Part 2


Chapter 3

I came back into the world just as some gorilla called Flint was about to belt me one. It was odd. Since the change had finished, I had been sleeping or something. Though I was aware of what had been happening to the other Tom Rivers, who had been running my body since the change, he seemed oddly unaware of me. He was a whiney bastard, moaning and crying all the time. Frankly, it disgusted me a bit. I had always thought myself fairly strong, and  to see this alternate weepy version of myself was sickening.

He seemed completely blind to the fact that we were now a smoking hot babe, the sort people would do anything for. Maybe I was a glass half full kind of girl, to his glass half empty, but it seemed to me that as a bloke I had been ignored and bullied. I had seen over the years, how the pretty girls got what they wanted. Now that I was in the driving seat, things were going to change. I was going to take full advantage of my amazing new figure and all my dreams would come true. MORFS might have done a right number on our body, and seemingly, our mind too, but every problem is just an opportunity in disguise as they say. I was going to take full advantage of the good, and leave the bad.

But first things first, the aforementioned gorilla. In some ways, I should be thanking him. He showed me the way out of my cage. I was so angry at the idiot’s lack of action, I some how broke free and took control. I figured a knee to the crotch would floor him, or maybe a creative use of these new nails.

I was just contemplating what to do, when his fist impacted my face. I was knocked off my feet and there was a crunch of breaking bone, but oddly, I felt nothing. When I turned to look up from the floor, Flint was standing there, cradling his hand with a look of shock and pain on his face. He looked down at me with a look of disbelief and rage.

I tried to get up, but one of the thugs who had been boxing us in, ran up and pushed me down again. He gave me a kick to the ribs. Again I felt nothing, but he cried out in pain and went hopping around like he'd just stubbed his toe on something hard. ‘What on earth is going on,’ I wondered.

I was wrenched to my feet by another thug and thrown against the wall then struck a few times in the chest. The rest of the gang stood round me, jeering and egging on the guy hitting me. I was beginning to get a little tired of being the punching bag, even if it didn't seem to be doing me any harm.

I saw the next blow coming and dodged to the side, the world seemed to briefly slow. I shoved my assailant with both hands to knock him over. I didn't think I pushed him very hard, but he went flying. He tumbled end over end, knocking one of his friends down as he went. They both scrambled to their feet and came at me, more cautious now. I backed away as they circled me, trying to back me into a corner.

I decided to go on the offensive and threw a fist at one of them with all my might. I missed him, but it is probably just as well, as my hand went clean through the wall where his head has been moments before, bricks and plaster just crushing like Styrofoam. I had felt a burst of energy flow through me as I threw the punch, seemingly amplifying my strength greatly. I extracted my hand from the wall, taking a few chunks of masonry with it. I stared at the hole I had left behind, in a state of shock.

A second or two later the other of the two thugs shoulder barged me, knocking me flying face first straight into some lockers. As I was falling, I instinctively flailed about to catch myself. My hand latched onto the door of one locker, which I gripped as hard as I could. My fingers crushed the metal like it was tin foil and the door tore off in my hand. I hit the lockers with an almighty clang, leaving a dent, but I seemed to have suffered no damage bar the odd rip to my shirt.

The guy who tackled me and his partner began stomping on my back, trying to do me any damage, but again failing. I tried to get up, but one of them held me down by jumping with both feet on my spine. I pushed down, not using much strength, but still managing to catapult me and the guy standing on me up into the air by a meter or so. His head impacted the ceiling, which luckily for him was one of those false suspended ceilings. The gap and the false covering absorbed most of the impact. It still dazed him a bit, so he crumpled to floor on landing.

I got to my feet and decided to show these bastards just who they were dealing with. Through some mechanism I had yet to understand, I was tough, strong, with maybe improved reflexes judging by my dodging ability. After all the years of bullying, the times these bastards had hurt and humiliated me, finally I was going to be able to stand up to them. No one was going to fuck with me ever again.

I picked up the door I had inadvertently pulled off the locker and held it in front of me. I let out a guttural yell, which wasn't quite so impressive as I had hoped in my new voice, and tore the door in half, tossing the pieces to the floor in front of them. I had once again felt an odd surge of power as I tore the metal apart.

They took one look at the torn bits of metal and legged it past their friends who were looking more uncertain now.

They still had numbers on their side though. Flint, who seemed to have recovered, shouted, "Get the freak!"

They all rushed at me as a group, knocking me back into the lockers as they pummelled me from all sides. It didn't do them much good, I might as well have been made of steel. I braced myself against the lockers behind me and pushed back at the group attacking me, spreading my arms wide. They went flying, tumbling like rag dolls to the floor.

They scrambled to their feet, quickly backing away from me, “No way man, she's like some monster!” one said.

“There's not a scratch on her! I'm not going up against someone who's invulnerable! It's suicide!” another shouted.

“You saw what she did to the door and then she threw us off like we were nothing! I'm out of here before she rips us in half!” another said.

“Yeah, you're on your own, Flint. You just said she was a little girl, not some freak killing machine!” someone shouted.

They all seemed to come to the same decision, scrambling to their feet running off into the crowd of people that was stood watching, leaving only Flint, Brian, and Mark.

What a rush! It was a bit surprising the level of carnage I had wrought. Without really trying, I had fought off all these tough guys, all big brutish football or rugby players, all beaten up by a slim, smallish, busty girl. The corridor was a mess, the wrecked ceiling, the hole in the wall. The lockers behind me were totaled, missing a door, badly crumpled from my impacting it and using it as a brace. I was a bit dizzy from the experience and just stood there for a bit. breathing deeply. I was beginning to get a bit peckish from all this exercise. Assuming the rest of this lot were going to see sense, I figured I'd bunk off next lesson and get a sandwich or something. My outfit was a little ragged now anyway, not surprising given the rough and tumble I'd been through, so I might well need to change.

Flint stood there staring at me, his eyes blazing, cradling his probably broken hand. Now his gang had ran off, he was less cocky. He glared at me then turned away and began to walk off. I turned my back and went to look for my school bag. It had got knocked down somewhere around me during the scuffle. I wandered about looking for it, the crowd backing away as I approached them, slightly fearfully.

Suddenly I heard running steps behind me. I turned just as Flint reached me running full tilt, wielding a fire extinguisher with his unhurt arm. He cracked me right across the face with it, which still didn't seem to hurt. It made an almighty clang and sent me tumbling. The shock of the extinguisher hitting my face  knocked it out of Flint’s hand and he was fumbling around on the floor for it. He managed to get it and was bringing it down where my foot had been moments before. I scrambled to my feet and tried to protect myself. It didn't seem to matter much, I was tough enough that I could take quite a pounding.

Flint came at me like a madman, swinging the extinguisher at me, screaming! I fended it off as best I could, the metal cylinder ringing like a bell when it struck me.

He tried to slam the cylinder into me with an overhead swing. I braced myself and brought my hands up to catch it. The cylinder hit and I griped it, stopping the thing dead, the metal bending and tearing, the internal pressure causing foam to jet out. Flint screamed out in pain as his other wrist was injured when the cylinder stopped so suddenly. I pulled it from his grip and tossed the leaking cylinder casually to the side. It smashed into a wall and took another chunk out of the masonry, embedding into the plaster.

I think by this point, the pain of Flint’s damaged hand and wrist were getting to him, as he was now crying.

“Are you thick, or what? You can't hurt me any more, you little weakling. Now run along, before I decide to put you over my knee, you little cry baby,” I said dismissively, making shooing motions with my hands.

He turned and ran. Almost certainly he would tell the first teacher he saw that I had assaulted him. I guess in some ways that was true, but I hadn't laid a finger on him directly. I just hadn't been as soft a target as he hoped.

I turned round to see Brian and Mark still standing there open mouthed. I gave them an evil grin.

"What's the matter, boys? Scared of little old me? Thought so, you couldn't kick my sweet arse if you tried," I taunted.

I struck a sort of martial arts pose I had seen in films, gesturing for them to come and get me. They turned tail and ran like the clappers, I laughed so hard I nearly passed out.

I brushed off my hands with a satisfied smile on my face. I rocked! I had fought off those gits who had tormented me. That was the last time those clowns would try and bully me.

I contemplated my next move, I needed to do something about my new name. Jennifer sucked. Maybe I should take Jonesy's suggestion and call myself after the TV chick, Violet. I had the requisite super powers now, the killer figure, and the name went with my hair. But first, I needed something to eat, I was really hungry for some reason.

I wandered over to where Sally was sitting, pulling her back to her feet, careful not to use too much force. I had to be very careful and gentle. I was so strong I could have hurt her without meaning to. Buoyed up by the exhilaration of winning the fight, I decided to do something I had wanted to do for a long time. I leaned forward and planted a big fat kiss on Sally's lovely lips. She was so shocked she responded. I was just really enjoying myself when I felt myself slipping away again, my more boring twin was taking control again, bah, just when I was having fun, too.


Chapter 4
Jen and I were walking to our next lesson. She had become such a sexy girl since her change, I could barely take my eyes off her. As a girl, Jen was noticeably more subdued than she had been, a lot of that was probably down to her changing so much. She was obviously not happy at all the attention her dynamite bod was receiving, trying to cover herself and avoid people, but it was hard to hide a body with curves like that. Plus, the iridescent purple hair nails and eyes didn't help.

I had always liked Tom as a friend, and I knew that he had a thing for me. I had been dreading the day when he worked up the courage to ask me out, since I was sure to hurt his feelings when I turned him down. Course now things were different. I was just trying to work out how to ask Jen if she still liked girls, when some thugs decided to intercept us. It was a bad combination of the anti-MORFS crowd, with a few of the school’s less particular bullies. I tried to get between them and Jen, but one of them tossed me against some lockers. When I recovered, I saw Jen being held by a nasty piece of work called Andy Flint.

She looked scared, but something had happened, she also looked confused. I could have sworn her eyes changed, her expression changing to one of anger. The git hit her in the face, knocking her flying with the crunch of breaking bone, but it was Flint who cried out in pain. One of the other thugs decided to kick her when she was down, giving her a nasty looking boot to her ribs. Again it was he that cried out in pain, leaping about like he had just stubbed his toe. Jen just sat there, looking slightly bewildered. The gang tried hitting her again and she got bashed about the place, but seemed to be taking no damage at all.

Then she threw a punch that went clean through a wall and tore up one of the lockers pretty good with just her bare hands.

She was scarily strong, and she seemed very tough, too, the thugs blows having little or no effect. It was amazing to watch this incredibly sexy purple haired girl, who looked like she could barely lift a few kilos, take everything they could throw at her and just shrug it off, then toss the jokers around like they weighed nothing. Eventually, even her multiple assailants realised they really didn't have a chance against her, realising that despite her appearance, she was formidable.

I did worry that she was going to get in trouble though, as she was causing a hell of a lot of damage. She hadn't really hurt any of them directly yet, she had inadvertently used her face to break someone's fist and her ribs to do another guys toes, but she had yet to actually hit anyone. After the last of the bullies had run off, (in some cases crying, which would probably do more damage to them reputation wise than any beating or punishment could), she came over and helped me up, taking care not to hurt me. I noticed something odd. Her eyes were bright blue, rather than the purple that matched her hair. I could have sworn they were purple before, maybe it was a trick of the light.

Any further thought on that was cut short when she roughly grabbed me and passionately kissed me.

Damn she was a good kisser! We snogged lustfully for a few minutes, when suddenly her eyes flashed and the bright blue was replaced by purple again. She looked confused, then pulled away from our lip lock, looking distressed and disorientated. As the incredible strength and power seemed to visibly drain out of her, she looked around with a look of horror on her face.

She cried out wailing, rarely making sense, "No, no, no, no, no, it wasn't me! She did it! I couldn't stop her."

She turned to me with tears in her eyes, the confident, kick arse, sexy girl of a few moments ago was completely gone. In her place was a scared, vulnerable, innocent young thing.

"Please, forgive me! It was her, you've got to believe me. I tried to stop her, but I couldn't move."

I tried to comfort her, but at that point the until now absent teachers sprang into action. They turned up and demanded answers. Jen wasn't much help, she was immensely distressed and didn't make any sense. Plus, the teachers didn't seem like they wanted to listen to the explanations of what had really happened, taking the thugs’ word that she had attacked and beaten them with no provocation. With Jen in this crying, wailing, terrified state, she was not in the best position to refute their story and say what had really happened. Her repeated claims that it hadn't been her, but someone else, didn't really help her case.

The teachers concluded she'd had some sort of breakdown and or something, she was carted off forcibly while the police were called. She seemed to have lost her toughness and strength, she was struggling against the teacher holding her, but he had no trouble holding her, and the grip was obviously causing her pain.

Even though I had been there to witness it, even I wasn't sure what it was I had seen. It was as if she had changed into some one else for the duration of the fight, then back again afterwards, and been shocked at what she had done.

I couldn't work it out, one thing I knew for sure was she was in a heap of trouble. I hoped she got out of this OK.


Chapter 5
It was like a nightmare! Someone else had stepped out of the back of my mind and taken control of my body, leaving me only able to watch as they tore up the bullies and forced themselves on Sally.

I tried to move, but I couldn't control any of my limbs. They moved at the whim of whoever, or whatever, had taken over. To make things worse, this invader had some sort of super powers. They’d made my body strong, tough, and fast. All the rest of my senses were still working, so I could see hear and feel everything that was going on.

I screamed and shouted internally, trying to get out, but it did no good. I was locked away, forced to watch as someone used my body. It was like some terrible torture, I felt so violated and used.
Was it some form of mind control? A telepath puppetering my body? The odd thing was the controller spoke a bit like me, used the same turn of phrase, and knew who these people were. It was like some monster crazy version of me. Could someone have read these things out of my mind? I could feel her emotions. They seemed to mirror my own, but with more confidence, less fear, the hate of the bullies, the attraction to Sally. Why was this happening to me? I screamed, shouted, tried to move, mentally throwing myself around, but it did no good. This evil monster controlled me like I was a toy.

Eventually after what seemed like an age trapped railing against my own unresponsive body, as the monster smashed up the corridor, I felt the controlling presence slip and I was able to move again. The monster had been forcing itself on Sally. They had got as far as a rough kiss, but I hate to think what it might have forced her to do if I hadn't gained back control. With its horrific strength and obvious twisted nature, it could have forced her to do anything. At first I backed away, still disorientated from being unable to move. Then I tried franticly to explain, but I was too upset to make myself understood.

Teachers, who had been nowhere to be found when I was about to be beaten up, were now rushing about in large numbers. The corridor looked like a war zone, lockers ripped to pieces, broken masonry strewn about, ceiling smashed, walls with holes punched through them. Crowds of people stood there staring at me, the looks of lust from before were replaced with a mixture of shock and fear. I tried to explain to the teachers what had happened, but they wouldn't listen. One roughly grabbed me by the wrist and dragged me along behind them.

They kept me in an office while they called the police and an ambulance for the injured. The crazy who had taken me over had done a lot of damage to both people and property, it was a wonder no one had been killed. I was left holding the bag though. The crazy had fucked things up and left me to take the fall. They were never going to accept my story. I was screwed, and probably worst of all, the crazy had completely ruined my friendship with Sally.

This, on top of all the things I was going through from my change proved too much. I curled up in a ball and began crying my eyes out. That's how the police found me when they came to arrest the vicious girl who had attacked and beaten up several other pupils.

They took me to the police station and kept me in a room. It wasn't a cell but it was still locked, and I was wearing cuffs. They had a wpc sit with me. I was still very upset, I think at first they thought I was faking, but they must have decided to err on the side of caution and brought in a medical professional to assess my mental state. They picked the nearest NHS shrink with specific expertise in dealing with MORFS survivors, which turned out to be the telepath I had been tested by only a few days before.


Chapter 6
I was called to the local police station to help assess the mental condition of a young MORFS survivor, who had apparently suffered some sort of breakdown after attacking several kids at her school.

I felt the girl from quite a ways away. I think anyone in the neighbourhood with even the smallest amount of telepathic or empathic sense could feel the girl’s tortured emotional state. She was like a beacon of fear and pain. I wasn't sure what had happened, but she was terrified.

I was taken in to see the girl, whom I immediately recognised as one I had seen very recently. The police explained she'd had some sort of episode, had manifested huge strength, hurting some kids and damaging property at her school. Afterwards, she had had seemingly lost her strength, then become hysterical, insisting that someone else had perpetrated the attack. She had then become increasingly non-communicative. Concerned for her mental state, they had called me.

"Have you contacted her parents?" I asked.

"No, we have been having a great deal of difficulty contacting them," said the officer who had shown me through. "The mother is out visiting a client, and the father is not in at home. Neither is responding to their mobiles."

"Do you know any more details on what happened?" I asked.

"No we have a few witnesses, but their testimony may be suspect. They have been in trouble for bullying MORFS survivors before. None of the staff saw what happened, despite some of their initial claims to the contrary. We are trying to locate other witnesses to clear up what really happened," the officer said.

"Well, let's have a look at her then," I said.

The officer took me into a small room where they were keeping the girl, who was being watched by a WPC. The girl was sitting, hugging her knees, tears streaming down her face.

They left me alone to examine the girl, her surface thoughts made little sense, she was too agitated to think straight.

"It's Jennifer, isn't it? We met the other day when I read you for powers. What happened, did you discover a power and loose control?” I asked. “It's alright, you can tell me. It happens sometimes when powers develop suddenly. We can help you get better control." 

I didn't remember seeing anything like the strength suggested by the police. I wasn't always right though and sometimes things like this could develop in stage three.

"She did it. It wasn't me, I tried, but I couldn't stop her. She was like me, but different, an evil twin or something. Or someone else using my memories. It wasn't me!" Jennifer wailed, burying her face in her knees, sobbing, rocking herself back and forth.

Her thoughts were clearer now, she seemed to think someone had taken her over. Maybe the onset of her powers and her lack of control had caused some sort of breakdown like the police suggested. I could feel no hostility, only fear. I decided I need to probe her mind more deeply.

"Now Jennifer, I'm going to take a look in your head, so just relax," I said, gently taking her hands to help her relax.

I concentrated. Her mind was a mess. Recent events, combined with her change had left her a wreck, withdrawn and scared. I sensed something else though, an odd doubling and the events of the fight as she remembered them were of her as a prisoner in her own body.

Someone had been controlling her! I looked deeper, seeing the traces of the controller. But it was odd, I had never seen this sort of effect in someone who had been telepathically controlled. It was usually just suggestion and only worked in unwary unless the telepath was extremely skilled and powerful even then there were no guarantees. Here, there were deep linkages into the body's motor controls, something that would have been very difficult for a telepath to achieve. Admittedly, it wasn't something that I had seen very often, but I was trained to recognise it, to watch out for telepaths abusing their powers. I followed the threads and felt the presence still in her mind. My goodness, it was another personality! One very similar to Jennifer's!

A twin of her mind from before her change, two separate minds, inexplicably linked together in a shared body. This twin was different, aggressive, and confident. Somehow it was aware of me, it ... she was angry and a little afraid of my intrusion. I tried to probe the way the two minds fitted together, to understand how this twinning had come about. Was it some sort of personality disorder, or something deeper?

The other mind seemed separate, complete, not a fragment of the whole. The mind stirred at my intrusion, surging up, the girl’s current persona receding to the background. It kicked me out of Jennifer's head. I saw her eyes change colour from violet to blue. she had a look of anger and fear on her face.

"Get out of my head. you bitch!" she screamed. She pushed me away hard, breaking my grip on her, and knocking me backwards. I crashed into a bookcase then fell to the floor in front of it. Books and papers fell from the shelves due the force of the impact. “I won't let you kill me, or lock me away. This is as much my body as it is hers!”

I could feel she was terrified that I was going to do something to her. Alter her somehow, leaving Jennifer in control and lock her away for good. Memories of her own time locked away in their shared head were fresh, and just as unpleasant for her as they were for Jennifer. This more aggressive persona, who called herself Violet, now thought she was fighting for her life. She also had powers, an ability to absorb damage and enhance her body's strength, and upset as she was, it made her dangerous. I tried to stop or calm her telepathically but I couldn't. All my efforts to influence her failed.

She was pacing up and down, frantic, not sure what to do. I could tell she hadn't meant to hurt me, but she was so panicked she couldn't think straight. I pulled myself up onto my feet again, to try and talk her down, calm her, and help her see sense. But I knocked the book case in doing so, causing a heavy file that had been shifted when I hit to fall on me, cracking me on the head pretty good. My vision went blurry and I began to loose consciousness.

My last thought before I passed out, was that I had to help this poor girl, who had the misfortune to be twins stuck in a single body.


 Chapter 7
I had taken control, completely in a panic. The damn psychic had been fiddling with my mind. I could feel her butcher’s fingers trying to tease me and Jen apart, so she could give that waste of space control. I lashed out, causing a bit more damage than I intended. I still lacked fine control and I was scared. I had knocked the psychic off me into a bookcase. She was winded, maybe a little bruised, but looked relatively unhurt. Things were looking bad. My twin’s crazy actions had made what was self-defence into assault and lunacy. She'd got us locked up, and now this psychic had tried to kill me or something, meddling busy body.

I was just trying to work out what on earth to do to rectify the situation, when the stupid woman managed to knock herself out by pulling a load of files down on her head. I went to check if she was alright, it looked like she had just knocked herself out.

At this point, things went from bad to worse. The noise attracted a copper, who found me standing over the prone body of the psychic in a trashed room. He was dragging some young woman in cuffs with him.

"It's not what it looks like!" I tried.

"Hands on your head now!" he shouted.

I tried to comply as I raised my arms I inadvertently snapped  the cuffs holding me. He turned  towards the door called, "I need some backup in here!"

"You don't understand, she knocked herself out," I tried holding my hands out, palms up to show I didn't mean any harm.

The copper grabbed one of my arms, trying to twist it behind me, but it didn't work. I was significantly stronger than he was.

“Look, it was an accident .I don't mean you any harm. There's no need to get all worked up about it,” I said, starting to get a little annoyed by his attempts to floor me.

He wasn't listening. He let me go, backing up a bit then pulled some sort of metal stun baton out. He jabbed the stun baton at me, I moved my hand to intercept it. When I grabbed the tip, but didn't feel a thing. I gripped it hard, crushing the metal like it was toffee, then pulled on the baton, yanking it from his grip. Bending it quite severely in the process, I tossed the mangled remains on the floor.

The cop stared at the ruined stun baton open mouthed. While he was distracted, the woman he had been leading sneaked up behind him and touched him with her hands, sparks flying from her fingers grounding through him. He cried out and shook then crumpled.

"Nice moves, hot stuff," the young woman said. She was maybe in her late teens to early twenties. She had vivid red hair and green cat-like eyes, and was a few inches shorter than me maybe 5'6", with a slim figure. She was wearing black jeans and a white T-shirt with a light brown jacket. She had a quirky smile on her face as well as a slightly calculating look in her eyes.

"I'm Jo, Jo Trent." she said. "I think maybe we could help each other."
The stack of bodies around me was making it increasingly unlikely my story would be believed, so I was running out of options, "I'm listening."

"It looks like you are more than strong enough to smash your way out of this place, but once outside you'll be tracked by the security cameras within a few seconds of  breaking out. Then the cops will have armed teams bring you down in minutes. I'm an electricity elemental and a technopath. I specialise in security systems, so I can kill the pigs security, loop their cameras, and as an added bonus, spike their computers, wiping out any recent records that have yet to make it into secure backup," she said.

"So why haven't you busted out already?" I asked.

"Three reasons. One, these nice bracelets. Two, this place is mostly secured by mechanical locks. Even if I could trick my way out of this block, there are still at least 3 other mechanically locked doors I can do bugger all about. Three, I'm not very tough physically. I can zap people, but its not very effective against more than a few. So even if they left all the doors open, I would only have to run into a couple of cops and I'd be scuppered," she answered with a smirk. "So what do you say? If we make it out OK, I have enough contacts to keep you hidden. There may even be some
work for someone with your skills, but make up your mind quick. Your playtime with short stuff over there is sure to bring the fuzz sooner or later."

I considered her offer, I could get away from here, start a new life away from all my old attachments. I would miss my parents and friends, but I doubted they would be happy with me, the evil twin as Jen put it, sticking around. It would mean becoming a criminal, but then I was probably already looking at a load of assault charges and some destruction of property. Jen had made it impossible for me to get out of this with her actions and now, what with this damn telepath, I doubted anyone would believe me. I didn't realistically see any other options.

"Alright I'm in. The name’s Violet by the way." I answered.

Wasting no time I snapped her cuffs. We ran out down the corridor towards the nearest exit, keeping a careful eye out for coppers. Luckily, we seemed to be in a fairly quiet bit of the police station, and though we saw a couple of coppers coming and going, we always managed to hide somewhere and wait till they walked past. We ran across an office where Jo motioned me inside. She sat down in front of a terminal, touching her hand to the casing, small electrical sparks flowed over it. Then every screen in the room exploded and the lights went out. A few moments later, the emergency lights came on.

"Whoops!" said a slightly worried looking Jo. "I used a tad too much juice and blew out the main power, as well as the main computer. Well anyway, any records they have locally are toast, plus their security system is fried. So if we can get out of here in one piece, we are off scot free."

"Course they now know something is up and are scrambling everything they have to contain the situation," I said, to which Jo nodded.

I experimentally tapped the walls of the room. Most seemed to be light weight plaster board construction. We needed to get out fast, maybe it was time to use my new found strength for a purpose.

"Right then, since stealth is out, which direction do you reckon represents the shortest direct route to the outside?" I asked.

"That way," she said pointing, "it's about 10-15 meters, but there's a good few interior walls and a reinforced outer wall between here and there. Oh you're not thinking what I think you're thinking?"

"That concrete dust is going to ruin my outfit?"

"Ha, ha, ha, you are one crazy lady Vi, but I like your style."

"Stick close and pray none of these walls are structural."

I turned in the direction Jo had indicated and ran at the wall as fast as I could, using my new strength to propel me at great speed. As I got close, I threw my body at the wall like a missile. My high speed, coupled with my toughness, made me punch straight through the wall, several chairs, a desk, one book case, and land in a filing cabinet on the other side. As techniques went, it was a bit disorientating and loud, so for the next wall I braced myself sideways and shoulder barged the wall. Slamming into it with all my strength. I felt the same surge of power and the relatively light internal wall just exploded away from me, causing me to tumble through the reasonably large hole I had made. The next two walls were just as easy. Then we crashed into an occupied office with a couple of coppers in residence. They looked pretty surprised to see us. Jo zapped them before they could do anything.

I smashed through one more wall before I came up against the outside wall. I smashed into it, but it didn't give. I bounced straight off and was knocked back to the floor. I had knocked large chunks of masonry out of it, but I didn't make it through. I picked up a filing cabinet and threw it at the wall with all my might, it exploded papers all over the place and made the hole in the wall bigger, though it was still not through to the other side. I could probably have smashed my way through but it would take time, time we didn't have it wouldn't be long before someone noticed the series of holes smashed through the interior walls. There was a window nearby. It was pretty high up, and covered in metal security grating on the outside.

I jumped, easily making it up to the window, then smashed out the glass and bent the metal covering off the window. The drop outside was further than inside, due to the street level being lower but it looked survivable. I reached down and held out my hands to Jo, who grabbed on without a word. I lifted her easily, then lowered her down the other side. She dropped the distance to the ground, landing neatly and beckoning to me. I jumped out feeling brave and landed with a thump next to Jo, barely feeling a thing. The chaos of the power going out would allow us some time, but it wouldn't be long before someone spotted the gaping hole with torn metal gratings on the side of the police station haemorrhaging prisoners, or went to find out what that smashing noise was. Jo took the lead and we ran off, away from the police station. We were just about to round a corner, when Jo indicated to stop.

"There's a camera up ahead. I'm going to try and loop it." she said.

She stood there concentrating for a bit, sparks flying between her hands. She then looked up then we continued on. Periodically she would stop and repeat the process. I hoped this was working. Gradually we entered the more run down parts of town, Jo stopped less and less frequently as the CCTV coverage thinned out. We came to an old abandoned factory building, Jo led me in, taking me down into the basement, where she used a cleverly concealed door to get into a hidden area. It was a small entry way with the hidden door at one end and a thick steel door at the other. Jo shut the hidden door and knocked on the metal door.

"Who is that with you, Jo?" said a deep male voice from a small speaker beside the door.

"She's cool. She helped me escape from the cops. I thought she might be useful," Jo answered.

"Jeff's not going to be happy you bringing home strays," the voice said.

"Screw Jeff! Last I saw of him he was running to save his own skin, leaving me to get caught. I'd be rotting away in some cell if it weren't for Vi here. I doubt he planned on springing me," Jo replied angrily.

There was a short silence, then the door swung back and we were into what was obviously living quarters. Inside it was nicely done up with all mod cons, the run down factory serving as camouflage. The furniture was a mish mash of styles and quality, suggesting it had been thrown together over an extended period. Jo waved me in.

We were met by a cross looking young Asian man who was probably in his mid twenties, he had white hair in a short spiky cut and was dressed all in black. "What the hell are you playing at, bringing some random person into our hide out?" he said angrily.

"Hey if it weren't for her, Jeff, I'd still be locked in the slammer, looking at 5-10 for armed robbery," Jo shouted back. "Besides, Violet here's got skills we could use." 

Jeff snorted, looking at me with a dismissive eye, "Like we need super slut over there. What are her powers, the ability to pole dance while twirling tassels on her nipples?"

'I don't need to take this,' I thought. I gave him a frosty glare, then asked Jo, "How fragile is he?"

Jo smirked, "Not especially. He has some minor TK, and he's a bit stronger than a normal person. Try not too break him too badly."

"Ha, the bimbo is going to have a go. This is going to be a laugh," chuckled Jeff.

By now the shouting had attracted an audience, another two blokes in their late twenties, and one girl about my own age. The blokes were reasonably tall, probably 6 foot something. One was very thin, with dark blue fur, and little yellow horns. The other was quite bulky, not really fat, just very large, with very pale almost chalk coloured skin. He moved oddly, like he was a lot lighter than he should be for his size, and he was bald, and had dark brown eyes.

The girl was small, probably not more than 5 feet, probably less, with long raven black hair that fell down to her waist. She had a reasonably dark skin tone, her ears were pointed, and her eyes were a peculiar shade of pink. Her figure was athletic, she was wearing a dark cat suit, and black boots, making her look very glamorous and slightly mysterious.

"Come on then, you dumb bimbo. I'll even let you get the first hit in to make this more interesting," Jeff taunted me, now he had a better audience.

I turned to him and gave him my best evil grin. This seemed to disturb him a little, but he soon went back to making derogatory comments. I tried to judge how hard to hit him, I wanted an effective demonstration, but I didn't want to hurt him too badly. Jo had said he was tougher than a normal person, so I could probably afford to cut loose a little. There was a sofa a few meters behind him. I reckoned if I judged it right, I could use it as a safe landing for him. I stood in front of him then with one hand, shoved him square in his torso, seemingly using no force at all.

Jeff shot backwards, letting out a startled yelp as he flew through the air. When he landed nicely on the sofa, I congratulated my self on my aim. All the audience bar Jo let out a gasp, and stared as Jeff picked himself up, a little winded, but undamaged.

"You bitch!" he shouted.

"Now, now, that's no way to speak to a lady," I taunted.

He growled and rushed me. With my increased speed I managed to dodge all his attacks, then I gave him a playful slap and he went sprawling to the floor.

"You two," he said, indicating the other two guys. "Grab the slut."

"I really wouldn't ..." Jo started, but Jeff cut her off. "Shut it, you!"

The two blokes circled me and grabbed me. Or rather, I let them grab me.

"Now to teach you a lesson, Bitch!" Spat Jeff.
He wound up and hit me as hard as he could in the face. There was a sickening crunch and I felt a light tap on the nose, like a feather landing on me.

I raised an eyebrow and said, "I can tell you right now, this isn't going to get you anywhere."

He wound back and hit me again with the same result.

"Fine, wear yourself out, but don't blame me when you end up with two broken hands," I said.

He tried a few more times now there was blood all over my face, not from any damage to me, more from Jeff pounding his fists to pulp on my face. The two holding me were looking pretty nervous.
I was getting pretty tired of this, so decided to put him down. I gave Jeff a light kick to the groin, then as he fell to his knees, one to the face.

When Jeff finally collapsed to the floor I looked at the two holding me in turn and said, "If you want to keep those arms, I'd put some serious thought into letting me go.”

The bald bulky man looked at me for a bit then said, "Lady, you maybe tough enough that you can take a pounding, but I'd like to see you throw me off when I put my mind to holding you down."

I raised an eyebrow, then began to lift the arm he was holding. He started to glow, I could feel him getting heavier. He must have been able to increase his weight somehow. As he got steadily heavier, I kept increasing the amount of force I was using, and his weight kept increasing every time I was close to lifting him.

Rather than the surge feeling I had got before, now I felt a strange buzz in my muscles, which increased as I used more and more strength. I wondered what the limits were, would I run out of strength at some point? Could I keep applying a constant force over a period of time or was I limited to short bursts? Meeting Jo's gang was proving to be a good opportunity to test out and learn the limits of my powers.

We battled it out for a bit, with me increasing my upward force and him increasing his weight. It was neck and neck for quite a while, but suddenly I started gaining. He started sweating, the strain of increasing his weight any further showing on his face, he was slowly lifting off the ground. All of a sudden he ran out of steam completely, and I could feel a constant force on my arm again. For some reason I knew I could still use more force, so I poured it on, catapulting him into the air, his grip on my arm slipping as he shot upwards. I grabbed and held his lower leg as it passed my hand, holding tight as his momentum very briefly lifted me up off my feet. He felt like he was almost rigid, like a statue, it must have been some effect of his power.

He dangled in the air for a bit, then said, "Alright, point made. You are insanely strong. Could you put me down now, please? I'm getting dizzy."

I thought for a bit. he had been polite to me, unlike Jeff, and he was only following Jeff's orders, and Jeff seemed to run things round here.

I lowered him down again. The buzzing fading away as I stopped using my strength enhancement power. I turned to the blue guy, who was looking a bit shocked. "Well?" I asked.

"What?" he said, a touch confused, I looked pointedly at his hands gripping my other arm. "Ah yes, sorry." He released my arm and backed away.

"Nice job Vi!" Said Jo who walked over to the still collapsed groaning Jeff, giving him a swift kick to the ribs. "That's for leaving me behind to get caught."

"That was an impressive demonstration," the blue guy observed.

"Thanks very much," I replied with a smile.

"You should have seen earlier," gushed Jo. "It was all smashing through walls, tossing filing cabinets like footballs, and crushing metal like it was toffee." She turned to me, then continued, "I had better introduce you around. You've met Jeff, he thinks he's in charge, and likes to make believe he's a master criminal."

"Ed here," she said, indicating the bald guy. "Can alter his weight by fiddling with how gravity applies to him."

"I can increase my apparent weight my several orders of magnitude. The fact you had no problem lifting me with one arm is a touch scary. I also alter my molecular density to stop my body collapsing under my own weight. It makes me tougher in that state, but it's a lot harder to move though. I can also go the other way and decrease my weight to the point I float." He demonstrated by rising slowly off the floor, then touching back down.

"Dave here," Said Jo, indicating the blue haired guy, "is very agile and has very good balance. He can climb the outsides of a building, or worm his way through heating ducts or some such."

"I get all the fun jobs," Dave said, sarcastically. I recognised his voice as the one from the door intercom earlier. "I also have heat vision, and an enhanced sense of smell that makes it easy for me to know where people are located, even in the dark."

"He's very good at casing a place. Now we come to our final gang member, Ally. She does illusions, with a touch of telepathy thrown in." Jo pointed at the small dark haired girl with the pink eyes, who groaned at the last part.

"Hi,” she said a little shyly. “By a touch of telepathy, she means tactile telepathy. I can read peoples minds, but only by touching them,”

"Well that's all the gang. We do small time stuff mostly. We try not to get noticed too much, you end up in jail or worse if that happens. I think with your strength, you would make a valuable member of the team, what do you say," Jo asked.

I was about to answer, when with the worst timing, my twin began waking up again. The whole swapping places thing was getting old. I hoped that little miss cry baby didn't ruin things too much.

I managed a cryptic, "Oh, she would wake up now!" before passing out.


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