First Hybrid
by Shrike

 Part 3


I stayed in the village for a couple of weeks to heal up and rest. But then my restless nature and thirst for revenge made me antsy, wanting to get going again. I said goodbye to the people in the village who had become my friends and with a quick jump into the air I started to continue my flight northward. I didn’t go straight north though, I made a slight detour through Colombia. I planned to go to the Embassy there, to send another message.

Underway I rested a few times on hilltops and ate some of the provisions my friends from the village had given me for my journey. An uneventful flight later I neared Bogotá and in particular, the Avenida El Dorado where the Embassy is located. I decided to stake the place out before I could break into the building or tried to get in through an opening, so I landed quietly on a rooftop not far away, while waiting for it to become dark.

As I sat on my haunches, I noticed some commotion in the streets below me. I looked closer at it and saw a very fat looking man, apparently with something around his middle walking towards the embassy. The people that saw him walking got out of the way very fast. Then some police showed up, but instead of trying to arrest him or shoot him, they retreated and let him walk on. I kind of zoomed in with my incredible eyesight and saw that the man had explosives tied around his waist. Something he held in his hand was probably the detonator.

One policeman got the guts to try to do something and fired his gun at the man. The bullets just bounced off, however. ‘Is this man invulnerable?’ I started to feel angry. The man was going in a straight line towards the US embassy. Though I was mad at the treatment I’d gotten from some of my countrymen, it was still my country. Thought became action as I straightened up and swooped in an arc down towards the street.

At high speed I soared towards the man and picked him up and tried my best to get him high in the air. ‘Damn that guy is heavy!’ My wings beat furiously and with much difficulty we rose higher and higher. But I knew I couldn’t keep this up, so I set us down on the roof of a high tower.

There the man turned to me and angrily spat, “Death to Americans. Let me go or I blow us up.”

Coldly I said to him, “Go ahead. There’s only us up here. Maybe you’ll survive the blast, but the collapse of the building might kill you.”

“You have death wish?” With a screwed face he snarled it at me.

“Yes I do, I didn’t want to look like this, and I got experimented on.” I motioned to him, “What’s your excuse?”

With a superior air he snarled, “I’m proud of my membership of FARC & Al Qaeda alliance. I would gladly give my life to blow up Americans. But since my change, I can survive every explosion or gunfire. So I will blow up every American I see. That includes you.”

Meanwhile, I stealthily pulled a feather from my wing and held it ready in my hand. Just as he began to shout some kinda slogan or battle cry which I’m sure would have been followed by detonating the explosives around him, I threw my feather into his mouth. I was pretty sure that the feather would just bounce off his skin, just like it did with the Verosaurs earlier and I counted again on his mouth being not so protected. He choked on the feather entering his mouth for a moment, then still tried to press the activation button. Fortunately for me and the people in the building, the poison worked fast enough to prevent him from doing so.

I flew from the tower roof towards the Embassy to tell them that the danger had passed and that the suicide bomber, well not exactly suicide, but close enough, was lying dead on top of the tower. As I neared the Embassy I saw several soldiers running around on the grounds. It looked like the Embassy was on full alert. I didn’t notice the lonely soldier on the roof, however. He hid in the shadows with his large caliber machinegun. I guess he was frightened of me because without warning he starting shooting at me. Because I hadn’t expected it, I got hit a few times in my legs, abdomen and wings.

In a reflex I swung my right wing towards where the shooting came from and released a few feathers. I don’t know if it was because I wanted to let loose or if it was a result of being fired upon. The fact was that one feathers nicked the soldier on the back of his hand and within moments he began to convulse. I made my way over there and screamed, “No, I didn’t mean that. Don’t die, please?”

It took only moments for the soldier, he looked like a boy, to die. I held him in my arms as he died and thought, ‘He can’t be more than 18 years old, and I killed him!

Then the time for mourning was over as several soldiers burst through the access door to the roof. They saw me holding the boy, and immediately opened fire on me. These were only 5.56 mm rounds, so I could deflect them with my wings and even if they hit my flesh, they didn’t penetrate much. But it still hurt me so I got up and took off in flight. I screamed out in anger, “Why couldn’t I get a chance to explain?” But of course there was no one around near enough to hear me.

While crying in my frustration I flew towards the north side of the city. Next to each other on one street I saw a bakery and a butcher shop that were already open. Quickly I came in for a landing and folded my wings. Menacingly I stepped into the shop and picked out some loaves of bread. The owner was about to say something but at the first sound he uttered, I glared at him and he backed down. This was repeated next door at the butcher and with my sling bag filled, I quickly took off again before authorities could respond to the calls of my appearance.

On a mountaintop in the middle of the jungle I stopped to rest and eat, while I contemplated my next move. I decided to forgo sending another message and just head on home. I made a mental picture of the map of this part of the world and decided that the shortest way for me was to cross over to Haiti or Dominican Republic and then by Cuba to cross over to Florida. This not only seemed the shortest way, it also would give me the least problems with border patrols. Ever since Castro died, Cuba had descended more into chaos till it became as much as a new state of the US. It wasn’t really US territory of course, but you wouldn’t be able to tell seeing the sights there.


Iris Pratt, the President of the USA studied a report about the person who crashed into the embassy in Buenos Aires. The investigating senior had written, “This person is a tough avian hybrid young girl with apparently toxic deadly wings. She calls herself Oriana. She apparently threatened to kill the ambassador, but didn’t follow through. It is not clear if she is a threat to the security of the President or not. If she really is a threat, then she had ample chance to kill people, which she didn’t. We do recommend caution in dealing with her. There is also another investigation underway on this young girl, secretly from CIA sources. We have ascertained that they have codenamed the girl, Raven.”

Iris paused and responded to a knock on her door, “Enter.” Her aide entered her study and handed her a new report before leaving. This report said, “A suicide bomber from an alliance between FARC and Al Qaeda tried to get to the US embassy in Bogotá. This wasn’t a regular attempt though, as the bomber was diagnosed as a hybrid with a very tough skin, able to withstand the explosion himself. Before the bomber was able to reach the Embassy, he was stopped by the young hybrid woman identified as Raven. She managed to kill the bomber before he could detonate the explosives. Then she appeared to attack the Embassy herself. She was stopped by a soldier single handedly. He did so, however, at the cost of his own life. The poison of Raven’s wings killed him very quickly. After the foiled attack she was driven away by our forces and left for parts unknown. Since two shops elsewhere in the city reported having been robbed of supplies by a woman with Raven’s description, we can safely assume that she is making her way towards the USA.”

Iris reread the reports and leaned back in her chair. She thought, ‘Damn that husband of mine. He must have sent in some CIA men. Why did he have her called Raven, though? Does he know something that I don’t? He won’t tell me honestly, I guess. If I had known that he would be like this …’ She let the thoughts trail a bit, then got back to her state affairs. She had a lot of work to do, including letting her security and armed forces devise a plan of defense against this Raven if she really was underway to the White House and proved to be a threat.


Ellis Pratt read the same report about the events in Bogotá. He wasn’t happy with it. Not only didn’t they manage to stop his former son temporarily, or better, permanently, but now she had killed a US soldier. There was no telling what she might do now. ‘Damn if only they hadn’t let her escape Antarctica. Where is this going to end? There is no doubt that Iris is reading this report as well. If she doesn’t tell me later, it will mean either that she knows I’m still involved with tracking Raven, or that she doesn’t trust me enough with the information. It will probably be both, anyway.’ He leaned back to think about what he could devise now to keep Raven far away from her mother.


I quickly made my way across the jungle and started to see the Caribbean Sea when I noticed the weather patterns to my right. There were a lot of clouds there and though I had never seen it from this high up in the air, it looked an awful lot like a tropical storm or even a hurricane. Soon I encountered a lot of turbulence and the wind pushed me from my path. I could try to fight my way against the wind, but the strength would only increase probably. So I turned away to my left and let the wind blow me towards the Central American Countries. I knew it would take me longer and that the border patrols were much more intensive, but I didn’t want to fight a storm. It would just tire me out too quickly.

As I reached the Panama Canal, I was already very tired and hungry. There was one of the big cruise liners sailing the waters. I decided to take a quick look and maybe get something to eat. Quickly but silently I flew over to the ship and decided to land on the upper deck. As I got nearer to the ship, some passengers saw me flying and started yelling, screaming or just plain watched in awe at the young gorgeous girl dressed in lingerie flying under her own power. I touched down lightly on the deck wobbling precarious for a moment on my heels. ‘Strange I didn’t have any problems with it on the rooftops with the bomber and the soldier. Even in the shops I didn’t notice discomfort wearing them. But now I feel a bit wobbly again. Maybe it’s because I’m so tired.

A man dressed in a white uniform with captain’s bars on his epaulets walked up to me. He coolly said, “Why did you land aboard my ship, Miss…?”

I glared at him, “I’m hungry and thirsty. Now I don’t want any trouble, but I don’t have any money or valuables. And be careful of my wings, which are laced with a deadly poison. So if you value your life, please, stay away from me and just let me eat and drink. Maybe I’ll go to a bathroom as well.”

The captain stared at me, then his facial features hardened. “Fine! I’ll have something brought here. Just don’t hurt any of our guests, please.”

I was stunned with the ease the captain gave in. Maybe he had already heard of me? I decided to push my luck a bit further. “Thank you, captain, could I trouble you to let me go to the bathroom first then? And could I also borrow a dress or something? I would like to wear something more than just this teddy that I found where I was kept after being kidnapped from home.”

The captain screwed his eyes at me as I said it, and after I spoke the word kidnapped, cocked his head in a peculiar way. I thought I saw his features soften a bit, but I couldn’t be sure. “I’ll see what I can do. You can use the bathroom in my cabin, it’s closest to here.”

I thought of warning him not to try to lock me up, but decided against it. If he did, he would be very sorry. I strode after him as he showed me the way. As I walked, I felt that my walk had more swivel in it and I was reminded that I had seen other girls walk like this. I wasn’t happy that now that I did the same, but I guessed that it must be a girl thing. And I really did have the body of a girl now. He went ahead of me into quite a large cabin and pointed to a door in the side. “The shower is over there, as well as toilet and such if you need it. Now you don’t have to, but if you give me your garment, I can have it cleaned for you.”

I gave him an incredulous stare and tried to guess his sincerity. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, and quickly untied the strings of my teddy. The captain looked at me with big eyes. I don’t think he had expected me to undress in front of him. Now that I thought of it, neither did I. I guess I’m still not used to being a girl. I swallowed my embarrassment and just disappeared into the bathroom. First I took care of some business, I was glad that it wasn’t that time of the month. I already had a few embarrassing moments when I was held captive and another time in the Jungle. I reveled in the clean water running all over my body. He even had shampoo and such handy. I didn’t think he would mind my using some, so I lathered up my long hair and washed it well for the first time since my change.

As I was still rinsing it out, there was a knock on the door. I hopped out of the shower stall naked and dripping wet, and opened the door slightly. The captain was back with a hairdryer and some towels. “I thought you might need these. I couldn’t help notice that you had beautiful, but dirty hair.”

I smiled at him, “Thanks, you’re being very kind. Considering that I barged into your life, demanding food and drink and threatening you with toxins.”

He smiled back, “I can’t know how you must have been treated, but I have some idea of what you must have been through. My son went through MORFS and became a hybrid. He had a lot of problems before fitting in. And you didn’t exactly threaten, you warned me about it. Now finish up and I’ll be back soon.”
I answered, “Yes Sir,” and closed the door again to finish my washing and then try to dry myself. My wings were a bit in the way of course, but I managed it all right. My long hair took some time to figure out, but eventually it was dry and fashionable as well. With a towel wrapped around me, I stepped back into the cabin and found the captain was already there waiting for me. On the table were several plates of food and some bottles of wine, water and other various alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

“I didn’t know what you would like, so I took the liberty of getting several things for you. Now I would like to talk to you while you eat. Is that okay with you?”

I smiled at him though I was still a bit apprehensive. ‘Why is he being so nice and providing me with everything?’ “I don’t mind that at all, Sir.”

He smiled at me, “You don’t have to call me Sir. I’m Steve Cordell. I’m guessing that you attended some military academy because of your behavior.”

I chose a stool without a back to sit on at the table. I knew I could never sit on a normal backed chair again because of my wings. I looked at him, “You’re quite correct. I did attend a military academy. You as well?”

He nodded and then asked, “So would you mind telling me where you came from? I mean where you were held captive?”

I had just loaded my plate full of meat, potatoes and vegetables, and was about to dig in.  “Antarctica,” I said just before taking my first bite. I was glad to be eating normal food with normal utensils again . It had been a long time since I had used any.

Captain Cordell was shocked, and looked at me with surprise. “You mean the Antarctic continent? And you flew all the way here under your own power?”

I was busy shoveling food into my mouth at a rapid pace. I really was hungry again. Flying takes a lot of energy that I needed to replenish. So I nodded, and between two spoonfuls I said, “Well it did take me several days of course. And I had to heal up for a week after getting bitten by a large dinosaur in the Jungle.”

He kept looking at me with wonder and admiration. Then he asked, “So where are you headed, if you don’t mind me asking?”

I didn’t mind, so after swallowing said, “Home.” Then I got a little suspicious. “Why am I talking to you like we’re old friends? Did you do something? Do you have any powers?”

He smiled mysteriously, “I didn’t think you would find out. Yes I’m a weak empath. I cannot only feel emotions, but I can also give a sort of sense of trust to people. So I made you open up for to talk with me. Are you offended or angry about that?”

I thought about it, “No I don’t think so. But you could have told me.”

“I just did, so mind telling me where home is?”

I stopped eating for a moment debating with myself if I should tell him the truth. ‘He seems nice enough, but he might tell people all about me. Well maybe that isn’t such a bad thing. I might get my revenge or answer quicker if he reports me to Mom and Dad.’ “Washington DC at the moment, though our real home is just outside Kansas City, Missouri.”

I stuffed my mouth full again with a second helping. This time I choose rice and some tasty stuff that had been added. Captain Cordell continued to look strangely at me. “Are you related to a senator or congressman?”

I didn’t immediately answer him, as I kept on eating. ‘I never pigged out like this. My metabolism has changed a lot as well. I hope I can still lift off later.’ The captain didn’t urge me on to talk, though he must have been dying of curiosity. Finally, I swallowed the last bit and drank some wine, before answering, “No, I used to live in the White House. I was the president’s son.”

This was a real shock to him. His face said it all plain and clear to me. But he surprised me as well, “Want me to contact them for you? Why are you out here in the first place? I don’t understand. Why you aren’t with your family.”

Coldly I said, “I was kidnapped from the White House and experimented on at the military base in Antarctica. They told me just before I escaped that my Mom, the President, had ordered my death. So I’m on my way home to get some answers. I’ll see what happens from there.”

Captain Cordell swallowed, I think he guessed what I meant by that. “I wish you Godspeed on your journey, Miss…?”

“I have chosen Oriana Pratt as my new name.”

“Nice, how did you chose that?”

I drank some more wine before answering, “I was watching the sun rise and remembered something from my Latin class. And it’s not so different from my original name, Orrin.”

Before I or the captain could say more, someone knocked on the door. Captain Cordell opened and  a steward handed him a bundle. Captain Cordell carried it over to me and said, “Here you go, Miss Pratt, your underwear and a dress, all clean and ready for you to put on.”

I took the clothes from him and this time dressed a bit more privately, by turning my back to him and shielding myself with my wings. I was a bit glad to wear my neo-silk teddy again, and the dress was nice too. It had a build in support for my breasts, though they hardly needed it, and a low cut back so it wouldn’t hinder my wings. After putting on my stolen shoes again I was ready to go.

Captain Cordell asked, “So before you take off, what do you want me to do? Report this incident, or forget it?”

I shrugged, “Doesn’t matter to me. The White House already knows that I’m coming, so you can report it if you like. Maybe you can send the bill for this to them and get it reimbursed. But I do want to thank you for being so kind and friendly. Thank you, Captain Steve Cordell.” I gave him a slight kiss, ,making very sure that I had my wings out of the way from him.

He smiled, “It was my pleasure Miss Pratt. So you want to leave now? I don’t recommend it with your stomach full. Don’t you think that you need some time for digestion?”

I gave him a suspicious stare, “I don’t want to impose.”

He apologized, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that I want to keep you here. And you’re not imposing.” He cocked his head, “When was the last time you had a good nights sleep in a comfortable bed.”

I thought for a moment, “That depends, what date is it?”

“August 24th, why do you ask?”

I gave him a wry smile, “Then it’s been about 3 months that I haven’t been comfortable sleeping. I haven’t been comfortable since I changed. My wings get in the way lying on my back. My breasts get in the way lying on my stomach. I can’t lie down on either side as well, so I haven’t been sleeping well for a long time.”

“Maybe you would like to try sleeping on my bed. You look like you need it. I’ll give orders that you’re not to be disturbed.”

I thought about it, ‘It would be nice to try to sleep in a normal bed again. I think I can trust him. He’s been forthright with me so far anyway. Even if he betrays me, I can get myself out of most trouble well enough. And he does have a point that I should wait before flying till some of the food has been digested.’ “Ok Captain, I’ll take you up on your offer, but not too long, please. Can you wake me after a few hours?”

He smiled. “Sure, Miss Pratt. Just make yourself comfortable. Do you want a blanket or something?”

“I don’t need that anymore. My new skin protects me from the elements extremely well.”

He was surprised, “Oh I see! Well, pleasant dreams then.”

He excused himself and stepped out, closing the door quietly, but securely. I didn’t hear it being locked or anything so I decided it was okay to try to sleep a bit. After trying to lie on my wings, I switched to lying on my stomach. I guess the softness of the bed helped, because though it was not that comfortable, it didn’t feel so bad lying on top of my breasts now. Soon I was off to dreamland.

A very annoying beeping sound got me out of my slumber and at first I just wanted to swat it with my hand or whatever. I felt a whoosh of air going past me, and someone said, “Hey, watch out with that wing of yours.”

The voice was familiar and the beeping had stopped now. Then I came to my senses fully. That something was my wing with poisonous feathers, and the voice belonged to the captain of the cruise ship. Like being bitten by a snake, I jumped up from the bed and looked at a relaxed, seated captain Cordell. He asked, “So did you sleep well Miss Pratt?”

I was still feeling the adrenaline rush of waking up startled, so I glowered at him till I could get my pulse down to normal and answer him without stammering. “Yes, how long?”

“You’ve been asleep for three and a half hours. Feel rested now?”

I still felt a bit groggy from being pulled out of sleep, but I did feel rested and calm now. “Yes, thank you.” I looked away for a moment, then asked, “I really appreciate all you have done for me, but why?”

The captain looked away with a sad expression, then looked back at me, “I told you that my son went through MORFS. Well he had a lot of problems, though he had parents that still love him. A friend of his also went through it, but he wasn’t so lucky. His parents weren’t very supportive and even loathed him. He committed suicide not long after he changed. My son Warren took it hard, and it took a long time and a whole lot of care from us to bring him out of his depression. I vowed that I would do everything in my power to help MORFS survivors everywhere I encounter them, with the exception of really bad people that misuse their given power.”

I listened to it with a tear starting in my eye. “How can you be so sure that I’m not a bad person?”

He smiled, “Remember, I have my empathy to rely on. It helps me a great deal to make a good judgment.”

I smiled at him. “Still, I’d like to thank you very much for all you’ve done.”

“It was my pleasure young lady. Oh, one last thing. If you find yourself in some trouble or need someone to talk to, go to this organisation. My son works there and they do a lot of good things for MORFS survivors.” He gave me a digital card which I put into my sling bag. I was surprised to see that it was already filled with easy to take food and bottled water. I looked at the captain, “Did you?”

He smiled again, “Yes I filled it for you, hope you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind at all. Thank you again.”

“You’re welcome.”

He showed me out to the upper deck and I waved to him before taking a few steps and launching myself into the air with the powerful beating of my wings. It felt good to be underway again, and after my restful sleep it was even better. I couldn’t help thinking about my encounter with the captain, ‘He really was a nice guy. When I can, I will give him a gift of some sort. Maybe his son knows what he likes.

Being rested and full I made good time flying towards the north northwest. For a moment I contemplated changing my course and trying to reach Cuba from the Yucatan peninsula. But I decided against that because the hurricane was still in that area and I didn’t want to fly all that way for nothing. So with some rest stops and resupplying my food and water at some points, I pushed myself on hard towards Mexico and the USA.

 Several days later I was flying high over a village when suddenly a movement caught my eye. Some people were running away from some kind of animal, it looked like a small bear with light tan fur and leopard spots. As I zoomed in on that scene, the animal caught up to a woman and attacked her. It tore the woman open with one swipe of it’s claws. Then it started to eat from soft entrails of the dying woman. She was wasn’t even dead yet, instead the beast was eating her alive!

Some men returned to the scene with improvised weapons like spears, though one appeared to have a gun. As I flew closer to the scene I noticed that it wasn’t a bear, but something completely different. The beast growled at the men approaching it, and with a quick reaction, dodged the spears and most of the bullets. It did get hit by at least one bullet, but that only made the beast angrier. It charged towards the men now and I thought to myself, ‘ I have seen enough.’ I sped in closer in a high speed dive, only to brake at the last possible moment and raising a lot of dust, landed quite gently about 30 feet in front of the animal.

As the dust settled the animal locked it’s attention on me, but didn’t attack right away. Maybe it was sizing up this new arrival. Now that I was close to it, I managed to identify the beast. It was a hybrid of what looked like a wolverine with a jaguar. It was twice as wild, really mean, angry and very, very dangerous.

For a moment we continued to watch each other, neither wanting to make the first move. Then with incredible speed the beast leapt forward and I jumped up, my wings beating furiously to get out of its way. I barely managed to get up high enough to evade the deadly claws. I had already pulled some feathers from my wing before I had to jump up, and threw them at the beast with all the strength that I could muster. Two feathers hit the target and it was only a few seconds before the animal started to convulse and died from the poison.

I didn’t land near the beast, but flew to where the dying woman was lying. She looked up at me while I landed and said something like “Angel.” I thought, ‘She’s mistaking me for an angel? Better let her believe in her illusion. Maybe it’ll give her some peace of mind.’ Just as I knelt next to her she breathed out once more and  her head lolled to the side. I didn’t even needed to feel her pulse. I just knew that she was dead.

I kept kneeling next to the dead woman for a while till I heard people slowly walking closer . When I got up to look at them, some of them raised spears. The man with the gun however spoke in rapid Spanish to them and the spears were lowered. Then the man with the gun walked towards me, “Muchacha Hermosa. Tu eres la que se llama Raven?”

I didn’t understand what he meant. I always sucked at Spanish at school. So I gave him a look full of question marks. He tried again in passable English this time, “You are the one they call Raven?”

I understood him this time, but he didn’t make any sense. “What do you mean with ‘Am I the one they call Raven?’ Who is calling me Raven?”

The man gave a little smile, “Some days ago men from US come to our village and warned us about a winged dangerous black girl with poisonous feathers and being very dangerous. They said that your name was Raven. They asked us to call them when we saw that girl, but to stay away from her.”

I understood now, I had been declared wanted, and some agency put people up to report my whereabouts to them. I watched him with suspicion, ‘Is he going to turn me in or not?

The man smiled at me, “You have nothing to fear from us. We are grateful to you for saving us from that bestia.”

He put his gun away and motioned for me to follow him. I followed him towards the others who were either standing at some distance waiting, or poking at the dead animal. I cleared my throat and said pointing at my wings, “Tóxico.”

The man turned to me, “We already thought that. If you don’t mind, we will not come too near to you. My name is Marcelo. You are Raven, yes?”

“You can call me that. So what are you and what’s with this animal?”

Marcelo looked at the dead beast, “We don’t really know, last week we found one of our people, old Jorge, dead. He had been attacked and eaten. Since then the bestia became more brutal and attacked more and more of our people. I’m what you call deputih?”

“Deputy? Like in helper of the law officer?”

He smiled, “Yes, the police chief lives in the big town, I’m appointed here as his helper.”

I smiled at him. Fortune was with me here. I had some help from the local law and the village. I only wanted to get something to eat and drink and some supplies so I could get on with my journey. But then I thought of something. “How much will those men pay you if you tell them that you have seen me?”

Marcelo squinted at me, “Enough to get our village through at least two harsh winters.”

I smiled, my hunch was dead on. “I want you to call them that you have seen me. But give me a little head start. This way you get your money and I can slip past them first.”

Marcelo started laughing, “I like your thinking, Raven. Are you sure you’re not Mexican?”

“Most definitely. I can’t speak Spanish. Now, can you spare some food and drink for me?”

Marcelo said something in rapid Spanish and then to me, “We can do better. We give you fiesta. We will celebrate that the monster is dead and honor you for saving us.”

Whether I wanted to or not, I got dragged into a big party. I drank a lot of tequila, but didn’t get drunk at all. I was wondering about that, till I thought, ‘Alcohol is just like any other drug, some kind of poison. And I’m immune to poisons.’ In any case I did have a good time and ate and drank enough. Early the next morning I packed some of the food and refilled all my bottles to get back underway.

“You are leaving us now?”

I turned to Marcelo. “Yes I have a mission. I need to get going again. Thanks for all the food and drink. Please wait till the afternoon before calling.”

“No hay problema Muchacha Hermosa. Vaya con dios.”

Well I did understand that. “Vaya con dios to you as well.” With that I launched myself back into the air and started my next leg towards the Mexican-US border. I knew I would have trouble there, but I was in good spirits and was confident that I could get through all right.

As I neared the border I took a last rest, ate the last of my food and drank the last from my bottles. I needed to be light for the next phase. I flew almost straight up into the air till it began to get harder because of the thin air. I dropped down from there and increased my speed till I managed to break the sound barrier. I couldn’t keep that kind of speed up in level flight, but I got close enough.

I sped my way to the border and soon noticed the unmanned drone jets that were being used for border patrols these days. They noticed me too, and several started  in my direction. I tried to avoid them, but three of them managed to stay on my tail. They shot metal darts at me, trying to incapacitate any engines of the flying machine that they mistook me for, but of course I don’t have engines. Fortunately my skin was tough enough and I was not damaged too much by them. Still, they hurt like hell.

So I tried something that I had been practicing on my trek to here. I did a roll and with a quick movement, released a feather from my wing into the direction of the drone. Because I had practiced it, it worked like a charm. The feather shot into the engine intake and the jet blew itself apart. The other two drones figured me to have some sort of weapons and started using heavier firepower on me. Now I was really pissed. I rolled, banked, did everything I could think of and was aerodynamically possible. The drones tried to copy some of it to keep me into their sights and lost sight of each other. They collided with each other, leaving me free to go as I pleased.

Exhilarated I flew  onward at high speed, still high on adrenaline, over desert land and some forested areas. Suddenly I thought I saw something big move down between the trees. ‘Are there also Verosaurs here in the US? I never heard of that. Maybe they kept it quiet.’ I dove down a bit and with a fast wing movement shot a few feathers into the canopy.

Whatever it was, the feathers bounced of it. So I dove down even deeper and tried to locate the head, so I could repeat my earlier feat of killing those monstrous dino things. I thought I had located the head and  flew around a heavy forested hill at breakneck speed to meet the thing head on. As I went head to head with it, I released my feathers and saw them strike on and inside the mouth of a very big and dangerous looking dragon.

I began to have mixed feelings about it. ‘Dragons don’t go this far south right? How will the dragon community react when they find out that I killed one of them.’ But then the dragon with purple scales shook off the feathers that had lodged in his mouth and spat a glob of something towards me. It hit me head on and I felt slimed.

Yuck, this stuff is nasty. I’ll never get my clothes clean again. Then I started thinking, ‘Wait a minute, what color dragon was a Bio-elemental? I think it might be the purple one. Because it just shook off the poison from my feathers and spat this stuff on me. So this stuff might be toxic as well? Well it doesn’t matter anyway, since I’m immune to toxins.’ As I was thinking, the dragon noticed that I didn’t succumb to his poisonous glob as well.

He now changed tactics and took to the air in pursuit of me. I didn’t feel like facing such a large creature head-on and did my best to out fly him. To be short, I failed miserably. It took just a few wrong turns before I had a head-on collision with the spiked tail of the dragon. I got thrown into a new direction, flew through some trees and broke my arm. I tried to get back into the air to get away, but the dragon was already on me again and struck me with it’s spiked tail again. It impaled my left leg before throwing me away straight into a large oak tree.

I felt my back snap and lost all sensitivity in my legs. ‘Great, now my back is broken. It will heal, but I don’t think I’ll get the time for that.’ And as on cue the dragon landed right in front of me. I yelled mad as hell, “All right then, kill me. Finish me off right here and now. I know that I made a mistake and I’m sorry. So put me out of my misery already.”

End of part three.


To be continued...






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