We Can Work It Out: A MORFS Universe Story

By Terry Volkirch  



Chapter 13: Winter, 2036

My life was crazy. There's no other way to describe it. I went from a scrawny boy to
a curvaceous teenage girl. I'd been chasing a dream and haunted by visions. Now I
was kissing my hermaphrodite friend. I was one lucky young lady.

Adrian and I eventually came up for air from our first kiss in the park. We talked
about our budding new relationship and agreed to be discreet. Neither of us were
ashamed. We just didn't want any trouble. Of course the two of us would return to
that same bench as often as we could when the weather was nice. It would always be
our special place. Even though it was nearly winter and very cold, we could easily
keep each other warm. Our lips would never suffer from exposure.

Our bedrooms offered some privacy so we ended up doing a lot of homework assignments
together. I got very good at computer programming with Adrian's help. We couldn't
kiss all the time after all, even though we wanted to. When we heard someone
upstairs we'd get too nervous about being caught and went back to studying.

I tried not to be too analytical about our relationship. I wanted to live for the
moment. That's how it should be, shouldn't it? But I kept coming back to Jill. Would
I still get together with her? What would happen to Adrian if I did? I didn't want
to hurt Adrian. But did I love her? That was the big question. I was certainly
attracted to her, and we were definitely good friends. We'd built a foundation for

I thought it most likely that people could love more than one person. There must be
more than one special person for everyone. The trouble was finding them. I found
Jill but she still seemed unreachable to me. Adrian was here and now, and I wanted
her, I needed her. That was enough for me, and apparently it was enough for her too.
We were very happy together.

* * *

November and most of December blew by in a hurry. It was winter now, and the ground
would be covered in snow for the next several months. Kissing on the park bench
would be out of the question. Adrian was a little upset about it but her reaction
would be minor compared to what she did when she found out I was going away for
Christmas. She wanted us to be together.

I wanted to be with her too, but I had to see the g'rents on the East Coast. I
called them g'rents instead of grandparents because they weren't my favorite pair.
My mother's parents were warm and friendly, even if grandpa still wasn't completely
at ease around me. On the other hand, my father's parents were as cold as the winter
snow in Copely.

My g'rents lived in a large, stately home in Massachusetts, with a huge yard and
back garden surrounded by an ivy covered brick fence. Though I suppose it was
possible for a rich person to be nice, I had yet to meet one. The g'rents were
stereotypical rich snobs. At least that's the way I remembered them from previous
visits as a boy. I knew I could be wrong about them. I was wrong about my father
after all. So this visit I vowed to be fair and give them a chance. I sincerely
hoped they'd prove me wrong. 

* * *

After a tearful private gift exchange with Adrian, I was whisked to the airport with
my parents and we were soon flying over snow covered mountains towards our

On the plane, I absently fingered the silver and amber sun pendant Adrian gave me as
a gift. Our meeting was rushed but we made the most of it. We kissed, opened our
gifts and kissed again. I stared out the plane window and imagined her wearing the
silver charm bracelet I gave her. I thought of it hanging on her feminine little
wrist and sighed. I missed her already.

I missed all of my friends, and envied them. They'd be able to get together during
the Christmas and New Year holiday while I was far from home. I wondered when they'd
figure out that Adrian and I were going steady. We didn't tell them of course. I
really didn't mind if they knew but Adrian was embarrassed so I respected her
wishes. The only problem was that she wasn't a very good actress. She'd be depressed
and I doubted it would take Michelle and Jill very long to put two and two together.
When that happened, I hoped my two friends would say all the right things to put
Adrian at ease. It was best this way. I wanted them to know about the relationship.
Hiding things from friends was never a good idea.

At first, I was a little uneasy about the idea of Jill finding out. I had to remind
myself that she was clueless about my feelings for her before I got over it. I was
sure both Jill and Michelle would be very supportive and happy for Adrian and me.
That's the way it should be.

* * *

My parents and I flew across most of the continental United States and arrived on
time several hours later at Logan International Airport in Boston. That was a
pleasant surprise according to my parents but I never noticed delayed flights in the
past. I never cared because I never wanted to come.

We spent the next 30 minutes winding our way through the airport to retrieve our
luggage. Then we found the g'rents' chauffeur. I think his name was Henry. He'd take
us to the "manor" in style at least. We'd be sitting in luxury in the back of a
large electric limousine. It beat having to listen to my father swear at all of the
drivers who refused to drive the way he wanted.

It didn't take long for Henry to get us to our destination. The tall, slender young
man opened the car doors for us and helped us inside with our bags. That's when he
finally noticed me. He must have remembered I was a boy last time I visited but he
was too busy driving and carrying luggage up to now. I smiled at him and he just
raised one eyebrow in response. I wanted to introduce myself but my parents warned
me about interacting with the hired help. The g'rents didn't approve.

Henry apologized for my grandparents, saying they'd meet us in the dining hall for
dinner. He said they were very busy but I didn't think there was any excuse for not
meeting us right away. If they truly loved us, they'd value us over money.

After calling for the butler, Henry left us, but not before he gave me a last brief
look. He flashed a little grin and shook his head. I wasn't sure exactly what that
was about but at least he didn't leer at me.

The butler was a sour looking middle aged man with short spiky gray hair. It took me
awhile but I finally remembered him as Mr. Booth. He politely asked us to follow
him. Then he picked up my bag and led me and my parents to our rooms. If he
remembered I'd been a boy last year, he didn't show it. He showed absolutely no
emotion. I thought he was a perfect accessory for my g'rents.

We were tired after our long journey and it seemed like we walked for miles. We went
through several large rooms and up a long, wide staircase to the upper floor before
our escort got us to our rooms and left us to unpack.

My mother had helped me pack to make sure I didn't bring any clothes that would
offend anyone. Now she was helping me pick an outfit for my grand entrance at
dinner. We still hadn't told the g'rents about me.

It was obvious to me they didn't know about me. My guest room was far too masculine
for my taste. It was the same room they always put me in. There was a small dresser,
a drab double bed with a navy blue quilt and an ancient looking oval throw rug that
I was afraid would fall apart if I wiped my feet on it. There was also a plain
wooden desk with a computer on it. That's where I spent most of my time during my
previous visits - out of sight and out of mind, surfing the Internet. The worst part
about it was that there was no dressing table and no mirror. The first thing I'd do
after the shock of meeting me wore off was ask for another room more appropriate for
a teenage girl.

It took a good hour to get me ready. There was only one problem. My mother and I
disagreed on one very important accessory. I insisted on wearing my sun pendant even
though it clashed somewhat with my formal pink dress. I practically growled that I
wouldn't take it off and I wouldn't hide it under my clothing. It was a Christmas
gift and it was a Christmas holiday after all.

My mother chewed her lower lip in frustration. I thought she might be too submissive
to my stuffy rich grandparents but at least she finally relented. I rewarded her
with a hug and told her thanks. Then we joined daddy and started the long walk to
the dining hall.

Dinner was a very formal affair. Only the best food and best clothes would do. We
even had real silver silverware. I would sit between my mother and my grandmother,
who sat at one end of the table. My father would sit on the other side with my
grandfather at the head of the table. It was always the same arrangement.

My parents and I arrived first. We were seated by Mr. Booth and then left to wait
for dinner to start. We chatted aimlessly and nervously while we waited, and luckily
it wasn't long before the 
g'rents appeared. Daddy stood up but my mother and me stayed seated. Then the dinner

I think my parents were waiting for a reaction about my presence but so far, there
was none. My grandfather rarely said a word as usual. It was always my grandmother
who did most of the talking. She asked questions about my father's job and cultural
events in Copely and that was it. It was clear she disapproved of our way of life
but my brave father stood his ground. He had this same conversation every year so I
guess he was used to it, but I was still proud of him. He insisted on making his own
way, without help from his rich parents.

So we were in a rut, plain and simple. That is, we were until my grandmother noticed
my pendant. She squinted at it and then pointed.

"What is that?" she demanded to know.

"It's a gift from one of my best friends back home," I told her with a smile.

"It's rather garish, don't you think?" she directed her question more at my mother
than me, and of course that bothered me. I did not like being ignored.

"It's a Christmas gift and it's the Christmas holiday season," I cheerfully
explained. "I think it's perfectly adorable."

That caused a stink. Mother gasped and grandmother looked shocked. I spoke out of
turn. Big deal. This dinner was getting ridiculous and I was getting angry. The food
was too rich so I had enough anyway. It was time to end this.

"May I please be excused?" I asked. I figured I could at least be polite about it,
though I planned to stomp off to show my displeasure.

My grandmother just looked at me like I was a bug.

"No, you may not," she told me. "I'm not through." She went on to discuss the
importance of proper dressing and grooming habits. When she got to my hair and told
me she didn't approve of its color, I couldn't help it. I started crying. I didn't
hide my face though. I wanted her to see that she made me cry. I also wanted her to
see my makeup run down my face. Perhaps then she'd excuse me from the table.

When grandmother did finally notice my tears, she stopped and gave me a funny look.
I don't think she was ashamed of making me cry. It seemed more like she was
surprised by something. She looked like she was going to say something to my father
but she finally turned to me and told me I was excused. As I hurried out of the
room, I heard her tell my father that she thought he had a son.

I also heard my mother excuse herself and follow after me. It took her until half
way up the stairs before she caught up to me. I was in a hurry to hide away in my
room and let the tears come full force. She walked me the rest of the way and we sat
together on my bed. Then she hugged me while I cried.

My grandparents weren't exactly cruel. It was more like they just forgot how to be
caring and loving. They must be used to people treating them formally and
unemotionally. It was too bad really. I almost felt sorry for them. I probably would
care more if I wasn't so upset about how I was treated. The fashion lecture was bad
enough but I couldn't believe they didn't notice I'd become a girl until well into
the meal.

* * *

The two days leading up to Christmas were uneventful. That's because I stayed in my
boyish room most of the time. I wasn't about to ask for a girl's room after dinner
that first night. I'd rather suffer than talk to my grandmother again. Too bad I
didn't have a choice about seeing her at meal time.

I joined my parents and g'rents for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I ate minimally and
asked to be excused as soon as I was through. My grandmother started giving me
pained looks but she always excused me. Then I was off like a shot.

My mother came to talk to me after breakfast on the day of Christmas Eve. I thought
she was going to give me a speech about being more social on such an important
holiday but she surprised me. She told me that my grandmother was feeling very bad
about not noticing my gender change.

At first I thought it was good she was feeling bad. Then I got over it and realized
she was only human, and she was still my grandmother no matter how inhuman she
appeared to be. I had to bury the hatchet and make up with her. I had to try anyway.

I was in the middle of sending emails to my friends back home but I promised my
mother I'd be down for lunch, and I'd stay and chat afterwards. That was all she
needed to hear. She smiled and left me to my typing.

It was just us ladies at lunch. The men were out somewhere discussing business or
something. I tried to discuss school and my new friends but it was difficult. Then
my grandmother asked about my going through MORFS and things got really awkward. I
tried to be honest though. I wanted her to understand how difficult it's been for
me, even though I liked being a girl.

"So you like being a girl?" she asked.

"Yes," I said. "It might sound odd but I've always wanted to be a girl. MORFS was a
dream come true. It gave me exactly what I wanted."

"How unusual," she remarked. Then she blushed and explained that she meant it was
unusual that MORFS gave me what I wanted. For most people that were changed, it gave
them random changes that they often didn't care about or want, at least not at
first. I had to agree there.

Christmas Eve turned out to be nice and even a little informal. We all relaxed and
had a nice traditional goose dinner. Christmas music filtered through the house from
somewhere and I noticed several holiday decorations I hadn't noticed before. I
wasn't exactly focused on the decor when I first arrived.

I got an early Christmas present when I finally trudged up to my room late that
evening. My bland living quarters had been transformed. Inside was a large purple
canopy bed, lavender drapes and a dressing table with a large mirror. Even the
hideous oval throw rug was gone. The room simply screamed girl and I was so happy I
cried. It was a good thing I was planning on removing my makeup soon and going to
bed. All I had left to look forward to was to email Adrian and tell her the good
news about my grandmother's new and improved personality.

* * *

Christmas breakfast was wonderful because once again, I had my ultimate favorite:
French toast. I was also pleasantly surprised to see guava juice. It was obvious
that my mother and grandmother had been talking. That was a good sign. I was sure
they never talked much before. My mother always seemed nervous when we visited in
the past.

After breakfast it was time for gift giving. I didn't have nearly enough money to be
able to afford anything my grandparents might like but I helped my mother shop.
Between the two of us I think we found some nice things. After the progress my
grandmother had made since I arrived, I expected the thought to be appreciated at
the very least.

I didn't have a lot of presents this year. There were a few from my parents but only
one small one under the Christmas tree for me from my grandparents. That was
unusual. I normally got several boxes of drab clothes from the g'rents. I wondered
if they had gotten the usual gifts but had them returned because they were all
clothes for boys. My parents really should've told them about me earlier to save
them some trouble. Oh well. At least I couldn't predict what they got me. That made
the anticipation all the better.

I left my grandparents' present for last, after I finished admiring the purple
leather jacket and matching gloves my parents got me. They were awesome. I also got
some amethyst drop earrings that were perfect. I modeled the clothes and earrings
and left them on while I tore into my last present.

The paper fell away to expose a curious black cushioned box. I thought it might be
jewelry but my intuition ruled that out. The box wasn't quite the right size and
shape for any jewelry box I've seen. As I sat there and tried to figure out what was
in it, I was startled by voices.

"Well?" My grandmother said. "Aren't you going to open it?"

Then my mother spoke up. "Come on already! Open it!" She sounded more anxious than I
was and I had to giggle at that.

So I lifted the lid and gasped. It was an eCom! I actually held a purple eCom in my
hands. It was unbelievable. I'd heard about them but I never expected to see one.
They were a bit pricey and I couldn't see my frugal parents buying me one. I could
play movies and music on my computer and I had a cell phone for communication. I
didn't really need a portable device that did everything.

"Grandma, it's beautiful," I said quietly while staring at it.

I looked up at my grandma and she was beaming.

"Your father should've gotten you one ages ago," she said. Then she looked at daddy
and dared him to disagree.

"I was thinking of getting her one later this year," my father grumbled. "I can
afford the device itself but the monthly service plans are quite expensive."

"Oh no! Monthly service charges?" I whined. "I can't afford to use it."

"That's all taken care of too," grandma said. "Just please don't get carried away.
The charges can escalate with heavy use." Then she smiled and melted my heart.

I couldn't thank my grandparents enough once everything was settled. I even sat on
grandpa's lap and hugged him. I made him blush but I didn't embarrass him further by
pointing it out. So now I finally had another set of grandparents. My father's
parents would no longer be known as the g'rents.

After we cleaned up the shredded wrapping paper, grandma took me aside and
apologized for her earlier behavior. She told me that she hoped the eCom made up for
it. It sure did, but I had to say that as wonderful as the eCom was, having her love
was the best present. She actually got a little teary eyed when I told her that.
There was definitely hope for her.

Everyone seemed to enjoy their gifts. My parents and grandparents spent the rest of
the morning trying things on and trying things out, but I had a head start. I had to
examine each and every gift as I opened it. The only thing left for me was to try my
eCom, and of course Adrian would be my first call. She was very surprised. My cell
phone wasn't covered on the East Coast but my new toy could call anywhere in the

* * *

We got back home on the 28th and I made a beeline for Adrian. We had a lot of
catching up to do and plans to make for New Year's Eve. I planned on kissing my girl
at midnight that night and nothing would stop me. Actually, I planned on kissing her
sooner than that. I took the train and ran the remaining distance to her house. Her
parents were gone so she could welcome me back properly, and I could think of
nothing else.

We didn't say anything after I got in the door. Instead, she pounced on me. I fell
back against the front door to shut it and we kissed. No words were spoken in
greeting because we didn't need words. The kiss said it all.

"Welcome back," Adrian said breathlessly after we finally separated.

"Thanks. It's very nice to be back," I said, staring longingly into my girlfriend's
beautiful green eyes.

We stood in the entry way of her home for a moment just enjoying each others'
presence. Then she took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom, and let's just say
we made up for lost time - more than made up for it.

After my girl finished welcoming me back, I pulled out my eCom to show her. I knew
she was dying to see it. She had her own but hers was an older model. She always had
to see the latest model of everything. It drove me a little crazy but such is life
with a gadget lover.

As she went through every feature of my eCom, I knew now would be a good time to
remind her of an agreement we had. It was informal but I was going to hold her to
it. I still wanted help figuring out my daddy's secret project. The eCom would
soften her up and get her in gadget mode. I was sure we'd need some of her
electronic devices to spy on daddy.

Calling Adrian a genius was an understatement. She formulated a plan to uncover my
father's secret in about 5 minutes. I suppose it helped that she had so many gadgets
to help her but it was still impressive.

I warned her about the motion detectors around the place but she just dismissed that
with a feminine wave of her hand. She had the perfect counteragent - a toy electric
helicopter. She'd fly it remotely over Fred's Fortress to avoid the motion detectors
and scan for any other sensors.

"That's great but how will we see in?" I asked. "The few windows are boarded up."

Adrian looked thoughtful for a moment and then flashed me a devious grin.

"Audio surveillance," was all she said. She had several different kinds of listening
devices and one of them was bound to pick up something. Did I mention she was a

The only problem with Adrian's plan was that we'd have to wait for nicer weather.
Her electronic toys wouldn't function well in the winter cold or rain. So we waited,
and we passed the time by falling back into our favorite routine - doing homework
and sneaking kisses.

* * *

It was the middle of February before we had decent weather to take the spy
helicopter for a spin, and the anticipation was driving me crazy. Luckily, our
friends, family, school and various activities kept us busy.

Adrian complained about my candystriping and jujitsu class but I thought I had the
perfect solution. She could join me. She didn't like that idea though. She didn't
feel like she was athletic enough for jujitsu and hospitals made her too nervous
after she got MORFS. I understood. It was disappointing but I understood.

As Adrian and I snuck out one Saturday morning with her toy helicopter, I secretly
wished I could share more of my life with her, and with my friends too for that
matter. So far I hadn't gotten any of my friends involved in my evening activities.
I also tried dragging them along on my long weekend walks but only Jill took me up
on that offer, especially when we went on nature trails just outside of town.

Jill just started walking with me this winter but she wished she would've come with
me sooner. We kept to the groomed back roads that circled the town so our feet
wouldn't sink down too deep in the snow. We both loved to walk, loved the fresh air
and loved the sounds of nature. It was very peaceful as long as there weren't too
many snowmobiles around.

I had to wonder again if Jill and I made a much better match. I just couldn't stop
questioning my relationship with Adrian. Did I really love Adrian? I kept asking
myself that because I didn't want to use or hurt her. There was definitely an
attraction, and I thought I defended our love when I insisted on wearing her sun
pendant gift during Christmas. Then I thought of what we had in common and I had to
admit it wasn't much. I also wondered why no one seemed to notice that Adrian and I
were an item. Were we really that good at hiding it or was there too little passion
in our relationship? I had to laugh at that. Our reunion after Christmas left no
doubt in my mind that our passion was strong.

My girlfriend distracted me from Jill as long as we were together. Perhaps we could
stay together if we went off to college. That thought made me happy. We could find a
more tolerant place far from Jill and give our relationship a fair chance. Too bad
college was far off in the future. I still had a long way to go with both Jill and
Adrian in my life.

Adrian finally got my attention when we got into position near Fred's Fortress. I'd
been on autopilot while we walked. So now it was finally happening - at least the
first phase was. Adrian wanted to check out the building before she decided on the
next course of action. She had me hold some receiver device while she flew the
helicopter. I was to look for any glowing spots on the device's display. That would
mean the sensors on the helicopter detected something.

I saw glowing spots right away as the helicopter got close to its target. Adrian had
a quick look and determined they were the motion detectors. She moved the helicopter
higher and then looked down on the roof. There were glowing lines up there.
Apparently they represented lasers. If any of the laser beams were blocked, an alarm
would sound.

"Wow," Adrian whispered. "These guys are serious."

"Seriously paranoid you mean," I snickered. Adrian just smiled in response.

The helicopter's remote control unit had a camera on it in addition to the sensor so
Adrian could do a visual inspection. She scanned the entire roof and soon brought
the helicopter back.

"Well?" I said as we made our way back to Adrian's house.

"Got it," was all she said. She'd thought of a solution but it would have to wait
until the next nice Saturday morning. The sky was getting gray and it was getting
colder. It looked like it might snow soon.

"Adrian Miller," I cooed. "You are a genius."

"I know," she replied with a grin.

Adrian whistled a happy little tune as we walked back to the train station. In her
mind, she had this little problem solved already. It was just a matter of time. I
trusted her to solve it too, but something was nagging at me now, and seeing the
train station reinforced that feeling. I didn't know it yet, but I had some
unfinished business to take care of.

* * *

It was one afternoon after school when my unfinished business caught up with me. I
was waiting for the train as usual and wishing Adrian lived in the same direction so
she could ride with me when it happened. I had to use the toilet. I hated using
public rest rooms, especially busy ones like at the train station. They were
generally smelly and dirty, and though I didn't often use them, I expected them to
always be filled with all sorts of unpleasant people. My intuition begged me to wait
until I got home but my bladder won out. I looked around to make sure the coast was
clear and went in.

It really wasn't so bad. There was no one else in there and it didn't look too
dirty. My nose was slightly offended by the air freshening system but I'd take that
smell over the alternative any day. I found a stall and relieved myself as quickly
as I could. Then, just after I flushed, I heard the door to the rest room open. 

My heart started pounding. It was irrational I know but I couldn't help it. I tried
talking myself down. How bad could it be? It's only one person. Besides, I couldn't
stay in the stall much longer or I'd miss my train. I considered standing on the
toilet seat and peeking over the wall but had to laugh at myself. I was being
ridiculous. So I unlatched the stall door and walked out to face the intruder - and
there stood Sasha with an odd smirk on her face.

I wish I could say she was just in there to use the facilities but she wasn't moving
towards a stall. She stood by the sinks and was facing me as I came out. If I had to
guess, I'd say she was waiting for me.

By now, memories of my jujitsu training were kicking in and I was ready for an
attack. I'd been learning a lot of self-defense techniques over the past few months.
I only hoped I didn't have to use what I learned. I wasn't sure if I was good enough
to defend myself, and if I was successful, I didn't think I could help but seriously
injure a girl who'd already been knocked around too much. 

I thought about washing my hands but I had to admit I was intimidated by Sasha. So
instead of washing, I went straight for the exit. Of course it wouldn't be that
easy. She grabbed my wrist and pulled me back.

"Where ya goin', freak?" She said with a sneer.

I didn't say anything. Instead, out of reflex, I jerked my arm toward her hand and
then pulled back and twisted towards her thumb - the weakest part of a grip. My
martial arts training worked! I easily twisted out of her grip. I started for the
door again but my foe was too fast. She ran by me and blocked the door. She wasn't
coming at me so I had no defense technique to use. I'd have to face her and battle
her with words.

"Why are you so mean to me?!" I shouted at her. "What did I ever do to you?!"

Sasha didn't say anything. She just smiled an evil little smile and enjoyed my
mental anguish.

This was getting us nowhere. I didn't think she really wanted to hurt me physically,
and I couldn't get out without hurting her, so I finally decided to talk about the
real reason she was so hurtful. I wasn't a psychologist but it was plain she needed
therapy. I had to try.

"Okay. Okay!" I fumed. I had to get angry to work up the nerve for what I was about
to say. "Forget about me. Who's been mean to you?"

That got a concerned frown out of her. She didn't see that coming, but she still
didn't say anything so I pressed on.

"It's obvious someone has been mean to you. Is it your father? Has he been hurting

Sasha still didn't say anything but she did laugh, and it was the saddest sound I
ever heard. It was completely without humor. The humor was replaced by cynicism and
anger and hatred. It was a dark sound, and I called it sad because it made me want
to weep. I waited until she was done and was about to speak but she interrupted me.

"Stay out of my head," she growled. "It's not a nice place to be."

That's when it hit me. It wasn't just physical violence.

"So how long has he been sexually molesting you?" I asked point blank. I was
determined to break through her rough exterior and 
reach whatever good was left, deep down inside her.

"Just... shut up, freak," she said in a small voice.

"Why do you keep calling me a freak?" I asked gently. I suspected it had something
to do with why she'd been bothering me.

She went back to silently scowling so I ventured a guess. I was sure it wasn't my
hair color. Hers was blue after all. There was only one thing it could be.

"Is it because I changed gender?"

Bingo. Sasha's lower lip trembled, just like it did many months ago when I got her
to back down. I tried to reason it out then. This was important. My gender change
bothered her. Could she actually resent me because of it? That had to be it. If she
changed gender, she wouldn't be sexually abused. If she was a boy and she was strong
enough, she could fend off her father if he still came after her.

"Do you wish you could be a boy?" I asked. "Would that stop your father?"

Tears trickled down her face now, but she didn't move away from the door. She still
blocked me. It didn't seem to matter though. The only thing that mattered was that
she was in pain. She needed help, and the only thing I could think of to do was hug
her. So I did.

The hug was a sudden impulse and I think it surprised both of us. She let me do it
anyway - at first. I cried along with her too. Then I felt an odd tingling that grew
stronger as the minutes passed. Sasha must have felt it too because she eventually
pushed me away.

"What... what did you do?" She said, her eyes wide with fear.

"What do you mean? I hugged you. You needed it."

"Not that! I feel odd. I feel... hungry!"

"I made you hungry?" I couldn't believe she said that. That's an odd thing to accuse
someone of.

"I don't have any money so you're buying," she said.

Sasha still looked concerned and I didn't feel like leaving her alone in her current
state, so I agreed. We started out at the train station snack bar. I refused to buy
more than a sandwich though. I know it seemed silly but if I was going to buy her
some food, I wanted it to be healthy. That's why I asked her to follow me to a
nearby diner. I didn't have to ask her twice.

We soon slipped out of our coats and into a comfortable padded booth at the diner.
After looking over the menu, I saw a few somewhat healthy selections so I let her
choose two she liked and I ordered them. My companion had practically inhaled the
sandwich I got her so I figured she might need both meals. I also had the foresight
to order an appetizer. I was getting a little hungry myself so I thought I might as

Sasha didn't talk to me. She just held her stomach and quietly moaned. I was getting
concerned now. I thought she was being silly before but this was strange. When the
appetizer came, I let her have all of it. There was no argument.

I watched her devour the food and noticed something odd about her appearance. I
couldn't put my finger on it but she looked different somehow. I started wondering
if she might be coming down with MORFS. This seemed like something MORFS might do to
someone, if that person hadn't already gotten MORFS. It wasn't likely they'd come
down with it a second time. That got me thinking so I had to ask her.

"Have you had MORFS?" I asked Sasha suddenly. She looked at me funny and slowly
nodded yes. Then she pointed to her hair and answered a question I'd once asked
myself about her. Was it a dye job? Apparently, it wasn't.

The meals soon followed the appetizer, both to our table and down into Sasha's
stomach. I'd never seen anyone eat so much in such a short period of time. It was a
little scary. So was what happened next.

I was still watching her as she finished off the last of the food and this time I
was sure of it. Her body changed. Her arms and chest were definitely larger and her
hands looked a little thicker and more masculine. That didn't make sense. She
already had MORFS. How could this be happening?

When the food ran out, she licked her fingers. That's when she noticed her hands.
She held them out and stared at them. I asked her if she was still hungry and she
just slowly nodded yes while continuing to stare at her hands.

I ordered another round of the same thing. I got a funny look from the waiter but I
opened my purse and showed him I had money. That got rid of him. Then I turned my
attention back to Sasha.

The girl sitting across from me no longer looked like an average girl. She looked
more like a well-built athlete, and she stared at her hands with a strange calm now.
There was concern when this started but now she seemed to accept the situation. 

When the second appetizer came, it was gone in record time. Sasha was still ravenous
with hunger and her rumbling stomach confirmed it. When the two meals arrived, she
quickly devoured them too, though she did offer me a single french fry at one point.
I politely declined and she shrugged and stuffed it into her mouth. Then she
continued wolfing down her food.

I continued to observe her and saw that her clothes looked a little tight on her.
She didn't seem to be growing taller since her shirt sleeves still reached to the
same point on her wrists, but it was clear she'd need a larger size at the rate she
was changing. At least she should be able to wear the same thing for now. It was
good that she didn't like to wear flattering, tight-fitting outfits. Her clothes
were baggy on her before we hugged and they gave her room to grow.

By this point, I was becoming very concerned, in direct opposition to my companion's
growing calm. I had to wonder if I didn't somehow give her a new type of MORFS. How
else could something like this happen? I felt very guilty about it in spite of
buying a mountain of food to help the transition.

Sasha sat back after her ultra large meal, yawned and then let out a loud belch,
snapping me out of my mood. It was disgusting but I wasn't about to chastise her for
it. The way she was bulking up, not many people would bother her about table
manners, though she probably wouldn't be able to start any trouble. She was falling
asleep. After eating all that food, I wasn't surprised she'd be sleepy. Half the
blood in her body must be around her digestive tract to handle all the food she ate.

With her hunger satisfied, now I had to figure out what to do next. I didn't think
it would be nice to leave her in the restaurant. I still felt responsible for her.

I didn't have a plan but I got her up to leave anyway. I helped her with her coat
and was happy to see it was still large enough to fit, though I didn't try zipping
it up. I wasn't sure if I could. I just hoped it was good enough as it was because
it was very cold outside. Then I paid the hefty bill, left a nice tip and we started
walking out.

We shuffled slowly to the door and as we walked, Sasha went back to staring at her
hands. At one point, she clenched them both to make fists and I was amazed at how
big and powerful they appeared to be. It was clear she wouldn't have any problems
being sexually molested by her father now.

We got outside and I helped the groggy gal walk across the street to one of the many
parks that dotted the area. It was difficult trying to support her weight and I
barely got her to a bench before she collapsed and started snoring loudly.

This was a disaster. It was very cold outside and here she was, asleep on a bench
with clothes that probably weren't warm enough. Now what? There was only one thing I
could do to keep her from freezing to death. I called my father and he came and got

Once we were in the car, I tried to explain what happened but I didn't believe it
myself. I'm sure I didn't sound very convincing. Daddy just nodded his head as he
drove. It was a long drive.

When we got home, I couldn't help much but I opened and closed doors so my father
could concentrate on dragging Sasha inside. We set her up in the spare room and I
chased daddy out so I could remove her clothes. Most of her clothes were too tight
and I wanted to make sure she was comfortable.

It took some effort but I got everything off, except her panties. They were a little
tight but I couldn't bring myself to take them off. It was bad enough trying not to
look her over as I removed everything else. One thing that I couldn't help noticing
though was that her muscles were large but not well defined. Her thighs, arms and
upper body still had a smooth feminine look even with all that bulk. I was
impressed. I would've stayed longer but I heard my father calling. It was time for a
family meeting.

The meeting was very short and very simple. First off, I was pleasantly surprised
that my parents believed me. I guess I shouldn't have been though. I never gave them
a reason to doubt me before. All my father said was that truth was stranger than
fiction and we all simply agreed to never say a word about it to anyone. We'd help
Sasha with some food and a little money for new clothes but we didn't know what else
we could do. It was all just too strange.

Sasha woke up later that evening for another feeding binge, and luckily she had some
better fitting clothes now. My father donated some since he was the only one with
clothes large enough to fit her. The hungry teen threw them on and rushed to the

This time she didn't eat nearly as fast or as much as she did in the restaurant. She
only filled out a little more and didn't get too sleepy. That was good. It looked
like whatever was happening to her had stopped.

When she finally finished her meal, she had the good sense not to belch this time.
She just thanked us and got up to leave. My father pressed some money in her hand
and she was gone into the night. I figured she'd end up going home but I didn't fear
for her safety. If I feared for anyone's safety it would be her father's. I could
see Sasha beating him to a pulp for what he'd been doing to her.

So now I was left to wonder about what caused her to put on so much muscle. If only
I knew exactly what caused the change in the first place, I might feel better. If I
somehow caused it, how could I prevent it from happening to someone else? What if I
did something like that to my parents? What about Jill?!

That last thought really got me worried. What about Jill? What if we did get
together and I kept changing her every time we touched? Even worse, what if she
eventually changed into a boy? Would that allow us to get together? How would she
handle it? Could she handle it? I didn't even want to try to guess.

My busy mind kept me awake for quite awhile longer that night, and when I did
finally drop off, my sleep was troubled by strange dreams. Luckily, I didn't
remember any of them the next morning. I shuffled off to school and tried to forget
about yesterday's odd event.

Forgetting about Sasha turned out to be somewhat easy because I didn't have her
around to remind me. I never saw her in school again. She dropped out and
disappeared. I also heard that her father ended up in the hospital. I guess I
shouldn't be surprised. At least she didn't kill her father. That showed me there
was hope for her and I wished her well. Then I got back to worrying about my own


To Be Continued...  



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