Chakats Give the Best Hugs
(Part 03)
A MORFS Universe Tale
by Ray Drouillard

Jimmy Miller, a fan of games and science fiction of all types, morfs into a fictional creature.

sex: 2/10
violence: 3/10
profanity: 2/10

Categories: Male to Hermaphrodite, Hybrid, PSI

Timeline: 2064

Author's Note:  This is a kinda MORFS/Chakat crossover story.  It was written to be canon to the MORFS universe, and treats the Chakat universe as fiction.

Chapter Seven: A Mission Of Mercy

Doctor McGuire chose that time to enter with a very sad and scared absolute raccoon morf.  I could tell that Vicky was about to give her her usual enthusiastic greeting.  I wrapped my tail around her and whispered to her, "She is really scared.  Be gentle."

Vicky nodded and slowly approached the girl.  "Can I have a hug?  Please?"

The girl nodded.

When Vicky hugged her, she broke down into tears and buried her head in Vicky's shoulder.  Vicky held her and stroked her back.

As one, the mothers went to her and comforted her.

"It's OK.  Nobody here is going to hurt you.  We have a place where you can stay and lots of friends to keep you company.

The two doctors conferred, and I could see Mom send a text, look at the reply, then nod.

Meanwhile, the rest of us introduced ourselves.  Catniss and I projected calm and love at her.  Slowly, she did calm down.

I took Mom aside and had a whispered conversation with her.  Then, I announced, "There will be a sleepover at our house tonight.  You are all invited."

"I've never been to a sleepover," the raccoon girl said.

"Neither have I," I admitted.  "My mom and little sister have, though.  We're going to have so much fun!"

I saw Mom whispering with the two doctors, and the other two mothers.  "Doctor Kat, her wife, Vicky's mom, and Katniss's Mom are coming, too.  But don't worry, we adults will have our own party and leave you kids alone to have fun."

"What about my little brother?" Vicky asked.

"He's going fishing with his dad and big brother"

"Yay!" said the little brother.

"Does that mean we can't dress him up and paint his nails?" asked Vicky.  Little brother stuck his tongue out at her.

Everyone was talking excitedly when there was a knock on the door.

A slender human male and a large male wolf hybrid entered.  "We're here to teleport Cindy Steeler's belongings.  We need her to give us a good feel for her room, and we need a place to take them.

"You can take them to my old room.  If you transport me there first, I can empty my panniers and help bring her belongings over."

So Mark, the teleporter, held hands with me and Arran, the wolf morf.  Arran read the feel for my old room and fed it to Mark.  In a flash, we were in my room.

I ran down to my new room, emptied my panniers, and came back up.  We ported back to the group, picked up Cindy, then ported to her room.

Arran guarded the door while we packed my panniers, Cindy's backpack, and a bunch of canvas duffel bags that Mark had brought.  We piled all of Cindy's stuff together.  Cindy looked wistfully at the barren remains of the room where she grew up, knowing that she would never see it again.

Mark and Cindy ported to the garage, then came back with her bike.

We all ported to my room.  I emptied my panniers and we ported back to the big treatment room.

Mark and Arran said their good byes, then disappeared.

Doctor Kat assured us that the IATE has a kind of gentleman's agreement with the police, and we don't have to worry about any repercussions for gathering Cindy's belongings.

Doctor McGuire called each of the three new morfs into a private session with her.  When it was my turn, she informed me that I could likely get myself pregnant, and offered to use her bio elemental powers to give me, in essence, a five year contraceptive treatment.  She told me that if I want to have kids before I'm twenty, that I can come back to the clinic to have it reversed.  She also informed me that, unlike the fictional chakats, I am genetically human, and can have children with a baseline human.

Not being ready to take care of a bunch of squalling brats, I took her up on her offer.

The rest of our visit was kind of anticlimactic.  Vicky, Cindy, and I got our new IDs, birth certificate addenda, and the like.  We each received a stack of papers to read.

We all had a late lunch in the cafeteria.  Everyone agreed to meet at our house after taking care of their own business.

Chapter Eight: Slumber Party!

Glomp!  Susie tackle hugged me as soon as I made it in the front door.

Susie and I helped Cindy move into her room.  We had to get a dresser and vanity out of the attic.  Alas, the room still looked a little boyish.

Mom managed to find the left over stickers that she had used to decorate Suzie Q's room.  They looked good on the light blue walls.  The rainbows and unicorns and fairies and clouds and cats and fantasy creatures and plants looked kind of young for Cindy, but she liked them.  "Mom and Dad never let me have things like this."

"Why not?  Are they just a couple of no-fun-guys?"

"Yeah, but it's more about non standard animals and people.  Anything that is not as God made them in the beginning must have been perverted by morfs.  They wouldn't even let us watch cartoons.  And our internet is filtered the way that libraries used to be, except it is through a service provided by the Church of Genetic Purity.  We were promised severe beatings if we try to defeat it."

"Well, you don't have to worry about that now.  Is the filter on your tablet and stuff?  We can try getting rid of it."

I was looking at it when Vicky and her mom came in.  Vicky came over and gave me a hug.  "Whatcha doin?"

"I'm trying to get the filter program off of this tablet."

Vicky took it from me, played with it a bit, and gave it back.  "That was a nasty little program.  It made all of the data go through a proxy server at the Church of Genetic Purity.  It filtered out half the internet, and kept track of what she was doing.  I ummm modified their filter and wiped out data they were keeping on all the kids.  I left them a few little programs, too."

"You trashed their data and put malware on their servers?" I gasped.

She folded her arms and put a smirk on her face.  "Yup!  I also added a little program that will uninstall the filter from any computer that connects to it.  Data wants to be free!"

I couldn't help it.  That was way too funny.

Catniss came in and found me rolling on the floor laughing like a loon.  She asked what was so funny, so I told her.

The three moms came out, wondering what had their children all riled up.

"Oh, nothing," I said with a big smile of false innocence.  "It's just that some unknown technopath might have trashed the servers that the genetic purity church uses to filter the internet and track its members' browsing habits.

"Victoria Marie O-  Oh, never mind.  Just don't hack the wrong people, and don't get caught."

"I'm not stupid, Mom," she said with her hands on her hips.

"I know, sweetie.  But even the smartest people can get careless, and a really clever hacker can find you.  No matter how smart you are, there is always someone smarter."

"Not in the Church of Genetic Purity," I snarked.

"You never know," Mom said.  "Most wacko organizations are headed by a small elite group that cares little of the organization's ideals, and thinks much of themselves."

"I, uh, might have saved the data about the browsing habits of some of the clergy.  Did you know that there's a web site called  And then there's  And  And  And..."

"That's enough, young lady!"

"I wonder what Preacher Johnson looks at," Cindy pondered.

Vicky looked at the tablet.  "All I mentioned, plus..."

"I said, that's enough!"

"It would be interesting if, whenever someone tries to log in through the server, they get treated a list of what their leaders have been viewing," Catniss mused.

Before her mom could say anything, Vicky got to work.  "I had to delay the removal of the filter program from the device.  Now, a list will be downloaded, and will pop up every time the user calls up a browser.  It's going to be a dickens to remove, too."

Mom just shook her head.  "I hope nobody traces this through our internet connection."

"Don't worry, Mrs. M.  I covered my tracks."

Cindy was looking at her tablet.  "Seriously?"  She swiped the tablet a few times.  "Mister holier-than-thou is looking at that filth?"

"What filth?" Catniss asked.

"Bestiality between hybrids and actual animals."

"Ewwwwww!" several of us chorused.

"I hope you're not looking at the actual sites," Mom said.

"Not on purpose!" Cindy said.

"I need brain bleach!  What is seen cannot be unseen!" Catniss said.

"Perhaps you should put that down," Vicky's mom said.

"Or perhaps," my mom said, "Cindy should look at some of the legitimate morfs information that she was locked out of before."

"Good idea!" Vicky said with enthusiasm.  Soon, Cindy and Vicky were lost in their own little world.

Catniss and I picked them up and plopped them onto my lower back.  They pretended not to notice.  I balance them with my tail and right arm, took them down to my room, and deposited them onto my extra double king sized taur pad.

Actually, it's a mattress designed for extra large morfs, but I'm using it as a taur pad, so it's a taur pad.

But since they're not taurs, I guess it's just a mattress to them.

Or something like that.

They were busily studying and discussing the fine points of how to survive and thrive as a morf.  Catniss had gone through the same material when shi first morfed.  Not only did I want to know all I could about how to support my bff, but would use any excuse just to be next to hir.  So I studied it as much as shi did.

And shi appreciated the support.  It was mostly new territory for hir.  Also, I can't help but think that I wouldn't have been so joyous with my own changes if I hadn't already been through it vicariously with Catniss.  And maybe I was just a bit envious.

So we decided to leave them to it and fired up my laptop.  We decided to do a little work on that game we were developing.  Soon, we were in deep hack.  I don't know how long we were working on it, but we got a decent amount done.  Maybe I got a bit of a brain upgrade like Vicky and Catniss did.

We both jumped when Vicky tapped us on the shoulder.  "Whatcha doin?" she sang.

Catniss recovered first.  "Well you see, little girl, we're doing something really complicated.  We're writing a game for the Trans-Cosmic Open Source Portable Game Console.  We're writing it on this laptop, and we're going to cross-compile it to the game console."

"Mind if I give it a whack?"

"Sure, little girl.  Go ahead."  I handed her the wireless keyboard and mouse.

She gave a few experimental pecks on the keyboard, played with the mouse a bit, sat them down and concentrated.  I watched, amazed, as the cursor flew around the edit window, seeming to find every part that we were having trouble with.

She saved her changes, compiled the program, and transferred it to the game console.  It ran beautifully.

"I think we found another partner for this project."  I looked at Vicky, who had a smug grin on her face.  "Hey, little girl, want to help us with the game?  We'll share the profits."

"Can I help too?" asked Cindy.

I was a little hesitant, but I didn't want to hurt her feelings.  I figured we could always use help in testing, if nothing else.  And perhaps she can design some of the characters and monsters and traps and backgrounds and stuff.  There is a whole lot more to creating a game than programming.

As a matter of fact, it looks like Catniss and I will be doing more game design and less programming.

We all went to the game room to watch a movie.

Well, we were originally going to watch a movie.  We couldn't agree upon one, so instead we watched cartoons.  Then we started playing computer games.  Them we got the old fashioned board games out.  Then we had a pillow fight.

Just kidding about the pillow fight.

In the middle of that, the three moms brought down some snacks.  Sort of.  It was actually a late dinner.

Susie wanted to get her makeup and fingernail polish, but most of us had furry faces.  We did paint our claws with a variety of shades, though.

Soon, we were all tired.  I led everyone into my bedroom and let them pile around me.  Catniss and I held each other in our arms.  Vicky and Cindy curled around us.  Susie Q went up into her own bedroom, saying something about sleeping under her own pile of cats.

A couple hours later, I sensed rather than heard the moms peek into my room.  "They are just so cute!" one of them whispered.  I held Catniss tighter and snuggled down.

Later, we were all awakened by Doctor Kat's mental voice.  *Don't be startled.  You will hear a couple of gunshots, but there is no danger.*

*That's OK.  People are always taking target practice around here.  I don't think anyone will even notice it.*

I heard two clear gunshots, a muffled shot, and a cry of pain.

*The police are on their way to pick up those reprobates.  I'm sorry about the gunshots, but we had to let them get a couple of shots off so that the police can hold them.  After two shots, I blocked the barrel, and the gun blew up in Brother Dingbat's face.*

*Brother Dingbat?* I asked.

I heard a mental snicker from Cindy, but it was tinged with nervousness and fear."

*His real name is Brother Dington.  We have been trying to catch him red handed for a long time.*

Cindy sent, *All the kids are scared of him.  He teaches Sunday School sometimes, and he tells us about the horrible ways that God punishes the morfies and morfie lovers.*

*He won't be spreading that heresy to any more kids.* Mom sent.

*What about the rest of the attackers?* I sent.

*Knocked out, all ten of them.  The police are collecting them as we speak.  You can watch the court proceedings on Monday if you like.  Meanwhile, get some sleep.*

I'm not sure, but I think that she pushed some 'tired' at all of us.  We were soon out.

The next morning, we woke to the delicious smell of bacon, eggs, pancakes, and coffee.  We went up to the kitchen and saw the spectacle of three moms sharing one kitchen and mostly staying out of each others way.  Doctor Kat and her wife had left with the police.

They made mounds of food.  We ate up the mounds of food.  Such is the way with powered morfs, especially us taurs.

The moms announced that we were all going to church.  Cindy was a bit nervous, but we assured her that our church was in no way against morfs.  In fact, there is a special ministry that helps people adjust to their new form.

Catniss and I showered while the rest of them worked out what to wear.

Vicky borrowed a dress that Cindy had almost outgrown before her morf, and that simply didn't fit her now.  Cindy checked out the rest of her clothing, and passed a bunch on to Cindy.

After everyone was clean and fresh and dressed in their Sunday best, we all got into two vans and went to church.

The service was, well, a regular church service.  Pastor Dave always does a good job with his message.

Catniss and I were already familiar with everything.  Vicky was delighted with the morfs support group, and asled her mother if she could switch churches.  She remembered some of the morfed kids at her church getting weird looks, and wasn't looking forward to it.

Cindy was positively relieved.  She remembered how the morfed kids at her old church were ridiculed from the pulpit.  They were never seen again.

We had a leisurely day when we got home.  We relaxed, watched videos, played games, and got to know each other.

The two moms went home, but Catniss and Vicky decided to stay the night again and go to school with us.

While we were getting everything together for tomorrow, Suzie Q got a call from her friend.  It seems that Randy morfed into a rat.  It didn't take him long at all to morf.  He started after I did, but finished first.

"I guess he didn't have to change much," Suzie said.

"Susan Quelita Miller!" Mom said.  We all tried hard not to smirk.

I yawned.  "We chakats need our beauty sleep."

Everyone followed me downstairs, including Mom and Suzie.  Mom gave us each a hug.  Suzie decided to settle in with us, saying that everyone should sleep in a fur pile at least once.

Chapter Nine: Back To School

Mom rousted us early, figuring that it would take us a long time to shower.  I pointed out that my shower is big enough for us all.  Mom looked like she was going to protest, so I asked her how it is different from the mass showers at school and the local Y.

Suzie went upstairs, while we fur bearing varmints all used copious amounts of Mane & Tail.

Everybody loved the fur dryers.

When I commented that Dad might want some more customers, Cindy grabbed my camera and took some pictures of the shower and fur dryers while in use.

I grabbed the camera so that Cindy could model, too.

Catniss pulled up a copy of one of Dad's Miller Engineering and Construction fliers and quickly edited it on my computer.  She had to be very selective of what pictures she used.

The fact that some of the testimonials were from the owner's daughter shouldn't be a problem.

Maneuvering in the bus with my taur body turned out to be a problem.  I had to go to the back of the bus and sit in the aisle.  Now I know how Rosa Parks must have felt.  Sort of.  I was surrounded by my friends.

There was a small sad rat morf huddled in the back.  Even Vicky couldn't pull him out of his funk.

I knew that he was my old tormentor Randy, but I couldn't help but to feel sorry for him.  Such is the way when you're an empath.

We were met by a crowd as we left the bus.  Most of them were the people that Randy hung around.  I was a bit worried at first, but having my friends around reassured me.

"Hey, Randy!  Are you hanging around with the fuzzies now.  Don't cats and foxes eat rats?"

"Only if they ask nice," Vicky said.

"I thought you were his friends!" I said to them.  I projected keen interest and shame at them.  They stared at me fixedly.

"Is that how you treat your friends?  You laugh at their misfortune and reject them?  If that's the case, you can probably expect the same from your so-called friends.  You're not friends.  You just hang with each other like a pack of snakes!  You pretend to be friends, while being ready to stab each other in the back as soon as you can.  I pity all of you."

As the crowd shuffled away, we headed to the office.  Randy was headed there too, so we maneuvered him middle of our pack by the time we made it there.  He looked nervous, but didn't object.

The secretary smiled at us as we entered.  "Welcome, butterflies.  Your paperwork is all processed, and you're all approved to pick up where you left off."  She picked up a stack of slips and sorted through them.

She handed one to Randy.  "It's good to see that they have forgiven you.  Stick with them.  They're good people."

She handed the next one to Vicky.  "Ah, miss O'Kelly.  It's good to see you smiling!  And making friends, too!"

The next slip went to Cindy.  "I can't tell you how relieved I am to see you back!  The hard part is done.  Stick with your new friends and let the IATE do what they do so well."

The final slip went to me.  "Well, miss Miller, it seems that you received quite an interesting change.  Congratulations.  And congratulations on getting the girl of your dreams."

"By the way, the school purchased some small taur pads, and put one into each of your classrooms."

"And no, I'm not reading your minds," she said as we walked out.

"The farce is strong in that one," Catniss said.

(end of part three)

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