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[00:00] *** Fathertyme doesn't look at boobies.. his mommie taught him naught to
[00:00] [bane] ...
[00:00] [bane] bottle feed were you?
[00:01] [Fathertyme] nope, breast fed till I was 23 :P
[00:01] [bane] ...
[00:02] [bane] that exsplanes somethings at least :p
[00:02] *** Fathertyme looks confused
[00:03] [bane] did you read the new update?
[00:03] [Fathertyme] um... no?
[00:03] [Fathertyme] which update?
[00:03] [bane] the one that hasent happened
[00:03] [Fathertyme] oh
[00:04] [Fathertyme] then no
[00:04] [bane] lol
[00:04] [bane] has it been 3 or 4 weeks yet since the last update?
[00:05] [Fathertyme] apr 21
[00:05] [bane] but i did make you look :p
[00:05] [Fathertyme] for the 5th tyme today
[00:06] [bane] wish shrike would go ahead and let EMW help with the posting
[00:06] [bane] next time you see him yell at him about it for a while, maybe if we keep it up he will give up some power to EMW
[00:06] [Fathertyme] shit, EMW has a ton of stuff sitting in the inbox
[00:06] [bane] yep
[00:06] [Fathertyme] I talked to him about it last night, or the night before
[00:06] [bane] and more you dont know about
[00:07] [Fathertyme] told him that "established" authors should almost get an automatic pass from submission to post
[00:07] [Fathertyme] while "new" authors or authors with only a couple chapters should be scrutinized more
[00:07] [bane] they pretty much do, its just that 'someone' dosent have time to post them
[00:08] [Fathertyme] um.. I really can't say much, I'm not sure how difficult the process here is
[00:08] [Fathertyme] but..
[00:08] [Fathertyme] from the way shrike and brit are acting, its a major effort to pass the files along
[00:08] [bane] hell i have had chapter in the inbox for months now
[00:11] [bane] i dont know i havent ever posted anything my self, but i think it really only takes 20 or 30 minutes at the most
[00:11] [bane] but i could be wrong
[00:11] [Fathertyme] design flaw then
[00:11] [Fathertyme] should be a simple.. "approved for posting" button, and then process and it automatically posts it up
[00:12] [Fathertyme] kind of like SOL does it
[00:12] [bane] thats just from me hearing shrike say he is going to go post then when i hear that he is done
[00:12] [Fathertyme] it takes a person to approve it, but you notice that they come in a wave
[00:13] [bane] if more stories where posted faster i would be willing to bet that more stories would be submited
[00:13] [Fathertyme] and the forum would be more active
[00:13] [bane] yep
[00:13] [Fathertyme] and you would see more people here
[00:14] [bane] yep yep
[00:14] [Fathertyme] etc...
[00:14] [Fathertyme] people die of boredom tho
[00:14] [Fathertyme] rb drink
[00:14] [Fathertyme] brb drink
[00:16] [Fathertyme] ok
[00:16] [Fathertyme] back
[00:20] [bane] ...yay
[00:20] [bane] ...
[00:20] [Fathertyme] ???
[00:21] [Fathertyme] B
[00:21] [Fathertyme] A
[00:21] [Fathertyme] N
[00:21] [Fathertyme] E
[00:21] [Fathertyme] YAY!
[00:21] [bane] :p
[00:22] [bane] mmmmm mmm mmmmmmmm
[00:22] [Fathertyme] you eating campbells soup?
[00:23] [bane] :d
[00:23] [bane] do i look like a snowman?
[00:23] [Fathertyme] mmm mm good?
[00:25] [bane] could be, you never know
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[15:56] [bane] what happened to you?
[16:00] [bane] you how, shrike! come out come out where ever you are
[16:01] *** shrike peeks and goes back to sleep
[16:02] [shrike] so did you read already?
[16:03] [bane] im reading it, im also putting in some notes on what i think of it and what it think could be improved :p
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[16:11] [bane] yo matto
[16:19] [shrike] monkeywriter!!!!!!!!!!!
[16:24] [bane] hmmmm i think he is hidding
[16:25] [shrike] kidding or hiding?
[16:25] [bane] both?
[16:25] [shrike] well he was on gchat as well, I think he's reading
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[16:25] [shrike] did you make comments?
[16:25] [shrike] please make comments in different color
[16:26] [bane] im doing it on a doc since i am going paragraph by paragraph and there are lots of comments
[16:30] [bane] i really think you should give thought to doing a line by line reread and rewrite of your work, it could do with more detail in parts, and discriptions of things
[16:31] [shrike] maybe
[16:37] [bane] you back yet matt?
[16:38] [EMW] yes
[16:38] [bane] ah about time :p
[16:38] [bane] how you doing old mate?
[16:38] [EMW] I was critising petes work :D
[16:39] [bane] arnt we all?
[16:39] [EMW] I'm good
[16:39] [bane] :d
[16:39] [EMW] I thgink the soldiers in it are unrealisically stupid
[16:39] [bane] lol
[16:40] [shrike] okay okay I'll rewrite
[16:40] [EMW] they just charge out into the night without nightvision or torches
[16:40] [EMW] don't use any cover or anything
[16:41] [bane] there are stupid soldiers...they just dont generaly last long :p
[16:41] [EMW] arn't these supposed to be special forces or some such
[16:41] [bane] are they?
[16:41] [EMW] feral sort of is so I assume they are too
[16:41] [bane] or are they just recruted specialy
[16:42] [bane] and he happened to be special forces?
[16:42] [bane] shrike?
[16:42] [bane] which is it?
[16:42] [shrike] They got what they could get, some special forces and grunts
[16:42] [EMW] in a fire fight they would own feral though as he can't move and shoot he would need to drop his gun to reposition
[16:42] [EMW] they could easilly flank him
[16:42] [EMW] then bye bye kitty
[16:43] [EMW] and a new fur coat for the generals wife
[16:43] [bane] and hello fur coat? :p
[16:43] [EMW] few holes in it
[16:43] [bane] lol
[16:43] [EMW] maybe he needs guns on retractable wrist sheaths
[16:43] [shrike] nothing can stop the berserker cat
[16:43] [shrike] he doesn't need no stinkin guns
[16:43] [EMW] catnip
[16:44] [EMW] he'd be powerless to resist
[16:44] [shrike] that might do the trick, too bad they didn't have any
[16:44] [bane] ba, your stealing from me AND sanura now :d
[16:44] [EMW] hehe
[16:44] [EMW] what's with all the starwars quotes too
[16:44] [shrike] what? I just like starwars
[16:44] [shrike] only one in here
[16:44] [bane] he was watching the movie when he wrote it of course :p
[16:45] [EMW] so do I but it seems incogourous with the rest of the story
[16:45] [shrike] currently they have clonewars on tv
[16:45] [bane] i dont know, it would be a classic by then
[16:45] [EMW] not seen that one heard it was rubish
[16:45] [shrike] he will use his TK later again
[16:45] [EMW] I saw the new startrek movie the other day that's pretty awesome
[16:46] [shrike] I wnat to see it
[16:46] [EMW] it's good you should go see it
[16:46] [EMW] right now!
[16:46] [EMW] :D
[16:46] [shrike] at 22.46?
[16:46] [bane] stop everything and go see it!
[16:46] [EMW] yes
[16:46] [EMW] if I hadn't missed the last showing I would have gone and saw it again :D
[16:47] [shrike] it's not on anymore and the cinema isn't cloeby anymore
[16:47] [bane] ....
[16:47] [bane] ok thats just weird
[16:47] [shrike] what is
[16:47] [bane] watching the movie again after you see it
[16:47] [EMW] I do that lots
[16:47] [bane] ... never did grow up did you :)
[16:47] [EMW] but I like watching films at the cinema
[16:47] [shrike] I see it twice, but only with weeks or months in between
[16:48] [EMW] I used to go to the cinema every sunday and see 3-4 films so there were often repeats
[16:48] [EMW] don't go as often these days
[16:48] [bane] O.o
[16:48] [bane] well thats one way to spend your money
[16:48] [EMW] indeed
[16:49] [shrike] Don't have the money
[16:49] [bane] feral sniffs at a barrel of a gun?
[16:50] [EMW] I was thinking for the new part of flux I should have a school kid vigilantee come along and try and stop the criminal gang and then have flux deal with them
[16:50] [bane] does he have no exsperince in the proper way to handal guns?!
[16:50] [EMW] sounds like a good way to blow your brains out
[16:50] [shrike] why?
[16:50] [bane] you never never never point a gun near your head
[16:50] [bane] or self
[16:50] [shrike] not in front of course you moron
[16:51] [bane] even near is something someone trained with a gun wouldnt do
[16:51] [bane] its one of the first things you learn and so it stays with you
[16:52] [EMW] the next thing is how to scream "YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAA!"
[16:52] [bane] lol
[16:52] [EMW] and fire randomly into the air
[16:52] [shrike] Fine I'll have him remove the clip and empty the chamber
[16:52] [bane] ...ok maybe
[16:53] [bane] but i have seen people with a disasimbled gun never point the barrel at anyone, its just a habit you get into
[16:53] [shrike] I don't have him point it at him, too big anyway
[16:53] [shrike] BTW, there is a survivor, but he's ASA
[16:53] [shrike] undercover
[16:53] [EMW] maybe change it to a revolver and have him open it up to see there are no bullets in it
[16:54] [shrike] I need him to have the sniper rifle
[16:54] [bane] no you can check with a assolt rifle by checking the clip and chamber to see if it has been used
[16:54] [bane] and who would use a revolver in that day and age :p
[16:55] [EMW] cos they're cool
[16:55] [bane] lol
[16:55] [shrike] revolver has advantage, it can't jam up like a pistol
[16:55] [EMW] like wild west kudos
[16:55] [bane] well ya for a gun inthusast but not a soldier
[16:55] [EMW] as we have established feral is not a very good soldier :D
[16:55] [shrike] reliability says revolver is better
[16:55] [shrike] why not?
[16:56] [EMW] he's from the moron camp of soldiers
[16:56] [EMW] "specially selected"

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