The Rise of Destiny


A week ago the life of Beck Fox was normal, well as normal as any eighteen year old’s who had black belts in dozens of different martial arts, weapons training and was an Olympic level gymnast. He was able to give even most MORFs survivors that were considered powerful a run for their money. You see Beck’s parents were obsessed with martial arts (his dad) and gymnastics (his mum) and it was to be expected that their children would inherit some of their interest in the subjects. And basically they learn fast and have photographic and reflexive memory. At least that’s what’s their family doctor told them, after they gave in to his weeklong pleading to undergo testing. Apparently before MORFS was released into the world in December of 2008 these gifts were extremely rare among the general population.

Beck’s dad runs a martial arts school where he teaches dozens of different types of martial arts. It’s his inexhaustible supply of energy and endurance that he gained while going through MORFS, that lets him keep on doing as many types of martial arts as possible without exhausting himself. His mum gained a unique sense of balance, speed and grace. All of these things they passed on to Beck and his older sisters. They also seemed to have inherited their family’s sense of honor and chivalry. Protect those who are weaker then you, be the voice for those who can’t speak out for themselves, these are all things they take extremely seriously.

This is Beck Fox’s story, I’ll just go and let you read it.

Chapter One: The Peace of Sleep

On 23rd of May 2062, at 3:45 pm, Beck Fox was walking down the school corridor and dancing softly to the music blasting into his ears through the headphones. But he froze when he went round the corner and noticed a small crowd of students all standing in a circle. They were cheering and it was the words that they were using that made Beck feel disgusted. Dropping his backpack and switching off his music he walked to the group and grabbed two of them by the shoulders. Shoving them backwards with ease he broke through the circle, just in time to stop a punch thrown by the schools best rugby player Brian Tyre.

Beck looked at the intended target of the punch and was now extremely angry. It was a very scared rabbit hybrid with bright brown hair, she couldn’t have beeen taller than four and a half feet. She was certainly no match for Brian and yet Brian seemed to need a gang of his cronies surrounding the girl.

“That’s an extremely bad idea, why are you doing this to a poor defenceless girl?” Beck asked calmly tightening his grip around Brian’s fist so he couldn’t pull away.

“Why do you think? I’m teaching this freak a lesson!” Brian spat out in anger, there was also a hint of confusion as to how someone as thin and short as Beck was able to catch his punch that easily.

Beck looked at the scared girl, then back at Brian, a storm glinting in his eyes. “It’s people like you lot that aren’t human, those who believe that because people that survive a virus that changes them then are not pure, tainted. Well I have news for you, any single one of you can go through MORFS, look around and tell me... how many of your so called friends have gone missing in the last year?”

Brian’s face turned into one of pure anger, it made him look more disgusting then scary. “I’M PURE I WON’T BE MARKED LIKE THOSE FREAKS!!” He screamed out and threw a second punch that Beck easily dodged. This was going to be a piece of cake for Beck but he was concerned for the girl who was now cowering behind him.

“Are you alright?” He asked her turning his head for a second.

She nodded and Beck ducked from another punch. “Listen I’m going to need you to move back a bit. I don’t want you to get hurt,” Beck told her and she quickly did so.

A person tried to grab the girl but a donkey kick knocked him back. And because of the area he got hit Beck doubted he would be getting back up, or having children anytime soon. What happened next would be described as chaos, and one of the most impressive fights ever recorded, even if it was a fight without any forms of powers. Brian threw another punch which Beck didn’t dodge this time. No he jumped onto the arm Brian just thrust forward and then jumped again. This time he kicked Brian’s face, using it as a sort of springboard to launch himself over his opponent.

The next few minutes turned into a free for all. This worked into Becks advantage, since there were so many of them all he had to do was dodge and let them knock each other out in the confusion. By the time it was done all he had to do was fight against four people and he took them down easily without having to use much force. He then turned to the girl and noticed she had an eCom out, she was smart to do that even when scared stiff. Beck also saw that she looked surprised and was older then he took her for at first not having the chance to properly look at her during the fight.

“Are you alright?” Beck asked her.

She looked at him with disbelief “I’m fine, what about you? You look pale, extremely pale and in pain. Did they manage to hit you?”

Beck shook his head, “Nope those idiots wouldn’t be able to hit a dummy. Nah I just feel slightly sick, but nothing I can’t handle.” The truth was that Beck was feeling like he was about to pass out at any moment. Judging by the blackness surrounding his vision that he was fighting to keep away it was a major possibility.

“BECK,” they both heard someone shout and a tall blonde haired girl and a black haired boy were running towards them.

They heard a second shout and saw a woman and a man run over also. “Those are my parents, I’m Naomi Houston,” Naomi said holding out her hand.

“Beck Fox, so you’re Naomi huh, you don’t look Japanese.”

Naomi looked surprised, “I’m impressed most people don’t know that Naomi is a Japanese name. No I’m not Japanese but my dad worked in Japan for a few number of years, and my mum also liked the name.”

“Oh well that makes sense,” both groups running towards them arrived. “Lisa, Ryan where were you?” Beck asked grinning and then he collapsed on the floor, finally succumbing into the inevitable blackness.

Naomi rushed over to him as quickly as possible and turned him over. Naomi’s mother pulled out an eCom and called for an ambulance while Ryan suggested that they move into the schools infirmary. Both Naomi’s father and Lisa moved him into the nurse’s office while Naomi, her mother and Ryan waited for the ambulance to arrive.

Chapter Two: The Birth of a New Destiny

Lisa Noxell arrived at the private room on the top floor of the building, ‘Beck’s really lucky having an Uncle that owns a hospital,’ she thought. She just got two cups of coffee, one for her and one for Mrs Fox, Beck’s mother. Her deep forest green eyes were red with lack of sleep and worry since all they could do now was wait. The entire top floor was empty besides this one room. These rooms weren’t normally used unless it was an extreme case or a celebrity but Beck’s uncle had him immediately placed into one.

She walked into the room and handed the cup of coffee to Beck’s mother. “I hope you like black Mrs Fox.”

“Please just call me Amy dear I’ve told you a thousand times, and yes I do like black thank you,” she said smiling and taking the offered coffee. At forty nine years old Amy Fox didn’t look her age in the least. Both she and her husband looked at least half their ages. Amy rubbed her light blue eyes to get the sleep out of them and then smoothed out her dark brown hair which was tangled from sleeping in a chair

“Where are the others?” Lisa asked turning her head around scanning the room with her eyes, her curly blonde hair bouncing from the sudden movement.

“They’ve gone out to get something to eat, well Gary has gone home to teach some classes and he’s going to come back later to bring some clothes. This is going to take some time to get used to but we’re tough, Destiny has always been able to adapt better to things than anyone I’ve ever known.”

“Well he is your s... daughter, damn that is going to get some used to. She is your daughter after all, and anyway I just have to ask. What made you call her Destiny?” Lisa asked her, amusement crossing her face at the unusual name.

“It’s what we were going to call her if she was born a girl.” Amy said like it was the most obvious thing in the world, which for her it probably was.

“What I’m surprised about is, how fast you got the name change through.”

Amy smiled and took a sip of her coffee. “Some secrets will never be revealed, it also helps having family that works in the system.”

Naomi walked into the room. Over the last five days Naomi and her parents had become good friends with Lisa, Ryan and the newly named Destiny’s parents Amy and Gary. She sat on the chair next to Lisa and passed them a sandwich each.

“Thank you.”

They sat in silence for a little while, until they heard a soft stirring coming from the bed. They instantly got off their chairs and ran over to the bed where the figure lying inside was starting to wake up.

Blackness, that’s the first thing Beck noticed, that was until he realised that his eyes were closed. Opening them he saw that he was in a room that looked like a hospital room just more posh and personalised. He was obviously inside a hospital remembering the two other times he ever had to stay in one, once for appendicitis and another time because of a fight, and this was obviously his Uncle’s hospital. Then he  noticed something else that made him sit up quicker then blinking. Long silvery white hair flowed down his shoulders and two large bumps on the front of his chest gave him the indication of what happened during his time in the land of the unconscious.

I guess I’m a she now, Beck thought. She then looked up to her mother with questioning eyes. “Yes, it’s what you can see sweetie,” and then she gave her new daughter a tight hug. “But don’t worry you look absolutely wonderful Destiny “Beautiful is not... Wait did you just call me Destiny?!!”

Lisa nodded trying to hide her amusement;. Amy stood up and looked over her new daughter. “Yes I called you Destiny, that’s your new name. What? Don’t you like it?”

Destiny shook his head, “No, no it’s just unusual. Actually I like it but it’s going to take some time to get used to.”

“Yeah but your parents  instructed everyone under penalty of death to call you Destiny from now on.” Naomi said grinning evilly.

Destiny looked surprised for a moment, “Oh hi Naomi. I didn’t expect to see you here.”

Amy cut in, “Well after everything that had happened Naomi’s become good friends with Lisa and Ryan. We’ve also become good friends with her parents Daniel and Tracy.”

A few moments of silence passed as Destiny took in this information. Her new hormones running through her body were trying to throw her over the edge emotionally. But she was able to hold it all back with a few deep breaths so she wouldn’t burst out crying. “I need to see myself properly.”

“Are you sure about that?” Lisa asked looking slightly surprised. “I mean it is a big change, and you just woke up, I think you should wait a bit longer to get used to the idea.”

Destiny looked up and Lisa knew that look, it was the same type of look she had when she started puberty. A hormone fuelled determination/anger/depression and a constantly changing emotional state. Those new hormones really do work fast, Amy and Naomi thought seeing that look, they also knew what it meant and took a small step back. “I’ll just go and get a doctor,” Naomi said rushing out of the room with a slight smile on her face.

COWARD!! Lisa screamed in her own head hoping somehow it would reach Naomi. “Alright, here I’ll help you out of the bed, your centre of gravity has shifted quite a lot.”

“No I’m fi-YI!” Destiny waved off her helping hands but ended up falling flat on her face. “Owwww....”

Amy pulled up her daughter and helped her walk over to the large mirror. Destiny gasped seeing her new reflection, a once five foot nine, mousy brown haired and dark brown eyed eighteen year old boy was now a beautiful, innocent looking cute teenage girl. Her hair was now past her shoulders and slightly curly in a silvery white colour, her eyebrows were thin, arched and the same colour as her hair. She had wide, silvery grey eyes and thick kissable lips, and only stood at about an impressive five feet and one inch tall. And judging from all she could see while wearing the hospital gown she had a very impressive figure.

After seeing this Destiny did the first thing that came to her mind. She fainted, only to have her mother catch her and carry Destiny back onto the bed.

A few moments later Naomi walked into the room, a doctor behind her. “What happened?” she asked seeing Destiny lying on the bed unconscious again.

Lisa decided to speak, “She saw her reflection in the mirror, then basically she passed out.”

“Not an unusual reaction,” the doctor said. “She’ll probably wake up in any time between a few minutes to and a few hours. I’ll be right around the corner so when she wakes up again just give a shout from the doorway.” And then he walked out of the room