Flux Part 4

Chapter 12


We got back to the hideout and began shifting stuff inside from the van. Ed and I did most of the heavy lifting by either floating stuff or just brute force. Once we had all the bits and bobs inside there as an orgy of unpacking. Dave, Ed, and Jo started ripping open the various boxes and packets to play with all the new stuff.

I took my bag and the odd few boxes to my room so I could have some privacy while I tried on my new clothing. First things first I sorted out the lights then I set up the mirror so I could see myself. Once the room was sorted I unpacked the clothes. Stripping out of my tattered school uniform I tossed it in a corner and grabbed a packet of undies. The knickers and bra seemed to fit OK, I was still not very used to the feeling of them. With undergarment sorted I selected one of the basic outfits and slipped it on. Black tight jeans, a black low cut top that showed off plenty of cleavage, black socks, black trainers, and a little black jacket.

I admired my reflection in the mirror,  'Much better' I thought.

*We look like a goth slut!* complained Jen from the back of my head.

"Shut up," I said not wanting to hear her whingeing.

I turned to find what else I had to try on discovering she had materialised herself behind me.

She gesturing to her outfit which matched mine, *how can we go out like this!*

I was actually thinking the illusion copy of me might be useful as a sort of fake mirror but admitting that would be giving my annoying twin some credit.

Just to show her I rummaged around for the raciest outfit I had picked out. "Well if you hate that you're going to absolutely loathe this!" I said changing into it.

Very short silver skirt made of some shimmery material, a black with silver highlights corset top that showed off  acres  of cleavage and left my shoulders bare.

*Now we just look like a tart!* complained Jen pulling a face like she was sucking on a lemon.

I rolled my eyes, "Oh come on you are always whining about things, where's your sense of adventure?"

Jen crossed her arms and frowned at me and just looked uncomfortable. It was a real drag having a moaning old maid in the back of your head always bitching about things and never wanting to do stuff. Why did she have to be so negative all the time.

There was a knock on the door and Jo came walking in without waiting to hear any response. 

"Wow Vi, Looking Hot!" she said examining my outfit. "I was just coming to get you we're off for a drink to celebrate, we're going to hit a club in town."

"Cool, though I don't have any fake ID."

"Good thinking don't want to have anyone knowing who you really are. I'll run you off a pretty good fake, it'll do for this place. How old are you anyway 19? 20?"

"I'm 16," I replied.

Jo paused and gave me a look as if for the first time realising how young I was then she shrugged, "Well you don't look it, and certainly not in that outfit. Anyway come on I want to get a few rounds in before last orders. Smile and I'll take a picture for the ID."

She pulled a battered camera out of a pocket and took a picture then headed off. I put on some chunky black boots that didn't really go with the outfit but were the closest I had to smart shoes. I did a quick go at some make up, I didn't really have much of an idea what I was doing so I did simple things I couldn't screw up too badly. I would really need to practice to get good at these things. Jen had really screwed us up in her reluctance to learn girl things. Mum would have fallen over herself to teach us about make-up and Jen had blown that opportunity. I felt a bit sad thinking about Mum it was going to be hard without her or Dad but this was the only path I could take, I just had to look on the bright side.

I headed out to the living room and saw Ally dressed in another cat suit she raised an eyebrow when seeing me but didn't say anything. The lads response was classic mouths open tongues to the floor practically drooling. Even the self obsessed tosser Jeff got this rabbit caught in the headlights expression when I entered the room. I quite liked the attention it made me feel special and powerful.

"Here you go," said Jo handing me a set of ID which looked pretty professional to my admitted limited knowledge of fake ID. It listed me as Violet Armstrong aged 21.

"Oh nice touch, Armstrong," I grinned back.  

"It's the little touches, try to remember your birth date just in case someone questions it makes it more real if you can just rattle it off without hesitation," she said. She had changed into skin tight black leather trousers and a blue top and looked ready to go, "Ok gang let's hit the club."

She led us out the door and out onto the street, I once again averted my eyes while they keyed in the code to prevent Jen knowing it. Jen had a imaginary version of herself walking along next to Ally. She had on a very white tight trousers and a white short sleeved tshirt. The outfit seemed to almost glow it was so clean and white which was one advantage of imaginary fabrics they didn't get marked or dull in the wash. It actually looked fairly good if understated. I almost complimented her on her imagination before I caught myself.

Jo took us through the streets away from the business district where the hide out was into the centre of town to a small club called the Kitten's Claws. She pulled me aside as we were going in all the members of the gang flashing a membership card. 

"Vi here is my guest," she said to the bouncer who nodded, "When we get in I'll set you up with your own membership this place has special MORFS survivor only nights like tonight that are pretty much members only."

She took me inside had me flash my ID and paid the girl at the till for entry for the both of us a hand stamp showing we had paid. She asked the girl about getting me a membership card and the girl handed me a form to fill out. I filled in the details of my Violet Armstrong persona and added in a address that Jo stipulated which was some sort of dead drop the gang used to get mail. Then with my fake ID and Jo vouching for me as a MORFS survivor I was given another bit of paperwork for my new Violet Identity. It felt freeing to abandon the Jennifer Rivers identity that Jen had set up for us after we changed building on this fake name felt like I was getting the recognition now.

After that Jo took me into the club proper. It was fairly busy with a selection of students and   the odd sixth former out for a nights drinking. There were a lot of MORFS survivors and a high percentage of Hybrids. I guess there couldn't be many places that did a MORFS only night so it must have been pretty popular even on a weekday like today. The main floor was a series of tables and booths where people were sitting and then a bar opposite. At the far end was a dance floor with a DJ booth, quite a few people were enjoying a dance. 
Jo dragged me to the bar and ordered some sort of pink drink for me called a hot pink cocktail. I'd drunk alcohol before, a bit of wine with meals and bit of champagne at Christmas and new years that sort of thing, but I'd never had it in this smaller body. It didn't take much of the sweet pink concoction before I was feeling its effects. That meant either this was pretty strong stuff, or my new body was more susceptible to drink or possibly both

*Great now you've got us both drunk!* Jen spouted. Her illusory body seemed to be less well turned out after some of the drink like she was losing focus. It was a nice side effect.

We joined the others who had managed to grab a booth for us I ended up sat next to the girl Ally who shrank away from me a little nervous of me. There wasn't really much room though so her leg was touching mine. Ed sat next to Ally with Dave opposite him. Next to Dave was Jeff with Jo sitting opposite me. Jeff and Jo were kissing and cuddling basically completely ignoring everyone else. Dave and Ed were talking football with Dave's eyes sliding down to my cleavage every so often when he thought I wasn't looking. Ally and me just sat there in silence. 
I got about halfway through my drink getting fairly bored when Jen suddenly perked up again, *Oh Ally, can you hear me?* 
*Yes!* Ally voice came through in my head. 
*I was right we're touching so you can hear me. So what have you been doing today?* 
*Well this and that I had some washing to do and since we don't have a washing machine yet I had to take a load to the nearest laundrette.* 
'Great,' I thought to myself, 'not only am I being ignored but now my twin is chatting away with this girl because my thigh is touching her.'
I drank some more of the pink stuff while Jen and Ally wittered on in my head like two school girls. It wasn't long before I had finished the whole thing and was really feeling pretty wasted, even Jen's mental voice was starting to slur a little. 
I stood up a little wobbly cutting of Jen and Allys conversation mid stream, "I'm getting another drink." I announced and headed for the bar. 
*That wa ... that was soooo rude!* said Jen. 
"Ah bite me lightweight!" I shot back. 
I got up to the bar then realised I had no money for another drink. I was considering going back when a large overly muscular bloke wearing the university rugby shirt and jeans spotted me. 
"Well hello there, I've never seen you at one of these things before, are you newly changed?" he said in deep voice. 
"Yeah I'm fairly new," I replied giving him a smile. 
"Well welcome to the club, I'm Rick. Can I get you something to drink?" 
'Ah score! Free drinks' I thought, 'Being a babe is paying off already!' 
"That's so kind of you to offer, I'll have another of these pink things, a hot pink cocktail. The names Violet by the way." 
He ordered me a drink and then turned towards me, "So you always this beautiful or did your recent change help you out?" 
I decided not to go into too much detail on that, "I used to be a bit plain, brown hair and the like." 
"Well you look pretty fine now," he said looking me up and down in a way that made me blush from head to toe. I had never felt this way with a guy before I guess my new body chemistry with some inhibition reduction was letting me learn about my new bodies sexuality. 
He handed me my drink and Jen started complaining, *What are you doing Violet! He's going to want to have his way with us for that.* 
"Shut up!" I said. 
"What?" Rick said looking confused. 
I thought on my feet which with the booze was becoming a little difficult, "Ah just a friend keeps bothering me, telepath motor-mouth." 
"Ah," he said with a smile, "I know the type." 
I drank some more of my drink hoping it would shut Jen up, "So you go to the university?" 
"Yeah studying History, what about you?" 
I picked a different field hoping it would mean he wouldn't see through my lies, "Maths." 
"You must be the sexiest Mathematician I've ever seen," he said with a grin. 
I giggle and had some more drink. 
He downed the rest of his drink then asked me, "So do you fancy a dance?" 
"Sure," I replied knocking back the rest of my drink that immediately made the room spin a little. 
He took my small hand in his large one and pulled me out to the dance floor. My coordination was pretty far gone by this point so all I could manage was some drunken swaying from foot to foot but it seemed this was more than enough for Rick whose eyes were glued to my body as I moved about. Pretty soon he hand his arms around me feeling up my bum. We danced for a bit then he had to go visit the toilet so I went and sat down with Ally and the rest for a bit. 
"Wow Vi you were really moving out there," said Jo when I sat down. 
"Ha, I'm not much of a dancer," I said. 
"Good enough for the hunk, you should get some of that." 
"Yeah I think I will at least a taste of his lips." 
*Ewwew gross Violet I can't believe you're considering kissing him that is disgusting!* Jen slurred out. 
I didn't want to speak aloud so I tried thinking my words at Jen which seemed to work, *How come?* 
*He's a man!* 
*So what we're a woman it's natural to like guys.* 
*I'm not gay I don't like guys! I like girls.* 
*Well technically if that's the case you are gay Jen if you like girls.* 
She went quiet for a bit then said *It's gross! I don't want to do it.* 
*Shut up Jen,* I said she couldn't tell me what to do. 
At this point Rick returned and pulled me back to the dance floor. The music was more a slow number so he pulled me closer and I didn't resist. 
*Stop it Violet! I don't want to!* Jen slurred angrilly I shut out her protests. 
He leaned down and I looked up and we locked lips, it was an interesting experience and it felt sort of right. I broke away with a smile and continued to dance. 
Then right in the middle of our dance I felt my control slipping away I had been at the reigns too long and now Jen was taking over. Of all the times. 

Chapter 13 

Violet had gotten me drunk on some awful sickly sweet pink things then picked up some guy and given him free access to grope and fondle our body now she was letting him kiss us. It all made me feel sick and even more violated. It was horrible not being able to shut out the sensations of his hands pawing us or his lips or tongue, I hated it. Then just in the middle of Violet's dance she ran out of time and I was back in control. 
I stopped dead still, the ape Rick Violet had picked up stared at me, "What's the matter baby?" 
I tried to push away, "I need to sit down." 
"Nah come on just a bit more baby," he pulled me towards him and made to kiss me. 
"No I ... I feel a bit sick I need to have a rest," I said and tried to push him away. 
"What's got into to you, why are you suddenly being such a bitch?" 
"I just want to sit down that's all," I pulled free and started to head towards the table with Jo and the others. 
He pulled me hard back towards him, "I get it you're just playing hard to get you minx. You're going nowhere, you're hot for me baby and I'm going to get what I want and give you what you need." he squeezed my bum hard enough that it hurt. 
"No let me go!" I said louder but the music had picked up and no one seemed to hear me. I felt so vulnerable he was stronger and bigger than me and I couldn't do anything to stop him. I looked around for a bouncer or someone but the noise and the commotion of the dance floor was such that it cut us off. The way he was holding me would be hard to distinguish from a passionate embrace at any distance, it seemed deliberate and I wondered if he did this a lot. 
"Come on you know you want it, dressed like that." 
I spat in his eye not sure what else to do, he promptly let me go. I got the same splitting headache I had got earlier and I saw him wipe his face with one hand then swing the other of his big hands and slap me hard across the face knocking me down. 
The pain faded and I saw him standing wiping his face I ducked and the slap that would have hit me whipped over my head. I kicked him in the shins with my big boots then ran for Ally. 
I got most of the way to the table when someone grabbed my long hair from behind and jerked me to a stop in an incredibly painful manner. He grabbed me around the neck and jerked me around to face him. My fingers scrambled at his grip as I had some difficulty drawing breath but he held me tight. 
"You little bitch!" he cried. And I saw him draw back his fist to smash me in the face. I felt a familiar rage stir inside me but it didn't quite make it to surface it was still too soon after Violet losing control. I focused on stepping back letting Violet take control tried to will her some extra time which was probably the first and only time I wanted her running our body. 
In the last moment as his fist flew I felt myself falling back into the depths of our mind. This time it didn't feel like all the others with Violet surging forward under her own power, this was me pushing her to the front giving her some of my time. 
Immediately I felt the restriction on our breathing fall away as Violet's toughness stopped him squeezing our throat. Violet grabbed his incoming arm at the wrist stopping it with her amazing strength then started to crush his arm. 

"No means No Arsehole!" she spat angrily loud enough for everyone to hear. 

She plucked his hand from our throat with little or no effort twisting his arm behind him so that he was facing away from us bent over. Her rough treatment causing him to cry out in pain she let go and at the same time kicked him in the backside sending him careening across the dance floor flailing his arms. Either by chance or good aim he went crashing into the door to the toilets and hit the floor then slid along the tiled floor the abused door swinging shut behind him.  

Violet brushed off her hands, "That'll teach him."

"OK I think we should be going now," said Jo coming over to stand next to Violet some of the security people were now moving in our direction to find out what was going on. 
The gang was on their feet and headed for the door before the bouncers had retrieved a bruised Rick from the floor of the toilets. He was still conscious but would probably have a nasty bruise in the morning. While they were busy with him we were out the door. It was a case where we were in the right but given we were on the run using fake ID we couldn't exactly go to the police. 
*I was scared,* I said. 
*Yeah close call,* Violet replied. 
*I need a drink.* 
*I think we've had more than enough for one night,* Violet observed dryly. 
*I meant water my throat ... your throat ... our throat what ever hurts.* 
*Yeah we'll grab something when we get back AHHhhhrr.*  

Violets mental voice faded out and a I felt a massive wrenching sensation as I was catapulted back in control. I stumbled confused and disorientated, my donated time to Violet had obviously run out and we had been force-ably swapped. It hadn't felt like the normal switching places it had hurt and even now I had a residual headache that was only partly caused by the booze. It seemed artificially extending our time in charge had a cost.

I moved so I was more at the centre of the group as I felt vulnerable and frightened after what had happened. Without Violets extra strength I felt very wobbly on my feet. Walking next to Ally I took her hand just wanting to feel that reassurance of human contact. She jumped initially then saw my eyes and smiled squeezing my hand. 
It occurred to me I could have run off and escaped but being out alone in the night dressed like some sort of tart after what had just happened didn't seem like a good idea.

We walked back to the hideout and Jeff touched the door and after a series of clunking noises it swung open. We all went inside the door sealed shut behind us. 
"Do you have any pain killers in this place?" I asked Ally, "My throat is really hurting from where that ape grabbed me." 
"Sure let me show you," she led me into the kitchen and pointed out where they kept their first aid supplies

I took some pills to help with the pain while Ally inspected the damage, it wasn't serious I would probably have a bit of a bruise. I drank a few glasses of water then decided I should just go to bed. The booze wasn't helping my condition if I could just sleep it off I would probably feel better in the morning. 
Ally wished me a good night and I wandered into the room the had given Violet. I struggled out of the impractical uncomfortable clothes Violet had dressed us in. It was quite difficult, addled by drink and unfamiliar with such garments it took me a good twenty minutes to extract myself from them. Once freed I found the nightwear Violet had stolen and put it on. It was a pink silky number but by that point I didn't really care. Turning out the light I settled down on the bed which now had the luxury of covers, pillows, and a duvet. My battered body was soon asleep. 

Chapter 14 

I woke up with a splitting headache and I was desperate for the bathroom. My need too urgent to get dressed first I slipped out dressed only in my skimpy night clothes. I was thankful no one had locked Jen in last night as I hurried over to the bathroom. As I was making my way back to the room I encountered Ed who stopped dead still blocking my way back to the room. 
I scowled at him and he gave me wolf whistle, "Nice outfit, pink is your colour babe." 
"Move or I'm going kick you into orbit!" I shot back crossing my arms angrily which wasn't the best idea as it served only to lift my breasts giving him more cleavage to look at. 
"Oooo touchy," Ed Chuckled but moved aside. 
I went quickly past him back into my room and grabbed some clothes putting on what Jen called "Goth Slut" outfit. I gave my hair a brush and checked I looked OK before heading out the door. 
*Arhhh get some aspirin,* Jen said sounding pained. 
I had to admit my head was really hurting, "yeah my head is really aching like that time Sally stole that bottle of wine from her parents and we all got drunk in the park." 
*Never been so sick,* Jen said obviously remembering how that evening ended. 
I wandered into the kitchen area Ally was sat eating her breakfast looking as much the worse for wear as me. Grabbing some pills I knocked them back with some water and then started the serious business of selecting a breakfast cereal. There were a huge array of possibles Jo and the gang obviously had a very big variety of tastes or maybe freed from the obligation to pay for things they had just picked up one of everything. 
Eventually I settled on a bowl of Double Choc Puffs pouring a large bowl full adding milk and then plonking myself down in one of the bar stools across from Ally. 
When I sat down she gave me a wary glance checking my eyes then grabbed her bowl and walked over to sit down on the sofa with Ed and Dave who were playing a game of some sort. 
I felt a combination of angry and hurt that she had left me alone like that, even though I had given her good reason for keeping away from me it still hurt a little. I shook off the feeling I didn't need her friendship anyway. I tucked in to the breakfast cereal it was pretty tasty, more sugary than I was used to but I figured with my much higher metabolism I didn't need to worry about putting on any weight from a bit of extra sugar so why not enjoy myself. 
I was starting in on my second bowl of cereal with the pain pills begining to kick in when Jen had to start making herself seen again. She was wearing a white outfit similar to mine except it covered more skin. 
*Blerg that stuff is horrible!* she spat materialising herself at the seat opposite me. 
"I like it," forgetting to talk internally. 
*It's like a bowl full of sugar!* 
"What are you whining about a bit of extra sugar is not going to kill us! I like a bit of extra sugar on things adds some more sweetness." 
*I don't I'm quite sweet enough as it is!* Jen said looking pleased with herself 
"Oh shut up Jen!" I shot back going back to ignoring her. 
I went back to eating my cereal ignoring a smirking Jen. While she was quiet I heard Dave and Ed talking. 
"She's bloody nuts she's doing that talking to open space thing again.   Last night in the van she was doing the same thing," Dave said. 
"Looks fine though," grinned Ed the lowered his voice thinking I couldn't hear him, "This morning I caught her coming out of the bathroom in her nighty! Damn she's a fox." 
They started giggling and glancing my way, "two people are going the right way to find themselves thrown through a wall!" I shouted. 
Dave stiffened but Ed shrugged, "I can make myself too dense for you to hurt, so knock yourself out babe." 
"How about I just sneak in a night and break your legs," she shot back. 
Ed's smile flickered for a fraction but then returned and he shrugged going back to his game. I heard Dave whisper, "She's even hotter when she's angry" which had the two of them sniggering like cartoon villains. 
I finished up my breakfast and washed up the dish and spoon. I wandered over to the main living room not sure what to do with myself. Propping myself up against one of the walls I watched Ed and Dave's game for a bit. As I was thinking about asking if I could have a go Jo came staggering into the room. She looked like she'd been dragged through a hedge her hair all over the place and she hadn't removed her makeup from the previous night so now it was smeared all over her features so she looked like a half finished clown. 
"OK Meeting in the planning room! Time to start pulling your weight you lazy bums!" she said in a rough voice that cracked. 
Ally leapt up and after dumping her bowl in the sink was off into one of the other rooms off the living space like a shot. Ed and Dave took their time a bit, I left them to it and followed Ally into the room. 
It was set up with a big oval table in the centre and office chairs like the meeting rooms they had at my mum's office. On the walls were white boards and also a map of the town had been stuck to one of the boards. I wondered if this room had been part of the original building left over from when this derelict place was an office or a factory or something. I selected a seat so I could see the map putting me on the opposite side of the table from Ally who watched me like I was going to leap up and attack her at any moment. Pretty soon Jo returned with Jeff in tow she looked like she has at least washed her face an run a brush through her hair but she still looked a little the worse for wear. 
"Ed, Dave, get in here!" she rasped. 
The two scrambled into the room sitting down at the far end of the table from here. 
"OK gang I've come up with a brilliant plan," started Jeff, "using mainly spoons ..." 
"OK new plan," said Jo cutting Jeff off, "I was in the old town trading in some of our excess stuff for cash and I saw a potential target. It's a loan agency a small one they keep their money in a small safe but we should be able to deal with that." 
She moved over to the map and pointed out road, "This is the place, we park the van a couple of streets over ok here's the plan, Ally" 
"Yes," she answered sitting straighter in her seat. 
"You cloud the area enough that we can come and go with some privacy. Jeff will give do a little distraction to keep the people down stairs, and I'll fry the security system," she said nodding to Jeff, "With the owners occupied, Dave, Ed, and Vi will make their way in and retrieve the safe. It's on the third floor and you'll need to enter and leave from the alleyway at the back as Jeff will be keeping the owners occupied in the front. OK any questions?" 
"How is she going to get into the building on the third floor?" Dave said hooking a thumb at me. 
"I don't know maybe I'll jump or something I can manage several stories without too much effort," I shot back. 
"Vi I'm going to need you on top form so you'd better get some rest and let your counterpart out until this evening," Jo said looking at me. 
I nodded, not really looking forward to a few hours of Jen bumbling about whining about everything but it couldn't be helped I didn't want to loose control like I had the previous night. Jen had really screwed things up with Rick though having said that he shouldn't have done what he did to her, he crossed a line.   
"Ok is everyone clear? Good let's get ready, Vi I'll lock you in so your twin can't cause trouble," Jo ushered me out of the meeting room and back to my bedroom, "See you in a few hours Vi." 
She shut the door and locked it I mentally relaxed and fell back out of the drivers seat letting Jen have control. 
Initially she just stood there doing nothing then she began moving about the room looking at the various items I had bought. She held up various sexy little outfits I'd managed to put together and the dislike was palpable. I giggled at my old maid twins ridiculous sense of fashion and lack of sense of adventure. She was trying to hide our bombshell body in plain jane clothes which just looked silly on us. At least now I was in charge of getting us clothing so Jen couldn't do too much damage. 
After wandering about for a few minutes she sat down on the bed, there really wasn't much for her to do locked up here the way she was. I almost felt sorry for her. Jen sat on the bed for a bit then lay down, I was getting pretty bored she was doing nothing to keep me entertained. It was a relief when she managed to have a nap just as an escape from the pure monotony of it. 
We were woken up sometime later by the door being unlocked. 
"Oh I'm sorry did I wake you," came Ally's voice from the door, "I was just bringing you some lunch. 
"No come in I'm bored out of my mind, it'll be nice to have someone to chat to," Jen said hopefully. 
Ally glanced nervously out into the corridor, "Well ok but I can't stay long Jo said to just bring you lunch I don't want to piss her off too much. But it would be nice to have a chat with someone who doesn't hate me and can carry a conversation. Jo is still mad about something and Dave and Ed are not exactly sterling conversationalists," she grinned coming to sit on the mattress next to Jen putting a plate of sandwiches and a glass of water in front of her. 
"Thanks," said Jen slurping down half the water in one hit. 
"So what have you been up to?" 
"Oh staring at the walls sleeping, there's not a lot else to do locked away in here." 
"You're still not talking to Violet?" 
"She doesn't talk when I'm in control, she can hear us though." 
"Maybe she doesn't have anything to say." 
I had plenty to say if only to pay Jen back for all her whining, but it seemed Jen's trick of making herself heard when not in control was harder than she made it appear. 
"Can we not talk about Violet please, I'd rather talk about happier subjects." 
"OK sure," Ally said with a sympathetic look. 
I was getting a bit miffed Jen was drawing her in with her big dumb teary eyed girly girl act getting friendship and affection that I was denied. Seemed she was always the popular one with other people. It had to be an act, she was basically the same person as me and I wasn't that vulnerable and scared, so she had to be putting it on. It didn't feel deceptive though at least from the emotions I could feel which just confused me. 
Suddenly Jen let out a cry of pain and I felt a massive spike of agony in her portion of our brain. 
"What is it? Are you alright?" Ally cried out. 
"I don't know I saw ..." Jen said then paused she reached down and grabbed the half full glass of water and flung it at the door. 
In the instant she did that I saw Jo standing in the doorway looking mad as hell sparks flying off her. The water reached her just as she was reaching up her hand about to unleash blast of electricity. 
She made this surprised "O" noise and then fell back the water surprising her and shorting her control draining her gathered charge to ground. Jo staggered around disoriented and soaking wet her powers shorting out randomly.   

How the hell had Jen known to do that it was like she knew Jo was coming and going to blast us or Ally with her electroshock thing. The only thing I could think of was she had seen a glimpse of her charging up in the corridor in a reflection or something.

Jo's disorientation didn't last long and she returned mad as hell, "You little cow!" she cried out and went for Jen with her fists. Jen made a high pitched shrieking noise and tried to get away but she was soon caught and given a fair few smacks in the mid section and a smack to the face knocking us to the ground. Jo was about to put the boot in to our prone form and I grudgingly stepped in not wanting my beautiful bod damaged too much.  

It was just as well I did as the kick had a lot of power behind it smacking my body back into the wall with a crunch. Jo didn't come out unscathed and was left leaping round the room complaining about her toes. She rounded on us again but must have spotted I was at helm so rather than attacking she let out a cry of annoyance grabbed Ally and threw her out of the room then followed her slamming the door shut behind her.

I let go of control again now that I didn't need to protect my body and let Jen take over.   

"Bloody Psyco!" she spat rubbing our jaw where one of Jo's punches had landed.

I wanted to point out it was her own damn fault for drenching her but was stuck in frustrating silence. I really needed to figure out the talking while Jen was in control thing.

Jen let out this overly dramatic sigh and plonked herself down on the bed, "Oh well more adventures in sitting." 

She lay there staring at the wall for ages I could sort of feel her mind ticking over but it was boring as hell just lying there. It almost made me wish I could have a conversation with her just to pass the time.  

We waited the day out staring at the walls and occasionally dozing waiting for Jo to come and get us. By the end of it I was going out of my mind and desperately needed something to do. I practically whooped for joy when I heard the door locks disengaging and jumped forward to take the reigns of out body.

Chapter 15


After another boring day locked in a room with nothing to do they opened the door only to let Violet out to play their stupid games. I just knew it was going to end with us in jail that's for sure.

Same as the previous day they led us down to the exit and out to the van, Violet again making sure I didn't find the code, then it was off to their latest criminal endeavour. We rode in the back Violet sitting as far away from Ally as possible I think just to spite me. It backfired on her somewhat as she sat next to Dave who kept "inadvertently" rubbing against us when ever we went round a corner.

We reached the target street before Violet completely lost her rag and did something painful to Dave but it was a close run thing.  

"OK Ally give us some cover," Jo shouted back.

Ally closed her eyes and held her hands out in front of her. I watched out the rear windows as a thick fog seemed to swirl into existence around the van and the streets near us. When she was done it was thick enough that you could barely see a few meters in front of you a real pea souper.

We all piled out of the van except for Ally. I guess Ally was too occupied providing our smoke screen. We all followed Jo into an side road leading down the back of what looked like some offices.  

"OK let's go over the plan," said Jo, "Our target is that cash and loan place 4th down the only three story place. Jeff will distract the people to keep them down stairs and out of the way. I'll disable their security system and cameras, while you three get to and retrieve the safe in the back room on the third floor. Everyone got it?"

"Yes boss," Ed and Dave chorused and I felt Violet nodd, Jeff just scowled.

"Alright let's go!"

Dave took off into the fog and began scrambling up the side of the buildings leaping from purchase point to purchase point roof to roof like some sort of crazed monkey or amped up squirrel.

Ed turned to Violet and said, "Try to keep up super stripper."

The he began walking towards the building each step he took he bounced higher and higher like he was walking on the moon. He lept into the air gliding in a smooth graceful arc perching himself on a very thin looking railing a couple of metres in the air that shouldn't have been able to support his weight. He continued to bounce and float from one improbable stop to the next. Gliding like a martial arts film where the actors were on wires.  

Violet made a huffing noise then took off after him. She lept into the air at full force shooting along like she had been shot out of a cannon. She landed against a wall with a crunch using her strength to hold on but knocking several bricks loose in the process. She imitated the leaping from building to building that Ed was doing only with her it was less a graceful smooth leap more a powerful leap and heavy impact stopping herself falling with sheer strength. As she got the hang of it she got better at the landing aspect and absorbed some of the impact making her transit less noisy and less destructive.

It was still an amazing feeling even if I was only a passenger. I could feel how much Violet was enjoying exercising her power in this way. It made me a bit annoyed that while my crazy twin could leap between buildings, I had no powers.

We reached the target building fairly quickly Dave scrambling over the top and onto the roof, Ed gently touching down and Violet slamming down with enough force to crack some of the roof tiles.

"We are trying to be stealthy!" Ed shot at her looking annoyed.

*Pah he's just jealous because you kept up,* I said which cause Violet to giggle.

Dave moved over to the edge staring down, Violet moved over to join him and we could see Jeff and Jo approaching the building from the ground. Jeff moved closer to the front while Jo approached a conduit of cables running up the side of the building. A blaze of sparks surounded her and flowed into the wiring. The lights in several buildings and on the street flickered then there was the smell of burning plastic. A small alarm box on the side of the building was smoking the casing black in parts. I couldn't help but think that Jo's disabling technique for cameras was more like a completely frying everything technique.  

She looked up and signalled us, Dave returned a salute then we all swung back towards the roof access door. Dave slipped a small piece of metal down the side of the lock and jiggled the handle soon the door snapped open and we were inside.

Dave went on ahead Ed followed him with Violet making up the rear. Inside the building it seemed to be someone’s home a simple living room and dinning room with fairly old style but nice quality furniture greeted us. Dave led us deeper into the building to a more secure looking door, he moved aside and Ed moved in pulling a small pack of lock picks from a pocket. He fiddled with the locks for a while pulling various picks in and out his motions very delicate and careful which seemed out of place for someone with his beefy frame.  

Eventually he opened the door with a click and we moved in. Behind the door was an office and workshop lots of things like jewellery all in various states of cleaning. Dave pulled out a large duffel bag and handed it to Ed who began stuffing handfuls of stuff in it.

Violet was staring at a camera on the wall that was still smoking and had gotten so hot it's plastic casing had melted. I didn't like this at all surely someone would have noticed their security system exploding and now someone robbing their secure office they were sure to catch us.

"Oi sweet cheeks," said Dave snapping her out of her revere, "Grab the safe!"

*This is a bad Idea Violet! Up until now we would have got maybe a few months or maybe even community service but now we're going to get hard time!* I tried reasoning with her.

"Shut up Jen!" she muttered, then louder to Dave she said, "Where is it?"  

"How am I supposed to know?" shrugged Dave and started helping Ed shoving random loot into their swag bags.

Violet looked round the room and found a large door set into the wall she opened it up and sure enough there was a large safe behind it bolted securely to the floor. Just as she was puzzling out what to do there was a noise in the hall.

"Theives!" a voice cried. The sound of a door slamming shut, "Ha you filthy rats you can just stay in there till the coppers get here!"

Dave rushed to the door but it was shut securely they must have braced it perhaps even anticipated thieves breaking in that way and then just locking them in till the cops showed up. It was a lot easier than trying to apprehend someone yourself.

"Get your sweet arse over here and kick that door down!" cried Dave at Violet.

Violet took a couple of steps in the direction of the door then paused thinking. She eyed the reinforced windows then the walls between them and I had a nasty feeling I knew what her next move would be.

"No why give him a better chance to get a look at us, I'm going to take the other exit," she said.

"What other exit you mad bitch!"  

"This one," she grabbed the safe ripping it out of the floor then putting it in front of her ran at the wall using the safe as a battering ram. The bricks gave way pretty easily leaving Violet sailing trough the hole she made safe first. She flew on a ballistic arc downwards the safe smashing into the corner of the building opposite taking a chunk of the masonry with it as it went.

The safe impacted the concrete with an almighty crack and Violet lost her grip tumbling over it coming to rest a few paces further into the alleyway. When she had shaken herself back to awareness a shocked looking Jo loomed over her and the safe out of the fog.

"What the hell!" she started  

"Watch out bellow!" a voice came from above then Ed floated down with the two bags in his hands and Dave clinging to his back.

He landed and then handed off one of he bags to Dave, "Well that wasn't exactly subtle but it worked I guess."

A voice came from above, "I think they've escaped into the Alleyway! Damn this fog I can't see a thing."

"Time to go," came Jeff's voice as he sprinted past us not bothering to stop and help at all.

Violet brushed herself off and picked up the amazingly still intact if fairly dented safe. The gang scrambled down the Alleyway back to the van and with some difficulty squeezed in Jeff doing a tire squealing exit before the doors were even fully shut.

"How'd it go?" asked Ally.

"Bloody awful," said Ed, "Crazy girl over there stomps about like an elephant taking chunks out of the masonry without any care for who that would alert, Jeff was supposed to keep the people busy but they damn near caught us and we didn't have much time to grab anything good."

"We all got out of there and we got the safe didn't we," Voilet said pouting.

"The safe is probably useless thanks to you bimbo!" Jeff spat from the front, "They have an anti tamper mechanism a glass plate that if broken means the safe can't be opened. You using it as wreaking ball will probably have broken that and made it impossible to get in there."

"Fine next time you can steal the safe and I'll fail to distract the people so the people doing the work get caught!" shouted Violet.

"Alright settle down you lot!" shouted Jo. 

A tense silence descended on the van but the atmosphere was charged and I could feel Violet internally fuming. The lack of space in the Van didn't help with the safe and large bags, that I mentally labelled swag, squashed everyone together. You could practically hear Violet grinding our teeth together. It was hot and cramped and with tempers running high it wasn't long till someone snapped.

"Stop touching my thigh!" Violet spat.

"I'm not touching your thigh!" Dave said defensively.

"Yes you are I can feel it!"

"I'm not touching you, you silly cow!"

There was a cracking noise as Violet's fingers tightened angrily on the metal of the safe putting more dents into the structure.

"Just move up a bit!" she said between clenched teeth. 

"There's nowhere to move to! That safe is taking up all the room!"

"FINE!" shouted Violet and then gripped the safe door and the back and began to sqeeze. The metal made an odd shrieking noise and began to fold inwards. She stopped when the safe was now bent inwards like someone had punched it. The outline of our hand was pressed into the metal.   
She hadn't actually made the safe any smaller in any practical sense but as a demonstration of what she was capable of doing to others it was remarkably effective.   

Dave stared at the mangled safe for a few seconds then moved a bit out of Violet's way muttering, "budge up man," to Ed and shooting worried glances at Violet.

I materialised myself sitting on top of the safe a feat of illusory adjustment that necessitated a imaginary sunroof for my head to fit through.

*It's always about brute strength with you isn't it! You can never just ask nicely or think your way out of things it's always smash bash and destroy,* I sent to her.

She glared at me and muttered something unpleasant.

*I guess this sharing a brain thing has left you with less of it or something you are just a dumb animal smashing things without being able to think.*  

Violet just growled at my image which caused Dave to try and back even further away.

The rest of the journey back to the hide out was relatively uneventful. No one talked Violet was fuming, Dave was eyeing her nervously, and most of the others just looked uncomfortable. It was a relief for all concerned when the van pulled into the alleyway and the gang rushed into the hideout away from prying eyes. 

"What the fuck happened to the safe!" cried Jeff on seeing the mangled contraption.

Ed was circling the safe muttering.

"You stupid cow!" Ed shouted at Violet, "Now we'll never get the thing open!" 

"You want it open? Fine!" growled Violet and put one hand on the side of the safe gripping it the other she slammed into the door with all her might. She punched a hole in the buckled door like it was tin foil then with a shriek of metal grinding on metal she used the hole to rip the door off the safe. The action was so violent that the body of the safe held in one hand and the door she ripped off it went in opposite directions scattering the contents over the floor. 

"Nice!" cried Jo clapping her hands in glee at the shower of various gold looking items.

After some open mouths most of the gang began greedily snapping up the gold and jewels off the floor. Violet just wandered off to the kitchen and poured herself a bowl of that horribly sweet cereal she liked. Her emotions seemed troubled she obviously had little interest in the swag the others were drooling over the whole incident had been a bit of a waste of time.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Ally approaching nervously, Violet obviously saw her too but was ignoring her approach for some reason.

"Hey um Violet are you OK?" She asked hesitantly.

I smiled internally even though she was scared stiff of Violet she was still nice enough to care.

Violet turned and glared at her which caused Ally to take a step backwards. Violet looked down at the floor and said in a fed up voice, "I'm fine."

She went back to her cereal and Ally backed away to the group.  

"This is great we'll be able to fence this lot no trouble," said Jo coming over dangling some shiny bauble, "You did great today don't worry what those sexist pigs say, it's just because their jealous of your power."

Violet nodded and brightened and I groaned silently just as she seemed to be doubting the whole set up Jo had to perk her up.  

"Come on let me get you a drink," Jo said dragging her away from her half finished bowl of cereal.

The two of them then boozed the night away and I woke yet again with a hang over that was not my fault.


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