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[00:46] chibois (~chibois@zqtgafcwpfnwzqtg) joined #morfs.
[00:46] [chibois] n e 1 on?
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[01:38] [Fathertyme] !morf me random
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[08:56] [Adran] !morf me medium
[09:30] Last message repeated 2 time(s).
[09:30] [Adran] !morf me medium hybrid
[09:41] Last message repeated 1 time(s).
[09:41] rock (~rock@nehmpunildxknehm) joined #morfs.
[09:41] [rock] anyone here?
[09:41] [rock] !morf me random
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[09:48] Nick change: Adran -> Adran|Away
[12:57] [Fathertyme] !morf me random
[13:10] Chip (~chatzilla@biawtcxytbja) joined #morfs.
[13:10] [Chip] hey hey
[13:12] [Chip] no-one talking? damn... why is it always when i join?
[13:12] [Chip] !morf me medium
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[16:28] Sylar (~Sylar@nehmpunildxknehm) joined #morfs.
[16:29] *** Sylar sees tumbleweed go by
[16:38] [Sylar] !morf me random hybrid
[16:39] [Sylar] !morf me customsize large
[16:42] Chip (~chatzilla@biawtcxytbja) joined #morfs.
[16:42] [Chip] hey hey
[16:44] [Sylar] yo
[16:44] *** Chip is a windy chipmunk tonight
[16:45] [Sylar] put a cork in it
[16:45] *** Sylar puts on gasmask
[16:45] [Chip] i think it might have something to do with the pizza i had earlier
[16:46] [Chip] it had spicy beef on it
[16:46] [Sylar] yesterday I didn't feel well, threw up in the morning
[16:46] [Chip] not good
[16:47] [Sylar] laid down for a while and felt better
[16:47] [Chip] better :)
[16:48] [Sylar] I'm hoping my fruitplants give some fruit soon
[16:51] [Chip] cool
[16:51] [Chip] busier here than it was a few hours ago when i tries
[16:51] [Chip] *tried
[16:52] [Sylar] commercial: men says, "I want a walk in fridge" he gets a walking fridge
[16:52] [Chip] ok... weirdness rules
[16:53] [Chip] i think i'm coming down with pig flu... i'm coming out in rathers
[16:53] [Sylar] it is about the beer inside
[16:53] [Sylar] they should rename it to mexican flu
[16:53] [Sylar] doesn't happen to only pigs or come only from pigs
[16:54] [Chip] probably one called that already
[16:54] [Sylar] what is coming out in rathers?
[16:55] [Chip] it's my bad attempt at a pun...
[16:56] [Chip] rathers sounds similar to rashes... not brilliant, but i'm not claiming to be
[16:56] [Chip] except my arse.... my arse is perfect
[16:57] [Sylar] screw your arse
[16:57] [Sylar] but not by me
[16:57] [Sylar] I'll send one of matt's monkeys
[16:57] [Chip] lol
[16:58] [Chip] i can also joke about feeling a perfect arse and feeling my own backside... oh the laughs... the groans
[16:59] [Sylar] I could ask bane, but he would like it too much
[17:00] [Sylar] sorry, just my mood is acting up
[17:00] [Chip] nah... bane's too homophobic
[17:01] [Sylar] going to watch andromeda
[17:02] bane (~bane@tdasvcpunflatdas) joined #morfs.
[17:03] [Sylar] we were just talking about you behind your back
[17:03] [bane] of course
[17:03] [bane] i wouldnt exspect anything else
[17:03] [Sylar] chip said your too .....
[17:03] [bane] pretty?
[17:04] [Sylar] homophobic
[17:04] [bane] ya right thats me scared of the gay guys woooo
[17:05] [bane] !morf me medium hybrid
[17:05] [bane] fucking bot
[17:05] [Sylar] your dead meat
[17:05] [bane] and what are you?
[17:06] [Sylar] I'm a hidden elephant hybrid, converter, feel vibrations on surfaces and 9'1"
[17:06] [bane] fatso
[17:07] [Chip] lol
[17:07] [bane] hey chip n' dale
[17:07] [Chip] BANE!!!!!!!!!!
[17:08] *** Chip needs a gas mask
[17:08] *** Sylar sends one
[17:08] [Chip] thanks
[17:08] *** Chip puts on the gas mask
[17:08] [bane] at least im not a clumsy kittybot
[17:08] *** Sylar puts on his own
[17:09] [Sylar] andromeda is on now
[17:09] [bane] and romeda?
[17:09] [Sylar] bbiaw
[17:09] [bane] and romeda what?
[17:09] [Chip] i stank out the bathroom, now i'm doing a pretty good job of stinking out my room
[17:10] [bane] bye clumsy kittybot
[17:11] [bane] sorry maybe there will be a xenic kittybot in the next generation
[17:12] [Chip] maybe one who can register smells and such
[17:12] [bane] lol
[17:12] [Chip] or produces them
[17:12] [Chip] we haven't had a stinky morf yet have we?
[17:12] [bane] hmmm no
[17:13] [bane] that would be a elephant morf
[17:13] [Chip] there are a few animals that could be stinky...
[17:16] [Sylar] wasn't there a skunk morf?
[17:16] [bane] so many people but so little talk
[17:16] [bane] i dont remember one
[17:17] [Sylar] Charlie
[17:17] [Sylar] the one in the truck with his finger shot off
[17:17] [Sylar] he met a skunk right?
[17:17] [bane] a lot of people get ther finger/hand shot off
[17:18] *** Sylar shoots bane's finger off
[17:18] [bane] dude that wasnt my finger
[17:18] [Chip] lol
[17:18] [Sylar] did it hit a little low?
[17:19] [bane] its ok i still have a foot left
[17:19] [Sylar] a wolverine has stink glands
[17:19] [Sylar] on that subject, anyone see the movie with James Howlett?
[17:19] [bane] nope
[17:20] [Sylar] James Howlett, aka Logan, aka Wolverine
[17:20] [bane] who is james howlett?
[17:20] [Chip] going on tuesday
[17:20] [Sylar] saw it on thursday
[17:21] [bane] when did it come out?
[17:21] [Chip] didn't it come out on thursday?
[17:22] [bane] i read bunraku you shared me in gdocs
[17:23] [bane] the whole empty zoo thing dosent makes since
[17:23] [bane] it sounds like another person that dosent get that 50% of the people get morfs
[17:25] [bane] and this is just me but i hate the whole fixation on japanese things that some people seem to have
[17:30] [Sylar] I alraedy know that and going to relay that
[17:30] [Sylar] it came out on tuesday last week
[17:30] [Sylar] the story is too short as well
[17:30] [bane] i figured it was just a teaser
[17:31] [bane] it wouldnt fill a page
[17:31] [Sylar] not inteded like that
[17:31] [Sylar] btw I am proceeding to the next step of publishing
[17:32] [bane] caughing up the money?
[17:33] [bane] i already have plans for Jair to go to a morfed zoo
[17:33] [bane] and that character you want to use sometimes works for them
[17:35] [bane] !morf me medium hybrid
[17:35] [bane] damn thing is busted again
[17:35] [Sylar] muhahaha
[17:36] [bane] hmmm wonder what the animals will look like in 100 years after morfs?
[17:36] [Sylar] your still dead
[17:36] [Sylar] hybrids
[17:36] [bane] will there be any of the original kind left?
[17:37] [Sylar] maybe
[17:37] [Sylar] they must have pures as well
[17:37] [Sylar] though not as militant
[17:37] [bane] yes but they have shorter generations
[17:37] [bane] at least most animals
[17:37] [Sylar] maybe a chiprat?
[17:38] [bane] it would be like 500 years for people
[17:38] [Sylar] or a ratmunk?
[17:38] [bane] not many pures by then most likely
[17:38] [Sylar] chipcoon?
[17:38] [Sylar] racmunk?
[17:38] [bane] two diffrent kinds of hybrids :p
[17:38] [bane] would people even bother to name speases?
[17:38] [Sylar] chipagle
[17:39] [Sylar] chipox?
[17:39] [bane] what about animals that for the last 30 generations had hybrid parents?
[17:39] [Sylar] so how is the mexican flu doing in texas?
[17:39] [bane] lol
[17:39] [bane] a school in my mothers school distrect closed becuse of it
[17:39] [bane] and its swine flu
[17:40] [bane] or h1N1
[17:40] [Sylar] mexicans are swines?
[17:40] [bane] you could end up with animals that have the DNA of about 50 diffrent animals...
[17:40] [Chip] i think i'm coming down with pig flu... i'm coming out in rathers
[17:41] [Chip] *rashers
[17:41] [Chip] damn typing skills
[17:41] [bane] rashers?
[17:41] [Chip] anywho... i'm off
[17:41] [bane] rashes?
[17:41] [Chip] night y'all
[17:41] Chip (~chatzilla@biawtcxytbja) left irc: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.9/2009040821]
[17:41] [bane] night
[17:41] [Sylar] night
[17:41] [Sylar] guess he didn't like the hybrids
[17:41] [bane] lol
[17:42] [bane] brb
[17:49] [bane] back
[17:50] [bane] hmmmmm hmmm hmmmmmm
[17:51] [bane] so when you going to post stories?
[17:54] [Sylar] not now
[17:54] [Sylar] why?
[17:55] [bane] lazy :p
[17:55] [Sylar] it's late, the kid needs feeding and tomorrow I have interview
[17:56] [bane] i still say your lazy :d
[17:56] [Sylar] you would
[17:57] [Sylar] besides don't always indulge the crowd
[17:57] [Sylar] let them wait a little
[17:57] [Sylar] well signing off now, have to feed the kid and go to bed
[17:57] [Sylar] cya later
[17:57] [bane] cya

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