First Hybrid
by Shrike

 Part 1


Life is good when your parents are rich, powerful, or both. Well my parents had a lot of power. Mom was the most powerful person in the USA. She is the first black female president of the US. President Iris Janice Pratt. Sure we have had black presidents and female presidents before, but none that were both, before my Mom. Now the only kind of people missing as a president was a Morfed one. In fact there had never been any hybrid staying inside the white house.

Lobbyists had been trying their best to prevent that happening. Some were sponsored by the dwindling purist movement. Their motto being: ‘A freak president? Never!’ The movement was rapidly diminishing though, with restrictions on their actions. My parents were fortunate never to have been afflicted with MORFS.

Mom and her advisors had their thoughts about these things as well. The white house and other residences were heavily shielded against telepaths and empaths. They had even installed disruption field to keep teleporters from teleporting in or out. Teleporting was only authorized to and from an adjacent building, with full security in place connecting it to the white house.

Some people in the government didn’t like being dependent on teleporters, feeling they couldn’t always be trusted or might be too honest for some black ops. So they were supporting the development of matter transportation portals, where theoretically, you would step into a black field and almost directly step out of a similar field in a completely different location.

No one had ever seen one in action yet, though prototypes were rumored to exist and the power to run one, and other costs were astronomical.. One such rumor was that there was a portal in existence inside the white house.

Well believe me I hadn’t seen it. And as the ‘first son’ I had seen almost every spot inside the building. The chief of staff, my father and Mom had sometimes talked about the danger of a telepath, empath or someone with powers similar like those as president. He or she might be able to assume all the power and become a dictator without any interference. And the people would have chosen him or her. So now a lobby was busy that would bar certain people with powers from becoming president or vice-president. It would be an amendment similar to the part of the constitution barring non-US born people from becoming president.

Well enough said about this government. At the moment I was at school. With me, I mean me being Orrin Pratt, a senior in a military style high school. You know, the type of school with drilling, marching, and all the other stuff. We were close to graduation too. After graduating I was destined to go to Yale or Harvard and then enter the politics. My parents had intended that for their oldest son, my older brother Scott. But he died about 3 years ago because of MORFS. Not many people die from MORFS, but he did. He was so much disfigured during the change, I heard that they even had to cut of parts of the body so he could fit in a casket. Of course it was a closed casket funeral.

So now it all fell to me to fulfill the ambition of my parents. I don’t know yet if that was what I wanted to do with my life. You could say that my life had already been pretty much lined out for me. However as I read somewhere in a translated foreign saying, ‘Don’t worry about things. It will turn out quite different.’ Well the saying would be proven right, though nobody knew it yet.

People wondered why I went to a military school. Well one main reason is Protocol. In a normal high school, the secret service agents protecting me would have a nightmarish, if not impossible job to do. Not only would they have to look out for bombs, guns, knives and kidnappers or snipers. But they would also have to protect me from supers and purists.

One of the points in Mom’s campaign was that a law should be passed to prevent super powered MORFS running around unchecked, and that more research should be done to prevent or guide the MORFS changes. Since it hadn’t been passed yet, some of the purists wanted to skin her for not pushing such a law through already, while the pro MORFS lobby opposed my Mom for being against changes.

The military protocol at the school made the job easier for the secret service. There were no loose boys and girls running around, and everyone at school could be checked with their credentials. Another plus was the rigid structure. Anything out of the ordinary immediately attracted attention. This made me look at the school both favorably and with regret.

Now it is pretty much a given that if your parents are popular or influential, then you are popular. So everyone wanted to be my friend. Mind you, I’m not sure I had a real true friend amongst them. The same was true for the girls. All of them wanted to be seen with me as the girlfriend. Protocol, however, forced them to be politely introduced and obey strict rules of conduct. That was fortunate for me, if this hadn’t been the case, I would probably have had dozens of girls following me around, trying to be seen with me. The drawback on this, was that it put a serious damper on my social life. I didn’t have a real girlfriend as well. Only two times I managed to sneak away from the security detail and the protocol and smooched for a while with Wendy Bromington.

At school I was in a special position. Though I hadn’t gone through MORFS myself, the supers and other survivors befriended me because of my Mom’s job, hoping I could influence her. The normals and purists similarly didn’t want me pissed at them, so they kept a low profile against the MORFS survivors, as they hoped I would join their camp. This made me the perfect go between. I was made a leader and peacekeeper at school just because Mom had managed to become president. I didn’t complain about it however, and did my best to keep the peace, and everybody as happy as possible. Sometimes it wasn’t easy. Diplomacy is hard work. It made me appreciate Mom a lot more for doing her job.

Finally the last day at school before spring break arrived, not a moment too soon, either. At least a third of the students were sick with the flu. I wanted to be gone before I caught it. My bags were already packed and loaded. Right after the last lesson I stormed to the waiting cars with the secret service on my heels. Normally I would have teased them and asked them if I could drive. My request got refused every time, however. But I didn’t ask today. Today I just sat quietly in the back. I didn’t feel a 100%. ‘I didn’t catch the flu on the last day did I?

With our normal high speed drive we raced through the city towards the transport center. There I got coupled with an official teleporter to the white house and moments later arrived home. Well, home for another 3 years that is. Mom had won re-election last year, so this would be her second term as president. I got home just in time to see her about to leave. She was on her way for an official visit to Europe on a global conference. Since Mom had become president, America had a much better understanding of the European community, realizing they were a force to be reckoned, with and Mom seriously talked with them.

I met Mom on her way out. She did stop for a moment to say a proper goodbye and got a little worried about me getting sick. I reassured her that I would visit the doctor soon. Then she was off to the hover vehicles. The president wasn’t allowed to use a transporter for fear of treason. All the official transporters were well screened of course, but only less important persons were allowed to travel by using them. This was another reason for the research into matter transport portals. But I digress again.

The evening was uneventful, just a boring dinner alone. My father had other pressing business to do, and I didn’t feel like eating with the secret service men. The thing was, I was very hungry. Normally I don’t eat that much. But now I couldn’t stop. I still felt hungry after my first helping. Even the cook was surprised that I asked again and again. Finally I felt stuffed and full. I watched a little Holo-TV and went to bed early.

That night I had a terrible nightmare. I dreamt that Mom had ordered the military to kill me. I was put against the wall and soldiers were aiming their weapons at me. Dad stood next to them and said, “Ready? Aim! Fire!” Just as the soldiers were about to shoot me, I woke up in a sweat. ‘What was that all about? I never had a dream like that before.’ I couldn’t sleep anymore, so I played a video game and got ready and dressed early. I was free from school, but being the president’s son, I often got asked to do other things, like opening malls or events and things like that. Today I had been asked to open a bird center that functioned as a shelter for wounded and confiscated birds.

Before I went anywhere, I needed some more food. I was so hungry again, what was wrong with me? I helped myself to a plate full of waffles, and cereal. But I was still not satisfied after I ate it all to the last crumb. So I liberated a piece of cold chicken from the fridge before the cook could stop me. She was muttering “Those youngsters, always stealing my food from under me. I’ll call the secret service on you, young man.”

I knew she didn’t mean it, but I was more than a bit worried about my eating frenzy. Well, I didn’t have more time to deliberate, as my ride was ready to take me to the bird center.

 “I hereby declare this center opened.” ‘Well that was easy enough. Now I just have to get through the tour.’ They gave me the tour of the place and though it was interesting, I was more interested in having something to eat. There wasn’t anything there though, so I had to wait till I could order something or get home again. It took long enough for things to end, but finally I was on my way home again. I had the hover car stop at a Mac, and had some burgers with fries. I was still hungry when I got home, but when I started my dinner, I had to stop in the middle of eating, because I got some cramps in my stomach. In hind-sight I should have consulted the doctor then, but young people always think they cannot get sick, so I just went to my room to lie down for a while.

I must have fallen asleep I guess, as it was already night when I woke up from my nap. I just wanted to continue to lie down, but my bowels had a different agenda. I suddenly really needed to go to the toilet. Fortunately, I reached it in time, but it still was messy. I stayed there for quite some time, and cleaned it up. Then I wanted to go to bed again, but found myself needing to throw up violently.

I was still in the bathroom and that is where one of the secret service men on his rounds found me. I was feeling so very sick now that I didn’t even notice him, and just continued hunching over the bowl. Doctor Kesten was on duty and came over to examine me quickly, after I had been found sick in the bathroom. He had me describe all my symptoms and I also mentioned my eating frenzy during the day. He took some blood from me, gave me a sedative and some hydration salts. I fell into a slumber, while the doctor got busy analyzing my blood sample.

I was barely conscious when he came back with the results. Dad had been waked up and was sitting next to my bed when he delivered the news. “I’m afraid that your son has been infected with MORFS. But he’ll be fine, I’m sure of that. Now I’ve already asked for energy packs and some stronger sedatives, so don’t worry too much about it.”

Dad wasn’t so sure about me being fine, I could tell. He’d already lost his oldest son Scott to MORFS and now he  might lose his only remaining son as well? He said, “Get me … no never mind, I’ll do it myself.” With that he got up in a hurry and quickly walked out of my room.


Chief of staff Ellis Pratt, father to Orrin and the president’s husband, walked briskly to his office, thinking intensely about what he could do. He didn’t want to lose another son to that enigmatic disease, MORFS. His oldest son hadn’t survived the change, even though the medicines were already perfected years before. Scott’s body had  got so twisted and messed up during the change that his heart couldn’t take it anymore, and gave up. When Ellis reached his office and sat down at his desk, he activated his video conference and selected a secret secure channel. A man appeared in the screen.

Ellis curtly told him, “Get me Doctor Balmond on the line.” The screen went black for a little while before it lit again to show a skinny man in a white lab coat.

“Yes Mr. Pratt, what can I do for you at this hour?”

“Doctor Balmond, how far along are you with that experimental anti-MORFS serum?”

The doctor squinted his eyes, “Still in the early testing phase. Why do you ask now? I was going to give you a full report next week.”

Ellis leaned a bit more to the screen. “My second and only son left to me just caught MORFS. I don’t want to lose him as I did my other son. Can you get here fast with some of the antiserum?”

The doctor looked to someone of screen, “Yes Mr. Pratt. I can be there within 15 minutes.”

“Good, and bring as much equipment with you as you think you’ll need. I’ll see you soon then.” With that, he shut down the connection and leaned back in his chair. He hoped he was doing the right thing. Well, only time would tell. He just hoped that it would save his son from the horrors of MORFS. It was too bad that Iris had just left for that global conference. He would have liked her opinion on what to do. She had always been clearer on what to do in these matters.


From the depths of the white house an elevator rose to the top levels. It came from deep levels that were inaccessible to almost everyone. Only very few people had knowledge of, and a key for those levels. The elevator carried Dr. Balmond, MD up to the habited levels of the white house. As he reached his floor, he was met by Chief of staff Ellis Pratt, the husband of the president. They shook hands briefly before going towards Orrin’s bedroom. An assistant followed them with several cases containing instruments and supplies. Dr. Balmond sat down by the young Orrin and asked for the syringe from the small black case. The assistant gave the syringe to Dr. Balmond, who checked the contents and then injected Orrin with it.

Ellis Pratt, Dr. Balmond and his assistant looked after Orrin waiting for the serum to activate. Orrin was completely out and slept while starting to change. His features became a little softer and he started to get smaller. On his back something started to grow with grayish looking feathers. After a few minutes the changes halted and even reversed a little, it seemed. But then Orrin had violent convulsions and Dr. Balmond went to him in a panic. Some secret service men were called in to hold Orrin down, while the doctor tried to examine Orrin. Orrin convulsed for a few minutes more, and then lay eerily still again. Ellis became very frightened, wondering if he was going to lose his second son to MORFS as well?

Dr. Balmond searched his cases for some instruments and frantically tried his best to see what had gone wrong with Orrin and the serum that he had administered. After a few minutes he turned to Ellis and said, “I don’t know what happened, but it isn’t good. Your son isn’t dead yet, but without my lab, I cannot say exactly what is happening. It is more than likely that he will die though, sorry.”

Ellis Pratt was mortified. He did not want to lose his only remaining son to MORFS as well. “Take him to the lab if you need to. I don’t want to see that abomination anymore. Take it and destroy it after you have finished with it.” Ellis was a Pure sympathizer, though his wife was more MORFS accepting.

A gurney was brought in and Orrin was quite rudely dumped on it. He was still unconscious, and didn’t even notice where he was being taken. Dr. Balmond, his assistant, and two secret service men went with Orrin went down the elevator to the depths of the white house and by access with a very special key, went deeper than almost anybody could go.

In a bare room were only a huge electrical generator and an oval shaped ring. As the men approached the ring, the huge generator started working at full power and the ring glowed, till a black surface appeared inside the ring. All the men stepped into the black surface and emerged almost simultaneously from another similar contraption in another room.

While being transported, the changes to Orrin’s body accelerated, and his initial grey wing feathers turned totally black and hardened. The wings started to grow at an alarming rate and Orrin’s body kept getting smaller. His skin changed in color and texture, and his skin went from what is called black, to more of a coffee color. The texture kept getting softer but would later be found to be more durable.

His gurney was taken into a large bare room with only a cot in the middle. The men that took him there hauled him over to the cot like a bag of sand and dumped him on the cot. One man wasn’t careful enough and while going past Orrin’s growing wings cut himself on a black feather. He managed a few more steps before starting to shiver and convulse. He fell down and twitched a little before dying. Immediately people rushed in and took the dead man away, being careful not to touch the still changing Orrin.

Dr. Balmond got very busy now, examining the dead secret service man and maintaining a watchful eye over Orrin. Together with a medical examiner he found out that the man had died from a very fast acting deadly neuro-toxin. Apparently whatever Orrin was turning into was extremely dangerous. Balmond ordered quarantine and special measures to be taken for handling Orrin. All the while, Orrin slept restlessly through his changes.


I woke up slowly feeling uncomfortable. I was lying on my stomach and something was poking me in my chest area. It was quite uncomfortable, so I moved my arms into position and pushed myself up. Something was hanging on my chest, making it feel strange and different.

When I opened my eyes, for a moment I had trouble adjusting to the light, and focusing my eyes, but then I saw something I had never expected. I had breasts hanging from my chest. Then I saw the long black hair hanging from my head. ‘I never had hair this long. What happened?

I went up to hands and knees and saw past those huge looking breasts. Actually, they weren’t that large, but to me at that point, they looked huge. The sight past my breasts was even more astounding. Apparently I was fully female now. And what was that attached to my calves? Then it hit me, there was something heavy on my back, and in my peripheral vision I could see something dangling on the sides. I used some muscles that I didn’t know I had and those things moved. Now I really had it, I got up from the hard bed and looked around. I was in a room with only a bed, nothing else was there. Well, not entirely true, there was a standard with a bag holding up an intravenous line going into my arm. I yanked the needle out quickly and looked at myself.

My skin was a lot lighter shade of brown, and my body felt a lot lighter. The things on my back appeared to be wings, and they were dragging me backwards so I had to lean a forward little.

Before I could examine myself any further, a door opened and some people that I had never seen before entered. They were wearing rather thick clothes, as if they were cold or something. I didn’t understand why. I didn’t feel cold at all. I started, “What the hell is going on? Where am I? I’m …”

Then one man said, “Shut up MORF! Sit down and do as you’re told!.”

This got me mad. I might have complied if they had asked me nicely, but now? Forget it. I snarled back, “I’ll have you fired for that. I’m the son of the president of the United States of America.”

The man just laughed, “You don’t look like it, girlie. Nice bod, by the way.”

Only now did it seep through my mind. ‘Eep, I was totally naked and probably looked good enough to be in some magazines.’ I managed to keep my hands from trying to cover my breasts and nether region. But it did take quite an effort. Instead I put my hands on my sides. ‘Hey my waist is so much smaller too, and my hips are so wide.’ I decided not to let them see how much it bothered me, and focused my anger on them. I took on a pose and said, “Well? Like what you see?”

The man took in the view of my naked body, “Yeah sure. You’re a hot chick. But that’s not why we’re here. Now shut up, sit down and do as you’re told.”

I got angrier, ‘How dare they treat me like an animal or worse, a slave!’ I guess my emotions showed as my wings started quivering. Before I could say more, the man decided that I hadn’t complied fast enough and signaled to another man, who took out a strange looking gun and took a shot at me.

Instead of a bullet or other projectile, a kind of gooey netting flew towards me and soon I was trapped in it. I couldn’t move a muscle or wing anymore and fell back on the bed. The people came closer, holding up syringes and other devices that I didn’t recognize.

The man who spoke to me was standing by just watching. He probably was the leader who gave the orders. He warned the others, “Be careful of those wings. The feathers are laced with poison.”

I was shocked. ‘I am poisonous? My feathers are dangerous? Thank you for that piece of information.’ I made a great effort to move my wings. I really wanted to cut one of them, just to see if the warning was true, and how fast acting it was. However I couldn’t move anything more than a tenth of an inch. The people around me, some were women I noticed, worked quickly on me. They stuck needles in me, drawing blood, injecting me with stuff and scanned my body with sophisticated scanning devices. They were done after about 15 minutes and quickly withdrew from the room. The leader was the last one to leave the room, leaving me immobile on the bed.

I yelled after him, “Hey what about me then, are you just going to leave me helpless like this?”

I didn’t get an answer though. I kept lying on my back and wings for a while, just being helplessly trapped in the net. Then the stuff hardened a bit and one of the feathers could cut through it. Soon I cut enough strands to get some freedom around me and was able to cut myself free entirely. I scraped the rest of the stuff from me and stood up.

There were no mirrors or anything other than the bed inside the room, but the door was a little shiny, so I might be able to use that for a mirror. I walked over, becoming painfully aware of my new curves. My chest jiggled just slightly and my butt stuck out. It even wiggled when I put one foot in front of the other. The wings behind my back were another thing to get used to. They still wanted to drag me backwards, so I had to continually lean forward while standing or walking. This made my Achilles tendons stretch a bit . I decided I might need high heels for walking and standing.

I reached the door and found I was right, I could use it as a mirror. I watched my mirror image and had to swallow a few times. Without the wings I could have stepped right out of one of the magazine that I had borrowed from guys at school. Long beautiful legs, which went all the way up. A slit covered by a minimal bush of fine hairs where the legs met and a nicely tapered waist above that. I had a quite flat tummy, and breasts hung from my chest. They weren’t huge, but they were quite present, just the right size for this body.

My hair was quite long, now hanging just over my shoulders and was still raven black. My face was rather attractive. If I saw a girl like this I would want to date her. But now I was that girl myself. I felt a few tears trying to sneak out of my eyes, but I fought them back.

I continued my survey of the extras. I had long totally black wings that when folded, stuck up at least a head higher than my head. The bottom of the wings when folded, just reached my calves. On those calves were smaller wings, one attached to each calf. My guess was that if I could fly, they would help me stabilize my flight and give me more maneuverability. I tried to move them and they responded quite well. I could even fold them up tight against the skin so it looked like I had almost nothing there. I decided I could even wear wide boots or something with the auxiliary wings folded like that.

I went back to the bed to examine my body further, studying the feathers that I now had. They were quite sharp, and laced with a hard substance. That must be the poison they talked about. I wondered how well, or even if I could fly. Well I had to get out of this room first if I wanted to try that. I would like to try sitting down. However as I reached the bed I didn’t think it would be possible with my wings folded in the back. But I couldn’t keep standing all day, so what to do?

I unfurled the wings and sort of folded them around me. Now my bum was uncovered and I could sit down. I experimented a little and managed to fold my wings partially. They were out of my way in front of me and just extended side downward. My Achilles tendons welcomed the relief of sitting down and I relaxed a bit.

Thoughts began to spring up in my mind, ‘How long have I been here already? Do Mom and Dad know that I’m here? Do they know how I look now? What are those men planning to do with me, and who are they?’ I couldn’t answer any of these questions of course. But I couldn’t help fretting over it.

Nobody cared to look in on me, at least not that I noticed and I began to feel hungry. I was thinking of going to the door to start banging on it, when a hatch that I hadn’t noticed yet opened. It wasn’t very big and it only opened far enough for someone to slide a food tray inside. I got up quickly to inspect it. It was food and something to drink. I didn’t even care if it contained drugs or something. I was just so hungry.

Without caring about my table manners, I gobbled up all the food, though it wasn’t that good. I think prisoners would rebel if they got fed with that. But beggars can’t be choosers, so I ate it all and drank all the liquid. There wasn’t a wash table or toilet in the room and I wondered what I should do about that. Again my decision was anticipated. A hidden door in the back of the room opened and I found a small bathroom there with a toilet and a very small sink. I did my business, for the very first time as a girl, mind you. It was quite different. I remembered my one time girlfriend Wendy telling me that she always wiped carefully. So I did the same. After washing myself a little, I stepped back into the room feeling a little cleaner, but still very naked. I was sure now that every move I made was watched, and probably recorded as well.

I scowled. I couldn’t do anything about it. I was a prisoner here, wherever here was, without any rights. My situation was even worse than the Taliban prisoners in Guantanamo Bay, about 75 years in the past. At least people knew that they were being held there.

I doubted that anyone not connected to my captors knew where I was and in what kind of state I was in. Now for my next problem, sleeping. I couldn’t sleep standing or sitting. Lying down on my back was out as well, with the big wings. Lying on my front then? I tried that, but my breasts were quite sensitive and kept interfering with my trying to sleep. I alternated between lying on my breasts and on my back with the wings folded around me in the front. Neither position was comfortable, but at least I got some sleep. Maybe I just had to get used to it.

After some time, I don’t know how long, the man in charge came in again. He woke me from my slumber and I got up in a hurry. He scowled, seeing that I was awake. He let others pass him and made sure that everyone stayed well out of my reach. He ordered someone to shoot me again. Though I tried to evade it, I was unsuccessful and soon was trapped in the netting again, still lying on the bed.

The scientists or technicians, if that’s what they were, moved in and the probing and prodding started again. I got weary of this. What were they doing? If they asked nicely I would cooperate as best I could. They didn’t even try to ask me. They just did as they damn well pleased.

The next weeks were more of the same. Eating, sleeping and getting prodded like a lab animal. I lost my sense of time in here. I didn’t have a watch or a clock, so I had no idea of how long I had been here already. My anger didn’t subside, but rather grew, changing into a cold violent rage, though I tried to hide it. I vowed to get out of there and make them all pay.

One day, the test they did on me was different, and not in a good way. They came in as they normally did, and I was expecting them to shoot me with the gooey netting. Instead they kept near the door and raised normal looking automatic assault rifles at me. I opened my eyes wide and folded my wings around me as if they could protect me. The men fired long bursts of bullets at me and I felt the bullets hitting me. It was quite painful, and I started screaming. My wings did protect me a little, as they deflected most of the bullets. The feathers must be incredibly tough and durable to do that. After the firing stopped, I pulled my wings back to my back and saw the man in charge looking at me with curiosity. I was still alive after such a barrage of bullets. But I was bleeding from several wounds. However even I knew that I should have been bleeding more than I did at that moment, or dead.

As I watched myself, the wounds curiously started to heal very fast. Minutes later my skin was as flawless as it had been before I got shot. Now this widened my eyes even more. Apparently I have a super healing power. The man in charge, who never told me his name, watched me heal and then had a secretary write down something that he whispered to her. Then he ordered everyone out of the room. Ash he left the room as well,  I yelled after him, “Coward! Why don’t you come here, instead of shooting me with automatic rifles?”

I didn’t get any answers of course, and just waited in my room for the next meal and test. I felt bored out of my skull doing nothing here. I didn’t have anything to read or to do. The room wasn’t high enough to try flying and there wasn’t anything else that I could think of for me to do.

I remembered reading that in the past prisoners in the Vietnam conflict had a similar experience. They invented a mental exercise. They would build something in their mind, thinking everything out in the tiniest details about how they would do it, but only in their mind. I tried something like that. I made plans on how to get out of here. Nothing I thought of worked yet though. Some key things didn’t happen, and other things were just too outrageous to even try.

After the test with the bullets they tried even heavier stuff, and quite a few times I got hurt badly. I yelled, screamed and even cried as they did those things to me. It was hurting me so much as they did that.

I did learn more about my new body though. It was durable, could take a pounding, but still was sensitive, especially around the breasts, head and my privates. I still hadn’t explored that region, as I knew that everything was being recorded. I didn’t feel like putting on a show for those perverts out there.

The thing about my body was that it healed quickly and totally from every wound. This made me think that I might be virtually immortal. Well not really immortal of course. I could very well die if I got wounded seriously enough. But still, I was pretty indestructible. I guess my captors wouldn’t like that. They would rather kill me off then risk me getting out and get a message to Mom. As the president she would have enough weight to have the responsible ones punished. I wondered, however, where I was, and how I had got here. For me to get a message to Mom meant I had to find out where I was.

I was sleeping, when the door opened again. But I’m such a light sleeper these days, that I noticed the door opening immediately. I pretended not to notice however. The man standing in the door way said, “No need to pretend. I know you’re not asleep.”

Sighing, I got up to stand next to the bed, so they could shoot the gooey netting at me again. They never approached me without immobilizing me first. This time it wasn’t the usual man in charge, but someone I hadn’t seen before. He kept standing in the doorway, not coming in nor going out. I snarled at him, “You know that when my Mom finds out that you’ve been holding me against my will, there’ll be hell to pay.”

The man laughed with an evil undertone, “I wouldn’t be so sure about that girly. You see, it was your Mom that gave the order to have you shipped here. And just a few moments ago, she signed your death warrant.”

I was stunned. ‘Mom knows? She even wants me dead? I can’t believe that. She wasn’t opposed to MORFS survivors. But why would the man lie?’ “You’re lying, of course.” I said with disdain.

“Why would I do that? Dr. Balmond told me himself that the order came from the president directly.”

Aha, so the man in charge here is called Dr. Balmond? I will remember that. Now to rile this one a little further.’ “Who is that? I don’t know him. By the way, where am I?”

The man laughed again, “You don’t really expect me to tell you right? I already told you too much. Well it really doesn’t matter anyway. We’ll kill you soon enough.”

With that he took another step into the room. I had been waiting for that. And that, coupled with the knowledge that they would try their best to kill me and they might succeed, made me make my move. I grabbed a feather from my wing and threw it at the man like a knife. It was a good enough throw, though I hadn’t counted on my awkward way of throwing like a girl. But my enhanced more dense muscles more than made up for that. The feather hit the mark and cut into the skin of the man. He startled and tried to get out of the room, but failed miserably. Within moments he was dead, and slumped to the ground, blocking the door from closing.

I didn’t sit still. As soon as I threw the feather I was sprinting towards the door. Someone from outside first tried to close the door, but it got stuck on the dead body. Then they tried to pull the dead body through the door, but it was too late, as I had reached the doorway already. I saw a sort of control room behind the door and two men busy trying to get the door closed. I had grabbed two more feathers, and threw them at those men, causing them to die quickly. However the farthest man fell on a panic button and a siren began to wail.

Both men were heavily armed and the one closest to the door had been carrying a RPG-launcher.

Soon several men and women carrying all sorts of guns came running. I had my hands full. I gathered my already thrown feathers and some new ones, and started throwing them around. People started dying while they were trying to shoot me. They did hit me of course, several times in fact, but I was so worked up that I didn’t even feel hindered by the pain. It only fueled my rage even more.

I was making my way through the complex, but had no idea where I was headed. Then the siren changed pitch. It wasn’t a wail anymore, now it had a more ominous tone. And a voice was saying something. As I got closer to a speaker I could hear what was being said. “Countdown to self-destruct is activated, 5 minutes remaining.”

What? Are they going to blow this place up? Don’t be so stupid, girly, of course they’ll blow it up. Wouldn’t you if a dangerous MORFS survivor was walking around killing people?’ I now hurried on my search through the complex. Lots of rooms were empty of people, though lots of stuff had been left behind. There was some movement up ahead and I went there as fast as I could with those wings hindering my running through these narrow corridors. I reached the room where I had seen the movements, and as I opened the large door, I saw the last men stepping into a black field that was somehow suspended inside a glowing ring.

Cautiously I approached the device, slowly realizing that the matter transportation portal existed. Here was a working one right in front of me. As I neared the thing, an explosive charge went off at the controls and the field disappeared violently, and a backlash of energy coming from the ring blew me right across the room. As I hit the wall behind me, I cursed myself for not going through the ring while I’d had the chance. Now I was alone in this complex, with a self-destruct mechanism poised to blow it up. I got up in a hurry, ignoring the wounds that the explosion caused and went off searching for the self-destruct.

As I looked for the mechanism, I saw several explosive charges, which I cut off from the self-destruct mechanism with a feather knife. I was not quite in time reaching the mechanism itself, and half the base blew up spectacularly.

I blacked out for some time. Without a watch I couldn’t know for how long. But when I came to, most of my wounds had already healed again. There wasn’t much left of a large part of the complex. The roof had caved in, burying everything there. It was pitch black in there, though strangely enough I could still see some of the surroundings in a weird pink-whitish color.

Some of the rooms where I came from were still intact, because I’d disconnected the wires to the explosives. I searched the rooms that still had some emergency lights on for something I could use. Most were empty offices and lodgings. But at least one room had been occupied. I searched it and though most of the things had been taken away, I guessed that the room had housed a woman at some point. There were some magazines that women like to read on a table and there was a large mirror that had survived the destruction. I looked at my image in the mirror. All my wounds had already healed and I was my usual beautiful naked self. I admired the body for a moment, and then started to cry. ‘Why have I changed into such a beautiful but very lethal girl with big wings?’ I softly cried for a while thinking that I would be better off if I just died here. But I didn’t like the prospect of dying from starvation, and I was afraid that was what would happen. My beautiful body was very capable of repairing any damage, as long as it got enough food.

That reminded me, I’d seen a dining hall somewhere near the portal room. I dried my tears and went of searching for it. I found it soon enough and there was still plenty of food left behind. It sure tasted a lot better than the stuff they’d given me in my cell. I stuffed myself very well, and was appalled by my appetite. ‘How can a lithe girl like me stow all that food?’ I guessed my metabolism was much higher and efficient now.

I took a short nap after my copious meal but soon woke up again. I wandered through the remains of the base, wondering what I should do now. I was still very naked. One of the still unscathed rooms was a gym with lots of equipment and weights lying around. I went in and tried to lift some, finding to my surprise I could lift 110 pounds easily, even with one hand.

I tried some of the other equipment to see what I was really capable of now. It turned out that I am so much stronger now, I can lift about 330 pounds with ease, and about 440 if I really try hard. My muscles must be very dense and highly efficient for me to be so strong but still look so thin. I weighed myself and found I was just about 121 pounds now. That included the wings. ‘Wow, talk about being a lightweight.’

After my workout I felt sweaty, together with the fact that I hadn’t had a decent shower or bath in I don’t know how many days, made me search for something where I could clean myself up. There was a shower in the gym, but the water system had been busted, probably by the explosions, so no luck there. I looked on and ended up in the room where I’d first seen myself well enough in the mirror. There was a water cooler there so I used that to clean myself a bit. There wasn’t much in the closets but I did find a towel. I still hadn’t found anything in the sense of clothes which made me furious. ‘Why couldn’t they have given me something to wear?’ In frustration I slammed my fist at the desk in the room. My fist went straight through the top. ‘I really need to be careful. I can do a lot of damage with this strength.

I was about to leave the room when my eye fell on something. The desk had a drawer and I hadn’t checked what was in there. The drawer fell open when I slammed through the desk and I spotted a package in there. The person in here had a present stashed in the drawer. I opened the box and was pleasantly surprised. There was a sheer bodysuit for a woman in there. It was designed to be worn as undergarment, and mostly to attract the attention of a loved one. Well it was better than going naked. I took the black bodysuit out of the box and held it up. It was a strange piece of clothing for me. I had never dreamt of wearing anything like that. I stepped into the bottom and tied the top strings around my neck. Then I tied the side strings behind my back and I had at least some clothing on my body. I was very glad to find it had a halter top, that didn’t hamper my wings.

I saw the image in the mirror again as I prepared to walk out of the room and just had to admire the beautiful girl that I saw. ‘Wow I do look good. This silky underwear makes me look even sexier.’ I wondered how long it would last, thinking something that sheer couldn’t be that strong. Then I remembered, they had invented something called Neosilk. They made lots of underwear and stockings from that stuff. It was much stronger and tougher than usual clothes. If this body was made of Neosilk, which I suspected, than it would be perfect for me.

Looking for a way out of the complex I came across an office with some papers still scattered across the floor. I looked through them. Most contained nothing interesting, but one paper mentioned the requisition of parka’s, boots and snowshoes. ‘Why would they need something like that?’ I did remember that the people here had worn thick clothing, as if it was cold here. But I hadn’t been cold that much. Well, true, it wasn’t exactly hot and with the heating destroyed it was getting a bit colder, but nothing I couldn’t handle. I continued my search for the exit and soon found a heavy door that I hadn’t seen before. My much improved strength was very useful now and soon I managed to open the door. Snow blew in around me as I opened it and when it was wide enough for me to pass through I stepped into a wide expanse of white cold snow covered plain.

As I stepped into the light a hard wind blew snow and ice particles around me. The wind got a hold of my wings and tried to blow me around due to my light weight. Well I was in the open now, so finally I could try flying. I positioned myself into the wind and spread my wings out fully. They caught the wind and I lifted off immediately. As I flapped them, I rose higher and higher. I was a little afraid about going high up already, but what the hell. The worst that could happen was dying. Besides this body of mine had a great healing power, so I would be able to survive a lot of damage.

The ride in the air was exhilarating and soon I was really soaring through the sky. I saw a plateau below me where the wind wasn’t that high and decided to see if I could land well enough. At a very low altitude I almost panicked, but though it was a bit tricky I managed to set myself down quite well only spraining my ankle. It healed up immediately, so it wasn’t much of a problem.

I looked around me and saw only the white snow and ice field.  There wasn’t much else in sight, so my guess was I was either on the North or South Pole. As the North Pole doesn’t have permanent stations, but the South Pole or Antarctica does, my guess was the Antarctica. Well then, I had a long flight ahead of me. I was quite good at navigation and remembered that the closest landmasses were Australia & New Zealand on one side and South America on the other. Between those were the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans.

Actually, the Antarctic Peninsula came closer to South America than either Australia or New Zealand did to the other side. And I didn’t know where exactly I was, but it was a good bet that this complex wasn’t McMurdo Station. I could go there of course. But maybe they were in on it. And there were stations from other countries, but I also didn’t trust the others. No, my best bet would be to locate from high up the peninsula and fly across the Straits of Magellan to Chili or Argentina. From there I could fly on over South America and Mexico or the Caribbean to Cuba and Florida.

As I prepared to get underway it just came into my mind, ‘I’m at the South Pole dressed only in underwear? And I’m not cold at all? This body sure is something else.’ I wondered what else I might find out. Well it would have to wait. First I had a mission. I wanted to get back to my family and ask some questions as to why I had been discarded like trash. A cold rage, as cold as the temperature around me, took hold of me and I vowed not to stop till I’d confronted Mom and Dad, with me looking like this, and asked what they had done to me, and why.



End of Part 1


To be continued...






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