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[22:16] [Sarang] Hey all!
[22:17] [Sarang] Bekah.
[22:20] [Rebekah] heya
[22:20] [Rebekah] how goes
[22:22] [Sarang] Good.
[22:22] [Sarang] Got back from volunteering from the local Community Radio station.
[22:22] [Sarang] KKFI.
[22:22] [Sarang]
[22:23] [Rebekah] cool
[22:23] [Sarang] Brb.
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[22:29] [Sarang] Back.
[22:30] [Rebekah] wb
[22:30] [Sarang] KKFI is air supply while KCUR by far is Nitrogen along with the rest. Once you've sampled two of the best you won't settle for the rest and shit. Once it starts it won't quit.
[22:30] [Sarang] Tanks.
[22:31] [Sarang] You need to listen in to the KKFI stream right now.
[22:31] [Rebekah] lol
[22:31] [Rebekah] playing game on ds
[22:49] [Sarang] What game?
[22:50] [Sarang] Bekah?
[22:54] [Rebekah] final fantasy 3
[22:56] [Sarang] Brb.
[22:58] [Rebekah] k
[23:12] [Sarang] Back.
[23:12] [Sarang] So Bekah.
[23:17] [Rebekah] yeah
[23:19] [Sarang] You been reading BC TS?
[23:20] [Rebekah] yeah
[23:20] [Sarang] Read that Fox one?
[23:20] [Rebekah] not yet y?
[23:20] [Sarang] It's good.
[23:20] [Sarang] I definitely suggest it.
[23:21] [Rebekah] k
[23:21] [Rebekah] whats it about
[23:27] [Sarang] It's about a U.S. Marine that is touring in Japan.
[23:27] [Sarang] He saves a fox being harrassed by some dogs.
[23:28] [Sarang] In thanks she changes him into a Kitsune.
[23:28] [Rebekah] cool
[23:30] [Sarang] Yeah I enjoy it.
[23:31] [Sarang] You been listening to KKFI streaming?
[23:31] [Rebekah] no
[23:31] [Sarang] You need to.
[23:31] [Sarang] Eric B. and Rakim are on right now.
[23:32] [Sarang] Old stuff.
[23:35] [Sarang] Man I wish Fictionmania would get fixed already.
[23:37] [Sarang] Oh GOD I love this song.
[23:37] [Sarang] "Rebirth Of Slick" by Diggable Planets.
[23:40] [Sarang] Ooh good song.
[23:40] [Sarang] You listening?
[23:42] [Rebekah] no
[23:42] [Sarang] Awww Bekah.
[23:42] [Sarang] Why not?
[23:42] [Sarang] :-(\
[23:42] [Sarang] *:-(
[23:43] [Rebekah] just havent started
[23:43] [Rebekah] payibg to much attention to game
[23:43] [Sarang] Ok well after accessing you click on "MP3" on listen live.
[23:43] [Sarang] Come on.
[23:43] [Sarang] This is some GOOD music.
[23:43] [Sarang] :-(
[23:43] [Rebekah] i sorry
[23:44] [Sarang] Good old school Rap and R&B.
[23:44] [Sarang] *and Hip-Hop.
[23:44] [Rebekah] not big into that
[23:44] [Sarang] Oh come on!
[23:45] [Sarang] :-(
[23:45] [Sarang] It's the OLD stuff.
[23:45] [Sarang] The REALLY good stuff.
[23:45] [Rebekah] just not my thing
[23:45] [Sarang] Have you heard the OLD stuff?
[23:46] [Rebekah] yes
[23:46] [Sarang] Name some please.
[23:46] [Rebekah] idk names
[23:47] [Rebekah] its just not my thing ok
[23:47] [Sarang] See what you think might be old can be the new crap is all I'm saying.
[23:47] [Rebekah] i listen to old stuff just not that
[23:47] [Sarang] 50 Cents is crap and he's new.
[23:47] [Rebekah] i dont do rap at all
[23:48] [Sarang] I just get really sensitive about things because there tend to be a lot of misconceptions on it.
[23:49] [Sarang] "It's all shitty verse.".
[23:49] [Rebekah] yeah well trust me and stop buggin
[23:49] [Sarang] "It's all about talking down on women and depicting them as hoes.".
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[23:50] [Sarang] I mean there is Public Enemy, Afrika Bambataa and Soulsonic Force.
[23:51] [Sarang] I'm still skeptical she doesn't have beef with the old school stuff because she thinks it's like the rest of that CRAP around now.
[23:52] [Sarang] Sigh.
[23:52] [Sarang] I miss the old days of Hip-Hop and Rap.
[23:52] [Sarang] So much garbage now.
[23:52] [Sarang] Isn't that the way it always is though?
[23:52] [Sarang] Some great voice gets co-opted and commercialized and turned into empty nonsense.
[23:53] [Sarang] Or perpetuating some stupid *CENSORED* materialism.
[23:53] [Sarang] Oh shit hehe.


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