by Shrike.


Chapter 2 Revenge & Escape


As I was crying a bit at my failed attempt to escape, but despite the headache I got from fighting the machine, I still tried to think about my next step. In my misery I barely noticed that a familiar thought pattern entered my range. Suddenly I realized that it was the cleaning lady, her name was Clarissa. She was leaning against the wall outside my cell. ‘This is my chance, now don’t lose it. Concentrate.’ Focusing my whole mind I sent her a thought, *Please throw this switch on the panel on the wall.* I added an image of the panel and of the switch which I knew would disable the machine that kept clamping down my mind and powers. I had seen that image in Herb’s mind. Figuratively speaking I crossed my fingers hoping that she would do it.


Clarissa was confused hearing the mental voice and seeing the image, and asked in a whispering tone, though it was loud enough in my telepathic connection, “Who is this, and why should I do this for you?”


*I’m the patient that you stroked when cleaning and that got you into trouble. I promise to take you away from here and make you have a better life.* I winced as the machine tried to dampen my mind even more. It read my power level and compensated for me using my mental power. I maintained the connection to Clarissa even when it started to hurt so much that I fell down on my hands and knees from exhaustion.


I felt Clarissa getting nearer to the panel, where she studied it for a moment, looking for the switch. I nudged her a little and sent an image with the switch and the location on the panel to her. She finally saw it and reached for the switch.


Then a loud voice halted her movement, “Hey, what do you think you are doing, bitch?”


Even I could clearly hear it in my room. I groaned, ‘There goes my only chance at getting out of this hellhole!’ I was sure Clarissa would be too afraid to flip the switch now.


However I was surprised big time, as Clarissa didn’t falter, but threw the switch into the off position . Immediately I felt the effects. My mind was clear from the pressure of the machine for the first time since it was activated and I reveled in my freedom. I felt Steve race towards the panel, to undo what Clarissa had done. But now I was free and didn’t ever want to be caged again.


Without barely any effort I lifted Steve into the air and flung him back to where he came from, hard and fast. As he slammed into a wall and slid down it nearly unconscious, I focused my attention on the door and though I would be able to just pick the lock with my TK, I just ripped it out of its frame with the telekinetic power of my mind. My confidence soared high, with the power available to me, I would never be caged like this again.


As I walked out of my room or rather cell, I thought by myself. ‘Finally I’m free, I’m in control of my mind and can control things with my mind. Though I doubt I can control people with it, I can certainly do many other things with it. Watch out world, here comes Mindcontrol!


Clarissa was waiting for me in the hallway and looked up in awe at me walking up to her. I hugged her, “Thanks for getting me out of there. Here let me do something for you.” With that I reached inside her head, though it was difficult with her dyslectic brain and all the scrambled connections in there. I already had a good idea where her brain had gone faulty and carefully I telekinetically and telepathically rerouted her brain. After what seemed like hours, but was in fact only minutes as the clock indicated, I pulled back from her mind and she looked up at me in wonder.


“What did you do to me?” She asked nervously with a tinge of fear in her voice.


I nodded to her, “Can you read what is on that paper for me?” and pointed at a poster on the wall.


“I can’t read very well due to my condition, you with your power should know that,” huffed Clarissa.


“Humor me,” I said to her.


She looked at the paper and to her amazement she could read it well and quick too. She turned back to me, “I can read it! What have you done?!”


“I corrected some wiring, I hope you approve. Now you should have a chance at a better job than this. You’re quite a genius though you got held back because of your condition. Now it is up to you to get a decent job.”


She looked in admiration at me, “Thank you so much, I will do anything for you. Tell me what you want me to.” She started to kneel before me while saying it.


Though I was moved by her gesture, I grabbed her arms and held her up. “I don’t want you to revere me. I just did something that I could. All I want is that you make something of yourself with this new chance I gave you.”


She continued to look at me in admiration. “I don’t really know what to say. I owe you so much.” Then she looked past me, “Watch out!”


I didn’t even needed to look, with my telepathic and telekinetic powers I already knew that it was Steve who got his wits back together and rushed towards us. I also felt Herb coming around the corner. Turning towards Steve I raised my left hand and lifted him with my telekinetic power into the air. Herb came around the corner with a big shotgun in his hands, and I snarled at him, “Hold there for a moment,” stretching out with my right hand towards him, lifting him telekinetically and slamming him into the wall. This made him lose his hold on the gun, which fell to the floor with a thud.


I didn’t really needed to use my hand gestures to do all what I did, but it made it look a bit more dramatic. As I held Herb against the wall and Steve floating in the air, I turned to Clarissa. “Please leave us alone, you really don’t want to see what I am about to do next.”


Clarissa shuddered, but stood firm. “Whatever it is, they deserve it and I want to see them receive their punishment. I know about all the things they did.”


For a moment I just looked at her, I didn’t quite read her mind, but just got some superficial stray thoughts. She really was determined and quite furious at both men. I sighed and turned my attention back to the floating Steve. I growled to him, “So it made you feel powerful, toying with the patients. If you want to experience some real power, listen to this.”


With that I opened myself to everyone in my range, which until then I didn’t even realize how large it was. My strength must have grown considerably from fighting the suppressor machine all the time. I put up a shield against all the voices, and relayed them all to Steve’s mind. He didn’t have shielding of any kind against the voices that suddenly screamed for attention in his mind. It drove him insane in seconds. I kept it on for about 5 minutes just to be sure and then dialed the mental noise down to a murmur that I heard all the time even with maximum shields.


After I came back to normal I noticed that in the mean time Herb had slid down the wall almost to the floor. But I still had him stuck to it all right. I was finished with Steve, he was now nothing more than a drooling vegetable. He would never be consciously aware of anything again. He was now locked in his mind hearing voices for the rest of his existence.


I turned my attention to Herb now, faintly aware that Clarissa looked at Steve with disgust, revulsion and some satisfaction. I walked up to Herb smiling cruelly. “Now it’s your turn.”


Herb spat in my direction, but I caught his spit before it would reach me and held it suspended in the air between us. He hissed, “Do what you want with me, you freak. You’re never going to be anything more than a circus attraction.”


I dropped the spittle to the floor and said to him softly, “Well I’d rather be a freak than a disgusting pitiful torturer like you. Now I have seen in your mind that you like to pull legs from animals. And it will only be a matter of time before you do it to people. Well why don’t I help you a little with that.”


Herb’s face contorted, “What do you mean? I never… What are you planning? I …”


Softly I whispered to him, “how about I pull out your legs and arms? Get you to feel what you did to those innocent animals that had the misfortune to run into you.”


Now I could see the fear on Herb’s face. He tried to say something, but the fear paralyzed his vocals. He just opened and closed his mouth like a fish out of water. Clarissa softly said to me, “You’re not really going to do that are you?”


I saw Herb’s eyes glistening with hope as he heard her say that. He really thought that he could get out of this. I looked into his mind and saw that he would be even more brutal later, if he got out of this unscathed. Turning to Clarissa I projected an image of Herb sliding to the floor unconscious and said, “Nah, I was just toying with him. I just made it so that he can never harm anyone anymore. Now, can you make me something to eat in the kitchen? I’m hungry for some real food.”


Clarissa seemed satisfied with what I told her and what she thought she saw. While she walked in a good mood towards the kitchen I kept Herb up against the wall and waited till she was out of sight. Herb found his voice again, “You’re not really going to do that, are you?” His voice sounded hopeful and anxious.


“Sorry to disappoint you, I know you probably even better than you know yourself. You will not stop being cruel. You’ll be even more vicious and mean, so I think it is better for everyone if you won’t be able to do that anymore.” With that I damaged Herb’s vocal cords, to the extent that he couldn’t even shout or cry out anymore.


The fear in his eyes grew even more and he tried to struggle, but I kept him motionless against the wall. With an ease that surprised even me, I tore his right arm out of its socket and then the tendons and muscles gave way and finally the blood vessels and flesh tore under the strain. Immediately the blood squirted out of the torn arteries and it started to make quite a mess. Telekinetically I closed off the blood vessels, so it wouldn’t gush so strongly and besides  Herb would live a little longer.


He tried to scream out in pain and anguish, but he couldn’t utter anything. My silencing worked extremely well. Just as he got a bit used to the pain, I ripped out his other arm. This time I was prepared for the blood and closed it off immediately. I waited a little till he got used to the pain and loss again and ripped out his left leg. It was a little harder this time as it was attached more firmly and my attention was divided with keeping the blood from leaking out his arm sockets.


Not too long afterwards all that was left of Herb was a torso with a head. He was still alive. I made sure of that, but not for long. I let him float before me in the air, and he looked at me with wild bloodshed eyes betraying his pain, anguish and rage of what I had done to him. He even had a defiant look in his eyes, as if he was saying, ‘Do what you want to me, I’m still better than you.’


Well he had a point, maybe I shouldn’t have done what I did. It made me no better than what he was. Then again, it did put my frustrations to rest. For far too long I had been waiting to get out and live again. Couldn’t I indulge myself in dealing out a little justice as in an eye for an eye?


Looking for the last time into his eyes I crushed his heart and his pupils widened in pain for the last time. Then they closed and he was dead. I dropped the carcass to the floor and walked calmly to the kitchen.


I smelled bread and some meat while walking through the door. Clarissa turned towards me. “What took you so long? I already made you sandwiches. I can’t find other supplies, I’m sorry.”


I gave her a kiss on her cheek. “That’s okay, I haven’t had sandwiches in I don’t know how long. I’m sure they will taste great.”


 Then I got a shock, for the first time since I contracted MORFS, I looked into a mirror. I was mesmerized at the way I looked now. My hair! It had gone completely white and fell to my shoulders. My eyes had a dark purple color. I was taller then I remembered. Of course, I had been in this facility for quite some time, so I would have grown.


Clarissa came up next to me, “What is it? Why are you looking at yourself? Say I don’t even know your name.”


“My name is Danny, but you can call me Mindcontrol.” I smiled at her saying that. Then looked some more into the mirror, “I haven’t seen myself in a long time, so I am a bit taken with how I look now.”


Clarissa stroked my hair, “Well I like the way you look. Shall we eat?”


“Sure, I’m really hungry.”


We both sat down and ate our food in silence. I really liked the taste of solid good food and quickly ate all of the sandwiches that she had prepared for me. But my stomach wasn’t used to solid food anymore and quickly started to protest. Moments later I threw up into a toilet. Clarissa was worried about that and me. I could easily read from her mind that she blamed herself for making such bad food.


After cleaning up the mess and myself, I reassured her. “It had nothing to do with the sandwiches you made Clarissa. It’s just that my stomach isn’t used to eat solid food anymore. I’ll be fine and the sandwiches were excellent.”


Clarissa sighed relieved, “If you say so. Can I ask what your plans are now?”


“I want to see if I can help a few more patients here to get back to some normal life. But first I want to get dressed in some comfortable normal clothes.” I pointed at the hospital smock that I still wore.


Clarissa’s face brightened, “I can help with that, I saw a closet full of clothes in a room upstairs.”


“Well lead the way then, I’m dying to get out of this.” Clarissa went out of the kitchen with me in tow. We had to pass the point where Herb’s lifeless body lay in a shallow pool of blood, but I managed to let Clarissa see only some oily water on the floor and warned her not to walk into it.


Clarissa showed me the closet and I smiled seeing the clothes that I could choose from. Quickly I chose something to wear now and filled a small overnight bag with some extras. Clarissa had disappeared to a neighboring room and I could make out from her mind that she was trying on some clothes as well. I wondered why there would be women’s clothing in a closet here, but just shrugged and put it out of my mind.


Sometime later we walked down to other wing filled with patients. I was appalled by the conditions those people were kept under. My rage build again and Clarissa suddenly winced, “Can you please stop doing that? You’re giving me a headache.”


I realized that my anger was projecting some kind of interference into the minds of the people around me. Not only because Clarissa told me, I also noticed that some of the patients stopped wandering around and looked in our direction. I looked straight back at one and focused my mind on his mind.


It was relatively easy to get into his thoughts, they were kind of jumbled, but with a little effort he could be made normal again. Realizing that, my next thoughts were that there were more patients like that. I might be able to fix a good portion of the inmates here back to normal productive lives.


I told Clarissa to bring the guy I had been focusing on, to an office on the other side of the hall. There I got into his head again and found out what was wrong with Roger, as his name was. I rerouted some of his neural pathways and induced some calmness into his mind. After rummaging around so briskly in it, I was afraid that despite my carefulness he might have some brain damage. At the very least I image he would have a splitting headache. Imagine my surprise when I got out of his head, and found him staring at me for a while longer, then suddenly he shook his head, blinked a few times and asked, “Who are you, and what did you do to me?”


“You can call me Mindcontrol, and as to what I did to you. Well, using my telepathic abilities I tried to fix the damage inside your head Roger. I hope you don’t mind and have a better time thinking straight thoughts now.”


Roger looked at me curiously, “How do you know my name and yes, I can think normally. Of course I can think normally. What do you mean with damage inside my head?”


“I mean your thoughts were quite messed up, do you know where you are?”


Roger looked at me like I were completely delusional, “Of course I know where I am! I’m in my office in Pittsburg.” Then he seemed to notice the room he was in, “Wait, this isn’t my office, where did you take me?!”


Calmly I explained, “You’re not quite in Pittsburg anymore. I don’t know what happened, but this is a mental hospital and you have been here for quite some time. May I suggest that you lie down and try to remember what has happened? Or we can find out later what happened by surfing the net.”


Roger looked at me, “Maybe your right. So this is a mental hospital? Are you one of  the doctors?”


I smiled at him, “Hardly, I was a patient. Just like you and all the others out there. Only I was misdiagnosed, perhaps on purpose. Suffice it to say that I managed to escape my predicament.”


Roger squinted at me, “Where are the doctors then? I don’t understand.”


“This hospital is more of an end station for untreatable patients, I think. I have only seen one doctor come in on intervals. And you don’t want to know why he came here at all. In fact, with all the degenerates and assholes working here, the owners probably care more about profits then providing care.”


Roger looked at me with curiosity and said, “I would like to know more about that and how I got here in the first place. But it can wait, I feel hungry, do you have a kitchen or something here?”


I had some doubts about telling him everything, but decided that he could handle it. “Clarissa, the cleaning lady that helped me get free, made some sandwiches. But to get to the kitchen you have to go past a mess that I made. I hope it’s not too revolting for you.”


Roger squinted at me again, “What did you do?”


“I was a bit angry at how they had treated me and everyone else, so one orderly is now a drooling vegetable and the other… Well he liked to pull out legs from animals, so I thought he should feel what that felt like.”


Roger paled, “You mean…” Then he steeled himself, “I’ll have a look. But I would like an explanation later, if you don’t mind.”


I smiled, “Hold on a minute and I’ll give it to you now.” I focused on his mind and carefully send him some pictures and images of what Steve and Herb did with and to the patients.


After I cut the connection Roger winced and shook his head. “Watch it with those powers of yours. It’s giving me another headache on top of the one I already had.”


I sighed, “Sorry, it just is the fastest and easiest way to explain things.”


“Well I got it alright, they sure were bad SOB’s.” Roger exclaimed. “I’ll go see about the food and the mess.”


I showed Roger out towards the stairs and motioned to Clarissa to escort the next patient into the office. She was a bit harder to fix, and I couldn’t even bring her back to her previous self. But Mandy as her name was did have some resemblance of a woman in control of herself again, so I left it to Clarissa to explain things.


I worked for a long time after that, trying to fix patients to some kind or self reliance. The outcome varied, some were like Roger and were able to get back to their life in some fashion. Others would have to be content to start a new life that was simpler and might need some help. And a small group of patients were so much gone, that I couldn’t do anything for them.


It took me almost two days to get done with all the patients. Clarissa provided food and beverages for everyone, along with Roger. I wondered why Clarissa didn’t mention the mess in the hall. But when I went down on a break to see for myself, I saw that it had been cleaned up. Even Steve the drooling idiot was out of sight. Roger came up to me and said, “I thought it looked better like this. Hope you don’t mind me cleaning it up a bit.”


Surprised I responded, “Not at all, thanks. You didn’t have to do it though. It would have served well as a warning to the assholes that exploited this rat hole.”


Roger smiled curiously and said that they would get the message. I didn’t bother to ask what he had done. One thing was gratifying though. The pedophile doctor stopped by during the second day and as I had already cured the little girl he was so fond of, she confronted him with what he had done to her. I wasn’t there when it happened, but I did get some thoughts while I taking a break after having been busy with another patient. Apparently Amber as the girl’s name was, confronted the doctor with Roger and another man that still possessed a lot of his strength. They didn’t quite kill him, but they came close. He would never be able to do anything to kids ever again.


After I had taken care of all the patients I paid my own visit to the doctor and messed up his motor skills. He would never be able to have a normal life again.


I was sure that the owners of the facility would sent over someone to investigate after the doctor didn’t come back or when a delivery truck would stop by to drop off food and other stuff. So we left the place without caring about the immobile doctor and drool boy Steve. We took all the vehicles from the place and had to squeeze in to fit everybody in. We drove towards the nearest town of Caliente. There we left the needy people in the care of the Grover C Dils Medical Center and I said my goodbyes to Clarissa and Roger. They seemed to have hit it off quite well with each other and they would be at least good friends from now on. I took a little bit of cash and one of the cars with me and left the rest with Roger and Clarissa to pay for admission of the patients and transportation to wherever they wanted to go. They promised to share it with the other rescued patients. With that I set out into the desert towards Las Vegas.





The entire MORFS  Universe can be found at http://morfs.nowhere2go.org/