Sanura's tale

Part 4


The men stepped out of the darkness, their smart camo making them difficult to see. Sanura dug her claws deeper into the arms of the man underneath her, causing him to grunt in pain. "If you value your life, you'll call them off," she spat.


"Release him and stand with your hands behind your head!"


"I'll release him when you put your guns away."


The men reluctantly put their weapons back in their holsters. Sanura was about to get up when her ears twitched and she barely overheard a message on the earpiece lying on the ground next to the man's head, "... snipers are in position..."


The girl picked up one of the darts from the agent's belt and concealed it in her paw. Before the snipers on the roof realized what was happening, a shadowy mist started to form in the air around the young teen. As she stood up, the girl could no longer be seen.


The area of darkness continued to grow all around her as Sanura absorbed even the faint light of the moon from the area around them all. For the agents, the night was now pitch black. The men could not even get their night vision goggles to work. Sanura, however, could see everything as if it was the middle of the day. She could see the men stumbling around trying to find her.


She decided her first targets were the snipers. Not wanting to hurt anyone, she decided using the darts was her best bet. She jumped straight up as hard as she could, and emerged from the blackness. As she'd predicted, that made her a visible target and she blocked the shots using her energy shield again. The direction from which the shots came was easy to determine, and she was able to spot the snipers before dropping back into the darkness.


She put her hands together with the dart facing forward between them. The dart burst from her hands, propelled by the blast of black and purple light emitted from between them. Almost instantly, the dart hit the sniper in the arm and he jerked, then slowly fell over and rolled over and off the roof. While the other sniper was watching him tumble, Sanura was able to snatch another dart from one of the confused agents. The second sniper soon followed the first.              



The chopper was the first to spot them, and the cleanup team was quickly on the site doing their job. All the agents had been laid side by side. Each of them had been hit with their own tranquilizer darts. One agent had severe cuts on each of his arms, which had been wrapped tightly with cloth strips to reduce the bleeding. Scratched into the hill below them were the words, "LEAVE ME ALONE! I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!" The words appeared to have been made by claws that had dug into the ground.


"Come on boys. Let's get this cleaned up before sunrise."       



I got little if any sleep that night. I was jumping at every sound. But they never came back.


All too soon, it was time to go to school. At least today was Friday and I didn't have to wear a skirt. As I hadn't really slept, I had lots of time to get ready for school. I had spent nearly an hour earlier washing blood out of the fur on my hands. I noticed now that a lot of the pink polish on my claws had chipped off, and decided to fix it so I went into the bathroom and pulled out the box of nail stuff my sister kept under the counter.


I found some pink polish, and after digging through the cleaning supplies found a pair of latex gloves. I pulled on the gloves and poked my claws through the end of the fingers. My first few attempts were pretty sloppy, but by the time I was finished, they all looked as they had before.


I took my time in the shower and let myself relax as the hot water poured over me. The water beat rhythmically against my back and I felt like I could spend all day in there. I turned and instinctively shielded my breasts with my arms. I let out a sigh as I realized how quickly I was adapting to being a girl. *Life was so simple before.*


I looked down at myself and let out another sigh. Tentatively I reached down, and for the first time since I'd morphed, touched myself, other than going to the bathroom, of course.


My finger brushed against the head of my penis as it slid between my legs and I shivered from the familiar pleasure.


Just below that was an opening which I assumed was my vagina; I shuddered again as my finger touched the spot right below my vagina. That area was super sensitive and the feelings I got there were so much more intense than the ones I got from my dick. I continued rubbing myself down there, first with my hand, and then, fearing a cut from my claws, I started using the end of my tail. A warm tingly feeling started to spread from my groin over my whole body.


My nipples and my dick were both now standing at attention and I brought my left hand up to my chest and started to massage my breasts, I felt as if I was floating as my brain was trying to take in this new sensory overload. The intensity of the feelings kept building and I thought I was going to pass out when I was snapped back to reality as the shower quickly became ice cold. Startled, I let out a shrill high pitched squeal before slamming the tap to the off position.


The pleasure I had felt was gone now and I just felt awkward and dirty. My tail was partially inside me and I removed it with disgust. The tingly warm feeling had been replaced with a clammy, damp feeling that was anything but comfortable. I got out of the shower and rinsed the end of my tail in the sink and got to work drying myself off.


Wrapping a towel around myself I walked back to my room and flopped down on my bed. My clock said 6:49. I had been in the shower for over an hour, *No wonder I ran out of hot water.*


After lying down on my bed for awhile, I decided to get dressed. When I removed my towel and walked over to my dresser and opened my top drawer to get some underwear, I was surprised to see a pink vibrator sitting on top of my panties. At least it wasn't one of the ones that look like a penis.


There was a note on it from Mom, telling me to keep it hidden and try to be quiet when using it. *Gross!*


 I moved it so it was hidden under my panties, then grabbed a set of white undies and started to get dressed.


It was Friday, so I wanted to wear something comfy, but I also had a date right after school, so I wanted to wear something pretty.


I settled for a pair of white flared cords and a sheer white tunic over a light blue spaghetti strap top. The tank left my midriff bare, and you could easily see my new belly button piercing though the other top.


I decided on a high ponytail with my long bangs framing my face, while hanging down to my shoulders at the sides. Lip gloss, some light eye shadow and mascara was the extent of my makeup for the day. I smiled at my reflection and then went down to the kitchen to make myself some breakfast.



School was its usual routine. I didn't pay much attention during my classes as a lot of more of important things were on my mind.


The buzzer signaling the beginning of lunch finally went off and I rushed down the hall to meet Trance at his locker. He was just closing it when I got there. "Trance...," I huffed to catch my breath. "I need to talk to you... in private."


"This is about Colin, isn't it?"


"Why would I need to talk to you about Colin? I thought you were cool with that? Never mind that! I need your help. Someone is after me and I need to talk..."


*What do you mean, someone is after you? For what? Why?*


*That's what I'd like to know. I was attacked by about a dozen guys last night. They looked military. They were wearing those nanotech smart camo suits. I could barely see them.*


*Are you all right? How did you get away?*


"I had to fight them. It's all just a blur. When they shot at me, I just kinda snapped and it was like I was on autopilot. Some sort of killer instinct just took over...* I could feel myself tearing up as I replayed that had happened. *I... I hurt one of them pretty bad, Trance.*


*It's okay, Nura. You were just protecting yourself.* A tear made its way down my cheek, and he wiped it away. *Don't cry. Its okay, you're safe now.*


I wrapped my arms around him and let myself cry it all out. I felt him tense up at my embrace, but I ignored it. I just needed him to be there. Eventually I was all cried out but continued to hold onto Trance for dear life for a few more minutes before letting go. *Thanks, Trance, I really needed that. I'm so grateful you were here.*


*I'll always be here if you need me. Though I never thought I'd have you crying on my shoulder.* He chuckled, and it brought a smile to my face.


*Your shoulder? Hell, I barely reach your chest. I feel like a little kid next to you.*


*Well, maybe you'll be taller when you grow up*


I stuck my tongue out at him. *And you need to fix your makeup.*


 "Damn it! It's really screwed up, isn't it?"


"Yup, now go fix it. The girl's room is right there," he said as he pointed past me down the hall.


"OK, I'll be right back. You gonna wait, or should I meet you in the cafeteria?"


"I'll wait." He leaned against the wall and closed his eyes as I pushed open the door of the bathroom.  There were a few girls inside,  but luckily none of them wanted to fight me this time. I found a spot over at the mirror and started repairing the damage to my makeup. With a lot of concentrating I was able to get my eyeliner on properly on my first attempt.


*Hey, you're getting pretty good at that.*


*Trance! What the hell? Why are you watching me while I'm in the girls' room? You perv!*


*Why am I a perv? It's not like I was watching you take a leak... *


*'Cus you're a boy, and I'm in the girls room.*


*But you're a b...*


*I'm a girl in this instance, Trance. Now stop watching, perv.*



"I thought cats don't like water." I looked up to see Ashley walking towards me in his little speedo. His goggles were acting as a headband for his long hair. Between his pretty face, small frame, and long hair, he really did look like a girl.


"Hi, Ash. It's not the water I don't like. It's the drying my fur afterwards. By the way, nice suit, but girls are supposed to wear a top, too."


Ash gave me a very annoyed look, and I laughed even harder. While I was laughing, Ash tried to push me into the pool, so I grabbed his leg and pulled him in with me.


We both came back up sputtering, to find Ms. Walker, our teacher looking down at us. "Just what do you two think you're doing? Get out of the pool and go get in the lineup with your team. We'll start the relay in five minutes."


"Öhey check out SanuraÖ"My ears perked up at the mention of my name, and turned in the direction of the conversation. "... she's a total hottie. Getting to see her in that leotard every day makes these stupid tests worth coming to..." I couldn't believe that these guys were talking about me.


"We need to thank that queer Ashley for pushing her in the pool. You can see her nipples right through her suit now."


I was shocked, and was about to turn around when I heard their next comment. "... forget her tits, man.... check out that camel toe... "


Now I was furious. I turned my back to them and made the necessary adjustments to my suit before walking over to their little group. They got quiet rather quickly as they saw me approaching.


"Hey babe. Wanna go..."




His head reeled back and he brought his hand up to his face. Before he or his friends could do or say anything, I shot a shield of energy at them and sent them flying into the middle of the pool. Then I made my way quickly back to my spot in line next to Ashley, before the teacher returned from her office.


"You four! Out of the water and into my office this instant!" The boys started to protest but a look from Ms. Walker quickly silenced them.


"I can't believe you did that. They're gonna get in soooo much trouble."


"Ash, they deserved it. You should have heard what they were saying about me."


"If you say so. Gah, I hate this class. I'm so sick of all these stupid tests."


"I just think that you're afraid of water... Or that I'm going to beat your time today, pixie girl." An evil smirk grew across my face as I came up with a little plan.


"I'm not afraid of you. In fact, I'm going to beat you so badly that you'll be too ashamed to show your face in this school again," laughed Ashley. "And for the record, I'm not a pixie, and I'm not a girl!"


"But you'd make such a beautiful girl," I pouted. This crazy plan just might work. "How 'bout this. If I beat you at swimming today, even by just one second, then the girls I hang out with and I get to dress you as a girl and you have to spend all day like that." Ashley's mouth opened and closed a few times before he said anything.


"Okay... I'll do it. But... If I beat you... you have to show me your boobs... And let me touch 'em."


I was shocked at first but I was pretty confident that I could beat him. "I'll show them to you but you don't get to touch them."


"Okay, deal."



"The mission was a complete failure. You've all received the best training possible and not only were you beaten by a young girl, but you let her do it with your own weapons."


"Sir, we couldn't see. Not even night vision worked."


"That's no excuse. She should have been taken out with the first shot."


The door opened and a tall, slender man quietly entered. He went unnoticed for several minutes as his white clothes and white hairless skin caused him to almost disappear against the blank wall. His solid red eyes were a stark contrast to the rest of his appearance.


He glanced at the papers he was carrying before walking to the front of the room. The men stopped talking and rose up to salute the man in white as he took his place in front of them.





I covered my ears a spit second before Ms. Walker blew her whistle and watched as Ash dove into the water. Maybe it was the rippling water distorting my vision, but it looked like Ashley was using his wings to help him cut through the water. Ash was really speeding along and I was straining to think of a way to beat him.


As he was turning to start his final lap, an idea came to me and I brought up my energy shield around me. With a bit of concentration I was able to change its shape. After another few seconds I had it spinning around me. By the time Ash was finished and it was my turn, I was surrounded by an auger shaped shield that was turning slowly.




I dove out in high arc over Ash before dropping gracefully into the water. I stayed dry as the shield repelled the water. I increased the speed of the spin and within seconds was at the other end of the pool. I quickly did my six laps as the water churned around me. As I approached the end of my last lap I dove a little deeper, retracted the shield and Kicked off the bottom of the pool, launching myself out of the water. I did a simple back flip in the air before dropping to my feet and giving Ashley a sly smile.


"17.44, Great job Sanura. Your style was very ... resourceful."


I was grinning from ear to ear. Ashley looked like he was going to be sick. "You are going to make just the cutest girl ever. Meet us at JB's tomorrow at seven."



''I agree that your performance was nothing short of pitiful," he droned. Even though his voice was extremely calm and monotone, it seemed to demand attention and respect, something that was reinforced by his hard red glare. "The only good thing you did was coax her into using her powers. We had a mobile lab near your location  the people in it were able to take readings of her powers. We have been doing thorough analysis of those readings all day. We have yet to identify her powers with any known energy sources. What we do know is that the sheer magnitude of this energy is off the chart. We must have her!"



There were times when I just felt dumb standing around dressed as I was. I kept expecting someone to point out the boy dressed as a girl. I know that those thoughts are irrational, but since when have woman ever thought rationally? I giggled to myself as I thought that and looked around once again for Colin. Still no sign of him.


School had let out nearly half an hour ago and I was now the only kid around. If Colin would ever get out of his meeting with the basketball team, then we could go on our date.


I was starting to get really bored. Swinging my bag, (I wasn't ready to call it a purse yet), between my feet had only amused me for a few minutes. I was about to go find him when I felt myself being lifted off of the wall I had been sitting on and into the air.


I floated away from the wall for only a second and then dropped into Colin's waiting arms. My arms went around his neck almost immediately, in case he dropped me. He smiled at me before leaning in for a kiss. I brought my lips up to meet his. 


"Ready to go to dinner?"


"Of course I am. I was the one waiting for you, remember? So where are we going?"


"I thought we'd hit the Chinese buffet near the theater. Last time we were there, I believe you and I had an eating contest. I doubt you'd be up to the challenge this time."


"I would totally win if we did that again. I may be smaller now but I think my appetite has tripled. But I don't really think having an eating contest is something we should do on a first date."



"So what's your take on this whole Sanura and Colin thing?"


"Is that still bugging you? Personally, I say if it makes her happy to be with him, then I support it. If he was a huge asshole it would be completely different, but he's good to her."


"I understand all that Amy, but don't you think itís all a bit fast?"


"Zack... You need to quit worrying. Whether this relationship is a way to temporarily forget about the new life that MORFS thrust on her and feel some sort of normality or whether itís serious, it's not our place to judge. This is a good thing for her anyway. This whole relationship is helping her get in touch with being a girl."


"Okay, okay, I'll support her decision..."


There was a slight groan on Amy's end of the phone and it was a moment before she said anything more. "Trance, I gotta go. I'm feeling a bit queasy. I'm gonna go lay down for a bit."


"Okay, I'll talk to you later. Get better."


''I'll try. Bye."


"See ya."



''I thought we weren't having an eating contest?" Colin raised his eyebrow at me and I stood still with my plate in hand.


I had eaten several plates of food already and blushed hard as I realized what a pig I must look like. "I... I was just going to get a bit of ice cream," I lied.


This sucked. I wasn't even full yet. Does being a girl mean I have to starve myself all the time? Its not fair, guys get to eat as much as they want.


I got my ice cream and loaded it up with toppings before heading back to the table. When I got back to the table, Colin had just paid the bill and was chuckling quietly to himself.


"What's so funny?"


He held up the little piece of paper with his fortune on it and read it aloud. " You will find a new relationship as love blossoms with an old friend.  Now thatís the first accurate fortune cookie I've ever had. What's yours say?" 


I put down my spoon and reached past my bowl of ice cream to grab the cookie. I broke it open and pulled out the slip. "Curiosity killed the cat,'' I frowned. "That is not funny. Not to mention that that's not even a fortune." Glancing at Colin, I noticed he was trying really hard not to laugh. "Go ahead and laugh, but I want a new fortune cookie..." Still a little miffed I dug into my ice cream once again. 



"Amy... Dinner!"


Amy's mother waited several minutes before going upstairs and knocking on her daughter's bedroom door. She got a grunt as a reply, so she opened the door and walked in. 


Amy was lying on her bed, curled up in a fetal position, hugging a pillow to her chest. "I'm not hungry," she said. The pain was evident in her voice.


"Amy, what's the matter?" She took a seat beside the young girl and put her arm around her.


"I feel all nauseous and my whole body aches. I've never felt this bad before. I think it might be MORFS." 



Colin paid for our tickets and I bought us some popcorn and drinks after convincing him that it was all right for me to pay.


We chatted a little bit before the lights dimmed and the movie trailers started. Some of them looked pretty good and I made a mental note to myself that I would have to check them out. I noticed that Colin was fidgeting beside me.


Tentatively, he put out his hand and placed it on top of mine. I turned my hand so my palm was facing up and intertwined my fingers with his. I looked up to see him smile back at me before I rested my head on his shoulder.



"...and you're sure that you didn't have any of the typical symptoms before tonight?"


"Nothing at all," said Amy as she clutched her stomach with her hands. "It just hit me all of a sudden."


The ER doctor made some notes while the machine behind him clucked away as it processed the blood sample the doctor had taken from Amy.


After a few minutes the machine stopped its analysis and printed out a paper with the results.  The doctor picked up the paper and read over it, then turned to face Amy and her parents and cleared his throat.


"This is a bit odd. Especially since you haven't had any symptoms before tonight. According to these results, you've already entered stage two of the massive ontogenetic regulation failure syndrome. Thatís the stage where you experience any physical changes. Given the rate at which you passed stage one, I would say that unless you experience a very drastic change, that you should be into stage three, that's the recovery stage, by this time tomorrow. Do you have any questions before you go?"


"I thought that MORFS usually lasted much longer than you're saying. Back when I morfed, it lasted almost two weeks."


"Well Mr. Adams, you're right that most cases last much longer than your daughter's. Even with the many advances in medicine, stage two still usually lasts three days. However, there have been a number of documented cases where patients have gone through all three stages of MORFS within as little as seven hours. The reasons for such a quick change are still unclear. The only common thread is that all those who have had such a change are third generation morfs. I'll give Amy an arm mount IV that will give her a sedative and the energy packs. When she's finished stage two it will automatically retract the needle and start beeping so you know to take it off her. Then just bring the unit with you when you come back for her post MORFS check up. 



<Nura=^_^=> Dani?


<GoddessDanielle> hi  nura   I like ur cat


<Nura=^_^=> thanx


<Nura=^_^=> What u doing tomorrow


<GoddessDanielle> nadda. Why?


<Nura=^_^=> You know Ashley Stark?


<GoddessDanielle> Yeah


<Nura=^_^=> he lost a bet with me in gym today..


<Nura=^_^=> want to dress him up as a girl?


<GoddessDanielle> Do I! When?


<Nura=^_^=> tomorrow. I told him to meet us at JB's at 7. he agreed to let us dress him up and stay like that all day


<GoddessDanielle> cool


<GoddessDanielle> he's about my size u want me to bring stuff for him to wear?


<Nura=^_^=> yeah


<Nura=^_^=> you goimg to be on for a little while?


<GoddessDanielle> yeah


<Nura=^_^=> k,  I'm gonna go to bed. can you let the other girls know about tomorrow?


<GoddessDanielle> sure. See u in the morning.


<GoddessDanielle> this is going to be so much fun. 



Ah... Saturday. The day where I can just be a bum and do whatever I want. I nearly fell out of bed before making my way to the bathroom and lifting the seat. I stood there half asleep long after I finished. After snapping out of my early morning daze I got in the shower.


I hurried through my shower so that I could make it to JB's on time. I was running behind by the time I got back to my room. Panties, sports bra, a tee shirt and some basketball shorts and I was dressed for the day. I grabbed my bag, pulled on my sneakers, laced them up tight, put my hair up in a ponytail and went over to my window.



To Be Continued...