The Rise of Destiny



Chapter Three: Testing and Mindscapes

Destiny walked out of the examination room. It was finally over, the testing, the physical examinations all but one...the telepath and psychological evaluation. As she walked to the office her last doctor directed her to, Naomi and Amy where talking in the hospital room Destiny had been staying in.

“You know apart from the fainting Destiny is taking her change really well.” Naomi commented.

Amy nodded, “All my children know that it’s a possible risk. They all know that I went through the same exact thing Destiny is going through right now.”

“Oh! So she always knew that it was a possibility, that it could happen because of the increased risk due to your prior change. You’ve basically drilled that into her head her entire life, no wonder she’s handling it so well. You’ve basically told Destiny her entire life that nothing would change if it did happen.” Naomi said realising now exactly why her friend was handling it so well.

“I hope Lisa hurries back, I’m sure Destiny only has the telepath screening and meeting with the psychologist left.”

“Don’t worry I’m sure she’ll be fine,” Naomi told her.


Destiny at her screening


In the exam room Destiny was sitting on an extremely comfortable chair. Everyone could tell this was a psychologist’s office, and the psychologist/telepath was sitting opposite her with a neutral expression over her face. She smiled at Destiny slightly in a calming way, “Hi I’m Doctor Coulter, I’ll be performing both your screening and your psychological evaluation.”

“Talk about the right talent for a job,” said Destiny.

Dr Coulter smiled “Yes it is a useful gift for a psychologist to have. Now if you could just relax, close your eyes and lean back for me.” Destiny did as she was asked and took a few deep breaths to relax. Next thing they both knew they were standing on a perfect white sandy beach that spread as far as they could see in every direction. The sun was blazing down on them from a clear sky but it wasn’t hot;, it was a perfect warm temperature. But what captured both their eyes was an infinitely large ocean that had a light blue and a silvery tint to it.

Dr Coulter looked around for a moment in confusion. But she realised what exactly she was seeing, “This is how you organise your thoughts, isn’t it?”

“Yes it is, I think the last psychologist I met, called it a mindscape.” Destiny told her and pointed to an elevator that appeared out of nowhere. “That leads to my library, it’s where all my thoughts and memories are organised and stored. At least on a psychological level, I’ve been working on this place since I was eleven and realised I had a photographic memory.”

“I must say I am impressed. I’ve never really done an exam on somebody in their mindscape before but I have read about it. So I guess I’ll have to go exactly by the book here,” Dr Coulter told her while walking along with Destiny. “Okay if I remember this correctly I need to ask you about certain things. Has anything here changed at all? Something that wasn’t here before or something that’s different?”

“You mean like that giant ocean right there, because I’m sure the last time I was here that it wasn’t there,” Destiny said pointing her thumb over to her side, she then started to walk towards the ocean Dr Coulter behind her. “It feels... good, comforting, but also powerful and instinctual like when you’re in a fight. You don’t really think about what you’re going to do, because if you think too long then you’ve already probably lost. That’s the only way I can think of to describe it.”

Dr Coulter looked closer at the ocean and saw it wasn’t actually water. It was some kind of energy that was swirling like an ocean, “My best guess it’s probably some kind of power. Probably Water Elemental but I can’t be sure, like I said I’ve never read someone who can create a mindscape. I guess we’re just going to have to wait and see,” and with that they both found themselves back in the office sitting on their seats. Dr Coulter asked a few more questions and fifteen minutes later Destiny walked out of Dr Coulter’s office holding a large brown envelope in her hands.

Lisa, Naomi and Amy looked up to see Destiny step back into the room she had been staying in. As soon as she was inside, they gathered around her and pulled the envelope out of her hands. “Hey, I wanted to read that!”

“No, first thing you’re going to do is get changed. We borrowed some of your sister’s old things, lucky we put off throwing them out for a while.” Amy said handing Destiny some clothes.

Destiny looked around and then asked, “Where am I supposed to change?”

Her mother smiled, “Get changed here, the door is closed and it’s just us girls in here.”

Destiny hesitated slightly and checked to see if the door was really closed when suddenly a stack of papers flew past her and covered the doors and windows. Destiny gave Lisa an appreciative smile while Naomi went to examine the papers covering the windows.

“That is so cool, so you have telekinetic abilities?” She asked.

Lisa shook her head, “No, my ability is to manipulate and control all things made of paper, you could say I’m a limited cellulose elemental. I can do basically anything with it that I can imagine,” and with a flick of her wrist a rope of paper shot out and formed a paper dog in front of Naomi. It looked exactly like a real dog just white, with had slight grey colouring in certain areas and jet black eyes. It jumped and licked Naomi’s cheeks with its paper tongue.

“Like I said that is so cool, I take it this is because you love books?”

“I loved books ever since I could read, all kinds of books. I got this ability when I went through MORFS,” Lisa explained.

“I’m finished,” all three of them heard and turned towards Destiny.

She was wearing a pair of jeans that were supposed to be tight but were actually a little too big and the black turtleneck jumper was also a little too big for her. Her white trainers were too large for her feet. All in all she looked slightly awkward in the oversized clothes, but her face was set in determination and the look in her eyes showed that she could do this. It may be awkward and take a lot of time to get used to but she wasn’t going to give up. All the paper in the room went flying back up and into Lisa’s sleeves and jacket.

“Can we please look at my results now?” Destiny asked and she took the envelope her mother was now handing out to her. “Okay let’s see, nanotube reinforced bones, denser muscles, nothing out of the ordinary so far.” She said reading from the examination results she took from the envelope. “Slightly accelerated healing, one hundred percent female as if I didn’t know that already, also it says here I’m absorbing some kind of energy.”

“What kind of energy?” Amy asked her daughter.

“I don’t know what it means but it says here that I’m absorbing ambient energy-,”

Destiny was cut off by Naomi, “Ambient energy, well that’s interesting.” Seeing their confused looks she explained. “Ambient energy is energy from...well lots of places. And if you’re absorbing ambient energy from the environment then you’re absorbing leftovers from all sorts of reactions, including thermal, nuclear, magnetic, and solar ones. Even heat energy given off by people,” she quickly scanned the sheet and looked up thoughtfully. “However you don’t seem to have conscious control over it. It says here that you’re absorbing at a constant rate that doesn’t change. You’ll probably have to release it from time to time so you don’t overcharge.”

“So basically I’m a recycler for left over energy?” Destiny asked raising an eyebrow.

“Think of it this way,” Lisa said grinning “you’re doing the environment a favour.”

“Oh ha-ha I’m rolling on the floor laughing,” Destiny said sarcastically while rolling her eyes. “So what are we going to do now?”

“Shopping of course! You need to get new clothes immediately!” Her mother said enthusiastically and even Lisa took a step back from the fire in Amy’s eyes that appeared at the thought of shopping.

Destiny now looked nervous, “I see...s-so were g-going shopping straight away?” She stuttered out looking more nervous by the second.

Amy took one of Destiny’s arms and steered her out of the room. “Of course we are and both Lisa and Naomi are coming as well. Don’t worry your sisters are sorting out your clothes at home, your room has always been coloured white so there’s no need to change anything else.”

Destiny looked over at Lisa who nodded and then shrugged in a ‘just go with the flow’ gesture. Destiny swallowed hard, the last time she went shopping with her mother was worse than any training she’d been through. That included the time she was training against a fire elemental, a metal elemental and someone with enough strength to easily lift a tank. She ended up in hospital for a number of days, along with all the others who took part in that impressive fight. And she would still choose going for a second round in that fight over shopping with her mother.

Amy handed Destiny over to Lisa and Naomi, “Take Destiny out to the car, here are the keys, I just need to sign some discharge forms.”

Lisa took the keys and took one of Destiny’s hands. She practically dragged her light and small friend out, Naomi following them to the large black car which Lisa unlocked and pushed Destiny into the backseat while she and Naomi got in after her. “Hey! Stop handling me like that! I get the message, I’m not going to escape shopping with my mum.”

Lisa smiled, “Good and anyway, trust me I have a plan. Remember that I too know what your mother is like shopping. No, this time I have a plan and Naomi is coming also. So she can help with the plan.” Lisa then quickly explained what she was up to before Amy got into the car. When she did Lisa passed her the keys and she started the car, pulling out of the parking lot.

“Is everyone ready to go?” Amy asked.

Chapter Four: Shopping and Homecoming

A while later they stopped at a massive five story mall. Destiny remembered the day it actually opened, she was there when the doors were opened for the first time. They got out of the car and walked past the memorial plate with the date of the opening displayed for all to see, 22nd of June 2059.

“We’ll start off with the necessaries first, meaning lingerie,” Amy muttered to herself and grabbed Destiny’s hand, pulling her towards a lift.

The first order of business in the lingerie shop was to have Destiny measured. Her mother explained her situation to the assistant who was very sympathetic and did what she could to make Destiny feel comfortable. They got her measurements, she now had a size 34C bust, 23 inch waist and a 32 inch hip and by the time they were done measuring, Destiny was as red as a tomato in a blush that spread evenly across her body. And the whole thing only got more embarrassing from there on out. They left that store with everything from bra’s and underwear to revealing nightgowns and pyjamas, thankfully Lisa was sensible enough to suggest some plain pyjamas while Naomi and Amy were on a shopping spree.

They dragged Destiny into many different stores, trying on an endless supply of clothes. They did stop into a sports shop where they got a leotard for gymnastics, some exercise clothes and fingerless white with light blue markings leather fighting gloves, which Destiny loved from the first glance. A few hours later and Destiny sat down at a table in a restaurant her mother suggested they go to. She looked like she just ran through a war zone, while her mother, Naomi and Lisa weren’t tired at all.

“Once we’ve had something to eat we’ll head home. Your sisters should have had enough time by now to get rid of your old clothes. So come on let’s order,” Amy said smiling widely and looking like she just had all her dreams come true.

Destiny lifted her head off the table and stared at her energetic mother. She then turned to Lisa, what happened to that amazing plan of yours?!! She thought but knowing that Lisa wasn’t a telepath it was useless. Destiny picked up the menu and flipped through it.

She was hungry so she ordered a large meal, and to everyone’s surprise so did Naomi while Lisa and Amy ordered a small dinners each. By the end of dessert everyone was staring at Naomi.

She noticed them staring “What, have I got something on my face?”

“No, we’re just wondering where you put all that food.” Lisa asked her.

Naomi grinned sheepishly “I didn’t just become a cute bunny hybrid when I went through MORFS. No, I’m also a light elemental and I can heal extremely quickly, but I also have an increased metabolism so I eat a lot more then I used to.”

“A light elemental, that’s got to be interesting,” Destiny said finishing off her chocolate trifle.

“Not really all I can do is make a bright light appear, at least that’s all I know how to do.”

“You could create a laser with your light. It won’t be exceptionally powerful but it would still be powerful enough to help you out in need.” Lisa told her.

Destiny also gave an idea, “Invisibility, the reason we can see things is because light reflects off them. So if you cause light to bend around yourself then you would become invisible.”

Naomi looked thoughtful “I have to try those out, to see if I can actually do it, but they might be possible, do you have any other ideas?”

“A stun grenade only without the sound, you create an intense blast of light to temporarily blind people.” Destiny suggested.

“You could try to create illusions by bending light around areas or objects, they would however be limited to sight only, and their size would depend on your power level Apart from that I’ve got no other ideas to go on, what about you Destiny?”

“No other ideas here.”

Naomi shrugged, “I guess I’ll just have to practice and use my own imagination.”

After their meal they went home, there wasn’t enough space in the trunk for all their bags so they had to put some in the backseat with Naomi and Lisa. They dropped Naomi off at her house and by that time the sun was starting to set. Ten minutes later they were pulling into the driveway and Destiny looked at their house with a slightly tired expression.

“Glad to be home?” Amy asked looking over at her daughter.

“Like you couldn’t imagine,” Destiny then jumped slightly in surprise as she felt a pair of arms hug her from behind.

“We’re all glad you’re back safe,” Lisa said while hugging Destiny.

“Thank you, just thank you for staying at the hospital like that. You must have exhausted yourselves worrying over me.”

They got out of the car and headed inside with all their bags, they dropped them in the large living room, Destiny was on guard as soon as she stepped inside the house. A few seconds later she threw her right fist sharply behind her, hitting something solid she ducked down and then swiped her left leg across the floor. Her leg connected with a set of legs and the person who attempted to ambush her fell flat onto his back.

“If you were wondering if my skills have diminished, then no. But I think yours have old man,” Destiny said stepping over the figure of her father who was lying flat on the floor.

He was a six foot two tall man with a powerful athletic body, spiked black hair and dark brown eyes. Because of his abilities gained during MORFS he was able to master any martial arts style easily, and because of his natural photographic and reflexive memory he was able to do it in about two weeks give or take. That’s why he decided to teach martial arts and became very successful at it, but he did have some weird ways of teaching them, like surprise attacks out of nowhere. “I see, I’m glad to hear that. It’s good to see all the slacking off you’ve been doing hasn’t dulled your skills.”

Destiny threw another punch and got her father who was now getting back up in the jaw, putting him back on the floor. “I wasn’t slacking off I was unconscious!”

Amy was smiling at her husband’s and daughter’s antics. “It’s good to see that their relationship hasn’t changed,” she said to Lisa who was looking amused at the entire thing.

“Finally!” both of them turned around to see one of Destiny’s sisters Amber behind them watching Destiny and her father fight. She was a tall brunette with green eyes. She was twenty years old and an earth elemental. She walked over to Destiny and pulled her into a hug “How is my new younger sister?”

“I’m fine Amber, really, though I think I overdid it with dad a little.” They both looked at their father who waved a hand at them both lazily. “No I guess I didn’t then.”

Amber helped them carry all the bags upstairs. Destiny was glad to see that the only thing her sister changed about in her room was getting rid of all her clothes. Destiny was a big collector of old things, mostly from the period between 1991 and 2012. Her room was mostly plain except for the few things on the desk and on top of the drawers and the posters on the white walls. It took a while for all of them to unpack all of the clothes, Amber commented on most of them, especially on the more revealing items.

“What about my job at the school?” Destiny asked putting some of the last items in the wardrobe.

“We explained what happened and they understand, they also look forward to seeing you back soon. Remember this is our last year working there, because well...we got it, we got our licences!” Lisa said jumping up and down then hugging a surprised Destiny.

“Wow! We got them already, that’s a surprise. What about Ryan, does he know?”

Lisa nodded, “Once the school finishes for the summer in July then we’re finished. But I have to admit I’m going to be a little sad leaving there.”

“What licences?” Amber asked slightly confused.

Amy looked away from Destiny, who was being twirled around by Lisa, to Amber. “Their private investigator licences, they’ve been working towards them since they were sixteen.”

“And they managed to get them this early. That’s just, well extremely impressive. So that’s what they’ve been working towards these last two years. So the job at school-,”

“It was to save up money, and to help the kids by tutoring them.” Said Destiny after finally being released by Lisa who was now lying on the bed.

“And we can start taking on jobs anytime now,” Lisa told them sitting up on the bed. “In fact Destiny, Ryan suggested that we all quit the jobs at school now. All the students we tutored have left, they finished their exams while you were still unconscious.”

“Really?” Destiny asked slightly disappointed.

“Uhhuh,” Lisa said nodding her head. “Even the principal suggested admitted that was a good idea, I mean the only reason to stay now would be if we were going to tutor again next year. And we all know that we’re not going to do that.”

“Well I guess we should quit then, but we’ll have to tell the principal tomorrow and finish the rest of the week.” Destiny said thinking it through for a moment.

Lisa sighed in relief “Thank you for that. We’ve already handed in our resignations and both you and I don’t need to go back. Ryan however is staying till the end of the week.”

“You did that without telling me!” Destiny said turning around, a dangerous look on her face.

“Hey! You just agreed to it, we knew you would so we did it. It just shows how close our friendship is that I can read you perfectly, and the fact that you won’t get upset or angry over this.” Lisa explained quickly but she screamed when Destiny lifted the mattress and she rolled onto the floor landing painfully on her bottom. “Owwww,” she moaned getting back up to see Destiny lying on the bed.

“Now we’re even, just don’t do something like that again please.”

Lisa gave a very geeky looking thumbs up that made Destiny laugh. “Got it, I don’t think my bottom could take any more abuse.”

Destiny giggled at the innuendo, but then stopped herself. “Did I just giggle?!!”

Lisa lied down next to Destiny on the large king sized bed. “Yes you did,” she put a comforting arm around Destiny’s shoulders “and you’re probably going to have to get used to it. I know it’s going to be hard for you at first no matter how you try to act. But your parents, sisters, Ryan and myself will always be there to help you through it all.” And she pulled Destiny into a tight hug while she let out all the emotions she suppressed until now and cried into Lisa’s chest.


The next morning both of them woke up, Destiny lying on top of Lisa and their legs intertwined. “Well this is certainly awkward,” Lisa said breaking the growing tension and causing Destiny to giggle again. They unstuck from each other and sat on the edge of the bed, “I’m curious now, how do you feel about boys?”

Destiny shook her head slowly “, I don’t feel anything towards boys or men. I guess I’m a lesbian just like you now.”

“Well trust me, you’ll find things a whole lot better in certain areas now that your part of the fairer sex. And with your looks you’re going to have to beat them off with a stick,” Lisa said laughing.

“That’s one thing I’m nervous about, dating, I just-,”

“Just don’t know how?, You never actually did date if remember correctly, you were always slightly awkward around most women. But just be yourself, I’ll help you work on that confidence but the only real good advice is just be yourself.”

Destiny hesitated slightly but asked “And what about you and-,”

Lisa cut her off a second time, “Her family moved to America, we had to break up because we both know how long distance relationships don’t work out in the long run. And we preferred to end it now as friends rather than be later forced to by the distance involved.”

“Oh, well I’m sorry about that, I guess that happened while I was out with MORFS?”

“No it was actually just before you came down with MORFS,” Lisa then pushed her off the bed. “Come on we need to get showered and dressed, I think your mum said something about visiting a hairdresser to get our hair done for the photos.”

“Hairdresser?! Photos?!!”

Lisa laughed “Yes, hairdresser and photos for the licences. You didn’t think your mum would let you get a photo taken without you looking your best, did you?”

“Good point,” Destiny sighed.

“And besides we also have dinner this afternoon with Naomi’s parents. They invited us out to a restaurant as a thanks.”

Destiny looked up startled “They didn’t have to do that!”

“No they didn’t but they insisted as a thanks for saving their daughter from those Pures. Also I think it was a good idea, they’ve become good friends with your parents and we’ve become good friends with Naomi, especially during the shopping spree. So I think they really wanted to do this and your parents said yes,” Lisa said grinning. “Oh don’t worry we’re coming too, me and Ryan.”

“Oh God! I’ll have to wear a dress won’t I?!”

Lisa nodded “Dresses aren’t that bad, in fact they’re fun. I’ll give you a crash course how to sit down, get in and out of seats while wearing a dress. With your natural balance and grace I doubt you’ll need more than a minute or so to get used to heels.”

Destiny sighed “I completely forgot about heels. I guess there is a lot for me to learn.”

“You have no idea.”

Chapter Five: Veritas Rising

Destiny was resisting the urge to play with the plait the stylist put her hair into. She was in a white dress and her father was driving them all to the restaurant straight from getting their photographs taken, one for the licences, one family portrait, one with Lisa, Destiny and Ryan, and one with everyone. They were now on there way to the restaurant and Destiny’s dad was having an argument with a very sarcastic GPS system.

The robotic voice of the GPS unit said, “Well maybe if someone could actually drive properly instead of acting like a drunken chimpanzee when behind the wheel then maybe you wouldn’t be so lost”.

“Why you little piece of-,”

“Honey we’re here,” Amy said interrupting her husband’s rant at the system with an amused smile.

“Wow! He actually managed to drive here without hitting something, I guess miracles do happen.” The sarcastic voice of the GPS said.

Gary looked over at his wife “I have no idea why you don’t let me just rip this thing into pieces.”

“Maybe because I’m a lot older, smarter and way more charming then you are,” the GPS suggested in a half serious manner.

“Whoever programmed this AI GPS unit was a genius. Thanks TOD,” Destiny said addressing the GPS unit before leaving the car.

“Thanks and it’s good to hear your back on your feet Destiny. Maybe I’ll have you driving me one day instead of this baboon,” TOD said while everyone got out of the car.

Destiny’s dad handed her the car keys. “Early birthday present for you, keep him. You certainly earned it after passing your test and getting your driver’s licence, and here it is. We just got it while taking photos, I love those multi tasking photographers,” and he handed her a new drivers licence that had her a picture taken a few hours ago.

“Wow those guys move sure fast!” Ryan said looking over the new driver’s licence, his storm blue eyes shining with amusement.

Amy leaned over to whisper in her daughter’s ear, “He wanted to throw TOD in the scrapheap but I wouldn’t have it. He was going to give him to you earlier but you fell ill with MORFS.”

“You’ve never really told us, why do dad and TOD hate each other so much?”

Amy grinned obviously remembering something brilliant. “That is a story for another time, and partly because TOD was created by your granddad. Yes, I know I haven’t told you that before. But anyway TOD can be moved from car to car so if you ever want to get a new car it’s really simple to move him.”

“Come on Destiny, Mrs Fox,” Ryan said from the entrance to the restaurant, they both looked around and noticed that everyone else was already inside.

Destiny was still surprised to find out that her granddad created TOD but she put this to in the back of her mind. When they got to the table Naomi’s parents introduced themselves, Destiny could clearly see they were fun loving people. Everyone got a surprise when Naomi appeared out of nowhere sitting beside her parents.

“I see you’ve been working on the invisibility trick,” Destiny said smiling.

Naomi nodded returning the smile smiling “I’ve also been practicing the other things you suggested. But the invisibility is the best;. I can even turn other things invisible if I’m touching them.”

“She even turned my car invisible; I can tell you that was a surprise,” Naomi’s dad said with a proud smile at his daughter, then turned to Destiny. “I’m Daniel Houston, Naomi’s father; it’s good to finally meet you in person.”

“You too Mr Houston, Mrs Houston,” Destiny said nodding at both of Naomi’s parent’s.

“Please just call us Tracy and Daniel,” Naomi’s mother said. “It’s the least you can do after saving our daughter from those Pures.”

“Thank you Mrs...Tracy,” Destiny said smiling slightly in embarrassment.

“I am surprised however, from what I’ve been told it seems you’ve been taking your change very well.” Daniel commented.

Destiny looked at him in thought. “Everything’s been moving too fast to think about it properly, but now that things settled down I can start to sort through everything. I’m just glad that we can finally start the job we’ve been working towards.”

“Oh and what job is that?”

“Lisa, Ryan and I have been working towards our Private Investigator licences. We finally got them yesterday and are setting up our own agency.” Destiny told everyone.

Naomi looked interested, “Have you got a name for your agency?”

Destiny was about to speak when Ryan surprised everyone by pulling out a small card. He placed it in the centre of the table so everyone could clearly see it. It was a silvery white card with ‘VDA’ written in large print along the top and in smaller print underneath there was written ‘Veritas Detective Agency’ and underneath that was the contact information. Destiny didn’t recognise the number on the card. “That’s basically our card, once we get an office I’ll be putting the address on too. But getting an office these days is pretty hard.” Ryan said sliding the card over to Naomi who wanted a closer look.

“That’s our Ryan, always the person with a plan,” Lisa said grinning.

Destiny was looking over the card impressed. “This is impressive Ryan, when did you make this?”

“About two weeks ago,” he then took a drink. “I hate warm drinks, they obviously forgot to put ice in it,” he said and touched the side of the glass with his finger tip then took another drink. “Much better.”

“Okay stop showing off Mr Ice elemental, and make my drink cold, they forgot to put ice in it too.” Lisa said holding out her drink, Ryan was then assaulted by two other drinks being held by Destiny and Naomi.

The rest of dinner went by brilliantly and when everybody went home, Destiny was driving in her brand new car for the first time. It was a little awkward in heels but according to TOD she did fine and Destiny trusted TOD’s opinion when it came to driving. She dropped both Ryan and Lisa off at their houses before going home with her mother in the front passenger seat and her father in the backseat glaring at TOD’s screen. At home she immediately went to bed, putting on a set of girl’s pyjamas for the first time, to her that felt like something important.

In bed she looked at one of the cards Ryan handed here before he got out of the car. He handed both her and Lisa a stack of them each, saying to keep a couple of them at all times in case any situations arose where they could give one to somebody who would require their services. Destiny put the card on her bedside table and switched off the lamp.

“I hope we get our first job soon,” she muttered to herself before drifting off to sleep.