by Shrike.


Chapter 5 New life


As Nya and I got into a normal day routine, I called Mr. Hanes and let him know that I had settled into a normal life and was back in school. He told me that he was still worried about his goddaughter Fae Brenner. After the contact that I had been able to arrange, she hadn’t been in touch again. I promised him to look into it.

I made a connection to Fae and felt that she was crying. Gently I nudged her mind and she startled. Softly I said, *Hi Fae, it’s me, Mindcontrol. Your uncle Pat asked me to look you up again. What is wrong?*

*Oh, hi there. It is nothing, really. I was being stupid, is all.* Answered Fae.

I didn’t quite believe her and subtly looked a little further. *You just have been beaten up by your boyfriend for spilling some beer on his pants? Why do you put up with that? The fucker should be punished for doing something like that. I’ll come by to get you out of there.*

*No, really. It was all my fault.* answered a bawling Fae.

Barely 10 minutes later I got out of the public transportation near her location and quickly went to her. Fortunately she had been living close by. She didn’t open the door for me, but said through the closed door, “You shouldn’t have come here. I’m all right.”

I simply opened the door lock with my telekinetic power and got in. Her cheek was bruised and she had been crying a lot. She sniffed, “Please, don’t do anything to him. It was my fault. I didn’t look where I was going and spilled beer all over him.”

“You shouldn’t be getting beer for him in the first place. You’re not his servant. Now please, come with me. This isn’t a good place for you to stay.” I was right about that. The place was kept tidy enough, but the walls were riddled with fungi and the paint was almost none existent on any wall or door. The bed was made up well, but it was a single bed and there was a rug on the floor with signs of someone sleeping on it. I could easily make a good educated guess who was sleeping there.

I had just urged Fae to pack her things, which wasn’t much anyway, when the door slammed open. A big beefy guy stood in the opening. “Who’re you?” he asked angrily.

Calmly I replied, “I’m Dan, a friend of Fae. She’s coming with me.”

“No, she’s not. Tell him Fae, you want to stay here.”

I didn’t even look at Fae; I knew she would have done everything that he told her. Instead I opened my shield a little and he projected his thoughts like a light house. I was pissed at seeing someone that only cared to have his personal maid around. He was fearful that she would leave and he would lose a whipping dog and servant. He was already thinking of taking it out on her later. I didn’t even need to be a telepath to see what his intentions were for me. He was going to hurt me and damage me just a little or maybe even a lot.

I lifted him with my telekinesis and moved him over my head. Then I slammed him into the ceiling and said, “Stay there for a while.”

Fae had already finished packing and with a fearful eye shuffled past me to the door. I told her, “Please wait for me outside while I have a few words with him.”

Fae did as I asked and I closed the door after her. I dropped the asshole back to the floor and as he recovered from the fall I moved in closer. I whispered in his ear, “Don’t you ever try to contact her again. If you even see her, turn around and run. She doesn’t need anyone like you around. If you don’t do what I ask, I’ll come looking for you. I’ll make you think you’re a cute little puppy who’ll do anything for a treat. And I do mean anything! Now, don’t try anything stupid like ambushing me with friends or something. You can’t ambush a telepath!”

With that I opened the door telekinetically and strode out, slamming the door shut behind me. Fae was waiting in the hallway as I had asked. She nervously asked me, “What did you say to him?”

“I just told him to leave you alone. He agreed to that, so you’re free to come with me. I really do want you to come with me. Please don’t embarrass me by refusing.”

Fae as always wanted to please people around her, so she agreed to come with me.

As we arrived home, Nya was looking at me with surprise and wonder. I told her, “This is Fae Brenner. She’s the god daughter of my former teacher. I rescued her from a SHAME experimentation center and thought that she could find a life of her own, I was wrong. I’d like her to stay here and have a job as a maid and such. She’s my friend and I hope she’ll be yours as well.”

Nya was really set off by my explanation and said while ushering Fae into the kitchen away from me. “Hello Fae, I’m Nya. This way please, let’s talk in private.”

I didn’t like it that the girls were scheming behind my back, but I didn’t want to intrude or violate their privacy. So I just got back to my studies. Though I could learn everything I could by just reading a professors mind, I somehow found it stimulating to just read the textbooks and compare those to what I learned from the professors. I didn’t look too deep into their thought, just enough to pick up on their knowledge and absorb it. Some of them were quite loud with their thoughts and I had to work hard on blocking the personal stuff out.

An hour later, both girls joined me again in the living room. Nya started, “Daniel? I think you made the right decision on getting her out of there, but you should have been more subtle. Did you beat up the ex-boyfriend?”

I answered truthfully, “No, I did not. I only told him what would happen if he ever got near Fae again.”

Nya looked at me as if she could read my mind, which was preposterous, since no one, not even Trance could do that. “Fine,” she said at last. “So, you want to hire Fae as a maid? Did you even stop to ask her if that is what she wants?”

I looked down feeling embarrassed, “No, I didn’t. But that is something that she likes to do. I have learned that from her mind. I didn’t mean to intrude, but she projected it so fiercely that I can’t help but pick that up. Don’t tell me that she minds, she’d love to work here as a maid.”

Fae answered this time. “That is true, but I would have liked for you to ask me. I would never turn you down of course, but please can you ask me nicely? I already had too many people taking advantage of me.”

“Yes you have, I’m sorry.” I said apologizing to her. “Please accept my apology. Fae, would you consider accepting a position as a maid here in my house? I would pay you a good wage and room and board as well.”

Fae was about to say something but Nya cut her off, “You’re saying I’m not good enough at keeping the place clean!”

I sighed, “No Nya, that’s not what I’m saying. Sometimes you’re too far entangled in your painting and I’m too busy with my studies that the place could use someone tidying up. Besides, you don’t like to cook that much, and neither do I. Fae, can you cook us a decent meal?”

Fae smiled brightly, “Sure, I’d love to cook for you. I have so many recipes I want to try!” Her face darkened a bit, “Biff wasn’t interested in trying out my cooking. He only wanted beef or chicken with fries.”

Nya put her arm around Fae, “We’d love to sample your cooking. I do hope you’re prepared to get some constructive criticism.”

“Welcome to our household, Fae. I’ll let your uncle know that you’re safe and you can even talk to him for a while. Please feel free to make yourself at home here. We have no secrets from you and I hope you have no secrets from us.”

After welcoming her, I called Mr. Hanes, and after briefly updating him, I gave the phone to Fae for her to have a long talk with her uncle. I retreated into my bedroom and Nya followed me there.

The next morning I woke up with a lightly snoring Nya sleeping at my side and the faint smell of bacon and eggs being fried wafting into the bedroom. I put on a robe and was about to go into the living room / kitchen, when the door opened. Fae was standing there with a bed tray loaded with dishes of scrambled eggs with bacon and freshly squeezed orange juice. She looked disappointed at me being up. “I wanted to surprise you both with breakfast,” she said.

I took the bed tray from her. “You did, however the smell woke me up.”

“Didn’t you read my thoughts on wanting to surprise you?”

I shook my head. I had an inhibitor installed in the bedroom, so I could sleep without having to put up a passive shield first. It was taxing me a bit with pushing against my powers, but this specially made inhibitor was only keeping the telepathic chatter down to a gentle murmur like waves crashing to a beach. It didn’t affect my telekinesis or my teleportation. I said reassuringly to her, “I have something installed here that keeps me from reading thoughts.” I didn’t tell her that I could still read her if I wanted to, but she didn’t need to know that.

“Oh, okay then. I hope you like what I made, enjoy.” She said with a smile reappearing on her face.

“I’m sure we will, thank you so much, Fae.”

As I turned towards Nya, I found her staring at me and the closing door. “This will need some getting used to,” she said smiling.

I didn’t say anything, but put the bed tray on the bed between us and enjoyed a nice breakfast with her.

Like I did every day since I settled into our new apartment with Nya, I started the day with exercises and that meant not only the physical training in the gym. I also teleported some distances after I lifted several heavy objects with my telekinesis. I wanted to get more proficient and get some stamina in using my powers. You never know when it might come in handy or even be necessary. I wasn’t training to be a superhero mind you; I just liked to be prepared.

Arriving at the university I winced against all the loud thoughts people were broadcasting around me. I stopped for a moment to put up one of my heavy shields. I had been practicing my shields a lot and it paid off now.  I was looking forward to studying again, however sometimes things didn’t go fast enough for me and I just wanted to rip the information out the professors head. I knew that it was against the code of ethics of Telepaths and that I could get into a lot of trouble with it. It wasn’t that I was too afraid of being attacked over it, but I promised Sanura and Trance to hold myself to the code of ethics as much as I could. I did have to atone for my past deeds, so I had vowed to be a good upstanding citizen.

As I neared my locker I noticed a blonde girl approaching. Well, it was hard not to. She walked with a flair like she owned the place and most people got out of her way whenever they could. I knew she had a reputation of getting everything and everyone that she wanted. I turned my attention to my locker and telekinetically unlocked it. Not only was it good practice, it saved me some time as well. Just as I opened my locker, I heard a throaty voice, “Hi there handsome. My name is …”

I interrupted, “I know who you are, Ivana Betancourt. Don’t bother to ask me anything, I’m not interested.” I really meant that, I had heard stories about her from some of the other students. She was a real bitch who used others for a day or so before tossing them like yesterday’s newspaper.

I felt her furious thoughts as she broadcasted it so loud that I could have picked it up on the other side of the planet. Sometimes being a high power telepath takes its toll. It took a lot of power into my shield to block that. I ignored her and rummaged around in my locker. Finally she said, “Fine, see if I care.”

She strutted away, and I closed my locker and watched her go before turning around towards my class.

During lunch Ivana tried again. She sat down at my table and purred, “I’m so sorry. I hadn’t realized that I was coming on too strong. Can I please have a talk with you? What is your name?”

“Daniel. Why are you interested in me?” I said getting directly to the point.

“Oooh, you are direct aren’t you. Well, you look so different from those immature boys around here. You act so sure of yourself. I’ve never seen anyone so relaxed and in control of his life as you.”

“Thanks,” was all that I said.

She wasn’t deterred though, “And that hair, how did you get to be so white? It looks totally cool. Please tell me how you got it like that. Did you have it painted?”

I snarled at her, “Go to a mental hospital and have yourself committed and tortured for a few years. Maybe your hair will be white as mine.”

I got up and walked away from her, but couldn’t help overhearing, “Well, I’ve never…”

No, you would never have been in such a situation. All you know is money and your petty problems of not getting your way’, I thought.

I managed to evade her the rest of the day and was about to go home. Just as I was about to set off, I saw some of the student jocks harassing some nerd. They were about to start pounding on him, so I planted the thought in several of them that there was someone behind them.

They looked around and the others followed suit. Then I played a little more with their minds. It wasn’t very hard to do. I just made them forget that they were harassing the nerd. He saw his chance and took off. Fearful of being chased he ran very hard, but the jocks had already forgotten all about him. I knew I shouldn’t be playing with people’s minds like this anymore, but this was for a good cause. That young man didn’t deserve being pounded.

*Trance? Can I have a quick chat?* I broadcasted my thoughts towards Trance.

*Sure, what’s up Dan?* came the answer quickly enough.

*Just wanted to let you know that I messed a little with the minds of some student jocks at college. They were about to beat up a nerd student. I made them forget about him. He escaped on his own during that. Was that okay for me to do? I know I shouldn’t mess with people’s minds, but I had to do something.*

*Don’t worry too much about it, Dan. The fact that you are asking yourself these moral questions are a sign that you aren’t a sociopath or a psychopath. I appreciate you telling me this, you’re a good guy and don’t let anyone tell you different. Is there anything more?*

*No, just wanted to confer with you, thanks.*

*No problem, keep in touch and out of trouble.*

Back home I had a surprise waiting, Fae had been busy, everything was polished and cleaned and a nice smell wafted towards me as I opened the door. She had made dinner apparently, and it smelled delicious.

I gave Nya a chaste kiss on her cheek and greeted Fae, “Hi Fae, that sure smells good, what is it?”

“Wash up before dinner and you’ll see.” Was the reply I got from Fae. Of course I could use my telepathic power to find out, but I just shrugged and took a quick shower.

I sat down at the table and saw that there was fried rice, vegetables, all kinds of meat, crackers and tofu. Fae asked, “Do you want some wine or other drink?”

“I’ve never had wine or any other alcoholic beverage, so I’ll stick to water, thank you.” I said looking at all the food. She had made far too much of it by my reckoning.

Nya said that she would like some tea and after saying grace we dug in. Dinner was great, we had more than half of it and Fae said that we could have leftovers later. I helped her with clearing the table while she and Nya were rinsing and loading the dishwasher. I had the easy job, since I lifted all the things telekinetically towards the kitchen.

Later I was studying for a small test the next day, when Nya sat with me. Fae had already called it a day and had disappeared into the guest bedroom. Before leaving us, she had asked both of us if there was anything else she could get us, but we told her, “Nothing, we’re good.”

Nya sighed as she looked at me. I closed the books; I knew the stuff already and wasn’t worried about the test tomorrow. I was wondering a little about what she wanted, though I had a good idea. On purpose I didn’t try to read her mind, I had promised her before that I wouldn’t without her asking for it.

Waiting for her next move I looked at her, she didn’t keep me waiting long. She kissed me on my lips very softly and put her arms around my neck. I kissed her back and put my arms around her waist. She broke the kiss with, “Let’s go to the bedroom and get naughty.”

I followed her to the bedroom and after activating the inhibitor started to take my shirt off. Nya held my arms and said, “No, my lover. This time I’m doing it.”

She proceeded to slowly take my clothes off and afterwards pushed me down on the bed. I lay there watching her slowly performing a strip act for me and my penis started to rise like a missile prepping to launch.

Nya smiled seeing my involuntary reaction, “I think you’re happy to see me doing this.”

I had to ask her, “Nya, is this really what you want? I don’t want you to feel obligated or anything.”

“Shush, I have waited long enough,” Nya said while slithering naked next to me on the bed. “I still have some reservations, but I really love you Danny.”

I wanted to say something, but it got smothered in a kiss as Nya pressed her lips on mine. She put her tongue between my lips and I started a duel with my tongue against hers.

After what seemed hours dueling she broke off the kiss and started to go down on my cock making it even harder and wet with her saliva. I was moaning a little as she made me so hot and ready. She stopped hearing me and slid back up towards my face. She kissed me again and humped her body against mine. I wanted to titillate her erogenous places to get her in the mood, but she already guided my missile into her tight vagina. She slid down fully on it, and sighed contently as it went in.

I was feeling a bit constricted inside her tight vagina, but it felt really good. She sat there for a moment, just reveling in the feeling before bowing down to me and kissing me again. As she started to rise up a bit, I broke the kiss and moved to kiss her on the neck. She really liked that according to the sounds she made.

She really started moving up and down now and the only thing I could do was hold on and go for the ride. As she started to moan a bit I realized what I could do more and started to suckle on a breast, while massaging the other one with my hand.

Soon she was writhing in orgasmic bliss on top of me and I added to that by nibbling on her ear. She stifled a scream before slowing down her movements. I still hadn’t come yet, so now I guided her to move. She was breathing a bit heavy, and I flipped us over. Now, I was on top of her and she asked, “What are you going to do now?”

“I’m going to see if I can continue to make you feel good.” I said to her, while slowly shoving my still rock hard cock in and out of her.

She purred her contentment as I slowly kept her reaching new heights of bliss and getting ready myself for shooting my load into her. I kept myself from reaching my peek, with some help of my Telekinetics though, and held off till she stifled another scream of orgasmic bliss. Then I let myself go and shot all my spunk into her.

As we both came down from an incredible orgasm, I had a thought that I was forgetting something, but I couldn’t think what that might be. I was really tired after our lovemaking and spooned against Nya while falling asleep moments later.

Looking at Nya as she ran through a field towards me filled me with such feelings of happiness. Suddenly something grabbed her from beneath the earth and pulled her down, while she was screaming for help. I ran over to where she disappeared and I saw a gaping hole with Nya falling down a very deep chasm. Then something rose up from the chasm quickly.

I looked at the terribly scorched and awful face of my sister Megan. I knew it couldn’t be true, but there she was. She screeched, “I should live with you, not that bitch.”

I tried to use my powers of telepathy and telekinesis, but nothing worked. Then I understood, I wasn’t looking at something real. I snarled, “You’re not real, my sister wouldn’t be envious. This isn’t real, go away.”

The face changed to that of Herb. It snarled, “You’re cleverer than I thought. Still, I’m going to be haunting you forever and ever. You’ll never be free of me.”

Calmly I said, “I know that. I deserve it, but you deserved everything that you got as well. The world is a better place without sick MF’s like you and Steve.”

Another face joined us, Steve’s face didn’t look much better. It was riddled with scratches and open wounds. “You made me worse than a baby,” it snarled. “I’m not even able to think straight for a second.”

Furiously I snarled back, “You should have been more caring to the patients, not use them for your own entertainment. I’m not proud of what I did, but I’m not sorry either. Now, leave me alone.”

I tried to dismiss them, but they kept on harassing me. That’s when I woke up with a pounding heartbeat in my ears and breathing hard. I shot up in a sitting position on the bed and tried to control my breathing and heart rate.

Nya had woken up from my movements and asked, “Danny? What is wrong?”

Roughly, I told her, “Nothing, go back to sleep.”

I quickly got out of bed not even being bothered by being naked. I took a quick cold shower and donned a bathrobe before teleporting out onto the balcony. Sitting down on a lounge chair, I realized that I hadn’t put up my shields well enough. Despite the early hour, several people were blasting their thoughts into my mind.

It took me a few moments to put up my most heavy shielding and didn’t notice a movement behind me. I startled from her arms around me. She whispered in my ear, “Don’t you shut me out, Danny. I love you, but never brush me off like that.”

I turned to Nya, “I’m sorry, but I can’t…”

“You can’t what? I’ve let you into my mind and you can’t even tell me what is bothering you?” Nya was really upset by her tone.

I backed down, “I shouldn’t have done that. But there are things about me that I haven’t told you.”

 Nya sat down in my lap, “So, you have dark secrets in your past just like me?”

I looked down to avoid her gaze, “Worse than yours. Your dark episodes were thrust onto you; mine were done by myself in a fit of anger and rage. I’m to blame for what I did and it is quite repulsive what I did.”

Nya lifted my chin, so that I had to look into her eyes. “Tell me, please! You shouldn’t bear the burden alone. You helped me with my fears, now I want to help you.”

I sighed, “Fine, I’ll tell you. A warning though, it is very gruesome and ugly. I’m not proud of what I did, and in retrospect, I should have done things differently.”

Nya kissed me lightly, “It will be okay, I’ve seen the bad in people and the good in you.”

I proceeded to tell her what happened at the institution and how I punished the two orderlies. Nya listened to my exploits with mixed feelings. She shed a few tears and I saw something akin to rejection or horror in her eyes when I spoke of the things I did to the orderlies.

After I finished, she turned away from me. I didn’t know what to do, I wanted to hold her and speak to her. But I was also afraid that she would shy away from me and get away from me as I had proven to be a monster. The easy thing would be to read her thoughts and maybe even change them a little. But I had given her my promise not to do that. I just waited for her to make up her mind.

Finally she said, “You are right, you did horrible things. I can understand why though, you must have gone through hell there. Do the memories haunt you a lot?”

“They do in my dreams, though tonight it was worse than ever. It started with you getting taken and then somehow Megan’s face was in there.  It really was the worst nightmare I ever encountered.”

Nya kissed me again, shutting me up. Then she pulled back, “Why did you never try to have sex with me before?” she asked me out of the blue.

I mumbled, “Because I was still a virgin. I don’t have any experience.”

Nya laughed at me, “So, there is something that you’re not better at than all other men?”

I was feeling upset and threatened by her comment. ‘Why was she belittling me? I believed that she loved me for who I am! Is she going to leave me? I could stop her, but I won’t. I would be devastated, but I would let her go her own way.

Nya kissed me again, “I was wondering why you didn’t use a condom. I might get pregnant, you know.”

Shit, now I knew what I had been forgetting last night. Did I get Nya pregnant? Can I check that? What if she is? She doesn’t look that distressed about it though.’ The thoughts were racing through my mind as I just stared at her with my mouth open wondering at her words.

Nya laughed again, “Don’t worry; I wouldn’t mind getting pregnant, I would be proud to carry our baby. I love you for who you are. I’m just happy that I found the boy inside my superior feeling man.”

I closed my mouth, “What do you mean with superior feeling man?”

“Oh come on, you’re so smug with your mindreading and knowing almost everything. There aren’t many things you aren’t good at. Though I must say that your lovemaking as a first timer was very good. Anyway, you do have an air of being superior. You try to hide it, but don’t always succeed.”

I was conflicted in my feelings and emotions. I was happy that Nya wasn’t about to leave me or ridicule me. It was upsetting that she found my weak point and clearly mapped it out to me. I was also conflicted about her getting pregnant. I mean I would love to have a baby with her, but was I up to the task? I didn’t know the first thing about being a father. I didn’t have any good role model to draw on. Both of my parents hadn’t been deemed fit for caring of a child in my eyes. So, would I be a good father?

I guess Nya sensed my mixed emotions on the subject, she kissed me again. “You’ll be an amazing father. Do try to keep out of their heads mostly please!”

“I’m not reading others thoughts all the time; only in emergencies do I read peoples thoughts. I didn’t make my pact with you on a whim. I am only reading thoughts when absolutely necessary. Or at least I do now. I respect your freedom of thought and wouldn’t think of invading it.”

“I know that you big lummox, don’t get so riled.” She mockingly punched me lightly on my arm.

I sighed, “You’re still mocking me. I have been on the border of being a bad person or criminal, maybe even a psychopath. I am lucky that I got diverted from there by your and Megan’s love for me. Trance helped me a lot as well with getting on the good side of the law and code of conduct. I still fear of what I can do and what I will do when pushed too far. I can be a Darth Vader in my own rights if I’m not careful.”

Nya kissed me once more, “I understand, I’ll do my best to keep you away from the dark side, my love.”

I kissed her back, “Thank you Nya, I really love you.”

We huddled for a few moments before going inside to get dressed; it wouldn’t be long before Fae would get up to fix us breakfast.

As I did some more studying, Fae appeared from the guest bedroom and was clearly surprised to find us both already dressed and sitting in the living room. We just said our hello and good morning greetings and she disappeared into the kitchen. Nya followed her in and I could hear soft murmuring, indicating that they were having woman talk in there. I was curious, but refrained from snooping with my telepathic senses. I had made promises not to do that, and I intended to keep those promises.

As it was getting nearly time to go to class, I packed my tablet and a few books, kissed Nya goodbye and teleported myself to a place near the elevator. I didn’t want to draw too much attention, so I took regular transportation to college.



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