Sounds Like A MORFS Story

Part 2

I sat on my bed and zoned out as much as I could. I was wearing a pair of ear plugs covered by a set of sound reducing ear muffs. All the sounds I could hear we muffled down to a dull roar, like the sound of the ocean if you put your ear to a conch shell.

‘I need to learn how to tune out all the noise,’ I thought. Eventually I sat up and looked around my room. The boxes of my old clothes, stacked beside my closet, only served to remind me of my hated new body. Mom had promised me a shopping trip for new clothes, but I didn’t want to go out in public let alone to the mall. But I also knew that it was inevitable. I needed new clothes and I knew I couldn’t keep borrowing pants from my sister, nor did I want to. But my parent’s understood my need for alone time and had allowed me to spend the last few days in my room.

I cautiously removed my ear muffs and slowly removed one of the ear plugs. The house seemed pretty quiet and there wasn’t too much noise coming from outside. I went and sat in the dormer seat and closed my eyes. ‘Time to figure this out.’

I focussed on the sounds around me. They were all jumbled and mixed together. There was one on the surface and I picked it out from the rest. It was a soft ticking. I identified it as a clock in my room and pushed the sound aside. Next was the sound of a bird chirping outside.  Again I focused on that, identified it and pushed it aside as well. I continued selecting each sound. Somehow it seemed I was able to mentally label them and then turn down the volume on them, assigning them with an appropriate volume relative to their priority. Once I had finished, I seemed to be hearing in proper proportions once again. For the first time since I morfed, I started to smile. It was a smile of relief. I glanced back over at the clock, the volume of the ticking increased as I focussed on it and I was surprised to see that nearly four hours had passed.

I looked out the window. I thought of birds and as I did, just like with the clock, the volume increased on the singing birds in the backyard. Next I thought of Oreo and the sound of birds faded back away and the sound of Oreo purring softly on the living room couch came into focus.

I walked down the two flights of stairs and sat next to Oreo. The pink cat moved to my lap and returned to purring. I scratched Oreo behind her ears. “I guess I have you to blame for my pink hair.” Oreo looked up at me in response.

“Hail, no blaming your changes on the cat.” My mother walked in from the kitchen. “So you seem like you’re feeling better.”

“Yeah, I figured out how to turn down the volume on my super hearing,” I replied.

“That sure was fast, but it’s certainly good news.”

“Yeah, it was necessary though or I would have gone insane from all the noise.”

“How would you like to go get some ice cream and you and I can celebrate your new found mastery?”

“Um... like out of the house to get ice cream?”

“Hon, you’ll have to leave the house eventually.”               

“Mom, I look like a freak.”

“Hailey, I’m sure you’ve noticed that there are other morfed people around. You’re certainly not a freak. I’m even pretty sure I’ve seen some kids from your school with pretty wild hair colors.”

“Yeah, but none of them are boys with pink hair.”

“Maybe not, but odd hair colors aren’t rare now a days and if you’re concerned that you look feminine, I know that there have been some of your peers that actually switched gender all together.”

“Mom, I almost think that would have been better. I’m stuck in-between, the others are going to have a riot over that.”

“Not if they don’t know.”

“How could they not know?”

“Well, if they think you’re a girl, they shouldn’t have a need to question that.”

“I’m not going to pretend to be a girl!”

“And why not? It seems to be the simplest solution to your problems.”

“Because I’m a BOY!” I screeched, causing me to cringe at my girly sounding voice.

“Hailey, please don’t yell. I’m only trying to help you.”

“I know, it’s just that this change is...”

“Hard to deal with, I know, but we are all here to help you cope. Now did you want to go for ice cream or not?”

I thought about it for a moment and then just nodded my head.


The ice cream was really good and despite my paranoia, no one seemed to be staring at me. It might have helped that one of the other people in the store had bright green hair and the girl scooping the ice cream had large blue wings as well as blue feathers in her hair.

I had assumed that people would see me and would immediately start laughing at the boy with the pink hair and the girly looks. Seems like mom was right, I was just another morf.

I was feeling pretty good and mom must have noticed this because going out for ice cream turned into the shopping trip she had promised me. I had managed to avoid this for a few days now. Mom brought up something else I had been trying to avoid, my friend’s party. As I had said, my few friends usually got together to celebrate the end of the school year. Well, since I had MORFS, they decided to postpone the party and they had informed my parents of this.

“They were thoughtful enough to reschedule the party so you can be there. You should go,” explained mom as we drove to the mall.

“Mom, we’ve been over this. I don’t want people seeing me like this.”

“Hailey, you can’t hide forever and you seemed to do fine at the ice cream shop.”

“Okay, correction. I don’t want people I know seeing me like this.”

“They’re you’re friends. You should at least give them the benefit of the doubt.”


“Have any of your friends morfed?”

“Yeah.” I knew where she was going with this.

“And did you and your friends reject them?”

“No mom.”


“So I’ll go to the party and give my friends a chance.”


So we arrived at the mall and I headed towards my usual stores when mom grabbed me by the arm, stopping me short. I turned and looked at her. “We’ll get to your favourite store but we have one stop before that.”

“And what’s that?”

“Well you need to be measured... for a bra.”

“NO!” I exclaimed in shock, my voice dropping quite low.

“Yes, you need one. “

"But mom ... I'm still a boy and they aren’t very big I ... I can still hide them like this but I can't hide a bra"

“Hailey, those are big enough that you DO need one. Now come with me and I don’t want to see any more complaining.”

“But I DON’T need one!”

“Hailey, I want you to jump up and down a few times,” said Mom.


“Please just do it.”

I jumped twice and then stopped, wincing in pain and grabbed at my now sore chest. “That’s not fair, you tricked me.”

“But you know I’m right, you need a bra.”

I let out an overly dramatic sigh. “Fine!”

So I allowed myself to be pulled through the mall to a very pink store. I was immediately lost as I found myself surrounded by frills and lace and silk and satin. Mom seemed to know where she was and continued to pull me towards the rear of the story. I spotted our target, a woman around my mother’s age, standing near the fitting rooms.

“Hello, may I help you?” asked the lady.

“Yes, my daughter needs to be fitted for a bra,” said mom, gesturing at me. I shot her a dirty look for her daughter comment.

“Of course, follow me,” was her quick reply. She picked up a tape measure and walked to a larger fitting room. She opened the door and motioned for me to go in.

Once in the room she asked me to take off my shirt and had me stand still as she wrapped her measuring tape around my new little boobs and then said she’d be right back. She ducked out of the fitting room and I stood there not sure if I should put my shirt back on or not.

I had just reached for my shirt after waiting a few minutes when my mom cracked open the door to the fitting room and came in. I could see she had several bras hanging from her hand.

“Okay, I’ll show you how to put these on.” I just shrugged my shoulders in response.

What proceeded was an experience I’d never imagined I’d have and one I’d try and forget as soon as I could. Not many boys imagine shopping for their first bra with their mom. To make it worse, mom thought she would be helpful by explaining to me how to adjust the straps and by explaining the different styles of bras, mainly by making me try them on. I stood there nervously biting my lower lip and blushing all over as mom explained things and asked me how the bras felt. “remember, you’re a 34B,”mom said as if it was the most important thing in the world. ‘like I even care what size my damn bras are.’

“So, how does it feel?”

“You’re kidding right?”

“Try jumping again.”

I shot her a look again but then tried jumping up and down. No pain and no bouncing. “okay, its better, but I still don’t like it.”

“You may not like it, but I’ll expect you to wear one everyday.”

After over an hour we left the store with me carrying my new underwear in a bag as pink as my hair. Mom had insisted I wear a pair out of the store so my new boobs were very much on display thanks to the bra. And yes, I said pair. Pair as in bra and panties, thanks to mom insisting I get underwear that fit my new shape and the store having a buy a bra get a free panty sale. We compromised with what mom called boy short panties, that while snug looked enough like boys undies to appease me.

With my pink bag and mom in tow, this time I was able to get to the store I usually shop at. I headed straight to the jeans section, eager to get some boys pants that fit me. I new my old size didn’t fit over my hips anymore so I selected a pair one size up and one two sizes up and headed to the fitting room.

The first pair was still pretty tight through the hips. I tried the second pair and while they fit, as soon as I did them up and let go, they dropped down, the waist barely hanging from my hips. With half of my new panties showing and the jeans about to fall off, I knew this wasn’t going to work.

“How do they fit honey?” asked mom. I shimmied out of the jeans an threw them and the other pair over the top of the door.

“They’re either too tight in the hips or too loose all over,” I complained.

“Okay, I’ll get you a few more pairs to try.”

I waited pantless in the fitting room, mostly just staring at myself in the mirror. My boobs were way more noticeable thanks to the bra. I was definitely going to get killed when I went back to school in the fall. I was brought out of my thoughts by Mom handing several more pairs of pants over the door. I grabbed them from her and proceeded to try them one.

The first three pairs had the same problems as the last ones, either being too tight in my hips or too loose over all and hanging too low or falling off. The fourth pair I tried on was a little snug in the crotch and thighs, but fit my wide hips and small waist perfectly. I took those off and put them aside. The fifth pair was similar to the last pair, but was a little looser in the thighs. The final pair didn’t fit at all. I put on the first pair that fit again and stepped out of the fitting room to show mom.

“Ooh, those look great on you,” she said as she proceeded to embarrass me by turning me this way and that and sticking her finger between the waistband and my waist to check the fit. I pulled back from her, resulting in me doing a little spin in order to keep from falling over.

“Mom! Stop it, you’re embarrassing me!”

“I’m just trying to see how they fit you.”

“They fit just fine.”

“Okay, then let’s go pick out what colors you want,” said mom and motioned me to follow. She walked near the front of the store and then veered to the girls’ side.

I hurried over to her side and whispered in her ear. “Mom, are these girls’ jeans I’m wearing?”

“The only difference is the cut and that cut fits you just fine.”

“But mom...”

“But nothing, even you said they fit great and I made sure I picked ones without any embroidery or anything feminine.”

“I guess.” I didn’t like it but mom was right. I picked out the different shades of denim I wanted and mom picked the right sizes. Mom added a pair of girls cargo pants in khaki to the pile and what looked like jean shorts. She held a few other styles of shorts up to me before adding them to the pile. For the most part they were long enough, however I noticed her add a few pairs to the pile that were a little on the short side.

“Okay, now we just need to get you some tops.”

“Uh, what’s wrong with the shirts I have now?”

“They’re too big for you. You’re shoulders aren’t as wide as they were.”

“Well, I’m not wearing girls shirts!” I stated as I turned and walked to the guys side of the store.

Mom followed me and started looking through the shirts they had. “Hailey, what size did you used to wear?”


“Okay, then I think a small should fit you well.”

I just nodded my head and pick out some shirts I liked. Eventually we paid and left. I wore one of the new shirts and a pair of my new jeans. The jeans weren’t as bad as I thought and the t-shirt, while doing nothing to hide my chest, did disguise my girly figure pretty well.

Shoes were next and thankfully didn’t take very long. My feet had gotten smaller during my change and I soon had new sneakers, some dress shoes and sandals.

I had thought we were done shopping, we were even headed to the car when mom stopped short. “the party your friends are having is at your friend Tyler’s house, right?”

“Yeah.” I had no idea what this information should be so important to mom.

“Well Tyler has a pool right?”

My eyes bugged as I realized where this was going. “I do not need a  swimsuit!”

“Well if you’re going to a pool party, you certainly do. And you can’t go swimming without a top anymore. Come on, this will be our last stop.”

I groaned as I followed mom into store with lots of bikinis on display. ‘This can’t be good,’ I thought.

I hurried over to where mom was. She was looking at one piece girls swimsuits. “no, I will not wear a girl’s swimsuit.”

“You still need a top when swimming. I figured you could wear a girl’s swimsuit with some shorts over it.”

“Mom, I don’t want to wear a one piece. None of the girls even wear a one piece suits.”

“Oh really. I didn’t realize you were so concerned with fashion. Okay, why don’t you pick out what you’d like.”

“Uh, okay.” I just kind of stood there, not sure where to start and looked around the store. On the other side of the store I spotted  a style that was fairly new and one I thought I could handle. It was an old style really, from around the time MORFS first hit but it was back in fashion and I thought I could handle it. The style was a bikini with matching board shorts. I looked through the patterns on display. I resigned myself to a predominately green and white style that had pink accents. I wasn’t enthusiastic to be wearing a bikini, but I figured it wouldn’t be as bad as a one piece and having swam topless my whole life, the modesty aspect wasn’t an issue.

“Well that’s cute. Would you like to try it on?” I turned to see a sales girl about my age smiling at me.

“Um... okay.”

“Just follow me. I have to say, I love your hair. How’d you get all the shades to blend like that?”

“It’s natural.”

“Wow, lucky. I’d love to have hair like that,” the sales girl gushed.

Once in the changing room I started to get changed. The sign on the inside of the door said to keep my panties on but I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to keep my bra on too. I busied myself putting on the bikini bottoms. They had pink ties on the sides that took me a few minutes to figure out and adjust. Next I slipped on the board shorts. I peeked over the fitting room door as I did up the pink ties on the front of the shorts. There was a girl looking at herself in the mirror. She didn’t have a bra on under the swimsuit she had on, so I followed suit and shed my bra.

Figuring out the ties on the bikini top was a whole new problem. I finally figured it out by tying the bottom part, making sure it was snug under my breasts and then tying the top part behind my neck. I looked at myself in the tiny mirror. The mirror was too small to see anything well so reluctantly I stepped out of the change room to look in the larger mirror. The salesgirl was quickly at my side again.

“Ooh, that suit looks great on you. I love this style with the shorts don’t you?”

“Yeah, really nice,” I said as I stared at my reflection. ‘Damn it! I look sexy.’

“I really like how the pink matches your hair but there’s like, not too much pink, ya know?” said the girl.

“Ya, it’s nice. I think I found the perfect swimsuit for me.”

“I’d say, you look so hot in that suit.” Not exactly what I wanted to hear.

“Well I’m going to go change out of it.”

When I came out of the change room with my new suit in hand, I found mom waiting up front with a grin on her face. Then I saw that the salesgirl that had been helping me was chatting with her. “There she is!” exclaimed the salesgirl. She happily took the suit from me and wrapped it up for me. Mom paid and finally, we were on our way out of the mall and on our way home.


I stood in my room looking in the new mirror on the back of my door. Mom had insisted that I needed a full length mirror for some reason. I had on my new bikini. I had a small bulge in the bikini bottoms, but other than that I looked like a girl. I grabbed the board shorts and pulled them on. They covered the bulge in the bottoms, leaving me looking even more like a girl. I wasn’t too happy about that, and pulled on a t-shirt cover up some more. The new small men’s shirts showed off my chest, but it was better than wearing just the bikini top.

I grabbed my towel and slipped on my sandals. Going downstairs, I stopped at my sister’s room and knocked on the door. Heather opened the door a moment later.

“If it isn't my little sister Hailey!” Heather giggled

“My name is Hail! And I'm not your sister!”

“You sure look more like a Hailey than Hail now. So what did you want?”

“Uh, I was hoping I could borrow, like a hair elastic?”

“Ooh, wanting to do something pretty with your hair?”

“No, I’m going swimming and mom said I should tie my hair back.”

“Swimming? Does that mean you have a new swimsuit? A bikini maybe?”


“Don’t lie; I can see the ties on the top sticking out the neck of your shirt. Now, if you want me to tie your hair back, you have to show me your bikini first.”

“Come on Heather...”

“You model the new suit for me or no hair tie.”

“Fine!” I walked into her room and pulled off my t-shirt. “Happy now?”

“Do a little twirl for me.” I glared at her but did the twirl anyways. “You really should be a girl. Okay, sit at my vanity and I’ll tie your hair back.” Heather brushed my hair back and gathered it together. She reached past me and grabbed a pink elastic. A moment later, she stepped back and let me look in the mirror.

“Does the ponytail have to be so high?” I complained. The ponytail made me look even more like a girl.

“It looks good like that. Now get out of my room unless you want me to do your makeup for you.” I quickly got out of my sister’s room and hurried down to the front door where mom was waiting to take me to the pool party.

“Are you ready Hailey? You have everything?”

I took a deep breath to calm myself before I reached out and opened the front door. “Yeah Mom, let’s get this over with.”


To Be Continued .


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