Sanura's Tale

Part 1


As I sat in the passenger seat of Mom's car, I felt sick to my stomach. I had felt that way for the past two days. Afraid that it was more than just stomach flu, Mom had taken me to the family doctor. I now had even more to worry about than just not feeling well.

Dr. Perry's words continued to repeat over and over again in my head. "According to your test results, your body has entered the first stage of the MORF syndrome. Jason, are you familiar with what MORFS is?" I simply nodded my head in response as the news sunk in.

As we drove in silence, I was deep in thought. I knew a lot about MORFS, but no one knew enough, and maybe they never will. MORFS was originally launched on the world's population by means of a genetically engineered virus. It had been started as an attempt at a chemical weapon by a group of terrorists back in the early 2000s. The virus they engineered was a common bug that caused nausea, vomiting, and sometimes diarrhea. It wasn't serious, everyone recovered in a few days, and so no one had tried to make a vaccine to prevent it right away.

At the time of the original release of the infection, there seemed to be no immediate effect from the agent, other than the usual nausea symptoms, so again no anti-virus was made. Over the next six months, the virus passed over the whole globe unnoticed. The virus spread everywhere. All vertebrate animals that experienced some form of puberty contracted the virus, including all mammals and even reptiles and birds.

Several months after that, some researchers who noted some strange changes in adolescent lab mice discovered that the virus was altering one section of their DNA. The DNA strand in particular was one that happened to be activated during the process of puberty. It somehow caused a varying degree of scrambling of genes across all chromosomes as cells reproduced. Since the scrambling varied from individual to individual, each adolescent mouse experienced different changes. It didn't take long after that for them to discover that all vertebrate species, including humans, had been similarly affected, even though the effects had not started showing up yet in all species.

More recent research has revealed that the particular portion of DNA that was affected by the virus is one that is supposed to protect and regulate the integrity of an individual's genome. The mutated portion essentially disables all or part of that activity, thus allowing many other mutations and gene swaps to appear and survive.

At first, the scientists had been puzzled as to why only some individuals of any species were affected. It took them a couple years to discover that, although the changes only happened during puberty, they were only brought about when an individual became infected with any of the viruses in the family of the original engineered virus. Some individuals of some species apparently were naturally resistant to such infections, so they never experienced any changes.

Of course, there was a crash research effort to try to find a vaccine for that whole family of viruses, but it was soon discovered that that family mutated rapidly and always seemed to outpace the development of an effective vaccine. Itís like they say; there's no cure for the common cold.

Meanwhile, the first effects in adolescent humans began to appear. It seemed as though only about 50% of kids had any detectable changes due to the altered strand. About 15% of that 50% developed extraordinary abilities and/or body changes. And about 1% of that 15% developed what would be called supernatural abilities. Another fair percentage seemed to show signs of hybridization with other species, with highly variable results.

This had all started about forty years ago. However, with everyone carrying this altered DNA strand, it was passed down to all the children of that and subsequent generations. Sometimes changed forms and/or abilities of parents were passed down as well.

The scientists had named this phenomenon "Massive Ontogenetic Regulation Failure Syndrome," commonly known as MORFS.

The older generations had nothing to worry about, but kids my age were suddenly faced with the possibility of dramatic life changes as they entered puberty. Ever since then, every kid has had to anticipate the likelihood of MORFing, as well as all the other adolescent changes.

That brings us to the present, with me sitting in Mom's car feeling like death warmed over.

Chapter 1: My Changes

My name is Jason Miller, I'm 15 years old, and I'm 6'2". I'm in grade 10, and I'm on the boys' basketball team. That day my life changed completely, whether for the better or the worse it's sometimes hard to tell, I'll never forget that day, the 11th of April 2043.

Being 15, I had been hoping that I had avoided MORFing. However, the changes could be triggered as late as 17. Now you're probably wondering why I wasn't excited about the prospect of possibly getting super powers. The thing is that MORFS could really leave you physically messed up. The chances of getting super powers without any side effects were pretty slim. It seemed as though there was no limit to the extent of what MORFS could do to you.

So, not only did I get to deal with the extreme nausea that accompanied MORFS, I got to deal with my imagination thinking of all the possible changes that might happen. I guess I didn't have it really bad. The first generation affected by the change had to endure a slow change that lasted for months. Luckily for me, the medical field has come up with ways to make the change faster and less uncomfortable. That was why we had just made a stop at the pharmacy.

The plan was that for the next few days I would be spending a lot of time asleep in bed. Taking the pills I was prescribed would leave me unconscious for almost 18 hours at a time. In between sleeping, I would be taking what was called an "energy pack" to supply my change with the required nutrients. The energy packs are the wonderful invention that caused the duration of the change to go from lasting several months to just a few days.

The ride home was somber. Mom and I were both aware that my life could drastically change in the next week. Shortly after arriving at home, l stripped down to my boxers and got in bed. I sat there and drank an energy pack before taking one of the pills and drifting off to sleep. As I slept my changes began.


I felt like crap when I woke up the first time. I also had to pee really badly. I rolled out of my bed and stumbled out of my room and across the hall into the bathroom. It was about then that I realized that I had made my dash to the toilet completely naked. I must have kicked off my boxers while I was asleep. Still feeling somewhat dizzy, I sat down to relieve myself and then slowly made my way back to bed.

I was in for a surprise when I put my boxers back on. I slipped them on and pulled them up to my waist, only to have them promptly fall back down. Somehow I had shrunk. I was tempted to go and look at myself in the mirror. Instead, I decided to ride out the changes before looking at my reflection. Hopping back into bed after taking another energy pack, I took another pill and soon drifted off to sleep.


Damn virus. So, after two days I broke my resolve and looked in the mirror. I looked way different. Apparently the virus was making me shorter. I was now what looked like a little under five feet tall and looked like I belonged in grade school. The sweatshirt I was wearing was practically hanging off of me. My hair had changed from its normal short, dark brown to a really shiny, thick black that reached my shoulders. My eyes looked bigger than normal and seemed to be a darker shade of blue. My ears looked odd as well, but I couldn't quite place what was wrong with them.

I started to get angry as I realized how I already looked like a damn preteen kid, and I still wasn't finished with the changes. I stared into the mirror with disgust for several more minutes while my imagination once again addressed all of the possible results of my change. After going through the energy pack and pill ritual, I slipped into bed and passed out.


I'd now been asleep for the better part of four days. This change was taking way too long. I should have been through the change by now; normally it only lasts about three days. Judging by my reflection, the virus was trying its best to make me a freak.

My ears were now very different. They had somehow migrated higher up on my head and were kind of pointed. They were now surrounded by my thick mane of hair. They were also kind of pointed and looked much larger than normal. My eyes were now a very deep vibrant blue and were surrounded by thick black lashes. The rest of my face wasn't much better. My eyebrows looked way too thin. My lips were even worse. They had become full and made me look like I was pouting all the time. The damn virus had left me looking like an effeminate ten-year-old boy.

Despite my willing myself not to, I started to cry. I'm not sure how long I stood there crying, but it seemed like forever. Feeling tired all of a sudden, I went back to my room and got back in bed. I continued crying until the medication helped me to drift into a dreamless slumber.


Day five brought some really unwanted changes ó I was aware of them the moment I awoke. In a strange way, my ears looked somewhat normal. Normal for a cat, that is. They now looked just like a pair of large cat ears, covered in a sort of charcoal gray coloured fur. I now even had a tail to match my ears. It was also covered in the same gray fur and was long enough that it brushed my ankles as it gently swayed back and forth, seemingly with a mind of it own. My hands and forearms were lightly covered in the same fur and looked bigger than usual. My nails had also changed and now resembled claws. They were even retractable.

What was worse was that I now looked even more like a girl. My hair was longer and thicker than it had been the day before. My waist had become thinner, while my hips had become wider. My butt looked 'cute.' It was nice and round like a girl's butt. I also appeared to be sporting a small pair of tits. To make matters even worse, my dick had somehow pulled itself up inside me. Sure, it came back down when I had to pee, but the rest of the time I was left looking like a girl.

There was no way I was going to go back to school looking like this. I'd be lynched!


After seven days of feeling like I was going to die, I woke up without any pain or discomfort. The change was finally over! Now I had to deal with the final results. Dreading what I would discover, I quickly ran to the bathroom in nothing but my now overly large sweatshirt.

As I inspected myself in the mirror, I noticed that there had been very few visible changes since last time I checked, but they were noticeable. I now definitely looked like a girl. My boobs were much bigger, and my face was prettier, but I definitely looked to be a girl between my legs. I stood there just looking down at my new anatomy. I might have still been a virgin, but I wasn't stupid. I now had a vagina. I was afraid to touch it and just continued to stare at it for several more minutes, but after a quick check I discovered that I still had a penis as well, although it was playing marsupial, as it remained tucked up inside my abdomen.

My eyes were among the few other new changes I noticed. The pupils were now a pair of catlike slits. My hands now looked more like paws than hands. They were now covered in a thick gray fur up to my elbows and had very menacing looking claws at the end of each finger. My hands were much bigger than normal and, in a frightening way, didn't look out of place on my new body. After looking at my hands, I glanced down at my feet. At least they still looked human, well, except for the claws and looking like girls' feet, they were normal, no fur anywhere down there. One other change I noticed was that I now had more feline-like teeth. I had fangs. I turned this way and that in front of the mirror looking at the new me. My new tail seemed to repeatedly attract my gaze. How the hell was I going to wear my underwear?


Chapter 2: Early Days

As I was staring at the new me, there was a knock on the bathroom door.

"Yeah?" Oh man! Even my voice had changed, I sounded like a girl.

"Jase? Are you feeling OK? You've been in there for awhile."

"I'm actually feeling alright. I think I'm done with my change... It seems like I got the works... I look a lot different, Mom."

"I know, Jase. I've been checking in on you while you've been sleeping. Why don't you go get dressed? I've put out some new clothes for you that should fit. They're on your bed."

"OK, thanks, Mom."

I stuck my head out the door to make sure Mom had left before running across the hall to my room. After all, I was practically naked. Lying on my bed was a set of girls' clothes. They looked so small. But then again, I was that small now. Ugh. I walked over to the bed and picked up the panties. They seemed to be plain enough in a simple white brief style and it appeared that Mom had modified them in the back using a little elastic and some strategic cuts and stitching. Also on the bed was a plain white bra. Reluctantly, I slid the panties on and was surprised at how comfortable they were. They were snug but fit really well, although fishing my tail through the hole in back was like trying to move a semi-numb third leg that I wasn't used to at all. As I said before, it seemed to have a mind of its own. Next I got to struggle with the bra. At least it was a sports bra, so I didn't have to try to hook it behind my back.

The clothes weren't too girlie either, just a pair of red sweats and a white tee shirt. Mom had also gone to work on the pants as they fit perfectly around my tail and tied in back above the tail using the modified drawstring waist of the pants. The shirt was a little tight in the chest, and the pants were clinging to my butt as if they were painted on, but they fit and they were comfortable.


Mom greeted me with a much-needed hug when I came into the living room. "How do the clothes fit, sweetie?"

I told her that they were a good fit, except that they would take some getting used to. Mom and I talked for a few hours about how I was feeling, and I was given the homework assignment of picking a new girl's name for myself before I went back to school on Monday (only three days till I had to face THAT).

Once again, I sat in Mom's car, staring out the window, as we headed to see the doctor. Shortly after we arrived, I was ushered into an empty room and told to strip down.

For the next few hours, I ran the gauntlet of post-MORFS tests. I was now officially 4' 10" and 92lbs, according to Dr. Perry. I was poked and prodded and gave the doctors samples of almost everything. The breast exam was so embarrassing; I didn't think I would get so aroused and even that feeling was different thanks to my new equipment. And they were so sensitive. I think the good doc got a little startled when my erection emerged from its hiding spot.

I had thought I couldn't be more embarrassed than when the doctor gave me the breast exam, until he had me bend over while I received a prostate exam. It felt like someone put an umbrella in there and then opened it. I felt I couldn't be more degraded than having my anus invaded, and again I was wrong as the doctor had me place my legs up in the stirrups. That was an experience all in itself, and one I'd like to forget. It was cold and uncomfortable, and I just wanted to cry. With my eyes tightly closed, I clenched my teeth and tried to endure it.

Finally the tests were over, and I was given several forms to give to the school and some other paperwork for our lawyer. Then, with a clear bill of health, Mom and I headed for the mall to do some shopping. I had a lot to think about on the way there. Not only was I now a cat person, but I was also a fully functioning hermaphrodite. Life was definitely not fair!


We ran into one main problem while trying to find me some clothes. That was that pants don't accommodate for a tail. What I ended up with was several pairs of pants that mom would have to alter later. We eventually ended up at a different mall that had a store that catered to the clothing needs of stranger MORFs like me. Over the next hour I tried on dozens of different pants and skirts that were marked by the salesgirl and were sent off to be tailored for me.

Mom insisted on getting me a dozen of the skirts that I tried on, even though I refused to wear them. They did, however, sell a range of underwear for those with tails. The problem was that most of the panties were in a thong style. All the panties either had an elasticized hole in back or had a sort of keyhole cut out that went around the tail and then tied or clasped together above it. Wearing a thong wasn't as bad as I had thought it would be. It had felt really weird at first, but after a little while, I could barely even feel it back there.

After a quick lunch in the food court, I was begging Mom to leave. I was not used to spending so much time shopping and was really getting tired, especially right after my change. I was also getting a lot of lustful looks from the guys at the mall and, with myself still not used to my new appearance, I was really not comfortable with being in public. Make-up was another unneeded item that Mom purchased before we left. Finally, we finished shopping and I was able to go home and rest.

It had been a really long day already, and it was only four o'clock. I spent the next hour packing up all my old clothes and putting away my new ones. I was in the kitchen getting a drink of milk when the garage door opened and in walked my dad. He looked over at me and then came over and gave me a hug. It annoyed me that he had to almost kneel down to do so, but it felt good to get a hug from him.

The hug lasted for several minutes, and then he stood back up to his full height of eight feet. I felt like an ant standing next to him. You see, Dad is a hybrid (that's what they call people who develop animal characteristics from MORFS) like me; he's part polar bear and is mostly covered in a pure white fur. Maybe animal morphs run in our family; we'll see what happens to my sister when she gets MORFS.

Dad and I talked for a little while in the living room. He was being so supportive that it was hard for me to feel sorry for myself. We were still talking when my 13-year-old sister, Crystal, came home and, walking into the room, shouted, "Jason, you look cute as a little cat girl. It suits you." She then burst into a fit of laughter. I felt the tears welling up in my eyes as my face burned with anger and shame. Dad was not impressed at her outburst and promptly grounded her for a week. As for myself, I ran to my room trying to hide my tears.


I had a sleepless night. How could I sleep when my entire body felt foreign to me? I tossed and turned for hours. I frequently got out of bed to look at myself in the mirror.

The girl in the mirror was actually quite pretty. She had a nice figure. She had an athletic build that enhanced her womanly curves in a very attractive way. Her face was beautiful and was framed by her long shiny black hair - hair so black that it gave a faint dark blue shine as the moonlight through the window hit it. Her large blue catlike eyes were so appealing in an exotic way, and they sparkled beautifully in the dim light. They were eyes you could get lost in. Her full lips looked so kissable and had a natural pale pink shine to them that gave the illusion that she was wearing make-up.

The girl in the mirror looked beautiful as she stared back at me. Her light blue nightgown made her look even more beautiful as its hem swayed gently around her upper thighs as she moved one way and another in front of the mirror, striking various poses. She was my dream girl... she was so beautiful. But she was me!

I spent most of the night either trying to sleep or looking at myself in the mirror. Eventually, I decided that Mom was right. I needed a new name, I certainly don't look like a Jason anymore. But what should my new name be? I thought about it for quite some time before giving up and getting on the Internet for an answer.

Typing with my new paw-like hands was difficult as my fingers hit more than one key at a time. I quickly adapted by using my claws to hit each key. After searching for nearly two hours, I came across a site of Egyptian names and out of curiosity did a search for the word cat. Nothing. I tried another search for feline. Nothing. I was about to leave the site when I decided to do one last search, and that's when I found it ó Sanura, my new name!

I instantly liked it. And its meaning was rather appropriate; it means "kitten" in Egyptian. I bookmarked the site and then, logging off, got into bed.

"Sanura..." I whispered the name to myself again one last time before drifting off.


"Morning, honey. How'd you sleep?" asked Mom as I sat down to eat some breakfast.

"Okay, I didn't fall asleep until around three in the morning."

"That would explain why you slept in so late this morning," quipped Mom. "I heard you get up several times, are you feeling alright?"

"Yeah, I was just using the mirror in the bathroom to look at myself ó morbid curiosity, I guess."

"Well, we'll have to get you a mirror for your room, every girl needs a mirror in her room. And make sure you get to bed at a decent time tonight, you'll need your beauty sleep if you want to keep those looks of yours."


"Sorry, sweetheart, but you are very pretty now; you're going to have to get used to people making comments like that."

"I know."

Silence prevailed for the next 20 minutes as I ate my breakfast. I was famished and dug, with vigour, into the eggs Mom had made. Somehow I ended up with ketchup in the fur on my right paw and, without thinking about what I was doing, I began to lick it off. I continued to lick my paw well after the ketchup was gone and would have probably continued if I hadn't seen Mom staring at me with a silly grin on her face and realized what I was doing.

Looking away from Mom, I concentrated on finishing my eggs. As I was putting my dishes in the dishwasher, that name popped into my head, *...Sanura...*

"Mom, I came up with a new name..."

"Oh?" She still had that grin on her face.

"What do you think of Sanura? Nura for short."

"Well, that's different. Where did you come up with that?"

"Internet. It's Egyptian for 'Kitten'. Do you like it?"

"I do. It's a pretty name. I'll get in touch with Tom (our lawyer) about arranging a name change for you."

"Thanks, I'm going to go get showered and dressed. Thanks for the eggs!"

"I thought youíd already cleaned yourself" Mom was barely containing her laughter.

"Mom!" I whined.


Taking a shower was a whole new experience for me. I was still a little freaked out about my new body, so having to take a shower was still pretty weird. Just soaping up sent all kinds of unusual feelings through my body. For example, furry hands felt really good against my breasts, but as soon as I started to get aroused I was immediately embarrassed. I also had to be careful with my claws. I accidentally scratched myself a few times. When I got to the point of washing my tail, I wasn't sure whether to use normal soap or shampoo. I ended up using shampoo to wash my tail, my paws, and my hair. After rinsing off and stepping out of the shower, I was presented with another problem ó drying off.

If you've ever tried to dry off while your hands are retaining like a gallon of water in their fur, then you know that it's not exactly easy. Think about how long a dog stays wet after itís been in a lake. I rubbed my hands with the towel repeatedly, until I felt they were dry enough to hold the hair dryer without electrocuting myself. I then spent the next hour trying to dry off my tail and hair. I was so happy when I was finally done, so I could go and get dressed. I ended up in a pair of rather tight low-rise jeans and a green spaghetti strap tank top.


I wanted to spend the rest of the day in front of the television, but Mom had other ideas. She wanted to do more shopping. The day before, we had neglected to get me more than one pair of shoes. She said that it was unacceptable for a girl to only have one pair of shoes. Shoe shopping with Mom was interesting. I picked out sneakers while she picked out heels. Heels weren't as bad as I had imagined, once she had talked me into trying on a pair. And, as much as I didn't want to admit it, I liked that fact that the heels gave me back a bit of my lost height.

We ended up with about 6 pairs of new shoes for me, and then somehow we ended up looking at skirts again. I ended up with about ten more of those to add to my collection and was even talked into wearing one home. The next two hours after that, I was forced to model almost all my new clothes and Mom marked the ones without tail holes in the back so that she could add one. When I was finally left to my own devices, I was so tired that I ended up falling asleep on the couch.


*giggle* "...She's purring... It's so cute..."

"Unh?" I rubbed my eyes and looked up to see my sister looking down at me. "What do you want?"

"Nothing, I was just watching you sleep. You were really cute; you were purring."

"I was not purring!"

"Yes, you were. It was cute."



That night I lay in bed trying to fall asleep, but sleep wasn't coming. The nightie Mom had made me wear again was the least of my worries. Tomorrow I had to go back to school. Well, I had to go register for school, but it was still bad. I must have laid there for several hours, my mind racing, before I finally drifted off.


Chapter 3: Back to School

The next morning, I slept in as usual and was, as always, running late. After struggling with getting my bra on, I quickly pulled on the most androgynous clothes I could find. What I ended up with was a pair of white sweat pants that were a little too tight and a blue hoody over a white T-shirt.

Once dressed, I headed down to the kitchen for some food. I was met with my sister's giggling, which always seemed to accompany my appearance lately, and admonishment from my mother that I needed to brush my hair. I was going to have to get used to having long hair as fast as I could. I ended up having to get Mom's help in removing several tangles in my thick mane. She also had to use a ton of hairspray on my long bangs, as I didn't have ears on the side of my head to tuck them behind like most girls do, and they kept falling into my eyes.

After I grabbed a bite to eat, Mom drove us to the school. First on the agenda was to give my doctorís notes and legal documents to the office staff and try to change my name on the school files to Sanura.


"There is no way I'm going to go back to that damn school!"

"Jason! Watch your language!"

"My name is Sanura now, Mom. And I'm still not going back to that school."

"What is so bad about that school?"

"They want me to wear a skirt to school EVERY DAY!"

"Well, that is the girls' dress code."

"I don't care what I look like! I'M NOT A GIRL!"

"I did take you to the doctor, remember. Need I remind you that you're just as much a girl as you are a boy? Whether you like it or not, you look like a girl and have to wear girls' clothes as a result. Because of that, the school has enrolled you as a girl, and therefore, you WILL go to school tomorrow dressed appropriately."



I spent the rest of the morning sitting in my room. I was totally livid after reading the girls' dress code. I mean, I was still a boy; I shouldn't have to follow the girls' dress code!

Let me explain. About five years ago, all of the schools in the country were given a mandatory dress code by the government. I heard it was set up to help redefine gender roles in our society or something like that. They wanted girls to start acting more like girls and boys to act more like boys, in the traditional sense.

I was only ten when it happened, but I remember that it was a big deal and everyone was talking about it. A lot of people were opposed to the idea; they said it took away the children's freedom. However, the government had tested this in several schools, and the test results showed better behaviour, less teenage pregnancy, higher test scores, etc., and so, without a vote, it was put into effect across the nation. Since then, I've heard that a few other countries have adopted similar guidelines for their students.

It could have been worse, I guess. Instead of a school uniform like most private schools have, we were given strict 'guidelines' to follow in our dress and grooming. Those guidelines have been harshly enforced ever since. Except for Fridays. Fridays are called 'Alternative Dress Day', where students are allowed to wear whatever they want, within reason, to school. All I know is that as a guy the dress code wasn't a big change, but, as I was now going to have the requirements a girl would have, I was totally pissed.

Dress Code for Girls

~All female students are to follow this outline strictly in their appearance while attending regular class schedules.

~Blouses/Tops: Blouses and tops are to be modest and conservative. Casual tops such as T-shirts are not allowed.

~Skirts: Skirts are to be worn to all regular classes. Pants and shorts are not permitted. Skirts are to be no longer than ankle length. Floor length skirts are not allowed. Skirts are to be no shorter than 16 inches in length.

~ Hosiery: Students are to wear appropriate hosiery at all times. Appropriate hosiery includes stockings, pantyhose, tights, knee-highs and knee socks. Hosiery is to be in tasteful colours.

~Coats/Jackets: Heavy winter coats are not to be worn to class. Lighter fashionable jackets are permitted to be worn during class and should be tasteful and feminine.

~Footwear: Casual footwear such as sneakers and beach sandals are not allowed. Shoes are to be in an appropriate business-casual style. Platform shoes are not allowed.

~Cosmetics: Cosmetics are mandatory. Students should wear modest amounts of cosmetics that enhance their beauty. Heavy use of cosmetics is not permitted. Nails are to be properly manicured at all times. Nail polish should not be in overly bright shades.

~Hair: Female students are not permitted to have short or 'boyish' hairstyles. Hair is to be well kept in a feminine style. Hair may be dyed or highlighted in natural colours only.

~Hygiene: Students are to be properly bathed and groomed while on school property. Legs, arms and underarms are to be kept hairless at all times. Students are to use proper feminine hygiene during their menstrual cycle.

That's the crap I was going to have to deal with, every day, until I graduated.


As a result of my new dress code requirements, I was again sitting in the car, staring out of the window, as we traveled to our destination. Our first stop was at the salon my mom and sister regularly go to. I guessed I would probably be there on a regular basis from now on as well.

My mom introduced me to her stylist as her daughter, Sanura. Since Maggie, the stylist, knew Mom only had one daughter, the story of my change soon followed. After the introductions were done and the sympathetic comments made, Maggie went to work at "making me beautiful." Her words, not mine.

Other than some basic styling, not much was done to my hair, but when she was done, I looked even more beautiful than before. My eyebrows were painfully plucked into even more of an arch. I also had the unwanted pleasure of having my legs, arms, underarms and bikini line waxed. Luckily for me, the school had made an exception for the fur on my arms, so I was only waxed from my elbows up.

After receiving a crash course on how to apply make-up, and being forced to apply my own make-up several times until I got it right, I thought we were done. Wrong again.

I was then brought over and sat in a chair while an Asian lady wheeled over a small table covered with assorted nail care products. This is where things got interesting. The lady was surprised that I didn't have normal nails. I then explained to her that I could extend and retract my nails and demonstrated doing so. That surprised her even more. My nails at that point were more like claws and had very pointed tips and the lady decided that they would have to be filed down. She destroyed four nail files in the process and didn't even scuff my nails.

Don't get me wrong; I'm not saying that my nails are indestructible. They're just really hard. So, due to not being able to file my nails, she went straight to polishing them. That was difficult with my fur getting in the way. I ended up with my nails pushed through a plastic bag to keep my fur out of the polish until it was dry. After several coats had been applied, I was left with ten long pink claws, and the lady got to work on my toenails. After the polish was dry on my hands and feet, I removed the plastic from my hands, retracted my nails, and after slipping on my shoes, headed to the front of the salon to wait for Mom.


I looked in the mirror the next morning and let out a sigh. Not only did I look like a girl, I looked hot. I was wearing a light blue top with three-quarter sleeves and a white knee length skirt. I didn't have much of a choice on which skirt to choose, as Mom was working on putting holes in the back of my skirts and this one was the first and only one that she'd finished. This skirt fit really tight around my butt before flaring out about halfway down my thighs. It had been difficult to squeeze into while trying to fish my tail through the small hole in back, but I'd eventually managed.

I was also wearing a pair of nude thigh-high stockings with the outfit and would be wearing them every day until Mom could find a way to alter pantyhose to accommodate my tail. We had tried just cutting a hole in the back, but that had just destroyed the pantyhose. The stockings felt really nice on my smooth legs and, although I wouldn't admit it to anyone, I liked how they felt. They were the kind that hold themselves up, and the rubbery band around my thighs was weird at first, but I soon got used to that as well. The shoes I had on had a one-inch heel and were actually pretty comfortable. After grabbing some cereal I was off to school.


School actually went well, and there were only a few mild problems. The school had given me a new schedule, and all my new teachers treated me as if I was just a new student. Everything was going just fine until my friend Amy walked up to me while I was at my locker.

"Hi, I'm Amy. Your name is Sanura, right?"

"Uh... Yeah." I was getting nervous quickly.

"Cool. We're in the same homeroom. Is that your locker?"

"Yeah. This is the one I was assigned," I said, playing the new student act.

Amy reached past me, pulled the locker door wide open, and pointed at all the junk I had inside. "Really? Then why is your locker full of my friend's stuff? Are you trying to steal his things?"

I shook my head.

"How'd you get in Jase's locker anyway?"

"Amy, what I'm going to say is going to sound crazy, but I'm being totally serious. OK?"

"OK. I'm listening. This better be good."

"I'm Jase."

"WHAT? No way!"

"I'm not joking. I just had MORFS."

"For real?"

I just nodded my head. "Why don't you come by my place after school, and we can talk about this more. In fact, bring the whole gang, if you can. That way I'll only have to explain all this once."

"I'll see you around three then." And, after giving me a hug, she was gone.


Chapter 4: Learning More About The New Me

After lunch, I finally got the chance to change out of the stupid skirt. However, the other choice of clothing wasn't any better. I slipped into the red and white leotard and struggled for a few minutes with getting my tail in before pulling it on all the way. It fit like a second skin and left very little to the imagination. The snug fit seemed to make my boobs and hips look even bigger, while my waist appeared smaller. As I checked my reflection in the mirror, the material of the leotard shimmered slightly in the dim light of the locker room. I had to admit that I looked really good in that outfit. Thoroughly embarrassed that others were going to see me dressed like that, I plucked up all the confidence I could and headed into the gym for class.


Class was interesting to say the least. I had been put in the "Post MORFS" class and was given a battery of tests to determine my abilities. There were things like the jump tests, time trials, obstacle courses, hand-to-hand combat, acrobatics, etc. I'd be going through these tests for the next six weeks before I would be either sent back to the regular phys-ed class or advanced to the "MORFS II" class. I did really well at all the tests I did, and I guess I should go into some more detail about my results.

First was the jump test. There are actually three kinds of jump tests There's a standing jump, a running jump and a distance jump. I did excellently on all three. The standing jump is where you stand beside a metal wall that uses some type of radar device and jump as high as you can, and at the highest point of the jump the radar marks the spot on the wall by lighting up your jump height and then all the other stats get recorded and printed off. The running jump is about the same thing except you get a running start. The distance jump is the same as the running jump, except you try to jump as far forward as you can. On the standing jump, I had a vertical jump of 32 feet, and on the running jump I made it to 40 feet. My distance jump score was 48 feet.

Next were the time trials; I was given different distances to run on the track. The first one was a 60-meter dash. I felt really weird while I was running. Something just felt wrong, like I knew I could go faster than I was going and I just felt awkward while trying to reach that speed. It wasn't until I was running a 200-meter around the school track that it happened. I was running, and it just felt wrong. I couldn't really place what was wrong and was struggling again with the urge to go faster, when suddenly there was a loud crack and I felt my hips come loose. I immediately started to fall forward, but as I was falling my hips locked into a new position. The result I can only attribute to instinct -- I immediately started running on all fours, and my speed must have at least doubled. I know this all sounds kind of weird, but as soon as I finished running, I simply stood up, my hips once again painlessly changing positions, and I was able to walk again like I normally do. I was being clocked with a radar gun as I ran, and I'm now officially the fastest member of the class at 104 km/h.

The tests all went really well, and by the time class was over I was exhausted and wanted to go home. That is exactly what I did. Since I was going home, I changed into a pair of shorts and a tee shirt and made my way out the gym exit and started to walk home. I had been walking for about ten minutes when I remembered that Amy was going to get the whole gang together at my place right after school. I was late; I needed to get home, so I started running. Just as before, I felt the snap as my hips repositioned themselves, and I was soon racing home on all fours.


Chapter 5: Friends

"What should I wear?" I know it's a totally girly comment, but I didn't want to be wearing anything really girly when my friends came over. All my jeans were low rise because of my tail, not to mention that most of them were still at the tailors, and I was definitely not going to wear a skirt. I started looking for the sweat pants we had bought on our first shopping trip. My search came up with nothing.

"Mom? Where are those sweats we bought?"

"I've got them down here. I'm working on putting tail holes in all your pants and skirts, remember?"

"Well, have you done any of them yet?"

I walked into the room and saw Mom surrounded by piles of clothes, sitting at her sewing machine.

"I'm just finishing up your pink pair now."

I hated those pink ones. Mom had picked those out.

"Mom, haven't you done any other ones?"

"Not yet. I've been working on your skirts all day because you need those for school." She handed the pink sweats to me and said, "Finished."

I was going to complain, but before I could, the doorbell rang. My friends had arrived. I then realized I was standing there in just my panties, so I quickly pulled on the pink pants. They would have to do. The pants went with the white tee shirt I had on and, after a glance at the mirror, I went to answer the door.


I opened the door to see every one of my close friends standing on the front porch. As soon as they saw me standing in the doorway, there was an audible gasp from everyone except Amy. I suspected she had told them what I now looked like, and I had been in classes with several of them throughout the day, but I suppose that knowing who I really was was a bit of a shock.

We just stood there in a weird kind of standoff, until my Mom came up behind me and told everyone to go around the back. Without a word, I led all of my friends around the house and onto the deck. We all took seats and then resumed staring at each other. Finally, Amy broke the silence.

"You look cute."


"Well, you do. And I doubt I'm the only one here who thinks that."

Everyone made some sort of agreeable remark, and soon we were sitting in silence once again.

"You mind if we call you Nura... for short?" That was Trance --his real name is Zack; we've been best friends since we were little, our parents are good friends as well.

"Sure. I'd like that." I really wish he wouldn't read my mind like that.

The ice was finally broken, and we started to talk freely like we normally do. I had to play twenty questions with them before we could talk about anything else. The question of whether I was completely female was one of the first questions asked. As that's a bit of a touchy subject with me, I tried to avoid giving a straight answer. That was followed by questions about my tail. The list of questions continued until my friends finally ran out of things to say.

Eventually, people started to leave for various reasons. Cody was first to leave. His parents have kept a close leash on him ever since he MORFed. Both of his parents had avoided getting MORFS when they were kids and with Cody being an only child, they are very freaked out by their son's changes. Cody had some very unique changes; his parents aren't the only ones who get freaked out by his appearance. Cody looks considerably different than other teenagers, 50 years ago he would have been locked away and labeled as a monster. Cody is around five feet tall (at least I'm not the only short one in the group) and walks in a sort of hunched position. His skin is black and scaly and several of his joints have spikes on them that protrude through his skin. His most distinguishing feature would be the pair of ragged looking dragon type wings protruding from his upper back. He can fly short distances, but that's about the only special ability that he has. It had even taken us several months to get used to his appearance. Needless to say most people run away from him and because of that, his parents don't like him out after dark.

Next to leave was Rakira, A.K.A Shine. She's a light elemental who has absolutely no control of her powers yet, even though she's had them for about a year now. If her power doesn't accidentally get triggered, you'd just assume that she was a normal 16-year-old. Mike and Danielle were next to leave and then Jade, Damian, Todd and Megan were the last. Soon it was just Trance, Amy and I.

First, let me tell you a bit about Trance. As I said, we've been friends since we were little kids. He's 15 and around 6 feet tall, with spiky white hair that really makes him stick out in a crowd. We had always been really close, sometimes inseparable. We get along better than most siblings do and can practically read each other's minds.

Well, actually, Trance can read anyone's mind if they let him. He picked up that little ability during his stint with MORFS about two years ago. He can read or control a person's mind if they allow him to, unless they're among the very weak minded (stupid) of the population, in which case he can just take over if he wants. He doesn't do that though, at least not very often. He can also communicate telepathically, and since he can read thoughts, you can communicate back, it's really cool.

However, as I said earlier, most cases of MORFS don't come without side effects, and he wasn't an exception. Trance doesn't have eyes. Well technically he does, but without pupils they don't exactly work. It's kind of creepy seeing someone with eyes that are completely white, but over time you get used to it.

He can still see though. Right after his change, he was completely blind and couldn't see a thing until he learned how to harness his psychic talents. Now he can see better than any normal human can. He has a hard time sensing colour, but other than that he can see even little details. He tried explaining it to me several times and, when I couldn't grasp the concept, he used his powers to project what he was seeing into my mind. It was amazing. He could even see the wind as it moved around us. His mind was able to pick up on everything and make it visible. He can even read using his "mind sight," as he calls it, although I don't know how that works. Ever since he was able to control his powers, he's gone by the name Trance.

Amy and I have been friends almost as long as I've known Trance. She's normal but could get MORFS at any time. Amy's a very pretty girl; she's 5'5" and very slim. She has wavy red hair and beautiful bright green eyes. She and Trance were my best friends. At times they knew me better than I knew myself. I was so glad that they had stuck by me, even through all that's changed over the last few days.

We ended up going up to my room to talk. It was just like old times at first, until my changes became the topic of conversation again. Amy awkwardly asked if she could touch my ears, so I sat there as she inspected them and tried to ignore her while I talked to Trance, which was hard to do because it tickled. As we were talking she moved over to my bed and picked up the skirt I had worn at school.

"You looked really good in this today. Where did you get it?"

"Err. Thanks, I guess. We got it at the mall when Mom and I went shopping."

"Can I take a look at your other clothes?"

"Sure. They're in the closet."

Amy went over to the closet and started rummaging through my clothes while I resumed talking to Trance. We had been talking about my gym class and what powers I seemed to have.

"You know, I could tell you what powers you have if you let me take a look inside that twisted mind if yours."

"Really? Sure, go ahead."

"Okay, you know the drill. Just sit still, close your eyes, and try not to think of anything."

I did as I was told and waited as he looked around. It took several minutes for him to locate the source of my powers and then even longer to try to figure out exactly what they were.

"You can open your eyes now."

"So what did you find?"

"Well, I found out that you like the way your underwear feels."


"I did tell you not to think of anything remember? Besides, am I lying?"

"" It was barely a whisper. I could feel my face burning as I blushed harder than I ever have before. That's when Amy decided to join our conversation, without leaving my closet.

"Trance, stop teasing her. Every girl likes the way her underwear feels. And for someone who's not used to wearing stuff like that it going to feel even better."

"Amy, can you please stop talking about my underwear. I like the way the panties feel and the bra feels really nice against my boobs. Now can we please talk about something else?"

"Yeah, we can. I couldn't tell exactly what the extent of your powers is. I've never felt anything like it. You're probably an elemental, but not the typical caliber. Whatever element you control, I've never felt it before. You've also got some sort of dormant power that I couldn't identify, it seems to be tied to your feline abilities. From all the other MORFs that I've met, your powers are unbelievable compared to theirs."

"Too bad I have no idea how to use them."

I sat there while Trance slipped into, well, a trance. I watched him as he tried to decipher the information he had extracted from me. The room was completely silent except for Amy dissecting my closet. We sat in near silence until Amy rushed into the room carrying a white wardrobe bag on a hanger and wearing a huge grin on her face.

"Ja... Sanura! Is this yours?" she was waving the bag at me. I nodded. Trance was now looking over at us. I was trying to figure out a way to keep that bag closed and buried in the back of my closet again. "So why did you have this in the back of your closet? You've got to model this for us."

"Mom bought it, but I'm not wearing that... EVER!"

"It's really pretty."

I looked over at Trance. How did he know it was pretty? Its in a bag. He started laughing as I stared at him.

"Nura, I see things with my mind remember? I can see through that bag. As I said, it's really pretty. You should wear it. I think it would look good on you."

"You can't be serious."

"I am. Go on, we're not going to laugh at you. We're your friends remember?"

"But I don't want to..."


"Promise you won't laugh? " I had to yell to be heard through the door.

"We promise. Just come out so we can see you." They had to yell too.

Nervously I stepped forward and tightly gripped the doorknob. I stood that way for several more minutes before finally opening the door and heading into the room. My eyes were downcast as I waited for the laughter to come. My face was burning as I stared down at my small feet encased in the cute pink heels I was wearing. I can't believe I let them talk me into this.

"You look great, Nura."

I looked up into Trance's blank white eyes and then glanced at Amy. They were both staring at me. For some strange reason, I liked the way I felt when Trance said I looked great. Blushing, I looked away from my friends and into my new mirror. I did look pretty good.

The dress was really pretty. It was what Mom called a semi-formal and was made of a silky pink fabric. It had spaghetti straps and a low neckline that showed off my chest a little to much for my tastes. Other than that, it wasn't that bad. The top was tight fitting and made my figure look even more feminine. The skirt part came down to a few inches above my knees and had these built in layers of fabric underneath that made it flare out a bit. I really did look pretty in that dress.

But as much as I liked how I looked, I was even more embarrassed. I mean, underneath this dress, I was still a guy. Well I was a girl too, but first and foremost I was a guy! I shouldn't be standing in front of my best friends wearing a fancy dress.

"Can I change now?"

"I guess so. But you have to promise to wear that dress to the next school dance."

"I am NOT going to a dance dressed like this." And with that I stormed out of the room to go and change clothes.


Chapter 6: Into The Dark

When I came back into my room, Trance and Amy were both gone. *Damn, where'd they go? Wait, they're still here. I can... smell them?*

I sniffed around a little more and followed their scent out of my room and down the stairs to the kitchen, where I found them on the phone. *Itís weird, how come I hadn't noticed this smell thing before?* Amy was apparently talking to her parents on the phone, but that's all I could make out of the conversation. I turned to Trance and gave him a questioning look.

"Your Mom asked if we'd like to stay for dinner. My mom said I could, but Amy is still asking because she had to use the phone."

"Yeah, well most people can't call home telepathically."

Just then Amy hung up the phone said, "I can stay!"

"Cool! Where are my parents anyway?"

"Your parents and your sister already left."

"Left for where?"

"Didn't Trance tell you? You parents are taking us out to dinner. I'm driving us there to meet them. Oh, and your mom said to wear a skirt."

"What! Why?"

"Duh, 'cus we're going to a nice restaurant, that's why. Trance and I are still wearing our school clothes, which are nice enough for where we're going. But you need to put on something nicer than those sweats you're wearing. Come on, I'll help you pick an outfit."

Amy practically dragged me up the stairs as Trance simply looked on.


"Can I wear something less... pink?"

"You look good in that. Pink is totally your colour. Besides, we're going to your aunt's restaurant; she'll want to see how pretty you can be."

What I ended up wearing was a pink sleeveless top and a very short white and pink skirt. That was matched with a pair of opaque white over-the-knee socks and a pair of pink and white platform sneakers. I re-did my make-up with a little help from Amy.

I thought we were done but Amy insisted on doing my hair. I ended up with a pink hair ribbon tied in a bow behind my ears and the rest of my hair was done up in curls that bounced around with each move I made. At least the ribbon held my hair back so it wouldn't get in the way while I ate. A second ribbon was crisscrossed down and tied in a bow at the end of my tail.

"Come on. Lets go. I'm starving."


We drove in silence and soon arrived at my aunt's restaurant a few blocks away. I was a little nervous as we walked from the car to the front door. Not only did being in public in such a girly outfit embarrass me, but I was also kind of scared about my aunt seeing the new me. It wasn't fair; my whole life had been totally screwed up. There's no way it could get any worse.

As Trance opened the doors for Amy and me, my nose was bombarded by the strong and rich smells of my Aunt's Italian cuisine. It was so strong that I had to cover my nose as we made our way to the table. My parents and sister were already working on a plate of appetizers as we took our seats. My nose seemed to have adjusted to the strong smells around me and while they were still very strong, they were at least bearable.

"This cute little thing must be my new niece!"

I turned around and saw my Aunt Mika standing right behind my chair holding a tray with several plates. She started passing out the plates to my mom and dad and then one to Crystal. The next plate was put in front of me, and I noticed it was my usual favorite. Now that Aunt Mika was no longer burdened with our orders, she turned to me and told me to stand up so she could see me better. I had to turn this way and that as she inspected me from head to toe before she told me I could sit down. I sat down quickly as I was eager to dig into my food and succeeded in making my skirt rise up around my waist and crushing my tail underneath me all at once. After fixing my skirt and sitting my tail in my lap, I was able to dig into my food. The food was great as always, and I was glad that some things stay the same.

We were eating and talking and just having a good time together when a waiter came over and offered us some pepper for our food. That's when things got weird. I asked for some on my pasta, and he came over next to me to use the pepper grinder. I hadn't thought my more sensitive nose would be a problem until I inhaled some of the pepper. I tried to stop it, but failing, I let out a violent sneeze and everything went black. I heard a few screams and the sound of things crashing around me. I felt like I was imploding, and then in an instant it was over. I felt like I had run a marathon. I was so tired that I slipped from consciousness and dropped to the floor.


To Be Continued...