We Can Work It Out: A MORFS Universe Story

By Terry Volkirch  



Chapter 11: Summer Vacation, 2035

Summer rushed in on a tsunami of happiness. There was no Sasha, no need for therapy
and a lot of free time to shop, swim and get to know Jill. Michelle and I would both
be spending a lot of time with my dream girl. We considered having some sort of
initiation as a joke but held off. There'd be time enough for silliness once we all
got to know each other better. Actually, I was the one needing some initiation.
Michelle noticed my ears weren't pierced the night of my birthday and she meant to
correct that oversight. My other two girlfriends had pierced ears so it wasn't long
before mine were too.

My second meeting with Jill truly was a dream come true. There were a lot of
elements in common between reality and my dreams of her. I had a constant feeling of
deja vu as we walked and talked together. It didn't matter though. There was still a
lot to learn about her, and she had a lot of questions for me. She started with my
dreams about her - in a clever roundabout way.

"I looked you up in the yearbook," she said. "I noticed you weren't on the yearbook

"That's right," I said cautiously. I was a little nervous about trying to get her to
believe I'd dreamed about her. We covered it very briefly when I first met her, and
I added a little more detail when she called me, but then she told me that was the
only reason she finally called me. She was very curious about it. She knew MORFS
could do strange and wonderful things to people and wanted to hear more, especially
since it involved her.

I clammed up on the phone and insisted on meeting in person. I was afraid she'd hear
all about my dreams and then hang up, never to call again. Now we were together and
I gave her nearly the full story. I only withheld the part about loving her. It was
much too early for that. So for 5 minutes or so, I had Jill's undivided attention
and when I was through, she whistled.

"Wow. That's just... wow," was all she could say. She believed me.

I added a couple other strange incidents that I thought might be related, like when
the two strange men blocked me from trying to talk to the woman I thought was Sandy,
and the talking that seemed to be coming from inside my head. I told her about
seeing visions of her when I had my MORFS scan too. I was too embarrassed about
mentioning her very large bust size but I told her the important part - that we were
still together years from now. She found it all fascinating and agreed it was
probably related.

Jill told me she was very interested in MORFS. She studied it extensively and found
all sorts of strange relationships between powers and people. She was convinced that
Sandy had awakened some abilities in me. I mentioned that I was found to have some
minor powers when I was scanned but they weren't specified. I just thought they were
too weak to identify. Now Jill got me wondering if I might have some latent power
just waiting to be unlocked.

I found out that she hadn't had MORFS, but she confessed she was excited about the
possibility. She didn't share our town's stuffy attitude about the subject. She
didn't even care if she became an obvious hybrid and had to leave Copely. I balked
at that but she didn't take it back. She was very serious when it came to MORFS.

"Okay then," I said. "If that happened, I'd just have to leave with you." I was just
as serious about staying with Jill.

We learned a lot about each other that day, and a lot about our families. First of
all, I learned that so far, no one in her family had gotten MORFS. She had an older
brother named Brad who pretty ignored her and played the protector role for her
younger sister, Kayla. Jill didn't need any protection. She had intelligence and a
good deal of common sense that kept her out of trouble. She also kept herself in
great shape by taking long walks and doing pilates. Her health was very important to

I had no doubt that Jill could take care of herself, but I was concerned that she
didn't have a lot of friends. She told me she kept pretty much to herself. She had a
cousin her same age that she hung around with sometimes. That was it. She didn't
have much in common with her siblings or anyone else she knew. It looked like I came
along at the perfect time.

Michelle let me get to know my dream girl by myself at first. She was very patient
and I was grateful. I used the time well. Jill and I were fast becoming the best of
friends. Now I had to pay my first girlfriend a private visit. I finally told her
the last part of my dream - that Jill wasn't attracted to girls.

"You mean you love her but she doesn't love you back?!" Michelle sounded as upset as
I felt.

"That's right. I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier. I don't know what to say except
that it's been very frustrating for me in my dreams. Now I expect to be even more

"Oh Bobbi. I'm so sorry."

Michelle hugged me and I sniffed a little, but I didn't cry. I still had hope.
Sandy's predictions were coming true. I just needed one more to come true.

"Please don't tell Jill," I begged. "I'm just getting to know her. We're getting
along great so far."

"Don't worry," Michelle assured me. "I won't say anything. I do have a question for
you though."


"Are you sure you don't like boys? You seemed to enjoy kissing Reggie on our last
double date."

"Oh!" That got me blushing. "He's nice. I really like him but I think you can guess
who I'm really thinking about when I kiss him."

"Yeah," Michelle said with a warm smile. "I can guess."

* * *

June passed by slowly. I was in a dream, getting to know my dream girl. It was
perfect. There were a few distractions but they were usually welcome since I
couldn't spend all of my time with Jill. I had my jujitsu class, candystriping, and
then there was Father's Day.

No offense to my mother but I enjoyed Father's Day much more than Mother's Day. The
third Sunday in June was all about daddy and I enjoyed giving him all the attention
he deserved. He was really turning out to be a very good father. He was warm, loving
and caring. I just had to get to know him better, something I was much better at now
that I was a girl. I could understand his emotions and motivations better, and I
could see the real man through the sometimes gruff exterior.

I think being a girl helped both me and my father. It seemed to help him pay more
attention to me. When I was a boy, I imagine he thought I didn't need so much
attention. I was a boy so I should be independent - be a man. It sounded stupid but
it was the only thing that made sense. I didn't really care though. The only thing I
cared about was staying close to him. I wouldn't let anything come between us again,
not even his silly Saturday project.

I hadn't given up on finding out what he did on Saturdays, I just postponed it for
the summer. Actually, there were too many activities vying for my attention. I
actually forgot about it for the most part. I'd come back to it eventually, most
likely once school started and the weather wasn't as nice.

So for most of the month, I found myself getting into a good rhythm. Of course it
couldn't last. By late June, the summer heat had hit Copely and I was a nervous
wreck about it. I wanted to go swimming at the lake but one look at myself in the
mirror wearing my blue bikini gave me second thoughts. My imagination ran away with
me yet again, taking me on a wild ride. As soon as my toes hit the burning gray
sand, every boy on the beach immediately turned to look at me, all at the same time.
Their bodies gradually aligned themselves in the direction they were facing and
their feet slowly brought themselves closer and closer to me. They soon had me
surrounded, blocking me from cooling my feet and the rest of my body in the water a
short distance away. I tried to ask them to move but I couldn't speak, and neither
could they. The only thing the boys did was stare and slowly squeeze out some sun
tan lotion on their hands. Then they dropped the bottles and rubbed their hands
together before reaching out to me. It was clear they wanted to rub lotion all over

My nightmarish daydream was quite frightening. Luckily I gasped and snapped myself
out of it. Once again, my subconscious found a way to prepare me for the worst. Now
all I had to do was hope for the best. I'd be with Michelle and Jill so how bad
could it be.

My mom dropped us off at Lake Wilderness for the afternoon. The three of us would be
on our own and I didn't like the odds. The area was crawling with boys, and here we
were wearing bright colors like a flag to make us impossible to miss. I wore my blue
suit, Michelle was in pink and Jill wore a yellow string bikini that screamed for
attention. I tried to concentrate more on Jill's lovely figure but I couldn't help
noticing heads were turning to check us out. We did come prepared. We each carried a
large bag filled with lotion, a beach towel, extra clothes, money and food and
drink, but I insisted we were missing one thing: Boy repellent. My friends just
laughed at me. They didn't realize now nervous I was.

My mother reminded me to use lots of sunscreen to protect my pale skin just before
she left. Copely was fairly high in elevation so there was less atmosphere to block
the sun's harmful UV rays. I promised her I'd be careful. I just wish I was doing
better in my jujitsu class so I could do a more thorough job of protecting myself.
So far, the only thing my class had done was tone my body and make it even more
appealing to the walking testosterone factories. I knew very few self-defense
techniques other than breaking free of someone's grasp and a few pressure points.
That would have to do for now.

Following my lead, we set everything up very close to the life guard tower. The life
guard was male but he was older so I figured he'd be my best chance to protect me
from any aggressive boys. Since he was older - and rather muscular - my two friends
couldn't resist teasing me about dating him. They couldn't be farther from the
truth, and Michelle surprised me a little because she knew how I felt about boys. I
liked to think she was just bonding with Jill so I let it slide. I should've known
better. I didn't know how they did it but they somehow plotted against me right
under my nose. They must have used some natural female telepathy or something. I
still had a lot to learn.

The plot thickened when it was time to slather on the sun screen. Jill and Michelle
quickly paired up to rub lotion on each others' backs, leaving me to rub as much on
myself as I could. I was fairly limber but I wasn't sure if I covered the middle of
my back. I patiently waited for my turn and couldn't believe my eyes when the two
girls looked at each other, laughed and ran to the water.

"Hey! What about my back?!" I shouted after them. "Who's going to finish rubbing
lotion on me?"

I could've slapped myself for shouting that because I immediately noticed at least
twenty pairs of male eyes all looking at me like they hoped to do what my traitorous
friends wouldn't. Then the worst thing of all happened. I froze when a loud booming
voice called down to me from the life guard tower.

"Here then. I'll do it," said the buff life guard. He jumped down and didn't even
ask for permission. He grabbed my bottle, squirted some lotion out and started

He was so fast and I was so surprised, I didn't think to resist at first. As he went
on, I didn't want to resist. I wish I could say I didn't enjoy it, but his hands
were experienced. He kneaded the muscles of my back with expert care and I almost
purred. Then, when I wished it would go on forever, he stopped.

"Thanks," I said, turning to face him with a very contented smile. "My name's Bobbi.
What's yours?"

What was I doing?! Was I insane? How could I be so friendly to a young man I didn't
even know? It must be pheromones or something. I found out about them when I looked
for hermaphroditism on the Internet. There was much more to physical attraction than
I realized.

"I'm Chet," he said with an easy smile. "Nice to meet you, Bobbi." Then he climbed
back up to his perch, leaving me to float across the sand to the lake.

I'd waded up to mid thigh before my giggling friends let me have it. They splashed
me back to planet Earth.

"Welcome back," Michelle said.

"Have a nice trip?" Jill asked.

I answered by sticking my tongue out at them, and I was already wet so I let loose
with some splashing of my own. It was one way to get used to the water temperature.

After much squealing and some serious swimming, I was ready to lounge on my towel,
but not before I made Michelle promise to apply some more sunscreen on my back. I
didn't think I could handle any more of Chet's attention.

I eventually got Michelle alone when Jill went off to the bathroom. I wouldn't mind
going in a pack but someone had to watch our stuff. I confessed that I enjoyed the
massage - because that's what it really was. I wasn't sure about being attracted to
the muscular life guard but his hands certainly felt nice on my back. Michelle had a
theory that bodies can be attracted independently of mental preferences. Then I
added what I knew about pheromones and we felt like we had something. It certainly
made me feel better about my reaction. The idea of being intimate with a young man
still filled me with dread.

Jill returned and we arranged our towels in a Y-shape so we could face each other
and talk while we got some sun. There was no way I could just lie in the sun and not
do anything. We all started on our stomachs and propped ourselves up on our elbows.
Then we talked, snacked, sipped and giggled away the afternoon. Thankfully, there
were no other boy incidents other than some lustful long distance stares.

As it close to the time to leave, we went for a last dip to wash away the greasy
sunscreen and cool off. I swam out about a 100 yards and when I turned to come in, I
spied Chet, sitting up on his tower. I actually considered pretending to have
trouble so he'd come out and rescue me. I had to steady myself then or I really
would need saving. I didn't now what had gotten into me but I hope it left as
quickly as it came.

My mom arrived right on time and saved me from further daydreams. She whisked us all
to our respective homes while we all gave her a full report, including far too many
details about my massage. That earned me some raised eyebrows from her. Luckily, we
quickly moved on to other subjects. We really had a good time. I could've used more
swimming but I was sure I'd be back at the lake soon enough.

As soon as I got home, I bolted up the stairs to change clothes. I felt too exposed
for too long and found myself craving a skirt and crop top. I'd still show a lot of
skin but not nearly as much as I did at the beach. Besides, it was too hot for
anything more.

I decided on a cool shower before dressing. I still felt a little greasy and I was
sure the lake water wasn't exactly sterile. I hung my clothes on a hook on the back
of the bathroom door and slipped out of my swim suit. That's when I discovered an
interesting facet of young womanhood: The bikini tan line. All it took was a glimpse
of myself in the mirror and I was mesmerized. I didn't use the strongest sunscreen
so I was able to develop a noticeable tan, and it looked nice on me.

I was so feminine, and so conflicted. I loved who I'd become and yet Jill wasn't
attracted to me at all. At least I didn't think she was after all of our
conversations up to now. My only hope was that she was secretly bisexual. Only time
would tell. At least Jill wasn't as boy-crazy as Michelle. It was obvious she liked
boys. She'd been on a couple dates already and she was hooked, but she didn't obsess
with them. I think she preferred to be coy. She'd help balance out our little group.

With three girls in the mix, it didn't make sense to double date, and I'd never
heard of a triple date. I figured I'd have to try dating Reggie alone - at least
once. Then I thought I'd better have a talk with him. There just wasn't any spark
between us. I'm sure he wouldn't mind kissing me anyway but I didn't want to keep
living a lie.

* * *

It wasn't too long before Reggie called me - on my home phone. Only my parents,
Michelle and Jill had my cell phone number. It made my life less complicated that
way. Anyway, Reggie called to set up a date. There was a bad horror movie playing
that he claimed he wanted to see. I knew what that meant. Everything I read about
that movie and everyone who'd seen it said it was awful. It was obvious he was
hoping for some major lip locking.

We breezed through dinner and ended up near the back row of the theater. Then, about
15 minutes into the movie, Reggie made his move. He started with his hand on my
shoulder. That was nice. Then he caressed my cheek. That was nice too. As he leaned
into me, I found myself leaning back. We met over the armrest and kissed. It was
short and sweet. So far, so good, but still no spark. Another 15 minutes and we were
kissing again. There was a long series of deep, wonderful kisses and I lost myself
in them. I tried to remember who was doing the kissing, but with my eyes closed I
could only see Jill. It was hopeless. I was about to end it when I suddenly felt a
hand where I didn't expect it - on my breast! That rekindled the feeling I'd had
when I was thinking of Jill. I imagined it was her hand caressing me. I was about to
truly lose myself now. Then the pain hit and brought me back from the brink. I
lucked out. Reggie's inexperience and enthusiasm urged him to be a bit too rough.

I yelped and pulled back. Reggie apologized but the damage had been done. It was
over. I led the dejected boy out of the theater and we had a nice little talk in his

"It's over Reggie."

"But I said I was sorry!"

"I know you did but there's more to it," I sighed. "There's no spark between us."

"You seemed to enjoy it up until the accident," he huffed.

"I was thinking of someone else," I confessed in a small voice.

"So it really is over then."

"Yep. I'm afraid so."

"Well," he got a sly look on his face. "It was nice while it lasted. You're a great
kisser. Are you sure you don't want to try some more before I take you home?"

I smiled at the compliment, but I couldn't let the last part pass.

"You're incorrigible," I said as I shook my head. "Thanks."


"Thanks for being so nice... about everything."

Reggie drove me home right away after our talk. I gave him a quick peck on the cheek
and that was it. What a relief. I gave him a chance and I was happy for the
experience, but it didn't work out. Now perhaps I could get a bit of a break from
the other half of the population.

I had to give Michelle and Jill a full report the next day. They gasped when I told
them where Reggie put his hand. Some people might not think much about it but it was
a big deal in a conservative town like Copely. Jill thought that's why I broke it
off with him and I let her think that. I couldn't tell her the truth. Not yet.

After my report, I thought that would be the end of it, but I was wrong. Jill
insisted I get back in the saddle as soon as possible. She knew Reggie was the first
boy I dated and she was determined he wouldn't be my last. How could I say no to

* * *

It was several days later before another boy entered my life. I don't know how he
found out about me being available but there he was at the front door. It was my
former best friend.

"Hello John."

"Hi Bobbi." He gave me that same look of hope and lust that he left me with so many
weeks ago. I knew where this was going and we weren't even half way there yet. "So
are you going to invite me in?" he asked.

I almost said no but I let him in anyway. Who knows. I could be wrong.

We had the living room to ourselves so I plopped down in my father's recliner and
left the couch open for John. I didn't feel like sitting close to him for this. We
faced each other for an awkward moment and then I got right to the point.

"Why are you here John?"

"That's a little harsh," he winced. I didn't care how I came across. I was still
upset about him leaving me.

"You left me when I really needed a friend. What do you expect?"

"I'm sorry about that," he said with his eyes averted. It didn't come across as very
sincere but I softened a little. Perhaps I was wrong about him after all.

"Is that why you came? To apologize?" I was ready to welcome him back in my life. I
did miss him. We had a lot of good times together. It's not like I could just forget
him overnight.

"Well... yeah," he said tentatively. "That and I talked to Reggie last night." Oh
oh. Here it comes. "He said you broke up."

"We weren't exactly boyfriend and girlfriend but it's true I don't expect to date
him any more."

"Oh?" His face brightened. I could read him like a book. "I thought you two were
going steady."

"Nope," I said. I was slipping into one word mode now. Things were not looking too
good at this point.

"Does that mean I have a chance then?"

There. He said it, and I hoped my frown was all the answer he needed. I didn't know
if I could speak. I was getting choked up. He was oblivious though. I had to squeak
out a word.


"No?!" He shouted. "Why not?! I thought we were friends!"

I couldn't believe he was getting so upset. I thought I was the one being wronged
here. His tone of voice started to anger me and gave me back my voice. I had to set
him straight.

"We used to be best friends when we were both guys, but I don't think boys and girls
can be friends," I told him. "I just want to hang out and try to go back to the way
it was before I changed. But you want to date."

"Hey. I can't help how I feel about you. I'd like nothing better than to be friends,
but you're gorgeous. I want to date you."

He was mellowing out again - back to being his normal self. I could handle that
better in a way, but it took away my anger, the emotion that gave me strength to
continue this difficult conversation. I had to end it, and soon.

"I'm sorry John. I'm not interested in dating you."

"Why not? You dated Reggie. Why not me?"

"Would you believe me if I said there was someone else? Would it matter?"

"What? No. I don't believe you." That was the wrong thing to say. He was hurt and
confused but he just implied I was lying.

"Good-bye John." I got up and went to the front door. Then I opened it and gave my
former friend a sad but steady look to show him I was serious about him leaving.

John took the hint, and as he passed me on his way out, he said one more thing.

"I'll miss you."

Then I never heard from him again. I ran up to my room and cried like I hadn't cried
since the first time he left me. I almost wished I hadn't become a girl, but that
would negate all the wonderful things I'd experienced in the past month and a half.
I had to move on. I just needed to cry a little more. There was this one last thing
to let go of and then I'd promise myself I'd never look back.

* * *

I needed something to get the bad taste out of my mouth after my run-in with John
and Adrian was the perfect thing. Adrian always called me after his therapy to check
in with me but we hadn't gotten together for several weeks. I thought it was time to
meet in person and see how he was doing instead of just hearing about it. Besides, I
was curious to see if I was right about him feminizing more. He was frustratingly
evasive when I brought up the subject on the phone.

After several well-placed hints, Adrian invited me to come over to his house to see
him, as long as I came alone. I didn't understand why he was being so shy but I
wanted to see him so I accepted. We got together on a weekday, while his parents
were both working, and I got the feeling it was because he still had problems with

As soon as he opened the door, I saw why he was shy about going out. Masculine
pronouns would no longer make sense when referring to Adrian. My friend definitely
looked to be more girl than boy. I was pleased to be right and also a little sad. I
sympathized with her changing appearance, and thought it must be even more difficult
because of how long the transformation was taking. It was really too bad she didn't
have a sister to help her. She didn't have any siblings. Even having a brother to
tease her sounded better than leaving her alone to face her changing body. She only
had her androgynous name to give her comfort. At least that didn't have to change.

She didn't say anything right away, and neither did I. I thought there was no better
time to begin the hug training so I hugged her instead. She was still a little rough
around the edges but I felt she had potential. I vowed to myself to have her hugging
professionally by the end of the week.

Adrian and I became closer than ever after that first awkward meeting. One reason
was obvious. We related very well to each other because of our feminization. We were
also still geeks at heart. That would never change.

As the summer marched on, Adrian blossomed into a beautiful young woman, and I
thought her modesty made her even more attractive. If I wasn't so in love with Jill,
I'd be seriously tempted to pursue her in spite of all the obstacles, especially
after we shared our sexual preferences with each other. She found a few boys to be
somewhat attractive but her obvious preference was girls.

Adrian's parents finally accepted they had more of a daughter than a son. It was as
difficult for them as it was for Adrian. My friend told me they all ended up into
group therapy. Her mother folded first and helped soften the blow for her father. It
was traumatic but they made it, and it helped that she had the summer to transition
and adjust. School shouldn't be so bad now. They had a family talk and considered
moving but with Adrian's progress, now they felt they could stay. I could relate to
that too.

By the middle of August, and after a little help from me and my girlfriends, Adrian
was ready to venture outside. She was to become a member of my new circle of
friends, and unfortunately for her, we had time to refine our initiation. Adrian got
pierced ears and a bikini. Then it was a trial by fire at the lake, with plenty of
splashing to keep the fire under control. Our newest member had more fun than she
ever remembered having.

There was an unexpected benefit for me having Adrian join our group. She wasn't even
close to being ready for dating so the pressure was off me to date. Someone had to
hang out with her while Michelle continued to date Jamie and Jill looked for dating
material. That left me. The new girl needed me and I wouldn't let her down.

* * *

August had a few more surprises in store - some good, some bad. One bad thing was
that I finished stage 3 of MORFS. I could no longer visit with patients in the
hospital since I was susceptible to illnesses again. I'd miss the visiting but I
continued candystriping anyway. I still wanted to help patients in any way I could.

I gave up trying to find Sandy. I tried several morning shifts in spite of not being
a morning person. Still, she remained elusive. I decided it didn't matter by then. I
found Jill and I trusted in Sandy's premonitions. My life was definitely going in
the right direction.

There was another surprise that started out bad but turned around quickly enough. It
concerned my grandparents. Soon after my birthday, my mother told me what I
suspected. They hadn't been told about me. That's why they sent birthday cards
addressed to Rob. The bad thing about it was that my mother's parents were coming up
for a visit from their retirement community in Arizona. They craved hot weather so
they only came to visit us during the hottest months of the summer. They'd arrive
very soon, and they still hadn't been told about me being a girl. My parents felt it
would be better to tell them in person. Sure, it might be better for them, but it
would definitely mean a lot of anxiety for me.

I waited in my bedroom while my parents picked up grandma and grandpa from the
airport, and as soon as they got home, we had a family meeting. I stayed upstairs
and waited for my cue. Then, when they called me, I came down wearing a light but
conservatively styled lavender dress.

My eyes started on my grandfather. He was obviously disappointed in the new me but
then I moved my attention to my grandmother and I saw her eyes light up. She sprang
up off the couch and attacked me with the mother of all hugs. She was a hugging

Happy was far too mild a term to use for grandma's reaction. She reminded me that I
was now her only granddaughter. I didn't think about that. My aunt and uncle had
three sons and my mother had me. Now I was a girl and grandma was ecstatic. She'd
always wanted a granddaughter to spoil. I wasn't sure exactly what that meant but I
looked forward to it.

Grandpa confessed he had some trouble accepting it. He wanted to take me fishing and
do some manly things with me I guess. I tried to tell him that I never liked fishing
but he just sighed. I think he thought I was just trying to make him feel better. He
didn't know I was serious. I contemplated giving him a hug and was silently warned
not to by grandma. My grandmother said a lot with her eyes. I got the warning and
something else: Hope. We'd just have to give him some space and hope he adjusted. As
usual, I was optimistic.

I found out later that I wouldn't have to worry about my other grandparents for
awhile. We always went back to visit my father's parents on the East Coast over the
Christmas holiday. That would be interesting. Until then, I had plenty of time to
think about how to handle the situation. Time was on my side.

So my summer wasn't all good after all, but I couldn't complain. I was finding out
who my true friends were. My new friends and I had shopping outings, fun at the
lake, and several girls nights out to see chick flicks, which I really did like. The
movies we saw were generally either romantic comedies or family dramas and they made
me laugh and cry and dream. They were wonderful.

I have to say that my best surprise was spread out over the entire summer. It was
during that time that I got to see and feel what it was like to outgrow a bra. I was
still a developing girl, on my way to becoming a woman, and I increased a full cup
size by the end of August. I was never more excited and more apprehensive in my
life. Larger breasts made me feel more feminine - something I truly wanted - and
also got me more unwanted male attention. At least the process was gradual enough
that I got used to it.


To Be Continued...  



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