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[00:17] [Sleepless] Well, you can always watch real-life spore creatures
[00:17] [Sleepless]
[00:19] [bane] hey sleepless
[00:19] [Sleepless] Yosh
[00:21] [bane] so what you up to?
[00:21] [Sleepless] Listening to techno
[00:21] [Sleepless] And lurking
[00:21] *** Sleepless is very good at lurking
[00:23] [bane] its a fun past time
[00:23] [bane] if only you could lurk invisably so you could hear what other people are saying about you :p
[00:23] [Sleepless] Haha
[00:30] dragonprincess9 (~dragonprincess9@xehexujopchgxehe) joined #morfs.
[00:33] [bane] YAY nina!!!
[00:34] [dragonprincess9] hey
[00:34] [Sleepless]
[00:34] [dragonprincess9] hi sleepless
[00:34] [Rebekah] allo
[00:34] [Sleepless] Yosh
[00:35] [Rebekah] so whats everyone up to
[00:35] [dragonprincess9] whats everyone doing?
[00:35] [Rebekah] hehe
[00:36] [Sleepless] Drawing to techno music
[00:36] [dragonprincess9] cool
[00:37] [bane] drawing what?
[00:37] [Sleepless] Random doodles
[00:38] [bane] ah :p
[00:38] [dragonprincess9] cool
[00:39] [dragonprincess9] i'm reading morf role plsy room
[00:39] [bane] if you had a funny name and you framed it rich people with no art sense would pay millions to own it :d
[00:40] [Rebekah] brb
[00:40] [bane] ...didnt know you were around to begain with, but ok :)
[00:44] [Rebekah] look a few lines below nina saying hi
[00:44] [dragonprincess9] bekah
[00:44] [dragonprincess9] fif u leave your brush at my house?
[00:44] [dragonprincess9] did*
[00:45] [bane] ah must have missed it
[00:45] [bane] sorry!!!
[00:45] [bane] :p
[00:45] [bane] how you ding
[00:45] [bane] doing?
[00:45] [Rebekah] no i dont think i even brought it why
[00:46] [dragonprincess9] ok
[00:47] [dragonprincess9] my dad was asking me about a brudhi thought may have been yours
[00:47] [Rebekah] tell u what ill look downstairs in the morning if mine aint here ill tell u tomorrow
[00:47] [dragonprincess9] ok
[00:53] [CC] Hidden Alligator hybrid?
[00:53] [bane] ?
[00:54] [Rebekah] huh
[00:54] [CC] Exactly, what is a hidden alligator?
[00:54] marriedclosetsissy (~marriedclosetsissy@nuzohqlqnmvy) joined #morfs.
[00:55] [CC] See 20:46 local time (21:54 now)
[00:55] marriedclosetsissy (~marriedclosetsissy@nuzohqlqnmvy) left irc: Quit: Bye Bye
[00:55] [bane] it is saying that the morf make the person a aligator hybrid and the trates are hidden
[00:56] [dragonprincess9] !morf me medium
[00:56] *** CC blinks.
[00:57] [CC] So ya don't look all alligatory?
[00:58] [Rebekah] yeah u have some gator dna but no real gatory look
[00:58] [CC] Gotcha.
[00:58] [Sleepless] It's really convenient when you have a weird one like platypus
[00:58] [Sleepless] :P
[00:59] [CC] But that'd be so cute!!
[00:59] [Sleepless] o-O
[01:00] [CC] You can't tell me that you think platypii are ugly!?!
[01:01] [bane] wild ones maybe :p
[01:01] [CC] :o
[01:01] [Sleepless] They're certainly not the prettiest...
[01:02] [Sleepless] They do get points for creativity though
[01:02] [dragonprincess9] yep
[01:03] *** CC hugs a platypus.
[01:06] [Sleepless] !morf me random
[01:06] [Sleepless] Sweetness
[01:07] [CC] That's it my bottom... lol
[01:07] [Sleepless] Bow down before my freakish height!
[01:08] *** dragonprincess9 looks up at the person who is much taller then her in wonder 0.0
[01:09] *** CC ties a bow around Sleepless' ankle.
[01:11] [Sleepless] What was that for?
[01:11] [CC] You said bow.... ^_~
[01:12] [Sleepless] My accent must've thrown you off
[01:12] [Sleepless] *Grovel* before my freakish hright!
[01:12] [Sleepless] Fixed. :D
[01:12] *** CC tosses some gravel around.
[01:13] *** Sleepless slaps CC with a fish
[01:13] [dragonprincess9] lol
[01:13] Nick change: dragonprincess9 -> Nina
[01:13] [Nina] !morf me medium
[01:14] [CC] Cute, but what's a tamer?
[01:14] *** CC is slapped btw.
[01:16] [Rebekah] gnight everyone
[01:16] *** Rebekah is sleepy
[01:16] *** Nina tames CC's pet platapus making it her pet
[01:16] [Nina] aw
[01:16] [Nina] night bekah
[01:16] *** Rebekah snuggles into ninas lap and goes to sleep
[01:16] [Sleepless] G'night
[01:16] [Nina] hehe
[01:17] [Nina] a tamer is just what it sounds like
[01:17] [CC] G'night Rebekah.
[01:17] [Nina] they can tame animals to do their bidding
[01:17] *** CC pouts at Nina.
[01:17] *** Nina trains the platapus to do tricks then gives it back to CC
[01:18] [CC] ^_^
[01:20] [Sleepless] !morf me random
[01:20] [Sleepless] I'm nine inches shorter :O
[01:21] [CC] !morf me random
[01:21] [Sleepless] You have to wait 2 minutes
[01:22] [CC] !morf me random
[01:23] [CC] lol
[01:24] [Nina] hmm only a height change
[01:31] Do66er (Do66er@taeavcpundtmtaea) joined #morfs.
[01:31] [CC] Heya
[01:32] [Do66er] yo
[01:32] [Nina] hi
[01:32] [Sleepless] ~morf me random
[01:32] [Sleepless] !morf me random
[01:33] [Sleepless] Why am I always so freakishly tall?
[01:33] [Do66er] wow try not to hit your head on the dorrframe
[01:33] [CC] dragon... :p lol
[01:33] [Sleepless] Inorite?
[01:33] [CC] Cause the algorithm likes you?
[01:34] [Sleepless] At least it gave me powers this time >.
[01:34] [Do66er] or hates you
[01:35] [Do66er] how do you hide conceal dragon dna?
[01:35] [Sleepless] Sunno
[01:35] [Sleepless] *Dunno
[01:35] [CC] Cause you have a major red meat craving.
[01:35] [CC] ? even
[01:36] [Nina] u could have a few dragon traits
[01:36] [Sleepless] Maybe wings pop out :O
[01:36] [Nina] that are easily concealable
[01:36] [Nina] like teeth
[01:36] [Do66er] wings that fold into your back?
[01:36] [CC] dragon breath?
[01:36] [Nina] or retracktable claws
[01:36] [Do66er] claws i could see
[01:37] [Nina] ot small patches of scales
[01:37] [Do66er] and it did say the eyes changed
[01:37] [CC] Reptilian or just color?
[01:37] [Sleepless] Smexy reptilian eyes
[01:37] [Do66er] it said shape and color
[01:40] [CC] !morf me random
[01:40] *** CC blinks.
[01:42] [Nina] please don't suck my blood
[01:43] [CC] But I'm soooooo thirsty!!!
[01:44] [CC] Or hungry... do mosquitoes drink water at all?
[01:44] [Nina] drink Sleep
[01:44] [Nina] he/she is big enough to supply u
[01:44] *** Nina shrugs
[01:44] [CC] lol
[01:45] *** CC pokes Sleepless.
[01:45] *** Sleepless just stares at the hole in his chest
[01:46] [CC] You're a 'holy man'? Does that mean we gotta go to church now?
[01:46] [bane] !morf me medium hybrid
[01:47] [Sleepless] My my, aren't we fond of wordplay
[01:47] [bane] the art of bad puning is akin to the art of war :p
[01:47] [CC] The pen is mightier...
[01:47] [CC] :p
[01:48] [bane] only if it is a very sharp pin and a very small sword
[01:48] [CC] that makes me think of letter openers....
[01:49] [bane] lol
[01:53] [CC] !morf me random
[01:53] [Sleepless] Pygmy Unicorn!
[01:53] *** Sleepless wants a ride
[01:54] [CC] I could be a sandle for ya, that's about it. Maybe a roller skate; find my clone and you can wear the pair of us... lol
[01:55] [Sleepless] Lol
[01:58] [Sleepless] I'll be posting a OC concept on the forums soon
[01:58] [Sleepless] >.
[01:58] [CC] ?
[01:59] [Sleepless] OC = Original Character
[01:59] [Sleepless] Which is a lie really
[01:59] [Sleepless] There's no such thing as an OC concept
[01:59] *** CC can't go to bed horny so...
[01:59] [CC] !morf me random
[01:59] [CC] Oh?
[02:00] [CC] Howso, no OCc?
[02:00] [Sleepless] Everything has already been thought of by the comic books
[02:00] [Sleepless] ._.
[02:01] [CC] Nuh uh! Rabid platypii morf family hasn't been done yet has it?
[02:02] [CC] Chupacabraman?
[02:02] [Sleepless] Those aren't practical...
[02:02] [CC] And an alien with super powers that just happens to look just like a human is?
[02:02] [Sleepless] But they do make interesting side stories
[02:03] [Sleepless] I'm pretty sure that last one has been done several times
[02:03] [Sleepless] *coughcoughSUPERMANcough*
[02:03] [CC] Exactly.
[02:04] Last message repeated 1 time(s).
[02:04] [CC] So what are your thoughts for your OCC?
[02:05] [Do66er] occ?
[02:05] [CC] origional character concept
[02:05] [Sleepless] I can't type it all out here...
[02:06] [CC] Okies.
[02:07] [Do66er] ah that mythic being the oc
[02:08] [Do66er] doesnt exist, hasnt't for a long time anyway
[02:08] [CC] Does too.
[02:09] [Do66er] half man half bull? done half cat half bird done
[02:09] [Do66er] flying man without wings done
[02:09] [Do66er] flying man with wings done
[02:09] [CC] Leperman? Throws limbs around? <shrug
[02:10] [Do66er] W T F
[02:10] [CC] In anycase, those are all just gimmicks.
[02:10] [CC] Yeah, welcome to my brain.

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