All I wanted was to see you one more time. Simple, right?


Well, I guess it's not to be. An easy drive after an easy job. And it will be my last.




Tonight is the night I fell asleep at the wheel.


I know what you're thinking. "What the hell? Why would you do that? Stop for a rest, you idiot!"


Hindsight. You know what they say...


Its a long drive, but I was determined to make it in one night. All for you... The doctors called me up to tell me that you had just finished MORFS. They didn't expect any complications, due to the lateness of your 'catching' it. High end of the range, and all. The doctors said you was almost the oldest case since the whole thing started, remember?


I'm glad. We only met a year ago, at the college... I'm glad I was designated as your 'senior mentor'. I know, it's kind of... Awkward... But we really have something. I finished school and bought the apartment, and got that job at the firm, and you moved in at the beginning of the summer.


But I was stupid. And now, it's the end for me.


It's hard to describe the experience, let alone do it before I pass out from blood loss.


There's no commotion. No screaming brakes. In fact, most of the crash was over before I even woke up. Imagine the sensation of motion, the horizon outside turning over and over as the car flips down the side of the highway. My cold coffee was sprayed all over the interior of the car, and my the time I was fully aware, the car hit solid ground.


Honestly? I think that was the worst part. Not the feeling, as most of my body went numb when I hit. But the sound... The screeching of metal, shattering glass... Horrible.


Luckily, I won't have long to remember it.


Gallows humour. Sigh...


It almost seems... Surreal. Like this has to be happening to someone else. I can just see the people gathering outside. Drivers turning their heads to look as they pass by. Somebody was running towards the car, but it seemed like he was taking forever to get to me...


And then, there you were.


You were always the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, you know that? My body was numb, and my eyes failing, but you still managed to take my breath away. Huge emerald eyes, with all the kindness in the world shining in them. Bright red hair, shining even in the dark...


I must have hit my head pretty hard. I knew, at least in my head, that you couldn't possibly be there with me. You were in the hospital, and I was on my way to get you...


You were crying... And I knew why.


" 'S'okay..." Shock was making me sleepy... " 'M'okay... Don' cry..."


I couldn't even feel it when you touched my face. "Shh... Don't waste your energy... Just stay with me... Please..."


" 'M not goin'..."


I could almost smell her, even. The truck was a smoldering, crumpled wreck around me, but there was the smell of roses in the air. It made me smile.


I could hear the screeching of metal as they tried to get me out. Something with an engine... Maybe the jaws of life? I don't know... All I cared about was there with me, at least in spirit.


It's amazing how vivid colours become, when you're breathing your last. Especially the reds, greens and blues. The lights outside... Her eyes... And the blood...


I didn't know you could bleed that much...


I felt... Calm. She must have sensed it, because her tears doubled. "N-no... Don't go... D-don't leave me here... All alone..."


" Sorry... 'M a big idiot..."


"No... Don't be silly..."


"Should've stopped..."


"It's okay... You'll b-be okay..."


Blood. So much blood... And cold...


"Sorry..." A feeble apology. But I wanted her to hear it


"It's not your fault... It was an accident... Don't give up... Not now..."


"Love you... So much..."


She might have replied. She might have said more. I didn't hear it. I couldn't feel my body any more. The sights and sounds were fading. I could barely feel the smile I forced for you, and didn't hear the words.


" 'M glad... You're the last... Thing on my mind..."


And you were.


And all that was left was the lingering smell of roses...




The room was dark, as always. And she liked it that way. It felt more like she was sleeping, then... But the darkness wouldn't calm her this time.


A tiny part of her was glad he had never seen her. Not like this.


The nurse came in. "Time for your eyedrops, miss."


She didn't notice the tears. For all that the staff worked hard at their jobs, they seldom looked twice. The nurse stopped and looked down. "Oh, dear... What's wrong, miss?"


Silence. "Alright, miss, but I'll be back in a half hour anyway."


More silence. "Yes, miss. I'll send her in when she gets here."


The nurse left. And she was once again alone in her room, with only the gentle beeping of the monitors to distract her from the cieling.


And her thoughts.


And the thoughts of everyone else on the planet...


Billions of lives jacked directly into her mind.


And she'd never been so lonely...


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