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[00:00] [Sarang] Is he pretty cute?
[00:00] [Rebekah] and i dout u scared him away
[00:00] [Sarang] Be honest.
[00:00] [Rebekah] hes to old for me Sarang
[00:00] [Sarang] :-(
[00:00] [Rebekah] but he looks decent
[00:02] [Sarang] Brb.
[00:02] Sarang (~Sarang@zabsbcdmtadmzabs) left irc: Quit: Bye Bye
[00:12] [Rebekah] everyone went poof
[00:13] Sarang (~Sarang@zabsbcdmtadmzabs) joined #morfs.
[00:13] [Sarang] Back.
[00:17] [Rebekah] wb
[00:17] [bane] what is this strange tast in my mouth?
[00:17] *** bane wakes up
[00:18] [bane] oh i see every one is hiding now that i am awake
[00:18] [bane] humph
[00:19] [Nobody_Special] sorry
[00:19] [Nobody_Special] was watching chuck
[00:19] [Nobody_Special] since it was up
[00:19] [Rebekah] not hiding
[00:20] [bane] what is he your pool guy?
[00:20] [Nobody_Special] get it
[00:20] [Nobody_Special] up chuck
[00:20] *** Nobody_Special sighs
[00:20] [Rebekah] investigating a potential new wow server to play on
[00:20] [Nobody_Special] WOW is evil
[00:20] [Rebekah] lol
[00:20] [Nobody_Special] WOW was created by satans minions to suck the life out of internet junkies everywhere
[00:20] [bane] i would say that game wwould rot your brain but im afread it already happened
[00:20] [bane] so just have fun
[00:20] [bane] ;)
[00:21] [Nobody_Special] WOW has caused more divorces then infedelity,
[00:21] [Nobody_Special] WOW has managed to suck more productivity out of the human race then puberty
[00:21] [Rebekah] lol
[00:21] [bane] and it couses globle cooling
[00:21] [bane] :d
[00:22] [Rebekah] my brain is fine thanx
[00:22] [bane] well thats good to hear
[00:22] [bane] i dont have enough to share with anyone
[00:22] [Nobody_Special] and WOW has drained more computer man hours than the NSA's predater email scanning programs
[00:23] [bane] hmmmm if they could just make a WOW game that could fight terrorst....
[00:23] [Nobody_Special] I'm convinced that brit is playing WOW
[00:23] [Nobody_Special] which is why we she is mising
[00:23] [bane] lol
[00:24] [Nobody_Special] someone called and asked her if she was gunna show back up, and her only comment was "sorry, I've got to raid tonight"
[00:24] [Sarang] I kissed ya bane.
[00:25] [Sarang] Yeah I admit it.
[00:25] [Nobody_Special] I kissed the girl and I liked it
[00:25] [Rebekah] lolol
[00:25] [bane] ...i feel so...dirty...
[00:25] [bane] ...violated
[00:25] [Nobody_Special] Bane, I'll show you the pictures later ;P
[00:26] [bane] sigh not again
[00:26] [Nobody_Special] the video is already on youtube
[00:26] [Rebekah] oh be nice to sarang
[00:26] [bane] every thing is on youtube
[00:27] [bane] what! im the one that was molested in my sleep :p
[00:27] [Nobody_Special] hows nice do you want me to be?!?!?
[00:27] *** Nobody_Special wink wink nudge nudge's
[00:27] [bane] sure blame the victom
[00:27] *** Nobody_Special looks around for victim...
[00:27] [Nobody_Special] victim isn't in the chat room, how can we blame him
[00:27] [Nobody_Special] :?
[00:28] [Rebekah] oh come on bane its not like a guy to complain about getting action
[00:28] [bane] just remember this is being loged :p
[00:28] [Rebekah] especially when u didnt even have to pay for a date
[00:28] [bane] hey!!!
[00:28] *** Nobody_Special sighs
[00:29] [bane] i dont pay, i just give out gifts in the form of cash
[00:29] [Sarang] So I'm wondering.
[00:29] *** Nobody_Special censors his comment
[00:29] [Nobody_Special] ;P
[00:29] [Rebekah] yes it is being logged
[00:29] [Sarang] When is the next "Here On Earth" coming?
[00:29] [Rebekah] by my bot hehe
[00:29] [Sarang] Oh by the way Rebekah.
[00:29] [Rebekah] who knows
[00:29] *** Nobody_Special hacks the logger
[00:29] [bane] and everyone that inters the morf site can spy on what we say !!!
[00:29] [Sarang] You gotta read the latest Lilith Langtree thing on BigCloset.
[00:29] [Sarang] SO hot.
[00:30] [Rebekah] is lilith langtree the story or author
[00:31] [bane] or both?
[00:31] [bane] hmmm i really should be careful, some of the things i say on here......
[00:32] [Nobody_Special] there once was a morf from nantucket...
[00:32] [bane] whos mouth was as big as a bucket
[00:32] [Rebekah] :P
[00:32] [Nobody_Special] she once said with a grin as she shoveled it in
[00:33] [Rebekah] dont worry these logs wont hit till midnight est tomorrow night
[00:33] [bane] *CENSOR* *CENSOR* *CENSOR* *CENSOR* !
[00:34] [bane] so we have that long to run for it?
[00:34] [Nobody_Special] that if gossiping was a country, she'd run it
[00:34] [Rebekah] lol
[00:35] [Nobody_Special] HACK THE PLANET!!!!
[00:35] [Rebekah] someone has watched hackers recently or is currently watching it
[00:35] [bane] what? you mean like with a shuvel or pickax?
[00:35] [Nobody_Special] I actually mean with a spoon or fork.. eating
[00:36] [bane] eating dirt? ewwww
[00:36] [Nobody_Special] the two things a big mouth are good for.. well.. in a PG setting ;P
[00:36] [Rebekah] bane is refering to the hacking the planet silly
[00:36] [Nobody_Special] ahhh...
[00:36] [Rebekah] btw i love that movie
[00:36] [Nobody_Special] nope, I just remember dumb lines from hackers :P
[00:36] [Nobody_Special] LOL
[00:36] [bane] sigh, again never see in
[00:36] [Nobody_Special] actually, one of my favorite one liner movies HAS to be firefly
[00:37] [Nobody_Special] errr... serenity
[00:37] [Rebekah] that was an awesome movie also
[00:37] [Rebekah] river was awesome
[00:37] [Nobody_Special] People don't like to be meddled with. We tell them what to do, what to think, don't run, don't walk. We're in their homes and in their heads and we haven't the right. We're meddlesome.
[00:37] [Rebekah] ??
[00:38] [Rebekah] i dont recognize that line
[00:38] [bane] ummm, do not meddle in the affares of wizards?
[00:38] [Sarang] Lilith Langtree is an author.
[00:38] [Sarang] Get something around ya.
[00:38] [Nobody_Special] 1984? Yeah right, man. That's a typo. Orwell is here now. He's livin' large. We have no names, man. No names. We are nameless!
[00:39] [Sarang] Because you'll get wet once you read her second Fae story.
[00:39] [Rebekah] no bane its "Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and go good with ketchup
[00:39] [Sarang] After you've finished the first.
[00:39] [Rebekah] "
[00:39] [Nobody_Special] rebekah, thats river in one of the opening scenes where she's
[00:39] [Nobody_Special] she's dreaming of the teacher, and they are talkinga bout the rebellion, and someone asks "why would anyone want to rebel"
[00:39] [Nobody_Special] and that was rivers answer
[00:39] [Rebekah] ah
[00:40] [Rebekah] and the 1984? line is from hackers ... cereal killer
[00:40] [Nobody_Special] yop
[00:40] [Nobody_Special] yup
[00:40] [Nobody_Special] yep
[00:40] [Nobody_Special] WHATEVER
[00:40] *** Nobody_Special makes a note to take spelling classes tomorrow
[00:41] [bane] bah, who needs spelling
[00:41] [bane] i never needed it and i got on just fine!
[00:42] [Sarang] Has anyone seen "Caramel" yet?
[00:42] [bane] whos caramel?
[00:42] [bane] is it a flavor?
[00:42] [Sarang] It's a movie that takes place in Beirut.
[00:42] [Nobody_Special] bane: they keep telling me that one of these days, spelling is going to make a comeback, and then all us internet junkies are totally screwed
[00:43] [Sarang] I can spell.
[00:43] [Rebekah] nop enever seen it
[00:43] [bane] they say lots of things, most of them about people watching them through there tv, i wouldnt be that worried if i was you
[00:43] [Sarang] Frankly I'm disgusted a decent amount of people need a calculator to do math.
[00:43] [Nobody_Special] and we've got it good, the texters might as well slit their wrists and give it up now
[00:43] [Nobody_Special] tv tastes good
[00:44] [Rebekah] i do alot of math in my head
[00:44] [Rebekah] until it gets to big then paper and pen are fine
[00:44] [Nobody_Special] sarang: I can do math without calculators.. I just use a computer
[00:44] [Nobody_Special] ;P
[00:44] [Sarang] Thank GOD Bekah.
[00:44] [Nobody_Special] sarang: I wrote a mirc script for that :P
[00:44] [Sarang] At least you can do it on your own.
[00:44] [Sarang] -_-\
[00:44] [Sarang] I'm not laughing.
[00:44] [bane] lol
[00:45] [Sarang] It's a serious problem and I really can't make a joke of it.
[00:45] [Nobody_Special] I'm always laughing
[00:45] [Sarang] Because to me it's just too sad and pathetic.
[00:45] [Rebekah] a mirc script for what? thanking god
[00:45] [Nobody_Special] I'll laugh in their faces the day the tie my hands behind my back and put a bullet in my brain
[00:46] [bane] thats becuse your sure the gun will have a little flag that says bang pop out
[00:46] [bane] :d
[00:46] [Rebekah] lol
[00:46] [Rebekah] brb
[00:46] [Sarang] Nobody most things I can laugh at.
[00:47] [Nobody_Special] bane: they'll ask me if I want a smoke, and I'll look them in the eyes and respond, "sorry, smoking will kill ya"
[00:47] [Sarang] But kids these days having no sense of Grammar and not being able to manually do most math I don't find funny.
[00:47] *** Nobody_Special fights it
[00:47] [Sarang] Just terribly sad.
[00:47] *** Nobody_Special fights it
[00:47] *** Nobody_Special wont start ranting
[00:47] *** Nobody_Special fights it
[00:47] [bane] ya well 50 years ago they just used a slide rule instead of a calculator
[00:48] *** Nobody_Special feels the pressure building in his brain as he fights the urge to start complaining about politics
[00:48] [Nobody_Special] bane: anyone who doesn't use an abacus is lazy
[00:48] [bane] its all realative and the old people saying things used to be harder in there day
[00:49] *** Nobody_Special waves his cane at Bane.. in my day, if we had to count higher than 10, we had to take off our shoes
[00:49] [bane] lol there is the truth for you
[00:50] [bane] nothing new just highter exspectations
[00:50] *** Nobody_Special cries, in my day we had to do everything in our heads, because we couldn't afford paper, let alone pencils
[00:51] [Nobody_Special] you kids today, are spoiled I tell ya!
[00:51] [Sarang] Bane for me it's more the fact of them not being able to do the MENTAL calculations themselves if they need to.
[00:51] [Sarang] THAT'S my problem.
[00:51] [Sarang] If they're put in a situation where they don't have a calculator.
[00:51] [bane] back in the day most people couldnt do it there eather so its nothing new
[00:51] [Sarang] Bullshit.
[00:51] [bane] where?
[00:51] *** bane looks at his feet
[00:51] [Nobody_Special] sarang: hah, I like watching high schoolers try and give out change.. it can get rather comical
[00:51] [Sarang] Also if they couldn't at least they knew how to do it manually.
[00:52] [Sarang] Except when you have to *CENSORED* wait.
[00:52] Misty ( left irc: Connection reset by peer
[00:52] *** Nobody_Special mumbles, "quitter"
[00:52] [bane] i think she was scared she would step in something :p
[00:53] *** Nobody_Special puts leonard cohen in the mp3 player
[00:53] [Rebekah] back
[00:53] [Nobody_Special] front
[00:53] [bane] YAY!
[00:55] [bane] !morf me medium hybrid
[00:55] [Nobody_Special] everybody knows that the dice are loaded, everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
[00:55] [Nobody_Special] everybody knows the war is over, everybody knows the good guys lost
[00:58] [bane] hmmmmmm

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