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[01:59] [Fathertyme] !more me random hybrid
[01:59] [Fathertyme] !morf me random hybrid
[01:59] [Fathertyme] I AM NOT SHEEP!!!!
[02:00] [Fathertyme] no powers, but I'm a light elemental?!?!?
[02:00] [Fathertyme] and 3 feet 8 inches tall?!
[02:00] [Fathertyme] ouch
[02:00] [Fathertyme] and a gender bender
[02:00] *** Fathertyme sighs
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[04:19] [Fathertyme] !morf me random hybrid
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[12:24] [Shrike] bekah?
[12:25] [Shrike] did I offend you?
[12:25] [Shrike] !morf me random hybrid
[12:33] Sakura (~Sakura@vahacuxexdtbvaha) joined #morfs.
[12:33] [Sakura] hello
[12:35] [Shrike] Hi
[12:35] [Shrike] a few days ago I updated the morfs site again with two new parts from EMW
[12:41] fathertyme (~fathertyme@rycwzozenovsrycw) joined #morfs.
[12:50] [Shrike] hey tyme
[12:50] [Shrike] morfs site has been updated
[13:07] [Sakura] what today?
[13:07] [Sakura] in other words since the 15th?
[13:19] [Shrike] was it already the 15th?
[13:20] [Shrike] how fast time goes by
[13:22] [Sakura] it is the 21 now
[13:22] [Sakura] so you where talking about the two new EMW parts nothing new from then?
[13:33] [Sakura] lol
[13:38] [Shrike] yes
[13:40] [Shrike] I don't update it that fast, but the next one is coming soon
[13:50] [Shrike] got to go now
[13:50] [Shrike] cya later
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[16:15] [fathertyme] !morf me random hybrid
[16:16] [fathertyme] thats not too bad.. not sure i'd qualify that as average, but...
[18:09] dragonprincess9 (~dragonprincess9@xehexujopchgxehe) joined #morfs.
[18:09] [dragonprincess9] hello
[18:11] [fathertyme] hi
[18:15] [dragonprincess9] hi
[18:15] [fathertyme] how fare thee?
[18:15] [dragonprincess9] haven't seen u before
[18:15] [dragonprincess9] good
[18:15] [fathertyme] hah, I've been lurking in the room here for a couple weeks
[18:16] [fathertyme] creating problems
[18:16] [fathertyme] raisin hell
[18:16] [fathertyme] you know
[18:16] [fathertyme] the standard things
[18:16] [dragonprincess9] AH
[18:16] [dragonprincess9] thats sounds mean
[18:16] bane (~bane@tdasvcpunflatdas) joined #morfs.
[18:16] [fathertyme] naw
[18:16] [dragonprincess9] hi bane
[18:16] [fathertyme] bane, he's mean
[18:17] [bane] he
[18:17] [fathertyme] I'm just accidental
[18:17] [bane] hey
[18:17] [bane] yep
[18:17] [bane] is that what your mama told you?
[18:17] *** fathertyme cries
[18:18] [fathertyme] dragonprincess9 SEE!!!! he's a big old meanie head
[18:18] [dragonprincess9] hmm
[18:18] [dragonprincess9] hard to tell
[18:19] [fathertyme] the sad thing is... bane is my father...
[18:19] [dragonprincess9] really?
[18:19] [fathertyme] no
[18:19] [fathertyme] but it was a funny thought :P
[18:19] [fathertyme] and made him seem meaner
[18:21] [fathertyme] I mean.. after all, my mother has standards...
[18:21] [fathertyme] not very good ones, but enough :P
[18:21] [dragonprincess9] lol
[18:21] [dragonprincess9] i'm logging off for now
[18:22] [dragonprincess9] gona go take a shower
[18:22] [dragonprincess9] have fun u too
[18:22] *** dragonprincess9 hugs bye
[18:22] *** fathertyme hugs
[18:22] [fathertyme] see ya later
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[19:43] [fathertyme] !morf me large hybrid
[20:31] bane (~bane@tdasvcpunflatdas) joined #morfs.
[21:08] [bane] !morf me medium hybrid
[21:12] [fathertyme] !morf bane tiny hybrid
[21:12] *** fathertyme sighs
[21:12] [fathertyme] !morf me small
[21:12] [fathertyme] thats small?
[21:12] [fathertyme] I'm a super strong, 3'8" partial cow hybrid?
[21:12] [fathertyme] so I'm like a mini-cow?
[21:12] *** fathertyme falls down laughing
[21:12] [fathertyme] oh god that would suck!
[21:13] [fathertyme] um.. no gender change, so wouldn't that be a partial bull?
[21:17] [bane] you would be like from that jackin the box comercal
[21:17] [bane] with the migites
[21:20] [bane] !morf me medium hybrid
[21:37] Last message repeated 1 time(s).
[21:37] [bane] mighty ducks!!!!!!!!!!
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[22:11] Sarang (~Sarang@aijwasegtwdwaijw) joined #morfs.
[22:11] [Sarang] Hey all.
[23:12] bane (~bane@tdasvcpunflatdas) joined #morfs.
[23:36] Sakura (~Sakura@vahacuxexdtbvaha) joined #morfs.
[23:37] [Sakura] hello
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[23:39] Sakura (~Sakura@vahacuxexdtbvaha) joined #morfs.
[23:39] [Sarang] Hey!
[23:39] [Sarang] How are you Sakura?
[23:40] [Sakura] good
[23:40] [Sarang] Daijobu des ka?
[23:41] [Sakura] i do not understand
[23:41] [Sarang] Sigh.
[23:41] [Sarang] You don't know Japanese then?
[23:41] [Sakura] VERY little
[23:41] [Sarang] :-(
[23:43] [Sakura] 516b7089
[23:44] [Sarang] Soz just wanting to chat with someone on it.
[23:44] [bane] all i see is squares anyway :p
[23:45] [Sarang] So are you writing a story Sakura-chan?
[23:45] [Sakura] yeah i have one subbmited and am working on a second right now
[23:47] [Sarang] Ahhh ok.
[23:55] [Sarang] So what'd ya write?
[23:56] [Sakura] well the first is hard to explane and in all truth not sure if i will finish it since i really do not see where it is going but will still have fun with it
[23:58] [Sakura] the other is about a guy who is the kid of a man who is in charge of a church that kills MORFS on sight his mom was killed when he was 5 for teaching him to not judge people on the outside and he was almost killed on his 15th birthday for refusing to kill a MORFS survivor


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