Eight Ways

(A MORFs Story)

By Treoszero




Change comes when you least expect it

And acts in the way least foretold

To try to force change is useless

And to try to fight it foolish


- Book of Sorrow and Remembrance Chapter 4, paragraph 2 



Chapter 1



I got up out of bed and looked around the small cabin. Still nothing amazing here but wood, wood and the occasional loose sock. I sighed. Why did my parents have to send me to this all boys’ summer camp? Out of all the places in the world, why this one? Then my eyes rested on the crystalline object resting in my bag, which sprang up memories of this unforgettable summer; both bad and good. I sat back down on my bed and tried to remember what had started all of this…..


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


It was just after lunchtime and the guys from cabin #7 had challenged the three of us cabin #8 guys to a game of football in the clearing behind the cafeteria. We had only been here for 5 days and were already separated in cabins with three people each and were starting to know what everybody was like, who we liked, and who we didn’t. We of cabin #8 found out very quickly that the guys from #7 fell into the last category.


My name is Samuel Michael Scott and at 15 years old I was still to be morfed. You see, MORFs is a genetic condition caused by an activator virus that screws around with you DNA and causes weird mutations and genetic splices that can virtually alter your DNA into anything; from fishmen to the power to manipulate lightning to even having your skin turn green. The possibilities were endless. Nobody in my family was very alarmed because most of my family had managed to dodge morfs so it was generally accepted that I would to.


Anyway, back to the game. We were tied at 28 to 28 and had only three minutes to score before the one of the five counselors, usually Timmy for us because he was assigned to monitor cabins #7-9, called us to go on our first hike of the summer into the vast Montanan forests. My group members and I just broke huddle with a great plan.


“Blue Forty-Two! Blue Forty-Two!” I yelled. This would be the play that wins the game. I looked to my left and saw my bunkmate JAkira. He was poised in the basic football stance and ready to run.


“Hut Hut!” I looked to my right and made sure that my other bunkmate was ready for the play. Leon signaled and I looked up to the opposing team.


“HIKE!” The ball flew through the air in the fashion of my perfect spiral that I developed for years. JAkira took off running as Leon and I bull-rushed the three opposing players. One of their players, Donny, caught our little maneuver and went out to try to catch the ball.


Meanwhile, Leon and I knocked down the other two, Matt and Jordan, and watched as JAkira spectacularly caught the ball mid jump and scored as Donny brought him slamming back down to earth. Or at least that’s how I thought it went.


The truth is that JAkira dropped the ball and fell on the ground clutching his stomach. What I had suspected to be a tackle by Donny was actually him falling over as well. Then Leon and the other guys started to moan and groan. I started to say something but at that moment my stomach felt as if someone ripped it out and I passed out.


     ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


“Oh God…”


“What’s happening?!”


“What?! There’s more!”




“DAMN! We need more en..”


“This one going critical!”


“We need backup! NOW!”

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



The next few memories are pretty much a blur. All I remember is being rushed off to somewhere….crowded, a sharp pain in my arm and, of course, the constant throbbing of my stomach, which seemed to be spreading through out my entire body. As I think back on it now I ‘m actually glad that that really is all that I remember.


Anyway, I woke up in a hospital to see a strange person checking my whatever. She immediately pushed what appeared to be at the time a button above my head and smiled at me.


“Well, it looks like sleeping beauty has finally awoken,” she kindly said in a somehow calming tone of voice. I tried to respond but she wouldn’t have it and covered up my mouth.


“Don’t worry. You’re in a hospital. Be glad that everything will be alright, but you need to conserve your energy. You still need to rest and recuperate after your bout with MORFs.” She explained in once again that soothing tone of voice, “I’ll send the doctor in as soon as he can. Were overstocked and understaffed right now so the best thing for you to do is get some rest.” I nodded in agreement and turned back into my regular seeping position, which for some reason didn’t feel right, but pretty soon I was fast asleep.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



“Wake up now, it’s time for your inspection,” the doctor stated as he shook me awake. Still sleepy, I grudgingly got out of bed.


“What day is it?” I barely managed to squeak out. I must have been asleep for a long time because my voice sounded a little strange.


“Why it’s Monday. You’ve been out for seventy-two hours straight. In fact e had to feed you through a tube and an IV. We’re sorry we couldn’t wake you but we thought it was for the best,” he explained. So that’s why I felt a little weak in the muscles.   


I was so tired that I could barely open my eyes as he led me down the hall to the examination room. As I walked I noticed that my chest and butt seemed heavier but it probably was since I have worked on it and was basically a vegetable for the past few days. The doctor then told me to answer some questions for the record when we got to his office.




“Samuel Michael Scott.”






“Date of Birth?”


“April 10, 2031”


The doctor then motioned me toward a scale where he took down my new weight of 113, which was weird because I used to be about 160. Then he took my height and said that I was now 5’ 7”. Damn, I thought to myself through my half-clouded mind, I shrunk 5 inches. What next? Finally, he led me to a mirror and told me that I could finally open my eyes.


The first thing I noticed was what every 15 year old boy notices on the other sex. Boobs. Big ones too. Which scared me awake. And the surprises didn’t stop there. When I looked again I saw that I now closely resembled some of the most famous female models and actors in that I had a killer hourglass figure, wider hips and a heart stopping butt, as well as long black hair, a perfect face and anything else that a guy would think sexy. Including, on closer examination, a nice cute vagina…..


            ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Again I awoke hours latter with this time both the doctor and the nurse looking down on me I sat up and before I could ask the obvious question, the doctor spat it out.


“To answer the question of what happened, which I know you were going to ask, you fainted. Probably at the sight of you drastically altered image. This is exactly why you were kept under for three days because when you were changing you looked a whole lot worse. Don’t worry, you weren’t the only one who fainted and in fact, there’s someone else going though the exact same thing. And also, we completed your gynecological examination while you were out. We thought it was for the best,” He said. Wait, gynecological examination? Oh yeah, new plumbing, I thought trying to fight back the tears.


I turned my head to see one of the camp counselors, Timmy, walk in the room. While not very built, he was only 25 and also MORFs had made him a telepath, along with getting a dark blue skin tone.


“Is she all right?” he asked the doctor. Great now he thinks of me as a girl.


“She should be fine. In fact she can leave today. If you want we should be able to test if she has any new powers and/or abilities here, but at the moment we are over loaded right now with not only your camp, but every camp in the area. Strange that all the camps unmorfed kids should get it at the same time,” the doctor explained.   


“That’s okay, we have all the equipment at the camp. So we’ll take her home today,” Timmy responded then turned to Samuel, “So Samuel put these clothes on and be prepared to leave inside of three hours.”


  He handed me the clothes and left along with the doctor. I looked at the clothes and stared in amazement that anyone would expect me to wear these. In the pile there was the standard camp t-shirt, some girls stretch pants, socks and a bra and panty set, the last things I only hoped to be taking off and not putting on in my lifetime.


“Come get up now. I guess I’ll be the one to teach you how to put on some of this stuff,’ the nurse said as she ushered me out of bed and into the bathroom.


She instructed me to take off my hospital gown and I got a look at myself again in the mirror, only slightly less horrified and more depressed. First thing was the panties and I managed to get them on easy enough. I almost fell over because I was not used to my new proportions yet, but I quickly adapted. Next came the pants. Although they looked a little small too small to fit me, I was quickly corrected because the material stretched and seemed to fit me like a glove. Then came the hard part, the bra. As I had never put one on before, I had not the fingering nor the know-how. In fact, the nurse tried her best to restrain a laugh at my pitiful performance, but in the end the laugh won and only made me feel worse for my condition. So she showed me how to put one on and after several embarrassing tries, I finally got it on.


      The bra felt weird to put on for the first time because it at least tried to support my huge breasts. No longer were they hanging free, but they were now firmly supported; despite the fact that they stuck out for all the world to see. The Nurse then told me that my breasts were at least a D-cup and that I should be about a size 4 at the most and that my shoe size was a 6 along with my other measurements.


“So if you have any needs miss, feel free to call me using the nursing button. Other than that, I need to go check on the others. And with that, she was gone. I walked out of the bathroom and back over to the bed before I plopped down. Tears started to flow as I reviewed the situation again and again in my head and physically backing it up with the occasional mirror look. I still couldn’t believe that I had completely been transformed into the exact girl of my dreams. I started to hate myself.


I looked around the room for the TV remote when I saw the telephone. Immediately I thought of my mom and dad and how they would be taking this situation right now. So I picked up the phone and dialed my folk’s number.


Rrrrring! Rrrring! Rrrring!


“Scott residence, Simon Scott speaking,” It was my dad in his usual tone of voice.


“Uhhh, Dad? It’s me, Samuel,” My voice sounded so female now, as it was a higher octave and almost sing-song like. The perfect voice for the perfect body. Naturally, I also hated it.


“Samuel? Is that you? Ohhhh man,” he sounded depressed and almost scared, “When I heard from the camp counselor what MORFs did to you I couldn’t, didn’t want to believe it.” My dad had managed to avoid MORFs as a child, unlike his brother, and hoped he passed down his resistance if he had one.


“Its true Dad, I’m not you son anymore.” Tears started to well up in my eyes.










“Well here’s your mother,” he whispered as he passed the receiver to mom.


“Samuel, are you all right? Do you feel okay?” My mom avoided MORFs as well as I explained before. So it came to her as a big surprise and didn’t know what kind of pain I’d be in, if any at all.


“Yea mom just great. Although I’m still not used to this new body.”


“So I’m guessing you will need clothes as well as some other things. So tell me you measurements.”


I told her that I was now the ‘proud’ owner of two D-cup breasts and a figure that could wear anything from a size 4 to a size 00, as well as my weight and whatever else the nurse told me. She then said she’d go shopping and also would talk to my camp counselors about a few issues. After that, she hung up.


 I laid back down and tried not to think about the days events. So I tried to think about something else and decided to see if I got a cool super power. I sat up and tried to shoot lightning. Nothing. I tried to lift a chair with my mind. Nothing. In fact I went through every power I learned about in science class with negative results. MORFs was definitely not the fair and I bet I got it’s kicks out of ruining people’s lives.


Well, I thought still trying to be positive, maybe it just hasn’t developed yet. I mean, some people don’t get all their powers until the finish stage three.


*Samuel*. It was Timmy contacting my through telepathy. *Time to go. Meet me in the lobby on the first floor.*




Chapter 2


 “I’m worried about Samuel,” I said while sitting on top of a table outside two days after we all got back from the hospital.


“I am too. Heck I would probably be doing the same thing as him were I in his shoes, but he needs to stop sulking and start accepting the fact that he’s a she now so we can get ready to win the Cabin Wars,” JAkira said while sitting right next to me flexing his newly acquired wings. Like all of the 30 boys who got here unmorfed, he got the virus at the same time as all of us. He still retained most of his Japanese-American features but with the addition of being a hawk hybrid. He now had two feather-covered wings growing out of his back that, when fully stretched came to about a 14 foot wingspan. He also said he could see much farther much more clearly and had some feathers growing out of his spiked black hair. But the most peculiar thing was his name and its spelling, which he still ha before MORFs amazingly. It’s actually a combination of Junsuke Akira, his real name, that he came up with about four years ago and just stuck. 


“Y’know, you’re right but have you seen how hot she is?” I asked while twirling tiny balls of fire around and around my self. I was dead on too, because while Samuel and I were now be considered friends, he had a body that I could only dream about getting into bed. A living breathing sex goddess. The sad part was that it probably would torture me for the rest of the summer unless Sam, the new nickname for Samuel floating around, got sent home due to the fact that this was suppose to be an all boys camp.


“I know what you mean,” JAkira replied. He got up and did some experimental test flaps of his wings but still couldn’t seem to fly. “However, I’m gong to cheer her up and get her out of that room. We need her to be in shape for tomorrow.” And with that he was off walking back to our cabin from the camps center green.


Me, I stuck around playing with the fire which, incredibly, I can control as easily as if it were primary nature. It’s funny and I’m still amazed at my morf. I remember waking up in the hospital to find a doctor who gave me a complete checkup and also allowed me to look in the mirror for the first time because the hospital room had no mirrors that I could use to check myself with during the transformation. What I saw amazed me and I immediately started to laugh because in the mirror I looked the exact same. I was still 5’11” and not a single detail on my body had been changed; from my still brown hair to even my size 10 feet. It was in this well deserved laughter that I notice my hand was warm. I looked at it and found it to be on fire, but I didn’t feel any pain at all. This caused more insane laughter as I willed my other hand into flame as easily as moving one of my fingers. By now the doc had a fire extinguisher aimed at me but hesitated as I started to draw the fire into the air and it did exactly as I wanted. I then proceeded to play with it until the doc said that was enough and then I found out that I could also extinguish it on a dime. From then on, I became the envy of the camp and loved every minute of it. I had beat MORFs. Man am I lucky.


I got up and walked around, watching all of the not as lucky people try to workout with their bunk mates and get ready for tomorrow’s events. It was then I spotted two members of cabin #7, Donny and Jordan, testing themselves out.


“So how are you two hybrid ladies doing,” I said in my best gentlemen’s voice impression. Of course, I was half right.


“Shut it, show off,” Jordan ‘Monkeyboy’ spat, annoyed. He got that nickname because he literally was a monkey. He was covered in short brown fur and had a spider monkey tail, which didn’t look too bad on him since he already looked sorta like a monkey before, only a tall one at 6’0”. His most crowning achievement, though, is the fact that his bones aren’t normal anymore. Rather they all work like his spine, granted a really rubbery spine, so that he could literally do some amazing stuff like tie his arms in a knot or stick his head between his legs, backward.


“Don’t be rude,” Donny said. Knowing him it was about to be followed up by something witty, sarcastic, or actually funny. “He’s just here to admire our skills, or my assets.” That last comment stung because part of me said it was true. The reason being because Donny was in the same boat as Sam, well almost. Donny also got a sex change from morfs, but also be came a hybrid. The result was that he had a nice figure, though not the sex goddess that Sam turned into, medium sized breasts, long light purple hair, wolf ears that stuck out sideways, lightly lightened black skin, slightly enlarged canine teeth, and purple fur coated wolf tail. Also, the MORFs tests showed that he had a denser muscle build in his legs and also gained telekinesis, mild empathy and an IQ that almost qualifies him to be a genius. Which sucks because most of us already got the impression that he was smart during the first week. However, it seemed that Donny was able to take this all the more in stride and seemed to not let the changes get to him, unlike my cabin mate.


“Naw, I’m just passing though,” I said and walked toward my favorite spot down by the lake. When I got there I conjured up some of my fire and started to practice. It seemed like, for me, the more I put my body into it, the more intense the fire was. I concentrated and summoned a ball of fire….


     ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


I don’t think I’ve ever cried as much as I did then. I was really depressed and so tried to shut my self off from the world, only coming out when I needed to for the past two days. I was sad because I’ve lost so much and got nothing in return.


“I hate MORFs,” I’d say to myself and try to remember what it was like before I got this accursed form. Then my mind would wander and remember the good times.


It was that day however that I was thinking abut the past when I remembered the Rangers. As a five year old kid growing up in New York, I had to watch my back every step I’d make. Back then New York was a city with a problem with gangs. So much so that these gangs actually took over the city and displaced then government, then fought it out between themselves for control. Everyone wanted to get out of the city but couldn’t because savages would kill for no reason and had virtually cutoff the city from the rest of the world. So it was for this reason the U.N. forgave its promise to not hold an army and formed the Elite Peacekeeping Rangers, a group of highly trained men and women, be they hybrid, pure or other, to dispatch of the gangs.


I remember the event 10 years ago like it was yesterday. I was walking home from school when I heard shots. Now that was normal, but when I turned to see the recently dead, there was none. Instead, the was a man standing over a gang member wearing a blue and white jumpsuit with matching helmet and a visor to cover his eyes. He saw me and asked if I was alright. I of course said yes and asked who he was. He said he was Thomas Baker of the Elite Peacekeeping Rangers. Then another gang member came out and saw the ranger and started firing. Naturally I ducked; the Ranger did no such thing. Instead he drew his sword and managed to deflect the shots before slicing the thug.


It was then that my mind wandered to the sword which had fascinated me from my youth. I would spend hours on end just staring at it online and admiring it’s completely aquatic blue diamond blade with its sterling silver hand guard and leather hilt. I remembered every detail from the inscription of the Oath of the Ranger, to the 3-D imprinting of a dove carrying a sword and shield. I found myself wishing for that sword again, just to have something to remind me of my manhood. Just something to hold on to. I thought to myself.


Then I felt a weight in my hand and opened my eyes. Which shocked me almost if not more that me seeing myself in the mirror for the first time. In my hand was the Sword of the Ranger, with every detail as I remembered it. Of course I dropped in on my foot by accident, which denied my suspicions of it being an illusion, because it hurt. I picked it up again and swung it around. Amazingly, it felt natural in my hand, a perfect 10 lbs.      


At that moment, the door opened and in stepped JAkira. I trend to put it away, but you can’t hide a 3 ft sword so easily.


“What do you want?” I spat. I was not in the mood and really wanted to examine the blade some more.


“I just came in to cheer you up…. Where did you get that?” Of course, he meant the sword.


“I honestly don’t know. I was just sitting down, trying to cheer myself up when I started thinking about it and all of a sudden, it appeared in my hand.” I replied honestly. He looked me over and then back at the sword.


 “That’s an illusion, right?” he said.


“No, it’s actually real. Watch.” I swung the blade and it got lodged in the wood in the floor. I let go and then he grabbed it and freaked out.


“What the fuck? It’s actually real! Damn, how did this happen?”


“I already told you I don’t know!” I yelled. He looked at it once again and shook his head. Then he grabbed me by the arm and started pulling.


“Anyway, you’re not a vampire; you need to stop staying in the dark and just need to get out side. I tried to put up a resistance, but to no avail as his finally dragged me outside.


            ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Outside, there were lots of teens practicing their newfound powers and abilities in their cabin groups. This confused me at first but then I remembered why. It was right after we got back that the counselors made the announcement. Apparently, this year they were hosting the ‘Cabin Cup’. Or a sort of friendly competition where the cabins compete for points through various activities that would promote teamwork. Then I remembered that it was already Tuesday and I hadn’t even as much as lifted a finger to help our team.


            “Okay now we find where Leon is so we can get some strategy going,” he tried his wings again and got a foot of the ground before falling. He cussed and swore that he would get it before the summer’s end and started walking. I followed.


            We were almost there when I bumped into Matt by accident. I turned around to see that I hade to look up at the now reptilian hybrid. He was tall about 6’2” and ha green scales all over his body.


            “Well, well, well. If it isn’t the Troll Queen herself.” I looked up and saw the new Matt, which was much different than before. He looked like a big lizard, complete with large tail and stopped wearing shoes because his large claw on each foot would stick out and ruin them. I really didn’t have time for his bad attitude right now.


            “Piss off, lizard breath.” I said and tried to leave, but he was on me and grabbed my arm. JAkira turned around to see the scene.


            “Nobody calls me lizard breath, bitch.” That last remark set me off. I’ve been told before that women’s emotions run far more rampant than the contained one of males. Which is probably the reason why I’ve cried the last few days. Anyway, at that moment, I flared up in rage.


            “Don’t make me take you out.” Even though the MORFs ability tests said that I was physically weaker, I didn’t care. I knew I could take him because my parents, being scared at the fact that I would not be able to defend myself, enrolled me in six years of martial arts training. I hoped that my stupid girlish figure would not mess me up. That plus the uncommon rage I was feeling made me a force to be reckoned with.


            “You? Take me out? Hah! It’s more of like the other way around! You couldn’t take out a fly with those delicate arms.” His insults stung me in all the right places, just as he wanted. JAkira tried to step in but was quickly pushed aside as our tempers flared


            “That’s IT!” I yelled as threw a punch his way. It hit him but I got the feeling that it hurt me most, for I hit his armor-like scales and almost broke my hand. He grinned a heartless grin and then threw a punch of his own that I narrowly managed to avoid.


            By now there was a small crowd around us we brawled out in the middle of camp.

All I could hear as a I spin kicked and dodged was the constant chant of “FIGHT!” coming from the steadily growing crowd. JAkira couldn’t get though because of the congestion but tried to get in the air with his wings, only to fail miserably again. I was getting tired already, another one of this stupid body’s faults, and the fiend Matt’s blows were steadily getting closer and closer to me.


“Rrrrrriiipp.” Was all that I heard after Matt’s slash with his foot claw landed on me. I was so hyped up on adrenaline that I didn’t notice the blood dripping from the cut right under my demon breasts. I stumbled as another blow, this time a punch hit home right in my abdomen. I found myself thinking about the sword in the cabin. That would help me win. I thought. Surely with that I can teach this brute his well deserved lesson!


I heard it first. There were some gasps and others pointing toward my dangling hand. I looked down. The area around my hand was shrouded in mist, a deep and opaque blue mist. It only took second but the mist then managed to from itself into a long shaped and finally became a Ranger’s Blade. Matt was in disbelief, as were the rest of the campers, but not me. I took the pause to swing the sword at Matt, ripping his shirt and drawing blood in the process. He staggered. I took the opportunity to spin kick him square in the jaw and the blow knocked the hybrid to the ground.


“STOP! STOP!” the bellowing yell screamed.  Immediately I recognized the voice as my rage turned into fear. The disembodied yell came from the counselor Mathias, a literal bear of a man.


“Break it up and scram before I order all of you do some push-ups!” he yelled at the surrounding crowd as he made his way through. He then starred at us and immediately I knew I wasn’t gonna like what was coming next. “Both of you, in my office NOW!”


                      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


“You do know that you both could of killed each other, and the punishment for such an offense.” I didn’t like the way he said those words; with a straight yet stern face and a tone of voice that only the best layers use. “It’d only fair, heck it’s generous, for me to restrict you from the activity center and have you two report to my office every morning at daybreak and every evening a nightfall for push-ups. Do you under stand me?” I was then that Matt butted in.


“But she started it! I swear!”


“Oh c’mon you were goading and you know it!”


“You almost broke my jaw!”


“Yea, well you called me a Bitch!”


“It’s…” was all Matt could finish before counselor Mathias butted in.

“Silence! Both of you before I raise the punishment you want that don’t you?” We both clammed up like a cloyseter when the tide recedes. “Good. Now Samuel, you stay here. Matthew, you are free to go.”


I wanted to protest as to why I still had to stay but didn’t. I did not like the threat of more punishment. So I tried to fold my arms in frustration but my accursed breasts got in the way. Yet another bad thing to add to my growing list of reasons to hate my life. I leaned back in the chair and tried to distract myself by examining every detail of the room. Apparently the counselor hadn’t hear of modesty because this room was a virtual tribute to his ‘many’ accomplishments. The walls were literally covered with pictures of him playing football as a teen grizzly back in high school. He really showed no humility because that, along with paperwork; enough to fill three file cabinets and still spill over. Ahh, the triumph of modern bureaucracy, I thought to myself.


The door opened finally and in seeped the only female counselor in the camp. Her name was supposedly Ashley, but a rumor going around said it was some more embarrassing. She walked over to the desk and put her tablet down on the table and sat down.


“Okay, so then I’m gonna guess that it’s Sam now?” she asked while looking at the tablet.


“That’s what everyone seems to call me. Personally, I rather be called good ole’ Samuel again, but it’s just another one of the curses that went along with this demonic body.” I really didn’t want to talk about this subject because, for some reason I thought it would hurt her if I said it. Then a question surfaced in my mind, “Why are you here? Should I be lectured by my own counselor?”


“First, Timmy himself thought that because I was a woman, I would be better suited to help you and Donny get accustomed to your changes.  And second, your ‘form’ is not a demon from the foulest and deepest pits in the ninth circle of hell. In fact you’re lucky to have a killer figure like that. So stop all this negative thinking before you kill yourself.”


Now there’s an idea. I thought to myself. She continued.


“Any way I have some questions to ask.” She told me as her arm reached under the desk and pulled out the Ranger’s Sword that I had during the fight. “Where did you get this?” she asked sternly. I froze.


“I…I…I don’t know,” I responded truthfully. “All I remember is some gasps and looking at my hand to see the blade form there from nothing.”


       “Hmm. You do know that to be in possession of a weapon while on camp grounds is punishable by law,” I gulped at that statement. I didn’t want to go to jail. Not in the condition they were these days at least.

“Anyway,” she went on, “at least your story is consistent with the other witnesses as well, so I won’t hold it against you but the next time this happens, we won’t hesitate to call the cops.” I didn’t know why she would cut me slack like this but I let her know that I understood.


“Now onto the more pressing matters about your enrollment. As you know, your parents already paid a non-refundable fee for the summer camp. Also, as this is an all boys camp, we simply could not let either you or Donny stay. But due in part to the fact your dad is a lawyer, he found a loophole in the contract that will allow you to stay for the summer. Apparently the contract says that we only can’t accept girls. Since we actually have no more cabins left, you are to stay in your current cabin, number 8, for the duration of the summer.” I was relived that I could stay because there was virtually nothing to do for the entire summer because all of my friends had left on their vacations.     


“There are some restrictions on your part, too. You will have to now get up to use the showers an hour before everybody else for privacy reasons and, due to your emotional breakdown, you will be forced to war the proper attire for the duration of your stay, as well as some more things to come.” She said as she hefted a box onto the table.


What’s ‘proper attire’? I thought before realizing why I read my name on the package. My mom didn’t, wouldn’t, couldn’t…..could she? Sure enough as I opened the package I saw a mountain of clothes come out, and all of them the exact stuff the stereotypical teenager would wear. I stared in horror at the lacy prison cells and the cotton death traps before me.


“You guys can’t expect me to wear this, can you?!?” I responded in disbelief.


“Well, there also will be the camp shirt for out of Camp Kyoté trips. But other than that, you will wear this starting tomorrow. If you wish, I can show you how to put on some of these clothes. All you need to do is ask me,” she replied. I just kept staring with a look of horror on my face as she packed the box back up.


“It’s not that bad, really. Anyway, your free to go. Just be dressed and ready for the Cabin Wars tomorrow. I will be checking,” She handed me the box and rose from my seat to leave. “Oh and would you be a dear and send in Donny on your way out?”


I quickly left the room to find Donny standing out side. I looked over the purple hybrid almost in disgust for the fact that since he was so skinny before, his clothes still fit him and for the fact that he seemed to almost like what was done to him. Blasphemy!


“She’s ready for you now,” I told him. He looked at me quizzically.


“What’s the box for?” he asked. It was a legitimate question because it wasn’t mail day today. Which is when I remembered she had to go through the same thing also. I smiled an evil grin.


“You’ll find out soon enough,” I said with all honesty.    









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