The Boy, The Girl, and How MORFS Came Between Them

Chapter 1
Life was good, it was June, and the weather was finally sunny and warm instead of grey and wet like it was most of the year. I was doing well at school, exams were still a blip on the horizon so no need to worry about them yet, or so I told myself. I had some great friends and to top it all, a beautiful girl friend.

 Just thinking of her made me smile. Lisa was a petite red head with a pale freckled complexion and green eyes hinting at her Irish ancestry. Her face always seemed to have a hint of amusement on it like she was just on the brink of laughing. Her smile just made me melt. She had curves but nothing was exaggerated, she was just cute and sexy and to go along with her physical appeal, she was funny and smart.

How an average height not particularly handsome brown haired brown eyed chap like me could get so lucky was a source of constant amazement to me.

Lisa was also sneaky; she would slide up next to me before I noticed she was there and press herself against me. Sort of like how she was doing now as I walked in the school gate. “Hey handsome,” she grinned up at me.

We kissed and then arm in arm, made our way up to our classroom for morning registration.

“How was your weekend?” I asked.

“Oh it was a drag. We went to my aunt’s to help her move some stuff out of her attic. I missed you.” That earned her another kiss, “How about you?”

“You know me, video games till the wee hours.”

“You boys and your toys,” she smirked.

“I did miss you though.” She gave me a half hug as we made our way up to the second floor where our classroom was.

When we walked in the room and were met by our small group of friends. Vicky gave us a sour look, “Oh, the love birds are at it again!” she said then broke into a smirk.

Vicky was tall with raven black hair in a very short spiky feminine cut. She had pointed ears and people used to call her pixie till she grew tall. She was somewhat mischievous so the nickname Pixie still popped up now and again. She was very pretty with dark brown eyes and a fabulous figure, all curves and legs that went on forever. We'd had a thing for each other a while back, but she’d broken it off before it really started. She’d felt a romantic relationship would ruin our friendship. We were still very good friends and had been for years. I sometimes caught her looking at me and Lisa when she didn't think I was looking and she looked almost jealous, though it might have just been me reading into things too much.

“Aren't you too tired of all that kissing and hugging after a whole weekend of it?” asked Dave, a short boy with thick glasses. He was a dog hybrid though it was more hidden than anything else. His eyesight had become poor but his sense of smell and hearing had increased dramatically. Other than that, he looked normal.

“We haven't seen each other all weekend!” I replied.
“Damn they're going to be worse than usual!” exclaimed the last of our group, Charlie, who was a frog hybrid. His skin was slightly odd looking, as it was adapted to being underwater, where he could absorb oxygen through it. He could also shoot his tongue out and grab things, which was really cool to see. He also had slightly webbed feet and hands which made him an excellent swimmer. He was also a really low power electrical elemental, he could shock you a bit like one of those Van de Graff generators they had in the science labs. He was a bit disappointed with the low strength of his ability but it was more than the rest of us had.

As took our seats we chatted about our weekend. Vicky had been to a lan party (a networked PC gaming session) with some clan she was in. She was a real hardcore gamer, so good she had won a few local competitions and wanted to try out for the cybergames. The thought of her making a living as a professional gamer was interesting. She was good enough that's for sure. Last time I played her at something she won 100 to 3 which didn't do my ego much good. What made it worse was I was pretty sure she threw the last few games just so I wouldn't feel too bad, because it had been 95-0 before I finally won one.

Charlie had gone to a lake with his family for some water sports. they were big into their sailing and swimming. Charlie reckons that's why He’d turned into a frog hybrid, he spent most of his life in the water and MORFS just made it more practical.

Dave had just lounged around, enjoying the time off, which I could certainly understand. Sometimes it was nice to have some time to just do nothing. I’d enjoyed my own leisurely weekend, except that Lisa hadn’t been with me.

Pretty soon Miss Adams, our house teacher rushed in. She was an intense woman called who was also a P.E. teacher, and always wore a track suit. She seemed to have little time to mess around and never seemed to smile, only scowl. After a swift run through the register and a few announcements, we were dismissed and sent off to our next lessons.

I gave Lisa a kiss good bye and headed off for science class with Vicky, Dave, and Charlie. Lisa was in a different set than the rest of us, which meant we were in different classrooms at the moment. I would get to see her at break though, and besides, sometimes having her there with me was distracting.

We muddled through learning about the Haber process, then headed for our classroom to hang out till our next lessons I chatted with Vicky while we waited for Lisa to show up. When it got to be about half way through break and she still hadn't showed, I began to get a little worried. I wandered over to one of the people in her class. “Hey Betty, did Lisa get held back after class or something?”

The girl’s face fell, a sort of shocked terror like she knew something and didn't want to be the one to tell me, “You haven't heard!”

I gave her a blank look and she stutteringly continued, “She collapsed in the middle of lesson. They hauled her off to hospital,” she said wide eyed.

It was like the floor had given way and I was in free-fall. I barely heard the rest of what she said.

I staggered back over to my friends. “Lisa collapsed in science,” I said.

“What?” exclaimed Vicky.

“Is she okay?” asked Charlie.

“I don't know, they took her to hospital,” I replied.

The rest of the day was a blur. At lunch we tried to find out what was wrong, but had no luck. I sleepwalked through the day in a haze of worry, not sure what had happened to Lisa, wondering  if she was okay.

When I got home from school I tried calling her on her mobile. After a few rings it was answered. The person on the other end wasn't Lisa, but it sounded like her mother. “Hello who is this?” she asked, sounding weak and frightened.

“Hello this is Bert., Is this Mrs Brown? I’m trying to find out what happened to Lisa.”

“Oh yes, hello Bert. I'm sorry I meant to call you, but it just slipped my mind

“Is Lisa OK?” I asked fearfully.

“For now. They put her on some intravenous drugs and are observing her overnight, but we should be able to take her home tomorrow to ride out the rest of it.”

“What's wrong with her?”

“Well, she's come down with MORFS. Something to do with the onset drained her body of energy, causing her to lose consciousness. Assuming she is stable over night the doctors say she should be good to go through the rest of it at home.”

“MORFS ... Oh, is she awake can I speak to her?”

“No I'm sorry they sedated her already.”

“OK, wish her get well soon for me.”

“I will, Bert. I'll try and have her call you when she comes round.”

“Thanks Mrs Brown. Bye.”

I was still a bit shocked but at least I now knew what was wrong. I still worried about the MORFS. People still died from it even now, though it was rare. It also changed people, and I wasn't sure if that was worse than killing them. Still, there was nothing I could do to change things. I just had to deal with what was.

I decided I need to put my own worries to the side and think about how to make Lisa feel better. I went online and ordered her some flowers and a teddy bear with a get well card attached. She wouldn't get them till she got home but I was sure it would brighten her mood.

Next day at school was tough I couldn't stop thinking about Lisa. Was she going to be alright, was she changing into someone else, would I still like her afterwards if she did?The questions kept bouncing around in my head, making me distracted. I couldn't focus on lessons and I was distant with my friends not really listening to them or paying attention. I guess I was pretty lousy company and it wasn't like they weren't worried either. Lisa was their friend too.

I muddled through the day in a fog. It was like I was somewhere else most of the time. It wasn't till I got a call from Lisa in the evening that I was awake and alert.

“Hey handsome,” She sounded frail.

“Hey yourself, Beautiful. How are you feeling?” I asked.

“Horrible, sick, tired, and achy,” she said.

“Nasty. Did you get my flowers?”

“Yes, thank you, they cheered me up. The bear was cute.”

“So do you want me to come visit?”

She paused for a while, “No I'm going to be mostly asleep and I don't want you to see me like this.”

“OK,” I said, trying to mask my disappointment.

“I'll see you when I'm better, promise. Well, I've got to go sleepy time again, see you in a week or so.”

“Okay, Lisa, love you.”

“Love you too, Bert.”

She rang off. I could understand her wanting to go through this thing on her own. It was no fun to have someone else see you when you were ill and vulnerable like that. Not to mention the change aspect. If she did change, then she didn't want me to see it till she was ready. Still, it would be a tough week waiting, like I was awaiting an execution or something.

I spent the week in a state similar to the day after she went into hospital. It got me in trouble with some teachers who didn't want to cut me any slack. My friends understood and tried to keep my spirits up.

A week passed and Lisa phoned me again. “I'm finished,” she said. Her voice sounded different.

“How are you feeling?” I asked worried.

“Odd, I'm ... different.”

“OK. How so?”

“I ... I ...,” she paused and the phone went silent for a while, then she said rapidly, “You'll see when I come back to school tomorrow. I already have the all clear to return.”

“If that's what you want.”

“I'll see you tomorrow,” she said. I thought I heard an edge of anxiety in her voice. She didn't want to face me yet, I wondered what had changed in her that made her afraid.

“Okay, I'll see you tomorrow. Love you.”

She hesitated, “Love you too,” followed by a click.

I spent most of the night worrying about Lisa and what had happened to her. I didn't get much sleep.


Chapter 2
The next day I was a nervous wreck. I couldn't stomach my breakfast and left earlier than usual. I made my way to school with a strange mix of excitement and nervousness. I was excited to see Lisa again, and also nervous to see how she might have changed. My mind was running through horror scenarios, could I love a girl with flippers?

Approaching the gate, I had half a mind to run in the other direction, but I steeled myself for the worst and headed through with an eye out for a girl with tentacles or an elephants nose or huge poison filled talons.

I didn't see any of those. What I did see was a huge girl with long blonde hair I had never seen before looking nervously at the people coming in the gate. When she saw me and her whole face reacted with fear and worry, I knew it must be Lisa.

She was enormous. My petite redheaded green-eyed girlfriend was now at least 6ft 6 or more, an Amazon with long flowing blonde hair, and brilliant blue eyes. Her figure was now very curvy but also well defined, almost muscular tending towards one of the super heroines from the comics, rather than a female body builder.

I walked slowly over to her, barely able to believe that this giantess was my Lisa. The mannerisms were familiar though, and the scared look in her eyes as I approached her made me sure this was her.

“Lisa? Is that you?” I asked wanting to find I'd made a mistake.

“Yes.” She had a small scared small voice that seemed out of place in someone so large.

“You look ... different,” I said.

“It's still me,” she said, sounding close to tears.

I looked at her closely. I could almost see the old Lisa behind her eyes trying to reach me. The package wasn't that important. It would take some getting used to, but I was sure it was possible because we loved each other.

I tentatively reached out and took her hand, marvelling at how much bigger it was. “Wow, this is going to take some getting used to. I'm going to need a step ladder just to kiss you,” I said.

That brought a tiny smile to her lips. “Maybe stilts, … or I could just lean down.”

She leaned down and kissed me. It was odd, familiar, yet different. We walked up to class together, both of us still nervous around the other. I was more than a little intimidated by her size and obvious strength. She was nervous I would reject her or something. I did my best to hide the nerves I was feeling.

When we walked into the room, Vicky spotted us and immediately came over. “Bert you dog! Lisa's off sick and you've already picked yourself up a new girlfriend!” She gave me a mock punch, then with a grin, turned to Lisa, “Welcome back, Lisa. You look fabulous!”

“Maybe I'm not Lisa. Maybe I am some new girl that Bert has seduced,” Lisa said with a smile. She quite suddenly grabbed me and lifted me clean off the ground, kissing me passionately. She put me down again, not very carefully, then strode off with Vicky, the two of them laughing, going to join the rest of the gang.

I stood there a little shocked and slightly bruised from her rough handling. She was scarily strong and had just thrown me around like I was a toy. I figured she had gotten a little carried away with the joke.

I made my way over and sat down next to her trying to hide my unease about what had just happened. Soon we were chatting away like old times and I forgot all about my concerns. Lisa was just the same as before, and things were going great, at least till the inevitable question came up.

“So, get any powers?” asked Dave.

“Nothing extraordinary but I'm really strong. Let me show you. Bert, come here,” said Lisa, standing up. I was a little uncertain but I stood up.

She grabbed me with one hand and hefted me into the air.

“Whoa!” said Charlie.

Lisa held me above her head and tossed me from hand to hand like I weighed nothing.

“Put me down, please!” I said, trying not to panic.

“Oh come on, this is fun,” said Lisa.

Then she got a little careless and tossed me a little high, “OW!” I cried out as my head cracked against the ceiling.

She almost dropped me in surprise, but put me down a little suddenly. She looked a little embarrassed but then her face changed to an annoyed expression, “You big baby, you're fine,” she said dismissively as I rubbed my head.

At this point Miss Adams ran into the room to take the register. I sat down next to Lisa, figuring maybe she just was a little excited by her new strength and she'd be more careful once she was used to it. The rest of the morning was pretty normal, I was still getting used to the new Lisa. At break we talked like we used to, and things seemed normal.

At lunch things changed again. We were sitting on a wall overlooking the school playing fields just enjoying the summer weather when a few of the Pures decided to have a go at Lisa calling her a freak and that she was evil.

We got up to leave but they circled us and began pushing us.

“You big dumb freak!” a girl called Becky shouted at Lisa.

I could see Lisa getting angry. “Leave me alone!”

“Big and stupid, that's what you are!” shouted another.

“We don't like your diseased kind round here. You should just leave!” shouted a nasty piece of work called Malcolm.

“And you, freak lover, should be ashamed of yourself. Humans and freaks don't mix!” Becky shouted at me.

Some of the boys showing off to their pure girlfriends, tried to tackle us. I was knocked to the ground and kicked. They tried the same with Lisa and she grabbed the first one that came near her and threw him. He flew a good ten meters through the air then bounced along the grass for a few more. She grabbed another and threw him after the first one and was reaching to grab one of the girls before they took the hint and scattered.

 She managed to snag Becky before she could run. She lifted her off her feet and growled at her. “You stupid little cow! You come near me again and I'll snap you in half!” she spat.

“Put her down, you beast!” shouted Malcolm. I noticed he was careful to stay far enough away that she couldn't reach him.

“What ya going to do about it, little man?” sneered Lisa.

Malcolm was spluttering with anger but he still wasn't stupid enough to come into range. Lisa looked thoughtful, then with a nasty grin said, “You want her? Catch!” She threw a screaming Becky at him.

The impact sent the two of them sprawling ,but they managed to get to their feet afterwards and run off. I was still sitting on the ground. When Lisa turned to see me down there she scowled. “What are you doing down there?” she said.

“They knocked me down,. What do you think I'm doing down here,” I said, slightly annoyed.

She shrugged. “They're a load of weaklings. You shouldn't let them push you around!”

Easy for her to say, with her super strength, but me, with barely normal strength, a gang of ten or more people was something I wasn't likely to be able to fight off. She reached down and grabbed me, lifting me to my feet roughly. I felt like I was a rag doll or something, her grip crushing my arm.

“Careful, you're hurting me,” I said.

“Oh stop whining! I barely touched you. Come on, we're going to the library.”

She took my hand and practically dragged me to the library. It felt humiliating, like I was some small child being dragged somewhere by my parent. I figured she was still getting used to her strength and the fight had got her worked up. I was sure as she acclimatised she would learn to be more gentle.

We got to the library and sat down to do some homework and soon things seemed normal. Again we laughed and joked and had a good time. It was the old Lisa back again.

The rest of the day was okay. The same old score with lessons and then once it was over I arranged to meet Lisa for a movie after school.

I picked her up at her house and we walked hand in hand to the local multiplex. I was trying to do my best to please her. I took her to see the film she wanted, then to a fast food place I knew she liked. We talked, or mostly, she talked and I listened.

“It's such a pain being big. None of my clothes fit, and no place seems to stock stuff in my size. Plus, my bed is too small, and I'm always bashing my head on things. Still, it's nice being strong, I feel powerful,” she said smiling. “What do you think of the new me?”

I thought for a bit, “You're quite sexy,” I said, “It's odd to see the new you and know it's the same Lisa inside.”

She smiled at me, seemingly pleased that I liked her new look, “I was worried you wouldn't like me since I was so tall,” she said.

“It was a bit of a shock, but you’re still you,” I said, then tried to phrase my worries diplomatically, “You do seem to be a bit more forceful now.”

She shrugged, “I'm just a lot stronger now. I don't have to let myself be pushed around.”

I was a bit off put by that. While maybe the bullies had pushed her around, I never had. I wondered if I should say something about her hurting me, but I decided not to. She was still learning her new strength, and I didn't want to upset her so soon after a traumatic change.

We had a good evening and at the end, I walked her to her front door and she kissed me goodnight, which was nice. Then she lifted me up into a hug while kissing me which still felt wonderful till she started squeezing me too hard and I had difficulty breathing.

I broke our kiss and gasped, “Careful you're crushing me.”

She put me down and looked a little sheepish, “Sorry, don't know my own strength.”

I smiled at her, “That was great otherwise.”

She beamed back and gave me a friendly punch on the arm, which hurt like hell. I nearly said something, but she had already bounded off inside her house, waving goodbye.

I rubbed my aching arm, the same one she had grabbed earlier and headed home.


Chapter 3
I got up the next morning and my arm still hurt, I had a look and the flesh was now black and blue. A huge angry bruise wrapped around my arm where Lisa's vise-like grip had been. The area where she had punched me was especially tender. I put on my school uniform and got ready, wincing as I slipped my shirt on over the bruise. After breakfast I headed into school.

Lisa met me at the gate with a kiss and we walked up to our classroom together. My worries gone for the time being, she seemed to be trying to be gentler with me today. The gang were keen to hear how our date had gone. Lisa gushed about how good it had been and how much of a gentleman I was, which made me blush.

“He was so good, took me to all the places I wanted to go and let me see the film I wanted. Paid for all the food I like, a perfect date!” she said, kissing me on the cheek.

“Wow, you old romantic you,” sniggered Dave.

“Hey I think it's nice. Not all boys would be so nice to their girlfriends. Goodness knows, most of the time I've been lucky to get a meal out of one of my boyfriends that wasn't microwave pizza,” Vicky said.

“It's good that the two of you are still into each other,” said Charlie. “I know MORFS sometimes means you lose your old friends.” Charlie's old girlfriend hadn't wanted to have anything to do with him after his change, and it was a source of sadness for him.

We had science again, so I was in a lesson without Lisa first thing. While we were sitting down Vicky inadvertently brushed my arm causing a sharp intake of breath.

“Hey, you alright?” Vicky asked, looking concerned.

“Yeah just got a little bruise on my arm,” I said.

“Those jerks yesterday?” she said, looking angry.

“Not directly, but that's where I got most of it.”

“How do you mean?”

“Well, Lisa helped me to my feet a little over-enthusiastically.”

“Let me see.” She got a strange cold look on her face.

“She didn't mean it. She just doesn't know her own strength yet,” I said defensively.

She gave me a glare and I rolled up my sleeve to show her. Her eyes went wide, “That's nasty she must have really grabbed you hard to do that kind of damage!”

“Well, she's still learning.”

Vicky gave me a concerned look but said nothing. About then the lesson started, so I rolled my sleeve down and got on with the lesson.

At break Lisa was still being nice and gentle. She was also still pleased about our date the night before so we found a quiet corner and sat there kissing for the entire break. We were actually late for the next lesson because we had spent so much time fooling around.

I began noticing a change in her behaviour. Whereas before she was more passive, letting me make the first move, now she was assertive and forceful. It was a little exciting, and also a little scary.

At lunch Lisa wanted to do some more kissing so we made our way to a quiet spot. On the way we were stopped by a gang of kids. They were the Supers who had gained great powers and decided that it made them better than non-MORFS survivors.

“Hey, it's Lisa, right?” their leader, a completely green skinned boy called Winston asked.

“Yeah,” she replied.

I noticed that besides a few glares of disgust I was practically invisible to them.

“We heard about your change and what you did to those idiot Pures and wanted to congratulate you on becoming superior like us,” he said, exuding arrogance.

“Ah, thanks,” Lisa replied.

“Come and see us some time. People like us should stick together.”

Lisa gave him a nod and then they moved on, all giving Lisa a smile or a nod, and either ignoring or glaring at me.

“They seemed nice,” said Lisa thoughtfully.

“Bit stuck up if you ask me,” I said angrily.

“Pah, you wouldn't understand what it's like,” Lisa said dismissively

“Understand what?” I asked.

“Forget it,” she said with a hint of anger. She grabbed me by the arm, “Come on, let's go, there's kissing to do.”

She pulled me along like I was toy and didn't seem to care that it hurt me. All the gentleness was gone again, and she was back to rough and forceful.

The rest of the day passed without further incident I kissed her goodbye at the gate and hoped she would be gentler the next day.


Chapter 4
I woke up bright and early. My bruised arm was still a bit tender, but the pain was less sharp now. I dressed and headed into school. I waited at the gate for Lisa as usual, but she didn't show. When it was getting close to the bell, I headed up on my own, wondering what had happened to my girlfriend.

When I sat down with the gang as usual, Charlie asked, “No Lisa this morning?”

“No she didn't show. Maybe she's sick or something.”

“Unlikely just after MORFS,” said Dave.

Vicky leaned closer and said, “How’s the arm doing?”


At that point Lisa came charging into the room and slumped down next to me.

“Where were you this morning? I waited at the gate but you didn't show.” I asked.

“Oh I met up with this girl Andi I met yesterday. We got chatting and I guess I lost track of the time.” She shrugged.

The only Andi I knew, and then only by reputation, was a rather volatile fire elemental in Winston's gang. I had heard she had been a bit of an angry person even before she gained the ability to throw fireballs at people, but now she was much worse, arrogant and confrontational.

I wasn't sure I liked the idea of the two of them being chums. Then again, I knew I couldn't say as much. Maybe she needed to talk to others who had been changed by MORFS, I just hoped she realised what idiots those supers were. I couldn't help but wonder why she couldn't talk to Charlie or Dave, since they had both been through changes, too.

Obviously I wasn't the only one who had a low opinion of the supers and Andi. “She's a nasty piece of work,” scowled Charlie.

“What are you talking about? She's great!” Lisa shot back.

“She's a bully, plain and simple,” said Charlie, refusing to back down.

“Shut up! You wouldn't understand,” Lisa sounded angry.

“Hey! That's no way to speak to your friends,” Vicky said sternly.

“What would you know? Shut up, the lot of you!” she said glaring at Vicky.

“Hey, hey! Calm down,” I said, trying to defuse the situation.

She slapped me across the face, “I told you to shut up! I knew you would side with them!” Lisa shouted and stormed out of the room without even waiting for the register.

I stared after her in shock, my face stinging from the impact of her hand. I couldn't believe she had just hit me like that. All of us were quiet and in shock, not sure what had happened.

We didn't see Lisa again till break and she came into the room looking very down and apologetic.

“I'm sorry guys,” she said. “I was out of line. I shouldn't have gotten carried away like that. I'm sorry I hit you, Bert.”

“That's OK, you're going through a lot right now,” I said.

She came over and hugged me and gave me a kiss, being really gentle. While she was doing this I could see Vicky, who had a strange look on her face like she didn't think I should have forgiven Lisa so easily. She didn't say anything though, but I caught her giving me and Lisa worried looks every now and again when Lisa wasn't looking. For the rest of the day things were almost normal. Lisa was friendly, gentle, and fun to be around. We also seemed to patch things up as friends.

As we went our separate ways at the end of the day I found Vicky waiting for me a bit further down the road, as if she had left ahead of us, then waited till I was alone.

“I'm worried about Lisa,” she said.

“She's just adjusting,” I said.

“But she's so angry and aggressive. She's hurt you several times, and I'm concerned she might do it again.”

“No, she didn't mean to hurt me. It's just she doesn't know her own strength.”

She looked at me doubtfully, “I hope you're right Bert, but I don't want to see you get hurt.”

We said goodbye and wandered off home. It was nice that Vicky was such a good friend and concerned for my wellbeing, but I was sure Lisa would be okay. She just needed time to adjust.

The next morning at school Lisa met me at the gate, but she seemed distant. I asked her what was wrong, but she didn't say anything. She just glared at me.

Eventually I couldn't take it and at break time I took her out to try and find out what was wrong.

She stared at me for a bit then said, “I saw you and Vicky talking yesterday.”

I looked at her for a bit. Had she been following me for some reason? “She was just concerned about you.”

“Then why was she talking to you!”

“I guess she didn't want to hurt your feelings.”

“Hmm, I guess. I just got the feeling you and her were up to something behind my back.”

“No way, Lisa! You're the only girl for me!” I touched her face gently.

“I'm sorry, Bert, it's silly of me to think such things, but I've been so up and down after my change.”

“Hey, no need to worry. I understand. Now come down here so I can give you a kiss.”

She looked at me with a little smile and said, “I've got a better idea!” Leading me over to set of steps round the back of the science block, she stood on the ground with me on the steps, equalising our heights a bit. We the kissed passionately for a good few minutes and returned to the classroom hand in hand, my worries about Lisa again quashed through my love and lust for her.

At lunch Lisa saw her new friends and dragged me over. “Hey, guys!” she said.

“Hey Lisa, how's it going?” the redhead Andi asked as she and her gang gave me dirty looks and not too subtle hints to get lost.

I would have taken their hints but Lisa had my hand and wasn't letting me go.

After a good five minutes of this dirty looks, and even the odd shove, I got sick of it and wanted to get away from them.

“Lisa, I'm going to go to the library to get some work done.” When I saw from the look in her eyes that said she didn't want to join me, “I'll see you later.”

“Okay,” she looked almost annoyed with me.

I took my leave and left her with her new friends, glad to be away from those people.

Lisa didn't come to find me in the library and I didn't see her till our next lesson together. It was art so we had plenty of time to talk while we drew or painted or sculpted.

“Andi is so great! She's like a kindred spirit.” said Lisa out of the blue.

“Really?” I asked noncommittally.

“You don't like her do you?” Lisa said with a tone in her voice like she was disappointed in me, “You're probably just jealous.”

“Why would I be jealous of her,” I said genuinely confused, “I just think she and her friends are a bit rude, what with all those dirty looks and the shoving.”

“Oh you would say that. Mundanes always think the worst of us,” Lisa said haughtily.

I couldn't believe she had just said that, used one of the many derogatory words that those supers used for people who weren't MORFS survivors.

“She's not very nice to anyone, even if they are MORFS survivors,” said Charlie.

“Well you lot are all basically the same. With no powers you might as well be mundanes, so you wouldn't understand.”

“What's gotten into you?” asked Vicky angrily. “You're insulting us, calling us names! Suddenly we're not good enough for you, is that it?”

“There's no need to get aggressive!” shot back Lisa, “It's just a fact of life, you lot are not anything special!”

“And you are?” asked Dave quietly.

“Of course! Getting pissy about it won't change the facts!” she said dismissively.

Everyone went quiet. For quite a while we just got on with our work, a tense silence stretching over the group.

Eventually the bell rang and Lisa turned to them. “You lot have changed. You should be happy for me now I'm strong and powerful. Instead, you're just jealous! You're not real friends!”

She grabbed my arm and hauled me out the room, pulling me along like I was a dog on a lead. “They don't understand!” she said.

“Hey Lisa, slow down,” I tried.

“Well sod the lot of them! They can just take a long walk off a short pier for all I care!”

“You're hurting my arm!”

“Andi was right! Mundanes just can't understand us! We are above them!”

“You're going to pull me over!”

“Oh stop whining!” she shouted. Letting go, she shoved me in my chest, knocking me back a good couple of meters and over a wall, “Oh Bert I'm sorry, I was just so worked up.”

She raced over and picked me up again, brushing down my clothes again, using more force than I was comfortable with, “I know you didn't mean it, sweetie. Just try and be gentler. You are so strong now,” I   pleaded.

“I'm sorry,” she kissed me, then carried on walking at a more regular pace.

“So are you ready for our date this weekend?” I asked trying to get back on to more pleasant conversations.

“Oh no I forgot about it. I made plans with Andi,” she said.

“What? But we were going to meet up,” I said, a little upset. We had already made plans, now she was ditching me for some power mad super she had known for at most few days.

“Oh we can do it another weekend. Come on, Bert I want to spend some time with people that understand me, now more than ever after what just happened. Try to be understanding.”

“Okay, fine,” I said a little petulantly.

“I'll make it up to you, I swear,” she said with a grin and gave me another kiss.

I grumbled, but she knew how to placate me with kisses, so I guess I didn't complain too much.

I waved her goodbye and headed off.

The next day Lisa met me at the gate and again we walked in together. However when we got to our classroom she pulled me away from Vicky, Dave, and Charlie, instead sitting at the back on our own. I felt torn, Lisa didn't want to sit near them and I wanted to sit near her but I still wanted to be with my friends too. I felt pulled between my friends and my girlfriend, I didn't know what to do so I gave them all apologetic looks and sat with Lisa.

This pattern repeated itself throughout the day. With each lesson we shared with the others, Lisa would drag me away from my friends and sit us at another table.

At break I tried to reason with her and smooth things over.

“Come on Lisa,” I said, “I'm sure they didn't mean to upset you, you know how mean the supers were to Dave and Charlie a while back. I'm sure it's just that.”

“They insulted me, and you take their side?” she said angrily.

“What side? There is no side to this.”

“How can you say that? You are either on my side or theirs,” she said, crossing her arms with finality, “Is that what you want? Them over me?”

“Lisa, please. They are my friends, and you are my girlfriend. They used to be your friends too! Are you saying I can't have friends if I'm with you? I would never say that to you!” I said.

“No ...” she said looking at her feet, “But you can get better friends! They hate me! You should try and get along with Andi,” she said.

“Andi doesn't want me anywhere near her and her friends.”

“That's not true!”

“Oh yeah? Ask her. I bet she tells you to dump me or something soon.”

“You don't know her,” she said, but sounded doubtful. I wondered if Andi had already said something.

“Maybe, but it is abundantly clear she doesn't like me.”

At this point the bell rang and our conversation was cut off. The separation from my friends continued, and Lisa began watching me, glaring at me every time she saw me looking at the others.

It was getting unbearable and I began look forward to the afternoon where I had a lesson with my friends without Lisa.

At lunch, Lisa sat with the supers and had me sit at the table next to her where she could keep an eye on me. They didn't want me on the same table with them, but Lisa wouldn't let me go and sit with my friends. I could hear their conversations. Some were about me, various super girls telling Lisa to get rid of me for a more suitable boyfriend with powers. She brushed off  their suggestions. After lunch Lisa wanted to go and sit on the playing fields, but I had a load of home work to catch up on.

“Come on!” she said pulling me.

“I need to go to the library and get some homework done. I'm miles behind!” I said.

“You just want to go there because they are there!” she said with an annoyed expression.

“No, I really need to get stuff done. Come with me and see if you want!”

“No! Enough of this, you are going to do what I want from now on!”


“You heard me! I'm in charge now. I'm not going to listen to you telling me what to do! I'm the superior one, the one with power. I get to make the decisions!”

She grabbed me and dragged me off with her like I was a disobedient child. I had never told her what to do. It was one of the few things I felt made me a good boyfriend. I might not be the most attractive of guys, but I was considerate and I always asked her what she wanted to do, and had never ever forced her to do anything. Now she was physically dragging me around.

“Stop, Lisa! Why are you doing this?”

“You don't get it, do you? I have the power now. I'm in control! You do what I say!”

“That's crazy I'm not some pet!”

She slapped me and grabbed my forearms hard, “None of your lip! Andi's told me what you're doing behind my back!”

“What? What are you talking about? Let go! You're hurting me!”

“Shut up. I know about you and Vicky! Just because I've changed, you can't handle me like this, just because I look different!”

“What? That's crazy, I love you!”

“Well you have a funny way of showing it, going off with Vicky behind my back!”

“I've never ...”

“Shut up!” she grabbed me and hauled me off intent on getting her way and I was powerless to stop her. For the first time since she had changed I was genuinely scared of her. She was even less gentle and I was forced to play along, scared of what she might do if I didn't.

By the time lunch was over I was an emotion wreck. “You hurt me!” I said quietly.

“Oh shut up. You loved it,” she said ,smacking my behind, and making me wince in pain.

I walked to my next lesson in a daze. Lisa gave me a kiss and went off to her lesson without me. I was numb from the experience and walked like a zombie to sit next to my friends.

She will come round, it is just while she was getting used to the new body. Pretty soon things will be normal again,’ I thought to myself.

“You okay Bert?” asked Vicky. She reached out and put a hand on my shoulder causing me to wince in pain. “Hey, what happened?”

“It's nothing.”

“Come on, that's not nothing. It's Lisa isn't it!” said Vicky angrily.

“She didn't mean it,” I said weakly.

“Come off it! This isn't the first time. She's out of control!”

“She just needs time to adjust, she just needs some space.”

“What, so until then you get to be her punching bag and don't get to see any of us?”

“It'll be fine.”

“Bert, she's beating you up, keeping you away from us, and those nut job new friends of hers want to poison her against you.”

“It'll be okay. She just needs a little time.”

She looked at me like I was mad, but said nothing. She was a good friend concerned for my well being, and for what was happening with Lisa. But I was sure she was wrong. Lisa would come around. She would realise how she was treating me and get back to being the old Lisa I knew and loved.

Our lesson kicked off and we had to be quiet again. I submerged myself in the lesson to try and get some peace without all the other things that were going on. Tomorrow was the weekend, and at least I would get some time away from all the tug of war between my friends and my girlfriend.

As we walked to our next lesson Vicky said, “The guys and I are going to be going into town for a movie and some pizza. You could come along if you like,” she paused, hesitating briefly, “Lisa could come too, if she likes.”

I thought for a bit, Lisa was going out with her new friends on the weekend. I guessed that left me free to spend a bit of quality time with my friends, “Lisa's out with Andi, but I guess I could come along.”


Vicky nearly said more, but Lisa came storming up and grabbed me, walking me away from my friends, marching me to my next lesson without a word, just giving me an angry scowl and shooting dirty looks at Vicky.

I wondered what on earth Andi and her hoodlums had told her about me and Vicky that had gotten her so worked up. They must have spun Lisa some story that I was seeing Vicky behind her back. Now every denial just made her more convinced I was lying to her. I guess they were hoping that would make her dump me. It seemed to be having another effect though, with Lisa ready to kill either me or Vicky.

I muddled through the last lesson and then was dragged off after Lisa. After a rough kiss goodbye, I tried to speak to her to get her to see sense, but she just strode off, ignoring me.

I headed home and tried to forget what had happened. It would get better … She would come around and be the same sweet girl who had helped me up after a nasty fall due to some bastard tripping me in the cafeteria. The same girl who made sure I was okay, then verbally berated the guy who had tripped me. She had been kind and thoughtful, I was sure once she got over this change she would be again.

I had trouble sleeping, what with all my problems running around in my head. I was sure it was my fault that Lisa had been acting the way she had. I hadn't been supportive enough … I hadn't helped her enough, and as a result, she took her frustration out on me. I would just have to work harder and try to help her.

When Saturday came I could lie in and not have to face the awkwardness of being caught between the two competing desires that of wanting to be with my girlfriend and being with my friends.

Still, at least I could spend some time with my friends today without worrying about Lisa getting angry over it. I called Vicky to see when we were meeting. She seemed surprised I was still coming, but let me know when and where to meet.

Soon I was sat drinking a soft drink in the local shopping centres food court. My friends were having fun and keeping my spirits up, skirting around the issue of Lisa. They were being so good and I decided I better say something. I didn't want to lose my friends over this.

“Guy's I'm sorry Lisa is being ...” I said hesitating as I struggled for the right word.

“… total grade A bitch!” Charlie finished my sentence for me, surprising me a little. Charlie was usually very reserved about things.

“You don't need to be apologising for her, Bert,” added Dave.

“We appreciate this isn't your doing. You're caught in the middle. Someone needs to knock some sense into that head of hers!” said Vicky angrily.

“She's just adjusting, and I think Andi and her crew have been messing with her a little,” I said.

“A little?” Vicky snorted incredulously.

“That's as maybe, but she is off the rails,” said Charlie. “And strong as she is, I'm worried.”

“It'll be okay,” I said, with more confidence than I really felt.

“I hope so, man. She's been no fun since she got on this power trip and started treating the rest of us like we're some sort of muck on the sole of her boots,” said Dave.

After that we put my love life to one side, and focused on what movie we wanted to see. We had the usual arguments between the four of us as to what to see, but eventually managed to come to a conclusion. We had to use rock paper scissors to do it but well it worked.

It was a good laugh and took my mind of things admirably. I spent the Sunday catching up on homework and relaxing. Next week would go better. I was sure of it.

Chapter 5
Monday came and I met Lisa at the gate determined to start things off right. I gave her a kiss and taking her had asked her how her weekend had been.

"OK," she said gruffly.

"Did you have a good time with Andi?" I asked.

"It was alright," she grunted.

"What did you do?" I asked trying to keep the conversation going.

"None of your business!" she said angrily.

"OK, just making conversation." She seemed to be in a bad mood. Maybe it was down to it being Monday.

Her mood didn't improve as the time went on. Once again she sat us away from the others and glared at them every now and then. If I had been paying more attention I might have noticed that her glare contained hints of a cold anger, the kind someone gets when they are building up to a really big explosion.

Things went okay as far as I could tell. Sure, she spent morning break with Andi but she told me where she was going, rather than storming off in a huff, which I took for a good sign at the time.

It wasn't until lunch when we were sitting in our classroom just kicking back and relaxing that it came out. “Andi saw you with Vicky on Saturday,” Lisa said in a tight quiet voice that I almost didn't hear.

“We went to the cinema,” I said.

“SO IT'S TRUE!” Lisa roared leaping to her feet.

“What?” I asked being so startled I nearly fell of my chair.

“You and her were sneaking around behind my back!” she shouted.

“No I went to see a film with her, Dave and Charlie. You were off with Andi, otherwise you could have come too if you'd wanted.”

“You liar! You can't handle me like this now that I'm powerful. I threaten your control so you're cheating on me with someone more pliable!”

“That's rubbish! I would never cheat on you no matter what Andi says!”

She kicked my chair, knocking me across the room, then stormed off.

I lay on the ground in shock. The gang came over and helped me up. "Bert, you can't go on like this," Vicky told me.

"Yeah man. Sooner or later she’s going to really lose it and hurt you bad," Dave said.

"She's just adapting," I said weakly.

"Dude, she's getting worse. You need to talk to a teacher or something," Charlie said grimly.

I said nothing. I didn't want to get Lisa into trouble. It wasn't her fault she was getting so angry. It was mine for not being more helpful I was sure of it.

I didn't see Lisa the rest of the day, but she was waiting for me when school ended. "I'm willing to forgive your slip just this once," she said.

"But I never ..." I started.

"I don't want to hear any more of your lies!" she shouted.

I tried "But Lisa …" She pounced on me, grabbing me by the shoulders, her powerful fingers digging in, causing me to cry out in pain, "AHHHh! Lisa please, you're hurting me!"

“From now on you will have nothing more to do with that little tart Vicky! Or ELSE!” she said darkly. Without another word, she let go and strode off.

Rubbing my shoulders, which were now really hurting, I walked home, depressed at the turn things had taken.

The next day was terrible. Lisa kept me in an iron grip, sometimes literally. If I even glanced at Vicky or one of the others she would hit me as a warning. And  they were not light taps. I was soon aching all over from the various reminders Lisa had given me.

Sometimes it wasn't even intentional. I might be glancing out a window in the library or something and if Vicky or one of the gang would happen to walk by, Lisa would angrily slap me. Nothing I said seem to make any difference to her and even when I tried to do what she wanted, it did nothing to reduce her anger and controlling tendencies. By the end of the day I was an emotional wreck, and covered in bruises from Lisa's enforcement.

She grabbed me roughly and gave me a kiss goodbye. Her constant mistreatment of me meant I no longer took any pleasure in that. I was simply afraid that she would decide she'd had enough of me and snap me like a twig.

I had to do something, but I didn't know what. Then I thought, ‘Maybe I should speak to Mrs Brown. She might be able to talk some sense into Lisa without it being too much like I was trying to get her into trouble.’

I knew Lisa was going out with Andi and Co. so when I got home I called Lisa's home number. I was in luck her mother answered. “Hello Mrs Brown, it's Bert here,” I said.

“Oh, hello Bert. I'm afraid Lisa's not in at the moment. Would you like to leave her a message?” she asked politely.

“No, well you see, I wasn't calling to speak to her. Actually, I wanted to speak to you.”


“Well, the thing is, I don't know how to put this but ... Lisa has been acting a bit strange.”

“Go on.”

“She's become insanely paranoid that I'm cheating on her with my friend Vicky. I'm not, but she won't take my word for it. She's becoming more and more controlling and angry.”

She paused for a bit then said, “I see.”

“She's also been very ...” I paused not sure what to say.

“What is it?”

“Well she's become quite violent, hitting me for no reason, grabbing me hard and without any care. I'm black and blue from it all. I'm sorry to be telling you like this but I really don't know what else to do. It's like she's a different person. She is angry, violent, and out of control all the time. I don't want to get her into trouble, but I'm not sure I can take much more of this abuse.”

“Oh my, I'm glad you called. I had noticed Lisa was behaving a bit odd since her change, but just put it down to her adjusting to her new body. She has been snapping at people and getting overly aggressive when told what to do. Yesterday for a moment she looked like she was going to strike me when I asked her to help do the dishes. At the time I thought I was imagining it, but it's obvious from what you're saying she needs some help. I will have a talk with her see if we can straighten this out.”

“Thank you, Mrs Brown.”

We said our goodbyes and I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Her mother had seen the changes too, and now she would try and help Lisa. Hopefully I would get my old girlfriend back, or at least the part that counted, her personality. I secretly found her new shape to be even more attractive than she had been before. Her new curves were amazing. Before, I hadn’t been sure whether to tell her or not, since I wasn't sure if she'd appreciate it. Now, it would almost be like saying I hadn't found her attractive before, and that might have upset her. Now, what with the way she was acting I hadn't wanted to risk incurring her wrath. Maybe now with her Mum's help we could get back on track and I would be able to tell her how much I liked her new look.

The next day I went to school full of hope that things would be better now. Lisa wasn't waiting at the gate so I headed up on my own.

“Hey,” I said to Vicky as I walked in the door.

“How's it going, Bert?” she asked.

“Okay, I think. I spoke to Lisa's Mother about her last night. She said she'd have a word with Lisa try and sort things out,” I said.

“Oh that's good. She's been a lousy friend of late. Hopefully her Mum can talk some sense into her,” Vicky said.

I was about to go on when Lisa came charging into the room, nearly smashing the door from its hinges.

“You went to my Mum behind my back!” she roared.

“Lisa, please try to understand. You're out of control,” I said, trying to calm her down.

“Yeah that's right, I'm out of your control now!” she shouted back, “You can't tell me what to do anymore or force me to conform!”

I didn't remember doing either, “You're so angry now, and so violent! I had to do something. I was worried you would hurt someone badly.”

“You deserve everything I give you! You’ve been prowling around with that hussy behind my back while grassing me up to my mother! Andi told me about the two of you last night!”

This was odd. I hadn't seen Vicky at all last night, so I guessed that Andi was now fabricating stuff to make Lisa dump me, or kill me, or both. “I was at home all last night,” I pleaded.

Lisa backhanded me across the face, screaming, “LIAR!”

“Hey, now wait a minute you crazy bitch!” Vicky shouted. “He's telling the truth. I was at band practice, and you know that's what I do on Wednesday evenings and have done for quite a while. You don't believe me. Ask one of your new super friends! Marie plays second trumpet, so I was sitting next to her all night!”

“Shut up!” Lisa screamed, not able to see sense anymore, “You can't take him from me, you little cow! He's mine, MINE!”

“Look, Lisa. We are just friends, and no matter what that stupid Andi told you, we have not been going out together,” Vicky said defiantly. “You are acting crazy. Listen to us your friends not those super jerks who want you to hate us!”

Lisa just hit her square in the chest, knocking her to the ground, then kicked her hard in the side.

Vicky's cries of pain made something snap in me. While I might have taken a beating from Lisa myself and kept quiet, seeing her beat up one of our friends for nothing other than telling the truth was too much. All the lies I had been telling myself that this was my fault, that Lisa just need time fell away. I knew it was her, and that I had to end it.

“Enough!” I screamed.

Lisa spun round ready to shout at me.

“We are through!” I shouted before she could say anything.

She stopped and stared at me as if in shock, then shook herself and looked angry. “You don't get to say that to ME! I decide when I'm through with you, and not before!” she shouted back.

“It's over Lisa. I can't take this new you any longer.”

“That's it, isn't it? You can't take my new body and how powerful in makes me!” she roared.

“It's nothing to do with your body! I find your new shape very attractive. You're all sorts of fine with curves and all that. No, thatwasn't what made me stop loving you.” She stopped, her mouth open, “It was your personality changes that did it. The Lisa I fell in love with changed into someone else, someone I can't take anymore. You used to be loving and caring and funny. Now you're violent and angry. You tell everyone what to say and do, and then attack anyone who says something you don't like. You have turned into a violent bully.”

“That's not true,” she said, looking like she was about to cry, “I'm not a bully. I'm the same as always. It's you that's changed!”

“Oh come off it, Lisa! Open your eyes! You've beaten me black and blue over the past few weeks, and look what you just did to poor Vicky just for telling you something you didn't what to hear.”

“She was lying to me!”

“No she wasn't, and you know it! Besides, even if she had been, your first response is to try and kill her! You never would have done something like that before. You've become a monster!”

“No, no, please, I'm still me. I'm still the same Lisa!”

“I wish you were. I miss her. The new body I could get used to, It's as sexy as your old one in a different way. But the new personality that comes with it is just too much. I was with you before because I liked you, and you made me smile. Now the only thing keeping me with you was fear that you would kill me or my friends if I didn't do what you want. But you are going to do that anyway if I don't say something!”

“No I can change please ...” she started crying.

“It's too late for us. You've broken my trust too many times, and one of my best friends, someone who used to be your friend, too, has gotten hurt because I didn't act sooner. You wouldn't listen to us, your long time friends, instead of believing some girl you had known for five minutes. Someone who hates normal people, and is known for being very manipulative. If you had listened earlier, maybe we could have sorted things out, but it's too late for that now. You crossed the final line and we can't go back. I can't ever trust you again or forgive you for the things you've done.”

“Please, Bert! Please ...” She fell to her knees in front of me, all the strength and power she had been exhibiting seemed to drain away. “Don't leave meeeee!”

“I'm sorry, Lisa, but it's over,” I touched her cheek. “Please get the help you need. Don't let this thing destroy you or you'll never be happy.”

She collapsed against me, sobbing for quite a while, then leapt to her feet and ran out of the room crying.

I walked over and helped Vicky to her feet. “Are you OK?”

“Yeah, I think so.” She suddenly wrapped her arms around me in a tight hug. “You're my hero. You stopped her from killing me.”

“You're welcome,” I said.

She let go and looked into my eyes. “ but are YOU going to be okay?”

“I don't know. I loved her but when I saw her attack you I knew it was over and I had to stop her. I've been so stupid, letting her push me around and get away with hurting me.”

Vicky said nothing just gave me another hug. We both sat down with our friends and relaxed.

It was strange few days after that. I heard that Lisa got checked in to see a shrink. She changed the house she was in at school and shifted to a whole new set of classes, unable to be in the same room as the rest of us anymore.

She also stopped hanging around with Andi and her gang, much to their disgust. But it gave me hope that she would sort herself out again. We encountered each other now and then, but we always ignored each other and quickly went our separate ways. It was too painful for both of us.

My standing up for Vicky made us even better friends, and eventually we tried dating, becoming more than friends. It was ironic that the very thing Lisa had been afraid of had been brought about because of her attacks. It wasn't like we had leapt into each others arms right after Lisa left. It took nearly six months before we were both comfortable with the idea and became anything more than friends.

Still, life was back on track. I had a wonderful girlfriend and some great friends, exams had been and gone, and it was now a cool crisp winter with bright clear days. The cooler weather offered excuses to keep my girlfriend warm by cuddling up close and sharing body warmth.

On one such gloriously crisp day a month after we had first started dating, I was waiting for Vicky at the school gate wondering where she had got to when my phone rang.

“Bert, it's me,” Vicky sounded a bit unwell.

“Are you alright? You sound a little under the weather?” I asked.

“I could be better. I've come down with MORFS.”

All I could think was, “Oh no, here we go again!”





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