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[00:58] [fathertyme] ...
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[05:14] [fathertyme] !morf me random hybrid
[05:14] [fathertyme] I have crabs?
[05:14] [fathertyme] and a big freakin crab at that!
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[06:19] [Do66er] anyone there?
[06:21] [Do66er] !morf me random hybrid
[06:22] [Do66er] damn thats tall 8 ft 8 inches? for a mole?
[06:22] [Do66er] jebus
[06:23] [Do66er] hello??
[06:23] [Do66er] echo echo echo
[06:23] [Do66er] fine be that way
[06:23] [Do66er] i wont talk to you ether
[06:30] [Do66er] yay im a legal user now! i like being all verifieded. it feels like covered in marshmellows and peanutbutter
[06:31] [Do66er] yummy
[06:32] [Do66er] maybe i should try talking to people when they are awake?
[06:32] [Do66er] i hate being nocturnal sometimes
[06:34] [Do66er] well i suppose i can ask my question right now and wait for an answer. ill put it up on the forum too.
[06:42] [Do66er] on second thought that was way to long to post here
[06:43] [Do66er] its on the forum though
[06:47] [Do66er] where am i suppose to post this?
[06:48] [Do66er] never mind i think
[06:57] [Do66er] its under story ideas
[06:57] [Do66er] well i think im going to log off and start writing the story
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[14:18] [Chip] hey hey
[14:19] [bane] hey!
[14:19] [Chip] BANE!!!!!!!!!!
[14:19] [bane] im in charge here!!!
[14:19] [bane] ?;
[14:19] [bane] :p
[14:20] [Chip] you, in charge??
[14:20] [Chip] who was mad enough to do that?
[14:20] [bane] ....well ok maybe not
[14:20] [bane] but im at the top!
[14:20] [bane] so that means dayfacto im in charge!
[14:21] [bane] what are you up to?
[14:25] [Chip] not much
[14:25] [Chip] have been looking for a car
[14:25] [Chip] have seen 2 that show promise
[14:25] [Chip] meaning i can afford to buy them, and pay for insurance
[14:25] [bane] ah, get a really really big truck!!!
[14:26] [Chip] hell no... do you know how bloody expensive that would be for me
[14:26] [bane] lol
[14:26] [bane] but you wouldnt have to worry about traffic
[14:26] [bane] you could just roll over them!
[14:27] [Chip] i would have to worry about road tax, fuel costs, mot, and other stuff though
[14:27] [bane] road tax!?!
[14:27] [Chip] yep
[14:27] [bane] what the hell is road tax?
[14:28] [Chip] a fee we pay to have a car be able to go onto the road
[14:28] [bane] ....
[14:28] [bane] what the *CENSORED* dose yall regualar taxes pay for then?
[14:29] [Chip] it goes into a 'big' pot for schools, military, nhs, etc
[14:29] [Chip] we have tax on just about everything
[14:29] [Chip] sometimes we have more than one tax on an item
[14:29] [bane] wow thats a lot of bullshit!
[14:29] *** bane shakes head
[14:31] [bane] glad i dont live over there, i would be arrested for tax evation with in a week :p
[14:32] [bane] when are you lot going to move the RP into a class room so i can get out of the bathroom?
[14:32] [Chip] with our fuel that goes into our cars (which is better than that gnat's piss you guys use) we have two or three bits of tax on it
[14:33] [Chip] should be in the classroom soon...
[14:33] [bane] ya iv heard its 7$ for you or something
[14:33] [bane] good think yall life in such a small country :p
[14:34] [bane] not as far to go
[14:35] [Chip] it's around 1/litre
[14:35] [bane] who is this daii guy and how did he get in the game with out approval?
[14:35] [Chip] and around 60-70% of that is tax
[14:35] [Chip] pass
[14:36] [Chip] i think he went into the character thread and then straight into the story
[14:36] [bane] brb
[14:41] [bane] back
[14:42] [Chip] wb
[14:43] [bane] im not to sure about he talking stuffed animal think
[14:44] [bane] i think it could be done but it is kind of cartoonish
[14:44] [Chip] he's throwing his voice
[14:45] [bane] ya and using tk to move it, and has some el power
[14:45] [Chip] i had another idea for a story today...
[14:45] [bane] what is it?
[14:45] [Chip] siamese twins
[14:46] [bane] that could be intersting
[14:46] [bane] do they connect or disconnect?
[14:46] [Chip] disconnect
[14:48] [bane] intersting
[14:48] [bane] how old would the be?
[14:48] [Chip] mid teens
[14:49] [bane] that would be diffucult for them mentaly to cope with
[14:50] [Chip] yep
[14:53] [bane] are all our characters sinors?
[14:53] [bane] there age in the character bios dont match that
[14:54] [Chip] i have no idea... i don't know the american schooling system
[14:55] [bane] freshmen are 14/15 softmores 15/16 juniors 16/17 sinors 17/18
[14:55] [bane] ...i think
[14:55] [bane] :p
[14:56] [Chip] lol
[14:58] [Chip] i prefer our system...
[14:58] [Chip] we just say that they're in year n where n is the number of years they've been at school...
[14:58] [Chip] kinda
[14:59] [Chip] your softmores would be our year 11s
[14:59] [bane] oh, we go by that too
[15:00] [bane] well our softmores would be 10th
[15:00] [bane] sinors are 12th then you go to college
[15:01] [Chip] we have college for 16-18 and then university for stuff above that
[15:01] [Chip] and our colleges don't have a great financial backing
[15:01] [bane] so someone could be done with education at 16 if they dont go to college?
[15:02] [Chip] yep
[15:02] [Chip] they are in the process of changing it though
[15:03] [bane] to what?
[15:03] [Chip] in full-time education until age 18
[15:04] [bane] dose that mean you will do away with your colleges?
[15:04] [Chip] nope...
[15:05] [bane] or will you make everyone go to them?
[15:05] [Chip] yep
[15:06] [Chip] that's the plan
[15:07] [bane] so back to the original question will all our characters be in 12 grade/sinors?
[15:07] [Chip] i guess... or pushed ahead...
[15:08] [bane] lol so all our characters a genuses?
[15:08] [Chip] i dunno
[15:09] [bane] ah well, my character will be the same regardless ;)
[15:09] [Chip] yep
[15:11] [bane] and it sounds like your character is turning into a slut :d
[15:11] [bane] going around kissing girls all over the place and promising more
[15:11] [Chip] only one girl... :p
[15:12] [Chip] what class should i say we're entering?
[15:12] [bane] and your character just meet her 15 minutes ago!
[15:12] [bane] dont really know....
[15:13] [Chip] i believe in love at first sight
[15:13] [bane] i guess that morfs study one that was mintioned on the forum....
[15:13] [bane] better be careful or ill have my character beleve in love at first sight too!
[15:13] [Chip] besides... Chrissie has two heads to think with... or is that 3
[15:14] [bane] or at least something at first sight at least :p
[15:14] [Chip] lol
[15:15] [bane] we need to find out if brit's character will be in the first class as well
[15:16] [Chip] how do you know Chrissie won't swing that way?
[15:16] [bane] it sounds like she swings everyway so far :p
[15:17] [Chip] nope
[15:17] E_Red (~E_Red@feyviluagbbrwfezu) joined #morfs.
[15:17] [bane] red!!!!!!
[15:17] [E_Red] 'jo
[15:17] [bane] about damn time :p
[15:17] [E_Red] 'jo?
[15:17] [E_Red] ...
[15:17] [E_Red] ??
[15:17] [Chip] yo
[15:18] [bane] when you going to jump in on this rp thingy?
[15:18] [E_Red] ...
[15:18] [bane] 'jo :)
[15:18] [E_Red] I'm stuck on an army base in the middle of butfsk nowhere
[15:18] [bane] ah sorry, didnt know that
[15:18] [E_Red] so my net access is somewhat limited
[15:18] [E_Red] no worries
[15:19] [bane] that sucks
[15:19] [E_Red] meh
[15:19] [Chip] i've been looking for cars
[15:19] [E_Red] im gettin good pay to sit in a storage locker and play video games all day
[15:19] [Chip] jammy git :p
[15:19] [bane] and since he is a brit it will end up being a toy car, or at least something the size of a toy car :p
[15:20] [Chip] though i bet the guys on my camp have it better than you :p
[15:21] [Chip] that's marines for you
[15:22] [bane] be back in a minute got to get some lunch
[15:25] [Chip] i swear that in this country the marines have it the easiest
[15:28] [Chip] i'm bored
[15:30] [bane] hi bored im bane! nice to meet you
[15:30] [bane] :p
[15:30] [Chip] you're about as funny as tuna pasta bake
[15:30] [bane] sorry couldnt resist
[15:31] [Chip] yes you could have
[15:31] [bane] lol
[15:31] [bane] i think this time when my character gets back ill have him hit on your character
[15:31] [bane] :d
[15:32] [Chip] why not... i can always make his stomach upset again
[15:32] [bane] ...just need to think of a nick name for your character
[15:32] [bane] hmmmmm
[15:33] [Chip] Blue
[15:34] [bane] but thats so...
[15:34] [Chip] basic
[15:36] [bane] basic?
[15:36] [bane] basic what?
[15:36] [bane] hmmm blue-berry tart!
[15:37] [bane] :d
[15:37] [Chip] :p
[15:37] [E_Red] pass on my sitrep to the rest, please
[15:38] [E_Red] i gotta go
[15:38] [Chip] later red

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