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The start of the 21th century brought on 'Massive Ontogenetic Regulation Failure Syndrome' or just MORFS as the fear of adolescents, since it might cause small or drastic changes. Among the drastic changes were gaining of characteristics of other species, sex changes or even special powers.
For terminally ill Brent Johns it might mean salvation, but changing into a girl with feline characteristics and a special power has its own challenges. Will the hate for being a cat-girl, the envy and persecution for having a special power or growing up as a girl prove more than she is up to?

Dimensions: 155 x 225 mm
Representation: Paperback
Finishing: Glued paperbound
Number of pages: 264

The book Synergy is available in hardcover and protected PDF.
Soon it will be available in eBook formats.
Send a mail to synergy.feral(at) or morfscom(at) with the preferred Password.
Payments can be done to Paypal with the account of shrikeps(at)
Prices are:
Hardcover $40 USD incl shipping to USA (other countries may be cheaper)
PDF and eBook $9.99 USD

For Merchandising write to either email address mentioned.


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