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[02:18] [npr] any 1 here
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[12:14] [SakuraStrife] !morf me medium hybrid
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[16:35] [Shrike] !morf me random hybrid
[16:35] [Shrike] !morf me custom-size large
[16:35] [Shrike] !morf me customsize large
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[16:45] [Chip] HEY HEY KIDS!!!!!!!!!!
[16:49] [bane] run kids before he tuches you in your specal places!!!!
[16:49] [Chip] BANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[16:49] [Chip] my love
[16:49] [Chip] my darling
[16:49] [Chip] how are you
[16:49] [bane] O.o
[16:49] *** bane backs off real slow
[16:50] [bane] :p
[16:50] [bane] how you doin?
[16:50] [Chip] upset that you're not returning the love :p
[16:50] [Chip] i'm ok
[16:51] [Shrike] I'm a partial alligator hybrid 9 feet 10 inches and shapeshifter, gravitational disruptor and transmutation
[16:51] [bane] sounds like you will have a hard time geting a suit to fit
[16:52] [Shrike] who needs suits?
[16:52] [bane] could go to a wedding....
[16:52] [Chip] i do for work
[16:53] [bane] unless you would rather wear a dress
[16:53] [Chip] i don't have the legs for dresses
[16:54] *** Shrike draws a picture of chip in a dress
[16:54] [bane] it could be a long dress
[16:54] [Shrike] you're right doesn't look good
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[16:55] [bane] will it?
[16:55] [Shrike] Hi I
[16:55] [willitwork] Hi indeed
[16:55] [Shrike] now if only nukey could get through the VPN
[16:55] [willitwork] Excellent, now it's set up.
[16:56] [bane] what is set up? and who is doing the seting?
[16:57] [Shrike] Anyone heard of Bing?
[16:57] [willitwork] nope
[16:57] [bane] bing bang boom?
[16:57] [Shrike] Macroshit is launching Bing to beat Google
[16:58] [bane] ok
[16:59] [Chip] won't work
[16:59] [Shrike] Another failure liek vista
[17:00] [Chip] and ME
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[17:03] [bane] !morf me medium hybrid
[17:06] *** Shrike smelss fish
[17:06] [Shrike] smells
[17:06] [Shrike] big fish
[17:07] [Chip] he could see that joke coming
[17:09] [Shrike] from miles and miles
[17:09] [Shrike] The thing is gators eat fish
[17:09] [Shrike] and I'm a partial gator
[17:09] *** Shrike goes after the fish
[17:09] [Chip] but he is also a tamer
[17:09] [bane] right and a precog
[17:09] [bane] so i know when you are coming
[17:10] [Shrike] but I'm a gravitational disruptor and shapeshifter, he never knows what I look like
[17:10] [bane] but i know your comeing :p
[17:11] *** Shrike snaps his jaws around the tail of bane
[17:11] [bane] to much computer geek talk for me
[17:11] [Chip] lol
[17:12] [bane] i think the hate microsoft becuse everyone uses it and they cant geek out on it :p
[17:13] [Shrike] anyone want an update?
[17:13] [bane] what? it hasent been 4 months yet? are you sure you want to update so early? :d
[17:13] [Shrike] well you can wait a little longer :d
[17:13] [Chip] i dunno... do we want an update?
[17:14] [Shrike] I can push Feral part 2 in now
[17:14] [bane] of course it will be your story posted ;)
[17:15] [Chip] anything else?
[17:15] [bane] not untell he writes something else
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[17:16] [Chip] i just noticed something on gran turismo...
[17:17] [Shrike] Im still writing on mindcontrol
[17:17] [Chip] when you go to the british cars screen, they show a map... but it's of England, and not the UK...
[17:17] [Chip] but they use the union jack for the flag for the british cars...
[17:18] [Shrike] misuse?
[17:18] [bane] ?
[17:18] [bane] brb
[17:18] [Shrike] and those are the worst cars which always suck?
[17:18] [Chip] no... there are some lovely cars there
[17:19] [Chip] the fact that they now have foreign owners is besides the point
[17:23] [bane] back
[17:24] [Chip] BANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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[17:26] [bane] .....
[17:28] [Shrike] You scared him away
[17:30] [Shrike] you scared him to bed
[17:31] [bane] dont you need to go post or something?
[17:31] [Shrike] nope
[17:31] [Shrike] so you shoot the food in? that's why it's fast food?
[17:31] [bane] no wonder the site is going down hill, no one is minding the shop
[17:31] [Shrike] I will, soon
[17:32] [bane] no if i shot my food it would be stoped food
[17:33] [Shrike] you have someone shoot it towards you?
[17:33] [Shrike] or do you pay with flying bullets?
[17:35] [bane] pay with flying bullets? like when the pizzaguy showsup and i dont want to give him money?
[17:36] [Shrike] you like to play like homealone with him do you
[17:36] [bane] exsept with real guns
[17:36] [Shrike] he had a real gun, well it was a pellet gun, still real
[17:37] [bane] a pellet gun isnt a real gun!
[17:37] [Shrike] Come here and I'll let you feel mine
[17:37] [bane] maybe for yall folks over there that arnt alowed any it is :p
[17:38] [bane] ....
[17:38] [bane] that just sounds wrong shrike
[17:38] [Shrike] I do have a 4.5 mil pellet gun
[17:39] [bane] i had a pellet gun...when i was 6 years old.....
[17:40] [bane] a paint ball gun would do you more good
[17:40] [bane] are yall alowed to have paint ball guns over there?
[17:42] [Shrike] well they are debating to outlaw them as well
[17:42] [bane] .... that is just sad
[17:42] [bane] whats next eating knifes?
[17:42] [Shrike] Yep, I would like to emigrate, but where too?
[17:42] [bane] sporks?
[17:43] [bane] i would say america but we are in the shiter right now thinks to BO
[17:43] [Shrike] I think thanks to GWB
[17:44] [bane] he isnt presadent anymore so you cant blame him :p
[17:44] [Shrike] He *CENSORED* it all up, like the texan he is
[17:44] [Shrike] Maybe Canada, or Australia or New Zealand
[17:44] [bane] go to the tonga kingdom
[17:45] [bane] i hear it has nice weather
[17:47] [bane] oh great some dipshits want the unmanned predator planes outlawed
[17:48] [Shrike] Yes, I want more manned planes
[17:50] [bane] thats just becuse you want americans dead :p
[17:53] [Shrike] No that's not true
[17:53] [Shrike] You can live as my slaves
[17:53] [Shrike] :d
[17:54] [bane] the way america is going right now there wont be a hard worker left, i dont think you want any of the lazy welfare people as slaves
[17:55] [Shrike] We'll beat the hard work back into you
[17:56] [Shrike] I read a prediction that there will be a war later between USA and Japan
[17:57] [bane] lol ya right
[17:57] [bane] then where would we get our video games from?
[17:58] [bane] why would america fight japan?
[17:58] [bane] no the EU, that would be a diffrent matter.....
[17:59] [Shrike] and just before 2100 war between US and mexico
[18:00] [bane] ....
[18:00] [bane] ok your geting your predictions from a crack pot
[18:00] [Shrike] I'll let you know the prediction later, going to bed now
[18:00] [Shrike] it's 00.00
[18:00] [bane] night
[18:00] [Shrike] cya later
[18:00] [bane] cya
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[18:48] [SakuraStrife] Hey bane
[18:49] [bane] hey
[18:52] [SakuraStrife] So how you doing?#morfs :This is strange not really able to post in the rp
[18:53] [bane] oh why not?
[18:54] [bane] brit hasnt locked it becuse she is angry has she?
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[18:58] [SakuraStrife] PRIVMSG #morfs :Need to wait till xenic gets to nurses office to really post anything
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[19:09] [SakuraS] hello again i am on the computer now
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[20:47] [SakuraS] !morf me random
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