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[00:00] [Do66er] more like a blindfold
[00:00] [bane0] he dosent turn around tell the tale is no longer on fire
[00:01] [Do66er] yeah cause if somethings on fire behind me i dont turn around
[00:01] [bane0] how would he know it was on fire?
[00:01] [bane0] it was behind him
[00:01] [bane0] was it hot enough for him to notic?
[00:02] [SakuraS] well that does make sence but fire in school would cause some reaction from others
[00:02] [bane0] look ill throtal down on the blinders and give him a few more manors if yall get off the beat up my character thing :p
[00:02] [Do66er] how about the part where he doesnt hear her say this Who do you think you are?," I said in a smooth and even voice. The kind that makes people shack more then a person screaming at you. "First you knock me down, which since you where pushed I can put up with but you never said sorry. Then you cut me off when I am trying to talk to someone. Give me one reason not light you on fire."
[00:02] [SakuraS] oh but it is fun to use him as punching bag
[00:03] [bane0] lol exsactly
[00:03] [bane0] it wasnt shouted that was the point
[00:03] [Do66er] wow
[00:03] [Do66er] i think i was right about the blindfold
[00:03] [bane0] he was in the middle of a fight, when im in a fight i have a hard time paying attention to what other people are saying
[00:03] [SakuraS] well we need to "FIX" him
[00:04] [Do66er] no no leave him as he is
[00:04] [bane0] lol yall can defenitly teach him some manors
[00:04] [Do66er] i want to fix him
[00:04] [SakuraS] no as in how a dog is fixed
[00:04] [bane0] hey!!!!!!
[00:04] [SakuraS] it is for the good of human king
[00:04] [SakuraS] kind*
[00:04] [Do66er] indeed
[00:05] [bane0] this rp wount be neary as fun if yall kill the guy doing all the prat falls and couseing trouble
[00:05] [Do66er] hmmph
[00:05] [SakuraS] oh we will nto kill but you will be on a first name bases with the nurse
[00:05] [bane0] besides all the bluster and loud talk really hid a insucure and shy person
[00:06] [bane0] lol i can see that
[00:06] [Do66er] fine but one wrong move and his ball are being ripped out by his throut
[00:06] [SakuraS] lol
[00:06] [bane0] lol
[00:06] [bane0] damn i think only a bio el could acualy do that
[00:07] [Do66er] hehehe
[00:07] [Do66er] mwahahah
[00:11] [bane0] so when will the ball riping character be apperaring?
[00:11] [Do66er] hold your horses
[00:12] [bane0] hey just becuse im a texan you think i have to have horse! :d
[00:13] [SakuraS] we all know you do
[00:13] *** bane0 goes out side to hold his nabors horses
[00:14] [bane0] ha!
[00:14] [bane0] and my character dose end up saying sorry!
[00:14] [bane0] 201cYa sure, sure I2019m sorry! Sheash a guy tries to be nice to a lady and this is what he gets I don2019t know2026201d
[00:15] [Do66er] so hell be sorry and ball-less then
[00:15] [bane0] lol
[00:16] [SakuraS] we agreed it was so he would not have kids ever it is for the good of the world
[00:16] [bane0] well he does take up jugling at the instruction of his counsler, the person that is trying to train him to use his power better
[00:17] [Do66er] juggling?
[00:17] [bane0] yep, with out hands
[00:17] [Do66er] whatever
[00:18] [bane0] i thought it was agood idea for him to learn who to control his power, needs a lot of fine control of his gravatational stuff to get it right
[00:21] [bane0] !morf me medium hybrid
[00:21] [bane0] damn it!
[00:21] [bane0] yall riged it didnt yall!!!
[00:21] [bane0] :d
[00:21] [Do66er] hehehe
[00:22] [Do66er] yes
[00:22] [bane0] quite you! you work on your post nothing else :p
[00:25] [bane0] hmmm maybe my character is going about things the wrong way, brits character almost assalts you and tells you to leave him alone and your charater is all for being friends with him, but my character tries his best to be nice and he gets the runs!
[00:25] [bane0] LOL
[00:25] [Do66er] haha
[00:27] [bane0] they always like the bad boys better, sigh
[00:31] [SakuraS] hybrids have to stick together
[00:34] [bane0] maybe my character is a beanpole hybrid?
[00:34] [bane0] :p
[00:34] [SakuraS] then you give hybrids a bad name
[00:34] [bane0] there are plenty of bad hybrids
[00:35] [bane0] in my story the pro-morf pro-hybrid people are the bad guys
[00:36] [SakuraS] we are not in a 3rd world country
[00:37] [bane0] the only diffrence bewtween a 1th world country and a 3rd world country is money
[00:37] [bane0] hmmmm
[00:37] [bane0] wonder if there are any 2ed world contrys?
[00:37] [bane0] :p
[00:37] [bane0] 2nd
[00:38] [bane0] how come we never hear about them?
[00:38] [Do66er] i dont know why dont you have your char try and find one. when you have him stay there
[00:39] [bane0] or do people just secritly beleve the only 1st world contry is there own and all the other industralized contries are the 2nd ones :d
[00:42] chibi_working1 (~chibois@zqtgafcwpfbgzqtg) joined #morfs.
[00:43] Nick change: chibi_working1 -> chibois
[00:43] [bane0] hey chibois
[00:43] [chibois] ji
[00:43] [chibois] hi
[00:43] [Do66er] hi person i dont know
[00:44] [chibois] hi
[00:45] [bane0] how you doing magic tree?
[00:45] [chibois] tree spirit bane, tree spirit
[00:45] [bane0] bah, magic tree i shall name you and magic tree you shall be!
[00:45] [bane0] :p
[00:46] [chibois] well then
[00:47] [bane0] how is it going?
[00:49] [chibois] blah sums it up
[00:49] [bane0] ah good old blah
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[01:02] [bane0] could you just edit in that my character yelled sorry over his sholder since my character already faces death for one mistake?
[01:02] *** Do66er sighs
[01:02] [Do66er] fine
[01:02] [Do66er] =P
[01:03] [bane0]
[01:03] [bane0] its a news artical about new ideas for army tech
[01:03] [bane0] i want yall to look at the picture
[01:04] [bane0] we will be protected by super armored midgets!
[01:04] [bane0] :p
[01:04] [Do66er] holy storm trooper batman
[01:05] [bane0] it might be intemidating if he wasnt so short.....
[01:05] [SakuraS] posted
[01:05] [bane0] what are all the terorist going to laugh them self to death?
[01:05] [Do66er] i am corrected holy midget storm trooper batman
[01:05] [bane0] or is it so they are missed when shot at :p
[01:06] [bane0] lol yep daii must be your brother only a sibling could get away with calling each other creepy :)
[01:07] [Do66er] hehe
[01:07] [Do66er] corrected
[01:07] [bane0] thank you
[01:10] [SakuraS] Do66er you going to replay tonight?
[01:10] chibois (~chibois@zqtgafcwpfbgzqtg) left irc: Connection reset by peer
[01:11] [bane0] ah by magic tree
[01:12] [SakuraS] -
[01:14] [bane0] you know the funny thing is the character is acualy based off a person i know in real life, a guy i worked with at one time
[01:15] [bane0] maybe i really didnt think that highly of him know that i come to think of it...
[01:15] [bane0] :)
[01:15] [SakuraS] no that is sad
[01:15] [bane0] he was a nice guy
[01:15] [bane0] talked to much but that was just his way
[01:16] [SakuraS] your character could be nice but is just creappy and we lost do66er
[01:16] [bane0] yep it seams that way
[01:16] [SakuraS] he looks to be afk
[01:16] [bane0] and i cant post tell you sit down!
[01:17] [Do66er] huh what?
[01:17] [bane0] give my character time the creepy will wear off....i hope
[01:17] [Do66er] sorry typing
[01:17] [bane0] you got up and walked to her
[01:17] [bane0] ah, thats ok then :p
[01:18] [SakuraS] wow i am getting tired i typed /ma "Cure II" <p3> in this chat a pty member died on the game i am playing lol
[01:19] [bane0] ?
[01:19] [bane0] i kind of got what you are saying but not all of it
[01:19] [SakuraS] i am the healer in the game i am playing and when trying to heal someone i typed here and not in the game
[01:20] [bane0] ah ok
[01:20] [bane0] sucks to be the healer :p
[01:20] [Do66er] lol\
[01:20] [SakuraS] he did not think it was funny
[01:22] [SakuraS] how long does it take you to post do66er
[01:23] [bane0] some people take longer than others
[01:23] [Do66er] sorry looking something up on wiki
[01:23] [bane0] what you looking for?
[01:23] [Do66er] translation
[01:24] [bane0] oh you mean something other than the morf wiki, ok, most times when that is said in here it is refuring to the morf one
[01:31] [Do66er] posted
[01:32] [Do66er] sakura?
[01:34] SakuraS (~SakuraS@vahacuxexdtbvaha) left irc: Quit: Bye Bye
[01:34] SakuraS (~SakuraS@vahacuxexdtbvaha) joined #morfs.
[01:34] [SakuraS] posted tell me if there is the block effect
[01:35] [bane0] i believe so at least for me
[01:35] [Do66er] block effect?
[01:36] [bane0] all i see is blocks with numbers in them
[01:36] [Do66er] no i get characters
[01:36] [bane0] guess my compter isnt set up for them
[01:36] [SakuraS] some will get the blocks and not hiragonen
[01:37] [Do66er] no idea what it says
[01:37] [bane0] looks like xenic is alive
[01:37] [bane0] :p
[01:37] [Do66er] yes i noticed that too
[01:37] [SakuraS] koneko
[01:38] [Do66er] yeah i was going for kitten in japanese
[01:38] [bane0] lol
[01:38] [SakuraS] that is what the characters say
[01:38] [Do66er] ok then
[01:38] [bane0] looks like my charcters nick name for you is rubing off then
[01:39] [bane0] or its just to oveuse :p
[01:39] [bane0] abeuse
[01:39] [SakuraS] daii used it as well
[01:39] [bane0] whatever
[01:39] [bane0] adveuse?
[01:39] [bane0] errrrrr
[01:39] [Do66er] abuse?
[01:40] [Do66er] abtuse?
[01:40] [bane0] Obvious
[01:40] [Do66er] oh ok
[01:40] [bane0] stupid dislexia
[01:40] [Do66er] its cool dude
[01:41] [SakuraS] join the club there are times i will change the words becuse i cannot spell them
[01:41] [bane0] lol
[01:42] [Do66er] anyway i was gonna say too sakura that i dont know hiragonen
[01:42] [Do66er] and very little kanji
[01:42] [SakuraS] sorry i do not really wither i can type it but not read it
[01:42] [SakuraS] either*
[01:43] [Do66er] ah kk
[01:43] [SakuraS] and i can only type it thanks to windows lol
[01:43] [bane0] lol great then lets stick to english alphabet
[01:43] [bane0] ;)
[01:43] [SakuraS] now daii can
[01:43] [SakuraS] do not get satrted on russian if you want to keep your sanity
[01:45] [Do66er] ill stick to learning japanese and sign languege thank you
[01:45] [Do66er] russians to much for me
[01:45] [bane0] do yall want me to post now or wait so yall have time to meet and talk?
[01:45] [Do66er] let me post one more
[01:45] [bane0] hey im still working on english
[01:45] [bane0] go for it :p
[01:48] [Do66er] im good sakura?
[01:49] [SakuraS] yeah i knew it meant kitten or child+ cat ko is child and neko is cat
[01:50] [Do66er] um i meant posting?

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