By: Darian Deamos


Chapter one: Changing Faces



Daniel crouched low, and squared his shoulders.  Across the line, he saw Samuel setting himself on the other side of the line.  Always the same, but mirrored.  That was him and Sam. He listened to the count.






“Hut.” And the ball was snapped and the play was on.  Daniel ran forward, juked left, dropped back, then blew past the man guarding him and snagged the ball out of the air as it sailed past, tucking it under his right arm in one practiced motion, and heading down the field.  He angled himself towards the sidelines away from the defenders, beat them on the sidelines, and sailed into the end zone for an easy 6 points.

“BooYah!”  He cried out and spiked the ball.  Sam ran up and they smacked hands, rotating them around and clutching fingers.

“Nice run,” Sam complimented him, “You completely dusted Birdie on that one.”

“For a normal, you run way too damn fast,” complimented ‘Birdie’, who’s real name was Brian, but two years ago, he had gotten MORFS, and sprouted talons and big feathery wings.  He looked like a clawed angel, really, but everyone called him Birdie, and he liked the joke.  It was better than some of the other things he was called.

Sam saluted the bird-man, and then smiled, “Gotta hold up the human end of things.  It’s a matter of pride.  But I gotta say, ever since Cheets left, we haven’t really had anyone really fast on the team.”

Dan had to nod, as the rest of the team broke up, the informal touch game being over.  “Yeah, he really knew how to run.  Taught us a thing or two, actually.  For an animal, he was rather smart.”  Brian winced at the casual insult, but neither Sam nor Dan noticed.  “Look, Birds, we gotta split.  If we’re seen hanging out with you guys, father’ll flip.  Luck with State.  See you at the Rose Bowl!”  Dan waved as they left, heading back to Sam’s car.  It was an odd day of the month, so it was Sam’s turn to drive.

Samuel and Daniel Carmichael were the twin sons of Senator Michael Carmichael.  Rich, and powerful, their father was also the head of the movement against giving any sort of protection against the so called Hybridist Discrimination.  He saw it as nothing more than simple nature.  It was no more wrong to treat a cat as less then a human then one of these things.  His son’s weren’t so sure about that, playing football on the level that they did, but their father was their father.  It had been impressed on their young minds, that if one of their friends had changed into something that didn’t look human, then to honorable society, they weren’t.  And real humans didn’t associate with things that weren’t.  So Sam and Dan didn’t hang around with the football team outside of ‘official’ practices, like this little touch football game.  It irritated them, and it wasn’t their friends’ fault that they weren’t really human, but they had to keep their image clean.  It mattered to their dad, and his career.

Sam stretched, and cracked his neck as he drove home.  “Damn, Mike clocked me good on that last one.  I’m feeling sore all over.”

Dan grimaced.  “I know.  If I feel this sore after a little game like this, we’re gonna tank at Duke.  Maybe we’re just outa shape cuz of graduation.”

Sam grunted at that, as he drove up the hill to their house.  The Carmichael’s lived in a large house, painted white, on spacious grounds overlooking the city of Salicia, just up the coast from San Francisco.  The overlook of the cove was brilliant from the balconies on the south side, and the house was visible from the entire south side of the city.  It was only fitting for the home of such a powerful and important family.  Or so their father always said.  Personally, the twins both thought that it was a little pretentious.  They both tended to spend as much time away from the house as possible, preferably with the football team, in meetings, or at study groups with the cheerleading squad.  They were very entertaining, were those study groups.

Both were feeling like crap as they walked from the garage up to the house.  Their legs were dragging against the ground as they walked into the grand entryway of their house.  The main hall was designed to awe and intimidate visitors with the power and influence of those who dwelt here.  It was airy and spacious, all done in white, with marble floors and columns, and statuary placed artistically about the room.  It faced north, so that sun fell through the windows, lighting the hall during daylight hours.  Even in the daytime, it always seemed cold in there.  And today it seemed even colder.  The boys’ father was there.

Michael Carmichael was a large and imposing man, though not quite as large as his sons.  At just under six feet, with a large frame, and an imposing figure, he had a face that looked carved out of granite, and iron gray hair that he kept cut short and slicked back.  Eyes the color of granite bored into his sons as he stared at them.  “You look like something the cat dragged in.  Letting those animals on the football team beat up on you again?  Get into your rooms and rest.  If you’re really hurt, call Dr. Higgins and have him stop by.  I need to go.  They need me in Washington.  Some bleeding heart activists are trying to pass a law stopping people from discriminating against animals.  What nonsense.  An animal is an animal, and we’re people, aren’t we boys.  My blood breeds true.  Breeds pure.”  And with that, he stalked out the door, without even looking back.

Sam and Dan had snapped to attention as soon as they had noticed their father, and once he left, the both let out a sigh of relief.  Then they both looked at each other and paled, Sam running for the bathroom, and Dan for the kitchen, and soon the sound or retching could be heard echoing through the empty house.


Two hours later, two very sore, very nauseous, very tired young men were sitting on the couch in their living room, while an old man in corduroy pants and a flannel shirt with a bushy white beard tisk’ed into his little gismo.  Dr. Higgins had just taken blood samples from both of the boys, and combined with the other symptoms he was seeing, he had only one diagnosis.  “MORFS.  Don’t know how you got it, most likely from hanging out with all those animals that join the football team.  Disgusting sport since they allowed the animals to play.  Don’t know why you boys keep it up.”  He shook his head, and wrote out a prescription.  Well, here, send someone down to the store for these, and it’ll get you through this right fast.  I’ll call your father with the diagnosis when I get home, and let him know that his sons are going to get gifts.  Don’t worry, your father’s blood breed’s true, you’ll be fine.  Soon you’ll be going into politics yourself.”  With that he walked briskly out the door, and the two of them were left sitting there.

Sam looked over at his twin, and looked at him.  “Diane?”

Dan looked pained.  Diane Smith was the head cheerleader, and the real reason that the cheerleaders still associated with the football team, despite pressure from several direction to have nothing to do with them.  She was completely normal, but her little brother had caught MORFS two years ago, and now she had a little sister.  This had apparently skipped the notice of the local prude patrol, and as such, she was one of the few people who they could trust to keep this low key.  She knew what their father was like, and sympathized.  He got up and staggered over to the table and grabbed his eCom, and hit the speed dial for Diane’s number.

Diane’s  clear voice rang out into the room, making both Sam and Dan wince, “Hola?”

“Diane?” Dan asked, “Are you somewhere private?”

“Dan?” She queried back, “You sound like hell.  Yeah, I’m in my car, I just finished dropping Lilly off at dance class.”

“Cool, you want to do me and Sam a favor?”

“What kind of favor?”

“Pick up a prescription scrip and fill it for me.  Then bring the crap back here.”

“You guys sick?”


“Oh, crap, good luck.  I hope it doesn’t show.  I’ll be there in 5.”  There was a click as she hung up the phone on her end.

Dan staggered over to the couch and flopped down next to Sam.  “You get to go open the door.”  Sam just groaned at him, and leaned over to pick up the scrip.  Sam stared at the scrip, and then grunted as an idea occurred to him.  He sat up and reached into his pockets, then dropped both the keys and the scrip on the table.  He closed his eyes, then opened them as the doorbell rang, a low, sonorous, mournful tone.  He got up and staggered over to the security panel on the wall.

Pressing the intercom button for the front gate, he croaked, “Diane?”

The wall answered, “Dan?”

“No, Sam, I’m buzzing you in, go round to the patio on the left, I’ll open the door.  Stay away from the front of the house.”  Sam buzzed the front gate, then sagged against the wall.  A minute later, Diane walked around the corner, and he staggered over and opened the French doors out onto the patio to let her in.

He walked over to the couch, and Dan handed him the scrip and keys, which he promptly gave to Diane.

She looked at him, puzzled.  “What are these for?”

Sam gave her his best ‘I feel like crap’ expression, and explained, “Medicine, and so that someone can look in on us now and again.”

Dan spoke up from the couch, “And don’t worry about security, I’m turning it off just as soon as I get the energy.”

She raised an eyebrow, “Wont that just alert the security people?”

“It will alert father, and he doesn't care,” Dan rasped up from the couch, then collapsed into a coughing fit.  When he could speak again, he explained, “Just so long as the house is intact and clean when he returns, we can do whatever we want.  The only reason we even have the security system is that the bodyguards insisted, when he got elected.

Sam picked up the explanation.  “He’s convinced that his righteousness will protect him.  That God is on his side.”

Diane gagged, “Ugh, I feel for you.  Hopefully, you just get a power and some cosmetic improvements.  Or at least something internal.  I’ll get your pills and the captain crunch bars.  You guys still sleep in the same place?”

Sam nodded, as he saw her out into the night.  “Yup, wing’s still the same.  We even managed to get him to promise not to renovate the place while we’re gone.  See you in a bit.”  He went to kiss her on the cheek, then winced, and waved as she left.

Dan watched her go, and then whistled, “Damn, she still has a nice ass.”

Sam only grinned.  “And other things besides.  She’s a very friendly date.”

“I remember.  Almost makes me wish she was still cruising for men.  Does make me envy Brian.  Why she chose to take up with the bird man though…”

“Because, according to her, ‘He acts like an angel, and has the good fortune to look like one, literally.’  I’d wager he took her flying.”

“That or some kinky stuff in bed.  Or both.  I’d better go shut down security, or I’ll forget, be right back.”  Dan heaved himself into a standing position, and slowly walked out into the rest of the mansion, heading to their father’s study.  Thankfully, it was in the central section, on the first floor, so it wasn’t a long walk.  Sometimes the mansion was so large it could take several minutes to get from one place to another.  For not the first time, Dan cursed his father’s sense of self-importance, and ego.  Opening the double doors, he sat down at his father’s computer, and deactivated the screensaver.

He let out a low whistle as he looked at the screen.  His father has left his account logged in.  The house had a state of the art system.  You needed to be logged in on this terminal to control the security system, but from his father’s account, he could see his personal files.  He hesitated for only a moment, then quickly started going through the private files.  He found a lot of political files, quite a bit of personal e-mails between various people, not all of which looked quite legitimate, and dossiers on pertinent people.  There was a great deal of stuff here, some of it looking quite useful, but he didn’t have the time or energy to look through it all now.  Acting quickly, he opened a remote link to his personal tablet, sitting upstairs in his room.  His tablet was off the network, though he could interface with the network with it, and had in fact left it connected.  Entering his passwords and passing through his biometrics, he opened a file transfer, and began copying all the private folders, to go through later at his leisure.  Then he noticed two of the dossiers, marked ‘Lucile Carmichael’ and ‘Sarah Carmichael.’  His mother and sister.  Curiosity roused his energy, and he opened Sarah’s file.  What he read there turned his blood to ice.  He turned and retched into the wastepaper basket next to the desk.  With fingers trembling with fear, he hit print, and the file started spooling out of the printer across the office.  Quickly, and with growing fear, he looked at his mother’s file.  It was much the same, and he printed it too.  Sam needed to see this.  They had to talk about this.

Before he left, he quickly pulled up the security control panel, and turned off the security system for the entire complex, with a timer set to reactivate it in one week.  Then he grabbed the sheaf of papers out of the printer tray and walked back to Sam and his suite.  As he walked in, he closed the door behind himself, and dropped the stack of papers, with his sister’s face on the top page, and said, “We need to talk.”

Sam stared at the papers in front of him, and at the very pretty young woman whose picture was on the top page.  She was a young girl, of about 15, with long iridescent purple hair, and cat slit violet eyes.  Her hair was tucked behind her pointed ears, and she was smiling, showing elongated canines.  His sister, apparently after MORFS.  But according to their father, their sister had been a creature of wanton debauchery and violence, who had run off when their mother left.  She had never had MORFS.  Dan and he had come home from boarding school to find that both his mother and sister were gone, and they were going to a new school next year, because they were moving to a new city.  They had always trusted what their father had told them, that he had caught their mother cheating on him, and when confronted, she had run off, and that Sarah had run off after her, following her mother into debauchery and sin.  But the caption under the picture was dated 3 months before the divorce, right after they left for their last term.  This didn’t make any sense.  Sam looked across the table at Dan, who was sitting slumped into the other sofa, looking afraid.

“Read it.  I found those on father’s computer.  He left his personal account logged on.  They were right there.  His personal files on our sister and mother.  Read.  Find out what really happened.”

Sam read.  Then he put down the papers and stared at Dan, disbelief warring with fear on his face.  “If he could do this to her…”

Dan nodded.  “We may be in deep shit.  There’s no telling…”

They just stat there, staring at each other.  There were still sitting there in shock, when Diane and Brian walked in, 15 minutes later.

Diane looked at them as she walked in, and was immediately concerned.  “Guys, what’s wrong?”

Dan and Sam both just gestured at the stack of papers.  Brian looked at the top one, and whistled.  “She’s hot, who…  Oh crap, is this who I think it is?  You never told me you had a sister.  What happened to her…”

Dan snarled at him.  “She got MORFS.  When she was 15.  Got a hair color change, some really hard nails, slightly pointy ears, and cat eyes.  No real powers to mention.  Just modestly enhanced strength and reflexes, like any other hybrid.  Not even a tail.  And he threw her out, her and mom, for being impure.”

Sam punched the table.  “He didn’t believe that she was really his.  He thought that because she didn’t look completely human that mom had cheated on him, that she had been unfaithful.  He divorced her, and threw them both out.  They got nothing.  Not a cent.  She was only 15.  She didn’t do anything wrong.  She just caught MORFS.  And no way in hell was mom unfaithful.  He’s fucking insane.  I can’t believe this… She’s our sister.  His daughter.  He raised her for 15 years.  How could he do that?”

Dan laughed.  Diane and Brian just stood there, shocked.  Dan sneered at the ceiling.  “You’ve heard him.  His blood breed’s true.  It’s just not possible for the great Senator Michael Carmichael to have offspring that isn’t as sterling and pure as he is.  So, obviously, mom was cheating on him.  Perfect reasoning, for father.  Perfectly insane.”

Diane stuttered, “So, then, what, what, what if you guys get, like, gills or something?”

Brian looked concerned.  He had run into hybridist discrimination before.  His mom was a hybrid, so he knew what to expect, and to be honest he was used to it.  But the idea of his family not standing beside him after MORFS…  “He’d disown you because of what MORFS does to you?”

Sam and Dan shrugged.  Dan nodded to Sam, and Sam leaned his head back.  “When we were younger, I would have said yes.  But now, I don’t know.  He’s gotten so much more unpredictable.  It’s this hybrid rights movement.  They’re trying to make discrimination due to MORFS reaction just as illegal as race or gender discrimination, and he can’t stand it.  It’s directly opposed to his position, and if it passes, it’ll mean that his position is unpopular, which, to him, means he would have to admit he was wrong.”

Dan groaned again.  “And father can never be wrong.  It’s not possible.  He’s never wrong.  It’s always someone else’s fault.  Never him, oh no, never him.  Crap.”

Diane blanched, and then softly set down the bag she was holding.  “Here’re the pills and the energy packs.  Me and Brian’ll crash on the couch, so that there’s someone sentient in the house in case a fire breaks out or something.  You guys just, just, oh hell.”

Brian just bowed his head, and then looked at them.  “Best to get it over with, whatever comes.  We’ll be here when it’s over.”

Dan nodded, and turned the bag over, spilling the pill bottles and energy packs out onto the table.  He grabbed one of the bottles, half of the energy packs, and hauled himself to his feet.  “For once, I agree with Birdie, let’s get this over with.  Whatever happens, happens, and we’ll just have to deal with the results.”  So saying, he headed up the stairs to the bedrooms on the second floor.

Sam slowly stood, after his brother has left, and began gathering up the rest of the pills and energy packs.  Turning to go, he gave a few bits of information to Diana and Brian, “Kitchen’s through there, bathroom’s there, closet has spare blankets.  We appreciate this, guys.  And whatever you do, don’t answer the phone.  It may be father, and we don’t want that.”

As he slowly walked up the stairs, Brian and Diane looked at each other, then sat down and began to read the dossiers on the Carmichael women.


Upstairs, Dan was waiting for Sam at the top of the stairs.  He looked at Sam, and seemed to come to some sort of decision.  “Sam, can we make a deal?  No looking at mirrors till this is done.  And we try to avoid each other.”

Sam shook his head.  “Bad idea.  I want to be able to come to terms with whatever happens as it happens.  Avoiding each other is fine, but I know I’m not going to be able to avoid at least a cursory glance at myself every time I get up.”

Dan shrugged.  “All right, it seemed like a good idea, but I see your point.  But yeah, no offence man, but I really don’t want to see what’s happening to you till I find out what happened to me.   No offence.”

Sam shrugged.  “None taken.  As it happens I know exactly how you feel.”  He waved, and headed off to the left, to his room.  “Luck, man.”

“You too, bro,” Dan whispered, and turned down the hall to his room.  It would be the last time he saw his brother.


Dan and Sam had their rooms at the end of the west wing of the house.  Sam’s room faced north, and Dan’s faced south, with a corridor connecting them.  They shared a bathroom, and the corridor had several closets with towels, spare sheets, and assorted miscellany that an individual finds necessary from time to time.  There was also a hallway into the rest of the house, and stairs down into their private living room, where they had left Diane and Brian.  Dan entered his bedroom and turned on the light.  The twins’ rooms were both the same, only Sam had different stuff in his.  There was a large bed, the dresser and walk in closet, a small table and several chairs, a nightstand, with a reading light, and a large desk, with his tablet sitting in the charger.  The tablet had enough battery life to keep running for a day or two, but if he kept it in the charger, it bypassed the batteries once they were full, allowing him to keep it running all the time.  He walked over and checked the file transfer, and finding it done, moved all the files into a secure directory, and password protected it.  Then, even if someone got into his computer, they would have to get past that to find those files.  He walked over to the bed, and placed the pills on the nightstand, then walked into the bathroom to get some water.

The bathroom was large, containing a large tub, an equally large shower, and a pair of sinks and toilets.  Everything was done in marble, and there was even a sound system installed in the shower and bath.  Dan grabbed a glass off of the sink, and filled it with tap water (There was a filter built into the faucet, of course) and nodded at his reflection, then walked back to his room.  He stared out over the bluff, at the cove below, thinking about the future, and sighed.  “God, if you’re out there, keep things safe.  Keep my twin safe.  Keep my sister safe.  Please.”  Dan had faith.  For him, and for Sam, god wasn’t just an abstract concept.  He wasn’t like his father, believing that he was god’s chosen advocate.  He knew that was arrogance, and led to insanity.  He knew better then to assume he knew god’s purpose or intentions.  He just followed His teachings, and lived as honorable a life as he could.  “Please, let father see his error.  Let him find humility again.  Let us find our mother and sister, and be a family again.”  He shook his head.  Enough.  Time to find out what MORFS had in store for him.

He unwrapped one of the energy bars and wolfed it down, then followed it with one of the pills, washing it all down with the glass of water.  Quickly stripping out of clothes, he slipped on the gym shorts he slept in, and collapsed into bed, just a moment after the medicine kicked in, and he knew no more.


Dan stirred slowly, his aching body forcing itself into his awareness.  He groaned and moved to wipe his hair from his face.  Then he started, and stared at his hand, and the hair in it.  He had kept his hair cut short, in his father’s idea of a masculine young man’s haircut.  Now it was shoulder length, and looking pale.  He had had light brown hair, but now it was a light blond.  And that wasn’t all, he hands were looking strange.  They were smaller, with thinner fingers, and his nails were longer.  His hand looked like a girl’s hand.  Then he heard someone clear their throat, and he looked up.  Brian was sitting there, looking at him, and looking chagrined.

Dan coughed, looked down at himself, and then looked up.  “Not good man.  I’m fucking shrinking.”

Brian shook his head.  “No, I don’t think so.  You don’t look shorter, just, less muscular, thinner.  Girlish.”


Brian shrugged.  “It’s too early to make any assumptions, but yeah, I agree with you.  I read about what your father did.  The details.  You and Sam are in trouble.”

Dan grunted and swung himself out of bed, then stared at his legs.  They were long, thin, and extremely feminine.  He couldn’t see any real muscle on them.  He cursed softly.  “Yeah,” he agreed, “We are definitely in trouble.

“I’m gonna go brush my teeth, wash my face, shave, and get some water.  My tablet’s there, I’ll log you in, and give you access to what I downloaded off of my father’s system when I found the stuff on mom and Sarah.”

Brian nodded, and then frowned.  “You may want to look in the mirror before you decide to shave, man.”

Dan’s hand shot to his chin, and he groaned at what he found there.  Or rather, what he didn’t find there.  His usual night’s growth of beard was noticeably missing.  There was only light peach fuzz, like he hadn’t experienced since he was 13.  He cursed again.  “Definitely not good.”

Brian had nothing to say to this, so he handed Dan the tablet and waited as Dan logged him into a guest account and gave him access to the protected folders.  Brian accepted the tablet with grace, and nodded at him, then left the room with a final comment, “Hang in there, friend.”

Dan just nodded at the closed door, then went over and listened at the washroom door.  He heard nothing, so he opened the door and walked into the bathroom and looked at the mirror.  He groaned again at the reflection that greeted him.  He had lost all his muscle tone, over his entire body.  His waist had shrunk even more then that, causing his shorts to droop low on his hips.  He looked like little boy, he thought, if little boys were six feet tall.  Odd, how he seemed to have lost height in the torso, only to make it up in the legs.  The proportions seemed off, and he thought about them for a minute, trying to figure it out, then shrugged, and quickly brushed his teeth and washed his face, deciding that Brian had been right, there was really no point in shaving now.  Then he filled his glass with water, walked back to his room, ate his power bar, energy pack he corrected himself, took his pills with a feeling of depression, and sank into dreamless unconsciousness.


The next time he woke, he immediately knew something had happened, because he was covered in sweat.  At least he thought it was sweat, and he felt like something was pinching his back.  He heard someone moving into the room, and looked up to find Brian there looking at him with a concerned expression on his face.  Dan blinked owlishly at him.  He looked really worried.

Dan sat up, feeling really odd as he did so, and said, “Ok, spit it out, what’s wrong.”  Then frowned at the sound of his own voice.  “Oh shit,” he gasped, totally shocked.  His voice had sounded higher, squeakier.  Almost girlish.  “Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck.”

Brian looked at him, and said in a very low voice, “Its worse.”

Dan just stared at him.

”Your back, Dan.”

Dan reached around, and gasped in surprise.  He felt something growing out of his back.  Like a giant ridge, and then he noticed his arms.  His arm hair was gone.  “Oh, god.”  Dan felt like he was about to cry.

Brian walked over to the bathroom door, and listened, then looked in.  “Sam’s done.  I recommend you go and shower yourself off, you were sweating like you were in a sauna, and I’ll change your sheets and such.”

Dan looked at him in shock.  “Thanks man.  I’ll owe you one, after this.”

Brian shook his head.  “Don’t worry about it.  I’ve read your father’s files.  I know what kind of pressure you were under.  The fact that you guys were even speaking to me is all the proof I need you’re not like him.  Just don’t make any more animal cracks.”

Dan shook his head.  Thinking was too hard right now.  “I’m sorry, Brian, for everything.”

Brian shook his head.  “Go, shower, finish this, then we’ll talk.  When you’re capable of thinking again.”

Dan just nodded, and did as he was told.  Going into the bathroom, he found that the shower had been used recently, and he nodded to himself.  Sam’s going through this too, he thought.  He regretted not being able to be there for his brother, or his sister, but he had his own troubles.  His skin suddenly felt exceptionally slimy, and he hurried into the shower.  He showered quickly, washing what felt like miles of hair, and getting his body as clean as he could.  He had two ridges pushing up out of his back, under his shoulder blades, and he seemed to have lost all of his body hair, except for right between his legs.  And even there, he only had a thin triangle, and it had turned chalk white.  So had the hair on his head, and, he suspected, his eyebrows as well.

The biggest shock came when he was toweling himself off after he was done.  He got a good look at himself in the mirror over the sink.  He almost screamed.  He looked like a girl.  The only thing about him that said otherwise was his junk between his legs, and he swore that it looked smaller.  “Oh fucking hell,” he cursed in his higher, girlish he realized, voice, “No way.”  He put his shorts back on, noticing that they were really fucking tight in the back and hips.  Yet another girlish thing.  He firmly put it out of his mind.  He suspected at least one thing that MORFS was trying to do to him, and he didn’t like it at all.  Feeling like a man heading to his own execution, he went back into his bedroom.

Brian was waiting for him, and looking sympathetic.  “It’ll work out, Dan.  Just get through this.  And, um, a suggestion?  Sleep on your side this time.  If I’m right, it’ll be a hell of a lot less painful when you wake up.”

Dan just nodded as he ate his energy pack, and downed his pill.  Then he crawled into bed and curled up on his side.  The last thing he heard was Brian, whispering, as if to himself, “I’ll be here for you man, no matter what happens.”


When he woke again, he immediately noticed something very different.  His back felt soaked.  He sat up quickly in alarm, and felt something flail behind him.

“Don’t look,” a voice called out from the door, “trust me, and don’t look.  Just stand up, and walk over to me.

It was Brian, and Dan decided that whatever had happened to him, he had best just trust him.  He had been through this, and right now, Dan didn’t really trust his own brain.  Brian walked over, and picked something up off the bed.  It was several towels, soaked with something that Dan guessed wasn’t sweat.  He felt something twitching behind him, and before he could consider it, ruthlessly pushed the concept away, focusing on the wall in front of him.  Deliberately not thinking about his body.  At all.

Brian came over and looked him in the eye.  “Are you calm?”

Dan nodded

“Are you ready for this?”

Dan nodded again.

“Try to stay calm.”  Brian reached around his shoulder, and Dan felt something grab a part of him he couldn’t immediately identify, and suddenly a white, leathery bat wing was pulled into his vision.  His eyes snapped wide, and he swiveled his head to look behind him, his hands coming up to grab the wing.  Brian stepped back as Dan wrapped his new wings around himself, and ran his hands over their smooth, leathery surface.

“I have wings,” Dan whispered, “Oh my god, I have wings.”  Then he noticed his hands.  The nails had turned chalk white, like his hair, and had gotten much longer.  Even worse, there were splotches of white on his skin the same color.  He took a hand and turned it over, staring at it.  It looked so much like a woman’s hand.  “What am I becoming?”

“Something different,” was Brian’s only response.  “Definitely something different.  Just so you know, there are hollows forming in your back, and I think those wings are going to fold up inside them.”

“Wonderful, absolutely wonderful.”  Brian was torn between horror and amazement.  “Do you think I’ll be able to fly?”

Brian laughed.  “Trust you to think about that, now.  Yes I think you will be.  Spread ‘em”

Dan was lost for a minute, unsure of exactly how to spread his wings, then he just relaxed, and did it, and felt his wings stretch open.

Brian whistled.  “Probably, you can glide.  Maybe you can fly.  I’m not sure.”  He looked sheepish, “the only reason I can fly is because of a power I have.  That’s all it lets me do though.”

Dan shrugged, “I don’t really care much.  But, wow, I am so screwed when dad finds out about this.”

Brian grimaced, “I don’t think that wings are the end of your problems, Dan.”

“I know, I’ve got other changes to worry about.  Let me go into the bathroom and check me out, brush my teeth, clean my face, dry off my back.”  Dan grimaced, “What, did these things come packed in, ooze?  Never mind, I don’t want to know,” he responded, seeing the look on Brian’s face, “I’m just glad you had the towels there.”  He tucked his wings behind him and moved into the bathroom.  What he saw in the mirror there stunned him.

Staring back at him was a woman, or perhaps a particularly tall young girl.  He didn’t have much in the way of breasts, nothing more than some swelling under enlarged nipples, but they were developing, and he had a perfect hourglass figure with smooth, hairless skin.  Even his face was feminine, looking like the face of an innocent young woman.  Then he noticed the rest.  His nipples had turned white, like his hair and nails, and there were patches of white spreading out on his skin.  He reached up and touched one nipple, gasping at the sensation, and quickly drew his hand away.  Then a thought occurred to him, and he gasped in panic.

He reached down and drew his shorts down, both certain and terrified of what he would see.  He was not surprised, nor pleased, when he saw what was between his legs.  It looked like his privates has shriveled up and clung to his body.  He could barely see his penis, and his balls were scrunched up, and looked prepubescent.  He sighed, and pulled his shorts back up.  Shaking his head, he finished up, and went to relieve himself.  He found he had to sit to piss, and sighed, thinking that the way these changes were progressing, he had better get used to it.  He did his business, then pulled up his shorts and left.

When he walked back in, Brian was gone, and he began to eat an energy pack while thinking about what was happening to him.  He was obviously turning female, and from what he could see, he wasn’t going to look very human.  He sighed, took the pills, and lay down on his side, and let the restful blackness wash over him and take his worries away.


Dan woke slowly, coming out of his drug induced sleep gradually, and sitting up, still feeling sore and nauseous.  He looked down, wondering what new changes he was waking up to   He noticed one right away, or perhaps, he thought, that should be two.  Two large, white breasts adorned his chest.  Well, thinking on it, they really weren’t that large, only C cups, but still, they were on his chest.  Then he thought, wait, was he still a he?  He jammed his hand into his pants, and pulled them up to look.  From what he could see, he couldn’t really call himself a man anymore, but he wasn’t quite a female yet either.  Pale and pasty white, yes, female, no.  He sighed, and levered himself out of bed, and looked at the clock on his nightstand.  It was 4 in the morning.  He sighed.  No wonder Brian wasn’t here.  Well, everybody needs some sleep.  He shrugged, got out of bed.  He needed to go to the bathroom, and then he would take his medicine and go back to sleep.  Hopefully this would be over soon.

He headed over to the mirror as soon as he got in, and got the shock of his life.  A beautiful woman stared back at him from the mirror.  She was stunning.  She was sexy.  She was flawless.  She was white.  His face was beautiful, but had no color whatsoever.  It was a pale, uniform white, like chalk.  His skin shone softly, being slightly reflective, and looked strange.  The biggest shock were his eyes, they were the same featureless white as the rest of his body.  It was eerie.  He looked like a statue.  A living breathing statue, with long white hair, pert breasts, and a beautiful face.  He sighed.

Then he noticed that he couldn’t see his wings.  He turned around, and craned his now slightly longer neck to try to see his back in the mirror.  What he saw there amazed him.  His wings were folded up on his back, seemingly under his skin, at least partially.  It looked like they were going inside his back.  It was amazing.  If this kept going, they were going to be completely hidden.  He tested them, stretching them out the way he did yesterday.  They worked perfectly.  He smiled.  If he had to be some sort of inhuman, freakish woman, at least he could fly.

He walked back to his room, and heard Sam walk into the bathroom after he left.  He was tempted to turn around and look, but remembered his promise.  He walked over and ate the energy pack, took the pills, and his last thought as he lay down was a hope that MORFS would just hurry up and get this over with.


He got his wish.  The next time he woke, it was to a refreshing afternoon, with no aches, pain, or nausea.  He felt both relief and unease as he looked himself over, and made a note.  It was definitely herself now.  Dan was most emphatically female.  Her breasts had ballooned while she slept, and her plumbing seemed to have finished.  She stood up and stripped off her shorts, sitting on the bed to peer over her now very large breasts.  The irrelevant thought drifted through her mind that perhaps the virus had heard her thought about how her breasts were only average, and taken exception.  Then she looked at her new sex.  Everything looked in order, and as she separated the lips for a closer look, she noted that everything felt in order too.  Yes, indeed, she was just like all her old girlfriends down there.  Wasn’t this just a prime joke?  Ah well, she thought, no use complaining.  MORFS is MORFS.  Nothing you can do but lump it and move one.  Just how, exactly, she was going to do that, she had no idea, but hey, at least she knew she was female.  That’s a plus.  She sniffed.  Definitely needed a shower, 4 days with no shower equaled a stinky Dan.  Needed a new name too, as she most definitely did not look like a Dan anymore.  Off to the bathroom she went.

As Dan opened the door from her room into the bathroom, she noticed movement at the other door.  She quickly hid behind the door and called out, “Sam?”

“Dan?” a melodious and female voice, exactly like hers floated back.


“Your voice…”

“Yours too.”

“I really got the works, you know.”

“I don’t know what you got, but I’m not exactly looking to normal over here myself.  Or male.”

“On three.”

“Three,” and so saying Dan stepped into the room, and found herself facing a mirror image of herself, only black.  Jet black, without blemish or variation, her mouth hanging open to reveal that even her teeth and mouth interior were black.

Dan stood there, his mouth hanging open for a moment, the said, in a low voice, “Sam?”

The ebony beauty seemed to recover.  She blinked a few times, and Dan noted that her eyes were solid black, much like Dan’s own, only inverted.  “Dan?” the beautiful woman whispered.

“Yeah.  We got it good, huh?”

“Oh yeah.  Did we ever.”

Dan moved over to the tub, which was easily large enough for two to bathe in at once, and turned it on.  “I don’t know about you, but after that, I need a bath.  Join me?”

Dan got the impression that Sam was blushing, even though there was no visible change in her expression, “No, I don’t think that would be a good idea.  I’m a little too attracted to you right now.  Maybe once I get it through to my new parts that you’re my brother, or is it sister, gha this is confusing.”

Dan laughed, “Yeah, this sort of thing kicks grammar’s ass.”

Sam laughed at that too, and then grinned.  “Well, you can take a nice luxurious bath, if you like.  I’m taking the pulsating shower head.”  And Dan threw a loofa at her.

Sam waited until Dan’s bath had filled, both of them just staring at the other, drinking in the sight of their beauty.  They both realized that, even if they were female, their sexual attractions were still very much intact.  As Dan slipped into her steaming bath, sighing as the hot water covered her, she commented to Sam, “I guess we’re lezzies now, eh?”

Sam grunted, and then said, “I wouldn’t be so sure.  Take a moment to think about what someone like oh, Mike, could do to all these wonderful new parts.”

Dan did, then blushed at the surge of lust that hit her at the thought.  “Damn, but I was getting wet just staring at you?”

“My guess is that physically, we’re capable, just sorta as people, of attraction either way, and something in biology does the rest.  Whatever it is, for us, doesn't seem to care.  We’ve got the female mating urge, but we’ve also got our old male views of the female body, and just how sexy it is.  Makes us sorta bi I’d guess.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have an appointment with Mr. Shower Massage!”  She laughed and hopped into their shower, turning it on.

For a few minutes, both of them cleaned themselves in silence, then Sam began to moan in the shower, and Dan called out, “You still sore?”

Sam moaned back, “Oh, no, oh, mmmm, not sore. Mmmmm”

Vivid thoughts of what she was doing to make her moan like that flashed through her mind, and Dan began to rub her own breasts, eliciting similar moans from between her pearly lips.  As the two of them continued, their moans seemed to feed each other, and soon Dan was fingering herself, and then she was shaking, her pussy spasming and her body jerking as she came.  It was mild, but still intense, and she sighed, and sank into the water as she listened to her sister have a similar experience in the shower.  Then she grabbed the soap, and began the process of actually getting herself clean.

When they were done, about half an hour later, and toweling themselves off, Dan laughed at Sam’s attempts to dry herself.  She kept rubbing the towel over her new skin, and wincing.  Dan got out, and grabbed a dry towel, and began to pat herself dry.  She smirked at her sister, “Didn’t you ever watch your girlfriend dry herself after a shower.  Pat, don’t rub.  It’s easier on the skin.”

Sam shot him a look, somewhere between irritation and gratitude.  “How did you figure that out?”

“Susan and I used to take showers together, and afterwards, we’d towel each other off.  She told me how to towel her off, and I figured that it would be a useful piece of information, especially now that we find ourselves female.”  Dan shrugged.  It was a useful piece of information, and to think, they got that from some foreplay him and one of his old girlfriends had indulged in.  You find useful information in the strangest places.

Sam looked at Dan and raised one delicately arched black eyebrow, “Clothes?”

Dan just shrugged.  “Sweats.  We’re about the same height, get something that’ll stretch over the hips, ass and boobs, and we should be good.”

Then Sam looked odd, and said, “Did you get wings too?”

“Damn straight I did.”  Dan grinned at the thought.  “The fact that I think I can fly now is all that’s keeping me optimistic.”

Sam grinned back.  “Hell yes.  God the sight, me with those black wings spread out…  We gotta show each other, right?”

Sam grinned.  “My room?”

It took no further discussion.  They walked into Sam’s room, and the two of them stood a few paces apart, and then, seemingly without communication, spread their wings simultaneously.

Sam thought Sam looked amazing.  This stunningly sexy woman, colored solid black, with these great bat wings spreading from her shoulders.  Her sister was one sexy chick.

“You are one sexy woman.”

Both of them said it at the exact same time, and then they both fell into laughter, their wings curling about them.

“Damn, we are too much alike.  Do you think we got the same powers?”  Sam asked.

“No, no I don’t think so.  MORFS isn’t that predictable.  I think it’s actually fairly astonishing that we turned out as close as we did.”  Sam sobered, thinking about powers, and their sister.

Sam read the expression on her face, and sobered as well.  “Enough games then,” she said, “its’ time to get to work.  We need to figure out just what we can do, and what we’re going to tell father.”

Sam nodded, then walked over to the closet, and pulled out his two biggest sweat suits.  He tossed one to Sam.  “Put that on, and we really need new names.  Samuel just doesn’t fit you any more.”

Sam caught it and nodded.  “Yeah, your really not much of a Daniel anymore yourself.”

In moments, they were dressed, with their wings once more concealed, and they headed downstairs.





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