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[00:41] [bane] yo ho ho
[00:42] [bane] !Morf me medium hybrid
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[00:42] [chibois] hey, can you tell me how to get to sesame street?
[00:43] [chibois] listened to the whole damn song and they never tell you!
[00:44] [bane] sesame street is just a metaphor for the lsd the gave the kids before they watched the show
[00:44] [bane] parents realy will do anything to shut up a kid
[00:48] [chibois] ooo
[00:48] [chibois] but i'd rather pot...
[00:49] [chibois] i prefer mellow over spastic...
[00:49] [Do66er] hey bane man
[00:50] [Do66er] and chibios
[00:50] [bane] hey
[00:50] [chibois] woot! i still have some pepsi!
[00:50] [chibois] hi person i still dont really know
[00:50] [bane] what is pepsi a metaphor for?
[00:50] [Do66er] im gonna post my response in a sec
[00:50] [bane] k
[00:50] [chibois] and schmuck
[00:50] [bane] ;)
[00:50] [chibois] its a metaphore for caffeine?
[00:51] [bane] isnt smoking pot a kind of canabolizim, magic tree?
[00:51] [chibois] umm what treebeard doesnt know wont hurt him pippin?
[00:52] [chibois] barum
[00:52] [bane] i know there was something funny in that water!!!
[00:52] [chibois] lol
[00:54] [Do66er] lol
[00:54] [Do66er] hey its up bane
[00:54] [chibois] you two rping or somethin?
[00:54] [bane] i swear tolken must have been in the closet, we all know marry and pippin were gay
[00:54] [Do66er] yeah
[00:54] [bane] and the tree guys didnt even have females!
[00:54] [chibois] no, marry was a crossdressing girl
[00:54] [Do66er] oh hell yes they were
[00:55] [Do66er] merrys a guy
[00:55] [chibois] they did they just forgot what they looked like :P
[00:55] [bane] and sam was bi
[00:55] [bane] had it in for his 'master' :p
[00:55] [Do66er] lol
[00:55] [chibois] basically tolkein never got out and got any... not gay, just unlaid...
[00:56] [chibois] thus he forgot what women looked like
[00:56] [bane] lol ya no wemon in his story really
[00:56] [bane] weman
[00:56] [chibois] which is why there were only like 2 women in all of lotr
[00:56] [Do66er] lol
[00:56] [Do66er] 3
[00:56] [Do66er] one is sams girl
[00:56] [bane] but one spent most of the story dressed like a guy
[00:56] [Do66er] lol
[00:57] [bane] hey you got a pm do66er
[00:58] [Do66er] its too bad tom bombadil wasnt in the movie their would have been a 4 woman then
[00:58] [bane] lol
[00:58] [Do66er] toms wife
[00:58] [chibois] not his wife
[00:58] [Do66er] in the story she was hot
[00:58] [chibois] more his mistress then anything...
[00:58] [Do66er] well girlfriend
[00:58] [bane] hooker
[00:59] [Do66er] lol
[00:59] [bane] he was paying her in lillys
[00:59] [chibois] hmmm
[00:59] [Do66er] and pot
[00:59] [chibois] interesting profession
[00:59] [chibois] hooker/rain god...
[00:59] [Do66er] lol
[00:59] [bane] got to do something to bring the lillys in, cant live on rain
[01:00] [Do66er] heh
[01:00] [Do66er] you read my post yet?
[01:00] [bane] yep
[01:01] [bane] you read the pm yet :p
[01:01] [bane] pm in the chat
[01:01] [chibois] so i came to a really stupid realization the other day
[01:01] [bane] this chat that is
[01:02] [Do66er] and that is?
[01:02] [chibois] i completely diddnt know the morfs chatroom was hosted on a transgender site
[01:02] [Do66er] lmao
[01:02] [bane] it is?
[01:02] [chibois] which does explain why i kept getting hit on at 3 am...
[01:02] [bane] ...that exsplanes somethings
[01:02] [bane] ya!
[01:02] [chibois] yeah apparently
[01:02] [Do66er] i found that out the first day i was on here
[01:02] [bane] um sorry about that, i have nothing to do at 3 am....
[01:03] [Do66er] hehehe
[01:03] [chibois] yeah i know you like to don other aliases and hit on me
[01:03] [chibois] i am a sexy beast after all
[01:03] [chibois] *cough*
[01:04] [bane] yep i like the hairy
[01:04] [bane] them*
[01:04] [chibois] thank you bane, just what i wanted to know
[01:05] [Do66er] i like them naked myself
[01:05] [chibois] does that make you a top or a bottom? :P
[01:05] [bane] well why else would i be after you :p
[01:05] [Do66er] by them i mean females and by naked i mean on my dick
[01:06] [Do66er] =D
[01:06] [bane] got to love those inflatables ;)
[01:06] [Do66er] YAY for naked womans
[01:06] [chibois] lolol
[01:07] [chibois] considering he still spells it "womans" i'm gonna guess bane is spot on
[01:07] [bane] why do you think god got so pissed they ate those damn apples that made them put cloths on?
[01:08] [chibois] ever wanna go antistreaking thru a nudist colony?
[01:08] [chibois] run thru fully clothed yellin "lookit me! i'm wearing pants!"
[01:08] [bane] your so bad!
[01:08] [Do66er] lol
[01:09] [bane] i always feel sorry for the cop that has to tackle the streakers, i mean you know he really dosent want to do it :p
[01:09] [Do66er] i want a female cop to tackle me if im streaking
[01:09] [Do66er] =D
[01:09] [bane] the other cops probubly never let the poor guy forget about it
[01:10] [bane] bah, youll get what that guy got at the football game
[01:10] [bane] where the football player tackles the guy :d
[01:10] [Do66er] ewwww
[01:11] [chibois] i was amused with the one photo of a guy streaking at a golf game with sign on his back that said "13th hole" with an arrow pointing down
[01:11] [Do66er] lol
[01:11] [bane] LOL
[01:12] [Do66er] imagine if someone acctually got a hole in one on that hole
[01:12] [Do66er] has to retrive his ball
[01:12] [Do66er] lmao
[01:12] [bane] lol
[01:13] [bane] what kind of hazards would that green have?
[01:13] [chibois] the hole itsself?
[01:13] [Do66er] hehhe
[01:14] [Do66er] well you need to miss the tree and the two boulders
[01:14] [chibois] more like the stick and two pebbles
[01:15] [bane] guess its a pub trap rather than a sand trap
[01:15] [Do66er] oh was it you that was streaking then?
[01:15] [chibois] no it was bane here
[01:15] [Do66er] ahhh
[01:16] [bane] yep the size of a yard stick and the weight of rock pebbles
[01:17] [Do66er] at a 100X magnifacation
[01:18] [chibois] and why the hell would u want a 3 foot dick? what the hell would u do with it? screw horses?
[01:18] [Do66er] lol
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[01:19] [bane] nothing like a nice horse bewteen your legs
[01:19] [bane] wuahahah i have the power now!
[01:20] [bane] im at the top of the list!
[01:21] [chibois] so my goal this summer is to build a windmill
[01:21] [chibois] and then fight it
[01:21] [Do66er] good luck don
[01:21] [chibois] wanna be my squire? :P
[01:22] [bane] well i dont want to be your ass
[01:22] [Do66er] im good
[01:23] [chibois] we all know thats what you're after bane, just come out of the closet
[01:23] [bane] cant get in it, its too full of crap
[01:24] [chibois] want me to get you an enema kit? we could clean you right out
[01:24] [Do66er] lllllloooooooolll
[01:25] [chibois] so *thats* why he wanted a 3 foot dick, so he could *CENSORED* himself
[01:25] [chibois] seein as ow no one male or female would touch him
[01:25] [chibois] also explains the horses
[01:26] [bane] hey can you really say if you where able to you wouldnt *CENSORED* your self?
[01:26] [Do66er] um yes
[01:26] [bane] lier!!!
[01:26] [bane] lol
[01:26] Jenny ( joined #morfs.
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[01:26] [chibois] same here
[01:27] [bane] welcom back jenny
[01:27] [Do66er] lol
[01:27] [chibois] lol
[01:27] [chibois] tho if i was flexible enough i would probably try something else
[01:27] [bane] what? jenny is a nice person
[01:27] [bane] ....
[01:28] [Do66er] not saying she isnt
[01:32] [bane] makes you wonder what they do back stage at surc de solay
[01:33] [bane] cirque du soleil*
[01:34] [chibois] orgy featuring every kama sutra pose
[01:34] [bane] and i posted do66er
[01:34] [bane] and a few more no one else talks about
[01:35] [bane] they are just to desturbing to see
[01:36] [Do66er] i invented those ones =D
[01:36] [bane] ...i was refuring to the male on male on donkey ones
[01:36] [bane] but ok
[01:36] [bane] :p
[01:37] [Do66er] i invented those so you could have someone to have sex with
[01:37] [Do66er] =D
[01:37] [bane] damn i aint that flexible!
[01:37] [Do66er] no one else wants you but a donkey =D
[01:38] [bane] hey that donkey is sweet! dont make fun of her!!!!!
[01:38] [Do66er] lol
[01:38] [chibois] further proof bane is in fact a jackass?
[01:38] [Do66er] yep
[01:41] [bane] yall are so mean to my poor donkey! she has feelings you know!
[01:41] *** bane says 'its ok jacky ignore what the bad people say
[01:42] [chibois] no she's fine, your the issue
[01:42] [Do66er] lol
[01:42] [bane] ;)
[01:46] Sleepless (~chatzilla@xapeddastdtexape) joined #morfs.
[01:46] [bane] !morf me medium hybrid
[01:47] [Sleepless] Lol whut
[01:47] [Sleepless] Bane, your luck sucks
[01:47] [chibois] haha
[01:48] [bane] damn busted bot
[01:48] [Sleepless] Try punting it :O
[01:49] [bane] :|
[01:49] [bane] X_X

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