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[17:19] [SakuraStrife] PONG
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[17:24] [Sylar] Wake up bane!!!
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[17:26] [Do66er] bane?
[17:29] [Sylar] bane isn't here I think
[17:29] [Sylar] glad someone else besides me is awake
[17:30] [Do66er] its 230 in the afternoon here
[17:30] [Sylar] 2330
[17:30] [Do66er] i hope im awake
[17:31] [Sylar] So that would be west coast then
[17:31] [Sylar] Cal or higher?
[17:31] [Do66er] wash
[17:31] [Sylar] seattle?
[17:32] Nick change: Sylar -> Shrike
[17:32] [Do66er] close im in bellevue
[17:32] [Shrike] no kidding
[17:32] [Do66er] ?
[17:32] [Shrike] You should look up another writer on the morfs universe
[17:32] [Shrike] Terry VOlkirch lives in Bellvue
[17:32] [Do66er] oh?
[17:33] [Shrike] I have a pic of his house somewhere
[17:33] [Shrike] but at the moment he's on holiday in UK with his GF
[17:34] [Do66er] ah well cant really look him up yet then
[17:34] [Shrike] but when he gets back
[17:35] [Shrike] you could start the first MorfsCon
[17:35] [Do66er] lol
[17:35] [Shrike] I wanted to do it in UK with Terry, Xenic and EMW
[17:36] [banezzzzz] the first morfsCon will take place in texas where i will lock everyone in a room and exucute them thouse takeing control away from shrike
[17:36] Nick change: banezzzzz -> bane
[17:36] [Do66er] nice
[17:36] [Do66er] ill stay up here
[17:36] [Shrike] nobody would want to come to texas
[17:37] [Shrike] Private?
[17:37] [Do66er] nobody ever wants to go there
[17:37] [Do66er] =D
[17:37] [bane] tell that to all the illegal imagrents then
[17:37] [bane] :p
[17:37] [Do66er] they are just on their way through
[17:38] [Shrike] i would like to ask you something do66er
[17:38] [Do66er] ?
[17:38] [bane] ...he wants to marry you!
[17:38] [Do66er] lol
[17:39] [Shrike] It's better in private I think
[17:39] [Do66er] so pm me then
[17:39] [Shrike] And I'm married with superkid
[17:39] [Shrike] just log in to the private box I opened
[17:39] [Do66er] ?
[17:40] [bane] he already pm'ed you
[17:40] [Shrike] it's not PM exactly
[17:41] [bane] close enough
[17:41] [Shrike] Someone almost woke up crying
[17:42] [bane] you shouldnt use him as as football then
[17:42] [Shrike] I didn't, he was a bit of trouble today
[17:42] [bane] what he do?
[17:43] [Shrike] When visiting family, she held him, but he started crying
[17:45] [bane] whats so bad about that? babys always cry
[17:46] [Shrike] But only when she held him, or her daughter, who has a grandchild coming for the second time
[17:49] [Do66er] hey bane maybe you sould post
[17:50] [bane] i was just working on that
[17:50] [Shrike] HE can't, only I and Brit can
[17:52] [Do66er] umm we're talking about the game
[17:52] [bane] do66er ment to the thread stupid :p
[17:52] [bane] there done
[17:53] [Shrike] who are you calling stupid, texan
[17:53] [Shrike] !morf me random hybrid
[17:53] [bane] you, frie
[17:53] [Shrike] !morf me customsize large
[17:53] [Shrike] I'm not Frie
[17:54] [Shrike] missed something there
[18:00] [Shrike] I see you're logged into the forum bane. I put in a congrats
[18:02] [bane] congrats for what?
[18:04] [Shrike] birthday
[18:04] [Shrike] not yours
[18:05] [bane] oh
[18:06] [Shrike] Terry's
[18:06] [Shrike] I know yours
[18:15] [Shrike]
[18:15] [bane] what the hell is that?
[18:16] [Shrike] home made remedies
[18:16] [Shrike] I want to buy a ginkgo biloba tree, so my memory will get better
[18:17] [bane] any proof it works?
[18:17] [Shrike] you should have seen the broadcast on it, but it was on UK tc
[18:18] [Shrike] tv
[18:18] [Shrike] But on you it wouldn't work, no brain to improve
[18:18] [bane] ha ha, sounds like one of those hippy fake things
[18:19] [Shrike] check out episode 1, 2, 4, 5 as well
[18:19] [Shrike] Some do work on some people
[18:19] [bane] what are those episodes about?
[18:20] [Shrike] the broadcast that week, and a difference about using leaves, herbs, roots, and such
[18:21] [Shrike] He does use a lot of wodka to draw out the ingredients from the roots, flowers, leaves
[18:21] [bane] hmmm well i wont knock it tell i try it, but i would rather go to a doctor and get some pills that are proven to work
[18:22] [bane] lol that is certin to make it work, anyone drinking some vadka feels better :p
[18:22] [Shrike] Saw Mythbusters with non-commercial remedies against Seasickness
[18:23] [bane] ya?
[18:23] [Shrike] one thing worked just as well as the pills, but didn't make drowsy like those pills
[18:23] [bane] how many people tryed it?
[18:24] [Shrike] Only two mythbusters suffered from seasickness
[18:24] [Shrike] Adam and Grant
[18:25] [bane] intresting
[18:25] [Shrike] They said that ginger pills worked well enough
[18:26] [bane] how many diffrent commercial pills did they try? there has to be a hundrad diffrent sea sickness pills out there
[18:28] [Shrike] write to them
[18:29] [Shrike] do66er?
[18:29] [bane] i just dont like the wooly-thinking that thinks just becuse some thing is 'natural'(comes from a plant) it will work better than a pill science has made through lots of resurch. but hey i believe in the power of positive thinking so it they think it will work better maybe it will :p
[18:30] [bane] now when are you going to post stories :d
[18:35] [Shrike] maybe today if people aren't pushing me
[18:36] [Shrike] and today has just started here, it's 00.35
[18:36] [Shrike] !morf me random hybrid
[18:36] [Shrike] !morf me customsize large
[18:36] [Shrike] big bird
[18:39] [Shrike] well if no one is answering anymore
[18:40] [Shrike] maybe I'll not post today then
[18:45] [Shrike] well the battery is getting low, so cya all later
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