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[18:25] [Fathertyme] Fathertyme has turned the belch script off
[18:25] [Fathertyme] Fathertyme has turned the fart script off
[18:25] [Fathertyme] Fathertyme has turned the vomit script off
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[23:14] [E_Red] 'jo
[23:17] [Fathertyme] ?!?!?!?!?!
[23:18] [E_Red] ??
[23:19] [Fathertyme] !!
[23:19] [E_Red] you know, i think this is the first time ive been in here and you've actually spoken
[23:19] *** Fathertyme chuckles
[23:19] [Fathertyme] I idle a lot
[23:19] [Fathertyme] i'm on 3 different servers alone
[23:20] [Fathertyme] and thats just this app
[23:20] [E_Red] ah
[23:20] [E_Red] bueno
[23:20] [Fathertyme] I've got 4 websites, and a bunch of other stuff going on
[23:20] *** Fathertyme is a multi-tasking maniac
[23:20] [Fathertyme] so windows like this one, which are usually quiet sometimes take me a while to get to when there's activity
[23:20] [E_Red] indeed
[23:21] [Fathertyme] especially when there are sooo many good authors out there to read
[23:21] [Fathertyme] mind you
[23:21] [Fathertyme] there is also quite a bite of literary diarrea, but...
[23:21] *** Fathertyme shrugs
[23:22] [Fathertyme] bite == bit :P
[23:22] [E_Red] this i understand
[23:22] [E_Red] and accept as an inevitabillity, really
[23:22] [E_Red] sometimes one must expel the crap for the good stuff to rise to the surface
[23:23] [Fathertyme] yes
[23:24] [Fathertyme] but sometimes those that expel the crap holler the loudest when seeking praise
[23:24] [E_Red] of course, when one posts the crap, it also sometimes grows a kind of mold that some find interesting, and thus life may be created from crap
[23:24] [E_Red] to speak
[23:25] *** Fathertyme chucklesw
[23:26] [Fathertyme] I've actually left a couple of groups because it was "write something" and then other members would scream at everyone for not gushing over how wonderful they are
[23:26] *** Fathertyme is more than happy to offer constructive criticism, and an occasional thanks. But I refuse to be a cheerleader just for shits and giggles, and I refuse to have someone try and make me feel guilty for not gushing
[23:27] [E_Red] i concur
[23:27] [Fathertyme] and I'm aware that I switched POV in the middle of that sentence :P
[23:27] [E_Red] lol
[23:27] [E_Red] i do it all the time
[23:27] [Fathertyme] talking about myself in the thrid person and switching to the 1st :P
[23:28] [E_Red] tell me, art thou interested at all in fanfiction?
[23:28] [Fathertyme] of course, i also get impatient when I know there are chapters sitting in the queue that haven't been posted.. :P
[23:28] [Fathertyme] not really
[23:28] [E_Red] any particular reason?
[23:28] [Fathertyme] honestly?!!?
[23:28] [E_Red] indeed
[23:28] [Fathertyme] and this isn't a jibe at anyone
[23:28] [E_Red] actually no, lie to me
[23:28] [E_Red] :p
[23:28] [Fathertyme] but I feel that fanfiction is way too much of a crutch
[23:28] [E_Red] ??
[23:29] [Fathertyme] fanfiction relies upon everyone to already be familiar with whatever the base story is
[23:29] [Fathertyme] the characters
[23:29] [E_Red] i understand the thought, but i think it has a purpose nonetheless
[23:29] [Fathertyme] the attitudes
[23:29] [Fathertyme] etc...
[23:29] [Fathertyme] and it falls flat if you aren't
[23:29] [E_Red] indeed
[23:29] [E_Red] it has its uses though
[23:29] [E_Red] i use it as a practice tool
[23:30] [E_Red] ...and to stroke my ego
[23:30] [E_Red] of course
[23:30] [Fathertyme] and since I rarely am that much in love with any show, it draws away from the enjoyment
[23:30] [E_Red] i suppose
[23:30] [Fathertyme] tho.. I've found I'm fond of morfs for the possibilities.. and since the characters are interdependent of the base, its easy enough to write around them
[23:31] [E_Red] true
[23:31] [Fathertyme] but if everyone only wrote about sanura and friends, that would seriously blow
[23:31] [E_Red] lol
[23:31] [E_Red] i agree
[23:32] [Fathertyme] and thats fanfictgion
[23:32] [E_Red] ...
[23:32] [E_Red] well...
[23:32] [E_Red] to a point
[23:32] [Fathertyme] you are generally using others characters to tell your own story in their universe
[23:32] [E_Red] yes, and...?
[23:32] [Fathertyme] not other characters in the universe, with only mild, if any interaction with real characters
[23:32] *** Fathertyme shrugs
[23:32] [Fathertyme] you asked
[23:32] [Fathertyme] I answer
[23:32] [Fathertyme] thats my problem with fanfiction
[23:32] [Fathertyme] ;P
[23:33] [E_Red] interesting stance
[23:33] [Fathertyme] well, that and the fact that way way way too many of the fanfiction stories are infantile sex dreams :P
[23:33] *** E_Red snickers
[23:33] [E_Red] indeed
[23:34] [E_Red] rule 34, eh?
[23:34] [Fathertyme] like OMG I wrote a story about the incestuous relationships on "8 is enough"
[23:35] [E_Red] lol
[23:35] [E_Red] again, Rule 34
[23:35] [E_Red] :D
[23:35] [Fathertyme] *L*
[23:35] [E_Red] it never fails
[23:35] [Fathertyme] not really sure what rule 34 is :P
[23:35] [Fathertyme] but..
[23:35] [Fathertyme] probably :P
[23:35] [E_Red] if it exists, there is porn of it
[23:35] [E_Red] that's rule 34 in a nutshell
[23:35] [Fathertyme] I actually stumbled across a brady bunch orgy stroy
[23:35] [E_Red] lmao
[23:36] [Fathertyme] well.. true enough I guess
[23:36] [E_Red] marcia, marcia, marcia!
[23:36] [E_Red] lol
[23:36] [Fathertyme] yup
[23:36] [Fathertyme] they actually did a pretty good job of keeping them in character while putting them into a sex scene
[23:36] [E_Red] oh god, im gonna have some disturbing dreams tonight
[23:36] [E_Red] thx for nuthin
[23:37] [Fathertyme] just think of jan bitching, marcia being regal, and little cindi getting in everyones shit.. while naked with the rest of the family
[23:37] [E_Red] ...
[23:37] [E_Red] i h8 u
[23:38] *** Fathertyme cries
[23:38] *** Fathertyme has disconnected... like, fer real!
[23:38] [Fathertyme] if I had feelings.. you'd have hurtted them
[23:38] [E_Red] yeah, well...
[23:39] [E_Red] naked old lady titties
[23:39] [Fathertyme] oh yeah...
[23:39] *** Fathertyme starts singing "it's a small world after all"
[23:39] [Fathertyme] it's a small world after all
[23:39] Last message repeated 1 time(s).
[23:39] [E_Red] shudder
[23:39] [Fathertyme] it's a small
[23:39] [Fathertyme] small
[23:39] [Fathertyme] world
[23:39] [Fathertyme] now get THAT out of your head
[23:40] [Fathertyme] and as far as your disturbing dreams go... If you come only tomorrow and post a brady bunch orgy story, I just might have to kill myself
[23:41] [E_Red] ...
[23:41] [E_Red] ......
[23:41] [E_Red] .........
[23:41] [E_Red]
[23:42] [Fathertyme] should i give you more dream bombs?
[23:43] *** Fathertyme can come up with x-rated b-film ideas as if they were candy
[23:43] [E_Red] ... im leaving
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[23:43] *** Fathertyme chuckles
[23:44] *** Fathertyme scared e_red away
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[23:49] [Fathertyme] welcome back
[23:49] [Fathertyme] I think
[23:52] [bane] ...
[23:52] [bane] what did you do to him?
[23:52] [Fathertyme] talked
[23:52] [Fathertyme] ...
[23:53] [bane] ...
[23:53] [bane] really...
[23:53] *** Fathertyme possibly got a little to far off on a couple of side-tracks
[23:53] [bane] then why did his head exsplode
[23:53] [Fathertyme] we discussed fan-fiction, I mentioned having read way too many of them that were basically infantile brady bunch orgy stories
[23:54] [Fathertyme] he mentioned disturbing dreams tonight
[23:54] [Fathertyme] I implanted "it's a small world" into his frontal cortex
[23:54] [bane] ah, that exsplaned it then
[23:54] [Fathertyme] he cried mercy
[23:54] [Fathertyme] I offered more dream bombs
[23:54] [Fathertyme] he left
[23:54] *** Fathertyme shrugs
[23:54] [bane] marcia marcia, marcia! oh yes marcia
[23:54] [bane] ;)
[23:55] [bane] well dont worry about me im immune
[23:56] [Fathertyme] lol
[23:56] [Fathertyme] its a small world after all
[23:56] [Fathertyme] it's a small world after all
[23:56] [Fathertyme] its a small world after all
[23:56] [Fathertyme] it's a small
[23:56] [Fathertyme] small
[23:56] [Fathertyme] world
[23:56] [bane] nope nothing
[23:56] [bane] of course i dont really remember how it sounds any way
[23:57] [Fathertyme] *L*
[23:57] [bane] ?
[23:57] [bane] L what?
[23:57] [Fathertyme] *L* --> *laughs*
[23:57] [bane] ...
[23:57] [bane] oh
[23:57] [bane] i perfure words
[23:57] [Fathertyme] hrms.. ok, flow chart tyme
[23:58] *** Fathertyme laughs --> *laughs* --> *LOL* --> *L*
[23:58] [bane] ...
[23:58] [bane] it just looks like a face with a big nose....
[23:59] [Fathertyme] <(-)> <(-)
[23:59] *** Fathertyme is watching yoU!
[23:59] [bane] ( . Y . )
[23:59] *** bane is boobie you!


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