by Shrike.

Chapter 3 Getting a life again

I had taken one of the cars available for my own use and drove towards Las Vegas, but stopped for gas and provisions at a roadside gas station. I didn’t plan on going straight to Vegas, but wanted first to meditate and do some soul searching away from everyone. The murmur of voices was always in my head, no matter how forceful a shield I put up. Out in the desert it should be a bit less noticeable, at least I hoped so.

I stopped on a dirt road a few miles to the side of the main highway and after eating and drinking a bit I sat down to use my power on myself in an attempt to learn more about what I had become. I already knew that I was quite a strong Telepath and Telekinetic, but how strong and what else? I just wanted to know. I also wanted to get some rest from all the voices and noise in my head.

As I meditated using my telepathic power to find my inner self, I didn’t find anything at first. Instead there was something else there, but it eluded me for now. Then I felt like someone was watching me. ‘Did some telepath find me? Am I vulnerable to an attack?’ Slowly I began to see a few shapes, they weren’t very coherent at first, but gained clarity within moments. They were the orderlies Steve and Herb, but I killed the body of one and the mind of the other! They came at me silently at first, though their mouths were saying something. Then the sound came, “Why did you do this to us?”

I snarled, “And why shouldn’t I have done it? You miscreants were torturing people for fun. It was time someone held you responsible.”

“No one appointed you Judge, Jury and Executioner,” said Steve. “You are just as bad or even worse than us.”

“That may be so,” I replied, “but I didn’t even kill you. I just gave you a taste of what I always have to endure. Someone should’ve helped me cope with that, instead of locking me up in an asylum to be toyed with by sadists like you two.”

Herb, or at least a ghostlike figure like him, came near me, “Well you did kill me, and I’m not gonna let you get away with it. I’m gonna haunt you for the rest of your life.”

“Well, do your worst.” I snarled, “I can’t undo it and I did what I felt you deserved.” With that I mentally swiped an arm through them and they evaporated. I knew it wouldn’t be the last I saw of them, but for now they seemed to be gone.

I turned my meditation back into myself and expanded my telepathic senses. It was time for me to find out how strong I really was with my telepathic power.


Trance was sitting at his desk in the Nexus when he felt someone enter his telepathic range. It was quite familiar too, he had felt the signature of this telepath a few times before, but only briefly and it had given him the chills. He also felt something that could best be described as psychic death cries associated with the outburst of this telepathic presence.

Trance put up a shield or barrier against any mental attack and thought, *Who are you, and can I help you?*

*Who are you, that you can hear my telepathic voice?* The unknown telepath replied.

*I’m Trance, I’m with a group that want to help people with certain powers.* Trance sent back.


I was surprised that I was contacted by a powerful telepath, as soon as I extended my telepathic senses. ‘Who is this Trance and can I trust him? His name doesn’t give me any reason to trust him. Better play it safe.’ *My name is Mindcontrol and I don’t want to be helped. Leave me alone.*

The man who called himself Trance sent back, *I beg to differ, Mindcontrol. I can sense some dark things around you. Please allow me to meet you in person.*

There you go, another one who wants to enslave me and keep me under wraps.’ I mentally shouted to him, *No way, leave me alone and stop contacting me.*

I felt Trance push a bit further with his telepathic power, which was quite strong. Then again so was I, so I pushed back with all my strength and determination. Maybe that determination was what won my first psychic battle. I pushed Trance back out of my mind and back into his. He was so strong that I couldn’t peek into his mind, but I could keep him at bay and give him a bad headache. I got one myself, but I was already used to it from the dampening machine. I could feel Trance’s power weakening, but my own wasn’t up to any probing as well, so suddenly I dropped the push and retreated back into my own mind. Then I put up a shield that was supposed not only to keep other telepaths out, but also cloak my presence from them as well.


Trance was breathing hard from all the mental exertion the encounter with Mindcontrol had put him through. He had never encountered such a powerful telepath before, and certainly not been in a battle with one. He had a bad headache, and didn’t even want to think of searching for Mindcontrol in his current state. After composing himself a bit he walked over to Sanura’s room. Usually he contacted her telepathically, but he didn’t feel up to it right now.

He knocked on her door and at her crisp, “Enter,” went inside.

Sanura looked up in wonder at her late visitor. “Trance? Is there something wrong? You don’t look well and normally you call me telepathically.”

Trance sat down in front of her desk, “I just encountered one of the most powerful telepaths on the planet. Maybe even more powerful than me.”

Sanura looked at Trance in wonder, she knew he was not one to exaggerate, but a telepath stronger than him?

Trance continued, “I sensed some very dark things around him. I tried to ask him to meet us so we could help him, but he rejected the offer and me. We battled for a while on the psychic plane and I must confess that he pushed me back into myself. Then suddenly he retreated and vanished without a trace.”

Sanura interrupted, “Did you try to look for him, with your teleview, coupled with your telepathy?”

“No, I didn’t,” sighed Trance. “I’m too tired from the battle and if I push myself too hard now, I will not only be pushing my limits, but I would also be vulnerable to attack from him.”

“I see, what can you tell me about him?” asked Sanura.

“He called himself Mindcontrol, which doesn’t sound well. Maybe he is out to control other people, if that is possible. I also felt his signature in brief flashes before. And twice during those flashes, I felt some sort of a death cry with it. I don’t know if that was him killing someone or if it was a coincidence, but I think it should be checked out.”

“Do you have a direction for me to look?”

Trance sighed again, “Sorry, but it was a bit too much for me to do. Best guess is south to southeast.”

“Well that narrows it down to almost two thirds of the United States, if he is indeed in this country,” replied Sanura dryly.

Trance shrugged, “I know, I do think that he was in, or from the US, call it a feeling, and the fact that he ‘spoke’ fluent American without a noticeable ‘accent’.”

“Don’t telepaths simply exchange thoughts during contact?” asked Sanura.

“You know that is a misconception, the telepathic voice is a product of the way you think. So if you think in English, your telepathic language is English. Though some people can do it multilingual, just like they can speak other languages.” Trance explained.

“Okay, well I have my work cut out for me then,” said Sanura. “I’ll keep an eye out for rogue telepaths and mysterious deaths. Now, please take some rest. I have a feeling you may be up against Mindcontrol again someday soon.”

“I fear the same, good night Nura.”


As I recovered from the battle with that Trance guy, I rested some and had a drink and a snack. Sometime later I felt up to doing some more exploring and this time wanted to try my limits on Telekinetics. First I looked at the car I drove up in, but I would need that to go the rest of the way, so better not try anything that might damage it. Fortunately there was plenty of rocks around. I first started lifting some small rocks and soon had about a half dozen of them floating around. Then my eye fell on a very big boulder. I dropped the smaller ones and tried to lift the big one. At first it didn’t budge an inch and I was quickly getting frustrated. My head started to hurt again, but I pushed on and finally the boulder started to rise. It rose almost a whole foot up till my power faltered and the boulder came crashing down with a big thud.

I panted from the exertion and rested a while to get my strength back. Then I started meditating again and looked inside myself for peace and quiet. This time I found something fleeting at the edge of my senses. I went after it and chased it around for a while, then I caught it and examined my find. It wasn’t really something I could hold onto, but in my mind it felt a bit like it. It showed me a close up view of my car. I didn’t understand so I went in closer and it vanished, at the same time I felt a bit torn apart and whole again. I started panting again, just like when I had exerted myself a lot. I opened my eyes and I was sitting in front of the car. But I had been several yards away before. ‘What is going on here?

Then I understood, ‘I must have teleported from there to here. Wait a moment! I can teleport? Woohoo, I have another power. I should explore my limits on that one. But I have to be careful, if I don’t teleport safely I might end up in a solid object. Or would I?’ But I didn’t want to test my new power just yet. I felt tired and sleepy. So instead I gathered my things and tried to get some sleep in the car.

I fell asleep in moments, but the nightmares started straight off. It was like watching several movies with the sound cranked up high all at once. It really bothered me and was about to drive me insane. Then I woke up in a sweat and realized that my shield was down. I hastily put it up again. ‘Damn it, when I sleep my shields will go down. I am not protected against all the thoughts of people around me when I’m not actively conscious. But I do need to sleep. What can I do?

I tried to sleep without losing consciousness totally and failed several times, but then I found a sort of meditative state that I could do, which gave me at least some rest and relaxation, without losing my control. It wasn’t as effective as sleeping, but it would have to do for now.

A quiet but not restful night later I drove into Las Vegas and left the car in a place where it most certainly would be stolen and stripped clean within the hour. Then I walked up to the strip where all the casinos that remained were. The smaller ones went out of business as Telepathic and Telekinetic powers as well as remote viewing and such became normal with morfed people. Only the big casinos could afford the blocking devices to stop people from using any of those super powers.

As I walked up to the Bellagio, I already felt the pressure of a dampener clamp down on my mind. Fortunately I had lots of practice resisting such a device and was still able continue using my power. The dampener from the casino wasn’t nearly half as powerful as the one in the asylum. ‘Maybe the one in the asylum had been a newer experimental model?’ Though it was adding to my present headache. I was already tired from my fight with Trance, my exercises and not getting enough rest. This exertion wasn’t helping. Still I had one more thing to do before getting more and better rest. I needed money.

I had no problem getting in and looked around for a moment to decide with what game I should start. From the lobby I could see straight into the hall with all the slot machines in rows, ready to take the money. Well, maybe I should start there and get some seed money from them. The sign on the first row I approached said, “Electronically operated Slot machines. No Technopaths allowed here. Handling these machines with technopath powers is subject to fines up to 10 million dollars and imprisonment up to 5 years.”

I frowned, I couldn’t do much with electronically engineered slot machines, fortunately for technopaths they kept a series of older mechanical operated slot machines. I went over to this row and used my telekinetic power to read the discs and levers inside the machines.

Finally, after a while, I found a machine that would probably pay out within 3 to 6 operations. Unfortunately, an old fat woman was about to sit down there with a pot full of coins. I focused and nudged her mentally to sit a seat further. At first she resisted, but then she suddenly cooperated and sat down at the next slot machine. Quickly I sat down at the machine I wanted and sure enough at the fifth turn I hit the jackpot.

I smiled as people crowded to congratulate me. Now I had my starting capital to continue gathering more money. Right away an employee of the casino came up to me and asked how I wanted my money. I told him that I wanted half of my winnings to be held in a the casino safe and the other half in chips. Half an hour later I was given a bag full of high nominations chips and wandered to other parts of the casino. I noticed two new faces nearing me and my crowd.

The crowd had already thinned a little, only the down on their luck people who wanted see if they could steal or borrow some from my wealth still stuck close to me. One of the new people, a guy that looked like a geek, was most definitely a telepath. When he came near me the dampening shroud of the machine lifted, I guess he had something with him that overrode the dampening. Which meant he had a blocker that allowed him to use his telepathic power without fighting the dampening effect, and was almost certainly a casino employee. Indeed I noticed someone wanting to intrude into my mind.

I kept my surface thoughts neutral and in a bit of excited state, but closed off the rest of me with my very powerful shield. The telepath kept up his attempts to intrude further into my mind, while his companion, a good looking woman tried on one hand to entice and distract me, and on the other talk me into gambling at other things. She asked if I wanted to do blackjack or roulette and other things. I just smiled at her, “Not right now, thank you. I guess you’re one of the hostesses that is here to keep the whales happy and gambling. Well, I would like you to secure a room for me. I will be staying for a few nights at least.” With that I brushed her off and went on.

The telepath followed me for a little while longer, but then disappeared into a service entrance. He probably went off to report his findings. I walked on through the rooms, debating what I was going to try next.


“Ah, Conklin! What did you find out about our slot machine winner?” asked the supervisor from the casino.

“Not a lot, his name is Danny Montro. He may be a telepath or have a high resistance against telepathic probes. I could only pick up his surface thoughts, he resisted further intrusion. It felt natural to me, so either he is a very strong and skilled telepath to be able to function with the dampener in place. Or what is more likely, he has a natural shielding and was lucky at the machine. If he was a telekinetic I think I would have picked up on it and the machine was not tampered with as far as we can determine.”

The supervisor heard the report stoically before responding, “Okay, do keep an eye on him. I’ve got a feeling. But don’t interfere with him for the moment. We will see if this was a stroke of luck or something else.”

The telepath nodded and turned around to resume his rounds.


I neared the craps table and decided that I could try this next. I stood at the table and watched for a while as the shooter tried his luck. I felt the rolling of the dice with my telekinetic power and after some minor manipulation felt confident enough that I could control the dice without showing any tampering to anyone looking. I placed a small bet and through just plain luck won my bet. Then I let it ride and carefully manipulated the dice so that I won again. I placed a small bet on another outcome and lost.

Then the shooter lost and made room for a new shooter, being me. Several rolls of the dice later I was up half a million again with carefully placed bets. Then I decided I had enough and with a just large enough bet rolled snake eyes. I left the table for some other action and walked off.

Then I noticed the invitation for a poker session about a half hour later and decided that I might try that as well. The hostess, who introduced herself as Carol now, came up to me with a keycard. “Mister Montro, here is your card for you room. Anything else I can do for you?”

I smiled a cold smile at her, “Sure, get me invited at that poker session. I want to try my luck there next. I just had another stroke of luck at the craps table, so I feel lucky enough to try that as well.”

Carol smiled back at me, though her eyes weren’t smiling at all. “Sure thing Mr. Montro. But it doesn’t start for half an hour. What are you going to do in the mean time? If you don’t mind me asking.”

“I’ll freshen up a little and relax. Thank you Carol.”

Indeed I took care of some bathroom business and had a few snacks before going to the rooms sectioned off for the poker session to be played.

After a few careful hands I had already scanned my competition. Half of them were easy to read, and as for the other half I had to focus a little more, but could get a feel of the size of what they were holding as well. I had to be careful because the house telepath was in the room as well. But so far he hadn’t seemed to notice anything. Of course I didn’t play aggressive and won just enough to stay ahead in the game.

A new round had just started and the man opposite me screamed excitement at his cards. Well screamed it mentally that is. I even had to shield myself against his outburst and saw the telepath wince as well. Shortly after that the telepath went out of the room, probably to compose himself. I checked out my hand and though it was good, it wasn’t as good as Dudley’s. I had read his mind before and knew his name and a lot more about him. He played poker for a living and was quite good at it as well. No one else had picked up on his good fortune with the cards as his outward appearance was stoically the same as always. Only a telepath would have picked up on his good luck.

I raised my bet moderately as did most the others. Dudley raised a bit higher, then again just as he had done before when bluffing, so no one suspected anything. As the remaining cards were turned on the table, Dudley still had the advantage at first till the last card tipped the scale in my favor. Dudley had a straight flush were I had a royal straight flush.

Dudley raised again and I followed suit. We both raised again and again till he went all in. I did the same and with a triumphant gesture Dudley put his cards on the table. It was quite high, and people made sounds of appreciation to him. He was ready to start raking in the chips till I put down my cards. Dudley paled and the sounds were even greater now for my hand. I smiled at Dudley, “Sorry, mine is just a tad better.”

As I pulled all the chips towards me, I realized that I was up to 4.5 million dollars now. I should try this again soon, but for now I wanted to rest and sleep. The house telepath came back into the room and talked to someone. Then as I got up to leave, they came towards me and followed me out of the room.

I gave my chips to a cashier and had an account made for the amount in my name. The telepath and his helper were still following me as I got into an elevator to go to my room. Once inside they stopped the elevator and the telepath asked flat out, “Mr. Montro, we suspect that you are tampering with cards and other materials. We ask you to leave the casino as soon as possible.”

I smiled at him, “Do you have any proof of me tampering? Maybe I’m just lucky. You can’t throw me out, or you would have done so already. Don’t try to threaten me, I’ll have your ass chewed out by your boss or have the gaming commission review the casino again for excluding people having luck. Now if you don’t mind I want to retire to my room now, so please get out of my way.”

The telepath was furious by the look on his face, but I had called his bluff and he lost. He knew there was nothing to stop me from playing at the casino at this moment despite their suspicions. I exited the elevator at my floor and quickly went into my room.

The room was still influenced by the dampener, which was exactly why I had chosen to stay here. I lowered my shielding and still wasn’t bombarded with every broadcasted thought in my range. Sure they were still there, but now it was more like a murmur from the rain or a river. It was even soothing to my mind and made me a bit sleepy. I took care of business and got ready for bed. I slept as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Steve was howling and kept trying to hit me, but couldn’t reach me it seemed. I realized that he and Herb would haunt me in my dreams for all time now. But they couldn’t hurt me, so I just watched them. Still it was distracting to dream about them. But then Clarissa entered the dream and she just pushed them away before coming up to me. Like a submissive slave she threw herself on the floor before me and said, “What is your wish, master?”

I tried to tell her to get up, “Please get up from the floor Clarissa. You don’t need to be a slave. I just want you to be happy.”

But either she failed to hear me, or she didn’t want to obey me. I grew a bit frustrated at that and woke up alone in my bed bathed in sweat. ‘Geez, is it going to be like that all the time from now on? I really hope not.’ At least I could get some sleep now, as the loud mental voices of the people in my range were silenced by the dampener. ‘I should buy one of those dampeners myself and put it into my home, wherever that is going to be.’ I freshened myself up a bit and tried to relax myself to some more sleep.

In the next few days I watched some shows, gambled a little without cheating and lost a little money and relaxed a lot. I even enjoyed some female interests at the pool and took one of the lovely ladies to my room. It was just a onetime fling as she put it, so I left it at that. Though she had been fun to be with, I didn’t see myself become involved with her.

As I prepared to get going again, I decided I was going to gamble one more time and make a killing. I thought about poker again, but didn’t know if I could find a high stakes game. Well, if it came along then okay. But first I wanted to try something else. Although it was risky, I was going to try and manipulate the roulette wheel. Specifically manipulate the ball to land where I wanted it.

I watched the game for several minutes first, till I was confident that I could track, manipulate and guide the ball to where I wanted it. At the same time making it seem like nobody tampered with it. That was important as I knew that I was being watched and they had a very good surveillance system here, with high speed cameras. I could always deflect some cameras of course, make them go just off target, so they wouldn’t tape the correct action, but that would only fuel the suspicion against me. No, it had to be done right under their noses, without any proof of tampering or cheating.

I sat down in an empty spot, the man had just lost his last chips and went off to get drunk as he was disillusioned from losing so much money. I read it all in his mind, in his desperation his mind was an open book to me and any other telepath. I ordered a lot of chips from my account from an usher and waited for the current spin to complete before betting on three places near each other on the wheel. That way I could operate with a safer margin and look less conspicuous.

The first roll of the wheel I didn’t do anything to the ball, but let it roll as it went. I just monitored it’s trajectory to get a feel for later tampering. But I was lucky as the ball fell in one of my betted spaces. The next round I didn’t influence the ball again, and lost my bets. The same happened the third round I was betting, but on the fourth round I nudged the ball slightly and it fell into one of my spaces. I took half the cash and betted the remaining chips on three places again. With some minor nudging I won again and I repeated the same thing again the next round.

Then I played a few rounds without cheating and won one time but lost three others. That should be enough to get the hounds of my back, so I cheated a little again and again, till I was ahead with 60 million dollars. The telepath suddenly was at my side again, as I felt the dampening lift. I decided to bet one more time without cheating and won again, making my total at 68 million. I made a show of yawning and stretching, then threw some chips to the croupier and said, “Well, it’s been fun. But I am feeling a tad tired. So, good night people.”

As I stood up, someone walked up to me. It was Dudley. “I want a rematch mister. You owe me that.”

I smiled an evil smile at him, “I don’t owe you anything, but if you want to lose some more money, than by all means, go ahead.”

“No, no. This time it’s going to be a high stakes poker game with the big boys.” Dudley sneered at me.

“Sure, no problem, mind if I freshen up a little first?”

He indicated that I could go ahead. But followed me to the bathroom anyway. I composed myself. I already had quite enough money, but this was too good to pass up. Besides, I had a feeling that a dampener I needed for peaceful sleeping would be quite expensive to buy, and I might have to buy it at the black market, which would further increase its price.

Shortly afterwards I sat down at a table with Dudley, a high prized lawyer and two wealthy business men. I used almost all my money from my casino account and had several stacks of high denominations chips in front of me. The other players had similar stacks nearing the amount I had. Then the game began.

Several rounds later I had neither lost nor gained money while Dudley was up 10 million. I already had probed the minds of the all the other players and though the lawyer was hard to read, I still could pick up enough to see what kind of hand he had. Besides that he liked to bluff a lot, and he had a tell. Every time he had good cards, he would twitch with the left corner of his mouth. A new round started and I had two aces in my hand. The lawyer’s tell was there again, so I checked the everybody’s cards with my telekinetic power. Dudley had a King and a Jack, while the lawyer had two queens. The businessmen didn’t have good cards and folded. I betted moderately as I usually did, and Dudley as usual betted a little higher. The lawyer suddenly bet high as well, which promptly spiked Dudley’s attention. As the first cards where opened on the table, our betting got higher and higher. There was a king and a queen. I checked the other closed cards telekinetically and saw that there was another king, an ace and a jack. That meant we all had a full house, but mine would be the highest with aces over kings. I raised my bet again and so did Dudley and the lawyer. As the final cards were opened, I grew tired of stalling and said, “All in.”

The others startled, but if they quit now, they would lose their already significant amounts of money that they put in. And they felt confident that they would win the pot. So each of them replied, “All in.”

There was about 210 million dollars on the table now. Even I had to swallow hard. ‘What if I have misread their cards? No, I can’t have. I know that I have the highest card.’ I waited for the others to make their move. The lawyer couldn’t handle the suspension and threw his cards on the table. “Full house, Queens over Kings.”

Dudley laughed indignantly, “I’ve got a full house too, but I have Kings over Jacks.” And he slowly laid his cards on the table.

Both men now turned to me with a questioning look. I smiled my usual smile at them. “Well, I’ve got two similar cards here, together with what’s on the table makes a full house aces over kings.” And I gently put my cards on the table.

The looks on both gents faces were priceless, they looked like fish out of water. They couldn’t believe that we all had a full house and that they both had lost. I raked in the chips from both men and asked, “I guess you two don’t play anymore?”

Both men snarled an negative answer to me and left the table. The two businessmen got up too, one said to me, “You’re way too lucky for us. I’m sorry, but we’re leaving.”

Well, that was okay with me, I had enough money for now, so I would call it a night as well. The telepath came up to me and growled, “I don’t know how you did it, but I know you cheated. I’ll find out what and how you did it. Trust me on that.”

I answered back, “Sure, do what you can, there is nothing to find. I didn’t do anything. And you’d better hurry, tomorrow I’ll be checking out.” I left him standing there and after putting all the chips into my account, went to my room to get some well needed rest. Fighting the dampener and using my power was good practice, but tiring as well. Still I was amazed that I could function that well with the thing in place. ‘Did they underestimate the power of telepaths? Or am I that much stronger in my abilities? If I’m that strong than I just know people are going to want to use me and try to incarcerate me again. I will never let that happen again. I have a feeling that I haven’t seen the last of that Trance guy, who contacted me earlier. I better be ready to face him and whoever he’ll be taking with him someday soon.

After a long sleep full of dreams of ghosts, I woke up quite refreshed. Today I was going on to other things. I planned to see my abominable father, who had me incarcerated and who knows what else I could find on my way. The Bellagio had a international bank branch inside the building, so I went there to have all my winnings put into a savings account.

I walked in with the balance of money that was stored in the casino. An employee came up to me, “Hello Sir, how may I help you?”

I smiled, “I’d like to open a savings account and lay in some money.”

The employee, who’s nametag read Chuck, answered, “Certainly, right this way please. How much would you like to put into your account?”

Still with my smile on I answered dryly, “210 million, give or take a few thousand.”

Chuck turned back to me, swallowed and stammered, “T … two… two hundred million?”

“No, two hundred and ten million. I think I’d better see your supervisor about this kind of transaction.” I smiled a cold smile at him.

Chuck acknowledged that and hurried away to get his supervisor. Soon Chuck returned with an older heavy set man. “Hello Sir, you wanted to open a savings account for 210 million dollars?”

“Yes, please.”

“Certainly, Sir. Right this way please. Would you like a refreshment? … No? anything else we can get you?” The man was certainly trying his best to accommodate me.

“Just arrange the account as soon as possible, I have places to go.” I replied him.

About ten minutes later I was walking out of the building with a credit card and receipt to my new banking account. They had asked me about my Identification, but I tried a new trick. I showed them a driving license from Herb. They saw what they wanted to see, a driving license with my name and picture. It was a good practice, they expected to see something and I convinced their mind that it was what they saw.

As I walked outside I thought, ‘Life is good, for as long as it lasts.’ I bought myself a new car and set out towards Russell, Kansas where I grew up. I had a bone to pick with someone, who had me incarcerated.


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