First Hybrid
by Shrike

 Part 4

Defiantly, I waited for the dragon to kill me, looking right at him. To my surprise, he just lay down in front of me, and in a low grumbling voice, asked, “Why did you attack me?”

I just stared at him. Again he asked, “You said you made a mistake. You meant your attack on me, right?”

I moved a little, causing a lot of pain in my broken arm and screamed out from the pain. The dragon edged closer, and seemed to inspect me. With his low grumbling voice he asked, “Your arm is broken? I’m sorry for hurting you that much.”

I clenched my teeth from the pain, but managed to say, “My arm is the least of my worries. My back is broken as well. I can’t feel my legs at the moment.”

The dragon seemed to look with pity at me. He said softly, “I’m sorry about that. Though I’m a bio-elemental, I don’t have experience with humans. I do have some family that can heal you, though. Do you want me to get them? I can call them telepathically.”

I laughed, though it soon changed into groaning as the pain shot through me again. “Don’t bother with that. I will heal faster by myself. I’ll be back to normal soon enough.”

The dragon looked at me in wonder, “What do you mean, little flier?”

I scowled at him for calling me that. “I mean I can heal from almost any wound in a record time. It just hurts like hell, though being hungry doesn’t help, either.”

The dragon sort of chuckled. “I can help with that. Do you like fish?”

“Right now I’ll eat almost anything. Thanks!”

Just before he took to the air, he said, “I’m called Parseth, by the way.” He took off without giving me the chance to tell him my name.

I made myself a bit more comfortable, though every movement was painful, to say the least. It didn’t take long for Parseth to return. And he carried with him a few large fish. They looked a bit like barracudas but not quite. They sported a big beak like a marlin. Well, as long as it was tasty, I didn’t care what they were. Parseth made a surprisingly soft landing near me and as he laid down the fish said, “Sorry, but I don’t have the power to fry the fish for you.”

I smiled, “That’s all right. I think I can make a fire somehow.” I pointed to the side, “Can you give me that dried moss and a few of the stones over there?” I pointed to where several flint stones were lying around.

Parseth gathered the items I wanted and with my directions, we were able to start a fire to cook the fish. As it was being cooked, he asked, “So what do people call you, little flier?”

I laughed, “Well, not  “Little Flier” in any case. My name is Oriana Pratt. But everyone who tries to kill me calls me Raven.”

For a moment Parseth looked at me, not understanding the joke. But then he got it and laughed with a rumble that I could feel in my stomach. “You’re funny, Raven. Yes, I was trying to kill you as well.”

I laughed with him. “Well I did try to kill you first. I’m sorry for that. I thought you were a Verosaur. I encountered those in the Jungle to the south.”

Parseth asked inquisitively, “A Verosaur? What is that?”

I explained to him what I knew, and what I had seen of them. I couldn’t be sure, but I think I saw his eyes glistening with anticipation of hunting one himself. The fish were ready, so he gave one to me and we ate our fish in relative quiet. It was a little difficult for me to eat with only one hand, but I managed. As time went on I found that I could already use my formerly broken arm again. And then an agonizing pain started to come from my legs. I screamed out from the pain and Parseth looked at me, worried, “What is wrong Raven?”

I grimaced, “I just felt my legs. I’m hurting, as the nerves in my spine must have healed enough to pass on the signals again.”

“What can I do to help you?”

I winced as more pain shot through me. “There isn’t anything you can do. I know that a bio-elemental like you can make a sedative or painkiller to make me feel nothing. But my unique hybridism makes it impossible to give it to me. You see, I’m immune to any toxins and poisons. Even worse, my feathers are laced with a deadly toxin. And unlike you, I don’t have any control over it. I’m always poisonous.” I looked down at the ground while saying that. I even felt a tear escape from my eyes. ‘Damn those female hormones! They make me far too emotional.

Parseth made a funny looking face at me. “You will be an outcast from your people then?”

I just nodded and wiped the tear from my eye. “I just want to get back to my parents and ask who or what was responsible for this.”

He looked up in surprise. “Someone did this to you?”

“Yes, I heard that this kind of change wouldn’t have happened like this. They said that the drugs had a unanticipated effect.” I said in a grim tone. “Besides, I was kidnapped from my home and kept like a lab rat inside a secret facility. They did several tests on me, and even tried to kill me more than once. That is how I got the knowledge I was almost indestructible.”

Parseth looked at me while I talked, and somehow I could see that he cared. “Why do I get the feeling that you know what I’m talking about?”

Parseth looked away for a moment before telling me the story how his kind were created, and that they had been kept as slaves. He told me about a cat hybrid called Sanura, and how she’d set his kind free. After he finished, I found myself crying a little. ‘He really does know how I have felt these last weeks.

“I’m glad to have met you, Parseth, and though we started on the wrong foot, I hope we can be friends,” I said while drying my tears.

“I am glad to have met you as well, Raven. I think we’re already friends. I would very much like to go flying with you.” Parseth’s voice sounded very warm. He reached out to me with a hand-like paw. I put my dainty little hand on top of his and we promised each other to meet again. He told me that most of the dragons lived in the Rocky Mountains, so I could start looking for him there, else his family would know where he was and could direct me to him.

It was getting late, so I prepared a place to sleep. Parseth did something similar, for his sleeping habit I guess and soon we were off to dreamland.

Early in the morning I woke up, hearing the birds singing and I stretched out feeling great again. Everything was more or less healed and I wanted to get back on my way again. Parseth had waked up as well and looked at me with a sad expression, “You’re leaving now?”

“Yes, I want to get to my destination. I’ve already been underway for a long time. I want to finally end this.”

“Till we meet again.” I wish you good fortune, Raven.” Parseth’s voice sounded warm, yet there was some sadness there as well.

I gave him sort of a hug. It’s hard to hug something a lot bigger than you. “Good fortune to you as well, Parseth. I hope you find what you’re looking for.”

Parseth looked at me in wonder, “How did you know I’m looking for something?”

“Why else would you be so far away from your family? I can guess that you’re relatively young, and want to see something of the world. Am I right?”

Parseth blew quite a strong wind from his nostrils. I guessed it was the equivalent of a sigh. “You are very observant, and quite right, little flier.”

I scowled at him for calling me that again, but then again, I was tiny compared to him, so I really couldn’t blame him for calling me that. I let it slide, “Well, I have to be going now, so once again, good fortune to you.”

With that, I jumped into the air and beat my wings hard and fast to get some altitude. Parseth didn’t follow me. He just kept on standing on the ground, waving goodbye. I smiled, thinking about what had happened. He was quite a good guy, for a dragon. I was lucky that he hadn’t finished me off. ‘I think I have a new big friend in this world.

Still smiling, I was once again exhilarated, happy to be flying and on my way again to my destination. But thinking about my destination made my mood sour. I really hadn’t thought out what to do when I arrived at my parent’s home, the White House. I might even get blown out of the sky as a threat to national security by whatever force was there to defend it. And there were a lot to chose from, Secret Service, FBI, Police, Air Force, Navy, Army, Marines, and probably other agencies that I didn’t know about. Well, I had heard of something called ASA, but I hadn’t been able to find out who they were and what they were about. I couldn’t very well ask Mom about it. She would have known that I had been eavesdropping and would have punished me harshly for that. Then a thought entered my mind, ‘Did Mom do all this to me because I wasn’t careful enough and she is punishing me? I think I was careful enough in my search for what ASA could be. But if she knew, then why didn’t she tell me? Why did she go away and have me kidnapped? Was it plausible deniability? I did hear about that before. Oh man! If she had anything to do with it, I might be flying straight into a trap.

I had been thinking so hard I really wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings. Suddenly I found myself surrounded by about eight advanced single seat Hover platforms powered by Synergy thrusters and jet engines. An amplified voice said, “Land now and surrender, or we’ll open fire and destroy you.”

I thought, ‘Ha, good luck trying to destroy me. I don’t think you have the fire power to do that.’ In an ice-cold tone I asked, “Who are you to demand that from me?”

The metallic voice replied, “We’re the proud successors of our brothers in Kansas. Like them, we believe that all hybrids are animals, and should be registered as such.”

I had heard of those morons in Kansas. Some 20 odd years before they’d managed to pass a state law that all hybrids were to be considered exotic animals which needed to be registered and collared like a common house pet. I snarled at them, “I’m not an animal, and you’d better stay out of my way.”

The man probably forgot that he still had his loudspeaker on, so I heard him give the order, “Open fire on that piece of vermin.”

I stopped flying straight anymore at that point. I weaved, banked and twisted out of the way at every possible angle. My turning circle was a lot less than they could manage with their platforms and if they killed their forward momentum to try to follow me, I could just out fly them on speed. But still, some of the shots from the zealots came pretty close. One even grazed my left calf and left a painful mark on it. When another shot hit my right wing I lost some feathers and  I decided I’d had it with them. I was going to fight back with extreme prejudice.

After outmaneuvering them quite elegantly, I had one of them were I wanted him. I went after him and as I was overtaking him just barely past his left side. All the platforms had a bubble canopy on them, but the thin plastic was no match for my wing. My left wing sliced through it like a knife through butter, and my feathers grazed the man on his left arm. He died almost immediately and his platform went out of control and crashed with a satisfying explosion on the ground.

The other pilots now really got worked up and doubled their efforts to kill me. In their haste they didn’t watch each other too closely any more and two of them had a midair collision. The ensuing explosion damaged a third, causing it to fall helplessly out of the sky. Two men got scared seeing their numbers dwindle so fast and hightailed it out of there. The last two remaining platforms started racing at me and fired bullets and grenades like a firestorm. I managed to dodge most of the ammo flying my way, but not all and it started to hurt and annoy me. In a desperate attempt, I hurled two feathers towards them, one for each of them. They didn’t even flinch, meeting them head on. ‘Are they stupid? Or do they think that my feathers can’t penetrate the bubbles?

One feather got stuck in the bubble all right, but the other managed to get through, though it lost so much momentum that it just fell harmlessly to the floor of the platform inside the bubble. The man inside got really scared seeing it though, and yanked his platform sideways, crashing into his buddy flying there. The first platform exploded quite nicely, but the last one just poured on the speed at maximum and hurled towards me at an impressive speed.

I dodged the incoming platform by ducking under it just in time, but as it came close, the platform exploded quite spectacular. This destroyed almost half of my right wing and scorched me and  the back of my dress. I screamed out in pain as red hot pieces of metal shredded through my skin everywhere on the back of my body. I lost all ability to keep on flying. Well, how well can you fly with ¾ of your wings, anyway. I fell to the earth thinking, ‘This is it, I’m going to die here.

I smashed through some tree branches which reduced my falling speed quite a bit, but I was still going towards the ground too fast for my taste. When I hit the ground head on, I tried to break my fall with my hands, but my right arm shattered and my left arm broke in at least two places.

As I lay on the ground, I groaned, “Owwie, bad landing.” and was amazed that I was still alive. ‘As long as I’m still alive, I can heal again and be on my way soon. As long as I don’t die of thirst and hunger first, that is.’ I knew that I would need some food again soon with my high metabolism. And healing from such injuries required more energy and i.e. food. Unfortunately, with two broken arms I wasn’t likely to catch something to eat.

As I lay there groaning and contemplating my fate, I heard a sound to my left. I rolled over a little and groaned louder from the pain shooting through me. The sound of branches breaking became much louder, and I saw a big shadowy figure through the trees. I lay very still, hoping that it wouldn’t notice me and just pass me by. I mean, I wasn’t not afraid I’d get eaten or anything, my toxins will protect me from that. But I could get killed.

Then from the big shadowy figure, a deep but pleasant voice sounded, “Hello?”

I wanted to get away. I didn’t want someone to get hurt by accident. ‘Unless this is one of those men that tried to kill me. But his voice does sound friendly.’ With a groan I said, “Don’t come near me, please.”

The big figure came closer and I could see that he wasn’t entirely human looking. He had kind of brown and grey fur. And his mouth looked a little like a muzzle. Well that ruled out one of the attackers. He said, “I’m not here to hurt you, I just want to help you. You don’t have to be afraid of me.”

While trying to retreat a bit, I felt pain shoot through me again. I groaned loudly.

“Please don’t move. I’m coming over to help you.” The hybrid man did sound genuine and nice, so I couldn’t let him get closer.

No, don’t come closer please. You don’t understand. I’m poisonous! If you touch me you could most certainly die a horrible and fast death.” I paused for a moment, and then continued, “Besides that, I can heal by myself well enough, thank you.”

The big man still kept coming closer to me. I wanted to get away, but I couldn’t. As he crouched down towards me the light caught his face, and I saw a rugged but relatively handsome young bear hybrid. And not just any bear, he was a grizzly bear hybrid. I got a good look at his huge hands as well. They looked normal but big, and he had big menacing claws on his fingertips as well. He softly said to me, “That’s okay I’m still going to help you. I can deal with any toxins you might have.”

Now I was a loss for words. ‘Who is this guy?’ “Who are you? What do you mean with ‘I can deal with any toxin’. Are you poisonous yourself? I don’t understand.”

He laughed with a booming bass, “I can be poisonous if I want to. I’m a bio-elemental, I found out after my rather late change. It made me change my major from Legal to Medicine. I haven’t even told my parents about it yet.”

I looked at him, ‘Strange young man. But he seems nice enough.’ “So who are you?”

“My name is Henry McCoy, my friends call me Bear, though a few of my closest friends insist on calling me Beast. I still haven’t found out why.”

Despite my situation I chuckled. He looked at me not understanding, and I laughed out loud now. When he couldn’t take it any more, he asked, “What’s so funny?”

I giggled, “My grandfather had a collection of old comic books. There was a mutant codenamed Beast, but his real name was Henry McCoy.”

Bear stared at me for a moment taking in the information, then he started laughing as well. “I see, now I get it. So because of my name, they named me… Well I’ll get them later. Right now I think I should get you out of here and to my tent.” He pointed up at the sky, “It’s going to rain soon, so would you mind coming with me to my tent to be dry?”

I rolled my eyes, “Well if you put it that way, no I wouldn’t mind at all. But I need some help to get up. I’ve got ¼ of a wing missing, and two broken arms.”

Bear came closer still, and after sampling my toxins from a feather, carefully picked me up in his strong arms and carried me to his tent. It wasn’t far away, so we reached it quite soon. Good thing, too, as the first raindrops started to fall just as we went in. I looked in wonder. This wasn’t just a tent, it was positively huge. Bear noticed, “Yes I have a big tent. I need the room, as I’m quite big myself, now.”

Yes, I had noticed that. As he put me down carefully on a field bed that dwarfed me, I asked, “So why are you here, and not with your parents.”

Bear sat down on a folding seat, that bended out of shape quite menacingly, “I’ve had a kind of heated argument with my stepdad. He’s always lecturing, and very gung ho for MORFS survivors, yet he never spends a lot of time with me. But his father, so in effect my step-grandfather is nice. He’s an empath, but his job takes him away long times. Anyway, I haven’t been home for 2 years now. I can support me self so I don’t need them. I do feel sorry for Mom, but she’s only called me about half a dozen times all this time. I wanted to tell her about both my change as a hybrid and the change in major, but I still haven’t.”

As I thought about my parents, I guess my face betrayed my feelings, because Bear asked, “Why the long face? Say, what is your name?”

I looked up at him with a grimace, “Some people call me Raven, though I don’t know why.” I giggled at that.

He laughed, “Well I don’t have a clue as well. But go on, Raven, why did you have an expression like that?”

“I was just thinking about my parents. I’ve been kidnapped from my home and experimented on. Then, as I am on my way home. some idiot militia decided that I should be considered an exotic animal to  be caged or shackled.”

Bear nodded, “I’ve heard about them. I don’t think that they are legal in their operations here. But similar groups are legal in Kansas.”

I nodded in agreement, “I know that. I hope they can be stopped soon. But on the subject of place, where am I exactly, I think that I’m somewhere in Arkansas, but my maneuvering screwed up my navigation.”

“We’re in the middle of the Ozark national forest. Where are you headed, Raven? You said you’re on your way home right?”

I nodded again, “Yes, I’m heading towards Washington DC. My parents live there at the moment.”

Bear looked at me in awe, “Wow, a big city person, I would have never guessed. You seem so at ease in the open sky here. So are your parents rich or something? Were you kidnapped because of that? Did you have guards or something?”

My face must have given away my feelings, as Bear kind of lurched backwards a bit. In a very cold voice I said, “I had plenty of guards. But I got kidnapped in my own home while I was out with MORFS. I’m not sure, but I think my parents might even be involved themselves.”

“How can you think something like that? Are you parents that cruel? Did they beat you? Where do you live?” Bear asked inquisitively. “I know Washington DC a bit myself. I had a girlfriend there once.”

Grimacing, I answered, “Oh I lived in quite a big house with a very big lawn. Part of the house is even open to the public, you know. Oh, and it is painted white.”

It took a little while for Bear to grasp what I said, then he looked at me with unbelief. “You…? No, you don’t mean … Do you mean the …? No, it can’t be, they only had a son who died recently.”

I looked down to the floor. “I was the president’s son. My MORFS changed me to a girl with wings. And I was taken from the White House. I didn’t die.”

I looked up at Bear who still looked back at me unbelieving. “You’re serious? But you’re so feminine! And it was months ago that he was reported dead.”

I shrugged, “Well, don’t believe me then.” As I changed position, the sheer teddy on me fell open and I flashed my naked breasts at him. He didn’t even look away as I scowled at him, feeling exposed.

He just smiled, “I’m studying to be a doctor, so I have seen everything before, Raven.” When he looked away, I tried, but couldn’t put the teddy back into place with my broken arms. Even worse, I could see that the thing was ripped at several places, probably from the explosion of the hover platform. Bear looked at my carry bag that lay down in front of the bed and picked up something.

He rose up to his full height, “Where in the hell did you get this?”

I looked at what he was holding, it was the digital card that Captain Cordell had given me. I snarled, “None of your business, actually. But if you must know, I made a stop on a cruise ship and the captain gave that to me to make contact with his son. He is supposed to be working with an organization to help MORFS survivors.”

Bear growled, “Sure he is, he’s so busy that he doesn’t even have time for his stepson. Why do you think we had the argument?”

Now I was a loss for words. But I finally I managed to stammer out, “You’re Captain Cordell’s grandson?”

Bear nodded before squinted at me, “So my gramps gave you this. Why?”

I told Bear the whole story about my stop on the cruise ship. As I told him the story, he sat back down again and smiled several times. After I finished, Bear said, “Yep, that’s Gramps. Now you can see why I like him. That is the only good thing that happened after my Mom married Warren after my dad died.”

I smiled at him but then heard my stomach growl. Bear heard it too, and said, “What a bad host I am. You must be hungry. What would you like?”

“Everything you have would be good, but I’m afraid you’ll have to feed me. I still can’t use my arms yet.”

Soon he came back with several trays and started to put spoonfuls into my mouth. He ate quite a lot himself as well, and we had a good time eating. I did notice that sometimes his attention wandered off to my naked breasts, but I pretended not to notice. As the meal ended he cleaned up before asking, “Can I take a look at your arms please? I do know a lot about broken bones along with other injuries. I can even fix them for you.”

I hesitated, I didn’t want something to interfere with my natural speedy healing. “Okay, but only look. Don’t try to fix anything yet. I can feel it healing already.”

Bear took both my arms one by one in his hands and I could feel a slight tingle both times. My suspicion reared its ugly head and I asked, “What am I feeling? You’re not trying to heal them, are you?”

“No, no. I’m only probing deeply into your arms. You are right, you’re healing at quite a rapid rate. I’ve never seen anything like this on someone who’s not a bio-elemental. Are you sure you’re not a secret bio-elemental?”

I shrugged, the pain from my arms making me wince . “I don’t know what I am. Just that I’m a hybrid with wings, a lethal poison and a fast healing power. I never heard anything about what I am. My kidnappers and torturers might know something. But they never shared any of it with me. Now, a question for you, can you give me something to wear so I’ll be a little less exposed?”

I couldn’t see it because of the fur, but I swear that Bear was blushing. He stammered something, but then said, “I’ll look, but I don’t think I have anything for a girl with wings.”

I just lay back on his bunk relaxing a bit, and didn’t even notice his return as I fell asleep before that.

I woke up quite refreshed. I moved my arms and though they were still painful, they were coming along quite nicely almost fully healed. I could already use my left arm a bit and as I propped myself up I noticed a blanket on top of me. ‘I must have fallen asleep, and Bear must have put it over me.’ Thinking of him, I looked around, but I didn’t see him anywhere. The sun was already up and I could hear birds singing. With some difficulty and pain I got up and found a cut up T-shirt on the chair. ‘Is that shirt meant for me?’ I realized that I couldn’t get it on without help. So I left it there and went outside to see if Bear was there.

“Good morning Raven, finally decided to get up?” I startled, hearing Bear’s deep bass voice.

I turned to my right towards his voice, “Yes, but better not startle me like that. I might shoot a feather at you.”

He grinned, “Oh? And how would you do that. Your wing on this side isn’t healed yet, and the other is pointing the other way”

He did have a point, so I let the matter drop. “Where did you go? Why didn’t you wake me up?”

Bear stepped closer to me, “You were sleeping so soundly and contentedly I didn’t want to wake you. But now that you’re up, what do you want to do now?”

“Oh I don’t know, relax a bit and wait till I’m fully healed so I can go on with my mission! But first, some breakfast if you have any.”

Bear laughed, “Sure thing. Raven. Let’s go back inside. Oh, I took one of my old shirts and cut away some parts so you can wear it as a sort of a dress.”

I smiled, so my thoughts were proven right. That shirt was meant for me. “Can you help me put it on? I’m still not fully healed.”

Bear acknowledged and after helping me to put on the Bear-sized shirt that came down far enough to look like a dress, he got out some more supplies and we started eating. As I ate quite a lot again, I thought, ‘My metabolism is really high, especially when healing from injuries.

“Tell me Bear, why are you out here all alone? Don’t you have classes to go to?”

He smiled at me, “Well I do have classes, but I’m on holiday now. I always liked to go out in the wild, but after my change I really like to go out and rough it. I have to be back at university soon though, how about you?”

My face fell, I hadn’t even thought about school. “I didn’t even graduate this year. I was kidnapped during spring break.” I stood up and turned away slightly.

Bear came up next to me. He turned me around to face him and hugged me, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked.”

“No it’s okay. I … well I don’t want to talk about it anymore.” I looked up at his rugged handsome face. He leaned over to me and before I knew it we were kissing. I found myself thinking, ‘What am I doing? I should get away. But it’s not unpleasant. I even like it.’ I felt mortified and exhilarated at the same time. I was so conflicted in my emotions that I just kept on kissing him. Finally he broke it off, and I was gasping for air. Bear just grinned, while I debated internally if I had liked it or loathed it.

I still hadn’t made up my mind, and was lost in thoughts when Bear said something. I looked at him with a blank look so he repeated, “What do you say, Raven? Want to go out for a nice walk?”

Before I knew it, I replied, “Yes, that would be nice.” Inwardly I cursed myself for agreeing so easily. It seemed like I wanted him as a boyfriend. ‘I don’t need a boyfriend. I’m not even sure about myself as a girl! But I have to admit the feelings were nice when he kissed me.’ I resigned myself to the situation and followed his lead into the woods.

Bear was quite knowledgeable with the wildlife. He showed me the different kinds of trees, some animals and even some survival tricks he had learned. As we walked on, I heard a murmur in the distance. I wondered what that was, especially as the sound grew louder as we went towards it.

Suddenly after stepping around a big tree, a lovely scene unfolded before me. It was a narrow high waterfall that fed a pond. The pond wasn’t too big, but large enough to go swimming in. As I looked at the sight, Bear took his shirt and shorts off. I stared at him and his great physique. “What are you doing?” I asked suspiciously.

Bear grinned, “I always take a bath here. Want to join me?”

I continued to stare at him while debating with myself if I should. ‘I do need some cleaning. I’m quite dirty already. But I’ll be naked! Then again, that didn’t bother me in Antarctica. And I’ve been flying around the world wearing nothing more than a teddy as well.

Bear walked up to me in his furry nakedness. “Here, let me help you get that shirt off.”

I still didn’t run away or tell him to back off. Instead I let him help me take off the shirt and let him remove my battered teddy. He didn’t touch me in any sexual way, so I relaxed a bit and walked into the pond. For the next ten minutes I swam around the pond, and even stood beneath the waterfall, using it as a shower.

Bear got out of water saying, “I don’t know about you, but I feel cold even with my fur protecting me.”

Now that he mentioned it, the water wasn’t warm. I didn’t feel cold though, just very refreshed. “I feel fine, I think my skin insulates me a lot. But I’m clean enough, so I’ll come out as well.” I examined my wings, and both seemed similar again, meaning my right wing was healed. I started beating them and soon I jumped up and soared over to the side where Bear was waiting for me.

He whistled, “Impressive, so you’re healed again?”

I pursed my lips, “I can fly already, but it still hurts a bit. So I’ll wait till tomorrow before leaving.”

“Oh, okay.” Bear let his disappointment show with his tone. “Here’s a towel for you.” He handed me a towel and I patted myself dry.

As I picked up the teddy or what was left of it anyway, Bear commented, “It has seen better days, are you sure you want to wear that?”

I shrugged, “What else is there, besides the shirt? I don’t have any underwear, and I doubt I can wear anything you’ve got, even if I wanted that.”

Bear cocked his head to the side, “Well as long as you’re not flying, you can just wear the shirt as a short dress without any underwear. Maybe I can fashion something for you back at the tent.”

Reluctantly I agreed, so wearing nothing but the shirt as a dress we walked back towards the tent, enjoying the scenery and tranquility of the forest. Back at his tent I relaxed on his bed again                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         while Bear was looking for something in his packs. I closed my eyes for a moment and suddenly woke up as Bear leaned over me. I scrambled to get up and under from him as he lurched back, “Sorry I didn’t realize you were sleeping. I just wanted to tell you that I have a solution for your lack of underwear.”

He showed me the remains of my teddy. He’d cut the top off with a laser cutter that he’d had, and he’d managed to weave an elastic band into the fabric. I could use it as a regular panty now. I wanted to put it on immediately, but Bear said, “Let’s eat first. I’ve already put the food on the table.”

I wasn’t about to argue and just dug into my meal. Afterwards I kind of forgot about the panty and just relaxed from the copious meal.

We went outside, where Bear sat down next to me. Together we watched the setting sun. As it started to get dark, I found myself leaning back in Bear’s strong arms. It was quite nice to be like that.

When he kissed me on my neck it gave me goose bumps and a good feeling. I think I moaned a little at the nice feeling it generated in me. I think Bear felt encouraged, as he nibbled a little on my neck like Dracula and then started nibbling on my ear. I gasped for air while he did that. I never knew that it would provide me with such a wonderful feeling. I felt tingly all over, and my nipples started to get hard while another part started to moisten.

After that my memory is blurry, but I do remember a sharp short pain and then the wonderful feeling of something filling me up. I think I had a very good time, but I must have fallen asleep quite soon.

The next morning I woke to find myself in Bear’s arms on the bed. He was still snoring happily while I felt sticky between my legs, and kind of dirty. I jumped out of the bed, waking Bear in the process. Still a bit groggy from sleep he asked, “What is going on?”

I yelled angrily at him, “What is going on? I’ll tell you what is going on. You raped me last night.”

Now Bear got up naked from the bed, “Now Raven, don’t go there. You were just as willing as I was. So don’t go telling me that I raped you.”

I was almost crying from anger and helplessness. “I was still a virgin, you big moron. I’d never had sex before as a girl. I didn’t want that to happen, but you seduced me so easily.”

Calmly, in a low voice Bear said, “Raven, you can’t tell me that you hated it, that you didn’t like it at all,”

I was seething with anger, “I … I … Oh you silver tongued devil, you’re still talking like a lawyer. I didn’t want to be fucked, like a …” I couldn’t even find the words to finish. I picked up the panty that I saw lying around and quickly put it on, ignoring the fact that I was still dirty. “Did you ever think that I might get pregnant because of what you did?”

Bear calmly answered while putting on some shorts, “Yes I did. I made sure that you couldn’t become pregnant from our lovemaking last night.”

Still seething mad, I yelled, “Lovemaking! Is that what you call it? I call it fucking a young impressionable girl against her better judgment. I never want to see you again.”

I was going to continue, but Bear growled, “Quiet!” to me. I was about to tell him what he could do with his command, when I saw a movement far into the woods. I doubt I would have seen it if I didn’t have such a good eyesight. Bear must have heard something as he growled softly, “There are a lot of people trying to sneak up on us.”

We exited the tent and now I saw several dark clad individuals sneaking through the trees towards us. I had no doubt who these people were. Almost certainly it had to be other people from that idiotic militia. Softly I told Bear, “I’ll lead them away, you just hide and get away.”

He growled back, “No way. I’m not backing out of this fight. I think they’re after me, as well.”

I glared at him, but saw that I couldn’t persuade him, so I asked, “You have a plan?”

Before he could answer a voice called out, “There they are! Shoot the nets and catch those vermin!”

I quickly scooted away to my right while Bear growled menacingly and loudly while charging at  incredible speed towards the nearest attacker. We both managed to dodge the nets that our attackers were shooting at us, and I hurled a few feathers at some of them. I half expected them to bounce off the armor as they hit. But to my surprise the feathers sliced through it and 3 men died instantly.

Sneaking a quick look at Bear I saw him tearing through the ranks of our attackers with uncanny speed. He was swatting them away left and right like bowling pins. I would have liked to watch it, but some of the attackers converged on me, so I had to dodge another net that they shot at me while throwing some feathers towards them. I didn’t feel any remorse killing them, expecting what they would do to me to be far worse.

We were making progress in incapacitating or killing off our attackers, when more reinforcements arrived. And these new forces carried bigger guns. This was evident, as there was a flash and an explosion on the side where Bear was fighting. I looked and saw Bear flying through the air as he must have caught the brunt of the impact.

I yelled, “Bear!” then growled to my attackers, “You’re gonna pay for that.” I jumped up high and glided back at a high speed through the people. All the while I was dodging netting and trees while slicing through the clothes and skin of anyone in range of my wings.

Just as I was turning the tide in my favor, I heard the high whine of Synergy thrusters. I quickly looked around and saw several platforms in the air with weapons all pointed at me. ‘Damn this is getting too much for me to handle. Sorry, Bear, I can’t do anything for you. I can’t even go look where you fell. I hope I get a chance to give you a decent burial later.

After a last sweep through the area, and killing a few more people, I took off with at maximum speed and climbing rate I could muster. Soon I was out of range from the militia and their guns. I didn’t slow down though. I kept on flying at top speed.

I had changed my course though, I didn’t feel like going straight through to Washington DC now. I felt dirty after last night, and with the blood and other icky stuff that I collected during the fight. Instead I went a little more to the north, to my ancestral home just outside Kansas City Missouri.

I made one stop along the way at a lonely diner. I barged in and took the food I wanted. The greasy owner gave me a leering stare despite my grimy dirty appearance. ‘Darn it, even dirty I look like a beautiful girl.’ I warned him to stay away from me and soon departed again with a bag full of food and drinks. I regretted the loss of my sling bag which I had left behind in Bear’s tent. It had probably been destroyed by those stupid militia morons by now.

A few miles away from the diner I rested in the woods and devoured my food and drink supply. I took my time afterwards, not wanting to attract more attention. I still felt grimy, but there wasn’t a place in sight for me to wash. I relaxed a bit and even slept for some time.


White House First husband & Chief of Staff study:

Ellis Pratt looked annoyed up from his papers as his phone started ringing. “Yes?”

An excited FBI agent said, “Raven has been sighted in Arkansas. Apparently she attacked or was attacked by a group of anti-morfs militia. They have found 23 dead militia members so far, and a big tent belonging to a medical student from Sun City. They also found some things they are definitely sure were hers, but she has left the scene for an unknown destination.”

Ellis leaned back to think about what he should do. There was no doubt that his former son, now daughter was on her way to the White House. But how fast she would get there was anybody’s guess. He pulled up a file on his eCom, examined it for a few moments and clicked on a link to activate the calling function. “General Hastings, Equip some men with Javelins and have a few F35’s on standby. Intensify the radar coverage in the DC area and have our satellite checking the DC area as well, especially the low altitudes. I’m expecting an incoming winged MORFS freak any time now.”

The general confirmed the orders before signing off. Ellis checked to see if there was more he could do, but finally concluded that any further actions would be too noticeable to his wife, the President.


White House Oval office:

President Iris Pratt had just finished her briefing with her advisors when a messenger delivered a folder. Warily she opened it, seeing that it came from the FBI. She began to read:

An anti-MORFS militia related to the organization SHAME from Kansas, attacked a flying woman identified as Raven. Apparently she won the first battle in the air against them, but suffered injuries. The battle occurred in the skies of the Ozark National Forest in Arkansas. She was found by a camper identified as Henry McCoy, a grizzly bear hybrid who is a Medical student in Sun City. The Militia attacked again this morning, resulting in 26 dead militia members and a wounded bear hybrid. He’s currently in custody for questioning.
Raven left the scene of the battle as militia reinforcements arrived. She was last seen heading into a North-Easterly direction.
Mr. McCoy has answered all questions quite willingly, and testified that Raven said she used to be Orrin Pratt, the son of the President. There is no proof that Raven was telling the truth or lying about it, and we cannot be certain that she is sane of mind or disillusioned in her state of mind. We recommend caution handling the young woman and try to talk her into giving herself up to the authorities.

Iris pinched the bridge of her nose and closed her eyes for a moment. She already had so many problems and this one kept coming closer all the time. Arkansas wasn’t that far away. Raven might show up at the White House any time now. She needed to arrange the defense. She told her secretary to get General Watts in her office.

A little later General Watts knocked and went into the oval office. “Mrs. President!”

“General. You already know about the possible threat of the toxic winged hybrid. The one that is called Raven?”

The General nodded, “Yes I do, Ma’am. You’ve voiced concern that she might not be as hostile as was reported.”

Iris smiled, trusting this man totally. “I just got a report saying that she was in a big brawl in Arkansas. I’m expecting her to appear here at any moment.”

“I’ll update my defenses then, Ma’am. I’ve got people with nets, tasers and other non-lethal weapons at the ready. We also installed a silent guardian near the entrance, and it is mobile enough to be directed at any point. I can get some additional troops with more lethal weapons ready to intervene, might the situation call for it.”

Iris thought for a moment. “No I think the non-lethal weapons with the silent guardian will be enough, though the use of any of it is as a last resort only. There will be no shooting till the order is given. Especially since the report says again that she might be my son who has morfed into this winged girl.”

“Understood Mrs. President. I’ll also increase the number of scramblers against Teleporters, Portals, Energy weapons and particle weapons. Now if you don’t mind, I’ll get to work.”


Somewhere in the warehouse district Washington DC:

A suspicious looking man knocked in a specific pattern on an inconspicuous door, it opened slightly, then quickly it opened more to let him in. “I came here as fast as I could. What’s wrong?”

Another man, this one bald with a long white beard replied, “We have a perfect opportunity coming. Our contact in the White House said that a very dangerous morfs survivor is expected to attack the White House. This is the perfect diversion for our plan.”

The first man cocked his head, “Please elaborate.”

A woman stepped forward, “All the defenses will be concentrated on the dangerous morfed girl. And the president will be out in the open on the lawn to meet the girl. Apparently it concerns a relative of her. She also ordered non-lethal weapons for protection against the girl. We have the perfect opportunity to launch our attack on that vile woman in office, since they can’t harm our droid with those weapons.”

The man followed the direction of her eyes to the perfectly still figure of a woman in the corner of the room.
Another man was busy with doing something to it. It looked like he was operating or something. The first man asked, “How is our android doing now?”

The man performing something like surgery on the still woman said, “See for yourself.” He pulled a transmitter from his belt and spoke into it, “New training target on the wall, the round board. Identify and eliminate.”

The still woman sort of came to life and raised her arm, as her wrist sort of flipped down. Several high speed metal parts shot out of the opening and embedded themselves in the board hanging on the wall. The only sound was a slight hiss from the metal searing through the air and the sound of the metal parts hitting the board.

The first man applauded, “Good work, so she’ll be ready for the mission.”

The mechanic answered, “Oh yeah. The Agency really sold us a good piece of equipment this time.”


Manhattan penthouse:

“Quartz! You’re not going to believe this! Apparently the whole DC defense area is on high alert because of an imminent attack from a dangerous morfs survivor. We just got word that every agency and the military is on full alert. I think we need to go there ASAP.”

Quartz looked at her sister, “How dangerous is this one?”

“I heard that she’s deadly toxic, and has an attitude to match. We might have a big fight ahead. I hope she will consider to stop threatening people and joins us.”

“Any name for this danger?”

Jet smiled, “They code named her Raven, so I like her already.”


A hidden cave somewhere in the Rocky Mountains:

The message that appeared on Sanura’s eCom read: “The word is given. Every military and civilian agency is on full alert. The winged morfs survivor named Raven is on her way to the White House and is expected to arrive there at any moment.”

She sighed, pressing on a button on her desk. Immediately a siren began blaring, indicating an alert situation to the team members. Sanura suited up in the mean time, and with her helmet on, initiated a vid call to a number she had been given. “Good morning, Mrs. President. I’m called Void, and my team ECLIPSE specializes in handling dangerous morfs. We heard about the possible threat to the White House and are offering our services.”

Iris Pratt looked with a bit of suspicion and curiosity at the strange woman dressed in commando gear. The call had come in on a number assigned to the ASA, so it was very likely that this team the woman spoke of was a covert team from that agency. She made a note to find out about ECLIPSE. “Thank you for offering your help Ms. … um, Void. But at this point I’m not so sure that Raven is a threat. And we do have lots of resources ourselves.”

Sanura was a bit taken back at her help being flat-out refused. She didn’t like it one bit. If this Raven was in fact as dangerous as reported, then the President might underestimate her and get herself killed. “I understand, Mrs. President. However we will be in the vicinity just in case. We’ll let you handle it unless it becomes too dangerous. You can reach us on this frequency.” Sanura rattled off a few numbers that would be monitored by their communication gear.

She cut the connection and swore a little as she joined the rest of her team. Echo was putting his bright pink hair into a high ponytail before putting on his helmet as Sanura walked up to where the team had assembled. He waited for Sanura to take her helmet off and said in the overcompensating macho tone he always used, “Hey Void. What’s up?”

Sanura just shook her head, wondering when he was ever going to learn. “We have a level 1 alert coming. An unknown winged morf is flying into Washington DC, headed straight for the White House. I talked to the President, but we’re on hold for the moment. We’ll go there anyway, but unless the situation gets really out of hand, we’re not doing anything to resolve the situation.”

The team murmured a little and Sanura said sharply, “My orders are clear. Right?”

Blitz, who was late as he had just come in, said for all of them, “Sure it is, you know that we don’t do anything rash anymore. So ’Nura, who is this morfs survivor?”

Sanura thought about her research on the girl named Raven. She’d had a hard time pulling the data from the agencies and only succeeded because her ASA clearance was high enough. “The information is sketchy, what I’ve been able to gather is that she traveled under her own power all the way from Antarctica to DC. And that she might be related to the President. She has been named Raven for some reason. Maybe because she’s a African-American and has black wings. I do know that she’s very deadly, with toxic feathers. So Poison, your skills might definitely be needed.”

Flutter said, “I could take her out of the sky easily enough.”

Sanura thought about it, “Not until we’re certain she’s a threat. I don’t want innocent victims. So be on your toes and be vigilant, but hold off on any action till I say so.”

They all agreed and stepped through the portal Sanura opened.

End of part Four, to be concluded in part Five.


To be continued...






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