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[01:49] michelle1 (~michelle1@pctyrbpenicqpcty) joined #morfs.
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[03:52] [some_young_guy] !MORF ME
[03:52] [some_young_guy] hrms
[03:52] [some_young_guy] nothing
[03:52] *** some_young_guy shrugs
[03:58] [some_young_guy] !morf me
[03:58] [some_young_guy] !morfme
[03:58] [some_young_guy] !morf
[03:58] [some_young_guy] !morf you
[03:58] [some_young_guy] !morf off
[04:48] [JennyAtWork] !morf me medium
[04:59] [some_young_guy] !morf me medium
[04:59] [some_young_guy] nope
[04:59] [some_young_guy] !morfs off
[04:59] [some_young_guy] ;P
[04:59] *** some_young_guy decides to PTFO
[04:59] [some_young_guy] night
[04:59] some_young_guy (~some_young_guy@rycwzozenovsrycw) left irc:
[13:39] Chip (~chatzilla@biawtcxytbja) joined #morfs.
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[15:07] Rebekah (Rebekah@ruawzozensvoruaw) joined #morfs.
[15:19] hobo (~hobo@tdasvcpunflatdas) joined #morfs.
[15:25] [Rebekah] heya hobo
[16:06] Chip (~chatzilla@biawtcxytbja) joined #morfs.
[16:06] [Chip] hey hey
[16:08] michellez (~michellez@lqhwlfnglivglqhw) joined #morfs.
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[16:22] Nobody_Special (~Nobody_Special@rycwzozenovsrycw) joined #morfs.
[16:37] MORFS_Registry_Database (MORFS_Registry_Database@tdxyzcricsdw) joined #morfs.
[17:12] [Nobody_Special] !morf me
[17:12] [Nobody_Special] ?!
[17:14] [Nobody_Special] !morf me
[17:14] [Nobody_Special] !help
[17:14] [Nobody_Special] !morf me medium
[17:15] [Nobody_Special] I'm a 5'5" shape shifting giraffe hybrid?!?!
[17:15] [Nobody_Special] um... WOW
[17:15] [Nobody_Special] that just doesn't seem to go together really well
[17:19] [Nobody_Special] !morf me gdr
[17:19] [Nobody_Special] !morf me gargoyle
[17:20] [Nobody_Special] !morf me customsize
[17:20] [Nobody_Special] !morf me customize
[17:20] [Nobody_Special] !morf me customsize medium
[17:20] *** Nobody_Special chuckles
[17:21] [Nobody_Special] so am I
[17:21] [Nobody_Special] got about 5 other windows open
[17:21] [Nobody_Special] ;P
[17:30] [Nobody_Special] !morf me customsize large
[17:31] [Nobody_Special] ok, see, that fits the giraffe hybrid better *L*
[17:31] [Nobody_Special] is there a way to see the registry for me?
[17:31] [Nobody_Special] !morf
[17:31] [Nobody_Special] !morf view
[17:32] [Nobody_Special] hrms.. ok
[17:32] [Nobody_Special] ahhh
[17:32] [Nobody_Special] I was confused by the "creating new record for" section
[17:34] [Nobody_Special] I've got 10 windows in opera open, 2 rooms on my mirc, this in a browser, email, and vlc is playing in the back ground
[17:34] [Nobody_Special] no worries
[17:35] [Nobody_Special] been there
[17:35] [Nobody_Special] doing that
[17:35] *** Nobody_Special needs to figure out how to use more than one alias in mirc
[17:35] [Nobody_Special] I can connect to multiple servers, but it still wants to use one name
[17:35] [Nobody_Special] !morf me random
[17:36] [Nobody_Special] sorry, wrong nomenclature
[17:36] [Nobody_Special] um.. my hair changed color twice?
[17:37] [Nobody_Special] hrms.. you could fix the problem by creating a sudo-array and removing things from it as they get taken
[17:38] [Nobody_Special] well, you'd have to re-write current stuff, but you could assign a value to each.. so.. 1 - hair color, 2 - tail, 3 - claws, etc... then have a list %tempvar 1 2 3 4 5 then use a random number to select something from that list, and recreate the list...
[17:38] [Nobody_Special] its doable, you just have to wrap your mind around how it would work
[17:39] [Nobody_Special] I've got several custom mirc scripts I use ;P
[17:40] [Nobody_Special] lol.. not saying you should, I was just throwing out a possible solution for the problem
[17:41] [Nobody_Special] different eyes see different solutions
[17:45] [Nobody_Special] heh
[17:46] [Nobody_Special] you could reverse the procedure and keep track of what you have given in a variable, and select something, check if its already given, if so, go back to the physical traits
[17:46] *** Nobody_Special shrugs
[17:47] *** Nobody_Special nods
[17:48] Last message repeated 1 time(s).
[17:48] [Nobody_Special] I had a similar issue with one of my things, were I could add some minor functionality to a script but it would require completely re-writing entire sections of the script, and probably triple the run tyme
[17:48] hobo (~hobo@tdasvcpunflatdas) left irc: Quit: Bye Bye
[17:51] *** Nobody_Special mumbles "quitter"
[17:51] [Nobody_Special] :p
[19:48] Beth (~Beth@vblybwhqxuvevbly) joined #morfs.
[19:49] [Beth] Hi
[19:51] [Nobody_Special] hi
[19:51] [Beth] how are you nobody special?
[19:52] [Nobody_Special] not too bad
[19:52] [Nobody_Special] pretty much blah :P
[19:52] [Nobody_Special] well
[19:52] [Nobody_Special] hrms
[19:52] [Nobody_Special] neither good nor bad, pretty much nothing special
[19:53] [Beth] oh ok
[19:54] [Nobody_Special] and how art thou?
[19:54] [Beth] I'm ok
[19:55] Beth (Beth@vblybwhqxuvevbly) left #morfs.
[19:55] [Nobody_Special] ...
[19:55] [Nobody_Special] hrms
[19:55] Beth (~Beth@vblybwhqxuvevbly) joined #morfs.
[19:55] [Nobody_Special] welcome back
[19:55] [Nobody_Special] we missed you
[19:55] [Nobody_Special] ok
[19:55] [Nobody_Special] I missed you
[19:55] [Beth] lol, thanks
[19:55] [Nobody_Special] everybody else is camping ;P
[19:55] [Beth] yeah
[19:56] [Nobody_Special] you missed the entire sad scene where I acted out what a tragedy my life is now that you had left me
[19:56] [Nobody_Special] there were tears
[19:56] [Nobody_Special] there was heartache
[19:56] [Beth] you're funny, lol
[19:57] [Nobody_Special] I think hundreds of women instantly emailed me their panties.. or would have if hundreds of woman had seen the way I mourned your dissapearance
[19:57] [Nobody_Special] and if you could actually email someone panties
[19:57] *** Nobody_Special sighs
[19:57] [Nobody_Special] I am soo misunderstood
[19:57] [Beth] hehehe
[19:57] [Beth] awww
[19:58] [Beth] puts arm around you
[19:58] [Nobody_Special] SEE!
[19:58] *** Nobody_Special feels comforted
[19:58] [Nobody_Special] but don't worry about me.. after all, I'm
[19:58] [Nobody_Special] :
[19:58] [Beth] awww, so sad!!!
[19:58] [Nobody_Special] well.. yeah, of course its sad
[19:58] [Nobody_Special] but trust me... you'll get over it
[19:58] [Nobody_Special] and I'll still be here
[19:58] [Nobody_Special] sitting in my corner
[19:59] [Beth] awww noooo!!
[19:59] [Nobody_Special] rocking back and forth remembering the good tymes we had here
[19:59] [Beth] you poor thing!
[19:59] [Nobody_Special] hah.. I've got you fooled
[19:59] [Nobody_Special] apparently I'm an unusuallypowerful morf.. :P
[19:59] [Beth] sweet
[20:00] [Nobody_Special] a tamer, converter partial hybrid sound dragon
[20:00] [Nobody_Special] with double hair color changes
[20:00] [Nobody_Special] !morf me random
[20:00] [Nobody_Special] partial chipmunk hybrid
[20:00] [Nobody_Special] illusionist
[20:00] [Nobody_Special] with tougher nails (claws)
[20:00] [Nobody_Special] and enhanced hearing
[20:00] [Nobody_Special] 6 feet and 1 inches tall!!!
[20:00] *** Nobody_Special preens
[20:01] [Beth] hahaha
[20:01] [Nobody_Special] now I need to idle a bit, my owner is rattling my chain and demanding that I start the creation process so that dinner will arrive at the table at the pre-designated tyme
[20:02] [Nobody_Special] so if our paths seperate before I doth return, then remember me as you have known me, and not as the others shall tell you
[20:03] [Beth] ok
[20:03] *** Nobody_Special stands with his hands on his hips, his head tilted back, and looking to the side with his chest thrust out
[20:03] [Nobody_Special] if you close your eyes, you can almost see the cape settled upon his shoulders, flapping idly in the slight breeze
[20:03] *** Nobody_Special is SUPER_NOBODY_SPECIAL
[20:03] [Beth] very imaginative
[20:04] [Nobody_Special] even my dream girl doesn't believe me
[20:04] *** Nobody_Special sighs and goes back to slaving away in front of the hot stove
[20:04] *** Nobody_Special takes off his shoes and bulges his stomach so he can pass for bare-foot and pregnant
[20:05] *** Nobody_Special puts on some bear-slippers.. so now he is bear-foot..
[20:05] *** Nobody_Special is sooo puny
[20:31] Beth (Beth@vblybwhqxuvevbly) left #morfs.
[21:30] StarfoxHowl (StarfoxHowl@ruawzozensvoruaw) joined #morfs.
[21:31] [StarfoxHowl] !morf me large hybrid
[21:31] [Nobody_Special] um
[21:31] [Nobody_Special] morfs registry took your voice away
[21:31] [StarfoxHowl] hi
[21:32] [Nobody_Special] bastard
[21:32] *** Nobody_Special waves
[21:32] [StarfoxHowl] what's up?
[21:32] [Nobody_Special] hrms
[21:32] [Nobody_Special] thats a good question
[21:32] [Nobody_Special] 7 isup
[21:32] [Nobody_Special] space
[21:32] [Nobody_Special] the moon
[21:32] [Nobody_Special] the sky
[21:32] StarfoxHowl (StarfoxHowl@ruawzozensvoruaw) left irc: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.9/2009040821]
[21:33] *** Nobody_Special blinks
[21:33] [Nobody_Special] I killed starfoxhowl
[21:48] bekah (~whitefyr@ruawzozensvoruaw) joined #morfs.
[21:48] [bekah] allo all
[21:48] [bekah] !morf me medium hybrid
[21:50] [bekah] allo Nobody_Special i dont know if we have met before
[22:03] bekah (bekah@ruawzozensvoruaw) left irc: Quit: Goes away with big boom
[22:03] bane (~bane@tdasvcpunflatdas) joined #morfs.
[22:04] [bane] yo yo yo!
[22:06] [bane] !morf me medium hybrid
[22:24] Last message repeated 1 time(s).
[22:24] [Nobody_Special] !morf me large hybrid
[22:24] [Nobody_Special] !!!!!
[22:24] *** Nobody_Special is DEAD!!!
[22:26] [Nobody_Special] !morf me large hybrid
[22:26] [Nobody_Special] lol
[22:29] *** Nobody_Special is dead
[22:29] [Nobody_Special] long live me!
[22:32] [bane] hey the dead to not speak
[22:32] [bane] unless your some where between a small and a large
[22:32] *** Nobody_Special is dead to you
[22:33] [Nobody_Special] !morf me large hybrid
[22:33] *** Nobody_Special is still dead, apparently
[22:33] [bane] never have understod why the dead where biused about peoples size
[22:33] [bane] !morf me medium hybrid
[22:35] [bane] well im a medium hybrid so you can talk to me :d
[22:35] [Nobody_Special] hrms
[22:35] [Nobody_Special] tamer
[22:36] [Nobody_Special] I've noticed a high propencity for unusually powerful morfs.. oddly enough
[22:36] [bane] lol wasnt much fun when it went by the rules
[22:36] [bane] so it got uped
[22:37] [bane] !morf me medium hybrid
[22:37] [Nobody_Special] !morf me large hybrid

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