It doesn't take a genius to see what they've been doing, but you do need to pay attention.  It's also wise - though I understand that the word has gone out of fashion, much like discrimination

It's sad, really:  It used to be a good thing to be a man of discrimination.  Those souls who could discriminate were respected, almost revered.  What happened to that?  I could tell you, but it would likely just make you angrier.  People who were discriminated against stopped trying to change themselves and conform, and started to try to change the world to fit them

So one of the first things to go had to be respect:  If they couldn't have any, then anyone who did had to lose it.  Where was I?  Wisdom.  

Wisdom went with discrimination, though not in the same way.  People started to see what was happening to others who had discrimination and respect,  and wisely stepped aside, lest it splash on them.  By the time enough of them figured things out...  Well, most people still haven't figured it out, have they? 

I know you're not concerned with where this all started, but now that I'm talking I kind of feel the need to get it all out.  You just sit tight and bear with me. 

I'm not going to try and figure out 'patient zero', or where this all started, but I will state that homosexuality is a blight on mankind, and should be dealt with harshly and finally. 

Oooh!  That's right, you're dealing with a real sociopath.  How does that make you feel? 

We're way past the point of diminishing returns on that score, you-  'Diminishing returns' means that you don't get back enough to pay for putting anything in.  Like buying a commodity:  Eventually, you'll have so much of it that there isn't enough left to keep the prices low, supply and demand.  So, you'll be spending everything you own just to gain a little more of whatever it is, maybe gold. 

People have been crazy for gold ever since they've seen it.  Weird.  It's pretty, but it wasn't until last century that anyone had any real use for it, other than decoration. 

Anyways, what I'm saying is that you can't just go around beating up the gay people:  It won't get you any good at all, and you'll be damaging yourself and your cause for trying.  You attack the sin, not the victim.  I can see where people get all confused about that, because so very often the carrier of the disease needs to be cleansed to make things better. 

Hate the sin, not the sinner only gets you so far, unless you're God.  Ah!  I can see you're some form of God fearing folk:  That might make this a little bit easier. 

When I started this, I was surrounded by people who didn't have any moral fortitude.  We were kids:  Moral fortitude is something that grows, it isn't something that most people have full blown in them.  Granted, most people have some, but people nowadays try to weed that out of you. 

Do you remember that?  When you were younger and people punished you because you stood up and said that something was wrong?  I do.  People doing things that the Bible clearly states are wrong, and then expect others to not only let them be, but heartily endorse their activities.  When I told them that they were doing wrong, they laughed. 

'You're too young, kid!  Go away and grow up!' 

Quoting chapter and verse about it didn't help, it just labeled me as a 'crazy Christian freak'.  Then, they felt justified in ganging up on me and yelling obscenities in my face.  When I wouldn't cave in and say that they were right, a few of them slapped me.  I ran off, crying, and they followed me for a time to continue. 

I went to my parents and told them what had happened.  I'd just barely gotten the story out when there was a knocking at the door.  Those - sinners? - who'd beaten me up and driven me off had gotten others - their parents, I'd guess - and they were now knocking at our door. 

I was starting to feel a little better, now that the adults were involved:  The adults would see that I was right, and attacked falsely.  The older kids would be punished and everything would be right again. 

I was a little naive, I'll admit it. 

They started out softly:  Not apologizing, just explaining how I'd been wrongly attacking them and saying that I'd likely need some guidance before someone got angry and dealt with me.  All done very politely, and seemingly like they cared one whit about me and my future. 

My father ignored the marks on my face from their attacks and asked me - sharply - what I'd said to them to cause this trouble.  I told my side of the story and they went off.  I was getting yelled at by both my father and the people who beat me up. 

I was starting to tear up when mom decided to step in - dad stopped immediately, but the others kept on for a moment.  "So - just to be clear, here - you were losing an argument with my eight year old son about your perversions when you decided to attack him physically, and now you're here... why?  To finish him off?  To make sure that we understand that you won't be pressing charges against him?"  Dad was just about backed into the kitchen at this point. 

He's not the strongest person, my dad.  He did teach me how to shoot, though.  They were just starting to get mad at mom for backing me up, when dad came out of the kitchen with the shotgun.  It's not a special model, or anything - it doesn't have to be.  The sound of the action cycling a shell got their attention. 

Everything just stopped, no-one wanting to provoke what they were sure would be the next (and last) action they would witness.  Dad just calmly said:  "Perhaps you should leave.  Now." 

And they did.  Slowly, cautiously, they left.  One of them turned to say something mean, but dad just leveled the gun at them and they walked back out to their cars. 

Dad apologized to mom for something, probably his lack of action making her step forward.  She just collected us and hugged both of us until the shaking stopped.  Her shaking.  Because she's a woman, she has to deal with adrenaline crashes more than men do.  I didn't understand it then, but I filed it away like I did everything they told me.  I knew it would make sense some day. 

I skated along until this MORFS thing came around:  I had girlfriends; made friends; life as usual, I'd guess.  MORFS came by and took my best friend from me, then took my girlfriend in almost the same week. 

He'd MORFed into some sort of golden skinned freak.  Bad enough, right?  He'd also gotten some sort of persuasion ability, where most people went along with what he said no matter what.  He dove right into all the perversion he could handle in those few days. 

Yeah, I was captive, too.  That's why they tell you in the Bible to stay in the Word.  If you're with God, who can be against you?  The closer you are to God, the less they can do to you.  So stay close to God. 

NOT that perverted thing where they take the Word and twist it to say what they want it to say.  Read the Bible daily.  I cannot stress this enough.  Fear the LORD, for He is God. 

Not those people who try to make you fear the world by pointing out the problems, trying to make you think that they are the answer you need.  Those people make me sick. 

Do you know that the Bible tells us how we'll know if a message is from God or not?  Test the messenger, yes.  Also:  Test the message.  God is not wrong, nor does he twist about and change his mind with the wind.  Something else for you to think about. 

I started by killing MORFS just like you all did.  I was even in the groups that...  Never mind.  I'm not here to parade my sins about for you.  Enough for everyone to know that I have them.  Let's move on. 

The LORD works in mysterious ways.  We'd argued for being armed in school, and were defeated.  That week, a MORF entered the school building and destroyed the locker room, killing five people.  He tried to blame them for his actions, but...  In the end, you only have yourself and the LORD.  He only had himself. 

As an observer, I can note that three of the five people he'd killed were bigots who'd been picking on MORFS survivors - can I just state what a dumb name that is?  Congratulations!  You've just managed to live through a bad cold. 

Yes.  There are some extreme cases of people dying from it even today.  You will note that the number is ridiculously small, compared to the number of people who still - even still today - die from colds and flu.  With a few exceptions, people go through it just fine - even full hybrids.  God does not mean for this to be an extinction level event.  He'll use it to pass judgement none the less. 

In any event, the people I'm referring to here are the other two who died in the attack.  Just two guys who happened to be in the room when that psycho blasted the whole room to get the ones who'd been after him.  There should be a statue for people like that.  Without those two unfortunate men, we wouldn't have been able to get anything done. 

There are all sorts of people who will yell at the town for killing him, likely stating that he didn't know what he was doing.  Or maybe that the others pushed him into it, that he wasn't in control of his actions - not responsible. 

Let me ask you:  Is that the sort of person you want in control of those abilities? 

He obviously had enough control to get them going, and enough control to keep it in the room.  Why didn't he have enough control to keep the fire away from those other two?  Did he think they were involved somehow?  Nope:  He stated clearly during the trial that he'd known they were innocent. 

He'd just gotten excited about getting back at those others and sort of forgot about them. 


I sort of wonder about it - whether he'd thought about what he'd done and decided that he needed to be punished for it.  I doubt he thought he needed to die, but...  He was executed that very night in the square. 

I don't think that every criminal needs to be executed.  I really don't.  People who negatively and significantly affect others lives should be dealt with, though.  You stole a loaf of bread?  Pay for the bread and a little more:  Enough to cover the expenses of dealing ith you.  You got drunk and killed someone?  Doesn't matter who you are or who you killed:  You need to die. 

Your company legally but immorraly killed people for your personal wealth?  It doesn't matter what the normal reasons might have been, or the methods used:  You, too, need to die. 

I don't need to be the method for your death, I don't even need to be involved - even if I was directly affected by you.  If the system works, it should work for all, and against all.  There shouldn't be exemptions for any reasons at all:  Unless the crime was justified - a.k.a. sanctified - the punishment needs to be executed. 

That's what we're talking about, here:  You all have done some bad things, and need to face justice for your actions.  You've evaded the authorities so far, but it's only a matter of time until they catch you.  Maybe they're on their way now. 

So I need for you to die now, before they can stop me. 

I'd like to thank you for finding this place:  It's getting harder these days to find a place that isn't under constant surveilance.  Your friends in the authorities will find your bodies and likely die with the boobytraps.  Goodnight. 



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