Sanura's tale

Part 5


The wind blew through my hair as I was filled with a feeling of absolute freedom. For a short amount of time, I could experience the thrill of being a flyer, before I dropped back down to a rooftop and had to make another jump. I wished I could feel like this forever. It felt great to just feel … at peace, with myself and with the world. My body still felt alien to me. Even now I was conscious of the breasts pulling at my chest with each jump, my tail out behind me, maintaining my balance with each landing, and my ears flat turned down to keep the wind out of them. It all felt foreign, but at the same time, oddly normal. Its weird, maybe it’s a defense mechanism the brain uses the to keep people from freaking out over the changes, or maybe it’s the realization that MORFS could happen to anyone, no matter what we do, but not many people really freak out over the changes, most seem to take all the changes in stride. Personally, I think its something the brain does, maybe it’s the fact that the new hormones in my system make me enjoy feeling feminine, but its like I’m two people sometimes. Most of the time I have no problem being a girl and actually enjoy it. Hell, I’m even dating a guy! But at other times, I still feel like Jason, a boy, trapped in a girls’ body. Another inner conflict is that I know the girl half of me is taking over, and I’m not sure how I feel about that. Should I be fighting it?


I let these thoughts play in my mind as I continued to make my way to JB’s. I started doing some flips and twists in the air as I went, to test out my acrobatic skills, and was amazed at how easily I could control my movements while maintaining my balance. Before I knew it, I was on the roof of the store across the street from JB’s and could see Dani, Jade and Megan waiting outside. I crouched down and gave my next jump as much power as I could.


I soared up into the air quickly and put my arms out to the sides as I sailed across the street, stories above my friends. I started into the downward arch of my jump headfirst and readied myself to land, by twisting forward until I was right side up, then bent my knees a bit. I came down with a lot of force, right in front of my friends, landing in a crouched position. Each of them let out a little scream when I landed, and that brought a smile to my face.


“Hey guys, “ I said, waving at them.


“Sanura, you scared the hell out of us!” Dani glared at me before continuing, “How’d you get up there, anyway?”


“I jumped from that roof over there,” I responded as I pointed across the street to where I had jumped.


“No way you jumped that far or that high, “ challenged Jade.


“Yeah, I did. I’ll do it again, if you want me to.”


“Maybe another time, here comes Ashley.”


I turned and looked up in the sky in time to see Ash come in for a landing. “Hey there, Pixie,” I grinned.


“I told you not to call me that.”


“Hey,” said Dani to get our attention. “What gives? I thought that we were supposed to dress you like a girl, not for you to come dressed like one already.”


I looked back over at Ash and realized he was pretty much dressed like a girl, already. He was wearing a pair of jeans that had a slight flare to the legs and were rather slim fitting. They could have been boys or girls jeans. With that, he was wearing a light blue and white halter top that didn’t quite meet his jeans, leaving a bit of his stomach exposed.


“Yeah, what’s with the halter top?” asked Megan.


“I have to wear it, because of my wings,” stated Ashley “do you have any idea how much they charge for custom made shirts?”


“About as much as they do for custom pants,” I said, as I swung my tail at Ashley with my hands.


“See, Nura knows what I’m talking about. I have a few of them that I wear to school, but I do wear girls tops most of the time, because they fit and they don’t get caught in my wings.”


“Okay, that makes sense,” said Jade. “But that doesn’t explain why you’re wearing girls’ jeans.”


Ashley’s face went pretty red. “I have wide hips… ’cus of morfs. Guys’ pants don’t really fit me properly.”


“Guys, leave Ash alone. He can’t help what morfs did to him. I didn’t ask for any of the things morfs did to me and how I have to dress because of it.” I could definitely sympathize with Ash on this one; no guy wants to have to wear girls’ clothes. “Now we gonna stand around and talk or are we gonna get Ashley that makeover we promised him?”




“How are you feeling sweetheart?”


“I could be better Mom, I feel like my whole body is on fire,” groaned Amy, as she sat up in bed while her mother fit another energy pack into the IV unit mounted on her arm.


“You’re quite lucky though, most people would have to endure that feeling for days. The doctors say you should be into stage three of morfs by tonight.”


“Well, do you see any changes yet? Can I look in the mirror yet?”


“Amy, just lay down and get some rest! I’m sure you can wait a few hours until your changes are finished.” Amy’s mother helped her back into bed, tucked her in and gave her a kiss on the forehead, before turning out the lights and leaving the room.


Amy lay there for several minutes before finally closing her eyes and drifting off into a dreamless sleep.






“Did you identify the energy signature?”


“I think I have. I compared her energy with every know signature in our database, and came up with no matches. Then, on a whim, I ran it through NASA’s database and got a match. There’s only one problem.”


“And that is?”


“NASA has it classed as an unknown energy as well. The only information they have listed on it, is that it’s an energy given off by dark matter. Unfortunately, we don’t really have any idea what dark matter is, or how it works, as there’s never been a sample that could be tested.”


“Well if our agents would do their job and apprehend that girl, then maybe we would have a sample we could study. Imagine if we could harness her power.”




“Okay Ashley, into the shower, you need to shave your legs and your armpits,” said Danielle as we all found places to sit in her bedroom.


“I um… don’t have body hair,” Ashley blushed as each of us gave him a bit of a weird look. “It was a morfs thing, okay?”


“Okay, then go in the bathroom and put these on,” I said as I handed him a pair of panties and a bra, both pale pink. “The bra has a front closure, so it shouldn’t be hard to get on with your wings.”


“Okay, I’ll be right back.” We all watched as Ash went into the bathroom and closed the door behind him.


Jade waved us in close to her before she whispered, “Anyone else find it odd that he didn’t put up a fuss about wearing panties?”


“It is a little weird. Did you put up a fuss about it at first, Nura?”


“I would have if I’d had any boys clothes my size I could have worn. But I kinda shrunk quite a bit, so I was kind of stuck wearing them. Still, I try not to wear anything overly frilly. Most of my stuff is rather plain.”


“Unless Colin is around,” added Jade. “Then she makes sure she looks nice and pretty.”


We were cut short by the sound of the bathroom door unlocking. We all looked up to see the door open a few inches and Ash stick his head out around the doorframe.


“Do I have to come out wearing just these?” asked Ash


“Yes, you do. Now get out here.”


“Ok, but no laughing.”


Slowly the door opened and after what seemed like a few minutes, Ash stepped into view. He had his hands in front of the panties, trying for some modesty and was blushing profusely. Not surprisingly, he looked really good. He definitely had a girls figure, the and the lingerie really showed off those curves. If he had boobs he would totally look like a girl, he already had wide hips and a narrow waist some girls would kill for.


“Okay,” said Dani, breaking the silence. “Hair and makeup first, and then we’ll pick an outfit.”


“Dibs on doing his hair,” Jade held up her curling iron.


“I’ll do his makeup.” Megan asked me, “Nura? Can you do his nails?”


“Only if Dani can find some gloves I can use.” All the girls looked really confused at that comment so I continued, “furry hands and nail polish don’t mix.” I wiggled my fingers at Megan. “But if Dani has some rubber gloves I can wear to keep from getting nail polish in my fur, then I can do his nails.”


“Oh…” said Danielle. “I think I can find some for you.”


Jade had already started on Ashley’s hair and a good portion of it was sporting some pretty flowing curls. Megan was carefully applying some black eyeliner, and I began picking out a colour for Ash’s nails from Dani’s seemingly endless collection of nail polish. I had just picked out a colour when Dani returned and tossed a pair of yellow dishwashing gloves on my lap. I pulled them on and got to work on his nails, starting with his toes.






“Hi. Is ah … Zack there?”


“Just a moment…” there was a slight bang as the phone was set down and Colin could hear some talking in the background.




“Trance, its Colin. I need your help with something.”


“With?” asked Trance, already knowing that it involved Sanura.


“I know you and Sanura are like best friends, so I thought you could probably tell me what kind of music she listens to. I might be able to get some concert tickets and I want to ask her to go with me, but I need …”


“Colin, slow down. Nura listens to almost everything. But she really likes dance and punk, I know that’s a strange combo  but that’s what she likes.”


“Ok, thanks. Sorry for rambling. I just really like her and don’t want to do something stupid and mess this up.”


“Not a problem. Just be good to her like you promised.”




“Deploy the agents once they’ve been briefed. And stress that this has to be by the book, as this is a day run mission. There will be civilians in the vicinity. I want her brought in unharmed. Is that clear?”


“Yes sir!”


“We need her in custody before anyone else beats us to it.”




“She can’t wear that, she looks like a skank,” I exclaimed, before dissolving back into a fit of giggles.


“Well they’re your clothes Nura.”


“Yeah, but Ash is taller than me, so the skirt is way shorter on her, and so is the top.”


“Here, Ashley,” said Dani as she handed him some more clothes to try on.


Ashley had been trying on outfit after outfit for the last hour or so, and so far we hadn’t found one that all of us liked on him. He was definitely being a good sport about this though. After a few minutes, Ash emerged from the bathroom wearing the latest outfit. I thought it looked awesome on him. It was a halter style slip dress with a soft pattern to it in pink and cream. It hugged his ample fake breasts, and fit snug to his small waist and flat stomach before flaring out over his hips, ending with a ruffled hem a few inches above his knees.


We were all speechless as he stood in front of us, blushing slightly. His wings fluttered a bit causing the loose skirt to swirl around his legs playfully.


“Wow! I vote fore that one,” said Megan.


“Sorry Dani, but Ashley looks better in that dress than you ever did,” said Jade, before she received a pillow in the face from Dani.


“I like it too, its like it was made for her,” Dani said. “I’ll go get her some shoes.”


“So now can I call you Pixie?” I laughed, as Ashley gave me the finger.




“Where did you get these?”


“That’s none of your business. You want them?”


“Of course I want them, they’re floor seats. How much?”


“Ninety bucks.”




“Okay, let’s get going.”


“I need to talk to Ash in private first,” I said as I grabbed him by the arm and led him away from the door.


The girls left without a word, and I waited until I could hear them downstairs. For the last twenty minutes Ashley had been “practicing” walking in the heels Dani had found. They were a pair of sandals with a three-inch heel. He didn’t really need the practice, the girls said he must be a natural, but I knew better.


“What’s up Sanura?”


“So how long have you been doing this?” I asked


“Doing what?” he tried to reply calmly. I wasn’t buying it. Thanks to my enhanced hearing, I noticed he was suddenly breathing faster, and could faintly tell that his heart was racing.


“You don’t have to lie to me. How long have you been dressing up like a girl? You are way too used to wearing those heels.”


“Like the girls said, I must be a natural.”


“I don’t buy that at all. I’ve only been wearing them for like a week, and I still have trouble with them.”


“Wait, you’ve only been wearing them for a week? But you’re a girl. You must have worn them before.”


“Well, I didn’t okay? This is all new to me, too, and so I know a guy doesn’t just put on high heels and magically know how to walk in them” I ran out of steam about then and then realized what I had just said, and by the look on Ash’s face he didn't miss it either.


“You weren’t a girl before you morfed, were you?” he asked hesitantly.


“What! Why on earth would you say that?” Now it was my turn to lie.


“You just said that this is all new to you, meaning you didn’t used to dress like a girl or anything like that, and you said that ‘you know’ that a guy doesn’t just know how to walk in heels, implying that you used to be a guy. Am I right?”


“And I think that you’ve been dressing up like a girl in your free time, am I right?”


“And what if I have? Is that a crime?”


“So you have, so you’re a crossdresser?”


“Yes I am! I’ve been doing it since I was like five years old, okay? Now answer my question, did you used to be a guy?”


“Yes! I used to be a guy, but at least I didn’t choose to dress up like a girl. In fact I wish I still was a guy, I know nothing about being a girl, you have no idea how hard it is to just be forced to change genders. I just want to be Jason again.” My eye were watering, and I was on the verge of tears, but so far, willing myself not to cry seemed to be working.


“Jason Miller? You were Jason Miller?”


“Yes,” I squeaked.


“I’ve been waiting a long time for this,” was the last thing he said before he sucker punched me in the face.




The door slammed shut behind the group of agents as the engines started and the thrusters came to life, lifting the aircraft off the ground. The agents took their seats as their tracer did her work. After a moment, the woman opened her eyes and raised her hands in front of herself as if she was holding a large ball. A translucent silver film quickly started forming between her outstretched hands. It swirled around for a few seconds before coming into focus. The image that formed in the film was of their target, Sanura Miller, talking to another teenage girl. The image started to zoom out and twist skyward, giving a bird’s eye view of first, the house they were in, and then zooming out even more giving a view of the whole neighborhood and then the whole city. Now they had their map and their target’s position.


“Move in.”




“Ow,” I complained, as I brought my hand to my face. “What the hell was that for?”


“That’s for making fun of me when I first moved here last year. You used to call me gay, along with everyone else, just ‘cus I look like a girl. Its ironic that I may be a crossdresser and am straight, but you get a sex change from morfs and start dating another boy shortly afterwards.”


“Ash, I’m sorry if I made fun of you. I was too busy trying to look cool around everyone else. I was jerk and I’ll admit that.” I got back to my feet and took a step towards Ash, who towered over me by several inches. “But when I was a guy, I at least didn’t hit girls. So are you going to apologize for hitting me, or do I have to spread it around school that Ash beat me up?”


“What? But you totally deserve that.”


“I know I did. I was just messing with you. So I’ll keep your crossdressing a secret. as long as you keep my birth sex a secret?”






“Jeez, took you guys long enough, lets get going.”


Dani unlocked the car and we all piled in. She backed the car into the street just as a small black vehicle lowered to the ground and two large guys in black exited it and started to head towards us. Memories from the previous night flooded my mind and filled me with fear. I could practically feel my blood pulsing though me, carrying a rush of adrenaline with it. “Drive! Dani! Go! I’m not joking around. GO!”


The men were nearly to us when Dani floored it, and the car peeled out and made its way down the street. I watched though the back window as they ran back to their airship and it hovered back into the air and started its pursuit.


*Trance?* I cried, hoping he had left a link up like he usually does.


*Nura? What is it?*


*They’re back. And they’re chasing us, Trance. I need your help.*


*Tell Danielle to head towards the park. I’ll meet you there.*




*Colin! This is Trance. Nura needs your help. Get to Sunrise Park ASAP, and be ready to fight.*




We were still about a block away from the park, and the airship was closing in on us. I couldn’t let my friends get hurt over this.


“Dani, open the sunroof.” By now, she was listening to me with out asking questions and did as I had asked. I undid my seatbelt and turned myself around in the seat. “Keep driving once we get to the park, I doubt they’ll follow you. It’s me they’re after. Find somewhere safe. I’ll call your phone when it’s safe.” I took one last look at my friends before pulling myself out through the sunroof and perching myself on the roof of the car. I was going to send a message to whoever these guys were, and that message was the same one I shouted as we arrived at the park, “Leave Me Alone!!”




Trance sprinted the half block from his house to the park as fast as he could. Nura was like a brother, … sister to him, and he wasn’t about to let her get hurt if there was still life in him.


He could hear some sort of commotion not far ahead, and came around the corner in time to see Dani’s car speeding down the street in his direction, followed closely by a black aircraft. Nura was crouched atop the car. She yelled something Trance couldn’t quite make out, and then leapt off of the car. Sanura soared through the air as time seemed to stand still, but within a second, she was on the roof of the craft. Using one hand, she gripped her claws into the metal exterior of the craft as she raised the other hand, already shrouded in darkness, poised to attack. Her hand swung down in a hard chop, the black energy extending out into a long blade shape. The energy blade came crashing down into the center of the right forward thruster, which exploded from the impact. The craft started to dive downward in a spin. Another chop destroyed the left thruster, and the aircraft quickly met the ground. Sanura made her exit from the craft only seconds before its crash, and landed squarely in front of it, both hands blazing with energy. Trance was by her side in an instant.


There was a loud bang as the ship shook slightly. Then another. The third bang was followed by a crash as the door of the aircraft flew off and the large man who kicked it open stepped out into the light. A slim purple haired woman quickly followed him, along with a tall four-armed muscled giant lizard hybrid, and an older woman. All of them were dressed in black combat attire, except for the old lady.


“Sanura Miller, you are ordered to comply with detainment. You have ten seconds to withdraw your active energy,” said the purple haired woman before she turned towards Trance. “Civilian, you are to leave this area for your own safety.”


“I’m not going anywhere,” said Trance as he stepped in front of Sanura. “And you’re not taking her anywhere!”


“Then we will have to take her by force.” All but the old lady started to move forward. The guy who had kicked out the door was the fastest. He was almost to them, when he suddenly flew quickly up into the air.


The move caught all of them by surprise. None of them saw Colin jumping off the top of the wrecked ship, drop kicking four-arms to the ground in the process. Lizard snapped around towards Colin, whipping his powerful tail at him, when a burst of light went off in front of his face, causing him to recoil while clutching his eyes. Shine came up beside Trance, while Colin came up beside Sanura.


“Shine, you don’t have control of your powers, you shouldn’t be here,” said Sanura.


“Now’s a good time to learn, then.”




“What the hell is going on? Who were those guys?” Megan was freaking out. Dani was still firmly gripping the steering wheel and softly crying. Jade and Ashley were both just sitting there quietly.


“Can we do anything to help?” asked Jade.


“You heard her, she said to stay here.”


“Ash, you’ve morfed.  isn’t there anything you can do?”


“Jade, all I can do is fly. I don’t have any powers. I wish I could help.”




I smiled as Colin gave me a kiss on the head. I was glad he was here to help out. I was a little worried about Shine; her powers were unstable. at best. But I can also feed off of the light she creates. so it’s not all bad. The group in black had held off until lizardboy had recovered his sight and for the big guy to recover from falling back to the earth. Little did they know that Trance was using his abilities to let us come up with a plan telepathically.


*What’s up with the old lady?*


*She’s an illusionist, she covering up this whole fight. so the cops don’t show up. And if my guess is right, she’s not even an old lady, but an illusion of one.*


*Okay, here they come. Shine keep your light on me so I can supercharge my energy and so I can heal myself. Trance, you guard Shine. Colin, you give me some airborne targets and I’ll take them out.*


“Lets do this!” I stepped forward and brought my energy back up, surrounding my whole body. Four-arms started running towards us, and I ran to intercept him. This guy might be big, but he’s not that fast. As I ran towards him, I split off two energy shields shaped like myself. As far as four-arms was concerned, there were now three of me. I started running around him, my “shadows” following me. I split the shadows again, and he was suddenly encircled by six of me. As I ran behind him, I leapt into the air, leaving my shadows behind. Each of my shadows moved in towards him, and he was engulfed in a large blast that sent a tremor through the ground. I landed back in front of my friends and Shine helped me refuel with a burst of bright light all around me. Four-arms had passed out on the ground, but those with him were ready to fight.


Lizard came at us next, and Colin tossed him into the air. With the help of some light from Shine, I formed an energy ball above my head that was easily five times my own size. With some telekinetic help from Trance, we got it hurtling through the air, right at lizard boy.


“Let’s not use such a heavy one next time,” I panted. Shine helped me refresh again, and this time it was the really big guy who came at us.


Colin tossed him in the air again, and I formed a dozen basketball size blasts in front of me, which I sent flying. Once the first dozen where on their way, I formed another dozen, and did the same and then again. After he had been battered from all sides, Colin let him drop with a thud.


Purple hair had just been standing there watching all of this, and hadn’t moved since she spoke to us earlier. I readied another blast and supercharged it with all my energy. I sent it hurtling at her with the rest of my strength, and then dropped to my knees in exhaustion. The light shone around me, and I felt myself gaining back my power quick enough. I looked up as my blast closed in on the purple haired woman, only to see her catch it and slam it into the ground in front of her. My jaw dropped at what I had seen. That was all of my energy, and she just caught it, with a smirk on her face.


Colin attempted to throw her up in the air, but she stayed firmly in place, while pieces of dirt and grass flew upwards from the ground. She slowly raised her hands, and the wind immediately picked up around us. It kept getting stronger, and stronger, and being as small as I am, I was having a hard time keeping my footing. I held on to Colin for support, while I slipped off my sneakers and dug the claws on my feet into the ground. I let go of Colin’s arm and took a step forward. This was going to end, right now.


I let myself drop forward, my hips sliding into their new alignment and took off running. The wind was having little effect on me and I was closing the gap between us when she whipped her hands in font of her. Then the wind stopped but suddenly, a burst of fire headed right at me. I had enough energy still that I could form a shield around myself and charged right on through. I was at her now, and dove into her with my shoulder, only to end up behind her on my back.


This was seriously weird. I got back up and tried attacking; she dodged all of my attacks with blazing speed. I continued attacking her, but every time I touched her, I got spun around so fast that I began feeling sick. Lying on the ground, I was ready to puke, wondering, ‘How do I beat this lady?’


The fire and  wind picked up again and I found myself getting tossed around like a piece of meat. A gust of wind picked me up and tossed me at the airship. I figured she was trying to either throw me on it, or against it and I wanted neither of those. I reached out with my hand, hoping to dig my claws into something so I could stop myself. I was moving so fast that I didn’t even see the old lady until my claws had sunk into her shoulder. She let out a cry as my claws dug into her skin, and suddenly everything stopped. The wind was gone, along with the fire. The lady with the purple hair disappeared, and the old lady changed shape too, until I was standing beside a clone of the purple haired lady, but this one had silver hair. Between her hands was what looked like a hologram of the park we were in. The image started  to wane, and changed to a strange silver film. I pulled my claws from her shoulder and she gasped from the pain. The silver film dripped to the ground and faded away, and then she disappeared as well.


“Nura!” I looked up to see Colin rushing towards me. He swept me into his arms and I held on to him like my life depended on it. “Are you okay?” I nodded my head against his chest. “What was all that about, who were they?” I pushed myself back from him.


“I don’t really even know. I really don’t want to talk about it, either. Not here Colin, not now … Let’s get out of here.”




“Ah!” the ringing phone, broke the silence in the car, and scared all four of them. Dani answered the phone, “Hello?”


“Hey, you want to get some food? I’m starving,” replied Sanura.


“Nura! Are you okay?”


“I’m fine, just hungry. I’m with Shine. You guys want to meet us for lunch?”


“Sure, where?”


“Golden Grill? They’ve got their lunch buffet special.”


“Okay, we’ll be there soon.”






“Amy? Are you all right? Can I come in?” The bathroom door opened and Amy stepped into the hallway.


“Look at me!”


“Honey, you look fine, they’re just minor changes.”


“Mom, I have pointed ears, and I, ... my hair isn’t red anymore,” complained Amy.


“And you’re taller,” stated her mother.


“Wow, I am, too. I didn’t even notice that.”


“Well, it is only a few inches. And don’t worry about how you look. If anything, you’re even more beautiful than before. Those ears actually suit you pretty well, and you’re hair is still red, its just got some other colours in it. I think it looks very pretty with all those shades of copper and gold and red. Like a beautiful tree changing colours in the fall.”


“Mom, you just compared me to a tree. How do you think that’s supposed to make me feel?”


“That’s not what I meant, young lady, and you know it,” she scolded. “I simply said, it’s a lovely mix of colours, and it still has plenty of red in it.”


“At least I don’t feel like I’m dying anymore,” said Amy


“That’s it dear, focus on the positive. Are you hungry?”






“Oh man! I’m famished!” I continued down the buffet, piling my plate with as much food as I could. “I feel like I haven’t eaten in a week.”


“Well, you do have about a weeks worth of food on that plate,” Ashley retorted.


We were the first two back to our table,  yet as hungry as I was,  I had to ask him. “So how are you enjoying being out in public dressed like that?”


“It’s always a fun to go out all dressed up. I have done it before, if that’s what you’re asking.”


“You really do look good like that. It’s too bad you have to hide it,” I said, feeling a bit sad for Ash.


“I get to dress at home when ever I want to and I have some friends from my last school who know about it. Including my girlfriend, err … ex-girlfriend. We had to break up when I moved here.”


“If you had all that going for you, then why’d you move here? What brings you to Sun City?”


“We had to move somewhere warmer once I morfed, since my back is usually exposed no matter what I wear. We were going to move to the south, but mom didn’t want to move that far away from her family, so we learned a bit about this artificial paradise you guys have going on here, and decided that was the place to move.”


“Cool. I pretty much grew up here, so this is normal for me but I bet other people in the country find it odd that we have a tropical paradise on the top of a snowcapped mountain range. It makes for lots of tourism right down town though, come to a resort where you can go snowboarding and surfing in the same day.” I thought back on the few times I’d done that. I’d caught a cold from the difference in climates last time. Since then I’ve tried to stay within the warm city limits.


“It’s a very cool city, that’s for sure. It’s amazing to look at, from the sky,” said Ashley




Amy had been looking at herself in the mirror since she had finished eating. She liked the fact that she was taller, and although she had liked the way she had looked before, her new appearance was starting to grow on her. Her mother was right. The numerous autumn colours in her hair did look really nice together, and complimented her complexion. The ears were still not to her liking, but as her mother said, they seemed to suit her. They looked like the ears the elves had in that old movie trilogy from the 2000’s that her grandmother loved so much. Amy rolled her eyes as she imagined her grandma’s reaction to her new elvan looks.


“Oh, great,” she said, a heavy tone to her voice. “She’ll probably make me watch the movies again. What a waste of twelve hours.”




“Oh, I think I ate too much…”


“Feel like you’re going to burst?” asked Megan.


“No,” I stopped to rub my tummy again. “I’ve just got some cramps.”


“No throwing up in my car,” was Danielle’s unsympathetic remark.


“So what are we doing now?” inquired Jade.


“I dunno, I just want to lay down,” I groaned.


“Well as much as I’ve enjoyed letting you guys dress me up and drag me around town, I do have to get home. I just have to grab my clothes from your house, Danielle. Then I’ll fly home,” said Ashley.


“Ash,” I started, “the deal was that you have to stay dressed up all day, that means you have to go home dressed as you are.” He grinned at me and then pretended to look shocked.


“But my mom will freak out!”


“Just tell her you lost a bet. It’s the truth. Besides, maybe she’d like having a daughter for a change.” It was hard for me not to burst out laughing as I said that.


“I can just bring your  clothes to school on Monday, if you want to just bring my dress back, instead of driving all the way back to my place right now,” said Dani.


“Okay, I guess that will work. Just pull over, so I can get out and fly home.” We stopped the car and he waved to us after he got out. He started flapping his wings and lifted about a foot off the ground. “I’ll see you guys later.”


“Ashley, wait,” I said, fishing around in my bag, looking for something I’d put there. ‘There it is.’


“What is it? I have to get getting.”


I whipped my eCom out of my bag and up to the window in a flash, then hit the capture button. “Smile!”




“How the hell does a fifteen year old girl and a few of her friends take out a team of special op morf soldiers?”


“Sir, the power she exerts is exponential. It’s off all of our charts. She used it to smash the thrusters on our transport. Those are made out of armor grade alloy, we had to use a metal elemental to even forge those, and she smashed them like she was crushing a pop can.”


“Once our team is healed up, I want them shipped back to training. Put out a mission request to all of out top special ops, with a description of all we know about this girl. One of our lone wolves may have an ability that can counteract this girl’s powers.”


“Yes sir, I’ll have it sent as soon as debriefing is complete.”




“We should have a sleepover,” suggested Jade. “Nura hasn’t been to one before, and its totally part of the whole ‘girl’ experience.”


“On this short notice?” Megan asked.


“Sure. We can have it at my place,” said Jade. “My parents never really care.”


“I’m up for a sleepover.” Dani giggled, . “Besides, Mike always gets jealous when I have a sleepover, and he has to stay at home.”


“we need to get a hold of Rakira again, and I doubt Amy would be much fun, being all drugged up, but maybe the five of us could go visit her.” Megan pulled out her eCom and started to call Shine.


“So, Nura, you in or not?”


“I dunno, I’ve heard about the lesbian orgies you guys have at these parties and I don’t think that would be fair to Colin,” I managed to say that with a straight face before bursting into laughter.


“We don’t have lesbian orgies,” giggled Dani.


“I know that. Yeah, I’m in. But I need to grab a change of clothes and stuff from my house.”


“Let’s go meet Shine,” said Dani. “ then she can drive you and Jade to your place to get stuff while Megan and I go get our stuff and then we’ll meet back up at Jade’s before going to see Amy.”


“That sounds good.”




“Please? I’ve done all my homework already,” I pleaded with Dad.


“Sanura, you’ve been out all day already. I think you’ve spent enough time with you friends already.” Why did Dad have to be so mean. I should have just snuck back in through my window.


“But everyone else is going,” I whined.


“That’s nice. You’re not,” he replied.


“But they’re teaching me how to be a girl. I just want to be able to fit in, and right now I know nothing about being a girl. Don’t you want me to be able to fit in with the other girls?” I could play dirty if he was going to play hardball.


“Nura, you’ll have plenty of time to learn … how to be a girl. I just think you need to take a break from your friends and spend some time with the family. Maybe you can have a sleepover with your friend here next weekend,” explained Dad. ‘How can he make that sound do reasonable?’


“But I just to be able to be normal like the other girls,” I pouted. I had become quite acquainted with my tears over the last week, and started to turn on the water works a bit. So far, it was working, as my eyes became watery and a single tear had run down my cheek. Dad always caved in when Crystal did this, hopefully it would work for me too. “Don’t you want me to be happy, Daddy?” I sniffed a bit and wiped away a tear with the back of my paw.


“Of course I do, Sweetheart…”


“So I can go?” I asked, bringing a hopeful smile to my teary face. I could see his resolve breaking. “Pleeeease Daddy?” the Daddy part was working like it had the first time, and I knew I had him.


“Okay, kitten, you can go, but tomorrow we are having dinner as a family.” He stumbled back just a bit as I jumped up and wrapped my arms around his neck in a big hug. ‘Man. do I ever feel tiny next to him.’


“Thanks, Daddy. I’ll see you in the morning.” I grabbed my stuff and headed out the door to Shine’s waiting car. ‘Did dad just call me kitten?’




“What just happened?” asked Brett Miller as he sat down beside his wife on the couch.


“You let Sanura go to that sleepover, didn’t you?” inquired Kaitlyn.


“Yes, I did. Even after I told him no. I don’t get it, I’m usually more firm with Jase.”


“Yes, you are. but Nura was appealing to you as your daughter,” said Kaitlyn. “And she had you wrapped around her finger and got her way. She must have been watching how Crystal does it.”


“She started crying. That is a very unfair tactic,” complained Brett. “Next time she wants something, you’re dealing with her.”


“I thought it was cute. She even called you Daddy. When was the last time Jase ever called you that?”


“Not since he was little, maybe five years old. How am I supposed to say no to her when she does that, looking up at me with those large blue eyes of hers with a pout on her face. I’d say she already knows how to be a girl, if she already manipulating me like that. Just like the rest of the females in this house.”


“Hey!” Kaitlyn attempted to shove her large furry husband in mock anger.




“You don’t think Amy will mind us just dropping by like this?” I asked, thinking about what my reaction would have been to my friends just showing up while I was morfing.


“I don’t think she will. She’ll probably enjoy some company, if she’s awake,” said Shine.


Danielle stepped forward and rang the doorbell. A minute or two afterwards the door opened and Mrs. Adams invited us inside. “Hi there, girls. Here to see Amy, I assume?”


“Yes, we are,” I answered.


Amy’s mom turned towards me and a puzzled look came over her face. “I don’t believe I’ve met you yet, young lady. I’m Amy’s mother.”


“I’m Sanura, Sanura Miller. We’ve met before, but that was before I had morfs.” I wasn’t sure what else to say.


“Oh my,” said Mrs. Adams. “So you’re Sanura. Amy told us about you. You certainly do look different than the last time I saw you. How are your parents?”


“They’re doing fine. Trying to cope with having a new daughter, I guess,” was my lame attempt at humor.


“Well tell them I said hello. We really should have your family over for dinner again some time soon. Why don’t you girls go into the living room? I’ll go get Amy. She finished morfing earlier this afternoon, so I’ll warn you, she does look a bit different.”


She turned and headed up the stairs, while we went into the living room and found places to sit down.


“She’s finished morfing already?” asked Shine.


“I heard in health class that you can morf, like all three stages in like less than twelve hours,” said Dani.


“Meanwhile, I had to be in agony for nearly a week,” I pouted.


We all stopped talking as we heard two sets of feet coming down the stairs. A moment later a gorgeous girl that looked a lot like Amy walked into the room. *Gah… she’s so hot!* was the first thing to run through my mind, and I could feel myself getting aroused, in a boy way. I discreetly moved a throw pillow from beside me, onto my lap. Amy took that as an invitation to sit down beside me. That didn’t help the situation much. I guess this means I’m bisexual, but why Amy? I’ve never felt like this towards her before. But then she’d never looked like this before.


I tried to check her out without being too obvious. Her hair was amazing, with at least a dozen different shades of reds and blondes that cascaded down to the small of her back. Her face was slightly different as well. Her eyebrows had a more pronounced arch to them and sat above her deep green eyes. Her face had a sharper look to it than it had before and her full pouting lips nearly cried out for me to kiss them. Along with this rather exotic look, were her ears, long and pointed giving her a look of elegance like some elvish princess. She was breathtaking.


“…Nura, you listening?”


“Sorry, still have those cramps,” I lied. Sure I did still have them but that wasn’t why I was distracted. “What did you say?”


“I asked if you were cold,” Jade replied.


“Huh? Why would you ask that?” I was very confused now.


Jade looked at me like I was an idiot and then pointed to her chest and move her finger back and forth from right to left. I looked down and saw that my nipples were trying to seek some attention but pushing out against my tee shirt, making them very visible. All I could do was blush, while trying to cover them up with my hands and ignore the incessant laughter of the girls around me.




To Be Continued…


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Sun City

The world’s largest climate-controlled city. Located at an elevation of 5,500ft in the rocky mountains and situated within a nearly year round snowy valley. This city however, is home to one of the worlds most popular resort destinations due to its many attraction. Noah Eglington founded Sun City in 2015. Noah first acquired the land for Sun City in 2013 and over the next two years Sun City became a small tropical resort with steady business. This task was accomplished using Noah’s, and later his wife Hannah’s Elemental abilities to heat the climate of Sun City to a steady 85° year round. Over the next decade, the small resort grew into a large community centered around the numerous resorts located at the heart of the city encircling the large manmade lake now known as Sun Lake. Over the years many other elementals were hired from all over the world to expand the city. The recent addition of two water elementals now makes surfing in Sun Lake on of the most popular attractions although the ski and snowboarding outside of the heated city limits remains the most popular. In 2032 the large community was officially recognized as a city and Noah was elected as Mayor. The current population of Sun City is 998, 500.


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