Taking Over

By Shrike

“Everybody on the floor or we'll kill you.”

I looked up and saw the shouting person was a classicly dressed super villain in what looked like spandex, but probably was the new Neolastane. It was the latest fashion using nanotube reinforced synthetic fabric. The man threatening everyone in the pharmacy wasn't alone however. There were three more similarly classic dressed villains. They were undoubtedly MORFS survivors with superpowers.

The one who yelled before repeated now spoke directly to me, “I said everyone on the ground. That includes you, Pops.”

Now the lowlife was addressing me, Rory O'Brien. I was indeed elderly and retired after working for more than 50 years as an OB/ GYN. But I balked at this lowlife addressing me like that. And even if I wanted to comply, I couldn't. My muscles don't comply well enough anymore. You see, I had contracted Parkinson. I did go through MORFS as one of the earliest patients, and I didn't have any defects after that. But I got poisoned with some manganese and it got me into this condition. Already my muscles were stiff and my left side was trembling out of control sometimes.

I snarled back at the villian, “I can't. I'm not well enough to comply.”

The villain looked at me with screwed eyes before turning away to make sure the other people were lying on the floor. I turned my attention to him and the other villains. You see, I didn't get any visible hybrid traits, just some webbed feet and weird skin on my feet. But I did gain a mild telepathic ability. It wasn't that strong, but enough to sometimes read a patient or to comfort someone. Too bad it didn't help me a bit with my marriage. My wife left me after 6 years of marriage, taking our little girl of 5 years old with her.

I tried to read the minds of the perpetrators as they started raiding the drug and medicine cabinets. The skinny one putting bottles into a carrying case was a bit readable. He was just a kid, barely old enough to drink or drive. But I was not able to read any of the others till I got to the girl spraying ice on the stuff that they packed into the carrying case. For some reason I could very easily invade the thoughts of this girl.

As I got into her mind, I instantly knew everything she knew. She wasn't a bright girl, more like a classic blonde. She was very naïve and simple. It turned out that she had been very retarded before MORFS cured her defects. But she hadn't learned much after that, so now she was just ignorant and easily led Maybe that was the reason I could get into her thoughts that easy. But seriously I doubted that. 'My telepathic power isn't that strong.' As I trampled around in her mind, she froze and stood there motionless. The leader of the group, who called himself Lightning as I knew from the girls mind, saw both his female accomplice and my old body frozen up.

He called out, “What the hell are you doing?” Then he shot a huge lightning bolt towards my old body.

I was barely aware of him doing it, but as it impacted I definitely noticed. I felt a gut wrenching agony rip through my body and something snapped. My lights went out as I fell into a dark abyss. The girl got a backlash as well and fell down like a puppet whose strings got cut. My body in the meantime twitched before crumpling into a charred heap.

Lightning laughed cruelly as the old man's body died fast and horribly. He said, “Serves you right, old man.” Than he spat on the body.

Slowly I came to, feeling strange and I don't know, distant. I wasn't really in control of my body, but it started looking around all on it's own 'Weird.'. It was then that I got a big shock. There on the floor were charred remains of a body. Not just any body but more accurate, the charred remains of my body. I could clearly identify myself by the clothes and posture. 'But if my body is there, then where the hell am I?' I willed myself to move the body a bit and as I made it glance down I got another big shock. I was inside the girl's body. I didn't get more time at that point to investigate though.

The skinny kid, who called himself Irradiate as I recalled from the girls memory called out, “Watch out, here comes that pesky team of Elementals.” Indeed I heard a high whining sound and saw some people dressed in black suits moving our way.

Lightning grabbed my body, I mean my new body and whispered, “Let's get out of here babe.” Then to the chubby member of his group, who called himself Vanisher as I recalled from the girl's memory, “Get us out of here before they can do something to us.”

I could only watch as a spectator, while Vanisher teleported us away from the pharmacy while the black clad people from the team of Elementals made their way towards where we had been standing.

In a blink of an eye I was inside a poorly lit room, with the other villains. They still thought that I was their team member. But I was not only Pamela Bonner, or as they called me Ice-Bunny, but I was also Rory O'Brien. Somehow I inhabited the body with the simple girl. She wasn't really aware that I was there as well and I made sure that she wasn't too much aware of my being in there with her.

Feeling safe in this room everyone pulled their hoods down and my body did the same. Now I understood why they called me Ice-Bunny. I, or rather Pamela, had gained long white ears like a snow rabbit during her MORFS. I made a mental note to check later for a fluffy white tail on my back side. Pamela's memory reminded me that she had one. I couldn't help thinking, 'Put me in a leotard and I'll fit right in at the Hefner mansion.'

Then I got another shock, something resembling a big ladybug or other beetle scurried into the room. Fortunately Pamela was in control of the body or I would have made myself conspicuous. Everyone else thought that it was perfectly all right to have such a hideous creature come into the room. I got another shock as the bug, (that really was his codename as I gathered from Pamela's memories), started to talk. With a raspy voice he asked, “So how did it go at the pharmacy? Did you get all we needed?”

Lightning said with an unsteady voice, “Uh, not all boss. There was some trouble, an old geezer was interfering with Ice-bunny. I flash fried him good, but then those elementals from Eclipse started showing up. We had to split, we don't dare go up against them.”

Bug snarled, “You should have hurried more. I do applaud that you didn't get yourself caught by those Eclipse SOB's. Now what was this about an old man interfering with Ice-bunny?”

He turned to me, or rather Pamela. I kind of retreated as far as I could inside her mind and with good reason. The bug was a telepath, he broke into her mind with ease. I never had that much power at my disposal. He trampled through Pamela's mind like a bull in a china shop. I managed to evade him though. He never knew I was there.

After he retreated out of Pamela's mind, she complained, “Hey, that hurt. Why'd you do that?”

“Stop yapping, silly twit. There was evidence of someone reading your mind. But if he's toast as Lightning said, then I guess it doesn't matter what he might have found out.”


Eclipse team

Blitz knelt down at a charred body on the floor of a pharmacy that had been raided by the gang of elementals they had been chasing for a few weeks now. He called out, “Flutter? Situation?”

From further in the store came the answer, “All clear Blitz. They're gone, as usual. How's that guy?”

“Dead, another victim by the buggers. That makes a total of nine now. Lightning fried this one. According to his ID, his name was Rory O'Brien, a retired OB/ GYN. Did you copy that, base?”

Inside his helmet the base of operations answered that they'd received it. They'd check for the man's next of kin. In the mean time Blitz, Flutter, Echo, Sizzle and Nuke checked the store with the help of the personnel. They'd ascertained that several drugs were missing. Mostly the expensive rare drugs, that would turn out a fortune when sold on the black market.


Pamela Bonner

Pamela retreated to her own room, feeling upset with the treatment she got from the Bug. She questioned herself once more why she ran with this crowd. She did remember that Lightning, or Bryce Lorcell as his real name was, was usually very nice to her. When he touched her in special places, she felt so good and nice. And when they undressed and he got his thick dick inside her, she felt even better. Even thinking of that made her feel good and tingly. She even started to feel wet between her thighs.


Rory O'Brien

I almost gagged at the thoughts Pamela was having. She was so naïve. That Bryce guy just used her as a bimbo to fuck and get his rocks off. And the crew was using her since she was quite dim-witted. She wasn't exactly stupid, but she had never learned all the social skills a girl her age should have. I didn't want to reveal myself yet. Being inside her, as that might tip the Bug to my presence. I had a feeling that he would do his damnest to eradicate me, and not have any regards for Pamela's well being. As a doctor my patient's needs always came first and I regarded Pamela as my patient, though she was carrying me along for a ride.

And what a ride it turned out to be. She was feeling horny and got out of her Neolastane suit. She started to rub her breasts and slowly one hand wandered off southwards. Soon she was inserting a finger into her damp snatch. I felt overwhelmed with the feelings. Though this wasn't really my body, I could feel everything she did and felt. I felt a bit dirty and sort of a peeping tom experiencing it, but the feelings were too good to retreat into her mind and block from my memory. So, instead I felt her inserting another finger into her dripping wet pussy and then she found her clitoris. She started moaning and panting and soon exploded into orgasm. She almost screamed out from pleasure, but held it back just in time. In a short time Pamela brought herself to three fantastic orgasms, well I thought they were fantastic, but she'd had better, I picked up from her stray thoughts.

Finally Pamela felt tired enough to lay down. I waited till she was sound asleep and got the body under my control. I got her body up and walked toward the big mirror on her door. Her thighs were a bit sticky from the secretions after her finger exercises, but I ignored that as best I could. I briefly contemplated taking a shower and cleaning up, but decided against that, as Pamela would wonder how she got clean and wet. She might even wake up during the shower. I examined her body clinically as a doctor would, though it kind of turned me on as well. 'Okay, so I'm not so clinical as I should.'

Her body was trim and fit, and indeed she had a fluffy white little tail on her behind. I looked at everything and then looked around in her room. It was quite empty, with only the bare necessities. Then my eye fell on a picture standing on her nightstand. I went over and looked at it. I gasped in shock, 'What is she doing with a picture of my wife with our little girl?'

As I looked again, it struck me, this wasn't a picture of my wife. The face looked a lot like her, but was just a little different. I realized that this must be Alice, our daughter with her own daughter. I had to sit down, I just realized that I must now be in my own granddaughter's body. 'Well, that explains why I could get into her mind so easily. Her unsophisticated mind, coupled with being of my bloodline, made it easy for me get access to her mind.'

As I was contemplating all this, I felt her starting to wake up. So I lay down as she had done and retreated back into her head. She woke up right after I finished, and got up to go to the bathroom for a quick shower and to take care of other business. After that she drank some water and went back to sleep. I didn't want to tire her body out, so I did the same. If you can call resting your mind only, as sleeping that is.

The next morning I woke up as Pamela rolled out of bed. I stayed in the background and watched her do her normal morning rituals.

She had a breakfast in the small kitchen together with Alan Kittridge. He was called Irradiate, because his power was with radiation. Pamela asked him with a nudge from me, “Why do you hang out with these guys? You're not such a bad guy.”

Alan snorted, “When I discovered my powers, I accidentally exposed some people to alpha, beta and gamma radiation. Some of them died because of it. I was arrested for murder one, but the Bug freed me from the cops. I've been here ever since. How about you? You're too much of a nice girl to be here. Why are you here?”

I felt Pamela thinking, 'Why am I here really?' “I like Bryce a lot. I guess I am here because of him.”

“You can do a lot better than him,” said an exasperated Alan.

“You think so? I'm not that pretty, you know.” Said Pamela a bit embarrassed.

“Oh, come on, you're a pretty girl. You shouldn't put yourself down. I also think that you're smarter than you appear to be.”

Their conversation was interrupted as Bryce entered the kitchen. “Hey babe,” he said as he put his big hand around her waist. He gave her a slobbering kiss on her cheek before looking into the fridge to see what he could have for breakfast.

Pamela was put off by Bryce's behavior, and went back to her room. She got thinking about why she really hung out with this crew. Bryce treated her like a bimbo and she didn't like committing all the crimes for the Bug. The Bug actually scared the hell out of her. He invaded her privacy of her mind too often. She decided to get some fresh air and after dressing in a conservative dress, went out to a nearby park.

I recognized the park, I had been there lots of times myself. So we weren't as far away as I had feared. Once Pamela sat down on a bench watching a pond, I decided to announce myself to her.

Softly I said in our shared head, *Pamela*

She startled and looked around, “Who is there? Show yourself!”

*I'm not physically anywhere anymore. I'm in your head.* I thought to her softly.

Pamela shook her head, “Am I going nuts? How can you be in my head? Who are you?”

*Please keep your voice down, it wouldn't do you good talking out loud to no one.*

Pamela still wasn't buying it, “If you don't tell me who you are, I'm gonna make you real sorry you messed with me. And if you're in my head as you said, I'll ask the Bug to get you out. How can I talk to you without speaking?”

*All you have to do is think your words to me, you don't have to actually say them. As for having that criminal Bug trampling through your mind again, that would be a big mistake. He would probably scramble your brain permanently beyond repair and may kill me as well. Now for who I am, I was looking into your mind at the pharmacy, the one you and your fellow criminals were raiding. Remember the old man? That was me. Bryce electrocuted my body and somehow that forced my mind out of there into your head.*

Pamela gasped as she heard that part. She almost spoke up, but only mumbled a little while saying, *So your body is dead and you live on with me in my body? Can you get out? I don't want anyone in here with me. Wait, were you in here when I…? Oh shit, you were, weren't you? You watched me doing …* And she was thinking of her pleasuring herself that night.

*Uh, yes. I'm sorry, I was there and lived it through you. But don't feel ashamed. There was nothing I hadn't seen before. I was a doctor in my own body.*

Pamela was still upset, *Doctor or not, what gives you the right do what you did?*

*I really am sorry, but it is not like I have a choice. I don't know if I can 'Kill' myself in here, or even if I can leave. I'm afraid that you're stuck with me.*

Pamela gasped, *You're always going to be with me? Wait, you said that the Bug could kill you. We should ask him to get you out of my head.*

Now I was shaking, figuratively speaking of course. *Please don't do that, Pamela.*

Furiously she asked, *Give me one good reason I shouldn't, you pervert!*

*I'll give you two. First off, the Bug would probably mess up your mind when he kills me. He doesn't give a damn about you. You'd end up with headaches at best or as a vegetable at worst. Now, I do care about you, which brings me to my second reason. I noticed the photo on your nightstand. I think you're my granddaughter. Your mother is Alice O'Brien, is it not?*

Pamela started crying, *She was, before she got married to John Bonner. He beat her and left after a few years. Mom is dead now, I accidentally froze her and she died from exposure.*

Pamela's confession tore a chunk out of my psychological heart. 'My daughter is dead? I lost touch with her after my wife took her away. I'm not prepared for the news of her death.' *How about your grandmother, did you have contact with her?*

*I never knew my grandparents. Say, how can I be sure that you're my grandfather as you say. You could be making that up. You could have taken the knowledge of my mom's maiden name from my memory.* Pamela said indignantly.

*Yes, I could have. However I can prove that I was Rory O'Brien. I was married to Magda for 6 years, before she disappeared with our daughter Alice. Check the newspapers on the raid yesterday, they should report that my name is the dead person your group left behind.*

Pamela snidely commented, *Well, I'm going to find that out. Now will you please be quiet. I don't need your voice inside me at the moment.*

I felt bad for my granddaughter, so I did just that and retreated as far as I could back into her mind. I did however keep on monitoring her.


Eclipse team

Blitz went into the Central Control room to follow up on the raid on the pharmacy they interrupted. He asked one of the techs, “Any news on the next of kin of that deceased man we found?”

“We did locate his ex-wife. Sanura is trying to contact her. We did come across something interesting. I already had the data send to Sanura. Maybe you'd like to see it as well?”

Blitz smiled, “Sure, what've you got” He started reading the information on the big screen, It showed a picture and some information on the dead man, Rory O'Brien. Next to him was his ex-wife, Magda Schiller, and a woman that looked a lot like her. The information stated that it was their daughter Alice Bonner née O'Brien.

Then a mug shot of a known felon named John Bonner was displayed and last but not least a picture of a pretty snow-rabbit hybrid was on screen. Her information said, Pamela, daughter of Alice and John Bonner. Age: 19, Classification: Ice-elemental. No known whereabouts.

Blitz whistled softly, “I think I have seen her. I think she's running with the group of elemental criminals that we've been hunting and who killed Rory O'Brien. I bet she doesn't even know that it was her own grandfather that was killed at the scene.”

Sanura said from behind him, “My guess is that you'd win that bet. Rory O'Brien didn't know he had a granddaughter, much less how she would look. I just got off the phone with the ex-wife. She didn't know that she had a granddaughter. Apparently the girl ran away at 17. She also didn't know that her daughter was dead because of an accident involving her granddaughter.”

She pointed to the next information, which stated that Pamela was wanted for questioning as her mother had died from exposure to cold. “I'm thinking that Pamela accidentally froze her mother and ran away in fear and shame. But we can only say for certain when we find her and question her.”


Pamela looked at the news on her eCom, while relaxing on her bed. She read about the interrupted raid on the pharmacy, it stated that the thieves stole several expensive drugs and that a local OB/ GYN doctor named Rory O'Brien was killed by the criminals. They went on to say that the heinous criminals were being targeted by several law enforcement agencies. They didn't mention ECLIPSE though, and Pamela was puzzled why they weren't mentioned.

As she closed down her eCom, Pamela thought, 'So, he was telling the truth about getting killed.'

I thought to her, *I told you so. I am who I said I am.*

Pamela startled and spoke out loud, “I thought I told you not to scare me like that.”

*Ssst, keep your voice down.* But it was already too late I realized, as there was a knock on her door.

“Ice-Bunny? Is there someone in there with you?” The voice of Bryce sounded agitated. Without waiting for any reply, he opened her door and stepped inside.

“No, there is no one here but me. I was talking to a squirrel outside. He keeps scaring me jumping in front of the window.” Pamela said quickly.

*Good thinking,* I thought to her.

Pamela didn't respond to me, but instead said in a miffed tone, “What are you doing, barging into my room?”

“Oh, come on babe. I was worried about you.” Bryce tried to lie his way out.

Pamela was hesitant. On one side she didn't like him come into her room just like that. But on the other she liked that he would be so protective of her.

I almost gagged, figuratively speaking of course. *You're not believing a word, are you?* I asked Pamela in her head. *He's so full of himself. He thinks that you're his possession and play toy. He doesn't care about you, he only wants to get into your pants.*

Pamela didn't know what to think. Rory made sense, but wasn't he just jealous?

*Oh please, Pamela. I'm not jealous. I am, well used to be anyway, a man. While I wouldn't be so overly coming on to girls, I do know a lot of guys do. Trust me on this, he's just afraid of losing his girl to fuck. Pardon my French.*

Pamela made a decision. “Please get out Bryce. Leave me alone.”

“But babe,” tried Bryce.

“No, I said OUT!” yelled an upset Pamela.

Bryce did get out of her room, but Pamela didn't see his face as he closed the door. It was all twisted into an evil grin. He wasn't thinking nice thoughts about 'his' girlfriend.

A little later Pamela was getting something to eat, when she heard lightning bolts hitting something outside the building. She asked Alan, “What is going on out there?”

“Bryce said he was going to practice his power.”

Pamela shuddered, 'Why was Bryce suddenly so diligent with practicing? He always prided himself as 'not needing any practice' and thought of himself as infallible.'

She put it out of her head and dug up some snack from the cupboard. Then she heard the door open. She looked up to a triumphant looking Bryce. He said with a weird grin, “I got it.” He slammed something down on the table and exclaimed, “you don't have to worry about that squirrel scaring you ever again, babe. I scorched it for you.”

With horror Pamela looked at the thing on the table and barely managed to recognize the blackened thing as a dead squirrel. She was repulsed at Lightning. How could he do such a thing? I didn't even need to nudge her, as she now realized how cruel and selfish her boyfriend really was.

“Why did you fry that poor critter? He didn't do anything to you. Get it out of my sight and you go with it.” Pamela yelled to Bryce. Then she turned and stormed back to her room.

Bryce looked at Alan, “What was that all about? She told me that the squirrel was scaring her, I took care of it and she acts like I'm a maniac.”

Alan shrugged, “Don't ask me, I know nothing about how a girl thinks.”

The next morning Pamela tried to avoid Bryce as much as she could. However the Bug called them all into a room and announced that they needed to raid another pharmacy. Bug sensed the hostility between Pamela and Bryce and told them, “I don't want to hear anything about you two screwing up the mission. Save it for later.”

Pamela was about to comment, but I thought to her, *Keep quiet, we'll get them later.*

The Bug was looking intensely at Pamela, 'Did he sense my thoughts to Pamela? I should be more careful then. I can't risk him finding me inside her. I think he'll damage her permanently if he tries to rip me out of her.'

Then the Bug dismissed us and after donning her Neolastane suit, Pamela joined the others for a teleport to another Pharmacy.

Inside the pharmacy, Lightning said as before, “Everybody on the floor or we'll kill you.”

This time things didn't go so smoothly as last time though. A large bovine hybrid turned to him and snorted, “Fuck you, I'll show you punks what I do with fuckups.”

He hadn't even finished talking, when the ground started to shake, Lightning fell down on top of Alan, while Pamela staggered to keep on standing. She stumbled and fell through an open door into a small space. Some heavy racks fell against the door and it closed, with the racks blocking it from opening.

Pamela was panicking, “Oh my god, I hate small spaces. Get me out of here!

I wasn't so worried, but I wasn't in control of her body. Then I got the idea, 'Maybe I should be in control, I can get us out of here I think.' *Pamela, listen to me, I can get us out of here.*

“What? Rory?” Pamela stammered.

Then some grit started raining down on her … me … us. It was taking too long to convince her. I pushed myself more to the front, figuratively speaking and pushed her consciousness back. I took control of her body once again and marveled at being able to flex muscles again. Pamela started struggling for control and I told her, *Keep still till we're out of here.*

There wasn't any light in the space we were in, but before we got locked in here I had seen what I thought was a door handle. I fumbled around in the space feeling the walls and finally found my door handle. I tried opening the door, but it appeared to be locked. From Pamela's memory I knew how to use her powers and I quickly used Pamela's power to freeze the lock and a well place kick made the door fly open. I quickly jumped out into an alley behind the pharmacy and was relieved to see daylight. Pamela once again fought for control and said, *I thought you said that you were only taking over till we got out of there!*

I roughly kept her influence down and kind of locked her up. I made sure that she couldn't access any muscle or other part of her body and told her, *Yes, I said till we're out of here. I meant the whole mess you made of your life. You're running with a bad crowd and living the life of a small time criminal. I want to get you straightened out and back on a normal path.*

Pamela weakly pleaded, *What gives you the right to mess with my life?*

*I didn't ask for this,* I replied, *I was minding my own business when those losers you call friends barged in to steal medications. I got murdered by Bryce and lost my own body while being in contact with you. I'm your grandfather and I'm going to get you straightened out, if it's the last thing that I do. I don't want my granddaughter to end up in prison or worse. Now stay quiet till I let you out.*

I knew I was being cruel to her, but I had to open her eyes and get her back on the straight and narrow. I didn't mention to her that it would probably be the last thing I would do. I didn't want to steal her life, I would try to let myself drift away after I had set her back on course.

I didn't have to wait long before the elemental team showed up. The black clad men and women appeared into the alley from a sort of portal and were about to run to the pharmacy. One looked in my direction and halted himself and one of the others.

An amplified voice sounded, “Identify yourself and state your business here.”

I answered quite relaxed and sincere, “I surrender myself into your custody, but I want it to be secret. I am going to be your inside man, or rather, woman into the gang that you've been after.”

To be continued…


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