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[11:34] [bane] yo red
[11:34] [E_Red] 'jo
[11:35] [bane] what are you up to this fine morning?
[11:35] [E_Red] nothin. I'm done school, and i've got no work till the weekend
[11:36] [bane] sounds like you have plent of free time then
[11:37] [bane] you replied to fast about the Olympics you missed seeing my post :p
[11:38] [E_Red] i'm just that good
[11:38] [bane] im acualy doing a bit of work on a story, its almost a new exsperince for me
[11:39] [bane] i still posted before you, now how is good :d
[11:39] [bane] can you get into the wiki?
[11:41] [E_Red] yeah, y?
[11:42] [bane] oh, i was having some problems geting in it
[11:42] [E_Red] scratch that, i cant now. I did yesterday, tho
[11:43] [bane] ah
[11:44] *** bane scratches that
[11:45] [E_Red] ...
[11:45] [bane] hey you told me to!
[11:46] [E_Red] ...
[11:46] [bane] ...
[11:46] [E_Red] *sigh*
[11:47] [bane] you started it
[11:47] [E_Red] Just... Stop.
[11:47] [bane] ...
[11:51] Last message repeated 1 time(s).
[11:51] [bane] im going to write in a sceen from my character in a morf history class
[11:51] [bane] they techer is going to be leturing on the early days of morfs and a congressonal hearing
[11:51] [E_Red] mm hmm
[11:52] [bane] all the politions where yelling at the lead gov health guy about not having a cure for morfs and how can morfs do all this, and what is happingin and all that
[11:53] [bane] and they ask him where do thes powers come from and the guys tells them "f*** you its magic!"
[11:53] [bane] and storms out
[11:54] [bane] ... its funner in my head
[11:54] [E_Red] Funnier, you mean?
[11:54] [bane] maybe
[11:56] [E_Red] Heh, you should have someone in congress start yelling "Shennanegins!" when they all start yelling at each other
[11:56] [bane] ?
[11:56] [bane] dont get the referince
[11:56] [E_Red] Dude...
[11:56] [E_Red] really…
[11:56] [E_Red] ……
[11:56] [bane] nope
[11:56] [E_Red] ………
[11:56] [E_Red] oh crap
[11:57] [bane] ...there was a bar called shannanegins that i went to a few times...
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[11:58] [bane] .....
[11:58] [bane] well
[11:59] E_Red (~E_Red@feyviluagcozqfezu) joined #morfs.
[11:59] [E_Red] ugh\
[11:59] [E_Red] !morf me random
[12:00] [bane] ....
[12:00] [E_Red] don't start
[12:00] [bane] :p
[12:01] [bane] wouldnt dream of it
[12:01] [E_Red] ...
[12:01] [E_Red] imma go play xbox now
[12:02] [bane] what ever makes you happy
[12:04] [bane] !morf me medium hybrid
[12:04] *** bane hums to himself
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[12:36] [bane] !morf me medium hybrid
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[13:26] [Fathertyme] !morf me random specialrare
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[17:36] [Stone] Who is here?
[17:55] [Stone] !morf me random
[17:59] Last message repeated 4 time(s).
[17:59] [Stone] !morf me custom-size
[18:00] [Stone] !morf me customsize large
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[18:10] [Adran] !morf me medium specialrare hybrid
[18:11] [Adran] !morf me medium hybrid
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[19:11] [StarfoxHowl] Hey all.
[19:12] [StarfoxHowl] !morf me large hybrid
[19:14] [Adran] I am currently away! If you need to speak with me, send me a Query! (which is an IRC equivilant to a PM/IM or the like)
[19:14] Nick change: Adran -> Adran|Away
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[19:21] [Adran] !morf me medium hybrid
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[19:37] [StarfoxHowl] !morf me large hybrid
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[19:41] [Adran] !morf me medium hybrid
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[21:40] [dragonprincess9] hello
[21:40] Nick change: dragonprincess9 -> Nina
[21:40] [bane] hey hey
[21:41] [Nina] hey bane how are u?
[21:41] [bane] im ok, u?
[21:42] [Nina] good. just got done with my anime crew meeting
[21:42] [Nina] we finished a live action anime today
[21:43] [Nina] aw bekah isn't on. :(
[21:43] [bane] ah
[21:43] [Nina] anyone else here bane? or is it just you and me?
[21:43] [Nina] hehe
[21:43] [bane] just to two of us wuahahahahah
[21:43] [bane] ;)
[21:44] [bane] why dont yall do a anima of the morf universe!
[21:44] [bane] do one of Jair!!!!!!
[21:44] [bane] lol
[21:45] [Nina] lol
[21:45] [Nina] i was thinking of that
[21:45] [Nina] but do a manga first
[21:45] [Nina] i would need to find a good artist.
[21:45] [bane] it would be cool do one for the ECLIPSE team
[21:45] [Nina] my drawing skills are lacking :(
[21:45] [Nina] i was thinking do something like the World of warcraft series is doing
[21:46] [bane] like the stuff they do before a anime show, with the music and cut seens an all that
[21:46] [bane] :p
[21:46] [Nina] do a couple of volumes about one story
[21:46] [Nina] end it
[21:46] [Nina] then start on the next one
[21:46] [bane] cool idea
[21:47] [bane] it would have to be about jair though, he is the coolest after all :d
[21:48] [bane] i mean come on he is a hot latin dude that makes stuff blow up, how much cooler can you get!
[21:48] StarfoxHowl (StarfoxHowl@ruawzozensvoruaw) joined #morfs.
[21:48] [bane] wish a had good enough art skilles to do that stuff :(
[21:48] [bane] fox man!
[21:49] [StarfoxHowl] Hi Bane.
[21:49] [bane] ignore that man behind the bot!
[21:49] [Nina] hi
[21:49] [bane] how ya doing fox?
[21:49] [bane] hey adran
[21:49] [Nina] Morfs" i forgot what your real chatroom name was
[21:50] [Nina] what is it?
[21:50] [Nina] i'm sorry
[21:50] [Nina] oh yeah.
[21:50] [Nina] sorry
[21:50] *** Nina smacks self in head for getting
[21:50] [Nina] lol
[21:50] [Nina] ah
[21:50] [bane] its ok, just as long as you remember my name that is :p
[21:51] [bane] some of us have read the full story :)
[21:51] *** bane looks smug
[21:51] [StarfoxHowl] what full story?
[21:51] [Nina] guess what
[21:51] [bane] pirks for being a writer
[21:51] [bane] what?
[21:51] [Nina] The house of representatives
[21:51] [Nina] in SE today
[21:51] [Nina] In USA*
[21:52] [Nina] passed a bill today
[21:52] [StarfoxHowl] WHat full story are you talking about Bane?
[21:52] [bane] shit that is a suprize
[21:52] [bane] those lazy bastards never work
[21:52] [Nina] to add Sexual orientation and gender identity to the federal hate crimes laws
[21:52] [bane] cool
[21:52] [Nina] yay us
[21:52] [Nina] lol
[21:52] [bane] now they need to add guys named bane :p
[21:52] [Nina] lol
[21:52] [Nina] well actually
[21:53] [bane] hey! i get a lot of hate!
[21:53] [Nina] one of the people who opposed the bill
[21:53] [Nina] said they needed to add age, military people, and police
[21:53] [StarfoxHowl] Nina, what are you talking about? What hate crime?
[21:53] [bane] i heard about that bill
[21:53] [bane] it defines what is a hate crime in US
[21:53] [Nina] the HAte crime law the protects minorities from crimes based on intolorence
[21:54] [Nina] and majorities
[21:54] [StarfoxHowl] What Bill?
[21:54] [Nina] basically
[21:54] [bane] they should just make any hateful crime a hate crime :p
[21:54] [bane] some bill in the house
[21:54] [Nina] you can be charged with a hate crime now if u injure or kill someone just because they are GLBT
[21:55] [StarfoxHowl] Nina, what bill/law are you citing?
[21:55] [Nina] here is the name of the bill
[21:55] [Nina] H.R. 1913, the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act
[21:55] [Nina] that is the bill that was passed today in the HoR
[21:56] [Nina] hello?
[21:56] [bane] ello llo lo....
[21:56] [StarfoxHowl] Just casue it came thorugh the House, it doesn't mean it's going to be a public law
[21:56] [bane] :p
[21:57] [bane] thats right
[21:57] [Nina] i think it has already gone through the senate
[21:57] [bane] got a long way to go
[21:57] [bane] i remember my school house rock videos :p
[21:57] [Nina] so i think Obama just has to sign it now
[21:58] [StarfoxHowl] Nina, if it hasn't been passed through the Senate, then it will be a while before PrezBo gets it to sign into law.
[21:59] [bane] I'm just a bill.
[21:59] [bane] Yes, I'm only a bill.
[21:59] [bane] And I'm sitting here on Capitol Hill.

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