Casefile: 6101 Synergy vs Sanura
By Shrike



Casefile 6101
October 2058


Case file 6101

“Sanura, would you mind if we went out to dinner? I've heard so much about that new place 'Everybody's place'. They advertise that you can even take children of all ages with you there”

Sanura frowned at Amy, “You mean you want to go there with Faline and Blaze? I don't know, should we? You know how Faline gets when she's excited.”

Faline walked up and commented in her high child's voice, “I promise to be on my best behaviour. My friend Jess is going to be there as well.”

Sanura looked questioningly at Amy, “Jess?”

“Jessica is a new friend in school. She said that her parents would be in the restaurant. In fact Faline asked me if we could go there.” Amy explained.

“And Blaze? Isn't he too young for a fancy place like that?” Sanura asked with hesitation.

“What I understand is that they have a special room for very young children, even babies. I think we should check it out.” Amy smiled.

Sanura was finally convinced, “Okay, I want to see that place then.”

After entering the new restaurant, they were met by a young woman, a bunny hybrid, “Hello my name is Britney. Do you have a reservation?” At the negative response she checked her eCom before saying, “Well you're in luck. We do have tables available. Will the young lady be dining with you or would she like to dine with the other young ladies and boys?”

Faline beamed at being called a young lady, and Amy asked, “Well, Faline. want to eat with us or with your friends?”

Faline didn't hesitate/ “I want to eat with Jessica.”

The young woman bowed, “Right, this way then.” She let the group towards a sectioned off part of the restaurant. In there the noise was somewhat subdued. Sanura suspected that it was probably a sound-elemental at work. There were several children of different ages sitting or running around. And a little to the side was another screen sectioning off yet another part.

Curiously Sanura went over to look and saw two women nursing and taking care of their babies. Amy went past Sanura with Blaze and sat down next to a woman with long dark hair, a black cat's tail and yellow cat eyes, holding a baby in her arms. The woman was about to say something when a dark haired girl ran into the nursery. “Memmy, memmy, can I have ice-cream?”

Then Faline showed up just as hastily behind the girl. The woman sighed, “Now Jessica, you know that you have to eat your vegetables first.”

Sanura looked more closely at the girl. She didn't look much like a cat hybrid, though there was something about her. “So you're Jessica?”

Instead of the girl, the mother answered, “Yes she is. And I'm Maren Kramer. Miss?”

“Sanura Miller” Sanura smiled at Maren.

“Oh, I've heard about you, Dr. Miller. And you must be Amy,” she said to Amy, sitting down nursing Blaze. Amy just nodded keeping her attention on her little baby boy.

Just then a handsome man entered the nursery. “Is everything okay here? Maren?”

“Sure Gabe, let me introduce you.” She pointed with her tail at Sanura as her hands were full with the baby, “This is Dr. Sanura Miller.” Then she turned to Sanura, “This is my husband Gabe Kramer.”

Sanura shook the hand of the man, and then she remembered, “I think I've read about you. Aren't you an elemental?”

Gabe smiled, “Yes. I'm an electrical-Elemental. And Maren here is an Energy Converter.”

Sanura looked with interest at both Gabe and Maren, then she remembered the file labelled Synergy. “Are you also called Synergy?”

Maren smiled, “That's right, how did you know?”

“I have access to some organisations and their files,” Sanura explained hesitantly.

Maren laughed, “I think I know who you mean, and yes, both Synergy and Blitz are well documented.”

Sanura remembered that Gabe's nickname was Blitz. She decided to change the topic though, “I hear that this is a good restaurant. How's the food here?”

Gabe laughed out loud. “Well, it'll better be good or I'll have the cook fired.” Maren laughed with him and Sanura just looked perplexed. Maren explained, “Gabe is the owner and head-chef here. So we can vouch for the food being excellent.”

Sanura laughed with them now, as did Amy.

After Blaze was put in a crib to sleep under the watchful eye of a qualified nurse, Sanura and Amy sat down in the restaurant to enjoy dinner. And they really did enjoy it. The food was excellent. Sanura said, “You were right to entice me to come here. This is one of the best restaurants I've been to.”

Amy smiled, “I told you it would be good.”

As they enjoyed a nice dessert, Gabe Kramer strolled up to their table. “Hello again. Is everything to your satisfaction?”

Amy smiled to him, “Yes, my compliments to the chef. The food was excellent.”

Gabe smiled back, “I'll relay the compliment.”

Sanura had a thought, “Can I have a word with you and your wife please?”

Gabe cocked his head, “Sure, but why?”

Sanura just smiled mysteriously and followed Gabe to the back. Maren was sitting in a living room watching her baby sleep and then another woman got in from the other side. Sanura was startled for a moment, as she recognized the woman as a dog hybrid. Maren wasn't startled in the least and said, “Hi Mem. Want to watch little Caitlin for a while?”

The woman nodded and sat down without saying anything. Sanura watched it for a moment before remembering why she came here. “Hi again Mrs. Kramer. I was wondering if I could speak with you for a moment.”

Maren smiled back, “Sure, Dr. Miller.”

“Call me Sanura, please,” Sanura said with a smile.

“Call me Maren then, Sanura.”

They sat down in a quiet room and Sanura addressed Maren, “I would like to know the extent of your powers, if you don't mind demonstrating it.”

Maren looked down, “I'm not sure about that. I mean, I don't like to fight. But I will defend my children and battle real injustices when I encounter it. But I don't use my power a lot. I have learned that I'm quite powerful. I blew up a mountain with the force of an atom bomb. Twice!”

Sanura nodded, she had read those reports. “I know about that. I can assure you that I will only want to do it with your approval, and in a safe environment.”

“Well, okay then. When and where would you want me to go?” asked Maren.

“How about day after tomorrow?” said an unfazed Sanura.

“Sure, I don't have anything planned, or do I? Gabe?”

Gabe answered quickly, “Nope, we're here for a few days more and my mother wouldn't mind looking after the kids. Besides I'm still busy with the final details of the place here, so you're free to go where ever you need to go.”

Before Maren could ask, Sanura already said, “I'll pick you up here. I have an unusual transportation at my disposal, so don't worry too much about the place. Just dress for warm weather and for a work out.”

Maren smiled, “Sure, I'm getting curious now. But I'll be here at 9 am?”

Sanura smiled back, “That would be perfect. Now, I understand that you, Mr. Kramer are quite busy these days?”

“Please call me Gabe, and yes, I'm a bit preoccupied I'm afraid. I guess you want to test me and my power as well?”

“Quite perceptive Gabe, later I will tell you all about why I'm doing this, but please indulge me,” Sanura told him with some anxiety.

“Yeah, well sure. I don't mind demonstrating as long as we get a straight answer somewhere along the line. If you know our files, you should know that we have been duped before by some people.”

“Yes, I have read that. Well, I'll not take more of your time then. I'll see you the day after tomorrow then, Maren, and thanks again for the great meal.”

Gabe and Maren just nodded, and with that, Sanura said her goodbye and set off looking for her family.

Two days later Maren was waiting inside the restaurant, dressed in a formfitting unitard. It was one made of Neosilk and very sturdy. Exactly at nine o'clock Sanura stepped through the door and asked, “Good morning, Maren. Ready for the test?”

Maren smiled, “Sure, so where are we going and how?”

Sanura looked around her to make sure that no one was around and opened a portal, “Step through and we'll be at our destination.”

Maren looked in wonder, but stepped through the portal quickly. Sanura followed directly after and the portal closed again. Maren looked around and saw a sandy beach with some palm trees and a lot of ocean. She also felt a little radiation in the environment and energized herself with it. “So, Sanura, where are we now?”

“This is the Bikini Atoll, I thought it would be the most appropriate place to test out your powers in full.”

Maren laughed, “Right, take a girl that blows up like an atom bomb to the place where they used to detonate atom bombs.”

Sanura laughed with her, “Correct, but it is also desolate and nearly deserted, I asked the locals to go away today. I paid them compensation for the missing fishing day.”

“There are people living here?” asked Maren surprised.

“Yeah, about 12 of them. Despite the radiation they prefer to live here. I also chose this place since it is always sunny here. I can charge myself up with the sunlight. Now what I read in your file is that you can control the sorts of energy you emit, so we don't have to worry about adding radiation?”

Maren laughed, “Correct, I can control every type of energy I emit. So when are you ready to start? I already powered up a little from absorbing the radiation.”

Sanura's eyes lit up, 'She's already ready to go?' “Sure, let me encase myself in a protective layer.”

Sanura quickly encased herself in her dark energy shielding. She said out loud, though it was muffled by her shield, “Okay Maren, I'm ready when you are. Hit me with everything you've got.”

Maren replied in a controlled voice, “Better not everything. I'll start with low power first.”

Sanura saw that the light was fading a little and then a barrage of lightning, heat, light, wind and microwaves assaulted her. She brace herself for the intensity, but had no problems resisting it. As the barrage let up for a moment she said, “That wasn't very much, was it?”

Maren didn't say anything, but slammed Sanura down with a gravity of 5Gs. This time Sanura felt it, but it was more the surprise of sinking into the sandy bottom and the inrushing water into the hole that got to her. She quickly opened a portal and stepped out behind Maren on the beach again.

Maren felt the displacement of air from the portal and turned around to face Sanura again. This time she reversed it, sending Sanura flying high into the air when her gravity was almost none existent. That, coupled with a strong gust of wind, made her go higher and higher into the sky.

Sanura decided that it was enough and used another portal to get back to the beach. There Maren had let up for a moment and asked , “I didn't hurt you or anything?”

Sanura was a bit disappointed. This really wasn't that much of a challenge. She'd had tougher scrapes then this. “I'm fine. You're a bit of disappointment though. I thought you'd be more dangerous than this. Here, try to absorb this.” She shot a low yield blast of her dark energy.

Maren reeled from the blast. She absorbed it all right, but it was such a different energy that she had trouble converting it. It sang through her body, really upsetting her energy balance. She became quite enraged, “You haven't seen anything yet!” she roared.

Sanura saw the vicinity around Maren grow dark and cold. She lifted a little into the air and the air crackled with static electricity. The scene started to look a bit like when she inadvertently had made a black hole. 'Can she make or be a black hole? It sure looks and feels that way.'

She quickly increased the density and thickness of her protective layer. It looked like Synergy was going all out now. Maren gathered a lot of energy in and around her before firing it all as gravity, lasers, lightning and heat blasts directly at Sanura.

Despite her increased shielding, Sanura was blown away. Even with the increased gravity, she reeled from the onslaught. The lasers and lightning were of such an intensity that it partially broke through her shielding. The heat blasts were equally hot and fiery and scorched a few spots into third degree burns. Fortunately she had an excellent healing at her disposal, else her goose would have been cooked, figuratively as well as literally.

Before Sanura realized it, she was battered, hurting a bit and sinking rapidly into the ocean as she had been blasted far away from the island.

She quickly opened a portal back to the beach. Maren was waiting for her and ready to blast her again. “Enough of this,” Sanura thundered.

She fired quite a hefty blast of dark energy onto Maren. Maren staggered back from the onslaught of dark energy and though she absorbed most of it, she flew down the beach for a few feet. Landing on her back, she lay still for a moment before firing a blast of all kinds of energy into the lagoon. A lot of water evaporated, and blew out spectacular. Then Maren fell down on her back again and lay still.

Sanura was worried, 'Did I hurt her? That wasn't my intention. I hope she isn't too badly hurt.' She quickly went over to Maren who lay still with her eyes closed. Sanura was about to feel her pulse and open a portal to a hospital, when Maren opened her eyes.

“Hi,” Maren said softly. “I guess I got carried away a little. I still have a few anger issues that I need to deal with. I'm way too easy to be suckered into a full blown fight.”

Sanura sighed relieved, “I noticed, though I'm as much to blame. I did ask for it with my comment. I'm sorry for that. I shouldn't have blasted you with that much dark energy as well. I'm a bit too powerful with that.”

Maren sat up, “Well, it isn't the power as much as the type. I can absorb it, and maybe even recreate it, but it kind of tastes different. My absorption isn't like with all the other energies and to synthesize it, would take even more concentration.”

Sanura smiled, “Well, it was just a test. It's a good thing that we're never going to be fighting for real against each other. We'd be a two woman wrecking crew that would threaten the whole world. I do want to thank you for a good work out and test. I would like to work with you later again on some science projects.”

Maren beamed, “I wouldn't mind that at all. I do have enough work with my thrusters and soon the DPM project, but I always look for new challenges.”

Sanura pulled Maren up to a standing position. “Well, I look forward to working with you, if only your husband had enough time for a demo of his power.”

“You'd have to take him to a similar remote location, though not as hot and full of radiation as here though. Gabe does have a lot of power, so you'd better be prepared.”

“Oh, I will,” said Sanura. “Trust me, I will be very prepared.” With those words she opened a portal back to Sun City and delivered Maren back to her family before going home herself to evaluate the test. Synergy really was very powerful, which might prove useful in the future.




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