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[00:00] [E_Red] heh, i loved wierd science
[00:00] [E_Red] exposed me to the miracles of transformation
[00:00] [Sarang] Shit they could be re-airing "Dead Zone", "The 4400" and that other series.
[00:00] [E_Red] and i've been corrupted ever since
[00:00] [Sarang] I think there was a third solid series I can't remember.
[00:01] [Sarang] Along with those two at the same time.
[00:01] [Sarang] Sci-Fi has really gone down the toilet.
[00:01] [Adran] yeah
[00:01] [Adran] it has
[00:01] [Adran] they've cut their budget to crap
[00:01] [Sarang] BSG is gone and their solution is "Sanctuary" and "Stargate whatever".
[00:02] [Adran] Stargate is cool
[00:02] [Sarang] I like "Sanctuary" but whaT THE FUCK?
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[00:02] [Adran] i've missed most of Sanctuary
[00:02] [Sarang] Ad but this new one sounds kinda dumb.
[00:02] [Adran] i dont watch tv much so i dont know what's next
[00:02] [Sarang] It's StargaTE Voyager.
[00:03] [Adran] ... they spy on people?
[00:03] [Sarang] All Sci-Fi airs now is that shitty made for TV garbage.
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[00:03] [bane] stupid mother *CENSORED* computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[00:03] [Sarang] VOYAGER not Voyeur.
[00:03] [Adran] lol
[00:03] [Adran] ;p
[00:03] [bane] ?
[00:04] [Adran] since bane missed it
[00:04] [bane] damn
[00:04] [Adran] [21:02:36] <Sarang> It's StargaTE Voyager.
[00:04] [Adran] [21:02:48] <Adran> ... they spy on people?
[00:04] [Sarang] I'm talking about THE NEw Stargate.
[00:04] [Adran] i was poking fun at what sounds like a stupid name
[00:04] [bane] oh...damn if i was here i would have beat you to that one
[00:04] [Adran] lol
[00:04] [Adran] i know
[00:04] [Sarang] Seriously why are there almost NO new shows on Sci-Fi now?
[00:04] [Adran] i took advantage of your not being here
[00:05] [Adran] because sci-fi is cutting back on its budget
[00:05] [Sarang] What the fuck?
[00:05] [Adran] thats why shows are disappearing
[00:05] [bane] yep
[00:05] [bane] not enough views
[00:05] [Sarang] Why the *CENSORED* are they doing that?
[00:05] [Adran] they're not getting money
[00:05] [bane] viewers*
[00:05] [Adran] just like everyone else
[00:05] [Sarang] Well then get more original SHOWS!
[00:05] [Adran] they dont have the money to start more
[00:05] [bane] its the spiral of defeat
[00:06] [Adran] they're probably losing money like everyone else
[00:06] [Sarang] This is pathetic.
[00:06] [Sarang] Oh, ok.I f
[00:06] [Sarang] I forgot "Eureka".
[00:06] [Adran] thats why tv quality has gone down the crapper
[00:06] [bane] i blame reality tv
[00:06] [Sarang] "Eureka" isn't on Friday either.
[00:06] [Adran] anyway, i need ideas to expand my background
[00:07] [bane] reality tv is one of the signs of the end of the world
[00:07] [Sarang] Every otheR Sci-Fi show is gone.
[00:07] [Sarang] The idiots axED SG-1.
[00:07] [Sarang] I wonder if they think now it was a smart decision.
[00:08] [Sarang] I think they cancelled Atlantis early as well most likely.
[00:10] [bane] !morf me medium hybrid
[00:11] [Adran] there, finished my post ^_^
[00:12] [E_Red] im rather partial to Numb3rs and JAG, myself
[00:12] [E_Red] and CSI
[00:12] [E_Red] the real one
[00:12] [E_Red] except grissom left...
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[00:14] [bane] may my connection burn in HELL for all time!!!!!!
[00:15] [Adran] lol
[00:17] [bane] you know adran, your character has the same first name as red's
[00:17] [Adran] so?
[00:17] [Adran] Michael is one of the most common names
[00:17] [bane] just pointing it out
[00:18] [Adran] i met 5 different michaels when i went to school
[00:18] [E_Red] 2nd most common name in the past ten years, actually
[00:19] [Adran] not 1st anymore?
[00:19] [Adran] i know it was 1st at one point
[00:20] [E_Red] i think anthony was first...
[00:20] [Adran] meh. still far too common
[00:20] [bane] looks like 1james 2 john 3robert 4micheal
[00:21] [bane] but i just pulled that off a random site
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[00:21] [Adran] bah. he left
[00:22] [Adran] brit, you there?
[00:22] [Adran] hell, everyone can look. < my character, and a topic I started
[00:23] [Sarang] Bbl.
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[00:24] [bane] your scaring them away
[00:24] [Adran] pff
[00:25] [Adran] like hell i am, its you they're running from
[00:26] [bane] :d
[00:27] [Adran] so, did you look bane?
[00:28] [bane] yes
[00:28] [Adran] what do you think?
[00:28] [Adran] any ideas to expand the background?
[00:29] [bane] dose it need it?
[00:29] [Adran] I'd like to have more detail, yes
[00:29] [Adran] most of my characters I've made with backgrounds have 3-4 paragraphs worth of background. And not small paragraphs
[00:30] [bane] well dose that book have any ideas?
[00:30] [Adran] which one? i have like 10 books i use for characters
[00:30] [bane] ones that wont get you in truble i mean :p
[00:30] [Adran] the background one?
[00:31] [bane] sure
[00:31] [Adran] the modern background i mean.
[00:31] [Adran] i've tried, but nothing out of it really fits so far
[00:31] [Adran] i've generally gotten crap
[00:31] [bane] he is 16 so get him a car
[00:31] [Adran] lol
[00:31] [Adran] he doesn't need a car
[00:31] [bane] maybe he has to work for one
[00:32] [bane] part time job
[00:32] [bane] or savings
[00:32] [bane] maybe grandpas beat up old truck
[00:32] [Adran] lol
[00:32] [Adran] you have given me an idea though
[00:32] [bane] well thats what im here for
[00:32] [Adran] a "part time job" can be done
[00:33] [bane] what no goylemoble?
[00:33] [Adran] he can glide, why does he need a car?
[00:34] [bane] day time?
[00:34] [Adran] meh, buses
[00:34] [Adran] or friends
[00:34] [bane] well if it is set in a big city
[00:34] [bane] no buses out where i live
[00:34] [Adran] small town and a bike or walking is just fine
[00:34] [bane] or most places for that matter
[00:35] [bane] you live in a city or somewhere else?
[00:36] [Adran] me?
[00:36] [Adran] or the character?
[00:36] [bane] you
[00:36] [Adran] i live in a city
[00:37] [bane] ah urbenite, that exsplans why you dont understand the importance of a car :p
[00:37] [Adran] pff
[00:37] [Adran] i dont see the importance of a car cause i cant drive and dont want to
[00:37] [bane] lol
[00:38] [bane] if you lived out side of a city you would
[00:38] [Adran] no, i'd probably take a bus
[00:38] [bane] no buses out side of citys
[00:38] [Adran] and to get to a bus i'd have a bike
[00:38] [Adran] there are bus stops all over the place
[00:38] [bane] not really
[00:38] [Adran] if you're close enough to a city, then yes, there are
[00:39] [Adran] if you're far enough to not be by one, then you're insane
[00:39] [Adran] and dont need to be going to no damn city in the first place
[00:39] [Adran] you'll infect the normal people
[00:39] [Adran] ;p
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[00:40] [bane] fuck!
[00:40] [bane] what i miss?
[00:40] [Adran] lol
[00:41] [Adran] what was the last thing you saw?
[00:41] [bane] i swear something is wrong with it
[00:41] [bane] you called people out side of citys insane
[00:41] [Adran] [21:38:54] <Adran> and dont need to be going to no damn city in the first place
[00:41] [Adran] [21:38:59] <Adran> you'll infect the normal people
[00:41] [bane] then i said, you do know most people live out side of citys dont you? :p
[00:42] [Adran] sure dont seem that way where i live
[00:42] [bane] lol of course not, everywhere you look is stuffed with people
[00:42] [Adran] any major community should have a transportation system set up for poeple
[00:43] [Adran] its not like i live in a big city
[00:43] [bane] its to exspincive out side of cities
[00:43] [Adran] say what?
[00:43] [bane] it is
[00:43] [bane] everything is spread out
[00:43] [Adran] anyone who lives outside a city is stupid
[00:44] [bane] its 20 miles just to get to school if your close
[00:44] [bane] well some people need to be out side of cities so we can make all the things you city slickers need :d
[00:44] [Adran] like i said, stupid people.
[00:45] [Adran] ;p
[00:45] [Adran] anyway
[00:45] [bane] you can keep your cities, its better out here
[00:45] [bane] clean air :p
[00:45] [Adran] out there has no mcdonalds within a mile of home
[00:46] [Adran] though i cant eat mcdonalds anymore
[00:46] [bane] everywhere has a mcdonalds
[00:46] [Adran] not somewhere in the middle of nowhere
[00:46] [bane] there is a mcdonalds on the moon i bet ya
[00:46] [bane] :d
[00:46] [Adran] here in my city there's a mcdonalds every few miles
[00:47] [bane] and we have more choice, all you got is mcdonalds an subway
[00:47] [Adran] pff
[00:47] [Adran] to hell with subway
[00:47] [Adran] all i want is mcdonald
[00:47] [Adran] s
[00:47] [bane] lol
[00:47] [Adran] anywy
[00:47] [Adran] enough talk about stupid stuff
[00:48] [Adran] what do you think of the forum topic i made?
[00:48] [bane] it looks ok
[00:48] [Adran] think brit might sticky it?
[00:48] [bane] welllll since you made it....probubly :p
[00:48] [bane] realy i think so, but can never be sure
[00:48] [Adran] true
[00:49] [Adran] red made me a mod/narrator for the rp
[00:49] [bane] nice
[00:49] [bane] so my character will keep on geting hit on the head by some thing then?

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