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[00:00] [Adran] stupid thing. even when i'm not master it makes me an unusually powerful morf
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[00:00] [Adran] well that was a short visit
[00:00] [Adran] didnt even get to say hi
[00:07] [bane] who would want to say hi to you :p
[00:32] [Adran] ;p
[00:34] [Adran] bane, you're curious about my powers, right?
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[01:00] [Adran] god damn it
[01:35] bane (~bane@tdasvcpunflatdas) joined #morfs.
[01:35] [Adran] finally
[01:35] [bane] sorry computer froze
[01:35] [Adran] ah
[01:35] [Adran] [21:36:34] <Adran> bane, you there?
[01:35] [Adran] [21:55:48] <Adran> damn it bane, where are you when i actually want you to be here?
[01:35] [Adran] [21:56:01] <Adran> wait, no, nevermind, i DONT want you to be here
[01:35] [Adran] [21:56:15] * Adran waits to see if that worked.
[01:35] [bane] lol
[01:35] [Adran] sadly, it didnt
[01:35] [bane] :p
[01:36] [Adran] anyway, you were curious about my powers, right?
[01:36] [bane] my computer must have been shocked into not working
[01:36] [bane] sure i guess
[01:36] [Adran]
[01:37] [bane] hmmm lot to read
[01:37] [Adran] lol
[01:37] [Adran] its a good read though
[01:42] [bane] intreasting, in some ways its simerler to the power my character shadow has
[01:43] [Adran] it is?
[01:44] [bane] yes he can go into a d1 or d2 kind of way and use it for traviling very fast
[01:44] [bane] really more of a 1.5D :p
[01:44] [Adran] lol
[01:44] [bane] hinse the name shadow
[01:44] [Adran] a flat shadow?
[01:45] [Adran] that moves along the surface?
[01:45] [bane] kind of, sometimes just a line some times a shadow
[01:45] [Adran] meh
[01:45] [bane] moves through space
[01:45] [bane] he cant go through things though
[01:45] [Adran] lol
[01:45] [Adran] i cant either, unless I'm 4D
[01:45] [bane] :p
[01:46] [Adran] or 0D
[01:46] [Adran] but its harder while 0D
[01:46] [Adran] cant really see where you're going
[01:46] [bane] when he dose travil he is going way fast though so not much control when traviling
[01:46] [bane] so its closer to teleportation
[01:46] [Adran] did you look at the rest of the stuff besides powers?
[01:46] [bane] not yet :p
[01:46] [Adran] didnt think so
[01:47] [Adran] i'm gonna bet most people stop after reading my controversal powers
[01:47] [Adran] tell me what you think of the background
[01:48] [bane] sounds intersting
[01:49] [bane] your going to get a lot of argument over that, what is the forth dimentions stuff
[01:49] [Adran] pff
[01:49] [bane] what book are you geting it from?
[01:49] [Adran] Mutants & Masterminds: Ultimate Powers
[01:49] [Adran] its a Tabletop RPG book
[01:49] [Adran] full of powers
[01:50] [Adran] and everything you need to make your own
[01:50] [bane] ah, well in most sientific stuff the 4d is consitered time
[01:50] [Adran] i know. but most scientific stuff doesn't count "space" as an extra dimension
[01:50] [bane] and the first three dimentions make up what we call space
[01:50] [Adran] yeah, i know
[01:51] [Adran] i dont much care what traditional science uses, just what the book said
[01:51] [Adran] i didnt get why it went the way it did either, but i just decided what the hell and went with it
[01:51] [bane] might want to change that to 'space between space' or something like that. get you less arguments
[01:51] [Adran] 4D?
[01:52] [bane] ya
[01:52] [Adran] meh. i describe it specifically as "transcending space"
[01:52] [Adran] which means much the same thing.
[01:52] [Adran] going beyond the limits of concentional space
[01:52] [Adran] conventional^
[01:52] [bane] and maybe not call them dimentions but 'states' or something that are just simalar to dimentions or have aspects of dimentions
[01:53] [bane] if there was a big argument about it brit might just call it non-canon to shut everyone up :p
[01:53] [Adran] lol
[01:53] [bane] and that would end up hurting my character too ;)
[01:54] [Adran] pff
[01:54] [bane] lol
[01:54] [bane] i never said i was all charaty
[01:54] [Adran] if there's a big argument about terminology brit can also just tell them to shut the hell up and deal with it
[01:54] [Adran] terminology is not important
[01:54] [Adran] if it was, half the names of powers in the game would be different, and some things would be much more powerful
[01:55] [Adran] Shapeshifting and Cellshifting should be among the most powerful abilities, yet they're limited so badly they suck
[01:55] [bane] ya it happens
[01:56] [bane] but then your own thing about terminolagy not being counted on applies to that too :p
[01:56] [Adran] true
[01:57] [Adran] anyway, i need ideas to expand my background
[01:57] [bane] well it is a teenager so not reall that much back ground
[01:58] [Adran] true, but the background is rather vague right now, with hardly any detail to it
[01:59] [bane] hmm what does his parents do?
[01:59] [bane] low middle or high class family?
[02:00] [Adran] hmm
[02:00] [Adran] probably middle
[02:00] [bane] any hobbies?
[02:00] [Adran] i dont even know what to call his parents yet though.
[02:01] [bane] mother and father :p
[02:01] [Adran] ha
[02:01] [Adran] very funny
[02:01] [bane] they could be....ummm...pornstars!!
[02:01] [bane] ;)
[02:01] [Adran] .....
[02:01] [bane] well it would be interesting at least
[02:02] [Adran] i'm not making his parents pornstars
[02:02] [bane] ok...maybe ill take that one....
[02:02] [Adran] ...
[02:02] [Adran] right....
[02:02] [bane] all the kids would want to go over to his house at least :d
[02:03] [bane] what kind of personality dose he have?
[02:04] [Adran] says on the site
[02:04] [Adran] Personality: Honest, Curious, and Wise (understands what is true, right or lasting.)
[02:06] [bane] any more to his personality?
[02:06] [Adran] nothing that I've specified yet.
[02:06] [bane] i know when i write i get a since of what a character will be like, that can be hard to put into words
[02:07] [Adran] Those are the driving traits
[02:07] [bane] ok, any freinds?
[02:08] [Adran] probably but nothing i've been able to come up with specifically yet
[02:08] [bane] what ethicity?
[02:10] [Adran] no idea, but probably just Caucasian or however its spelled, same as me. an American.
[02:10] [bane] ;p
[02:10] [bane] im filling that out on my next censue, ethnicity = american
[02:11] [Adran] lol
[02:11] [bane] any other relitives? grandparents, uncles that kind of thing?
[02:12] [Adran] probably at least 1 maybe 2 grandparents. dont think i'll make the family very big though
[02:12] [Adran] maybe a cousin
[02:12] [Adran] hmm
[02:13] bane2 (~bane@tdasvcpunflatdas) joined #morfs.
[02:13] [bane2] stupid crapy internent
[02:14] [bane2] what i miss?
[02:14] bane (~bane@tdasvcpunflatdas) left irc: Connection reset by peer
[02:14] [bane2] bye bane
[02:14] Nick change: bane2 -> bane
[02:14] [Adran] depends when you died
[02:15] [Adran] what's the last thing you got?
[02:16] [bane] cousin
[02:16] [bane] is he/she older or younger?
[02:16] [bane] do the come in contact much?
[02:17] [Adran] same age, and they'd probably spend some time together at least every summer
[02:17] [bane] all right
[02:17] [bane] dose your character have a part time job?
[02:17] [bane] any after school stuff?
[02:18] [Adran] hm. one sec
[02:22] [bane] hummm i need to work on my character too.....
[02:22] [Adran] hmm. well, using this nifty book of mine for developing backgrounds, i've rolled up a hobby as a job, and the hobby is music, with a "sporadic and variable" degree of interest, which apparently means "Given a choice, this is how the character spends his free time. About 10 to 15% of total income is spent on this hobby."
[02:22] [Adran] ops
[02:23] [Adran] copied the wrong one
[02:23] [Adran] THIS is sporadic and variable
[02:23] [bane] well thats one way to think things up:p
[02:23] [Adran] Interest runs in spurts, intense at times, totally ignored at others. Character will easily spend 1% of his total income on this hobby.
[02:23] [Adran] lol
[02:23] [Adran] i use it for a lot of info
[02:23] [Adran] my character being a natural pickpocket came from the book, as did the guy in 0D
[02:23] [bane] welllll some of us have to do it the old fastion way!
[02:23] [Adran] ;p
[02:24] [Adran] or they can ask for copies of the 3 books i use
[02:24] [Adran] though you need a way to roll dice
[02:24] [bane] didnt i sind you three books at one time?
[02:25] [Adran] oh yeah, that was you, wasnt it?
[02:25] [Adran] cant remember who sent them to me
[02:25] [Adran] Central Casting
[02:25] [Adran] was that you?
[02:25] [bane] yep
[02:25] [Adran] ah
[02:26] [Adran] so you have the books too
[02:26] [bane] wonder what happend to them.....
[02:26] [Adran] lol
[02:26] [Adran] really useful
[02:27] [bane] you useing the super hero one?
[02:27] [bane] ther was a super hero one right?
[02:28] [bane] never mind, im geting old, its age creeping up on me
[02:28] [Adran] all of them can be superhero ones.
[02:28] [Adran] lol
[02:28] [Adran] the modern one, Heroes Now! is what i'm using
[02:28] [bane] who are you? are you timmy?
[02:28] *** bane waves his can at who he things is timmy
[02:28] [Adran] lol
[02:28] [bane] thanks
[02:28] [bane] thinks**
[02:29] [bane] so speratic music
[02:29] [bane] dose he do music stuff at school?
[02:30] [bane] or just have a gatar that he never uses :p
[02:31] [Adran] well i dont now what a gatar is, but i know he doesn't play a guitar.
[02:31] [bane] whats he play then?
[02:31] [Adran] he'll play a wind instrument of some type, like a flute or ocarina
[02:32] [bane] ...where dose he place this...flute?
[02:32] [bane] no no i dont want to know!
[02:32] [Adran] ...
[02:32] [Adran] i'm gonna strangle you bane
[02:32] [bane] lol
[02:32] [bane] what your character suddenly not play the flute?
[02:32] [bane] :p
[02:32] [Adran] ugh
[02:33] [Adran] you're so annoying sometimes
[02:33] [bane] good then im doing my job
[02:34] [bane] i know! the bango!!!!
[02:34] [bane] :d
[02:34] *** Adran pulls out a 20 dollar bill to pay bane for doing his job, before remembering he doesn't get paid for that kind of job, and puts the money back.
[02:34] [bane] banjo...whatever its called
[02:34] [Adran] its called a banjo

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