile out of me. I certainly had been busy.

"Well," Gwen continued. "You know life isn't always fair, and it isn't always easy.
But I think you come to appreciate things more when you have to work for them.
Perhaps it's all for the best. Just please promise me you won't give up."

"I promise."

* * *

I rejoined society little by little. It started with short trips  to the kitchen to
snack between meals. I also watched some television with my parents Monday evening.
Television was convenient as it gave us an excuse not to talk. All I said was good
night before I went up to get ready for bed.

I forced myself to take a shower because I really needed one. My body was a bit ripe
after not having one for the past few days. I hadn't been ready to face myself but
now was the moment of truth. I shed the grimy sweat clothes I'd been wearing for far
too long and stepped into the bath tub, pulling the shower curtain closed behind me.

The hot water felt good, but not as good as it had a few days ago so I didn't
linger. There were no problems with sensitive skin or arousal. I washed, got out and
quickly dried myself. It was over in no time and I felt human for the first time
since my change.

I put on a clean new tee shirt and underwear my mother had bought me while I was
seeing Gwen. She got me a few things to wear until we could shop for more tomorrow.
I wasn't looking forward to it but at least I'd escape school for another day. I
dreaded school even more than shopping.

It was with great relief when I finally slipped into my bed. I fell asleep almost
immediately. It had been a long day.

* * *

The Sandman was merciful that night. I had no dreams that I could remember. I had a
good long sleep and woke up totally refreshed. Normally that would leave me in a
good mood but instead I just felt edgy. I had no excuse to stay home and avoid
clothes shopping.

Shopping for boy clothes was unpleasant to say the least but somehow I kept it
together. I only broke down once when my well-meaning mother suggested a lavender
colored shirt. That reminded me of the lovely hair I'd lost and I couldn't help but
cry. I hid away in a corner of the shop until I could compose myself. Then I was
back at it. I just wanted to get what I needed and leave.

When I got home I was reminded that I had another unpleasant task waiting for me. I
had to make room for my new clothes.

This time, I did it right. I carefully wrapped all of my girls clothes in plastic
and stored them in boxes in the attic. I put all of the same type of clothes in each
box and labeled the box. I also squirreled away all of my cosmetics, jewelry and
feminine hygiene products. I was leaving nothing behind. I was sure I'd return to
being Bobbi someday and I meant to pick up exactly where I left off.

Boxing my clothes was a similar experience to when I morfed into a girl but it was
much sadder and more prolonged. It was my memorial service for Bobbi and I cried a
lot. When I finished moving the last box, my mother was waiting for me with open
arms. It was good timing because I really needed a hug.

My parents and I still weren't talking much but it seemed like we were getting more
comfortable with each other. We all had to get used to my change, just like we did
right after I morfed into a girl. It would take time but we'd get there.

I managed to force myself to have dinner with my parents that evening and I assured
them I was ready to face school tomorrow. I just wish I felt as strong as I sounded.

Returning to life as a boy was a long, slow, painful process but I made a promise to
keep going, and I always keep my promises.

* * *


Security Level: 7
    Subject ID: A73DEFG1373D3AF04237
          Date: March 11, 2036
   Name: Robert Anthony Sandstrom
    DOB: May 28, 2019
   Hair: Brown, wavy
   Eyes: Green
 Height: 5' 10"/ 178 cm

Power Rating: 1
Threat Level: Blue

Physical Enhancements: None
      Specialty Class: Limited shapeshifting of others and self

Additional Notes:

The subject still has no conscious control of abilities. It's not clear whether it's
his emotional state or a limited power that prevents him from consciously

Future shapeshifting events are likely. It's also likely that the time between
events will be shortened as his body becomes used to the change.

Projected Outcome: 48% probability of success


To Be Continued...  



The entire MORFS  Universe can be found at http://morfs.nowhere2go.org/