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[00:03] [Sarang] Just got a good set of verses out of that.
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[13:50] [Sarang] NOOOOOOOOOO!
[13:51] [Sarang] I missed E_Red.
[13:51] [Sarang] :-(
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[15:40] [Chip] BANE!!!!!!!!!!!!
[15:41] [bane] YOU!!!!!!!
[15:41] [bane] um what was your name again?
[15:42] [bane] where is everyone? if i am here everyone should be
[15:43] [Chip] dunno... only been here 20 minutes
[15:43] [bane] humph
[15:43] [bane] well, thats ok then
[15:43] [bane] i suppose.....
[15:44] [Chip] i'm playing kid chameleon on ps3... on mega drive collection
[15:44] [bane] hmmm never heard of it
[15:45] [bane] is it about a kid with a chameleon or a chameleon that is a kid?
[15:45] [Chip] kid goes into evil VR machine, he powers up with different masks and helmets
[15:46] [Chip] there are some piss easy trophies to get...
[15:46] [Chip] like in ecco the dolphin...
[15:47] [Chip] you get a trophy for talking to another dolphin
[15:47] [bane] never played that one eather
[15:56] [bane] ummmm umm ummmmm
[15:57] [Chip] just got the trophy for sonic 3d... thank god i don't have to play THAT again
[15:58] [bane] whats wrong with a little sonic :p
[15:59] [Chip] you ever play sonic 3d?
[15:59] [bane] nope
[16:00] [Chip] look it up on wiki or something...
[16:16] [Chip] so... what up with you?
[16:18] [bane] downloading books
[16:18] [bane] auido
[16:18] [bane] audio
[16:19] [Chip] cool... what ones?
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[16:20] [bane] um a lot of diffrent ones
[16:20] [bane] what ever new is being posted :p
[16:20] [bane] well leave then
[16:20] [bane] humph, looked like a sissyboy anyway
[16:21] [Chip] hoho good one :p
[16:21] [bane] ;)
[16:22] [bane] do you remember what was desided with regards to morfs and the olimpics? i remember we all talked about it when the last one happend by i cant remember what was decided
[16:23] [Chip] can't remember either
[16:24] [bane] oh well, i guess the guy that wants to write about them will have to troll though the logs then
[16:24] [bane] wuahahahaha
[16:24] [Chip] nice evil laugh you've got
[16:25] [bane] ya i dont know what is cosing it, maybe something when down the wrong way
[16:26] [Chip] my ps3 is kinda playing up :(
[16:29] [bane] arnt you supposed to play on it?
[16:30] [Chip] it won't connect to my modem :(
[16:31] [bane] well thats what happens when you go and buy the newst thingy to impress us people that dont have them yet :p
[16:31] [Chip] i didn't buy it for that reason
[16:31] *** bane presses botton to make dales ps3 messup
[16:32] [bane] oh?
[16:32] [bane] well thats ok then
[16:32] *** bane releases botton
[16:32] [Chip] i bought it because i'm sony's bitch and i don't like the xboxes
[16:33] [bane] lol
[16:33] [Chip] i prefer the games that are coming out on playstation anyway
[16:33] [bane] when it comes to it, we are all someones dog
[16:34] [Chip] true enough
[16:38] [Chip] still need to flesh out my 'rescuer' in my latest idea...
[16:38] [bane] oh ya
[16:38] [bane] needs a past?
[16:39] [bane] or a future
[16:39] [Chip] past more than anything
[16:39] [bane] former male prostutute
[16:39] [Chip] umm... no
[16:40] [bane] what? thats a pst
[16:40] [bane] past
[16:41] [bane] and i found it injoyable when i did it
[16:41] [bane] oops didnt mean to say that :p
[16:42] [Chip] i bet :p
[16:43] [Chip] he/she leads a team into a lab to rescue my other character...
[16:44] [bane] hmmm what kind of lab?
[16:44] [bane] what are they testing?
[16:44] [Chip] 'her' as in my other character
[16:45] [bane] is the rescuer male female or confused?
[16:46] [Chip] i'm leaning towards a ripley-esce character, so female, or intersexed with female appearance
[16:46] Rock (~Rock@nehmpunildxknehm) joined #morfs.
[16:46] [Chip] ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[16:46] [bane] bad actor!!!!!!!!!!!!
[16:46] [Chip] PAPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[16:46] [Chip] SCISSORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[16:47] [Chip] so... how is that blue bomber?
[16:47] [Chip] hmmm.... can i think of any more jokes/puns....
[16:47] [bane] nope
[16:48] [bane] ok so what kind of lab?
[16:48] [Chip] where's roll?
[16:48] [Chip] mad scientist type lab....
[16:48] [Chip] bubbling chemicals, bad smell in the air, you know the sort of thing?
[16:48] [bane] lol no what are they resurching?
[16:49] [Chip] morfs of course :p
[16:50] [bane] i doubt this guys is busting down doors just to see what is going on inside "bang! oh sorry your just resurching toe nail fungus"
[16:50] [bane] what about morfs?
[16:50] [bane] just morfs like kind of like saying im going to resurch history
[16:50] [bane] needs to be more spusific
[16:51] [Chip] it's a mystery because the scientist is very... unusual and unothordox
[16:51] [bane] all right all right
[16:51] [bane] so why is they guy busting down doors?
[16:52] [bane] whats his beef
[16:52] [Chip] rumours that they are doing human experiments for one
[16:53] [bane] how does he hear theres rumours? why does it make him want to go kick ass?
[16:54] [bane] does he go alone or dose he have freinds that kick ass with him?
[16:54] [Chip] down the pub, and after researching the scientist... kick ass because he/she doesn't like how some people are treating morfs survivors as animals or worse
[16:55] [bane] why not go to the police?
[16:55] [Rock] I thought you had guns, so you wouldn't go to police
[16:55] [Chip] because they don't trust them
[16:55] [Chip] finally awake then pete?
[16:55] [bane] why dosent he trust the police?
[16:55] [Rock] was typing something to brit on forum
[16:55] [bane] he was busy trying to steal another persons idea :p
[16:56] [Chip] run ins in the past, having gone vigilante before
[16:56] [bane] ah ok so he is a person that acts before he things?
[16:56] [Chip] yep
[16:56] [Rock] Bane I have you as an interested in the book
[16:57] [Chip] sometimes anyway
[16:57] [Rock] Dale can I put you in that category?
[16:57] [Chip] yep
[16:57] [bane] any family?
[16:57] [bane] what kind of jobs/education dose the guy have?
[16:58] [Chip] don't know, and college level at least
[16:58] [bane] maybe someone in family got hurt before maybe killed and police didnt help?
[16:58] [Chip] could be
[16:58] [Rock] I have 21 confirmed, going to email several others for permission to put on the list
[16:59] [bane] maybe sister or someone was kidnaped and police wouldnt act no matter what he said so he went out to get her but was too late thanks to the police ?
[17:00] [Chip] thanks for the ideas...i'm going to mull them over in the shower before i go to bed...
[17:00] [Chip] night y'all
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[17:00] [bane] .....
[17:01] [bane] i cant remember what was decided about olympics a while back?
[17:01] [bane] i remember we dicused it on here
[17:02] [Rock] Special olympics I think
[17:02] [Rock] Oh are you going to watch indycar in kansas?
[17:03] [bane] what?
[17:03] [bane] whats that?
[17:03] [Rock] Ovla in kansas, Indycar races
[17:03] [Rock] oval
[17:03] [bane] guess not, i dont even know what it is
[17:03] [Rock] for a american? Sacrilige
[17:04] [Rock] The dutch guy is on second startposition today
[17:05] [bane] oh car rasing
[17:05] [bane] never very intrested in that
[17:05] [bane] they just go around in a cyercal all day
[17:05] [Rock] Yes, today, last week on street circuit in long beach
[17:06] [Rock] and the girl is behind on third
[17:06] [bane] hey was the stuff on the web page changed? did it aways say early 2000 for the start of morfs?
[17:07] [Rock] where?
[17:07] [bane] opening page of the web page
[17:07] [bane] s. It had been started as an attempt at a biological weapon by a group of terrorists back in the early 2000s. The virus spread unnoticed across the globe
[17:08] [Rock] I think so, I didn't change it
[17:08] [bane] hmmm maybe i just never noticed it
[17:08] [bane] any luck in finding brit?
[17:09] [Rock] I send a PM on the forum
[17:09] [bane] ok
[17:09] [Rock] nobody is going to find Brit }:)
[17:09] [Rock] muhahahahaha
[17:10] [bane] you have your plan for universe conquest and i have mine wuahahahahah
[17:10] [bane] mine is just much more sneaky wuahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
[17:11] [Rock] But I am ahead, nobody is gonna catch me
[17:11] [bane] *cough*
[17:11] [bane] thats what you think
[17:11] *** Rock caused a coughing fit
[17:11] [Rock] I did sneak my way in
[17:12] [bane] no you didnt
[17:12] [bane] we all seeeen yas!
[17:13] [Rock] Too late, I was already in the lead
[17:13] [bane] but im not playing by the rules :p
[17:13] *** Rock has sharklions ready to enforce the rules
[17:14] *** bane knows the secret about the sharklions that make them no threat to him
[17:14] *** bane has catnip
[17:15] [Rock] That only helps against Feral and Synergy
[17:15] [Rock] Not against Blitz, Raven, Mindcontrol and windy
[17:16] [Rock] First yellow in the race, a car hit the other from behind
[17:16] [bane] a grounding wire, bird feed, a inkblot picture and a therapist, and some nuts
[17:17] [bane] who is windy?
[17:17] [Rock] Gone with the wind
[17:17] [bane] and dose she know peterpan?
[17:18] [bane] well i got them out of commistion, what are you going to do about jair, ryan, shadow, and jim
[17:19] [Rock] Kill them all
[17:20] [bane] bah, you cant, you have to know who to defeat them
[17:20] [bane] how not who
[17:21] [Rock] Raven is very poisonous
[17:21] [Rock] and who is Jim
[17:21] [bane] she is already out becuse of the bird seed
[17:21] [bane] ummmm, hes no one, he just wondered in when i was making a line up
[17:22] *** bane makes jim leave the room
[17:22] *** Rock kills jim
[17:22] [bane] poor guy

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