Sanura's Tale

Part 6


I was pretty quiet on the way over to Jade’s place. I really had no idea what was going to go on at this sleepover. Crystal always went to her friends’ houses for her sleepovers so I’ve never had a chance to look in on one at my own house and I of course had never been to one myself. But that’s not why I was being quiet.


Ever since I saw Amy earlier, I can’t stop thinking about her. I’ve always been friends with her and may have had a small crush on her when we were kids, but nothing like this. Every time I closed my eyes I’d see that gorgeous face smiling at me. I couldn’t get her out of my head even if I’d wanted to. I had thought I was attracted to Colin, but the feelings I had when I was with him, as nice as they were, were nothing compared to what I was feeling for Amy.


But who am I kidding. There is no way Amy would go out with me now. For one, I look just as much a girl as she does and I know she doesn’t like girls. Second, now that she’s morfed, she’s way out of my league, even if I was still Jason. I opened my eyes, let out a sigh and looked out the window at the mountains.


“You okay?” asked Amy, placing her hand on my arm.


I nodded, not trusting myself to talk. Her hand on my arm was already distracting me from my thoughts. I brushed some of my hair out of my face and looked up at Amy. She was looking back at me with concern in her eyes.


“You’ve been quiet ever since I saw you today. Is it me? It’s my morf, isn’t it?”


“A ... Amy it’s not you and it’s not your morf. You look great, actually. It’s just, I’m trying to deal with some stuff that’s been on my mind,” I replied. “I’m fine, really.”


“Okay, but if you need to talk, let me know,” said Amy, “no matter what it is.” She gave my arm a little reassuring squeeze before letting go. I turned back to the mountains trying to not think of anything, but again, Amy invaded my thoughts.


Jade’s parents were co-owners of Tropic Garden resort down on the beach and of course, owned one of the condo’s on the private beach of Sun Lake. That meant we would have tons of room in the large house to have our sleepover. It also meant we had to drive through the slow traffic downtown. Eventually, we got past the tourism district, and the flow of traffic picked up as we drove about a quarter of the way around the lake.


I watched people playing in the surf and found myself hoping we’d do some swimming at Jade’s place. The clear water was sparkling beyond the white sand. It really was a beautiful lake. Even with fish in the deeper part of the lake, it was still as clean as any pool.


I was torn away from my thoughts as we pulled into Jade’s drive way. I hopped out of the car and went round to the trunk to get my stuff. Shine pulled in beside us a few minutes later and soon all of us were hauling stuff inside. I had volunteered to take Amy’s bag as well, and managed to convince her I could carry it all, even though I’m small. We went down to what Jade called her party room. I’d been there when I was a guy, but this time the girls opened a closet at the end of the room and started pulling out mattresses. I followed suit and pulled one out for myself. We set them all up in a makeshift semicircle around the projection wall. I busied myself with making up my bed with the sheets Jade gave me, using my sleeping bag as a blanket once I had it unzipped. Of course, Jade gave ‘me’ pink sheets.


I finished getting everything set up and plopped down on my bed. It felt nice to lie there. The cramps I’d had at lunch were gone, but I still felt a little bloated. I was starting to get hungry again as we approached supper time. I heard someone sit down on the bed and opened my eyes to see  it was Amy.


“No sleeping yet, Sweetie. That’s not going to happen for a long time,” she said as she rolled off of my bed and on to the one next to me. Now I realized was going to have to sleep next to her. That made me nervous for some reason but also a little anxious.


“I wasn’t sleeping, I was just resting.” I sat up and looked around the room. Pretty much everyone had their stuff set up. “So, are we going to go swimming, or what? I even brought my suit.”


“Ooh, the one you wouldn’t model for us when we went shopping?” asked Megan.


“That’s the one.”


“I’m up for swimming, if it means I see Nura in a bikini,” stated Amy. I wasn’t exactly sure how to take that comment. I kinda wanted to see Amy in a bikini though.


“Ok, then, lets go.”




Amy turned in front of the mirror again, checking herself from different angles. The suit looked better on her than it ever had. The white bikini was maybe a bit too provocative, but she liked the way she looked.  Besides, she was only going to be around the girls. For some reason, she wanted to look her best though she didn’t know why. Leaning in towards the mirror, she ran her hands through her hair, then grabbed for her purse and got out some red lip gloss to do her lips with. Soon, they looked seductive and sexy, just like she wanted them. She shook her head, trying to clear it and remind herself that she was with the girls, and that there was no need to look sexy. After all, who was she going to seduce?


She took one more look in the mirror before grabbing her towel and opening the door. Sanura was waiting there, clutching two tiny wisps of fabric in her hands, with a towel over her shoulder. She looked up at Amy in surprise, then back at the floor. Amy gestured towards the empty bathroom and the two girls quickly switched places.




I hurried into the bathroom. Quickly closing the door behind me, I locked it, then leaned up against the door and tried to catch my breath. Amy had looked, well … breathtaking. I was straining pretty hard on my panties and waited for it to go away. At least when I get excited now, it comes down in a tucked position, instead of making an embarrassing tent in my panties. I stayed there against the door for a while before I felt I was ready to get dressed.


I slipped out of my clothes and held up my tiny swimsuit for closer inspection. The size of this thing was ridiculous. I vowed then and there to never wear this with any boys present. The suit itself was designed to scream “SEX” to everyone around. The top was little more than two triangles of cloth and some string. The bottoms were just as bad. They had been made to look like they tied on the sides, and were very low in the front. The back had a little keyhole designed to show a little butt cleavage. Thanks to my needing a tail hole, I’d been stuck with this suit. And it was pink! Why does everything have to be pink? Reluctantly, I pulled it on, maneuvering my tail into the rear hole before bring the panty all the way up.


The top was a little trickier to get on. I tried tying it behind my back a few times before I got the bright idea to turn it around. I tied it snugly beneath my breasts and double knotted it before twisting it back to face the right way. A quick tie behind my neck and I was done. I even managed to keep my long hair out of the knot.


When I looked in the mirror, I frowned. I felt naked, because I practically was. Jade was bound to make some sarcastic remark, that’s how she is.


‘I really d0n’t want Amy to see me like this. How could she ever see me as a guy after seeing me in this? The way I look now, there is no doubt that I’m a girl. Mind you, if Amy happens to like girls, I am looking seriously hot. I guess I’ll just have to see what happens.’




“Hey Todd, its Mike. What you up to?”


“Not much. Why?” asked Todd.


“Dani’s got one of her sleepovers going on and I want to go do something. You up for some surfing?” ask Mike.


“Do you have any idea how busy it’s going to be? It’s a Saturday night!” exclaimed Todd. “Hey, wait! Damian’s parents own those jet skis; maybe we can borrow those and go mess around on the lake.”


“That’d be cool,” agreed Mike. “I’ll call him and then give you a call back.”




I was greeted by a wolf whistle that got everyone’s attention when I walked into the party room. I had known Jade would do something. Everyone had changed, so we headed outside to do some swimming. I had been trying for a little modesty with a sarong I was wearing, even though it was a sheer black. That didn’t last too long as I had to take it off before going in the water. I picked out a lounge chair and put my stuff on it before heading towards the water.


“Nura?” called Danielle. “Shouldn’t you put on some sunscreen?”


“I don’t need it,” I replied.


“But you’re the palest one here,” remarked Jade.


“Yeah, and that’s ‘cus I absorb the light and convert it into my dark energy instead of getting a tan,” I quipped. “Watch.” I did my energy absorbing thing, which reduced the light directly around me, shrouding me in shadows.


“Weird,” was all that Jade said back.


I turned back towards the beach and made my way to the crystal clear water, diving in without checking the temperature first, knowing that it would be warm enough, like it always is. I kicked away as hard as I could before running out of air and resurfacing. I was disappointed to see how little distance I had traveled. Must be my tiny feet. I went under again and used my paws more. They cupped a lot of water and I could feel myself moving quickly through the water. I hoped my eyes and could see a few small colourful fish swimming by below me. I watched them swim away while fighting a weird urge to catch them. Maybe I could catch one of those tuna they have in here. But that would involve getting on the other side of the fences and going into the deep water. I wasn’t exactly ready to do that. Never mind the huge fine for swimming in the deep water.


I popped my head above the water for air and realized I was almost to the fences. I could even see the dark water where the depth dropped off. I dropped underwater again and started heading back to where the girls were. I was about half way there when I felt something brush my leg. I opened my eyes and looked down. Nothing was there. I swam a little further and felt it again. I looked down and there was still nothing. I checked my tail. It was floating up behind me and I felt pretty stupid for not realizing what it was before. I started swimming again, but this time something grabbed my tail. I screamed, no that it did any good underwater and whipped around to see what was there. Nothing. I popped up to catch my breath and could see the girls still a little ways ahead. I was about to start swimming again when something grabbed my leg and tugged me back into the water. I looked down in time to see a white hand move away from my ankle and disappear against the background of white sand.


I put up one of my shields and started moving like there was no tomorrow. I was out of the water and up the beach in no time. I was rambling incoherently about something in the water, but none of the girls were listening to me and just stayed in the water. And where was Amy? Speak of the devil, a moment later, her head popped out of the water right where I had been and she waved sweetly at me.


“Amy, there’s something in the water!” I shouted.


“Sanura, it was me, you crazy girl,” she yelled back. I slowly made my way back into the water as she swam over to me.


“There’s no way that was you. I looked, there was nothing there.”


“Well then, you need to have your eyes checked,” said Amy. “I was swimming right underneath you the whole time. And didn’t you see my hand when I grabbed your leg?”


“I saw a hand, but it wasn’t yours. It was all white, and I’m talking like the colour of the sand. As soon as it let go, it blended in with the sand and I couldn’t see it anymore.”


“Well that’s really weird ‘cus that was definitely me that grabbed your leg.”




“This is awesome!” shouted Mike as he launched off of a wave. The three boys were cruising around the lake, enjoying the sun and surf like everyone else who came to the lake.


The three of them started to race each other as they entered the deep water. Damian was winning, as he had more experience driving the Jet Ski. They we passing the private swimming waters when Damian slowed down and look over to shore. The other two boys did the same and pulled up beside Damian.


“Damn, check out that chick in the white bikini,” said Damian before he pulled out a pair of digital binoculars.


“Let me see,” said Todd, trying to grab the binoculars. Damian eventually handed them over and Todd focused on the girl in white. “Wow, she’s hot. I wonder who she is? I’ve never seen her around before. Crap, I think she sees us.”


Mike grabbed the binoculars and took a look. “Guys, I don’t know who that is, but the girl beside her is Sanura. And she doesn’t look pleased.”


“I thought I knew this place, that’s Jade’s condo.”




“Can you believe those guys are just sitting out there watching us?” asked Shine. “What a bunch of creeps.”


“I think I can get rid of them,” I said. I charged up an energy ball and sent it flying. It wasn’t very big, but made quite a splash was it landed beside them in the water. A second later they took off at full speed.


“Guys are such pigs!” all the girls were looking at me. “Well they are!” I said before laughing.


We continued playing around in the water until everyone was nice and pruney. I sat down on my chair and went to work on towel drying my tail and paws while the others stretched out, trying to get a tan. I was dry about the time we started heading back inside. Jade ordered an unbelievable amount of pizza as we scurried off to change into out pajamas. Somehow Amy and I ended up together in Jade’s bedroom getting changed. I offered to leave while she changed, but she insisted I stay since we’re both girls. I took my top off and then pulled my nightgown on before taking off my bikini bottom. I had just thrown my bikini on the floor and was stepping into my panties when Amy said my name.


“Yeah Aim?”


“Uh … Nura, you’re spotting,” she said, pointing at my bikini bottoms. I noticed the red marks in them and knew exactly what that meant.


“Oh Crap! Amy, I ah … don’t have…” I started.


“You don’t have any pads or tampons with you, do you?” she asked. I shook my head. “I think I have a few tampons in my purse that you can use, but you really should be carrying some with you like all the time. Let me go get them for you.”


I managed a weak thanks as she left the room. ‘Why did I have to have my first period start tonight? And why did Amy have to find out?’ I was standing there blushing, looking down at my panties, which were still around my ankles when Amy came back in with her purse. She pulled out a few things and then turned to me.


“Ok, I have a tampon and a pad for you. You should use the tampon now, and then change to the pad before you go to sleep. Ok?” I nodded my head and she handed me the tampon first. I took the wrapper off and then just stood there, holding it in my hands. “Nura,” said Amy “you don’t know what to do with that do you?”


“I uh… have a vague idea.” I mumbled.


“Do you want me to help you?”


I looked back at the floor as my face reddened even more. “I can do it,” I squeaked.


Amy explained how to do it, anyways. Thankfully, she turned her back to me as I sat on the end of the bed and pulled my nightie up around my waist. With trembling hands, I put the applicator where it needed to go and pushed on the plunger on the other end before pulling it back out. I was surprised that I could barely feel it in me. I grabbed my panties and pulled them on before telling Amy I was finished. Amy came over and gave me a hug, which was a bit odd, with me being eye level with her chest.


“I know all this must be tough on you,” she spoke softly. “As I said before, if you ever need someone to talk to, just let me know.” She crouched down to my look me in the eyes. “Okay?”


I nodded slightly and then without thinking, I leaned in and kissed her on the lips.




“Hi, is Sanura there?” asked Colin


“She’s out right now, could I take a message?” inquired Kaitlyn.


“Can you tell her that Colin called?”


“I’ll make sure she gets the message.”




The kiss was everything I thought it would be. Amy froze up at first, but then she started kissing me back. Kissing her was sensual and soft, not at all like kissing Colin. The kiss was even better, because I was kissing, not letting myself be kissed. It seemed to last forever, but after a few wonderful moments Amy pulled away. The great feelings I had had vanished in an instant. ‘Why did I kiss her? I’m such an idiot!’


“Amy, I …”


“Nura, please, just don’t say anything,” said Amy calmly. My stomach churned as I realized I’d just really screwed up a friendship. “I need time to think about this, Nura. I can guess from that how you feel about me, but we’re both girls.”


“I’m a boy too …” It was a weak argument and was met with a look from Amy that said “Maybe, but you don’t look it, and that’s what matters.”


“Nura, please don’t make this hard. I don’t like girls, but for some reason I did enjoy what we just did. This is all really confusing. Just give me some time to think.”


“Of course,” I said as I wiped at my eyes. “I’m sorry if I hurt you, I didn’t mean too.”


She put her hands on my shoulders and looked down at me, “I know you didn’t. It’s okay.” She bent down and kissed me on the cheek. “I’ll think about it and let you know, okay? I haven’t said no yet, so cheer up.”




So things didn’t turn out too badly with Amy. From what she said, surprisingly I might actually have a chance with her. That fact alone brought a smile back to my face. The girls gushed over the nightie I was wearing when we got back to the party room. I guess it’s still a novelty to them to see me being feminine.


The pizza had arrived just before we got there and everyone was munching away. Megan put on a movie, and it was of course, a chick flick. I was bored pretty much right off the bat. Chasing my tail would have been more exciting. At least being a girl hadn’t affected my taste in movies. I spent most of the movie either eating pizza or daydreaming.


I was thinking about my kiss with Amy when I noticed the movie was finished, and that it had got quiet in the room. I opened my eyes and saw all the girls looking at me.


“Aww… she stopped,” whined Dani.


“Stopped what?” I asked.


“You were purring…”


“I was not purring,” I exclaimed. “I don’t purr.”


“That’s like someone saying they don’t snore. How you know?” said Megan.


 ‘She does have a point.’


“Well what are we doing now that the movie is over?” I asked.


“Hair and nails,” shouted Jade.


So  for the next few hours, we played around with different hairstyles. I learned more than I thought I’d ever need to know about how to style my hair in different ways. I ended up with my hair all pulled up in back. They even got the hair at the front around my ears without it looking stupid. With the right make up, I’d look like I was going to prom or something.


It was also decided that my claws needed to be repainted. ‘I need to stop getting into fights if I want my nail polish to last. Maybe I can form one of my shields just over the claws.’


Anyway, the girls soon had me once again poking my nails through some plastic bags while they painted them. I ruled out the bright red they wanted to use, and then there was an argument between them on what colour I should get. Eventually, all of us settled on a shiny silver polish. It was also the first nail polish I had seen that didn’t have a girly name, and I watched as my fingers and toes received several coats of “gun metal” polish.


Painting each other’s nails took a long time, and I spent most of it just watching while the various coats of polish dried. After waiting for quite some time, I was able to take off the plastic bags over my hands. I retracted my claws then held up my hand and extended them. The metallic gray claws looked awesome as the shot out of my dark fur. I was going to have to buy myself a bottle of this colour polish.


I was starting to get tired by this point. It was well after 1am, and judging by the drooping eyelids around the room I wasn’t the only one getting sleepy. I announced my intentions to go to bed and headed to the bathroom to brush my teeth first. After I was done brushing, I double-checked that the door was locked before sitting on the toilet to change my tampon. I tugged on the little string and out it came. The thing was soaked and I quickly dropped it into the toilet. ‘Do girls really bleed this much during their period? I had thought a tampon was supposed to last for hours’. I pulled out the pad and managed to get it stuck in place in my panties on the first try. Pulling them up, I flushed the toilet and put the pad wrapper back in my bag before going to bed.


When I slipped under the covers, I passed out soon after my head hit the pillow.




I opened my eyes and blinked a few times as they adjusted to the light of the morning sun streaming through the window. I had somehow wrapped myself cocoon‑style in my sleeping bag, but it was comfy, so I continued to lie there. I rolled onto my side and looked over at Amy, sleeping peacefully beside me.


Once again I was struck with just how beautiful she was. She was only a few feet away from me and I wanted nothing more than to reach out and hold her. I could smell her sweet flowery scent, and it was driving me wild. I managed to find some self-control and contented myself with just watching her sleep. Amy had said she would think about how she feels towards me and l wasn't about to do anything that would end up pushing her away.


I was still watching her about a half hour later when she woke up. As her eyes fluttered open, she was stared right at me. Before I could look away, she gave me a little smile and whispered, "Good morning."


 "It is now," I said, without thinking.  To my surprise, Amy giggled at that and reached her hand out towards me.


 "You're so cute when you blush like that," she said, as she gently brushed some of my hair out of my face. She kept her hand on the side of my face for a moment before she moved it up near my right ear. "So cute," she mumbled softly to herself. I was grinning from ear to ear at the attention I was receiving from her.


 She was stroking my hair softly for a few minutes before she stopped and brought her hand back beside my ear. I noticed a mischievous look pass over Amy's face, right before she started scratching behind my ears as if I was a pet cat. I would have got angry at being treated like an animal, but I couldn't get angry at Amy. Besides that, it felt really good! I found myself closing my eyes and pushing back against her hand with my head. I was absolutely lost in bliss.


 *Rrrrrrrrr* was that me? I forced myself to open my eyes and pulled back, from Amy's touch.


 "What’s the matter?" she asked. "I thought you were enjoying that."


 "I was ... a lot," I admitted. "But was I purring?"


 "Yes. That's why I thought you liked it," replied Amy. "It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. I think it's cute."




 "Really." she smiled at me. "The girls usually sleep in for a while. Do you want to get up now, or go back to sleep?"


 "I guess I’ll get up. I'm already pretty awake," I said, sitting up. "What about you?"

 "I'll get up if you are; said Amy. ''Maybe we can go for a swim."


Amy got out of her bed and made her way to the bathroom. I busied myself with unwrapping my sleeping bag from around myself.




Amy splashed some cold water on her face, trying to wake up fully. Grabbing a towel from the usual place under the sink, she dried her face and then stared into the mirror. She let out a sigh.   


'How come this has to happen to me? The boy I've liked for the past year finally likes me back, but not until he becomes a girl too. And why am I still attracted to him? I've never liked another girl before.'


A few sad tears ran down her cheeks and into the sink. She sat down on the cold tile floor. Her back against the wall and pulled her knees to her chest.


'I guess I could date her, but what would my parents think? But I can't stop thinking about that kiss. Am I a lesbian? But Nora is a boy too. The prettiest boy I know, but still, a boy nonetheless. I don't think I can ignore these feelings I’m having. I can't believe she actually kissed me like that. Was I flirting? Maybe I was. I need more time to think this through."


Amy rose to her feet, checked her appearance in the mirror and opened the door. She walked down the hallway and back into the party room and froze at what she saw.


Sanura was sitting on her sleeping bag. She looked paler then usual, and was looking down into her lap.  Her once pure white nightgown was stained red with blood, as was the inside of her sleeping bag. Amy stood there in shock for a second or two before moving as quickly as she could to her friend.




"Nura!" Amy exclaimed, but I didn't hear it. "Nura," she said again, shaking my arm with her hand.


"Amy?" I heard the sound of terror in my voice.


"I'm here, don't worry." She took my hand in hers, and that helped. "Tell me what happened."


"I... I unwrapped m... my sleeping bag and there was just blood everywhere…” I let out a ragged sigh and looked up at Amy with fear in my eyes.


“Come on, let’s get you cleaned up and then we’ll figure all this out,” said Amy. “Wrap your sleeping bag around your waist, so nothing gets on the carpet, and come with me.”


I did as Amy said and followed her out of the room. When we got to the bathroom, I carefully dropped my sleeping bag to the floor. Amy started the water in the bathtub and added some scented bubble bath to the water before turning back to me.


“Okay, that nightie needs to come off,” she stated. “Put your arms up and I’ll try and get it off you without getting blood everywhere.”


I hesitated, not wanting to take my clothes off in front of the girl I liked so much, but found myself not wanting to disobey her orders. Reluctantly, I raised my arms and she carefully gathered up the nightie, starting at the hem, until she was lifting it up over my arms. My first reaction was to bring my arms down to cover my breasts. Amy giggled at that.


“Okay, hop in the shower and wash off as much of the blood as you can, then get out and into the tub.”


Again, I did as I was told. I hopped into the shower stall, wishing I had a bathroom like this at my house. I only peeled off my panties once the shower door was closed, then got to work washing off the dried blood. I was starting feeling sick at the sight of the red water swirling down the drain. ‘What is wrong with me? Maybe I injured myself during that fight yesterday. But that doesn’t make sense, ‘cus I heal really fast.’ I was pretty much finished in the shower and slowly opened the door. Amy wasn’t there anymore and neither were my bloody clothes or sleeping bag. I quickly made my way across the bathroom and into the tub. I tried to let myself just relax, and it seemed to be working.


It was working so well that I didn’t even hear Amy come in until I saw her kneel down beside the tub. I was especially grateful for the bubbles at that moment, and the little bit of modesty they gave me.   “How you feeling now?” Amy asked, with genuine concern in her voice.


“Better, but I need to find out what happened.” I looked up at her smiling face and lost my train of thought for a moment. “I know that girls don’t have their period that quickly.”


“Are you still bleeding?” asked Amy.


I shook my head in reply, “No, no I’m not.”


“Okay good. Finish your bath and then get dressed. I brought in your clothes and I managed to get another pad for you, just in case.” Amy she stood up, “When you’re done in here, I’m gonna make sure we get you home, you need to tell you mom about this.”






“Hi Mrs. Miller, This is Amy. I was wondering if you could come pick up Nura over here at Jade’s house.”


“Is everything alright?” asked Kaitlyn, concern in her voice.


“Umm… I think they are,” said Amy. She dropped to a whisper before continuing, “she started her period last night and I think there are some complications. I gave her a pad to wear during the night and this morning she had soaked through that. There was a lot of discharg,e and now she claims she’s already stopped bleeding.”


“I’ll call her doctor and then I’ll be right over. Amy?”




“Thanks for looking out for her,” said Kaitlyn.


“Not a problem. She’s my friend,” said Amy before hanging up the phone, ‘and I love her.’




I got out of the tub and grabbed a few towels to dry myself off. The first one I used to wrapp my wet hair. The second one I used to dry off my tail . The third one got pretty wet trying to dry off my paws. That took me about ten minutes and I still wasn’t dry. Some days I hate having fur more than anything. I picked up a hairdryer that was on the counter and spent the next ten minutes drying my arms and tail until they were soft and fluffy.


Then I grabbed my bag, which Amy had brought in for me and pulled out my clothes. Bra and panties were first ,of course, followed by a pair of white sweats and an orange tank top. Even though it was Sunday, and I was feeling like crap, I wanted to look good for Amy, so I pulled out some of my makeup and went to work. Just a little mascara, eyeliner and some pink lip gloss was enough to help me look good. I gathered up my stuff. Threw my used towels in the hamper and headed out of the bathroom.


I walked into the main room to find all the girls still sleeping. I spotted Amy out on the porch and headed out there to be with her. I walked up beside her and leaned forward against the railing. Without a word, she put her arm around me and I rested my head against her shoulder. I’m not sure how long we stood there like that, watching the waves crash gently against the beach as the tide came in. I wanted this time to last forever, just happy to stand there being held by my Amy.


“Yes,” she whispered, causing me to look up at her.


“Yes, what?” I asked.


She turned to face me, and I turned myself. She brought her other arm around my waist and I found myself draping my arms around her neck. We stared into each other’s eyes for a moment before she continued speaking. “Last night I said I hadn’t said, no, yet. I said that I needed time to think things through. Well I’ve thought about it, and now I’m saying yes.” My heart began racing as she brought her lips down to meet mine, and once again I was in bliss. We were interrupted by the sound of footsteps coming around the house. Amy pulled back and said, “That’s probably your mom.”


I gave one Amy one more quick kiss just before Mom came around the corner.


“Nura, you ready to go?” asked Mom.


“Yes, Mom. I’ll be right there, I just have to grab my stuff,” I replied.


Amy and I went back inside. I grabbed my bag and Amy picked up a garbage bag which had all my blood-soaked stuff in it. We made our way around the house to my mom’s waiting car.


As we were loading my stuff into the trunk, Amy leaned in close to me and whispered in my ear. “Nura, I want to be with you, but I’m not ready to go publicly lesbian or whatever we are together, so please keep this quiet. Also, you don’t get another kiss from me until you’ve broken up with Colin. I don’t want you cheating on him with me. That’s not fair.”


I nodded and she gave me a hug before I closed the trunk and got into the car with Mom. I waved to Amy as we drove away.


“So, Mom, I’m guessing Amy told you what happened?”


“Yes she did. I don’t want to worry you, but what happened is really not normal at all, so I called our gynecologist explained what happened. She’s meeting us at her office to take a look at you, even though it’s Sunday. It’s hard to find a doctor willing to do that much for her patients, but that’s why I’ve been going to see her since I was a young lady myself.”


“Okay, I’m not looking forward to another one of those exams, but I’ll make sure to thank her for doing this on her day off.”


“It’s not that bad Nura, you’ll get used to it eventually.”




“So you say you started your period last night around 9pm?” asked Doctor Evans. I nodded in confirmation. “And how much discharge was there when you changed your tampon before going to bed?”


“The whole thing was soaked, including some of the string and there was some that came out after I had taken it out,” I said. ‘This is such a gross topic,’ I thought to myself. “Then I put on my pad and went to bed.”


“How much came out after you took the tampon out? Was it a lot?”


“It was kind of like I was peeing,” I admitted.


“That’s not normal at all,” said Dr. Evans. “And you say you haven’t had any discharge today?” I shook my head. “Okay, well let’s take a look. Pants and undies off, and then up on the table, legs in the stirrups.”


I did as I was told and got myself in position for the doctor. This was the part I had been dreading and I tried to relax. I saw her pick up the speculum and I remembered how cold and weird it had felt last time. I closed my eyes and tensed up a bit.



I heard doc Evans chuckling a bit before she said my name. I looked through my legs at her. “Sanura, I can’t do this if you’re going to block me out. I know it’s uncomfortable, but just relax.”


“Block you out?” I asked in confusion. She pointed between my legs, and I sat up as much as I could, and looked between my legs. Right where the doctor needed to go was a small shield of black energy. I blushed and willed it away before laying back again. “Sorry,” I mumbled.


“Its okay, sweetheart. I just can’t say I’ve ever seen a girl do that before.” The doc laughed before going back to what she was doing. As expected, it was uncomfortable, and cold, and yes, degrading. She was doing things down there for quite a while before she looked up and said, “Are you sure you had your period last night?”


“I’m positive.”


“Well from what I can see, you appear to already be into your cycle. From where you are now, I would have guessed that you’d had your period last week. The part that puzzles me is that you seem to have had all your discharge in the space of a few hours last night.” The doctor looked thoughtful for a few minutes before telling me I could get dressed.


She went out of the room to get my mom. When they returned we all sat down and Dr. Evans looked through her notes. “Sanura, tell me, what abilities do you have?”


“I can control energy, you saw that earlier. I can absorb light. I have a lot of catlike abilities …” I thought for a moment “I heal fast … that’s about it.”


“How fast do you heal?” she asked.


“I heal almost right away if I have the energy. Almost instantly if I’m absorbing light.”


“Okay. That confirms my suspicions. What I think is happening, is that when you completed your menstrual cycle, your body used its enhanced healing abilities to detach the uterine wall and discharge the unused egg at an accelerated speed, causing you to experience your period within a few hours, instead of the usual few days. I would like you to keep track of when your next few periods are, so that we can monitor the length of your menstrual cycle, as well. I would recommend that if you feel like you’re entering your period, that you simply stay home, as you’ll probably have to change pads every half hour. Any questions?”


Mom had a few questions, but I wasn’t paying attention, I was thinking how lucky I was that my periods were only going to last less than a day, and that I’d get to stay home from school each time I had one. ‘Just wait till I tell the girls I have a twelve hour period, they’re gonna be so jealous.’




“Mom? Can I talk with you and Dad?” I asked as I walked over to where they were sitting. Crystal was out of the house, so now was a good time for this discussion.


“Of course you can, Sweetie. We actually need to talk with you, as well,” replied mom. “Why don’t you go first?”


“There isn’t really a good way to tell you this, so I’ll be straight to the point. But please don’t get mad at me that I haven’t told you this before, I was scared and confused and didn’t want to worry you. On Thursday night after I got home from shopping, and you guy had gone to bed, these military guys showed up and tried to abduct me. I fought them off and I thought they would leave me alone, but yesterday this group of morfs came after me again and me, Trance, Shine and Colin fought them off and now I don’t know what to do,” I finally ran out of breath and just broke down into tears.


Dad got up and walked over to the window. He didn’t say anything as he looked outside. Mom patted the couch next to her, so I slipped over beside her and cried on her shoulder as she tried to console me. 


Dad finally turned back towards us. He looked worried. “Nura, I’m disappointed you didn’t tell us about this. I suppose we need to contact the police, but I’m not sure how much that would help. I’ve heard of groups like this. They try to abduct powerful morfs before they can fully harness their abilities and then force them to work for them.” He sat down on the couch and wrapped his large furry arm around Mom and I. “Nura, try not to worry about these guys. Your mom and I won’t let anything happen to you.”


I wanted to believe Dad, but I was old enough to know that my parents couldn’t protect me from everything. “Okay, Daddy, thanks.” Judging from the look on his face, he was not too sure of what he’d told me, either. “What did you want to talk with me about?”


“Well” started Mom, “tomorrow you won’t be going to school until around lunchtime. In the morning I’ll be taking you to go see a post-morfs counselor.”


“But I don’t want to see a counselor,” I whined. “I don’t need to talk to anyone about my more. All they’re going to do is tell me I need to accept my changes, as there’s no way to change back… I already know that, and I’m doing my best to accept this.”


“Honey, you got a forced sex change and became a hybrid. Those aren’t easy things to deal with,” said Dad, “I really think you should talk with someone about it. If you don’t think it helps to talk, then we won’t make you go back. Okay?”


“Okay, I guess. I still don’t want to do it, though. I’m only doing this to please you guys.”


“That’s fine, but please keep an open mind about this,” said Mom.




“I like the way you did your nails,” Mom said as she curled my hair for me.


“Thanks, I like them too. I need to get a bottle of this colour next time we’re shopping,” I stated honestly. I couldn’t believe I actually wanted to buy nail polish … but it makes my claws look so cool.


I looked in the mirror as Mom finished curling the last section of my hair. She had already done my make up for me. She had done an amazing job. I looked like I could be at least twenty years old. It’s amazing how makeup can do that. Mom had done everything. She’d even curled my eyelashes. I like the way my eyes looked the most. I thought they looked pretty sexy. Mom had used lots of eye shadow and mascara, making my already large blue eyes look even larger. My pouty lips looked so kissable, covered in a light red lipstick that really stood out from my pale skin. She had covered it in a clear, wet look lip gloss. I found myself wishing Amy was there to see me.


It was weird. This morning she was the only thing I could think about. Now that I wasn’t with her, wasn’t that I didn’t think about her, but I could at least think clearly instead of just drooling over her. It would be nice if I could learn to act the way I was now, around her. I think she’d enjoy having a boyfriend or girlfriend, whatever, who can think rationally.


Mom finished my hair and I went to get dressed. I carefully put on the nude stockings so as to not snag them on my claws and then hooked them to the garters hanging from the bottom of the red bustier that I was wearing. Next, I slipped into the matching red panties and then went to get my dress. I took it off its hanger and stepped into it. It felt awesome as the silk fabric caressed my hairless body. Sometimes, being a girl did have its perks. It was a strapless dress, so I held it up over my breasts and called from Mom to come zip it up for me. She had to have me hold my hair up in the back with my free hand while she zipped up my dress. Mom had also hidden a zipper in the rear seam of the dress about three inches long. I unzipped that and pulled my tail through before zipping it back up against the base of my tail.


Mom looked me over and declared me beautiful, before she left my room to go finish getting ready herself. I went to dig through my numerous pairs of shoes, trying to find something that would go with the dress I had on. I found a sexy black pair and pulled them out. I was definitely going to be relying on my catlike balance to walk in these heels. The shoes were a pair of black stilettos, with a black satin ribbon which also functioned as an ankle strap. I tied it into a neat bow. The heels themselves were extremely skinny and about four inches or so high. I stood up and wobbled slowly across the room. I had to practice walking around my room for nearly ten minutes before I was able to walk normally in those heels.


I could hear Dad calling me, and realized that I was keeping everyone waiting. I grabbed the matching black silk wrap and black handbag before heading downstairs. I carefully made my way down the stairs in the high heels. I got to the bottom of the stairs and into my family’s line of sight. Mom smiled at me while Dad just stood there with his mouth open. Crystal looked jealous, probably because Mom let me wear a dress like this, and not her.


“So let’s get going,” I said. “I’m hungry, and I want to know what this fancy dinner is all about.”



To Be Continued...





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