Here On Earth

By E. Red


Chapter 6

It's a little wierd, being on the flipside of the relationship, but especially during those first few weeks. I found myself marvelling at the effort that 'my man' was putting into 'making it work' all through November. I remember how hard I worked on the two girlfriends I'd had previously, and it was kind of nice to be the attractee. Everyone was a little wierded out by us at first, but I'd been a girl for just about a month or so when we'd hooked up, and by the time they said anything, I was well past caring what anybody thought. My friends only made a few teasing comments, which I had more than expected, but they supported my decision openly, and that helped.

The rest of the school went nuts, though. The Pures hit gossip nirvana, and I became their "favorite faggot freak" within two periods that monday. But, as I said, I really don't care about any of that. And my old nemesis, Randy, got full into the swing of it, having fun threatening me whenever Allan was not around. Super strength or no, he wasn't dumb enough to do that. He kept his distance from most of the guys, in fact. I didn't find out why until much later...

Hiro was very proud of himself for "fixing us up", but you could only tell if you knew where to look. He's very reserved like that. Seraphim burst into happy tears when she walked in on us that day, and had flying-tackle-hugged the pair of us. Sometimes she acts a lot more like a kid than she cares to admit... Jen and Kim had a field day bringing me into the world of 'girl talk', giggling like jackals every time they made me flush crimson. Guys, you may not realize it, but girl talk is a lot more raunchy than anything guys ever talk about. Ever. Trust me.

School went on, as school often does. Homework, CEC work and special projects dominated much of my free time, as I was slowly cured of some of my bad habits on my guitar (Which stemmed, I'll grant you, from therapy), and what little time there was left usually went to my friends, as it had for the last few years. We spent even more time together, or at least it seemed that way to me. Maybe because I hung out a lot more with the girls now than I used to, but the same amount with the guys... Or at least one guy in particular.

Heh... His first attempt at a date was the most adorably pathetic thing I've ever experienced. Pizza, a romantic comedy, and sunset on the beach. The fact that I spent a lot of time snickering through the night really didn't help things much, but he agreed with me the next day when everybody else pointed out how cheesy it was. The next one was a little better, but I'd rather keep it to myself. Some things should stay private. (No, I'm not talking about that, but I think privacy is part of what makes some things special...)

We had a few repeats of 'the bad day' between the two, most specifically, the day I had my first "visit from Aunt Flo". It was a day like any other, at first. And then the cramps started. And I lost it. According to the guys, and this is a direct quote here, I had been "scary before, when I'd gotten angry, but this was entirely different". Supposedly, I was "downright terrifying". Even Randall fucked right off when I cut into him for no reason other than he was the most convenient target. When it was over, at least until next month, I got really emotional about the finality of my MORF again, and I was helped out of it by my overly helpful boyfriend.

Kissing is fun.

And that's all I need to say.

I went in for my second post-MORFS checkup on the twelfth of December, and was shocked to learn that my changes had only just finished. The doctor commented that it was not uncommon for certain changes to persist, and not become readily identifiable, until sometime into the middle of Phase Three of the syndrome. I finally found out what that odd feeling of lightness I'd been having was. My bones were finishing their change. Apparently, they were liquifying the unneeded parts as they were replaced by lighter, stronger bones made largely of chitinous microtubules. Effectively, I weighed even less, but my muscles still had the same level of strength, making me somewhat stronger than I had been. Only slightly, though, and relative to my new body, but it felt good to know that I was not as weak as I had initially felt.

I found out rather quickly that this extra strength made a bit more difference than the doctor had hinted at. I was looking into sports that I was interested in trying out as exercise, and I came across one that had been popularized in the early years of the century. Originally, the creators had simply called the activity 'Extreme Urban Acrobatics', but as it's popularity soared in the underground, they adopted the name 'Freerunning'. Look it up, it's a sweet hobby, let me tell you. I looked up a group that operated in our area, and checked them out one weekend, just before school let out for the winter break. I was surprised to find that they were all guys, and more than a little put off when one of them asked me who I was waiting for. I think it shocked them when I said I was looking for their recruiter. There was a slight huddle, in which I'm pretty sure I heard someone say something about discrimination, before the club's chairman asked me why I wanted to join. He seemend a little skeptical when I told him I "just need something to take the edge off of my life".

"Can you... Err... Well, what were you looking for, specifically?" He asked, choosing his words carefully. "We're a very... Diversely focused group."

Luckily, I was prepared for this reaction, and the holo of my reflex test at school more than shut him up.

Needless to say, I got in.

The exercise was extremely refreshing, both phsically and emotionally. And it was good to find a new, seperate circle of friends. The guys at the club were very kind to me, and showed me the ropes to all the myriad activities they were involved in. Before long, I was ingrained into the group officially, and they gave me a club windbreaker, which I took to wearing every day, which in turn got a few new recruits from my school. Very mutually beneficial. I spent many an evening out running with them, and revelled in the freedom of being in a group of people who didn't know me as anyone but Mia Walker.

But things really didn't pick up until right before the winter break, as Christms loomed on the horizon...



Julia flinched as her sister shrieked into her ear. She was clearly not happy about what had just been said, but their father didn't budge an inch. "I'm sorry, Mia, but I can't very well tell them not to come around. Your mother has a right to see you every once and a while, and unfortunately I can't choose who she travels with."


Julia hid a smile. She's got the irate shriek down perfect, all right...

The cause of the argument was understandable, however, for anyone who knew the story. The twins' mother was on her way down south to visit over New Year's, and she was bringing their stepfather with her.

This was a bad idea.

Mia hit the end of her tolerance almost immediately after she'd been told. She still held a lot of hate for their stepfather, despite anything she said about not caring, and Julia was more than surprised to catch a swell of fear through her empathy before it was ruthlessly crushed by a tide of anger.

"WHY DIDN'T YOU AT LEAST TELL ME?!" She screamed in rage as she turned and fled from the room. Julia turned to go after her, but a quiet "No" from her father stopped her before she could take a step.

"She needs to deal with this on her own, and grow up a little." He said quietly, turning for the back door. "Leave her be, Jules."

She sighed, knowing he was right and hating herself for it. But in the back of her mind, she smiled. She knew exactly who could help...


Allan heaved himself up over the railing, pausing to reflect on how hard it is to climb a waterspout for a second before sliding the balcony door open quietly. "Jules? You rang?"

There was a slight noise from the closed ensuite door, which opened after a second of silence, the door opened, and Julia stepped out, adjusting her robe belt. "Hey. Yeah, we've got troubles."

"I'm assuming this involves a certain girlfriend of mine?" He said, gesturing towards the hall.

Julia smiled despite herself. "Yeah, you're right." She very briefly ran through the situation with their coming visit, and Allan stifled a sigh.

"I should've guessed." All of them knew the history between the twins and their stepfather, and his presence couldn't come at a worse time. "Alright, I'll talk to her."

There was no answer to the knock when Allan crossed the hall, but he opened the door regardless. "Hey, Mia? You there?" She was sitting on the edge of her bed, facing away from  him, and she stayed silent, staring down at something in her hands. The door closed quietly behind him as he stepped into the room, and still she didn't look up. Even when he sat down beside her and wrapped an arm around her shoulders, she still didn't react.

She wasn't staring at an object. She was staring at her left hand. "I heard about New Year's." He said quietly, giving a gentle squeeze. "Do you want to talk about it?" She shook her head slowly, not even looking up. "Are you sure?" She didn't respond this time, but after a seconds pause, Allan felt her give a tiny quiver in his embrace. As gently as he could muster, he lifted her chin to look in her eyes, and wasn't surprised to find them red and puffy from tears, with fresh ones just starting to form.

Caution went into the wind at that point, and he pulled her into a full-fledged embrace, and she cried in his arms for a time. It took a while to get it out of her system, but she came out of it eventually, slowly running out of tears. It was about a half hour later when she finally spoke. "M'sorry..." She whispered into his chest. "Being silly..."

"No, you're not." Allan told her firmly, but caringly. She looked up again, a tiny smile flickering into view for an instant. "Now will you tell me about it?"

She nodded slowly, her eyes wandering everywhere but into his. "I... It's just..."

Again, he cupped her chin in his hand, gently forcing eye contact. "Please..."

Her breath caught for a second, and she hesitated again, but only slightly. "I can't escape it." She finally said, somewhat cryptically. After a silent moment of pondering, she continued, albeit a bit shakily. "Every time I get close to leaving who I was behind, something always comes along and screws it up..."

"How do you mean?" He asked. The more she talked, the less she would think about it, after all.

"There was that thing with the Dregs... And then with Marks... And again, when I got my..." She trailed off, blushing furiously as she balked at what she almost said. "A-and now this whole disaster..."

"With your stepdad." Allan finished, and he felt the supressed shudder. "What is it?"

"I don't think I c-can f-face..." Tears again. Shit... This is really affecting her... "N-not like th-this..." She grabbed a handful of her hair and shook it for emphasis.

"He'll never hurt you again, Mia." Allan said, tightening his embrace around her. "If I have to hover over you with a pickaxe to make sure, then I will. But he'll never lay hands on you again."

"I-I... It's not..." She gave another small shiver, and sighed. "I'm not the same as I was... And he respected what I was... To an extent... But now..."

"He'll respect what you've become, because of what you've gone through." Allan interjected, idly brushing a strand of hair our of her face. "And who cares if he doesn't? We care about you, not him. If you're alright, what does it matter what he thinks?"

"I guess..." She mumbled, leaning her full weight onto him suddenly, pushing him back onto the bed. "M'being silly..." The pair fell silent for a moment, until Allan noticed a shift in her breathing pattern, and sighed quietly in relief. She'd worn herself out, and had fallen asleep. The only problem being she'd done so in an extremely awkward position, her arms wrapped around his waist and her legs wrapped around one of his. His face immediately flushed in embarrassment, and it was made all the worse when he tried to gently extricate himself, and was rewarded by his girlfriend grinding up against his hip as she tightened her grip.

Glancing at the clock, Allan swallowed nervously. "This won't end well..."


I have to admit, I was slightly surprised to wake up still in Allan's arms later that night. He was out cold, snoring contentedlywith one arm holding me to him. He'd reached and pulled my pillows down to us, and had apparently gotten comfortable enough to doze off.

Not that I minded. Guys, here's a tip: Girls like to be held. It's an instinctual thing, I guess... Kinda hard to explain... But take it from someone who knows.

I shoved my worries out of my mind for the moment, reaching back and pulling the sheet loose and over both of us. At least tomorrow would provide something entertaining to take the edge off...


Surveillance Report, 20Dec2059: Surveillance continues. No major changes in any subjects. Some slight movement within school district. Relevance has yet to be determined. No contact with hostiles yet, sir. I recieved the dossier on my reinforcements. Respectfully, sir, you're an asshole sometimes. Why those two? You know we have history together.
Errant Psionic remains out of sight, though I'm beginning to have my suspicions as to their identity. More info in attached doc. That's all I have today, sir. Stay frosty, old man.
-Operative Lone Wolf.
To Be Continued…






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