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[05:30] [sylar] bekah?
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[15:08] [celestesissy] hi
[15:10] [Fathertyme] hi
[15:29] [Fathertyme] Fathertyme has turned the belch script on
[15:29] *** Fathertyme belches
[15:29] *** Fathertyme computes Fathertyme's belch as:
[15:29] [Fathertyme] Smells like Lavender: [16/20] Sounds like Hallelujah! Gospel music: [16/20] Feels like A Beanie Baby: [18/20] Tastes like Creamed Corn: [9/20] Hangs around like Cherubs Playing Harps: [19/20]
[15:29] [Fathertyme] Overall Rating 78/100 (low/avg/high: 78/78/78)
[15:30] *** Fathertyme farts
[15:30] *** Fathertyme belches
[15:30] [Fathertyme] Fathertyme: You already have the high score, lets give someone else a chance!
[15:30] [Fathertyme] Fathertyme has turned the belch script off
[15:30] [Fathertyme] Fathertyme has turned the fart script on
[15:30] *** Fathertyme farts
[15:30] *** Fathertyme computes Fathertyme's fart as:
[15:30] [Fathertyme] Smells like Heaven on a Stick: [20/20] Sounds like New York Philharmonic: [19/20] Feels like A Beanie Baby: [18/20] Tastes like Black Jelly Beans: [13/20] Hangs around like A Mircosoft Program: [12/20]
[15:30] [Fathertyme] Overall Rating 82/100 (low/avg/high: 82/82/82)
[15:33] [Fathertyme] Fathertyme has turned the fart script off
[15:33] [Fathertyme] Fathertyme has turned the vomit script on
[15:33] *** Fathertyme throws up
[15:33] *** Fathertyme computes Fathertyme's vomit as:
[15:33] [Fathertyme] Smells like Buffalo Turd: [7/20] Sounds like A Tuppawear Party: [9/20] Feels like A Group Hug: [12/20] Tastes like Creamed Corn: [9/20] Hangs around like Shakespeare: [16/20]
[15:33] [Fathertyme] Overall Rating 53/100 (low/avg/high: 53/53/53)
[15:33] [Fathertyme] Thats the WORST one I've heard!
[15:33] [Fathertyme] Thats the BEST one I've heard!
[15:33] [Fathertyme] Fathertyme has turned the vomit script off
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[16:03] [bane] yo matto!
[16:04] [EMW] yo
[16:05] [bane] how the kittybots doing :p
[16:05] [EMW] finr
[16:05] [EMW] fine
[16:05] [bane] i finished reading your update, looks poison looks good
[16:05] [EMW] :D
[16:06] [EMW] only one more part to go
[16:06] [bane] made me want to make some pancakes
[16:06] [EMW] mmmm pancakes
[16:06] [bane] mmmmmmmmm
[16:06] [EMW] lemon and sugar goodness
[16:06] [bane] never had that
[16:06] [EMW] not sure it would work with american pancakes
[16:06] [bane] i just like maple serup
[16:07] [EMW] yeah that's good
[16:07] [bane] probubly not :p
[16:07] [EMW] good old canada
[16:07] [EMW] :D
[16:07] [bane] lol
[16:07] [bane] you have to have jamie go to the IHOP
[16:07] [EMW] hehe
[16:07] [bane] international house of pancaks
[16:07] [EMW] we don't have these here
[16:07] [bane] all she can eat
[16:07] [EMW] those
[16:08] [EMW] I've been to one before
[16:08] [bane] bah, and they say international....
[16:08] [EMW] much like many american institutions
[16:08] [EMW] the world series
[16:08] [bane] well when you beleive the world is made up of america i guess it is ok :p
[16:08] [EMW] and ... superglue
[16:09] [EMW] :D
[16:09] [bane] besides its the only place that counts! :d
[16:09] [bane] you writen the last part yet?
[16:09] [EMW] I've written a good chunk of it
[16:09] [bane] ah, is her father really dead?
[16:10] [EMW] just rounding of the epilogue with sanura
[16:10] [EMW] maybe
[16:10] [bane] gerrrr
[16:10] [bane] coma then?
[16:10] [bane] :p
[16:10] [EMW] hehe
[16:10] [bane] i knew it!
[16:11] [EMW] not quite
[16:11] [bane] you might not do as super happy endings as terry but they are mostly happy
[16:11] [EMW] mostly
[16:12] [bane] what was poisons boy toys job again?
[16:12] [EMW] he was a teste
[16:12] [EMW] r
[16:12] [bane] ah
[16:12] [bane] and are you going to kill him off too?
[16:12] [bane] :p
[16:13] [EMW] not till their wedding
[16:13] [EMW] D:
[16:13] [bane] lol
[16:13] [bane] kinky sex will do it 8 time out of 10
[16:13] [bane] you just dont hear about it
[16:13] [EMW] he's actually a robot
[16:13] [EMW] from space
[16:14] [bane] O.O
[16:14] [bane] really!!!
[16:14] [bane] wow!!!
[16:14] [bane] :p
[16:14] [EMW] read poison 2 to find our
[16:14] [EMW] :D
[16:14] [EMW] only 100.99 per part
[16:14] [bane] come one you have to come up with better titles!
[16:14] [EMW] hehe
[16:14] [bane] you are no longer alowed to use 2 in a title
[16:15] [EMW] Poison 2 Jamie's revenge!
[16:15] [bane] ....
[16:15] [bane] i like it!
[16:16] [EMW] I did have an idea for poison 2
[16:16] [bane] oh what is it?
[16:16] [EMW] having jamie meet her mother
[16:16] [EMW] with her new daughter
[16:16] [bane] ewww that cant be good
[16:16] [bane] :p
[16:17] [EMW] I might have her half sister protect her :D
[16:17] [bane] half sister? i thought there where full sisters
[16:17] [EMW] not frankie
[16:17] [bane] she has another one?
[16:17] [EMW] the new daughter from a new marage
[16:17] [bane] ah
[16:18] [EMW] I've given away the earth shattering plot development :D
[16:18] [bane] yep :p
[16:18] [bane] i know i could trick it out of you!!!
[16:18] [EMW] now I'm going to have to kill poison off
[16:18] [bane] yay!
[16:19] [EMW] when she crashes her deriable full of explosives into the whitehouse
[16:19] [bane] one less person at the kiddy pool in the nexus
[16:19] [EMW] hehe
[16:20] [bane] im going to have jair almost die on a trip down to the beach :p
[16:20] [bane] he will go out on a boat and pass out then fall in! wuahahahahah
[16:20] [EMW] heh
[16:20] [bane] that will teach him to whear a life vest!!!
[16:21] [EMW] I wonder if jamie can drown
[16:21] [bane] hmmmm
[16:21] [bane] probubly
[16:21] [EMW] her bioel powers might well compensate
[16:21] [bane] but she would still need fresh oxugen
[16:21] [bane] she would servive longer than most
[16:21] [bane] but in the end.....
[16:22] [EMW] there is oxygen in the water and her powers should allow her to extract it
[16:22] [bane] really?
[16:22] [bane] how?
[16:22] [EMW] putting it into her own blood stream should be ok
[16:22] [EMW] magic
[16:22] [EMW] :D
[16:22] [bane] change how her longs work or something?
[16:23] [EMW] maybe or maybe just draw on resources to oxygenate her blood
[16:23] [bane] hmmm come to think of it jair might be ok too, he has a odd set of lungs
[16:23] [bane] he can breath ash and noxush fums
[16:23] [EMW] bio el's can reform flesh from nothing so they must be able to make cells and use materials
[16:24] [EMW] if he could heat the water enough he could split it
[16:24] [bane] hmmm ya but he would need rock to heat up
[16:24] [bane] so he would have to wait to be on the bottom for that?
[16:24] [EMW] should be plenty on the bottom of the ocean
[16:24] [bane] :p
[16:24] [EMW] so he can only heat rocks?
[16:25] [bane] and metels
[16:25] [bane] or any kind if earth i guess
[16:25] [bane] but it dosent really matter since if he is over water he will be dead to the world anyway :p
[16:25] [EMW] sand maybe?
[16:26] [bane] yep
[16:26] [bane] can make glass
[16:26] [EMW] cool
[16:27] [bane] in the begaining im just going to have him make earth molten and smash things, no real skill in its use
[16:27] [bane] over time he will be able to do more
[16:28] [EMW] cool
[16:28] [bane] like heat up the ground to make gas pockets then let the gas out to chock bad guys :p
[16:28] [bane] but he will need training to do that
[16:28] [EMW] I guess he is brute force at first
[16:28] [bane] yep
[16:28] [bane] which is good sinse he will be in the army at first
[16:29] [bane] lots of brut force needed and lots of practice
[16:29] [EMW] it's the american way!
[16:29] [EMW] :D
[16:29] [bane] ecuadoran way :p
[16:30] [EMW] indeed
[16:30] [bane] by the time he joins ECLIPSE he should be moderatly skilled
[16:30] [EMW] is it equador that is going mental right now
[16:31] [EMW] cool
[16:31] [bane] oh? you hear some news i havent over here about ecuador?
[16:31] [EMW] it might not be equador
[16:31] [bane] ecuador
[16:32] [bane] its ok it will be going crazy by the time jair gets there :p
[16:33] [EMW] ah gautemala
[16:33] [bane] whats going on there?
[16:33] [EMW] corruption
[16:33] [bane] ...its south america its all corrupt
[16:33] [EMW] a civil right lawyer gunned down left a video claiming it was the president
[16:34] [EMW] demonstrations
[16:34] [EMW] twitter

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