Voice of Chaos

by Twilight Void


Part One


My life took a turn for the worse one fall. It was 2050, I was 16 years old at the time, and I was walking to school, for my parents were too lazy to set up bus scripts, and too cheap to get me a bike. It was cold out and the frigid air seemed to cut into me. To make matters worse I was feeling tired and a little dizzy.


I was eager to get to school as I didn’t want to get caught by Randy. He used to be my friend, at least until I stuck up for a few of my friends who had gone through MORFS. Ever since then he stopped talking to me except to verbally assault me.


You see, when a few of our friends went through MORFS a while back, most got almost unnoticeable changes but two of them got changes that couldn’t be missed. Anyway, when Randy and some of the others ridiculed them, I stood up for them.


That was despite the fact I had been raised by parents who believed MORFS victims were freaks only good for doing work “normal” people couldn’t. Until it had happened to my friends, I had a pretty tainted view of MORFS, the new disease that affected everyone’s DNA, though it usually didn’t make for much in the way of change until they reached puberty, and many escaped unharmed. Though I never had the full out hatred my parents had, I had been led to believe that people who went through it should be pitied or hated because they weren’t normal anymore.


After standing up for them, I had been exiled from our old group. We, the MORFS victims, and me, the “freak lover”, as Randy liked to put it, ended up forming a group of outcasts.


I was almost at school when I felt someone grab me from behind. I turned to see Randy, who stood about half a foot taller than me. Considering I was 5 foot 10, that’s pretty tall. Still, I looked him in the eye, though I had to look up. “Not now Randy, I need to get to school,” I said my voice weak and congested.


“Ah, does the Freak Lover have a cold? Does he want to get to the warm school?” his voice was mocking, and I could see his cronies, George and Jason coming up behind him. They must have thought his comment was hilarious, as they were laughing a little too much as they walked up.


They proceeded to torment me until I had fallen on my back and my bag was in Randy’s hands. He threw it up into a tree and laughed at me before he ran past me with his cronies and headed to school, leaving me on the ground.


It took me a little bit to get the bag out of the tree as I wasn’t that athletic and I had a hard time getting into the tree. After finally getting it down, I ran as fast as I could towards school.


I got to the school just after the bell rang, so I walked to the office to get my late slip and headed to class. By then I was even more tired and starting to feel sick to my stomach.



My first class was Math. My teacher, Ms. Cemyt was a nice woman with a pleasant voice, and though she was past her prime, she still held some youthful enthusiasm.


I obviously looked sick because while everyone was working on our homework, she came by my desk, crouching so she was eye level. “Are you feeling alright Erik?” she asked with a concerned tone. “You look a little sick.”


I looked into her eyes and tried to smile. “I’m alright, I… um… just didn’t get a lot of sleep last night,” I lied. I didn’t want to get sent home. If I did, my parents would be furious. Plus, I wouldn’t be able to go to work at the zoo.


I loved my job, it paid well, although I didn’t get to keep the money, my parents did. I got to be around animals while on breaks, and my boss was a really nice guy, a little eccentric, but nice, nonetheless.


He liked to collect old comic books and movies. Some were back from a hundred years ago. On days where the weather or some construction project prevented me from spending my breaks with the animals, he would show me his collections, or at least parts of them.


But I loved to watch the animals, especially the birds and bats. Something about them just appealed to me. As a result, a lot of my free time was spent in the simulated bat caves or the bird habitats.


Ms. Cemyt sighed, and I got the feeling she knew about my family life.


You see, my parents weren’t the most respectable people in the world. They didn’t have jobs, which forced me to get a job in shipping and receiving at the zoo. They used the money for who knows what, and to tell the truth, I didn’t want to know.


I had been forced to grow up early, making me a little too serious and uptight. I often made dinner, did the laundry, all the cleaning, and whatever else needed to be done. My only chances to relax were at school and on breaks at work.


My mother smoked, giving the house a stale tobacco smoke stench. My father was a severe alcoholic and would go on drunken tirades, taking out his anger on me. I once had to hide a black eye my father gave me all throughout the next week at school.


Their worse trait was that they were active anti-MORFS supporters.

“They’re nothing but FREAKS!!!” was his favorite line. He believed that a MORFS victim’s only redeeming quality was the possibility someone else could make money off their skills or abilities that no body else had. My mother felt the same way.


I could only hope that I never got it, or at least gained something my parents thought useful enough. I made it through Math, and headed to the changes rooms for my least favorite class, Phys. Ed. It wasn’t that I didn’t like to play sports; it was just that Randy also had the class with me.


I quickly changed before anyone showed up and waited for the teacher to arrive. Once everyone arrived, the teacher came out of his office and looked at us with a stern glare. Mr. Jax was a MORFS victim. It had given him an extra set of arms and amazing physical fitness. Though he was a MORFS victim, even Randy, the biggest anti-MORFS supporter in the school, wouldn’t mess with him, as he could bench press a semi truck.


“Listen up!!” he said loudly, causing everyone to pay attention. Sometimes I thought he must have been a soldier before he started teaching. Other times I thought he was just a little delusional. “It started raining earlier today, so we can’t play football. So for this class, we will be playing dodge ball!”


I found myself both happy and afraid at the same time. Happy because I liked dodge ball, fearful because I was Randy’s favorite target. He would aim for one of two places, my face or my groin. Either way, he had to get off and I stayed on until he could get back in and start over again.


“Team captains are,” he paused as he picked students at random, “Randy, Jake, Frank, and Jason!” he yelled out loudly as we lined up.


The first round was my team versus Randy’s team. Both teams lined up against opposite walls as Mr. Jax lined up a ball for every second person.


He stepped back and blew his whistle, signaling the start of the game. Randy got up to the line fast; he grabbed a ball, and then, as he moved back to avoid being an easy target, I saw him grin devilishly. Normally I could move just fast enough to dodge, or at least avoid the full force of the hit. That day, feeling like I was, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to dodge his shot fast enough.


His eyes flashed as he took aim. I tried to move out of his sight behind a teammate, but I wasn’t fast enough. When he threw the ball, he hit me square in the face. The force was enough to ruin my already failing equilibrium, knocking me on my back. The last thing I remembered was hearing a whistle blow and my name being called. I blacked out then.


I woke up in what looked like a hospital. My mother was talking to the doctor.

“So what does the boy have?” she asked, “He needs to get up and go to work.”


The doctor looked at her and said the four words that would change my life, “Your son has MORFS.”


I immediately pretended to go back to sleep, not wanting to face my mother’s gaze, but she shook me and told me to get to my feet.  She didn’t say a word on the way home as we picked up the energy packs and sedatives.


When she told my father, he went ballistic on me. “GO TO YOUR ROOM!!!!” my father screamed, “AND DON’T LET ME SEE YOU TILL YOUR THREE DAYS ARE UP AND YOU ARE MORFED!!!”


I would’ve protested that it wasn’t always three days, but I didn’t want to anger him further. I hurried to the little room they called my bed room, which was more like a closet than anything. All there was in my ‘room’ was a cot for a bed, a milk crate for a nightstand and a small corner where I kept my limited wardrobe.


I climbed into the cot, thinking about what was going to happen. I didn’t bother getting changed, mainly because I was wearing my most comfortable clothes, also because it was cold, and I didn’t have a warm enough blanket.


I ate one of the energy packs, finding the taste revolting. I took the sedative and allowed the drug induced slumber to overtake me.


I woke with a start, suddenly remembering my situation, with a sudden urge to go to the bathroom, and climbed out of the cot, fighting dizziness and fatigue, and made my way to the bathroom. Though the window I could see it was dark, which either meant it was night time or early in the morning.


I stood before the toilet and pulled my strangely loose pants down. I was about to start when I noticed how small my penis had become. It seemed to only be a stub. Horrified at the implications of this discovery, I sat down and relieved myself.


I would’ve taken a shower, since I felt so dirty, but my parents only allowed one shower a week, and I wanted to save that for when I finished morfing. Plus, I wasn’t too eager to see what else had changed.


I quickly got back to my room, taking another energy pack and sedative, and while waiting to fall asleep, mentally cursed the terrorists who had devised MORFS as a biological weapon which had gotten loose more than 40 years earlier and caused so much misery for so many.


When I woke up again and made my way to the bathroom, I could hear talking down the hall, which told me my parents were awake.


I quickly went to the bathroom, my penis barely visible now. As I sat, I noticed two lumps on my chest; I knew what they were quickly but tried to deny it. I would’ve just gotten out of there and gone back to sleep, but my curiosity got the best of me.


I looked in the mirror, astonished at what I saw. Looking back at me was a very feminine looking image. My cheekbones seemed higher and my hair thicker, lighter and longer. My minimal facial hair was gone.


Then I heard footsteps coming my way so I stopped looking and made my way back to my room, trying to ignore the fact that my pants were only held up by my hips.


I climbed into the cot, repeating the process from the previous awakenings. My last thoughts were hopes that I would be a useful MORF so I wouldn’t be punished.


I woke up to a loud banging on the door, which seemed to echo in my head, I shakily got up and moved to the door, just in time for my father to slam it open, knocking me down.


“Well?” he said looking at my cot. “Where are you boy?!” He started to look around the room.  When his gaze fell on me, he laughed. “Well look at this. It looks like the brat has become the bitch!”


Then his gazed turned cold and he stopped laughing. “So what can you do?”


I looked at him in fear; he seemed so much bigger than me now.


“WELL?!!” he urged angrily.


“I ... I don’t … know ... I j … just woke up.” I stammered.


“Really?” he asked, “Or … are you just a USELESS FREAK?!!!” He was so mad I was terrified; I could feel a tear come down my cheek.


I still felt terrible, and the yelling didn’t help. My friends had told me that after your final morf, you usually feel much better. And judging by the constant threat of vomiting, I guessed I wasn’t done yet. The only problem being that neither of my parents would care, let alone listen to what I had to say.


My mother came in having heard the yelling. “So what can the boy do?” she asked, not paying any attention to me.


“SHE can’t do anything!” my father replied.


“She?” my mother turned to me. “Oh, so the brat’s a girl now, eh?”


When my father nodded, she went on, “So what do you think we should do with her? She can’t work at the zoo now.”


My father thought for quite a while. He had to think really hard as he had little in the ways of education. When he had an idea he turned to my mother. “We could sell her to a pimp, she looks good. If you weren’t my wife, I’d probably fuck the girl right now!”


My mother gave him a stern glare, probably because she didn’t approve of him cheating on her, not because she was concerned for me. “No, she could be brought in and could point us out, and then we’d be in some deep shit. We should just kick her sorry ass out. She’s no use to us now. We could even say she ran away.”


She paused to collect her thoughts, “Then we could publicize it, make her seem the ungrateful brat and people will shower us with condolences, maybe gifts to make us feel better.”


My father smiled. “You are such a genius,” he said, my mother nodding in agreement. Turning to me, he picked me up. “You heard her; we’re kicking your sorry ass out. But since I’m a benevolent father, I will give you ten minutes to pack your things and get out, before I have to physically kick you out.”


I just stared at him crying like the girl I was now. “You got ten minutes, starting,” he paused, “NOW!!”


The two laughed as they left the room.


I grabbed my school bag, pulling out my books and threw the energy packs and the sedatives in, realizing that I could die if I don’t finish morfing using the energy packs. I pulled on my flimsy coat and hat, and after adjusting the straps on my bag, I ran as fast as I could out the door. I could hear my parents laughing as I ran down the street.


I walked for about an hour before the sickness caught up with me, but at least I’d made it into a safer part of town before I just allowed myself to drop.


I sat there for what felt like hours, just waiting for whatever came my way. People would walk by, just looking at me. They must’ve thought I was a druggy or something as I was puking every few minutes. I was surprised by how much I could throw up.


It soon got dark, and I decided it was time to move on, I needed to find shelter for the night. I walked until I couldn’t go anymore, feeling my legs give away. I dropped to the ground, just managing to crawl into the mouth of an alley.


I passed out there while staring at the moon. I was pretty sure I wouldn’t wake up, and I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to.


When I woke, I felt soft warm blankets covering me. I immediately sat up, regretting it as the dizziness returned. I looked around, wondering where I was.


It was dark in the room, as the curtains were closed, but I could make out that the room had a soft pink hue. I guessed it was a girl’s room, which was confirmed when I noticed the vanity on the far wall.


I soon noticed that my clothes felt different. They seemed softer, and had a silky feeling to them. I looked down and saw I was wearing a pink nightgown.


All the more curious about where I was and why I was there, I began climbing out of the bed, struggling a bit against the blankets. As I tried to stand up, my legs gave out and I fell to the floor with a loud thud.


I soon heard footsteps and voices getting closer, so I crawled behind a nearby nightstand, hoping whoever it was wouldn’t find me.


Someone knocked at the door, which surprised me as I never received that courtesy before. After a few minutes of silence, the door slowly opened. The light from outside the door shone on the most beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes upon. Her eyes were like moonlit ponds, green and tranquil. Her hair was a colour similar to her eyes, so I guessed she had gone through MORFS.


She looked around the room from the door, trying to find me. “Where are you?” she said with a voice that seemed like a choir on its own. “Come on out, I won’t hurt you.”


I weighed my options. I could either keep hiding, risking the chance of incurring her wrath when she found me, or I could come out and hope she was telling the truth. I decided to risk it and crawled out of my hiding place.


Noticing the movement, she turned to me, smiling as she walked over to me. Crouching down, so she could look me in the eyes, she said, “Hi, my name’s Sierra. What’s yours?”


For some reason I felt safe enough to answer truthfully, “Er … Erik,” I stuttered, still a little afraid.


She looked mildly surprised but not too much as she smiled again. “Erik? Have you just gone through MORFS?” she asked with all the innocence in the world. I simply nodded. “I had thought so, from the way you were dressed when we found you. Well, let’s get you all washed up. You were filthy when we brought you here, but we didn’t think it would be appropriate to wash you while you were sleeping.”


“We? Who else is there?” I asked curious as to who she was working with.


“Oh, yes, me and my husband found you on the streets and brought you here. Now let’s get you into the shower,” she said as she began helping me stand up.


Once on both my feet, the sudden change in position caused me to hurl all over Sierra. I recoiled, fearing a beating, but it never came. I looked back at her, seeing a look of concern in her eyes.


“You’re not finished morfing, are you?” she asked with concern.


I shook my head causing her brow to furrow. She looked like she was trying to figure something out. When her face relaxed, she looked at me again. “Well, let’s get you cleaned up, then you can go back to sleep so you can finish your morf.”


She paused for a moment. “Do you have any energy packs or sedatives left?”


“In ... my ... my bag,” I replied shakily. She nodded her acknowledgement.

“Head right across the hall into the bathroom and take a shower. I’ll leave your things here, and when you’re done your shower, I have a few things to show you.” With that she pointed out the bathroom before she went to take care of other things.


I turned on the water, letting it heat up as I took off the silky nightgown. I looked at myself in the mirror and was once again astonished by how much I had changed. I hadn’t gotten a chance to take a look since I’d been kicked out.


The girl in the mirror … the girl that was me … was simply beautiful. She … I, had long blond hair that cascaded down to my shoulder blades judging by the feeling on my bare back. I realized it was going to take some getting used to, since I’d only had short brown hair before.


My new eyes were no longer deep green and constantly in shadow, but bright blue pools that sparkled in the light.


My nose was smaller and slightly upturned. My lips seemed fuller and slightly pinker. My overall face was rounder and softer. It seemed as if I captured femininity.


After taking inventory of the rest of my body, including what seemed like large breasts, though I wasn’t much of an authority, I climbed into the shower.


The falling water felt really good on my now more sensitive skin, and somehow it also felt like it was washing away my troubles with the dirt.


I stood there a little bit after I finished washing myself, wondering why they had taken me in. I wondered why they would let me use their water and the bedroom. It all seemed a little much for someone they’d never met before.


I climbed out of the shower, turning off the water. Sierra must’ve been standing outside, as she knocked on the door right after I got out. I was unsure what would be the polite thing to do. Normally, my parents would have just barged in, showing no respect for my privacy.


 Sierra was different, she was kind. I was brought out of my thoughts when she knocked again. “May I come in? Don’t worry about being naked, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before,” she said through the door.


I decided to let her help, she knew more about being a girl than I did. “Yes …” I said. I was already starting to feel a little more at ease around her.


She came in holding another nightgown and handed me a towel, and explained the finer points of how to dry off my sensitive skin. I’m glad she told me I had to pat myself as opposed to rubbing, or I would’ve had a bad rash. She showed me how to dry my hair with a blow dryer which she took from a drawer. She also showed me the easiest way to put on the nightgown.


When all was done, I was dry, clean, and was wearing a new sky blue nightgown.


I looked at her with growing affection. The more I heard her voice the calmer I got. I built up my courage and asked her something that had been bugging me for a while,

“Why are you doing all this for me?”


She looked at me like it was an obvious answer; she smiled and said, “Because it’s the right thing to do, Erik.”


Not feeling up to questioning her further, I followed her back to the room I awoke in. With the lights on, I could see more of the room. There was a full length mirror in one corner, next to the vanity I had seen earlier. A set of open doors, revealed a large closet of girls clothing.


I settled down in the bed, and noticed two things. One being that the sheets felt different, I figured Sierra must’ve changed them. Two, that it was a canopy bed. I looked over on the nightstand and saw the energy packs and sedatives I had brought with me.


“Well goodnight, I’ll try to be here when you wake up, but if I’m not able to, I’ll leave a note on the nightstand,” she said, about to leave the room.


“Ok, may I ask you a question before you go?”


She looked at me like she was fighting the urge to do something. “You just did,” she giggled.


At my straight face, she stopped. “Sorry, I couldn’t resist. What did you want to know?” she asked regaining her composure.


“Why do I have to wear this thing,” I said indicating the nightgown, “I mean, aren’t there some regular pajamas I could use?”


“Oh, that’s an easy question. My husband and I run a sort of school to help recent MORFS survivors that have changed sex, specifically, male to female. I have some experience in that area. Anyway, it’s mostly runways that the Children’s Aid Society has picked up, or sometimes it’s for families that are having difficulties adapting to their new daughter. We offer counseling and often give room and board for them.”


She paused to let it sink in. “Basically, we have found it helps to give kids a push in the right direction by keeping them in a decidedly female environment. They are expected to wear very feminine clothing, so you’ll notice that there aren’t any pants in the closet. After they leave, and graduate, so to speak they are allowed to wear whatever clothes they want.”


I nodded, a little surprised by all this. She smiled and told me something I never expected. “When you’re finished morfing, I’m going to take you shopping for clothes of your own.”


I was shocked by this turn of events. “I…I…” I stammered.


She shushed me. “Don’t worry about it just yet, you need your rest.” She left my side and after shutting off the lights, left the room.


I lay there for a moment, trying to understand her. She had shown more generosity to me, some one she barely knew, in such a short time than my own parents had shown me my entire life.


Deciding to figure it out later, I took the energy pack and sedatives, and drifted to sleep.


When I woke up next, I still felt sick, plus, my left elbow felt sore, and so did my back. I looked around and noticed a few things I must’ve overlooked earlier. There was an alarm clock on the nightstand, as well as a lamp. The clock said it was around midnight.


I turned on the lamp to see if there was a note. Sure enough there was. I picked it up.


“Dear Erik,

            I’m probably asleep in my room. It’s all the way down the hall to the right of your room. Don’t worry too much about waking me up; I want to help you with some things.




I got out of the bed and went to the door. I went down the hall until I came to the last door. Knocking sheepishly, I waited, ready to run at any moment.


The door opened, revealing a tall man, It was still kind of dark so I couldn’t really see what he looked like, other than he had dark hair that went down to his shoulders.


My father had always told me that men with long hair were either, hippies, sissies, or freaks. I used to believe him but I wasn’t too sure what to believe anymore. His eyes widened as he saw me.


I wondered what ‘that’ was about. “Um… is Sierra awake?” I asked shyly. I think the fact that he seemed about six foot five to me really made me nervous. Though that’s what I would’ve thought before, I had no idea of my current height.


“Just a sec,” he said groggily. He went back into the room and was soon replaced by Sierra. For a moment she said nothing, and only stared at me. “Hello Erik,” she finally said, “Sleep well?”


“I guess …I didn’t dream … but I also didn’t have any nightmares either,” I said with a shrug.


“Good, looking on the positive side of things is a good idea. Let’s get you cleaned up.”


She walked down to the bathroom as I followed her. “Are you feeling any better?” she questioned.


I sadly shook my head, “I actually feel worse, my left elbow hurts and so does my back.”


“I guess you’re not done yet. I’m sure it’ll be over soon.”


She opened the door and let me in but stood in front of the mirror, blocking my view.

“Before you look at yourself, I want your promise that you won’t freak out.” her voice had a kind of gentle firmness.


I wasn’t sure what she was talking about, I couldn’t figure out why she would ask that. “Why?” I asked.


“Just promise!” she said with a firmer tone.


“Ok, I promise.”


She smiled; I don’t think she actually believed I would follow through though. She stepped aside allowing me to look in the mirror. I just stared, what I saw just didn’t register in my head.


In the mirror was something that, after being subject to my parent’s ideals for sixteen years, I could only think of one thing to describe it, a “Freak”.


I started crying, I felt angry at my new freakish body for making me cry. I felt fear, fear of what was going to happen to me. I could hear Sierra talking, but the words didn’t make sense in my distressed state.


Strangely though, as I continued to hear Sierra talking, I began to calm down. It must’ve been her soothing tone, never before had I heard such a kind and calming voice. Eventually I stopped crying, but she kept talking, hugging me, and whispering reassurances into my ear.


After what felt like an eternity, she let go of me and stopped talking. When I looked up, on the verge of more tears, she only smiled. “Erik, I know this is hard for you, but you must be strong. You can’t let the changes get you down. You’ll only hurt yourself.”


She looked at the ceiling apparently trying to organize her thoughts. She looked me in the eyes again. “I know what it feels like to lose your identity to MORFS …”


“But you’re beautiful!! I’m just a FREAK!!” I yelled at her, immediately recoiling at my outburst.


She just looked me in eyes and did something I didn’t expect from her. “Now you listen to me! You are what you want to be! Don’t let the corrupted views of others influence you!” She paused to catch her breath. “I want you to look in that mirror and tell me what you see. And a “Freak” is not an answer!”


I hesitated but looked in the mirror I was about to say “freak” but thought otherwise. “I see an ugly girl,” I said with malice towards my new form.


“Be more specific that that,” she said firmly, the anger gone from her voice.


I thought for a moment then spoke again. “I see a mixed up girl.”


“What’s mixed up about her?” she asked.


“Her left side seems darker than her right.”


“Now look at only look at one side, either side! Do you see an ugly girl, or a unique girl?”


“A unique girl,” I admitted. She smiled “Get into the shower. I’ll leave a nightgown for you.


After she left the room, I quickly sat down to relieve myself, wiping up afterwards. Climbing into the shower, I quickly washed off. Getting out after a bit, I grabbed a towel. I was about to wipe myself dry when I remembered Sierra’s instructions, so I patted myself dry and began drying my long hair.


Finally dry, I looked around for the nightgown. I noticed it on the counter and picked it up. It was backless and a soft pink. Ignoring the colouring, I put it on, noticing how it hugged my new curves. Dismissing that thought for now, I walked back to the bedroom, finding Sierra waiting for me, sitting on the bed. I sat down beside her.


“I would like you to try sleeping on your side tonight,” she said kindly.


“Uh…. Sure, why though?” I asked.


“Just trust me; it should be more comfortable when you wake up.” That was all she said before she exited the room, wishing me a goodnight as she left.


With her advice in my head, I rolled over onto my right side, sliding my arm under the pillow. Using my left arm, I ate an energy pack and took a sedative. I let the drug induced slumber cover me as I wondered how I would turn out.


I woke up feeling much better than before. The nausea was gone, so was the dizziness and the aches. I wasn’t eager to see the new me, but the need to pee was too much.


I left the bedroom, not noticing the note on the nightstand. I went into the bathroom and after relieving myself, looked in the mirror. I froze at my reflection. Finally my mind caught up and I screamed. The mirror and the light fixture shattered as I collapsed, miraculously avoiding the broken glass.


I just huddled there crying, no longer caring about the unmanly behavior my father taught me to avoid, totally terrified by my new appearance.


I barely noticed the sudden appearance of several girls at the door, nor did I notice when Sierra’s husband came in, waving his hand, causing the broken glass to fix itself.


Nor did I notice Sierra come in until she crouched in front of me, whispering soft words.

I ignored everything except her voice, drawing on its beauty to calm myself.


She helped me up, encouraging me to look in the mirror again. I just couldn’t look, it confirmed everything my parent’s had said about MORFS, and I didn’t want to face it.


“Just look in the mirror Erik. But not at the whole you, but just a part, any part,” she encouraged.


Finally, I relented and looked again, this time just looking at the eyes.


“Do you have something to look at?” she asked.


I simply nodded in reply. “Good, now think real hard, is there anything positive about the feature? You don’t have to tell me, just think about it.”


I just stared at the eyes for what felt like an eternity. They were so deep in their own way. The left eye was red, seeming to radiate strength, even though the turmoil of my emotions was clearly visible. The other eye was a bright blue, with a soothing quality to it. It seemed to radiate a feeling of kindness. I surmised that they weren’t that bad.


I looked at Sierra, who was smiling at me. “Are you ready to move on to the next part?”

I nodded again. “Ok, same deal, find something positive for each part until you are done.”


I moved to my hair. It was long, down past my shoulders. It was blond, but had black streaks spaced throughout it. The two colours were evenly proportioned, no one colour was predominant. I had seen other girls with hair like this, dyed obviously, but it helped me come to the conclusion that it could be worse.


I moved onto the wings, ‘Wings?’ I almost fainted at the realization that I had wings, but steadied and followed Sierra’s instructions. They were strange, being two completely different types of wings. The left one was that of a bird, pure white with shiny feathers that gave it the look of snow. The other was what appeared to be a bat’s wing. The membrane was a pitch black in appearance and the “fingers” were red, yet its overall look, I decided, was pretty cool. Considering how much I liked bats and birds, I decided to accept the wings.


Next, I looked at my left arm. It, along with the entire left half of my body was pitch black, with little lines of red weaving along it. Plus there was a small red spike protruding from my elbow, and my fingernails resembled claws, red claws to be exact. It just screamed freak, but I didn’t want to disappoint Sierra, took a deep breath and settled down. I kept looking, and after staring at my arm for a few minutes, concluded that I could live with it due to the uniqueness of it.


The right side of me was pretty much the same as before I had come to Sierra’s only it had a soft glow to it.


I took another look at my whole body, realizing how flawed my outlook had been. That’s when I realized that I hadn’t even noticed before, that I had pointed ears.


I looked into Sierra’s eyes, and she returned the gaze. All she said was, “Done?”


“Yes…” I paused as I noticed I had a double voice. One part of it screamed youthful innocence and beauty, the other seemed kind of dark and much to my surprise, rather sexy.


Sierra shepherded everyone out of the bathroom leaving me to take a shower.


Finishing my shower, I dried off and went out to find some clothes that had been laid out while I was showering. A note lay on top.


Dear Erik,

            These clothes are for you. They probably aren’t an exact fit, but will have to do until I can take you shopping.



P.S. I’ll be up soon, so if you’re struggling with anything, I will give you a hand.


I looked at the obviously female garments, noticing a red bra and matching panties, a red halter top, and a pair of black denim jeans.


The panties were easy enough to get on, as they weren’t much different from guy’s underwear other than s the different cut. When I got to the bra though, I was at a loss. After a few embarrassing attempts to put it on, I decided to wait for Sierra.


When someone knocked at the door, I asked, “Who is it?” still a little put off by my double voice.


“It’s me, Sierra.” she said. I opened the door and let her in. She smiled, “Having trouble?” she giggled. I nodded, a little embarrassed. “Here, I’ll help.”


She showed me how to put the bra on. I had never thought just getting dressed would be so hard. She explained that the bra was a special design, made for girls who through MORFS had developed wings. It hooked below the wings, so it wouldn’t get in the wings’ way. Judging by the fact she had gotten a custom bra for me, I guessed she had anticipated my wings coming.


She helped me with putting on the halter top too. It was difficult, compared to what I was used to. I realized that my new wings would take a lot of getting used to.


I got the pants on myself, and she handed me a pair of socks.


With that done, Sierra led me downstairs to have breakfast for the first time.


As I walked down the stairs, I noticed that my wings moved a little as I walked, causing me to have a great deal more grace than I ever had before. I hadn’t noticed it before, probably because I had still been half asleep before my shower.


When we got to the bottom, I noticed a large table with six teenage girls sitting around it apparently eating breakfast. At one end was Sierra’s husband reading the newspaper.


As I got closer, all the girls turned to me and whispered amongst themselves. I could hear every word they said. One asked, “Who’s the new girl?”


“I heard she broke the mirror in the upstairs bathroom because she was so ugly,” said another, which drew a severe frown from Sierra.


“Why does she get to wear pants?” asked another.


At that point I noticed they all were wearing skirts or sundresses.


Timidly, I looked to Sierra for encouragement. She smiled and clapped her hands to get everyone’s attention, causing them to turn to her. “Now everyone, we have a new guest here. Her name was Erik and she has just finished morfing. I want you all to be respectful towards her. As you’re probably wondering, she is being allowed to wear pants for today only because she has just gone through a very traumatic experience, and I didn’t want to put too much on her plate right now.” She paused to let it all sink in.


When her words caught up with my confused thoughts, I was slightly put off. I didn’t want to wear skirts.


I brooded over it in my head not paying much attention to her words. “As is custom here, those who join us without a proper girl name are required to pick one from the suggestions of everyone else …”


That part stuck out, and I was about to object when she said, “BEGIN!”


The torrent came hard; I barely caught most of them. Some of them were strangely exotic, but after the constant flow of names died down a bit, I went through the ones I had heard.


There was the obvious, Erika, which I dismissed as I didn’t want to share a name with my mother. Then there were Erin, Ariel, and several others not worth mentioning.


A girl who had not said anything until then said something I couldn’t hear.


“Speak up Rachael,” Sierra encouraged.


“Eris …” she said with an air of uncertainty.


Suddenly the name just made sense. I remembered it as the name of the goddess of chaos from Greek mythology. It seemed to fit my situation, plus it was close to my old name. “I like it. Thank you, Rachael.” she smiled and went back to her breakfast.


Sierra had me sit close to her at the table while her husband got me a bowl of cereal and a glass of orange juice. After setting my breakfast down, he sat on the other side of Sierra and introduced himself as Travis before he went back to his paper.


Sierra stood up again and clapped her hands. Once again everyone turned in her direction. I realized t that was how she got everyone’s attention on a regular basis. “Now everyone, we all know Eris’ new name, why don’t you all share yours,” she said.


Everyone nodded their approval and a girl with pink hair stood up, she was so beautiful, that had I still had the means to do so, I would’ve probably had a boner. “My name is Aayla,” she said, then sat back down.


Another girl stood up, she looked average. Her brown hair was parted to cover the right side of her face. She had greens eyes, average build etcetera. “My name’s Eva.” She was about to sit when Sierra shot her a stern glare causing her to flinch. She sighed as she pushed back her hair, revealing two extra eyes, one above and one below her normally placed right eye. The top one was red, the other purple, and the normally placed one was pure white.


I was a little surprised by it and made note to try doing my hair like that.


Rachael stood up next; she had shiny red hair and green eyes. She wasn’t drop dead gorgeous, but she was still very pretty. She seemed really shy though. “I’m Rachael,” she said in a timid voice before she quickly sat down.


Next a girl with black hair stood up. Her green eyes darted about the room. She had a small frame, and seemed very energetic. “Hi, I’m Britney.” She quickly sat down.


A very tall girl stood up, she seemed very athletic, and had an air of confidence around her. “I’m Sophy.” Her voice seemed deeper than most girls.


As she sat down, a girl that fit every description I had ever read about vampires stood up. Her hair was a shiny silver colour and her eyes were red. Her skin was very pale. “Marilyn,” she said, and then promptly sat down. As she spoke I caught a glimpse of fangs in her mouth, and wondered if she drank blood, but dismissed it as paranoia.


Sierra stood up again. “Well, now that we’re all introduced, everyone finish up your morning rituals and get ready for school. Eris, when you’re done with your breakfast go up to your room so you can get ready. I’ll be waiting there for you.”


“Get ready for what?” I asked.

“We’re going shopping today; you need some clothes that will fit you properly.” She went upstairs after putting away her now empty bowl.


The rest of the girls finished earlier than I did, and went upstairs to get ready.


After I finished, I put my dishes in the dish washer Travis pointed out, and went upstairs as well.


As Sierra said she would be, she was up in my room, waiting for me by the vanity.


She had me sit down at the vanity and asked me if I had any ideas as to how I wanted to do my hair. I told her about the idea I’d got from Eva and she confessed she’d had Eva show me her eyes to give me the idea of using my hair to cover the left side of my face.


She parted my hair similar to Eva’s and had me watch so I could do it myself later.


She stared at my reflection for a long time and eventually sighed. “What is it?” I asked.


“Well, because of your … unique skin colouring, I can’t figure out how to do your makeup. I guess we’re going to have to see what we can think of later.” With that said, she had me wait downstairs in the living room while she got ready and saw the other girls off to school.


After everyone had left, she led me out to a large van. It was a little uncomfortable with my wings being pressed against the seat, but I could live with it.


We drove to a nearby mall and went inside. It made me very nervous when almost everyone would stop and stare at me. Sierra just kept me moving until we got to the first store, whose name I didn’t catch.


When we got inside, I realized it was a lingerie store. A cheerful looking woman walked over, taking a moment to stare at me before she turned to Sierra and shook her hand.

“Ah, Mrs. Marren, welcome back. I see you have a new girl with you.” Her voice was cheerful and had not a trace of disapproval.


“Yes, this is Eris. She just finished morfing and needs some new clothes.”


The woman turned to me. “Hello Eris, I’m Susan. Sorry if I stared, but you are quite unique,” she said, causing me to blush.


“Nice to meet you Susan,” I replied.


Susan turned back to Sierra and whispered something to her, to which Sierra nodded. Susan hurried off to take care of something, leaving me and Sierra to look around.


We had to stick to only a few racks of bras, due to my wings requiring me to wear a special bra.


While we were looking, I looked at Sierra, trying to figure out why she did all the things she did. She noticed my attention and smiled. “What? Do I have something on my face?” she asked, while pretending to search her face.


“Oh….uh…no, I was just trying to figure out what Susan said to you,” I lied. I didn’t like to lie to her, but I didn’t want to ask such a personal question just yet.


“Oh, she offered to lock the store up so we’d have some privacy,” she replied. I nodded my understanding as we continued.


By the time we finished I had about eleven bras and matching panties of varying colours. We got several nightgowns, all with open backs. I had to try on everything; I don’t think I was ever that embarrassed before.


We left the store moving between various other stores.


By lunchtime I had a variety of blouses, tank tops, halter tops, and other types of shirts, all of which either had openings in the back for wings, or we sent to be tailored. I also had many different types of skirts, several knee lengths, a few minis, and many more. I never realized there were so many types. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to get any pants, as it contradicted Sierra’s house rules that she’d set for the other girls.


When we went to the food court for lunch and Sierra ordered us each a salad and a diet soda. I tried to protest but she quieted me with apparently her favorite lesson to teach, “A girl’s gotta watch her figure.” Then she relented, “I guess since you just finished morfing, you can use a few extra calories, but just this once.” So, I ordered a hamburger, which I had a hard time finishing, to my surprise.


After we finished our lunch, we went back to our mall crawl. We got a variety of makeup with tips from a cosmetician on what could be done with my face.


We also got socks and more shoes that day than in my entire life before then. Sierra was tempted to get my ears pierced, but decided to wait until after my post MORFS check up to determine if I could.


After getting it all into the van, which took several trips back to the shops where we had purchased things, we headed back to Sierra’s home. The other girls helped us unload all the clothes and put them up in my room.


After the girls inspected almost everything, we went downstairs for supper. It was the best supper I had ever had, a pot roast with the potatoes and the carrots cooked with the roast. Sierra had to remind several of the girls, myself included to take smaller bites.


When supper was finished, Sierra sent me, Eva, Rachael, and Marilyn to finish putting away my new clothes while the other girls cleaned up after supper.


While we were putting the clothes away, Eva looked at me. “I noticed you tried my hairstyle.”


“Yeah, I was inspired … Uh, if you don’t me asking, what’s it like with all those eyes?”


She looked at me, a little put off, for which I reprimanded myself, “Sorry, I shouldn’t have …”


“Don’t worry about it,” she interrupted, “To answer your question, it’s very different from what it used to be. I can see colours I never knew existed, and I can see in ultraviolet, infrared, x-ray, and various other frequencies.”


She paused for a moment, seemingly unsure whether to continue or not. When it appeared she had built up the courage to do so, she continued, “So what does it feel like for you?”


I paused, a little unnerved and unsure how to answer, but deciding she deserved an answer,   “It’s different; I had to get a lot of custom clothes for my wings and the spike on my arm. Sometimes I hope that my powers will be invisibility.”


“Nope, that’s taken.” Rachael spoke to me for the first time since this morning.


“Pardon me?” I questioned, to which she disappeared and reappeared.


She smiled, again a first since this morning. “It’s kinda fun, though the practical uses are pointless now,” she joked causing us all to laugh. Even Marilyn let out a giggle that seemed so out of place with her, we all laughed harder.


When we were finally finished, it was getting late and close to the curfew Sierra had set. The girls all went back to their own rooms and left me to my own devices.


I got undressed and slipped into one of my new nightgowns, careful not to rip it with my elbow spike. I settled down in bed, and waited for sleep to envelop me. Laying there I thought about how different things had become.


I was just thinking about how kind Sierra had been to me when she came in and sat next to me. “Goodnight Eris, tomorrow we’re going to take you in for your post MORFS checkup. But before we do, I need to know, why were you on the streets when we found you?”


I related the entire story to her, about my parent’s fanatic anti-MORFS feelings, their utter uselessness as far as doing anything positive to raise me once I was old enough to bring in an income, from when I had been diagnosed, to being sent to my room and told to take care of myself, to waking up and getting kicked out.


She gazed in horror as I recounted how my parents had treated me. She finally composed herself, and looked at me with a compassionate look on her face. “That’s horrible! There’s only one thing to do. After your check up, we’ll go to the CAS and set things straight. Your parents will get what they deserve!”


“Will I get to stay with you longer though? Or will I have to go to a foster home?” I asked, concerned.


“I’m sure we can make arrangements for you to stay here with me. The CAS often sends kids who can’t rely on their parents to help them adjust to their new gender to me. Besides, I have a few friends in the CAS who owe me some favors.”


When she said this, I smiled. “Goodnight, I’ll see you tomorrow,” she said, standing up.


“Goodnight,” I replied as she walked out the door.


I eventually fell asleep with the thought I may be able to have a better life on my mind.


End Part One






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